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The Blue Circuit: An Evolutionary Nexus


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Jan Cox Talk 172, Aug 29, 1985, runtime 1:25
Notes by TK

Diagram 56.

“Pyramid of Pity” (continued)  You should have a feeling for where your center of wiring is–who/what evokes your mechanical sympathy as viewed from the Pyramid-of-Pity analogy. You were born in a certain locale of the nervous system and need to “extend your birthplace”–expand what you “care-for”. Interest = talent; the encouragement to pursue other interests, hobbies, as part of the strategy to expand.

Anything to raise the tempo/temperature of the channel of consciousness. Yellow Circuit is the direction of Life’s and man’s growth, but for The Few this cannot be a one-sided push, not fed by mere intense Yellow Circuit activities. The development of new circuitry is an extension of the Yellow Circuit but not thru exclusively Yellow Circuit activity. Lower circuits must be involved.

The (nexologically) three types of men: red, blue, yellow centered. Blue Circuit-centered type is not really a type–it is an evolutionary nexus of Yellow Circuit and Red Circuit types. The nexus between action and thinking of action. AS LONG AS YOU ARE ORDINARY, AS LONG AS YOU FIGHT THE INTERNAL FIGHT OF “YOU AGAINST YOU” EVERY MOLECULE OF YOUR ENERGY WILL BE USED AND TRANSFERRED.

The new circuit being developed could be seen as the expansion of enriched blood flow into the Yellow Circuit, not the Red Circuit or Blue Circuit. Proper Action as for the Few, can be used as a means to conserve AMV12, which would otherwise go to fuel Blue Circuit voices (regrets, should-bes, if-onlys, guilt etc.) And Proper Thinking of Action, as for The Few, also is a means to conserve AMV12, i.e., the consumption of proper word-food.

Question: If it could be proved that events have no relation to, incorporate no time, except in human perception, what effect might that have on you? Relation to the “single frame snare” and your life as a movie film projection, frame by frame. Time as the epitome of great deceivers; time as the great “dis-appraisal”.

Question: have you ever noticed Life’s call for and use of “pacifists”–those hard-wired to proclaim disavowal and disengagement from all opposition. They usually come from the ranks of the weak and fearful. Neuralize that Life needs hot-wired, kinetic pacifists more and more. Pacifists from the ranks of The Few.

Question: Have you ever noticed that when engaged with a problem, if you shift your position, the problem is similarly altered? E.g., scenario: You’re laying in bed in the morning idly thinking about some germane topic or activity (or even just daydreaming). Realize that every change of your physical position results in an interruption of your thought flow-pattern. Must return to the former position to recapture the train of thought.

Physical posture literally, absolutely affects blood flow/thought flow. Become aware of this; observe this. It is never ordinarily noticed. You always assume a particular, comfortable, habitual position to think in your accustomed ways. You seek this position out. It is discomforting to assume another, unaccustomed, position. When your posture is different, your thinking is different also. Neuralize the possibilities, the opportunities for the Few to use this fact.


Always cover your tracks. Keep secrets. Say less–mean more.



Document:  172,  August 29, 1985
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1985

The way in which ordinary people are wired, (where their center of orientation lies) could be divided into three groups or types:  the Red Circuit person, the Blue Circuit person, and the Yellow Circuit person. There is a location in everyone, a place where energy is taken in, transformed and then passed along… and the location of each man’s “factory” defines what he appears to be.  I have spoken of the “pyramid of pity” which is the manner in which that sympathy (or caring in the broadest sense of the word) is passed along. Under ordinary conditions, someone who’s center of energy transformation lies in the Blue Circuit would not feel any natural sympathy for the person with Yellow Circuit wiring.  Sympathy is directed only to a level below where you “live”, or toward a person who might have wiring very similar to your own…a blood relative, perhaps.  And then there is the Red Circuit man whose sense of sympathy is extended to almost no one except his blood kin.

 Diagram 56

Diagram 56

You can get a sense of where and how you were originally wired up by examining where you seem to have a kind of mechanical concern…what groups of people, what types of situations attract you?  You glance at the tabloid in a check-out line. Of the three or four blaring headlines…which one grabs your attention?  “Young Football Player Dying of Cancer!”…”Unknown Hairdresser Claims to Have Written All the Lennon-McCartney songs!” “Finally…the Solution to the Rising National Debt!” All of you ask questions along the line:  “What kind of person am I?  If I could just figure out what type I am, all sorts of new horizons would open up for me.”  If you want some sense of it, just listen to the old, natural voices.  What people do you always have an immediate sympathy for?  Or conversely, what sort of so-called hardship do you feel almost no affinity for? “They call that a hardship?  Who cares? What difference does it make?”

I will point out to you that every person has a birthplace:  a “locale” where you were wired up.  If there were a natural, prime candidate for This (which there is not:  no one is a “perfect” candidate for This) it would be a person who had almost equal interests, as they were growing up, in the arts, in sports, and in intellectual pursuits.  Or conversely, if anyone can figure this out, it would be a person who had no particular interest in anything.  The latter type, however, most often ends up in a home or cave, but I just wanted to remind you that everything is the same, especially when it seems to be its opposite.

People who have almost equal interests are, to say the least, a rarity.  Life does not produce, even on a limited basis, those who are proficient at and excited by intense physical activity and then go home to find the same joy in painting or strumming the guitar and later go to a night class in astro-physics.  That is not the norm.  Interest, once you understand it, equals talent and talent equals interest.  But to do This Thing, you must extend the place of your birth.

All of you by now should be able to See your place of birth.  “Yes, I grew up a Blue Circuit person.  I was always nervous, easily frightened, my feelings hurt by the least little thing.”  Or someone else might say, “All my life I’ve been a rebel, a rough and tumble guy, even though I’m a girl.”  You’ve got to be able to expand where you were born; that is, to expand that which you naturally feel for, that which you care for, which is synonymous for “that which you understand”.  Everyone was born somewhere in the fictitious land inside the nervous system…the Alabama of the Red Circuit, a Chicago of the Blue Circuit, a New York of the Yellow Circuit.  Anything that lies outside the city limits where you are naturally wired to live is irrelevant.  “If it is not going on here, I have no feeling for it, I have no interest in it,”  “If all of the art museums in the world close down,” sayeth the man in Alabama, “Big deal!  We’ll be better off — more money for the new stadium.”

I have often pointed out the necessity for a lateral expansion inside the upper level of the system.  You should be feeding the intellect something that is for you, non-ordinary food:  physics, mathematics, anything that requires mental effort.

But the need to expand is by no means limited to the Yellow Circuit.  I have required that those actively involved in This, exercise every day…something more than running downhill for 30 minutes, acting like a plastic toy with pivot feet.  In order for the Red Circuit to be truly exercised there has to be a burning of energy…the tempo and temperature of the entire organism has to change.  The same thing happens when one exercises the Yellow Circuit…it is not all that mystical (the Blue Circuit becomes another matter, but we will touch on that later).  Igniting higher areas in the nervous system, activating areas of the circuitry not necessary for humanity today, cannot be brought about by one-sided development of the system.  (Even though man’s expansion will be from the higher circuit, the Red Circuit will continue to operate as long as we are in this physical form, this dimension).  In other words, there is no way to “think” yourself into some kind of enlightenment, because everything the Yellow Circuit can think, it has already thought.  There is no way you can listen to me or anyone else saying, “My, my, yes, yes, how true, how outstanding.  I’ll wait for this all to sink in and someday I’ll grow a new kind of brain.”  An unnatural development of one circuit cannot bring about the ignition of your own nervous system above the Line.  Conversely, neither can you extend your development if you are estranged from any part of your current nervous system.  You cannot say, “To hell with the body — religious leaders have always told us that we would be closer to the gods if it weren’t for our bodies getting hungry, getting horny, getting in the way of great thoughts.”  I have told you that it is not necessary to be a great athlete, but it is necessary that you have a kind of basic relationship with the igniters that are necessary to keep the Red Circuit functioning at a kind of minimal/maximum level…simply said, if you do not feed it properly and keep it happy, your efforts in This will be affected.

Your primary place of birth was in one of the three circuits, but all of you have a secondary circuit of some strength.  No one of you could have been as lopsided as my archetypical examples:  even though you may have been primarily a jock or primarily someone writing poems to an illusive stranger who would come rescue you from your mundane life.  If you are properly drawn to This, you should have a secondary circuit in healthy operation.

To do This, you must find a kind of equilibrium and expand from the point in the system where you were born.  Expand in all directions — not just in the Yellow Circuit (which is the direction humanity is going).  But run the expansion back down.  It is as if you can go back and pick up what you’ve missed.

Life has always tried to explain the appearance of different types of people, people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, yet with such apparent similarities that they seem to constitute a certain type.  I could say there are three basic types of people:  those who are in charge of taking in energy through the lower Red Circuit, transforming it and then transmitting it, and then those whose systems do the same through the Blue Circuit or the Yellow Circuit.  I have hinted and made examples:  the Red Circuit football player with a scholarship but who is almost illiterate; an evening at the opera for him would be an evening of misery.  The Yellow Circuit college professor with the crooked tie and thick glasses:  he is the expert in his field, but he trips, he drops the chalk and bumps his head as he bends to pick it up.  Imagine bringing him to a James Brown concert.  He will never become so physically excited that he leaps from his seat to dance in the aisles.  Surely if any type seems obvious, it is the Blue type…but listen quickly:  history is replete with tales of starving artists who had no desire to exercise; school dropouts who write great masterpieces, musicians whose compositions are filled with philosophical meaning, yet who are always sick and can barely carry on a conversation.  The Blue Circuit person who strives to create and seems to always be held back by circumstances.  Can you See this?  If there were types as I have described, the Blue Circuit-centered person is not truly a type.  Could it be because the Blue Circuit is not truly a circuit, but a nexus… a nexus, an evolutionary nexus between the Red and Yellow, between “thinking about action” and “action”.  The majority of humanity is Red Circuit centered and the Yellow Circuited are the absolute avant-garde reflection of Life’s growth through humanity.  But then there is a huge segment of nervous, emotional people, talented, disturbed, delirious people.  They are an evolutionary nexus.  I have made examples of the arts, but most people in the contemporary world recognize a spiritual life that encompasses more than intellectual duels or crude ritualistic dances to spring and autumn.  There, in the middle of what you are calling the Blue Circuit lies the spiritual life of man, the feeling, the compassion, the charity.  It is the evolutionary nexus that plugs in between the part of Life’s body that deals in “action with no thought” and “thinking of action”, which is the leading guard of Life’s movement.  The physical is less and less important.  The higher circuits send the plans down into the mines where the machines are built to take the place of hundreds of hands.  But here is this evolutionary nexus.  A hot running circuit of passion, feeling, discouragement and uncontrollable passing moments of being high.  Neuralize this on your own.  Go back to the archetypical Red Circuit man who does what he does.  You can’t ask him why, because he can’t answer.  There is no explanation.  Not even the illusion that, “Yes, this was planned.  I have certain philosophies.”  It is action without conscious direction.  The other end of the spectrum would be current Line-level consciousness.  Thoughts of action, thinking of how action works, thinking of how action could work more efficiently, thinking of how previous action has proved to be less than profitable.  And caught in the middle, is the battleground between the two, what Life has always described as emotional people.  Within you, this dueling ground is what seems to be the Blue Circuit. You will remain a victim of Blue Circuit swings and shifts as long as you allow the Red and Yellow extremes to fight this internal battle.  As long as you do not strive to laterally expand all parts of the system in a balanced manner, your energy will continue to bleed out in the Blue Circuit battleground.

I am not going to attempt to explain This Thing that I am calling a new Circuit.  But my hints are three dimensionally more correct than anything you have heard about heaven or being close to the gods because it is physically taking place.  The expansion of the brain itself, thus the expansion of consciousness, the channel through which humanity takes in energy, transforms it and moves it on in Life’s body in an efficient manner, is continually expanding.  It always has been.  In the past, those who understood This called it “another state of spirituality” or “a rebirth”.  The new circuit is able to expand by the flow of enriched blood into the Yellow Circuit.  What would seem to be a new state of consciousness, of being able to See that which is invisible, to See that which does not exist right now, to See some wider scope of future humanity, is the expanded flow of blood into the Yellow Circuit.  It is energy no longer stopped at Line-level consciousness.  It is not necessary that it be expanded into the Red Circuit or into the middle story of so called human feeling.  It is not a matter of saying, “In order to do This I will promise to love everyone.”  You know where that leads.  Life has not, for reasons some of you may be able to piece together, taken the Blue Circuit, emotional life of man and made it into the simple dichotomy apparent in the other Circuits.  That is, you are healthy or you are not, you take care of yourself or you smoke 20 packs of cigarettes a day.  You do something that is intellectually stimulating or you sit around and read TV Guide.  The information that Life has provided at that level seems to be fairly straight forward, but notice, in the Blue Circuit of sophisticated, modern man there are no simple binary choices put forth by Life.  There are instead “psychological pressures”, “traumatic bruises of childhood”, conjecture and conflicting opinions.  It is not a simple matter of people attempting to love one another.  “If you love one another you will have an instant mystical experience”, though if that were possible, I promise you it is not untrue by any means.  Regardless of what your own voices tell you, (or the voices of your rabbi or great aunt) it is not possible, even though Life continues to put out this information.  Things are not yet that way.  You have got to See for yourself that what people call sympathy and love for your fellow man, as it is practiced today, is not possible.  You have got to See the unprofitable aspects of so called human emotion, those which run primarily through the Blue Circuit and abandon them.

Connected with this, can you See in your own life that proper action at a proper time for action is a means to conserve energy, a means to conserve the enriched blood that drives out Blue Circuit voices. The enriched AMv12 of the blood is depleted as it reaches Line-level consciousness; at that weakest point in the system that says, “Yes, I am me.  I can feel it.”  The AMv12 is gone.  And what is left is “you”.  How much of your so called emotional life seems to be based on that great earthly tradition of regret.  A simple example is “Boy, what I should have done was…”  “I should have punched him in the nose.”  “I should have told my mother I loved her before she died.”  Proper action can conserve the energy that flows into man’s Red Circuit, where he is plugged into Life’s primal flow.  It can quiet the Blue Circuit voices, those ramblings that could be lumped together into the grand and glorious basket of regret.  With proper action those voices can be drained of the energy that says, “Things are not right for me.  I can never do anything right.”

Let me point to another aspect of this.  Can you See that proper thinking of action, that is, proper Yellow Circuit food, would likewise be a means to conserve enriched blood, to conserve AMv12, to allow more of it to feed the higher lateral areas of the Yellow Circuit itself?  Thinking about action, not crying of action or regretting lack of action, but proper thinking of action, will allow you to expand what you seem to be now, what you seem to be able to think, how you are able to think.

I am going to ask you a question and your initial answer will be no, but don’t stop there.  Have you ever noticed this:  you are thinking about something, a problem, let’s say.  And when you physically change your position, the way you perceive the problem, the way you “think” about it is altered.  There is a shift in Yellow Circuit patterns.  I will give you a crude description and you take it from there.  You are laying in bed, just awake, not time to get up.  There is nothing astounding going on.  Not too hot or too cold, no hangover, and as you think about something with some significance in your life, perhaps your job or a new formula that you have been toiling with, or a piece of music you want to write, the physical circuitry begins to take over.  You move the covers off and turn over on your back.  There is absolute reality in what I am saying, so listen:  As soon as you change your position, the way in which you were thinking about the situation changes.  And then it is as if you try to regain the angle from which the Yellow Circuit originally approached the situation, so you roll back on to your stomach.  But then the whole way you were feeling when you were first on your stomach is gone.  So you curl up on your side and then the way you were thinking has changed again.  This is an absolute fact, but it remains unobserved, because there has been no reason for anyone to See it.  Perhaps you are a receptionist, and when you answer the phone from any position other than sitting behind your desk, it leaves you feeling, “Something is different.”  You may even say “just a minute” and walk around the desk to sit down before you carry on in your “normal” manner. There is something of prime significance here.  To make these sorts of observations which are unnecessary in ordinary life is to find a gap between current consciousness and the circuitry of the future.  Posture and the movement of the entire organism absolutely affects the circulation of the blood and absolutely affects what we normally call “thought patterns”.  “This is what I like to think.  This is what I feel about that matter.  I can’t talk about this situation in that position,” he says as he tilts his head and places his palm under his chin.  This is habit and it is not necessary to understand biology or physiology.  Just observe how it works.  You are reading a book and when you get to a really good part, you prop your feet up and straighten your back slightly.  “I’m in the right mood, I’m going to take this in.”  The flow of energy is being taken in and what you are transmitting is affected directly by your physical posture and you are constantly, slightly shifting.  Does anyone See any use in observing this?  Some of you should find it frighteningly beautiful.  You think what you are wired to think.  You feel the way you are wired up to feel. The constant shifts of posture subtly changes, the pressure of the blood and you seek out, without knowing it, the most comfortable place to be, the place that is “you”.

Another question.  What if I told you that events have no time.  It is only human perception that sets events in time.  What if I could prove this?  What effect would this have on humanity?  It is as if human consciousness could be seen as the blood flowing through the nervous system, from the base of the spine up to the Yellow Circuit.  What you think is a series of little pieces, frames in a film, each of which seems to be an event, the once and forever statement of reality.  You should know by now that this is the nature of consciousness; I’m not pointing out a flaw or weakness.  It is a beautiful process, as though a continual film were running, with countless individual pictures having light cast through them, giving them the illusion of movement.  Consciousness takes something that seems to be an event, “The time my mother told me she wished I had never been born.  The time my first wife ran off with the mechanic.  The first time I wanted to dress up like a ballerina.”  And it turns into an absolute reflection of the way “I feel”, the way “I think”, the way “I am.”  You could look at time as being the epitome of that which would withhold, that which would clog, that which would cover up, that which would distort the pieces of information that are available to expand.  And what if This, what we attempt to do here, could be seen as the epitome of time’s disappraisal?  How could you have regrets?  How would the Blue Circuit perceive the things in Life that happened to you?  From what would you have been freed?

Observe this.  Life has provided those who are wired up to play out the role of pacifist, those individuals who proclaim their non-involvement in confrontation and change or disputes of any kind.  There have been such people throughout history and there are pieces of this in all of you.  “It’s against my religion.  I am too intelligent to become involved.  I don’t approve.”  You should be able to See this in your own wiring and you should See that those who are wired to proclaim pacifism are those wired to be weak and frightened.  But listen:  what Life needs now for its continuing growth is hot, charged, kinetic people who become pacifists — and such people are not mechanically produced by Life — not the weak and frightened. For Life to grow and expand there is an increasing need for “pacifists”, in its whole meaning.  But not people who are mechanically wired to be such.  They do only what they can do.  It is when the hot-wired and kinetic becomes pacifist, that you have changed the whole level of the game.  That is when the stakes are raised.