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The Ever-Shifting Modes / Charges


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Jan Cox Talk 170, Aug 15, 1985, runtime 1:30
Notes by TK

Diagram 54.  J’s discourses as dialogues, not monologues. Just no debate involved. You’re participation as translation to personal experience.

Words are the primary physical food for the Yellow Circuit (secondary for the Blue Circuit). Day and night dreaming = brain being fed; a necessary circulation of blood. The biochemical basis for “psychological” maladies is beginning to gain ordinary recognition. The question now is for The Few: What are you feeding the Yellow Circuit? Does it have a solid AMV12 basis? All words/ideas are blood based. Brain is nourished by words/ideas: running static, chatter; without same the brain is starved. Neuralize “As a man thinketh, so he is.” as usably valid for the Few.

What does it mean “to learn something”? The sense of gaining something. New word food ingested and digested causing molecular alterations. The idea of lateral expansion as the expansion of the area in which you can ingest/digest new word food. Perhaps only ingest, not necessarily digest.

Words and/or passion. “You don’t have to fight to be a man” as lyrics to a hillbilly song is therefore more palatable to Red Circuit types where Life is pushing at its internal limits to refine and grow. Red Circuit audience not usually predisposed to “such wordy exoneration” (excuse) for a typical Red Circuit behavior. Religion/food: kinetic or recoiling as feeling of “born again”–rearrangement of biochemical structure. Weather–“it looks like we’re going to have some weather” –where “weather” = disruptive, violent. Fine, clear weather almost has no name.

Parallel of word “emotional” where emotional = disruptive, upset. Neurolize that the growth process is disruptive and that words weather and emotional are mostly used in this disruptive, unsettled connotation. Neuralize Environmental Protection Agency and watchdog independent citizens’ groups in conflict: both are for protection aim, but disagree as to means = the generation of heat/passion necessary for a pressing, immediate problem in Life’s body. If not pressing, no passion.

The ever-shifting modes/charges: arbitrary elements–persons and forces. (+) charge force enters person (also charged, by the way) then exits as (-); then enters second person to exit as changed again. How can an unemotional person sing emotional songs (capable of evoking emotion)? How can the most self-felt unworthy become the spokesmen for the gods? The most hostile people be the best comedians?

The most unstable become psychiatrists? How can this be? Always involves first an increase in temperature in the transmitter (entertainer) and second, an increase in temp. of the receiver (audience). Always “show biz” ; showbiz tricks–both participants gain heat. Neuralize  that everything going on is charged, transformed, transmitted in altered form (new charge). No form of human behavior is inexplicable from this map.

WEAPON: Do not transform and transmit word food as your system is programmed to. Pass it back in the most immediately satisfying (but innocuous) form possible. Do not argue or encourage the recoiling mode in others. Religions have encouraged such, but always on the basis of being “morally correct”. But it is on a thermodynamic basis. Heat loss = sin, evil. Must become the “five dimensional form of water off a duck’s back becoming atomic implosions”.


Lie down and contemplate a large, mature tree. Neuralize where is a tree’s brain? From where does the information come directing its growth? Hint: Neuralize the Primal Flow.

Neuralize: is it possible for anyone to be taught anything or led anywhere without it being based in some way on fear?



Document:  170,   August 15, 1985
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1985

In spite of the fact that I’m up here doing all the talking and you’re doing all the listening, what happens here is actually a dialogue.  For you to get any real benefit out of This, to profit from it, it cannot be simply a monologue, as if I were a rabbi, minister, or guru.  If what I have been sketching out and what I have tried to infuse into this non-verbally does not lead you into your own personal extraordinary experience, then you might as well be back following a religion.  It is a dialogue — but we do not engage in debate.  My tasks and rhetorical questions have sketched-in just enough for the alert to discover through their own personal exploration that this dialogue is like a trigger:  a deception or trick designed to bring you closer to the reality of Neuralizing.

Tonight I will focus on what might appear to be several different topics, but they are all actually the same topic.  Everything revolves around the same center tonight.

You should listen simply, free from ideas circulating within your system concerning mysticism or the belief that everything is an allegory.  In the beginning, all these maps seem to be literal, then they become allegorical, then they become literal again.  For those of you capable of understanding another dimension to these mappings, they can start out being either allegorical or literal, it doesn’t matter.  Then they will shift from one to the other until the maps are irrelevant.  At that point you understand their basis and no longer need the maps.  There is a very direct way for you to see for yourself:  words are physical food for the Yellow Circuit.  This may strike you in a blinding flash.

While words are only secondary food for the Blue Circuit, words are the primary food for the Yellow Circuit.  Daydreams, night dreams, the voices continually running through the circuitry all provide the necessary nutritional circulation of blood for the Yellow Circuit.  The primary food for the Yellow Circuit is words, and you make a serious mistake to overlook This, thinking it is so obvious, or to call it allegory, thinking it is so obscure.  This is not allegorical.  The proof is right before humanity; however what I’m speaking of is ahead of what is generally understood right now.  Words are food for the Yellow Circuit — even the “hard data” from psychiatric and psychological research is validating that conclusion.  While both professions at one time advocated the use of talk therapy, now emotional trauma is treated simply as a biochemical imbalance.  Why waste time talking to somebody when you can administer a pill and the symptoms are gone?

 Diagram 54

Diagram 54

The data is now beginning to prove that the very sorts of things that humanity has been led to complain about — the continual friction, the daydreaming, the night time dreaming, the constant chatter — is the brain being fed.  You take away that food, and you are brain-dead.

For people involved in This Thing, of course I could ask another question:  what are you feeding the Yellow circuit?  What are you allowing it to eat?  Do you have enough Understanding to eat word food which has a solid AMv12 basis?  Various religions have stated for thousands of years, “As a man thinketh, so he is.”  he implication is that you cannot be a good Christian, or Jew, or Buddhist if you go around having non-Christian, non-Jewish, or non-Buddist thoughts.  All words and all ideas (the extension of words being ideas) are blood based, and thus are circulated within the Yellow Circuit continually feeding and nourishing it.  Remember, I told you this is not allegory.  The Yellow Circuit is nourished absolutely by words.  If the brain, the Yellow Circuit, cannot think, it starves to death.  If it cannot, even at the lowest mechanical level, stay engaged in continual chatter with the two mechanical voices running, it will starve to death.

To see this in your own way is a thrill.  And if you hold this thrill for a moment you can also see that it is also another splendid opportunity for the channel of consciousness to continually come up with internal enemies.  For example, let’s say you heard the phrase, “as one thinks, so one is” and you attempted to be a very religious person.  Perhaps you spent every possible hour reading religious literature.  Occurring simultaneously within you would be voices hollering, “I sure would like to get drunk” or “Boy, I could just strangle that person!”  You could then embrace the continuing hobby of being alive and having an internal enemy.  The usable validity of such ideas as “as a man thinketh, so he is”, is only available if you have some direct understanding of what is involved with so-called thinking:  the origins of it, the ordinary purposes of it, what is necessary to keep it going on a minimal level, etc.

Another point around the same center:  How about the generally accepted idea that you can learn something by simply listening to someone else?  It is the idea that by turning on a television junior college course in geography or by reading a book, or by listening to your neighbor you can actually learn something.  There is the sense that a piece of information has been transferred from that person to you.  However you did not learn something new.  People no not learn something new.  Instead, new word food is ingested, and it simply causes a physical, molecular alteration in the Yellow Circuit.  It is not a matter of having gained something, or learned something new; you have received new word food, carried in the blood at the actual molecular level of your Yellow Circuit.  By taking in that new food and digesting it you have actually altered the molecular structure of your brain.

Let’s look again at the idea of lateral expansion.  Even though this is a two-dimensional representation you can think of it three-dimensionally.  Here is a variation of the Channel of Consciousness.  It is only within that realm of the Yellow Circuit that you can ingest and then digest words.  Anything outside that would fall into that realm for which you do not have sufficient knowledge to form an opinion or into that realm where you may have no interest.  It could be work food passed along to you, but your blood simply cannot take it.  For example, when someone asks whether you heard another say “so-and-so”, even though you were right there when he was saying it, you say, “No, he couldn’t have said that!”  The sound waves were there, but your blood just couldn’t take it in.  A kind of sanity in both the Red and the Blue Circuits forms the necessary basis for lateral expansion.  Within the Yellow Circuit, in particular, I am talking about expanding the limits and boundaries of what you can think about.  Specifically I am talking about being able to expand the area of non-interest.

Another subheading:  Words, passions, and certain combinations thereof.  For example, I’ll use good ole country music.  Consider a song about a guy who gets cornered in a bar and is ridiculed for his offbeat clothing or his refusal to fight in a war.  He turns down the challenge to fight.  The singer of the song goes on to support the guy’s actions and tells him, “Hey, it’s OK.  You don’t have to fight to be a man.”  Can you see that this scenario illustrates how Life itself is pushing at its own internal limits?  The kind of person who would write such a song would be someone still toiling in the mines, the fields, the assembly lines.  His Red Circuit audience would be familiar with songs of fighting, machismo, and the heroics associated with “fighting the good fight”.  In such a culture, refusing to fight would more readily get the following response from the attacker:  “OK, Bud, if you’re not gonna fight, you better get out of this bar now or I’ll tear you apart limb from limb!”  Don’t hold your breath too long waiting for the guy’s fellow-bricklayer to come out and soothe him with, “Hey, its okay, you don’t have to fight to be a man.”  It won’t happen because that is not an acceptable excuse for the very audience to which this song is aimed.  What could be going on here?  Here is an attempt to excuse a particular behavior in a particular audience that is not wired up to accept such wordy exonerations.  Why is Life using such a song for a purpose that cannot be two-dimensionally understood?

Furthermore, that song should not even have made it on the radio.  But this type of thing has occurred throughout history.  That is, we have Red circuit people addressing a Red circuit audience and telling them that they don’t really have to be Red Circuit dominated.

For as long as the Yellow Circuit in man has been able to talk; it has been seeking to rearrange itself molecularly.  Man’s religions formed as a result of man’s seeking new food.  This religion food can be seen as either kinetic or recoiling (stagnant).  As long as the people involved with a particular religion see it’s teachings as new food,they can feel that the religion’s teachings have produced in them the sensation of being “born anew”.  They have taken in new food which rearranged the biochemical molecular structure of their existing circuitry.  An outside observer to all of this might think that from his point of view religion has no benefit.  Of course this is of no consequence to the people involved.  For their circuitry it is new food.

Mankind seems to only take note of certain aspects of things.  For example, when a person says,  “Boy, it sure looks like we’re going to have some weather”, they are only referring to the more violent side of the weather-storms, rain, etc.  Nobody would mean by that statement that they were expecting a warm and sunny calm day.  Calm weather gets no notice.

Can you find any parallel between this phenomenon and discussions and notations made about man’s emotional life?  When someone says, “don’t be so emotional”, they are not saying “don’t be so calm, so at ease.”  To say “Don’t be so emotional”, means, “Do not be so violent.  Do not be so disruptive.  Don’t be so engaged in that which seems to be so unprofitable.”

Try to Neuralize this point:  Why, in the growth process itself is the “disruptive” somehow most essential and most note-worthy?

Let’s try another subsection having to do with LIfe’s need for three extreme vectors (three forces) needed to produce a certain kind of real action.  To illustrate, lets take an example from everyday affairs.  The Environmental Protection Agency is established by Congress after much debate and publicity.  You could say that his very fact demonstrates man’s rational concern about the problem of pollution.

But you will also find, interestingly enough, that as soon as the EPA is set up, another organization of private citizens is set up which ostensibly, has the same aim as the EPA.  This occurs if there is a matter of importance at hand.  For example, the government could set up an agency to oversee the protection of some snail which was about to become extinct.  This committee could be in the headlines the first day and become invisible the next.  It could still be living up to its charter, spending money, etc.  But outside the government there would not be an organization set up to ride herd on the government committee.  The greater and more oppressing the problem, the more heat is generated.  If Life has no more need for the snail, then less heat is generated, and no citizen’s committee is formed.  You may substitute “passion” for “heat”.  With more heat generated, you have what appears to be two conflicting camps, with the same avowed purpose.

The purpose of this illustration has nothing to do with the EPA, or snails, or committees.  What kind of heat is generated internally?  As “I” continues to raise the specter of enemies and problems, it sets up committees.  “I’ve got to look into this”, or “I’ve got to quit thinking that”.  Some produce heat and some don’t.  Some stay in business a lifetime but you may never hear from them.  Unless there is a pressing need, there won’t be any heat generated.

But if the need is pressing enough (as soon as somebody has been set up to look into the “problem” which is a variation of an “enemy”), you will immediately have your own citizen’s committee saying, “Wait a minute — I don’t drink that much!  How did that other committee get so carried away?  They’re telling me to cut down on drinking, but I just read yesterday that moderate drinking can extend one’s life.”

It’s as though the second committee was set up because the first was not doing its job well enough.  But without that kind of heat or passion, there is no opportunity for anything to be altered, even mechanically.  Unless you can do this yourself, willfully, and beyond the level of that which is mechanically necessary, you will have a very poor chance of ever being able to change.

Let me get closer.  If you wanted to label this, it would be what I have really been leading up to tonight.  You could label this “The Ever-shifting Modes/Charges.”

On a very arbitrary basis, let’s say we have a force, carried by a word.  This force enters the hearer positively charged.  It is transformed and then transmitted and comes out negatively charged.  Then it is passed on to a second person.  It goes into him with a negative charge.  It is then transformed and transmitted, once again, and comes out with another charge.

Have you ever wondered why seemingly dispassionate singers can deliver emotional songs?  Why is it that, without a doubt, hostile people can make other people laugh?  How is it that in history those who consider themselves the most unworthy become spokesmen for the gods?

How can this be?  It always involved an increase in the tempo or temperature of the singer, comedian, or entertainer.  That is the basis of all mechanical tricks performed by show biz comedians, great dictators, famous singers, and acclaimed soothsayers.

I labeled this with a slashed term to begin with (Ever-shifting Modes/Charges).  You can look at it as being charges of either positive or negative nature or as a shift in the modes (kinetic or recoiling).  You could also see it as either a heat loss or heat gain.  But all of these are variations of the same theme. Linearly speaking, the impossible has happened; the improbable; the inexplicable has taken place.

Try to Neuralize this fact:  that everything that is going on has a charge.  This includes people talking, people apparently making physical moves at each other, or people apparently trying to convey some passion.  Look at the apparent transfer that is going on as having a charge or being in a mode.  Each transfer has the potential to either increase or decrease the person’s heat.  It is unexplainable in words, but there is a continuing transformation and then a transmission when it goes into you.  Life demands that something happen.  It does not come out of you unaltered.  If you are wired up just so, and the situation at hand has some meaning for you, you are going to transfer it.  And the energy, the charge will come out of you in a different fashion than it went in.  Need I hint any further, that therein lie the explanations of all inexplicable forms of human behavior.

I’ll give you another real and most potent weapon.  That is:  Instead of transforming and transmitting word food as you are normally wired up to do, take it in and pass it back in what would seem to be the most immediate, desirable and satisfying manner to the other person.  Do not do what is preordained naturally.  Send back to the other person the kind of energy that would be immediately digestible and satisfying to them.

Everyone has noticed that throughout history religions have all talked about doing this, but they tried to make it a moral issue.  This is no longer a satisfactory answer.  It’s not even a satisfactory basis for action, since in This it is not a matter of being morally correct but rather of being thermodynamically preferable. Morality is thermodynamics — sin is heat loss; evil is heat loss.

To further tie this down let me make sure that you understand that this new weapon is a matter of not arguing.  It is not to encourage the recoiling mode in another person.  That is, it is not only not arguing, but it is not taking in anything and transmitting it back to another person wherein it will encourage them to recoil.  What you are doing is indicating quite clearly to them that you fully understand what they are saying.  You could even give a tacit indication that your understanding of it also carries a certain amount of approval and agreement.

When you are arguing you are burning up all available energy.  Your consciousness cannot then change because you are expending all the energy you’ve got.  If you are doing that, then you are a fool, an idiot.  No one properly involved in This Thing can do that.

Only when you see this for yourself, when it has become actual new food through your own experience, will you then say, “AHA!”  Then you will have changed your own molecular structure.  Coincidentally this may, like other approaches I have hinted at, drastically cut down on your verbal life.  Someone recently asked something like this:  “Could it be that anger is an internally complete heat exchange wherein there is a heat gain to the lower circuitry at the direct expanse of a colossal heat loss in the higher circuits?”  Even if this is not true, it still explains a lot.  That is, if you got into a four dimensional situation (a place wherein such as this could be correct),  Then it is true — whether it’s true or not.

Now, finally, how about this:  Is it possible for anyone to be truly taught anything or led somewhere unless that teaching or leadership is based on fear?