Jan Cox Talk 0166

The Quiet Corridor Inside the Castle of Consciousness


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Jan Cox Talk 166, July 18, 1985, runtime 1:18
Notes by TK

The perceivable universe, the known universe (3-D) is a “flying castle”–but don’t ask “what medium does it fly in?” Inside the castle is a “quiet corridor” upon which an infinite number of noisy/frantic action rooms open onto. Comparison with vortex of tornado analogy. Relates to the ideas of “stilling the mind”; you cannot calm the nervous system without destroying its function in the Body of Life. Only way to calming is an individual effort of activating higher circuitry.

Nothing in Life will effect this ignition mechanically. To activate the nervous system in new areas is to give birth to a “new mind”. Rebirth. Extension of the Yellow Circuit such that it is not really the Yellow Circuit anymore. When you can operate in the “quiet corridor” (QC) you can open doors into rooms without entering the room. The line-level consciousness is trapped in the rooms (and only a very few at that!), it can’t get out.

When you find you’re able to operate in the Quiet Corridor and open the doors at will, you can learn from it and then close the door. You can in effect play with fire without getting burned. This ability produces a kind of strength (I can close the door!) and continuing small shock of discovery.

Reading of Group papers.


New rhetorical question: The energy transfer that is human speech/words is apparently more important than physical transfer. Does the spoken word affect you most in the Red, Blue or Yellow circuit?



Document:  166,  July 18, 1985
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1985

I have a new verbal picture for you.  I’ve mentioned, in a somewhat picturesque manner, the calm in the center of a vortex.  Now I have another related example which I’ve resisted bringing up for a long time.  But before I do, I want to say something about the examples and descriptions that I give you.  These descriptions that I conjure up for you are something to hang your increasing perception on.  They aren’t for you to adopt as holy scripture, or feel, “Here is an absolute truth.”  Indeed, I make specific efforts to stop that from happening.  The easiest way to avoid adopting the description as ultimate truth is to simply abandon it.  Several months later you may See something related to the description, it may seem like, “Hey, wait a minute.  This is almost the opposite of what I thought he meant when he said it originally.  I thought I had it figured out then.”  Bear in mind that the map is not the destination; the picture is not the reality.  But without the proper directions, you’ll not get anywhere.

There is an old mythological tale credited to a certain culture of four or five thousand years ago, which explains the universe as being a world sitting on top of a turtle, which is standing on another turtle, which is standing on another, etc.  If a questioner asks, “What’s supporting that second turtle?”, he’s answered with, “He’s standing on another turtle.”  “But what’s that turtle standing on?”  “Another turtle.”  Okay, the last turtle is always standing on the back of another turtle.  The answer is open-ended, so with the kind of thinking in that particular culture, a certain person here or there might suddenly be struck by something.

The story may sound picturesque, but it brings up an interesting point about the apparent differences between “scientific” and “religious” views of life.  Life, through scientists, is now discussing a new way of viewing the perceivable or three dimensional universe.  You may have read of scientists who say that although they cannot personally perceive another universe, they’ve theoretically discovered not only a three dimensional universe, but a higher one.  Even though no equipment or human senses can perceive this higher universe, all reasonable explanations and theories must take the added dimensions into account, whether perceived or not.  So when I speak of the perceivable universe, I’m talking about the known universe.  But that is not the extent of the universe, more exists than what is perceived.

I’ve asked if you can theoretically perceive  another dimension.  What other dimensions could there be?  Another unknown dimension obviously exists.  If it didn’t, where would information concerning This come from?  The information might come from me right now, to wit:  it’s me you’re listening to.  But where does This come from?  It doesn’t come from a book, and though no one told me about it, I don’t make it up. Another dimension exists, but the ordinary level of consciousness can only conceive of the perceivable universe at any given time.  Descriptions of the perceivable universe can range from mythological, to religious, to scientific terms.  But no matter the range of description, contemporaneous Line-level consciousness, throughout the spectrum of humanity, is limited in what it can perceive; and that’s it.

I’ve hesitated to say this, but I’ll go ahead:  the known universe is a flying castle.  And don’t ask, “If it is a flying castle, what medium is it flying in?”  The whole known universe — not just the earth — is a flying castle.

A quiet corridor exists inside what I could call the castle of consciousness.  Imagine an architectural drawing of a castle.  If we remove the roof and peer inside, you can see a long corridor running down the center.  Each side of the corridor houses an infinite number of adjoining rooms, and each of the rooms have doors opening to the corridor.

Throughout the ages, mystical and religious systems have attempted to teach, or at least proclaim the value of meditation, prayer, chanting, and simply sitting.  The underlying basis was that one can thereby reach a certain level of development where all of one’s internal noise is stopped.  A place where the unstilled waters of the human mind are calmed, whereupon the chanter, the sitter will experience a moment of true vision — his own personal “eureka”.  I have never intimated that This Activity leads in any particular direction, and I’ve never promised that you’ll calm your nervous system.  From the Line down, the nervous system can’t be calmed.  If indeed you could calm it beyond the moment of “Eureka”, you would effectively destroy the organism.  It could no longer perform its functions within the body of Life.  People who are drawn to meditation, yoga, etc., are drawn to the promise of internal silence.  “I can’t stand these voices. They drive me crazy.  I didn’t specialize in or even study psychology, but I know my mind is confused.  I have these terrible nightmares.  Or I begin to sing one line of a song and then I’ll sing it for three days nonstop.  I’ll suddenly remember something my mother said to me when I was 7 1/2 years old, and the stories go on and on and on.  This is some kind of living hell.  If I could just stop that internal noise.”  The world is full of people who feel that their internal voices — that is, the ordinary continual flow of their own hard-wired circuitry — must be stopped; and if there is a state of internal silence — if such a thing is possible — it would have to be an improvement over what they’re going through now.  But at the ordinary level of consciousness, the circuits can’t be calmed.  It cannot be done, and it should not be done (which is why it can’t be done).  Everyone is employed in Life’s corporation.  And if you’re alive, the circuits are constantly engaged, to at least a necessary, minimal degree, in the business of the corporation.  There is no time out.

The reality of these descriptions — “stilling the mind” and “having a clear insight”, is something I’ve described to you many times and in many ways.  What actually occurs is a literal ignition, a bringing to life of specific areas of the nervous system, areas which Life has not already routinely activated.  It’s not profitable to describe what happens when you activate those areas, and indeed it’s not possible:  it is a matter of personal experience.  And it’s a matter of personal effort.  Life will never activate those areas for you.  Life has already done as much for you as it will do.  It has raised you to the common level of the Line, and that’s as far as it will take you.  The rest is unnatural and unnecessary.  The rest is up to you.  And nothing available at Line level is of value to your efforts.  It is simply fact:  information available in Life, through ordinary sources, won’t activate the above Line level areas of the nervous system.

Of course, Life does talk about this activation.  People talk about the activation of the nervous system, though they don’t use those words.  Nor do they understand it.  You can hear everyone from bums in the gutter to t.v. evangelists talking and what they’re talking about, without knowing it, is the activation of higher areas of the system, as they should.  But there is nothing in the ordinary flow of everyday Life that will actually produce this physical activation.

A kind of temporary, mechanical activation is possible.  All of you have experienced these moments of not being driven by the static electricity of your system.  And it is a taste of the reality behind all the mystical descriptions you’ve ever read.  You’re suddenly conscious and it’s as though all the voices have stopped.  You can turn around to your roommate, or to someone you’ve known or lived with for ten years, and suddenly see them in a new light.  In a very real way you realize, “I’ve never seen this person before”. And the feeling is, “I’m looking at something, and nothing inside of me is talking about what I’m looking at.” You simply See; you simply are.  But when it’s a mechanical, involuntary ignition, when it isn’t a product of your own efforts, it produces no new understanding.  But they do happen, these small, lucid moments. And it is descriptions of such moments that run throughout the literature of all religions and pseudo systems.  The experience is described as, “I suddenly peered into the pure depths of reality, and saw things ‘as they are’.”  But it is a description of one thing:  being conscious in an area of the nervous system that hasn’t yet been activated by Life.  And it’s reflected in the belief that the gods reward one’s proper actions.  All religions, from those currently enjoying favor, all the way back to mythology, discuss what can be gained by “dealing with the gods in a proper manner”.  It’s described as becoming a new person, as being reborn. Again, what they’re actually referring to is an ignition of the nervous system.  They’re speaking of giving birth to a new mind.

Bear in mind that when you go back in human history, you go down the nervous system.  Growth always occurs at the highest point of man’s development — at the level of the Line.  But 2,000 years ago, the Line was lower.  Humanity was not evolved to its current level.  And when a person of that time said, “Suddenly I was reborn.  The gods did something for me,” his payoff was, “I was suddenly a sexual giant,” or “I was no longer fearful of my enemies.  The gods gave me some kind of inner strength and I decimated a whole town full of infidels alone.”  People even today pursue would-be mysticism and religion, based on such hopes as, “I want to gain four or five inches in my chest and biceps.  Then when I run across sinners I can beat ’em up.  At least I won’t have to take any more flak from anybody.”  Many levels still exist within the current level of the Line, in this period of apparent time.  That is why you see people pursuing everything from body-building, to eastern meditation systems, to mainstream religion.  It’s all a general attempt at activation.  But they’re all working on the past; they’re attempting to activate the system below the Line.  ut true rebirth is something different, and growth now occurs in the Yellow Circuit, at the current apex of Life’s development through Man.  And the Few of This Thing are literally producing, within their own nervous system, a new mind.

Everything you know, everything that is now currently activated in the brain, is set.  It’s wired up and you can’t go back and change it.  The rebirth of This is the production of a new mind, through the cooperation of other elements.  You give birth to this mind, but it is not the progeny of the same mechanical forces that produced the mind already in you.  The quiet corridor in the flying castle that I mentioned is NOT some instantaneous, once-and-for-all, new state of consciousness.  But it continues to exist as long as you are learning something.

Try to picture the corridor as being at least three dimensional.  The corridor is surrounded, as if in a sphere, but the sphere would be like an infinitely long hot dog.  This quiet corridor runs down the middle of the hot dog.  And there are rooms, shot gun style, on either side; rooms filled with frantic noise, rooms wired with the ordinary static of human consciousness.  At the ordinary level of consciousness, an individual lives in only a few rooms.  He thinks the same things over and over, even when thinking about the importance of thinking about new things.  He may even think, “I shouldn’t worry so much about my apparent flaws.  In fact I should  even stop worrying about  worrying about it.”  But he’s thought that same thing over and over, lived in that same room.

A true rebirth, the production of what amounts to a whole new mind, occurs as the Yellow Circuit is extended.  What you’re doing is growing a new circuit, because in a sense it isn’t really the Yellow Circuit any more.  But back to the corridor.  Being in the corridor is what many of you now experience as “being conscious”.  You can stay there for long periods of time, walk around, and take care of ordinary, necessary business.  Yet, there is almost no internal noise.  You’re not in a state of stupor, but neither are you walking around with a halo on.  And people don’t notice anything particularly unusual about you.  In short, you function normally.  But internally, the voices are almost dead.  You still feel them, but the noise is almost nonexistent.  You know what’s behind all those doors.  And you can open the door to any room and see all the frantic and noisy activity that is ordinarily yours.  You can look in, observe, and listen, all while standing in the corridor.  And that is the reality of Neuralizing:  to be able to open any door to see what’s in any room without going inside.  But if you’re unaware of the quiet corridor, you’re trapped in the rooms. That is why everyone takes the noise as being themselves; they can’t get out of the room.  Someone may propose or write in a book, “Listen, what appears to be you is a false reflection.  Personality is not you!” And it strikes many people as being true.  They read it quickly, turn the page and say, “Now what?”  But the writer has no “now what”.  He has no answer, and he can’t get beyond his own initial statement.  Life lets out only so much information — just enough to keep the urge alive, just enough to keep the system going.

Talk about the voices has been floating around for thousands of years, though now it’s dressed up in newer clothes, in newer terminology.  The information that, “The noise, the thing which seems to be you, isn’t you,” serves a purpose in Life.  But it won’t serve the purpose of helping you grow.  If you’re living in the rooms, you’ll hear information about the noise floating around.  That’s nothing unusual.  “Do you realize that we’re all trapped in this room?  All this noise and activity going on is not really us.  We’re players on a stage.  We’re puppets on a string.”  “Really?  How do we get out?”  “I have no idea.”  It sounds impressive and it may strike a room-dweller as being extraordinary knowledge.  But if you can’t get out of the room, the information is meaningless.

I want to point out a specific practicality about this quiet corridor, which is a very valid description.  (In other words, I’m not just being poetic.)  Again, the voices don’t just disappear after you begin to See some of This on your own.  Nor should they all vanish.  You’re not doing anything incorrect when the voices continue.  Rather, you continue to learn from their presence, from Seeing the process that produces them.  In a sense, there is more to be learned from what’s going on in your rooms than there is from listening to me.  You just have to find the correct method of doing it.  You’re in the quiet corridor; and when you’re not doing anything else, or when it strikes you, or when it just seems appropriate, you open a door and simply look at the activity, the noise, the voices.  You look at what “you” is at Line level, but without becoming the noise, the activity, the voices.  You can look back into some of your old daydreams, some sexual fear you had, how you think people look at you, or the unending, inexplicable battle between you and your parents. You listen to it, you can watch it; the everyday daydreams continue, and you can learn from them without getting involved.  Then you can close the door and look off; then you open it back up, and it’s still running. It’s as though you can go back and play with fire and never even get your hands singed.  You have access to this past activity of Line-level consciousness without becoming involved with it.  And so you can learn from it.

I’m not trying to insinuate, by any means, that examining the voices behind the door is the ultimate answer, much less that you should go back and figure out the cause of some old conflict.  The voices are meaningless, except for the fact that they’re the product of your hardwired system.  And you can go back and look at the system.  You won’t always learn something immediately, but this process will produce a kind of strength.  You’ll discover, “I can open the door to things I thought were my darkest secrets, my deepest fears, my most shameful dreams.”   You simply open the door and there it is, running on without either your inference or involvement.

I’m just giving you one description of a certain process, but it’s a valid one.  Being able to look in those doors from the quiet corridor will produce a kind of strength.  And, closing the door may produce a string of small level, continuing shocks.  You can’t gain this real benefit through trickery or drugs, or a verbal allegiance to me or anyone else.  But you can literally be conscious in the upper part of the brain, in areas that are not now conscious.  When you open and close the doors from the quiet safety of the corridor, your consciousness isn’t fed by the activities in the rooms.  You can lie in bed or sit right here, and for all intents and purposes be as conscious as anyone else (to say the very least).  But, internally you’re standing in a quiet corridor.  You see that your internal noise, the frantic activity in the rooms, is apparently connected with the frantic noise and activity of “out there”, that is, with the voices of other people.  Someone says something that inflames and increases the activity in one of your rooms.  All you have to do is stand there and open up the door, and you can feel it.  You can hear   someone in your room getting really annoyed.  But you understand, “That’s not me.  I’m not tied up with it.”  And you can open the door and say, “Yes, I knew it!  I knew exactly what would happen in that room when he said, ‘Here’s what I think about you!'”

I’m giving you a fair description of this process to try and encourage you, to give you something to step on and hold onto.  There is a quiet place to stand, a place in the upper areas of your own nervous system above Line-level consciousness; it is a part of the brain that has never been activated.  The normal activity of human life did not produce this area, so it isn’t built upon the ordinary voices.

You can hear the noise from the corridor.  You don’t really have to open the door.  I’m describing it this way so you can physically say, “Yeah, that’s the such-and-such door.”  You may even put names on the doors, like that’s my “Sexual Fear” door; that’s my “General Fear of Being Alive” door, that’s my “Fear of Death” door.  They’re all still there.   But you can actually open any without getting entangled in it.  You can listen to it, open it, close it, leave it, come back and check it, open it again.  You can do all these things, because you are not in the room.  You are in the quiet corridor.

Remember, this corridor with doors exists as part of the perceivable universe (which is the whole universe).  It exists in a flying castle; a huge castle, a castle the size of the universe.  The majority of the areas of human perception inside this castle are noisy and frantic.  But there are other areas of your nervous system and certain parts of the castle (that is, other parts of Life’s body) that are accessible only to the Few.

I want to pose a new question for you, but first consider this.  Every human nervous system is Life’s investment in its own growth.  And it demands, it expects, a return on its investment, a return plus interest. It expects to obtain a heat gain from you.  When you get involved with This, the expectations increase.  It isn’t limited to hard currency, but Life expects you to pay back some dividend.  And, of course, it doesn’t keep a record of who does good and who does bad.  There’s no such individual accounting.  Life doesn’t say, “These people aren’t going to cut it.  We’ll have to send them to live in the desert.”

You all see, you perhaps know people who seem to be cheating Life.  It appears that in the case of a certain individual, Life made a poor investment.  I’m not referring to the criminal element necessarily; there are people who are simply unproductive.   It might be a relative or somebody you might know or heaven forbid, yourself.  You might think, “Life isn’t getting much of a dividend out of me.”  And some of you periodically ask me for a trick, for a way to increase the level of your energy and involvement in This.  That is the feeling of Life looking for its dividend.

Now here is my question for you.  I want you to Neuralize this.  The apparently nonphysical energy transfer which occurs between people via words is actually a physical energy transfer.  Energy transfer via words is as much a  part of a food chain as eating, defecating and recycling physical food energy.  And in our day and time, in our place in Life’s nervous system, specifically in this part of the castle, the transfer of energy via the spoken word is of more importance than the exchange that occurs at more observably physical levels.  My question for you to pursue is:  Does energy transfer via the spoken word seem to have the greatest affect on you in the Red, the Blue or the Yellow Circuit?