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Increasing Tempo and Temperature


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Jan Cox Talk 168, Aug 1, 1985, runtime 1:56
Notes by TK

Passion. The tempo/temperature of the channel of consciousness. Real Change is the raising of tempo/temperature in the channel of consciousness. Heretofore the tempo/temperature dimension of passion has been lacking in J’s exposition of This Thing. Passion at Yellow Circuit level manifests in the ordinary defense of your opinions (overtly or by removing yourself from the circumstance).

Everyone operates within absolute perimeters in their passion. Change of behavior is not Real Change, although there is a shift toward the more passionate end of your passion/heat/tempo perimeter/spectrum. TV as support of the tempo/temperature of general consciousness of a particular area of Life’s body. There is a need now for passion in This Thing. Passion is necessary in all activity for it to survive, but at the level of ordinary religion passion has its counterpart to “busy work proof of progress”–i.e., “busy passion” involving the “us against them” process of conflict.

Neuralize what can be done to raise the passion of This Thing? Religions either placate the disturbed or disturb the placid, the complacent. This is the extent of religions’ passion. But what else can be done beside these two forms of passionate activity. How can This Thing “ignite the smug and snuff the scorched”?

Notice the relation to the E-C gate in the two forms of activity. Attacks at both positions with the heat of passion that can produce change (Real or mechanical). Consider the Real, Sincere “Fake Passion” of The Few surpasses the mechanical passion of the tent revival “healer”. Fake Passion is the strongest passion; extraordinary basis.


3 times a day for 1 week. Physically move at increased tempo. Should be enough that you know you’re moving faster–doesn’t have to be exaggerated. At these times also speak louder and with more intensity, vivacity. Yet no aggression/hostility.

Reminder of the phenomenon of increased effort generating more energy. Contradicts the classic, pre-quantum laws of physics.


Increasing Tempo and Temperature

Document: 168, August 1, 1985
Copyright (c) Jan M.

What you have personally experienced and obtained from This Thing cannot be directly transferred; the ideas presented here cannot simply be reformulated and fed to others under a new name.  But those Few who ignite their nervous systems above the Line of ordinary consciousness will, collectively and individually, have an effect.  You are already transferring extraordinary energy/information for Life.

Until the present time, the most efficient shell for passing along this type of information has gone under the name “religion.”  Religion has encompassed all ordinary passion, including everything from inspirational music to decrying the pitiful condition of Man.  But something has been lacking.  There has never before been any direct feeding of Life’s new circuitry — the Yellow Circuit in Man — through religion or any other means.  That is why Life is now talking in different terms through This Thing:  you will not hear me say anything about the gods or about what is ordinarily accepted as morality.  Those descriptions were appropriate to their time and place, but This Thing now requires a new language.

It is extremely difficult to produce an environment or describe reality in such a way as to passionately stimulate the Yellow Circuit.  You cannot reason with people and get them to feel more passionate.  Think back to your history lessons, or watch old newsreel films, and you will realize that all of the fanatical leaders in the past attracted people on the basis of a Red and Blue Circuit passion.  When a would-be leader addresses his followers, the words he says do not matter.  Thousands of people follow a certain man into war, but psychologists or historians attempting to analyze his appeal later say, “We can’t understand it.  The man was crazy.”  A would-be mystic gives a speech and a reporter looking on says, “That swami was talking gibberish.”  But what’s important is not the words; if Swami X burps, his followers will applaud.  Visit a fundamentalist church and you will experience what I am describing.  The preacher will shake a book he claims the gods wrote; he sweats and yells until the whole congregation is up on their feet, sweating and yelling, too.  Energy is being transferred, but not on the basis of some Yellow Circuit understanding; you cannot leave that church and analyze what happened by studying your notes on the sermon.

 Diagram 52

Diagram 52

To varying degrees, much of the growth you have experienced through being involved with This seems to have occurred in the Yellow Circuit.  This type of Yellow Circuit stimulation is so exciting that you may feel all of the maps and descriptions I have given you should be distilled into a little bible, the Great Truth in outline form, or a dictionary of this new language.  But Remember that igniting the higher circuitry is not a simple matter of verbal transmission.

You are correct to feel that these maps are astounding.  They are out of time; anachronistic in the future direction, if that is possible.  The only thing that approaches them, in Life, are the theories now being explored on the outer edges of particle physics.  But the personal experience of This Thing involves more than simply taking in information.  You might think that once you have distilled these ideas and presented them to the intellectual community, they would say, “Show us more.”  But don’t be too sure of that.  This Thing does not appeal to the many.

Consider what purposes “religion” has and does serve in the life of Man.  Then consider, what could be the purpose of This Thing, other than to disturb the complacent or placid and placate the disturbed.  (Or is that to startle the comfortable and comfort the startled?)  Can you discover some apparently overlooked, trap door area not covered by those two possibilities?  Look beyond what you may feel you have personally accomplished.  What can actually be done with these ideas, other than disturb the placid or placate the disturbed?

You might Neuralize this in terms of what I have called the “E/C (Exciting/Calming) Gate.”  The E/C Gate controls the flow of exciting or calming energy into a person’s circuitry.  Can you see a connection between the functioning of the E/C Gate as I have described it and the two possibilities of placating the disturbed or disturbing the placated?

Notice that both possibilities are passionate endeavors:  one is an attempt to ignite those who are in a state of calm; the other is to calm those who are already mechanically agitated by being alive.  Consider:  Are those the only two possibilities — to calm or ignite?  What else is possible?

No one has ever developed a religious following on the basis of logic or intellectual monologues; passion is the essential part of all such activities.  But the type of passion necessary to do This Thing is not available through any ordinary activity.  Even such apparently miraculous transfers of energy as faith healing are operating at the mechanical level, and have no affect on the higher circuitry.  A person who is a follower of some religion or pseudo-mystical system is exposed to a level of passion which can temporarily heat up and speed up their system, but ordinary people never learn to generate passion within their own circuitry.

Real passion — of the type available through This Thing — increases a person’s molecular tempo or temperature.  A sufficient amount of such agitation will bring about a physical change — an expansion — in the channel of consciousness.  The ideas of This Thing produce a slightly out of the ordinary level of temperature or tempo in you.  This is not simply a Yellow Circuit process, and my words are not the beginning or the end of it.  You must learn how to generate Real Passion.

I am not going into a detailed description of this diagram tonight, but it illustrates how information is ordinarily processed through the channel of consciousness in Fred.  Sigma (energy/information) comes in, and is processed in the ordinary way by Fred’s intellect (FI), becoming sigma (FI).  Neuralize that there is a way to specifically use what I have mentioned regarding tempo and temperature.  You must, literally, increase the tempo or the temperature of the flow within the channel of consciousness so that channel will expand.  If sigma continues to come into the channel and be processed as usual, you will not go much farther in This Thing.  You must expand the physical possibilities within your own system.

You are arbitrarily wired up to move with a specific tempo and operate at a particular temperature.  This is not a psychological or cultural phenomenon; your system is simply taking in energy/information and processing that in the only way it now can.  Your system operates at a level just fast enough, just warm enough, to meet the basic requirements of everyday interactions within the confines of your mechanical structure.

You walk into a department store at a certain speed.  A salesperson asks, “May I help you?” and normally you answer at a certain level of volume and intensity.  You might say, “Well, yes you can.  I came in here to buy such-and-such.”  Notice how your system is continually taking in information and responding to it at a normal tempo — with usual intensity.

After you observe this, you can change that tempo and increase your temperature.  For example, you can walk faster than you normally would when entering the store.  You can speak louder, with more intensity, to the salesperson who asks to help you.  (I do not mean speak with aggression or hostility.  But change the actual temperature — the intensity — of your words.) Remember that you are structurally wired up to have a constant tempo and temperature and this cannot be altered by ordinary means. Extraordinary effort is required to make any Real change.

Become aware that the daily routines of your life run at a particular pace.  It probably takes you the same amount of time to wake up most mornings, the same number of minutes to drive to work.  If you are accustomed to jogging after work, you probably hit the sidewalk around the same time, day after day, week after week, and jog for the same number of minutes every time you go out.  There is nothing wrong with that, but you should notice it.  And notice what happens if you increase the tempo of your activities.

Suppose you have been running the same three miles around your neighborhood for the last year and one night you go out to run those three miles.  Maybe you feel more tired than usual and wonder if you ate too much lunch or stayed out too late last night.  But notice — even on a day when you are tired — that if you exert more effort than normal, you will suddenly have more energy.  That seems contrary to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, but it’s true.

Don’t let the simplicity of this suggestion divert you; try it.  Jog at your usual, comfortable speed; then decide, “When I get to the next corner, I’m going to speed up just enough so I know I’m moving faster.” That is all that’s necessary; increase the tempo so you notice you’ve speeded up, and be aware of the sudden burst of energy you experience by putting forth more effort.  This would make Fig Newton — I mean Sir Isaac Newton — roll over in his grave.  It belies physics, but it works.  You can bring on a fake vitality (let’s call it fake because you are doing it at my suggestion) by doing anything at a different tempo.

You will experience a similar burst of energy by changing your temperature in any setting.  Experiment the next time you are out shopping.  You can change the volume and intensity of your speech — you can heat up the exchange — and feel a sudden infusion of energy.  If you would normally walk up to a book counter and quietly say, “Do you have such and such book?”  You can feign passion.  Say, “DO YOU HAVE SUCH AND SUCH BOOK?” like you are dying for it:  “DO YOU HAVE IT?  DO YOU?”  And something extraordinary will happen.  You have brought forth a fake passion, and, as you may already suspect, what is “fake” passion, from the ordinary viewpoint, is the strongest kind of passion.

What is usually called “passion” operates within the parameters of an individual’s channel of consciousness.  Another person may seem passionate, compared to you, but that is just the temperature level where they operate, and they can’t change the level.  To them, that does not seem passionate; it seems like the right response.  You might think that because every time you see Fred he slaps you on the back and yells, “HOW ARE YOU DOING OLD BOY?” he should calm down, but try telling that to Fred.  He’ll say, “Hey, I AM CALM!”  Notice how everyone reacts to criticism of this sort.  If a friend said, “You talk too loud, you’re always so jumpy,” a voice in you would answer (whether you verbalized it or not):  “Well, of course you think that, since you are such a sloth.  A statue would be the life of the party compared to you.” No ordinary person is either passionate or dispassionate; they are merely acting within the range of their ordinary tempo and temperature.

A change in tempo or temperature affects the very underpinnings of what seems to be individual “I” consciousness.  Sometimes such changes occur mechanically in life; illness or the death of a loved one can affect people this way.  But, as much as possible, people avoid situations that will alter their tempo or temperature too drastically.

Everyone wants to experience something a little thrilling; nobody wants to be Really thrilled.  The closest most people come to potentially thrilling situations is the vicarious enjoyment of sports, watching television or movies.  The attraction of a horror movie, for example, is the potential shock.

Alcohol is attractive because it affects timing and temperature.  A man goes into a bar after work to have a few drinks.  Suddenly, he can turn around to a waitress in a short skirt and say, “Boy, you’ve got some nice looking legs.”  He experiences a little thrill from this.  If he were sober, he could never speak to her.  After two more drinks, he can ask, “What are you doing later?”  Of course, if she said, “Nothing, big boy, what are you doing later?”  that would be the end of the exchange, because his supper is ready and his wife’s waiting at home.  But, for a minute, his life almost seems like a movie, and he is heated up.

Everyone seeks a little passion.  They want to be safely excited, within the realm of predictability.  No one really wants the unpredictable to happen.  The waitress in the bar is supposed to answer, “I’m sorry, I work all night and I’m not allowed to date customers.”  Then the man will say, “Too bad.”  It’s all predictable. If the situation were unpredictable, she might suddenly rush up to him, rub against his thigh and whisper, “Why, I’m not doing anything.  I’ll quit my job right now and we’ll leave for Paris.”  That type of extreme passion just does not exist in Life; people do not extend their behavior beyond certain predictable degrees of temperature.  And nothing happens faster than the speed of Life.

Part of the intrigue and attraction of religion is the fact that is it is “Show Biz.”  The minister, the swami, the would-be leader gets up and pushes the crowd to an extreme they can barely stand.  This also happens at the Super bowl, at basketball games, encounter groups and movies.  But religion, by far, has touched the most people in this manner.  People derive vicarious excitement from believing their spiritual leader has transcended the ordinary limits.  They become passionate followers because participation in religious services heats up/increases the tempo in the channel of consciousness.  Of course, under ordinary conditions, this only goes so far.  Life just allows things to be pushed up to the point where, “I’m having so much fun — I’m almost reaching a mystical state!”  That’s about as much fun as anyone cares to have.

It is a scientific reality that if you push beyond the ordinary limits of tempo/temperature, you will physically open up the channel of consciousness.  If you go into a bookstore and feign intensity — “DO YOU HAVE THAT BOOK?” — you will find you can look around, afterward, and see the salesperson, the bookstore and the other customers in a new way.  Something has happened to you — you are no longer taking in sigma and processing it as sigma FI.  The tempo/temperature change has expanded the channel of consciousness.

Do not waste time wondering, “How intense do I have to be?” or “How fast should I walk?”  It doesn’t matter whether you think you move fast or slow; just alter the tempo, relative to your own arbitrary wiring. Do whatever is necessary to increase the molecular agitation or heat up the molecules (Have you realized those are two descriptions of the same thing?) within the channel of consciousness and it will begin to expand.  There will be a noticeable change in the way you seem to process information.  You can begin to Hear, See, and experience things you literally could not experience before.  A few moments of this is worth six months of listening to my words.

I described religion as “Show Biz.”  All of life is “Show Biz” in the sense that whatever you do is a transfer of energy.  If you attend a concert and feel you got your money’s worth, you can be sure that whatever happened pushed on your limits to some degree.  The audience was agitated to the point where they felt a little passionate, as if something unpredictable might happen.  Then, miraculously, the music stopped just in time.  That’s the way Life is arranged.

Compared to the rest of “Show Biz” in life, I have presented the ideas of This Thing in a somewhat dispassionate manner.  Yet, a sizeable number of people now have the ability to comprehend this new information.  For the process to go any further than that — to affect the channel of consciousness — This must move into the realm of fake passion, which is Real passion.  “Fake passion” is the immediate answer to questions I constantly receive about, “How can I be as alert, as excited, as ignited about This Thing all the time as I am some of the time?”  The answer is to learn to affect the molecular tempo/temperature within your own channel of consciousness; to generate Real passion within.

It is time This Thing moved up to another level.  The time is right for each of you to take This beyond the realm of simply absorbing information.  Remember you are dealing with a physical reality:  As long as your channel of consciousness remains the same, I could talk to you for years and the process would be no more than sigma going in and changing into sigma FI.  If that channel is operating at a constant temperature and rate of speed, whatever comes in will be converted to sigma FI.  The Great Cosmic Truth could come in, but it would go out sigma FI.  Or, “Cosmic truth in, garbage out,” as they say in Computer Show Biz.

Everyone thinks they want to do something really exciting; but they want to do it at the same old speed. Everyone dreams of finding something that will light a fire in them, but they won’t touch anything that’s hotter than lukewarm.  That is part of the masterstroke of Life that keeps Man in just the right position. People insist they want to change, but you can only push them so far.  After that, it’s no longer any fun. Suddenly, “This is not what I had in mind!”

Note that everything in you is wired up to stay right where it is.  Anything beyond your usual confines feels frightening and uncomfortable.  It’s as though, at a particular age, you sat down in a rocking chair and began to rock.  And from then on, you can be found in that exact spot on the porch, rocking at the same tempo, morning, noon and night.  You’ve found your seat and you don’t want to be disturbed.

You can dream while sitting in your rocker.  You can become the most knowledgeable person in the world.  But that won’t change the fact that everything — including you — normally runs at a certain tempo and intensity.  This is not some kind of psychological problem; it’s not a problem at all in Life.  Things are arranged as they should be.

As a parting note, I suggest again that you Neuralize what could ever be done that would be new.  As much as some of the ideas and maps I have already given excite you, conveying that information is not all there is to This Thing.  As you Neuralize this, Remember:  The placid have already been agitated, and the slumbering have already been shaken.