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Willful Homeostatic Self-Stabilization


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Jan Cox Talk 161, June 13, 1985, runtime 1:12
Notes by TK

The “Body of Life”: not a parable, analogy etc. but nonetheless a valid, most useful template to date. The ostensible form of This Thing initially with a small, exclusive Group before going public is just the way it goes.

Human life is a very localized phenomenon. True also of the circuitry: habitual behavior and thought patterns (daydreams) are very localized, restricted in area.

What are you going to listen to in Life? The lower multitudinous Red and Blue circuit voices: the “Tower of Babel” where all schisms of yes/no exist; or a higher single voice? A single voice from Life’s higher circuit speaks to a different part of your higher circuit. The Red and Blue Circuits are not growing in a profitable manner for the Few of This Thing.

The willful homeostatic self stabilization of the total organism. A checking of Red level for steadiness and the Blue and Yellow for maximal openness and height of access. This is a pleasurable, impartial overseeing, not a mechanical self-conscious worrying and self analysis.

Words as deeds. Words as biochemical medicine. “Psychological self-help”; psychotherapy. However, after hard-wiring or programming is complete, the ability to metabolize such medicine is sorely limited. In order for Yellow Circuit to properly, profitably metabolize words, the Blue Circuit must be open and stable. Words as “emotional catalysts” to create passion.

The strength thru diversity vs. heaven (the one-world retreat of the impotent). Triads of conflict inherent in strength thru diversity.

The “brother-in-law insult” : what purpose is/has been served to use the act of sexual intercourse as an insult?


Task 1
To Ponder: What possible purpose is served by (reference to) sexual-intercourse with women, being used as an “insulting act” ( in the “brother-in-law” category of insult…)

Task 2
Story title from last week to be used to title a story which you will now write, but which must be absolutely related to the title, but not the story you intended initially.



Document:  161,  June 13, 1985
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1985

Sometimes I present these maps with rhetorical questions.  I am not fumbling around in the dark, or engaging in conjecture.  It serves a purpose to present This in an open-ended manner, so that you can actively pursue these ideas.  You must struggle with all areas of this system whether rhetorical questions or your own observations.  I give you these maps as an elastic, viable tool to activate your own nervous system.

Through the use of rhetorical questions, among other things, I have intentionally attempted not to appear mystical or distant.  However, I can’t present this publicly in the same way I have to you as a group. Historically, major religions have presented their teachings as fact.  The leader of the religion states what the gods told him to do, the shalts and shalt nots.  Recognized religions do not ask rhetorical questions. This is not a criticism of them or Life because it is arranged the way it must be for Life’s own benefit.

With large groups of people I must change the way This operates.  It is not simply the larger number of people that necessitates a change.  Publicly it would not work if I presented it in a vague, open-ended format with me using a little show biz and acting as when I appear to have just thought of a particular point while standing here.  What would priests and rabbis be doing for a living if the original prophet of their religion had said, “Hey, I think I heard voices, no I’m just kidding,”?  By looking down into your own nervous system you can see that if that had occurred, priests and preachers would be out working for living like everyone else.  In short, there would be none of the organized religions that we know today.

The religions had to convey their message as short, specific and sweet, on the basis that, “This is what the gods told me.”  I’ve previously hinted that such leaders told the small group around them that to expand the following they had to attribute it to the gods.  They had to say burning bushes had talked to them, or that the gods popped out of a cave.  They told the inner group to hang onto their diapers, and not bat an eye when they spoke of their special delivery messages from the gods.

I have described humanity as the living, breathing body of Life.  You must realize that this map is not a parable, it is the most useful and contemporaneous template available for the study of Life and man individually.  The idea of living within the body of Life is not a synonym for your forefathers’ idea of a god.

All of you still imagine that extraordinary knowledge or understanding comes from outside of ordinary life.  You are wired up to feel that way.  Extraordinary understanding is outside of Line-level consciousness, but it does not come from outside of Life.  Nothing is outside of Life.  You are in the midst of it, and everything is contained within the same body where you are, including man’s dreams of an external god.

Science has served as an accommodating vehicle for this map of humanity as the body of Life.  Recently it has become an accepted idea among intellectuals that things are open to further interpretation; that time and space may coexist as opposed to the regularly held belief that time is a progression of separate events.  Some physicists now theorize that were it not for man’s limited perception he could simultaneously perceive what happened at two different times and places, that 1922 and 1986 aren’t two separate years.  Science has also put forth the idea that the time you’re perceiving may not exist any longer.  This reflects the confusion within the body of Life wherein nothing seems to fit.  When you see the reality behind such ideas you understand that nothing can be totally destructive, totally one-sided.  For every apparently destructive situation, there is a pre and post situation occurring.  Events that appear to be an illness or cancer within one area of Life’s body are already being cured in another place, or could have even been cured before the illness occurred.  Ordinary consciousness can’t comprehend these descriptions because it can’t perceive the total picture, the whole triad.

People are wired up to live within a very small localized area of life’s body.  You should particularly be able to see this in the Red Circuit.  Psychology has entertained ideas of men having personal territories like animals, but there is a lot more to it.  Notice that the Red Circuit has no built-in desire to go anywhere, modern man is not a wanderer.  The Blue Circuit has an equally small and specific locale of operation, habitual behaviors.  At the Blue level you have the same recurring patterns of feelings and limitation of experience:  nothing surprising ever happens.  The Yellow Circuit accordingly has its limited repertoire of thought and daydreams; people still can’t explain themselves or know what they are going to say next, despite their very limited repertoire.

At this point, let me remind you that the Yellow Circuit is particularly important in This pursuit for it contains a living laboratory, the only one you need to study Life.

I recently began speaking of man’s internal voices.  Here is a question for you to Neuralize:  what voices are you going to listen to in Life?  Life has its own nervous system, its own Red and Blue Circuits. Within those two lower circuits the Line-level consciousness of humanity exists.  These lower circuits speak with a multitude of voices that men are wired up to hear, within this multitude of voices, the Tower of Babel, is where schisms, confusion, diversity, and apparent evil exist.  At this lower level all things are divided and no one can understand anything.  People can prove that gods exist and then simultaneously prove that they don’t.  A more profitable possibility for those who can, would be to Hear a higher, single voice.

You can look at This Thing as touching Life’s own Yellow Circuit.  Nothing can be done to make the Red or Blue Circuits more conscious.  The only place for Man to expand is within the Yellow Circuit.  Similarly Life’s nervous system is no longer growing in a meaningful way within its Red and Blue Circuits.

Astronomers search for another planet that is populated and there are stories of humanity waiting to be discovered by a more advanced race from another planet.  However, I suggest that you should seriously question whether or not the universe can grow anymore on its Red and Blue Circuit levels.

Life speaks in a multitude of voices at ordinary Line-level consciousness, and when Life speaks, humanity moves.  Consider man’s dream of a universal utopia without diversities of religion or politics.  Despite dreams of a “perfect” world the diversity and confusion persist, because there is a purpose to this diffusion.  The world seems to be mad, a Tower of Babel.  Any opinion or event is always split into two camps of opposing factions, and it seems that all is confusion and no one ever really knows anything.  But Life knows everything.  If you only listen to the lower circuit voices then you will remain in confusion.

One of the best descriptions of the activation of the nervous system above Line level is that all the extraneous noise from the multitude of voices is quieted and becomes one single voice.  In the past these experiences would have been described as hearing the voice of the gods.  During such an experience there is no confusion or internal debate because a higher voice is heard that comes from a different place in Life’s nervous system.  And this solitary voice speaks to you in a different place within you own nervous system.

I have created a new term for you to describe a necessary process you must undertake in this endeavor.  It is called “Willful Homeostatic Self-Stabilization”.  This self-stabilization is a direct and conscious checking on the total organism that is you.  This is not what people ordinarily refer to as being mechanically self-conscious and worrying about how you look or appear to others’ eyes.  I am speaking of a willful act that must be done initially with almost no purpose.

At the Red Circuit level you must check to see that it is steady.  Correspondingly the Blue and Yellow Circuits must be kept open and striving for maximum expansion.  Unlike ordinary self-consciousness, this willful checking is not a negative or stressful operation.  For instance, people are always worrying about their health.  At the Red Circuit level you should not worry about your health, but you do need to have an awareness that 10 cups of coffee a day will take an unprofitable toll on the nervous system.  The process I am describing is like the pleasurable task of overseeing dutiful employees, not a mechanical, self analyzation.

I have previously referred to excess talk as being unprofitable and words by themselves being incapable of increasing understanding.  Sometimes I have made jokes about how long it’s been since I’ve read a book.  You perceived this as an attack on words, and such an effect was not unintended.  But to bring you up to date — how can words be all that bad, because without words none of This would have happened, you would not be sitting here.  Without words you would not have gotten whatever benefit you have from your efforts here.

For contemporary man words are no longer just words, they have become deeds.  Consider the current psychiatric use of words as therapy; words are used as medicine.  Even though words can be used as pills, man is so hard-wired and programmed that he can’t metabolize the new medicine of words.  The proof of this limitation is the unpredictable results in psychotherapy.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, and psychiatrists can’t explain why.  The reason is that words act as a literal biochemical medication but they can’t normally be metabolized.  They can be seen as an emotional catalyst, yet few people can metabolize any new medicine above the Red Circuit, and when it does occur the results wear off quickly.  To effectively metabolize words, the new Yellow Circuit medicine, the Blue Circuit has to be open in a particular manner.

Everyone on this planet could be described as being sick in the Blue Circuit.  The majority of the world feels as though they are emotionally disconcerted.  Even psychiatrists acknowledge that a person has to be somewhat emotionally open for word therapy to work.  Those that are too severely disturbed are described as unable to be affected by words.  In religion it is described as the gods working in mysterious ways so you can’t tell who will be converted.  If the Blue Circuit is too chaotic, you can’t even sit still to hear words.

Words by themselves can create a passion and energy, like emotional missiles.  If you don’t believe this walk up to anyone and insult them.  You speak words straight from the Yellow Circuit and suddenly there is a passion present that didn’t exist before you spoke.

Take a look at faith healers and at verbal medicine.  They gather a crowd and shout, “Do you believe the gods can make the deaf hear and the lame walk?”  The crowd yells, “Yeah.”  Music is played and there’s more screaming and shouting.  A man on crutches is asked if he believes and he says, “Yes.”  The healer says, “Walk.”  The medicine is a success, the man walks (although he will be back on crutches next week).  You must see the part words play in this scenario.  Could this have happened without the noise? Could that person have been healed just through gestures?

You can actually see words as missiles, however people are in a hard-wired, bullet proof condition and it’s hard to heal them.  When people initially become involved with This they believe that they will be able to use words to change people, to affect those around them.  Everyone believes that you can plug words into a person and make them do that which they normally wouldn’t do.  That is not completely untrue, but there is a grave expense in trying to shoot virtually bullet proof people.  This is not literally true, but, to get ordinary people to accept new Yellow Circuit medicine you must un-wire them, and in the process you would either kill them, or else it would take so long they would die of old age.  Verbal magic can be a very costly proposition even if you know what you are doing.  To have a real cure the Yellow Circuit must metabolize the medicine and this is ordinarily almost impossible.

There is a strength in diversity, yet each culture pictures heaven as a place without conflict, where everyone is equal.  The common notion of heaven is a place of absolutely no diversity, no different cultures, religions or nationalities.  In Neuralizing this, remember the idea of curing people and man’s need to be cured, or fixed.  People imagine heaven as a place where everything is fixed since at Line level everything appears to be broken.  Humanity believes the only way to reach utopia is to stop all conflicts, which seem so childish and curable.  Why should two groups fight over something as holy as religion?  Or why should they fight because they are different colors?  Such conflicts seem insane to ordinary consciousness.  Without such diversity it would indeed be one-world, but an absolutely impotent one.

There are triads of conflict, and one leg of the triad is evidenced by events and people always going “too far” in one direction.  For instance a drunk goes to the doctor and tells him that he has been drinking a fifth of gin for ten years.  The doctor tells him that he’s an alcoholic and has been for ten years, and the person’s genuine response is, “Are you serious, you mean I’m really a drunk?”  Your logical voice would think, “What an idiot.”  But notice how Life continually falls too far in one direction and then catches itself and thinks, “My what a flash of insight!  I got too far out of line that time.”  From the logical viewpoint of the Yellow Circuit of humanity, everything always seems to be going out of bounds, beyond rational limits. They are witnessing diversity, and it can be self-destructive.

You must take a longer view of the continual dance of the triads.  There is never a permanent kinetic, recoiling, or inert mode.  Your ordinary consciousness believes that diversity, the very strength of Life itself, is the enemy.  Humanity believes it would be heaven if all conflict ceased.  If that occurred their heaven would be a place populated with impotent, untalented, boring, feeble people.  If conflict could be stopped it would be death to you individually and for Life as a whole.  Remember, no conflict, no strength, and no growth.

Words and Phrases

“Body of Life” description not a parable, but a contemporaneous map…
Operation of This in public cannot be the same as in private groups.
Historical Religion cannot speak rhetorically, but only in so called “facts.”
(Jan) speaks rhetorically to make you think and (evolve on your own…)
In ordinary Man, a wired-in feeling that the (something searched for) is OUTSIDE of you.
Astro-physics (Science) is beginning to question that Time and Space do NOT exist separately.
“Prior and Post” are (always) existing somewhere in Life’s Body…
What “looks like one thing…” (to line level human senses ) is not a Final Statement of Reality…
Human Life is wired to exist in a very localized area…(in your nervous system.)
Red Circuit (voices in you) have a specific territory or location inside you.
Blue Circuit (voices in you) have recurrent patterns of feeling, limitations of experience…
Yellow Circuit (voices in you) must lead the way for those pursuing This…
(You must determine) what voices you are going to listen to…
Everywhere in Life where things, voices are divided, it’s  the Lower Circuits speaking..
Lower Circuit, multitude of voices are the origin of The Tower of Babel story…
The Red Circuit and the Blue Circuit in Man cannot be made any more Conscious. 
The only place left to grow in Man is the Yellow Circuit.
The idea of Utopia, of “Heaven” is a dream of all cultures…(yet such ideas, if fulfilled, would be destructive to The Body of Life.)
 Life exists, through Necessary Triads of conflict and diversity…
Your (personal Growth) in This Thing is a Willful Stabilization ( of all your Circuits…)
(The act of) Willful Stabilization is Not a negative, stressful or fearful operation…;
It is not mechanical self-analyzation; it is as close as possible to the word “impartial.”
The Red Circuit must be steady…and the Blue &Yellow Circuits open & striving to the highest possible level.
The power of Words as bio-chemical medicine and as (dangerous) missiles…
The effect of Words cannot be predicted…they are emotional catalysts acting upon pre-wired (individual) (human-Circuitry…)
Faith-Healers, Psychologists, religious-Ministers, Priests, Witch-doctors and Words…

Task 1
To Ponder: What possible purpose served by (reference to) sexual-intercourse with women, being used as an “insulting act” ( in the “brother-in-law” category of insult…)