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Leave the Ranks of the Walking Wounded


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Jan Cox Talk 165, July 11, 1985, run time 1:56
Notes by TK

This Thing as an “acquired simplicity”, an enrichment, excitement. The 2 types of people: those externally focused vs. internally focused. EF = happy, successful in Life, no doubts, usually envied by others; not usually truly interested in religion, philosophy or This Thing. IF = the “walking wounded”–hurt in some way; emotionally flawed, suffering. This Thing as a healing activity in a world where all seek enlightenment/release in one way or other; seeking to be healthy.

This Thing is very simple ultimately; simplicity surpassing all others–this must be actively remembered as This Thing moves into the new public phase. True, This Thing can’t be introduced to The Few in its bare, basic “religious” simplicity. But eventually it must move to the simplicity of promised healing and provision for comfort; stand revealed in its proximity to and roots in authentic religious ground. Easy availability and effectiveness for the suffering.

The usual connections between those preaching religion and those following, is the preacher suffers from the same maladies as the followers, otherwise he wouldn’t have the same passionate effect. This connection cannot hold for J’s relationship to the Group or else there would be no This Thing. The blind cannot lead the blind.

This Thing as a circle; a loop to the beginning. An acquired simplicity, an acquired Understanding. The ultimate healing. This Thing as nothing less than the removal of you from the walking wounded (WW) to a place that the WW must feel as secret.

There is a third type of person (vs. EF and IF above) attracted to This Thing: they are borderline, not really part of the WW and not necessarily part of the happy-and-successful in life. These people encounter This Thing almost by pure accident.

There is continual profit in Neuralizing the public face-to-be of This Thing. Unending edification and growth in considering the how’s and why’s of going public. Neuralize the religious vehicle-format.

You should now have a valid feeling that “I could do a better job of This Thing than he (J.) could!” Neuralize then: “What is J. here for?” Neuralize the Group responsibilities and direction as the body for J’s circuit.


1 Write a story: hero granted ability to do external magic. Turn the ability on a group of people or object with the motivation to do good but which nevertheless by its inevitable connections thru Life, ends in doing actual harm. King Midas type story. Must show the structure of the connection which results in reversal.
2. Watch TV evangelist for an hour minimum. Listen and Hear the preacher’s constant unknowing reference and grounding in the substance of This Thing.


Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1985
Document: 165, GSIBM, July 11, 1985


You should recognize that there is an element of entertainment in what I say to you. There is a certain reality behind my saying that everything is show biz. Everything has a certain effect. There is a purpose in my talking about particle physics and drawing parallels between that and observable human behavior. There is a purpose to pointing out coincidences between ongoing scientific explorations and unrecognized aspects of human life. As you follow me on some of these great stratograms, these Yellow Circuit, universal maps that I sketch out, rearrange, and fold over, I remind you there is a quite real, acquired, enriched simplicity behind all of This.

Life did not produce This Thing 5,000 years ago and does not produce it today on the basis of some person becoming a skillful manipulator of words and attracting a following. People are not attracted to This on the basis of charisma. It is simple. I am going to arbitrarily divide mankind into two groups of people, and in one group you will find nearly everyone who is ever attracted to This.

The two groups of people are those who seem to be externally focussed and those who appear to be internally focussed. This general description has validity, but it is arbitrary. The internally focussed group of people feel as though they are the “walking wounded.” They are the people who are attracted to This Thing. But before discussing the internally focussed in detail, let me dispose of the first group, the externally focussed.

The externally focussed are those that you and a large portion of humanity look upon with envy. Let me describe some of these people in terms of their circuitry. A Yellow Circuit example of someone in this group might be a successful or recognized scientist, a man happy doing work of a scientific nature. Now once a man reaches a certain point, he no longer has any interest in such matters as This Thing. That is one of the reasons why Life has produced some of the drier, less passionate religions. For this type of man, religion is a kind of social experience. He is not going to get involved with any “black nights of the soul.” He is not going to sit around and ponder, “Where is life going?” or, “Is there a god?”

In the Blue Circuit type of externally focussed people you would again find those that are successful or happy (they are normally the same thing). They might be painters or musicians, they may mouth such things as, “Well, I am trying to express the great cosmic truths,” but again, if they reach the limit that I intend by my description, they do not ponder the kinds of things that I talk about.

At the Red Circuit level there are some glaring examples, such as pro football players. You probably guessed that these guys do not go home and read philosophy. They do not go to classes in comparative religion. If religion does appear in their lives it is on the basis that they discover that they have cancer, or they lose their career through drug or alcohol addiction, and then undergo a miraculous conversion. Later you may find them on the talk show circuit touting their book, “How an Athlete Found God.”

What you should clearly see is that there is a segment of humanity that has no interest in matters philosophical or religious, at least, not in the sense that you do. They may go to church and they may claim to be one religion or another. Someone may mention some philosophical idea in cocktail conversation and they may say, “Yes, there is a lot of truth in that. Sometimes I look into the skies and ponder the nature of the universe.” But they don’t. They simply do not.

Another group that is among the externally focussed are the upper classes. In times past it was called royalty. Now it is the upper classes. I am referring to the truly monied. You would not find the Mellons or the Rockefellers lying awake at night mulling over matters philosophical. Louis XV did not work up a sweat fearing the ethical ramifications of his decisions. This simply does not happen. You should be able to hear that. These people serve a specific purpose; it is not right or wrong.

During my descriptions of this group you may have observed within yourself a twinge of envy. A vast majority of mankind finds their heroes numbered among these people. In the case of looking at the rich the feeling is, “Well, if that is true, that these people, the Rothschilds of the world, do not worry about religion or god or death then I see the obvious reason. They have so much money that it has some magical effect as I always suspected. Hey, if you gave me a million dollars a day I would bet that I would lose interest in This. I would have no worries. My mind would suddenly be cleared. My emotions would be purified. I would never be sick. If I were, I could afford the very best doctors in the world. I could just say, ‘Get on a jet and come fix me up’.”

There are people in this first group who apparently have what I call a “real hobby” in life. People envy others based on their particular wiring and magnetic attraction. Some of you might look at the TV and think, “If I had been 7’8″ and had the natural ability to play basketball like that, as much as I like sports, I really can’t imagine being interested in This. This is interesting, but that would be so much fun. I would not only have the fun of playing basketball. But I would be rich, famous and all that comes with that. And I would always have something to do.” Maybe the thought is, “If I could paint like I always imagined, I would be well known. And there would be the fun of creating. I wouldn’t need people necessarily all of the time. I could be alone in a loft somewhere and enjoy the satisfaction of being able to create.”

On several occasions I described certain people as “having life by the tail.” These people are, in a sense, some of Life’s foremost employees. They are also, in a sense, the most dangerous from the perspective of This Thing. This is not an attack on those people. It isn’t as though the Rothschilds are going to take over the world and stamp out religion or some nonsense like that. This group of the externally focussed has no interest in philosophical matters. They do not wonder about the “mysteries of the universe.” They just don’t seem to have any doubts about themselves or their abilities. For them, life seems to be go, go, go. Everything appears to fall right into place.

Within the body of Life these people are dangerous to This Thing. They cannot understand it. This makes absolutely no sense to them, therefore, something must be wrong with it. They will strike at it the way a person would swat at a fly. History is full of examples. It is a growth struggle within Life’s body. When This Activity becomes known to people of the first group, they will try to squash it. To them it seems to serve no useful purpose.

Let me give you an example. The kind of people who are attracted to politics, regardless of the political system, are externally focussed. Should This Activity become too visible, through some kind of accident let us say, the powers that be, whether it is the king, the president, or a local police chief may send their henchmen to check on This Thing. When the spies return they say, “A bunch of people are meeting down there. I listened and I read some of their literature.” The person may try to repeat what he heard, but the main thing he tells his boss is that it made no sense and yet there was a group of people seriously involved. To the king this appears to be some kind of threat. It appears to serve no useful purpose. Remember, these people are some of Life’s most faithful employees in a certain region. They have only one attitude, as is proper for them. So he says, “Go arrest those people,” or, if he has enough power, “Go kill those people. They are serving no useful purpose. We have no time for that.” This Thing makes no sense to the externally focussed.

Now back to the group in which you and the majority of humanity find yourselves, the “walking wounded.” I did not invent that term, but it is a good description for the group that I am arbitrarily defining. Of course, there are degrees in these categories and descriptions, but there is a basic reality behind the words. All verbal descriptions are arbitrary or they make no sense. The dictionary says one word means this and another means that and so I continue to play with the words. It is not a game. It is the nature of the medium.

Everyone in the second group feels that he or she is hurt in some way, that is, a member of the “walking wounded.” Notice at the heart of all religions is the idea that the religion is a healing process. It is either a healing of the spirit or a literal healing of the body. Look at TV programming today. There is no lack of fundamentalist, protestant evangelists offering as a part of their services a physical healing. They say, “Anyone who is sick get up here in line. Through the stewardship that our god has invested in me, I will pass along some of his healing power to you. He can do everything. He has the power to heal you.” This time-honored healing tradition is tied to all religions.

You should also begin to see that this healing process is tied to every other human activity. The attempt on the part of ordinary individuals to somehow diminish their pain or to become healed is an unknowing attempt to be involved with This Thing. People using drugs, engaging in sex, getting drunk, going to church, or killing people are all trying, in a sense, to become healed. Now that is not going to make much sense if you do not have a background in some of my other descriptions, but I point out to you that everyone is trying to find something to heal their feeling of being wounded. I could divide it into the examples of circuitry that I used with the externally focussed group. I could describe how each type would have a way of feeling wounded. You should just feel this for yourself.

Each person who is attracted to This, with few exceptions, has a feeling of being wounded and is looking for some kind of healing. Some people approach This with certain notions left over from their involvement with other activities in the past. They bring their old terminology and ideas. They ask how a certain idea relates to what I am saying. I say, forget all that or you don’t belong here. Still, people approach This as though somehow man lives “in the dark” and the objective is to become “enlightened.” People turn to This in a way not dissimilar to the way ordinary people turn to religion. In times of great stress, people’s lives will seem to revolve around their church or synagogue. It is the feeling that, in some way, “I need to be healed.”

This phenomenon reaches further areas than is normally verbalized. Consider the TV evangelist example again. I assume you all have watched some of their services. Fifty thousand people are in attendance and the man will say, “In the name of our god I am going to pass on some of his healing powers. Anyone that wants to, come get in line.” Now you must admit that, out of the 50,000 in attendance, at least 49,500 don’t feel good, but they don’t all get in the line. There is something else that is nourishing them. Out of 49,500 you know there are some blind, some with cancer, etc. You must wonder that if they had enough faith to go there, why didn’t they get in the line. There is something else. It is not just the physical healing. There is a healing effect; they in some way feel better for simply having attended.

There is a simplicity to This Thing that absolutely parallels all religions. Many of you find these ideas carry you into a world of almost infinite filigree. I understand that and could have predicted it. It is not that you personally do not benefit by that, but periodically I must remind you of the absolute simplicity of This — a simplicity that makes even the most simple, ordinary philosophies, like those written on bumper stickers, seem like Plato or Kierkegaard. However, I could not have started This Thing with simplicity. I could not have interested you at the beginning, even if there were no religious overtones.

The historic approach of religions has said, “Listen, I am in touch with the gods. They sent me here for a specific reason and that is to collect a small group of people to help me; then we will do what god says needs to be done to make things better and to please him. So the first thing that you need to understand is that god said that we are O.K. We’re just fine. Trust me.” Then the apparent prophet from the gods says, “Now we are going to have some kind of eating ritual, some kind of dancing ritual, some kind of prayer ritual. In some way I am going to touch you. There are going to be secret words. There is going to be a secret something that you and I do in the back room and after that, forget your wounds. The gods will absorb the wounds. You will no longer be part of the walking wounded. Even though you may have a limp or you have only one eye, after the initiation you will feel as though it is no longer of any consequence. The only thing of significance now is getting on with the work of the gods. We don’t have long here. We have got to get to work. You can’t worry about the fact that you are a cripple. The gods knew that when they called you here. They accepted you as you were.” One of the great religious leaders even had a tax collector as a right hand man, which might be more humorous and to the point than the example of a cripple or a person with one eye.

Look back at the stories of the great historical religious leaders. I am not telling you that any of those stories were This Thing in operation or that anything in the stories is factual, but let us assume that there is some truth to a few of the better known dramas. I will tell you that they did not begin as some of the tales have led you to believe. The leading figure did not step forward and say, “Listen, the gods spoke to me and here is what they said.” It started similarly to what we are doing now, but when it became public it changed. It became simplicity itself. Then the message became, “The gods have sent a message for all of us and it is very simple.”

The message is always very simple. The primary message is one of a promised healing — to mend your wounded feelings in this lifetime. It could be mental disturbances or horrendous daydreams. It could be what seems to be a continual broken heart, that no one personally loves you, and that every relationship in your life, family, friends, or sexual partners, never seems to work out. On the Red Circuit level almost everyone is, to some degree, ill. Some people are certainly ill, with specific physical handicaps. In this case the gods are offering a healing, not necessarily growing a new limb for a one armed man, but a total healing so that the handicap is no longer of any importance. The gods do not promise to make the blind see. Although it may happen, it is not part of the deal. The deal is to see that being part of the upright wounded is irrelevant. When you believe it is irrelevant, it is irrelevant. Everybody is wounded in some way. Everybody is suffering. It is always a very simple message.

Then it gets into stories of Adam and Eve and the fall from Paradise or the capricious nature of the gods. This part is really something to entertain the would-be intellectuals. Most people are not interested in intellectual descriptions of how and why man fell from grace. To the vast followers of religion the important thing is that the promise of healing is no more demanding, is no further away, than attendance at the local church or temple. A visit with the leader, who is a funnel for god’s healing power, will be all that is necessary to get the process working. One man may be having business reversals but he thinks, “How long has it been since I kept the dietary laws?” Another man can’t seem to develop a good sexual relationship with anyone and he thinks, “What can you expect? It has been 22 years since I’ve been to confession.” Still the promise is no further away than the kosher market or the confessional booth. For the protestants it is no further than a call to the minister to tell him, “I have strayed from the faith, I am a miserable sinner.” The healing process is only a few blocks away to the minister or rabbi, but when the penitent gets there he knows what he has to say. He will be asked, “Are you keeping the laws and tenets of our religion?” and of course he hasn’t. So what can you expect but business reversals and shattered love affairs.

As I said, I could not start This Thing in such a simple manner, but there is a kind of simplicity to This that I want to describe for you. This description is accurate verbally. The simplicity is finding that you can personally establish a kind of stable calm wherein you Understand that the random, nonstop, frantic activity in and around you is not you personally. Everything that until now has been ordinary in you — all motion, all feeling, all thought, no matter how intelligent — is not you.

If I had started by saying that to you, do you Hear that it would have been the same thing that I have been detailing about religions. Even if I had never mentioned religion or if I had attracted a crowd and said, “Look, I don’t care whether you are Muslim, Jew, or Baptist. Forget all that. This has nothing to do with religion. Let me tell you that the thing that seems to be your own individuality, the thing that seems to drive you crazy, the things that seem to give you fits, the thing that seems to make you suffer, the daydreams, the ideas of seeking revenge against your parents, debts that Life owes you, none of that is you. Forget it. I’ll show you that there is something else that is really just like a newborn babe. You don’t even know that it is ready to be conceived or ready to be delivered. It is just waiting there. And the rest of this is not you. So forget it.” If I had been able to attract a group of people and introduced this idea in a pseudoscientific manner (I could have said that it was the ultimate level of psychology). I could have completely denounced any notion of religion, it would have been just like the ordinary conversion found in religions. If I said, “Alright everything that you think is your personality is not you, so forget it,” many of you would have said, “Whew! What a relief.” It would have had an effect through some kind of magic or through my personality as some of you may have described it. “It had such an impact on me when he said it; it is surely true. He surely understands it because the words are simple. But something else happened that gives validity to it. I feel like a new person. I am shed of that. I am no longer Fred or Mary. Thank god! What a relief!”

If I could have made that fly (as we men of the cloth say) you understand that it would have been the same kind of healing process associated with being converted to a religion or returning to your religion, returning to the voices within your own wiring system that come from your particular cultural, racial, or nationalistic religion that say, “You are suffering because you have strayed. All that you have to do is come home and this healing process will flow over you. Look how happy the rest of us are.”

Those who teach religions of all forms, in a sense, have a connection with their audience that I don’t have with you. It is this: those teaching are as wounded as those people they are apparently trying to soothe. They are not frauds, but when any successful minister or religious teacher begins to speak of the trials and tribulations of humanity, when they refer to their holy book, there is an unrecognized connection between the minister who is apparently passing the message of their god and the people in the audience. The basis of the connection is that the person passing along the message speaks the same language as the audience because he is wounded in the same way.

Let us use, for example, the sermon of a fundamentalist minister. He says, “Things are surely bad and there is a reason, but it won’t be this way always. If you do live right, if you do fulfill the stated demands of the gods, your kind of suffering is irrelevant. It won’t be that big of a thing anymore.” Then he begins to speak about specifics and he waves the holy book and quotes chapter and verse. He begins to speak about lustful thoughts, how sex is some kind of holy ritual and how anything else is an absolute sin. He is saying: Here is something that will wound you and keep you wounded. He pounds. He paces the stage and is apparently producing a reaction in the audience. It becomes like a jazz concert. People begin to talk back. People are shouting and clapping their hands. People are beginning to moan.

On the surface the Yellow Circuit could say, “What he is saying must be true. People cannot let these lustful thoughts run through them and still consider themselves to be religious. And the reality is proved by the effect he is having on these people. Look at the passion in him; look at the way he is denouncing it.” This passion is then attributed to the gods, but he is denouncing it because he is wounded there. That is why he can produce such passion.

He says, “We have got to stop having these lustful thoughts. You cannot live the life of a good person; you will never enter paradise; you will never please the gods if you allow this. You won’t. I assure you that you won’t. Can you imagine the gods peering down into your little mind and seeing you having these nasty, nasty thoughts? Is that not shameful?” He says it with such passion and the audience is sitting there going, “Oh yes! Oh yes!” Some are looking down like, “Oh my god! He has got me. I know what he is saying is true.” Now you could look upon this scene and say that there must be some transcendental validity to what he is saying because of the passion with which he preaches; but he does it on the basis that he is likewise wounded. He denounces it in himself the same way that he does for his followers.

That connection between the leader and the audience is lacking here. I am not saying that only in reference to me. It is always lacking when This Thing occurs. You notice it at Line-level consciousness, especially at the beginning. I told you that you cannot suffer, that I had invalidated your suffering card. I told you never to tell me about suffering anymore unless it was an actual physical illness. I told you that I would not respond to questions about suffering.

Let me explain it from an external viewpoint. If we had an intelligent, reasonable, external observer hearing all of this, he could come to the conclusion that what I am saying is heartless to say the very least. He might say, “If this has any spiritual basis to it, if this is indeed involved with serving the higher purposes of Life’s growth, it seems contradictory. I don’t hear any kind of talk about healing people’s personal problems. I don’t see any kind of counseling which surely a man of the gods should be able to do. He should be able to help heal, not just physically, but to help people through the crises of life, to deal with the individual quirks that seem to try people’s souls, spirits, emotions and minds. And it would seem, from my standing back behind the wall here for all these months, that although he speaks in intriguing ways and temporarily stretches my mind out of shape, I’d say that he is not in touch with what is going on. He acts as though the world does not exist in the way in which I see it exist. I hope that he is not going to try to become a well known public preacher because he is not going to get anywhere. This ought to help people more, with their wounds and their hurts. There is no message here of great hope, no message of: ‘Just follow the rules and you will feel much better; you will feel close to the gods; you will understand that life is not mortal; you will understand that this suffering is not eternal’.”

I used that example to show you that compared to ordinary religious leaders and their relationship to their apparent followers there is a great gulf between you and me. It is as though I just don’t take into account ordinary problems and suffering. I speak with no great passion about the foibles of human nature. But, here is the justice: Life cannot use someone to do This if they are wounded in the same way that you are wounded. The truth is that I am simply not wounded. That does not mean that I am not going to die. It doesn’t mean that I don’t get a sore throat. I have never held myself to be an example for you to become because that is not the point. I am telling you that at the mechanical level, I do not relate to you. I see it, I understand what it is to be wounded, but I am simply not wounded.

There are now some people involved with This Thing who no longer feel wounded, although they have a memory of the wounds and know that the wounds are still there. They know that if they get drunk or take a nap, in other words, fall back to Line-level consciousness the wounds will return. As long as you are alive they will be there. But it gets down to personally experiencing This, and there are people who, if they never even saw me again, would still have the experience of their own particular Understanding (which does not change that much from person to person). For them it is no longer a matter of words. At that point there is an absolute simplicity to This. If they have any unusual impression of me anymore it is: How can he continue to talk about something that could be said in one word once you See it, or in no words? How is it that he can continually, month in, year out, talk about This? They do not mean this in a negative fashion, but they understand that there is an absolute, acquired, enriched simplicity to This.

Once you begin to get some notion of this simplicity, things that you read in passing, literature from thousands of years ago, that seemed to be of a mystical nature, take on a new light. They did tell the truth. Some of the stories from other cultures and traditions take on new meaning, like the story of the Zen master on his deathbed. His students say, “Tell us, what is the secret?” And he says, “Alright, I have enough breath for one word.” Then he says, “Nothing,” and dies. There are people who are wired up to be intrigued by that. Probably somewhere there is a bumper sticker that says, “Reality is Nothing.” But you must see that you could not have gained what you did from This if I had started with such simplicity, because everyone would have heard it as, “SO WHAT, IT ALL DOESN’T MATTER.”

To the ordinary wiring that seems to say: “Look, everything is the way it is. It can’t be changed. It simply is. You are short. You are tall. You are a man. You are a woman. You seem to be intelligent. You seem to be weak physically. You are a Jew. You are a Catholic. That is the way it is. The secret of this particular religion, this mystical teaching is that it doesn’t matter. Isn’t that a great relief!” This would be the same as the general, mechanical healing of ordinary religion. If it were possible to remove someone from the field of the wounded, to actually get someone above the Line of ordinary consciousness that easily, they would have already been drafted by Life to do my job somewhere on the planet. If the first thing I told you was, “Look, look around you. You see the way things are? That’s the way they are and they are not going to change,” what would you have gotten from that?

I’m sure that you have heard people say, “We are like puppets on a string.” Usually it is when they are confronted by some adverse circumstances or some prevailing feeling of doom. In a sense that is true. If you picture my diagram of the nervous system, then the string could be said to be attached to the Line that is the absolute level of ordinary consciousness. Everybody is tied to that Line, that Line is at the point where the Primal flow is working in humanity. In the past it was at the level where it was only working with the Red Circuit and then it was at the level of the Blue Circuit, etc. Wherever the Primal Flow is, it is in continual movement. So the line is not static and the vagaries that you feel are the result of these variations in the Primal Flow.

I am still talking about the internally focussed group of people. The externally focussed do not feel this in the same way. The majority of humanity feel as if they are continually being jerked up and down. They call it luck; they call it moods; they call it the inability to concentrate; they call it the fates or the vicissitudes of life. Sometimes they say, “I’m being blessed by the gods,” when the line rises upwards. This statement, “I feel as though I am no more than a puppet on a string and some great hand is just throwing me here and there about the little stage and I have no control,” is a fair description of the situation.

There are enough people who have some degree of the personal, experiential reality that I can talk about the simplicity of it. There is a simplicity that absolutely heals everything. Remember, I have always warned you to keep developing your hobbies. When you reach a certain point the closest thing to a wound is terminal ennui.

Consider this. Suppose you said to me, “I keep having these sensations that I am about to break through to some other kind of universe,” or, “I just know I’m about to go above that Line in some dramatic degree. Can you do something? Can you tell me something?” There are people here who are close enough that I could spend about 15 minutes with them at the right time and (of course I mean this metaphorically) slap them into the secret. There are people that just walk along the edges of it. It is not that anyone is doing anything incorrectly or that it is your fault, but I could, with a few words or even something nonverbal, push you above the Line. It is very, very possible. If you Understand the process it is not nearly as mystical as you might think.

Yet, I guarantee you that if I were to ask those that already have the continuing experience of the reality of This Thing if they wish I had told them the secret they would unconditionally say, “No.” Even if I said, “I could have saved you years. Do you wish I had done it?” The answer would still be no, unconditionally no. They could not describe their response and I would not ask them, because if they tried, they would have to lie.

The main thrust of this is to remind you that This Thing is not nearly, not nearly as complicated as you sometimes think. There you are studying all these pages of words and keeping notes. This is no attack. This is a part of the process. You are doing it because of me, so you are not doing anything incorrectly. There are all of these volumes of words and the tapes that you can play. I construct almost an entirely new universe which answers almost every question. You begin to feel that this universe that I have mapped is more real than anything that you have touched and nobody Sees it. You have never met anyone like me who can See Life and describe it in such a way. You get glimpses of This without any doubt. But what if I were to tell you, “All of This leads you, in a sense, to nowhere,” or, “It’s leading you to a secret.” Or what if I said, “This is the closest thing to a secret that I will ever tell you — there is no secret.”

Assuming that there is a profitable validity in this apparently facetious example that there is no secret, how then do you lead someone from the ranks of the “walking wounded”? How do you lead someone who is living not in the center of the vortex but in the vortex? How do you lead them from there to somewhere? You could say, “Alright, things are as they are and everything that I have done has led me to see things as they are,” but that is no longer simplicity. It is an enriched simplicity, an acquired understanding beyond the hold of Line-level consciousness. It heals all wounds.

I am continually aware of the fact that everyone comes here wounded. The world is wounded with the few exceptions that I mentioned among the externally focussed. I am aware that there are people who may be new to This who feel that their wounds are impeding their progress, and no matter how much they benefit, or how much they seem to enjoy, on a spasmodic basis, there is a point past which they will never be able to go until the wounds are healed. This is simply not true.

There are terms your wiring heard before you met me; to wit: “being enlightened” or “being awakened.” Suppose I had made you specific promises of results which any decent guru or religion is supposed to do. If I had said that I would lead you to the point where you are no longer part of the walking wounded: “We are going to a secret place that the vast majority of humanity never sees. They will never get close to it. This secret place is going to show you one thing: that being wounded makes you think that there is a secret going on.” You may find that funny but how long would you have stayed with This given the above introduction? Perhaps long enough to shake my hand and thank me before leaving to find something really worthwhile, something that would dig down into your very intricate personal problems.

Rather than calling This Thing is a healing process, it is more accurate to say that it is discovering that you are not really sick. The wounds are not the final statement of what you are; they are not even the beginning of what you are. The wounds that people feel are synonymous with the Blue Circuit in operation, they are synonymous with breathing — to be alive is to be wounded.

Generally speaking, most people who are attracted to This are looking for a cure, but there are some exceptions, a few people not easily classified as either internally or externally focussed. They are the people who meet This who do not feel as wounded as I am describing, who are not continually pondering their wounds or asking philosophical questions. They are almost in the middle between the two groups, and if you are among this middle group and I promised to cure your wounds you would have thought, “I don’t have anything to be cured, but I find this intriguing. Can I stay?” Some of these people met This almost by accident. They probably cannot even recall how they came here, but it was not to find someone to “heal my wounds and soothe my spirit.” It is more like: “Since I first heard of This, I have found it absolutely fascinating. There is nothing in Life to compare to This.”

Some of you feel as though this is the greatest of intellectual gymnasiums. You can’t even compare it with philosophy or anything you’ve ever heard. I can be leading you down the primrose path and then lead into something that you feel you would have never thought. It strikes you that even if you were a single reflection of that old story about having a room full of chimpanzees with typewriters and that given enough time they would type the complete works of Shakespeare, you would never have thought of the things I’ve told you. It is amazing because there is some reality to that description. It is so simple; it is so complex; it is so insane.

The people I mentioned as the exceptions don’t feel either this way or that about it. The rest of you felt as though you were wounded when you met This. You were fearful; you were fitful. Maybe you had feelings of rage against Life. You were outraged by people who mistreated children or animals. You felt that Life is unjust and has to be fixed. This feeling, too, is a wound.

This Thing is the ultimate in healing and it is not simply some magic, some laying on of hands. It is Life growing in a certain way through a group of people. A certain group of people is always being pushed beyond the limits of what is going on in the general body of Life at least as seen in our dimension here on Earth. There seems to be only a few people involved with This and Life is trying to push them to the level where they are no longer wounded. They are pushed to the point where their life is no longer tied around wounds, horrendous daydreams, and incapacitating fears.

There is a simplicity to This that is an absolute healing process. It is not through faith of any kind, nor through adopting a slogan or some intricate philosophy. It is not putting your faith in the trap of ordinary religions wherein once you are committed to what is said to come from higher sources, you can no longer be wounded. And, then, if you feel wounded it is simply because you are not fully participating. If you are wounded it shows that you do not keep the laws, that you do not go to confession. So this is proof positive of your difficulties. But, it is not proof of anything. If you are wounded you are alive. If you continue to be wounded, you are serving Life with the majority of people.