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Dynamic Ambiguity


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Jan Cox Talk 155, Apr 25, 1985, run time 1:50
Notes by TK

Each person has a primary adit (channel) where the majority of AMV12 is extracted = “consciousness type”. Reality behind vague feeling of “there are certain types of people” which strike one as very familiar: e.g., bricklayer-Red Circuit-man. AMV12 is the unique food substance for man. All other substances (in breath and blood) serve only the least possible basic functions. There is no “ambrosia” which can bring about higher circuit activation, only  AMV12 reaching higher areas. Fasting and trance producing activities and drugs can allow AMV12 above the line, but such resulting state is a biochemical alteration, albeit not a permanent one.

Identify the modes in the forces. Any voice which says “I understand this” should be abandoned as the opposite of the claimed understanding. Need “dynamic ambiguity”: a willful suspense of understanding. “A forceful attempt to be indistinct” to act as though you don’t understand what you “think” you understand.

What is it that makes man unique? Yellow Circuit? NO. It is the unique combination of the three ISs. This is man’s “spirit.”

Answering of submitted questions: Why do seemingly simple activities become increasingly complex? That which is growing must become more complex. Example of religion; simple beginning of “love thy neighbor” winds up like General Motors in the Vatican. Thus the system becomes its own problem. Increasingly, mechanically complicated.

Asymmetrical development is required for growth. Can irritation be profitable for growth? This Thing is irritation squared. Creation of your own rebellion. Necessary for growth. No irritation, no growth; but must carefully balance same as too much irritation cannot be tolerated: “if it’s too drastic, it can’t be true”.

Is willful conscious effort/decision possible? Qualified yes.

But refraining from conscious decision can be equally profitable. Decide to change something without telling yourself. This is absolute insanity to the ordinary wiring: requires something above and beyond ordinary consciousness to accomplish. Every ordinary decision automatically carries its own resistance. As long as you deal with resistance the outcome is always preordained.

Who is “they”, as in “they say that…”? This is the reflection of the greater reality for that time and place. Greater Reality = Life talking.

Can one be satisfied with a deed not well done? Discussion of “how can I do these things?” and conscience. A deed well done requires no comment because it is simply understood.
The feeling of distance or a “barrier” between you and ordinary life is a distinct reality and usually is an apparent negative sensation. It is not negative aspect however. It is really an understanding that you can no longer act in an ordinary fashion. No emphasis on “difference” or alienation. You must forget any negative connotation.

How can we Remember each other of the Group? This can be seen as an attempt to Love someone. It creates a temporary unnatural equation: “something for nothing” Relates to prayer as another unnatural equation.

Does Life care about particular persons? Yes, but remember “it takes all kinds, or there wouldn’t be all kinds” Life cares genetically for individuals: environment is only the previous generations heredity. You’ve got to be your own kind. Being sick, or having an accident is not a deed well done. “How can I have gone back to being of the ‘kinds’?”
Is AMV12 a different substance for different people? No. Where it is extracted makes the difference of “type”.

Relation to parents: being in debt (emotionally or financially). Remember that it takes two to have a debt. Debt is the unavoidable aspect of transfer of heat/energy: every energy transfer must be unbalanced. To Understand This Thing is to be released from debt. Techniques given to prompt diffusing of feeling of debt to parents.

“Evil forces –Satan–cannot act on a man without god’s consent”: the supremely powerful god concept. Neuralize: D cannot overcome C without E’s allowance/intervention. Can see any of the forces as god-like (E in this example)

Warning to Group not to gossip or criticize others in the group.


Shopping mall. Find clerk more or less free. Praise him for some assistance which he never rendered–make up plausible story. Observe response.



Document:  155, April 25, 1985
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1985

Everyone recognizes that there are different types of people, though no one at the ordinary level understands why it is true.

Neuralize this example:  you are jogging down the sidewalk and you see someone walking in front of you.  From the back, without any analysis, you would swear that you know who that person is and yet when they turn around and you see their face, it is the face of a stranger.  Or follow this example:  you are watching a television interview and the interviewee begins to present his ultra conservative viewpoint and you think to yourself, “I should have known he was a conservative just by the way he looks.”  With just a quick glance you could tell his political persuasion and it wasn’t because of anything so obvious as the flag he was waving.  There is something about the person’s physical presence which exposed his political alliance just as the stranger’s manner of walking led you to conclude you knew who she was.

There is a real basis to the idea of different types of people and one possible description of it is this:  at Line level, everyone is wired up to have the majority of a substance present in their blood, which I am calling AMv12, extracted in one of three openings in their nervous system.  I am calling these openings adits.  The first adit is located at the base of the spine, the second, where the spinal column enters the brain and the third is located at the upper limits of Man’s consciousness, Line level.  If a man was wired up to have the majority of his AMv12 extracted in the first adit he would, generally speaking, fit my description of a brick laying, Red Circuit man.

I used the phrase “types of people”, but Neuralize on your own, what would be a more apt phrase?  I’ll give you one to start with:  different consciousness types.

The substance in the blood, AMv12, is the same in every person.  The mechanism responsible for the real level of uniqueness in each man and woman — and I don’t mean the differences in people’s height, weight, and hair color — is the mechanism responsible for the depletion of that substance.  It is where and to what amount AMv12 is extracted at each of those three major points that accounts for the physical differences in people.

The question of Man’s uniqueness in regard to other creatures has long been pondered and debated.  Is Man unique?  And if so, in what way?  Here is another:  Man is unique because of the presence of the substance AMv12 in his bloodstream.  AMv12 is a food unique to Man; it is not in the blood system of any other creature except, of course, it is in the blood of Life itself.  For a person to meet the minimal requirements to be considered a human being, at least a milli-milli-milliliter of AMv12 must be present in their blood.  In truth, this substance is the one food of Man.

Except for AMv12 everything in Man’s blood has something in common with the constituents of the blood of all other creatures.  Everything else in the blood and breath of Man serves only the minimal needs of the Primal Flow transferring energy, food, and information on only the crudest levels within the body of Life.

If any of you can chew on this in a certain way, you will begin to See that there is no certain trick that will jolt you finally and forever above the Line:  there is no ambrosia; there is no diet; there is no mechanical exercise; there is no chant, that will ignite the higher areas of your nervous system.  There is no physical magic which will bring about enlightened or mystical states.

People can fast to the point of hallucination.  They can sit in one position for days and say the name of some god with every breath, but when such physical tricks seem to have some effect on the person, what occurs is a biochemical alteration within his system.  And since he has no Understanding of this — since such Understanding has never been necessary, he has no recourse but to say, “I have been in the chamber of the gods.  Something mystical, something beyond the physical realm has happened.”  And, it is not true.  What did happen was that the AMv12 in that person, rather than being depleted in the ordinary way he was wired up to use it, reached areas in his brain where it didn’t belong.  As a corollary to this let me note:  this is how some of the so-called hallucinogenic drugs work.  Anything mystical is physical; everything is a chemical reaction.

There is one other area I want to retouch before I begin to respond to some of the questions you have recently asked me and it concerns the Three Forces.  Henceforth you must abandon any voices, any knowledge, any prior observations, and any apparent understanding of the Forces.  Abandon anything you now think you understand about them.  Act as though you do not know anything about the Forces and begin to look at everything as being either the kinetic, the recoiling or the inert mode.

If some quite clear voice within you says, “This obviously has to be what he meant by a “D” force action,” abandon any further thought about whether your observation is true or not and operate on the assumption that your observation is not totally correct.  Consider the additional modes of kinetic, recoiling and inert.

On one level something can appear to be “D” inclination at work, but it can be in a kinetic mode or it can be in a recoiling or apparently destructive mode, but it’s not even quite that simple.  In fact, that which appears to be creative or constructive is not that simple.

Try to approach everything on the basis of, “I do not Understand this.  I don’t know anything about this.”  It has nothing to do with whether you do or not, because any established voice in you that says, “I already understand this,” is the incorrect party speaking.  Any voice which says, “I already understand this,” and conveys that message to your screen of consciousness, does not Understand it.  You can count on the source of such messages being somewhere in the vicinity of fairy tale city.

Since what I am saying sounds so vague, I’ll put a name on it.  I’ll call it Dynamic Ambiguity.  Dynamic meaning forceful and/or pertaining, and ambiguity meaning indistinct, ambiguous, or even inexplicable.  But you must Remember what I am explaining is only inexplicable to Line-level consciousness.

The voices wired within you to present the message, “I understand this,” are the same voices that say, “I don’t understand this.”  Ignore any voice which tells you that you understand anything and operate as though you do not know anything about whatever you are observing and you will be exhibiting a form of dynamic ambiguity.  This requires a specific intention on your part; it is an active, forceful attempt to be indistinct.

It is time for me to again point out that all of this is a form of trickery.  If the methods I gave you or the words I tell you were in some way stable and never changing all we would have was a new version of cutting commandments in stone.  It is all trickery.

Enough of you are getting close to the realization that what appears to be unbelievably complex, that which is apparently in contradiction with itself, is where reality lies.  Anything certain to Line-level consciousness should become highly suspect to you.  If this weren’t true why would I keep suddenly changing the rules of the game?

Having already mentioned an aspect of the uniqueness of Man, let me give you a question.  What is it that truly makes Man unique?  Don’t believe it is simply the presence of the particular substance, AMv12, in his blood.

Throughout history Life has spoken through Man causing him to note, “There is something unique about Man and it’s not simply his opposable thumb, or his language.  There’s something else unique about Man.”  As close as anyone can come in words to what this uniqueness is, is to call it Man’s spirit.  No one can define what it is, so let me ask you a question:  What is it?  How many of you had voices that said, “The Yellow circuit”?  No.  It isn’t the Yellow circuit.  Man’s uniqueness is brought about by the singular combination of the circuits and the infrasystems.  See if you can turn all that into spirit.

For the remainder of the evening I will address a number of questions some of you have recently asked me.  Remember, I do not give answers, and certainly not The Answer, rather my responses are verbal pointings and the attempt to get you to look at something in a certain, new way.

“Why is it that often simple seeming activities grow increasingly complicated?”

Perhaps everything can be seen as either simple or as complicated, and to Line-level consciousness seemingly simple activities do appear to grow into increasingly complicated ones.  It is a valid observation. The closer Life draws any human activity to its expanding bosom the more complex it always becomes.  If it does not become more complex, it dies.

Complicated isn’t the only word I would use to describe this occurrence, but I will stick with the way the person asked the question.  Anything that exists long enough to be noted and studied, anything that becomes a part of Life’s own body for some period of time, from an ordinary viewpoint will always become more complicated.

One prime example of this is religion.  Take any religious idea or any religious movement and you can trace it’s increasing complexity.  Forget the questions you may have about the validity of a particular religion and just look at its progressive complexity.  What began with the appearance of one person or a central core group of people making such simple, direct statements as, “Love thy fellow man,” has become an organization wherein it would take two years and a vote of all the officials for the simple statement, “Love thy fellow man,” to be approved for proclamation.  Religion had to become complex for it to survive. That is simply the way it is.  And, of course, another part of Life’s body must criticize this move to complexity, again, to be able to grow.

I said that I consider religion to be a prime example, but you can find any number of them.  You can find examples in the development of the mores of society.  You will find them in the areas of science.  Anywhere you look you will find examples of the seemingly simple turned complex.  Just pick out any area and assuming you can See, you will See, “When this started out it was rather simplistic and now it looks like something put together by a deranged committee and there’s no way to return to the original idea.”

If you get real, real good, then, of course, you bring your observation around to the most important area of historical study; your life.  Anything which has become a continuing part of you, whether it seems to be a hobby, or if you want to get real dirty, that which now seems to be a part of your wired up, habitual behavior, has become more complex.  You can go back into the history of you and find the time when the hobby or the behavior could be described in the most simplistic and direct of terms.

Here’s an example for you.  Someone says, “I can recall when I first got interested in becoming a musician.  I thought, alright, I’ll devote a certain amount of time and effort to this and accomplish such and such.  It wasn’t just that I could pick on my ten dollar guitar, but I thought I had something to say.  I had such piercing insights into the folly of human nature I believed that all I required was a little exposure and people would fall out of their chairs going, ‘What insight!  What a star!'”

Let’s just assume that this hobby continues along certain lines, and ten or fifteen years later someone says to the formerly budding musician, “Are you still interested in music?  I remember when you used to sit around for hours picking and humming and you seemed to enjoy it so much.  Did you ever do anything about it?”

And our musician would reply, “I’m still working on it.”

But he wouldn’t still be playing his ten dollar guitar.  No matter how adequate it was ten years ago, it’s not adequate now.  Now the den looks like a recording studio.  Four or five guitars rest against the wall, several different tuners are plugged into various amplifiers, the speakers take up half the room, and our musician tells you, “I’m having to work two jobs to pay for all this, but I realized I couldn’t go to record companies with that ten dollar guitar and have anybody take my music seriously.  I even had to send another few thousand dollars and get a decent tape deck to make demos.”

From one viewpoint the dream of becoming a musician is completely out of hand.  Can you See that the dream of becoming a musician has become so complicated that the system itself has almost become a kind of systematic problem?  “What I was attempting to do has become its own problem.  I can’t get out from under it.  I don’t even have time to write new songs because I have to go out every weekend and play junk music I don’t like to keep up my payments on all the equipment I bought.”

It is the nature of Life that if things are to survive in Life’s body, and in your own body of Life, they must become mechanically more complicated.

Consider the Big Bang theory.  If there was a Big Bang, this world started off in a simplistic fashion, indeed.  But everything had to become more complex.  For growth to occur, simple strands of protein changed into complex molecular arrangements.  And instead of things being symmetrical they became asymmetrical; things had to start getting out of balance.  Parts of the universe had to become hotter than others.  In a word, things became very complicated or Life would not have expanded.  The observation: things become more complicated, is a correct observation.

Another question:  “At Line level is it always necessary for there to be an irritation for a civilization to advance?  Can irritation be of any use in This Thing?”

In the ordinary, mechanical sense, the growth of Life is always a matter of rebellion.  In another particular way, This Thing is absolute rebellion.  This is rebellion squared, and rebellion is always an irritant to the established order of anything.  Rebellion is an irritant to you.  The attempt to change is an irritant.

Part of the purpose I serve is to be an irritant.  Without someone like me, who would ever do This? Who would even listen to it?  You would never have thought of any of this without me.  I know some of you still have voices within you that wonder, “What did I stumble on?  What’s the trick?”  You think if you could just figure out what I’ve done, you can walk away from all this.  You cannot create your own rebellion.

“Is irritation always necessary for civilization to expand?”  Yes.  Humanity exists in Life’s nervous system to assist Life’s expansion and advancement.  But nothing advances unless something else is eaten; something else must be turned into fertilizer.  Nothing gets built unless something else is torn down and turned into building materials.  And I believe I can speak from the viewpoint of that which becomes fertilizer or the oak tree which gets cut down and turned into two by fours, and say, “This fate of being destroyed certainly meets the minimal requirements of being called an irritation.”

To address the second part of the question:  “In This Thing, can irritation be of any use?”  The question is not whether irritation can be of any use because without irritation there is nothing.  It cannot be otherwise.  Self-directed irritation, rebellion within yourself, is what separates This Thing from would-be mystical schools and religious organizations.

Everywhere you look you find examples of systems which operate on the basis of being nonirritating to their members.  But when you get into certain areas of the body of Life, commonly referred to as the real upper class, you will find a glaring example of this.  During the rule of royalty, somebody — that is Life through somebody — would always come up with a kind of religion that would not insult or irritate the king and that became the big time religion.  But you might also note, royalty always dies.  You will not find Life growing through the upper classes.

While irritation is required in This Thing, and it cannot be otherwise, This cannot become too irritating.  In history there are examples of certain areas of Life’s body bringing forth so-called prophets, and then in certain instances, another part of Life’s body would surface a few years later and say, “Prophet, you have said enough.”  Hemlock was ordered carte blanche.

Life views the kind of activity involved with This Thing as being at the very cutting edge of its growth, but if the message is too drastic, it is useless.  If it is too drastic, it is not even true.  If it’s too drastic, it won’t even be heard.  If it’s too drastic, it will be simplistic and it will die simplistic because it will never grow. It will never become a part of Life’s growth mode at that particular time and place.

Next question:  “If one were to try and do something different, should one make a conscious decision to do so?”

I could say yes, although yes is the hardest thing to say.  What you normally find in many would be mystical systems or groups aimed at helping you improve yourself is the idea, “We must find some way to consolidate our individual strength and be able to make willful decisions, such as your temper is too volatile.  You must brace yourself, pull in all your possible strengths and say, ‘I will make a conscious decision not to be angry.'”

You can do that, but you might also note, I have placed much more emphasis on the fact that one way to go about making a change is to absolutely refrain — as far as Line-level consciousness is concerned — from making a decision.

This may sound irrational, but I am not playing with words when I tell you this, and I have described the method almost as simplistically as possible.  If you decided, “I am going to start getting up at six in the morning.  All my life I have slept in until noon.  I’ve even turned down good jobs because I would have to be there before one o’clock.”  One way to do this, and it will produce an absolute shock, is to decide to do it, but without telling yourself.

I grant you, to do this, you must have a part of your own consciousness above the ordinary limits of Line level.  To say, “All right.  I am going to decide to get up at six a.m. starting tomorrow and I am not going to tell myself,” would sound like absolute insanity to an ordinary person.

When you decide to do something, it is as if all your wiring system immediately asks for confirmation. “Are you really going to set the clock for six?  You can’t do that.”  But if you haven’t told yourself, you can’t answer.  You do not say yes or no.  And your wiring says, “Well have you decided to do it?”  You don’t try to trick the voices and say no.  You don’t say yes; you don’t say no; you simply refuse to answer.  You have not told your ordinary self, “I am going to do this.  I have made a decision.”

The potential in this is absolutely astounding.  As long as you have made a decision at Line level, the decision has its own built in resistance.  But when you decide to do something and refuse to tell yourself you have done so, then “yourself” is left fighting an invisible enemy.  Your decision is sans resistance.

As an aside, I might fall back to the story of the trial of Jesus or the trial of Socrates, and see if you can See the parallel.  The judge said, “I am in charge here.  We will give you a break if you just answer me. Are you who you say you are?  Are you going to stop doing what you did?  Give us a yes or no and we can settle this thing.”

You can look at the story in two ways.  According to the stories, Jesus refused to say anything, and they killed him.  Socrates did it another way when he said, “Yea.  I know what you’re asking and I will be glad to respond.”  Then he proceeded to expound for thirty minutes, but never told them what they wanted to hear.  He never did answer them.  All he did was explain, “Here’s what’s going on and you people don’t know it.”  And so they did him in.

Now what if you can internalize those stories?  You have all the judges and the senate inside of you and they say, “Wait a minute.  You aren’t going to decide to get up at six,”  and they proceed to tell you why you can’t, and why you’d better admit that you can’t.  You don’t resist their arguments.  You refuse to say anything.  It can be done.

The first time or two that you can decide something without telling yourself, it absolutely seems like magic, but what you have done is killed the resistance.  To make a decision to change anything and to actually be able to do it, you must ignore all the judges and senate inquiry committees within you.  All the voices are is resistance and resistance will not assist you.

You cannot attack the voices and say, “Listen, you people have picked on me long enough.  I am going to stand up and make a decision and I don’t have to answer to you.”  To do so is to fail.  As long as you continue to play with the resistance, the outcome is always preordained.

Next question:  “Everyone from people on street corners to social commentators, say, ‘They said…,’ or ‘It is believed in our society.’  Who are ‘they’ and what is ‘it’?”

Life has people say “they” or “it” to reflect the collective voice of the greater reality of that particular time and place.

Next question:  “Would someone who truly Understood the idea of “a deed well done” ever be content with anything else?”

A deed well done is simply a deed which requires neither explanation nor apology.  The deed speaks for itself.  “There is nothing I can say to me, and there is nothing you can say to me”:  thus is a deed well done.

If you Understand what a deed well done truly is, then you further Understand no one has to tell you when you do that which is not well done.  Neither your god, your guru, nor your mother has to say, “Tut.  Tut.”

Explanations and apologies are nothing.  The voices that offer them are not you speaking.  That is not the voice of real conscience.  They are a part of the normal energy transfer system.  To say, “I should have been more careful,” is not based upon any Understanding.

I am not telling you that someone who Understands the idea of a deed well done will never again take even a small false step.  But the question is, “Could he ever be content with anything else?”  And the answer is no.

There is a kernel of reality behind the idea Life has put forth of people possessing a conscience, but conscience is not what Line level words describe.  So called conscience is not the same in everyone although religion would have it otherwise.

Parts of Life continue to talk through religion and say, “All humanity has a conscience.  Everybody knows right from wrong.  What we are faced with is the fact that a large number of people, who know right from wrong, will still not do right,” and the religious leaders are ever ready with an excuse as to why these people don’t do right.  But at Line level there really is no such thing as a conscience.

Line-level consciousness asks the question, “Why do I do this?”  While someone who Understands the kernel of reality behind the idea of conscience, would ask, “How can I do this?”  Throughout the ages, the question, “Why do I do this?”, has been answered by such statements as, “The gods made me do it,” or “I am a sinful creature because Adam ate from the forbidden apple.”  Contemporary times now provide the excuses of unconscious motivation or psychological traumas.

The question, “How can I do this?”, is left for only a very few people, those who truly Understand that a deed well done requires no explanation or apology.  And it is only those few people who have developed a real conscience and can act beyond the mechanical level of ordinary energy transference.  Those few truly “know better” than to lash out at their neighbor or waste precious energy in any manner.  For them the proper question is, “How in the world could I have done that?”  Of course, when you know better you don’t ask the question in that sense.  You know the answer, but what it amounts to is, “How could I do that?”

Another question that continues to pop up is:  “At times there seems to be a kind of distance or barrier between me and people who are not involved with This Thing.  It strikes me that when someone spends much time above Line level that more and more totality is seen and there should be no distance.  Is this so?”

At one time or another, all of you, if you’re truly involved with This, have felt yourself becoming estranged from someone you’ve been sexually involved with, or your family, or simply friends who are not involved with This.  You’ve had passing voices that said, “I grew up with this person.  We’ve always had so much in common.  We never argued, and now I don’t really know what has happened, but there seems to be this distance between us.”  That feeling is real.

The question goes on to theorize how things would be above Line level.  Once you get above Line level, you will See one thing quite clearly:  everyone lives in one, big neighborhood, and there is not much distance between people.  Life has always spoken of this through religions: “Everyone is everyone else’s neighbor.”  Skin colors differ, religious beliefs vary as do the languages spoken.  People are wired up to have their AMv12 extracted more profusely in differing adits, and the appearance to Line-level consciousness is one of complexity:  the true city of Babble, wherein everyone is in conflict with everyone else.  But everyone lives in one, big neighborhood.

Many of you perceive this sensation of “distance” as being a negative aspect of your involvement with This Thing, and it is not.  Forget any ideas you may have about it being negative.  The “distance” is real but, in truth, what you are feeling separated from is not other people, but the neighborhood itself.  When you can get above Line level you simply are no longer a full time resident of the neighborhood.

Now the question is, “Do you want to be in that neighborhood?  Do you want to continue to feel that close to people who are wired up to inescapably behave, speak, and think in the manner of the neighborhood?”

As you pursue This, you will discover within yourself a non-ending awareness, not of your difference from other people, but of how Life is growing at Line level within the neighborhood, and that you cannot continue to be a mechanical part of it.  You grew up in the neighborhood; you can certainly still get along in it; your family is still your family, but now it’s a matter of whether or not you have any need to live there.

Next question:  “I find that to keep unwanted thoughts from registering on the screen of consciousness, I simply have to turn my head sharply.  What is taking place?”

What is taking place is a person finding his own temporary trick and that’s all I’m going to tell you.

Someone commented to me that when he can Remember someone without thinking about them, as I have suggested you all do at times, the person they are Remembering seems to receive energy from their conscious act just as they, too, seem to benefit.  They went on to ask how was this possible since it seemed to defy mathematics.

The attempt to Remember someone without putting your mental hands on them could be looked at as the attempt to love that person.  You could look at it as the attempt to create a temporary, unnatural equation.  Indeed, it is as though energy is being transferred in a fashion that belies all the rules of physics.  Under certain conditions, you can feel as though, “I gained from this, and they seemed to have gained from my doing this, and that don’t work.  If we could dig up Sir Newton, he would have serious questions about this.”

You can temporarily create an unnatural equation where two thirds of the equation are in the kinetic mode.  This could not occur naturally as you would not have a real, balanced triad.

Life speaks of creating this unnatural equation when it speaks of the idea of real love or real compassion, and it is the reality behind the worldwide notion of prayer.  In Life such attempts meet with success when the petitioner in prayer, or the lover apparently trying to convey love, were acting in such a way that they expected nothing.

At Line level this doesn’t seem possible.  “I prayed to the gods, and what I prayed for seemed to have happened, and yet if that were true, and there are gods extrinsic from this system, and they answer enough prayers, sooner or later this would get out of balance.  Sooner or later, the gods would run out of stuff, and they would have to recycle it, or they would come down and take some of it back.”  Line-level consciousness cannot tell whether it costs the gods anything or not, but since I’m not limited to Line level, I am telling you, if there were gods and they did answer prayers, it doesn’t cost them anything.  And that again would highly confuse Sir Newton.  You can expend nothing and yet you and the other person will benefit.

Next question: “Does Life care specifically about any particular person?  Some people always seem to be sick, others .paseem to maintain excellent health and live charmed lives.  Is there anything to this?”

First let me point out:  it takes all kinds or there wouldn’t be all kinds.  To get down to the practical aspect of this, you must cease to be your own kind.  You must come to understand why I invalidated your suffering card, and why I told you the only attitude toward health is to forget it.  You have either got to be healthy or not be healthy.

It is an absolute fact that there are people who are always sick, and at the other end of the spectrum, there is the ninety eight year old man, who for seventy years has drunk a quart of bourbon and smoked two packs of cigarettes every day.  If you asked him, “How do you explain your longevity,” all he could say is, “Medicine is a crock.  I am living proof of it.”

The old man doesn’t know why he’s lived so long.  No matter what reasons he gives, he doesn’t understand the secret of his longevity.  At Line level, health happens genetically just like everything else.

I have noted to you that given the choices of environment or heredity, there is no such thing as environment.  It doesn’t exist.  Heredity is environment.  Therein is the reason no one at Line level can explain why someone, who only ate health foods and took care of himself died at age thirty-five and someone who drank and smoked lived to be ninety.

There is no environmental explanation.  There is no psychological explanation.  The explanation is:  it takes all kinds, and people are wired up to be all kinds.

Since it takes all kinds, you must not be your own kind, and to do this you must get above Line level.  You must get to the point where you can cease allowing the substance in your blood, AMv12, to be depleted in its normal fashion.  When you get beyond your own kind, when you can get above Line level, you will find out there is no such thing as health; there is no such thing as luck.

Even though part of you is above Line level, and Understands that there is no such thing as luck or health, part of your building is still down at the level of Life, and if you walk in traffic, there is every likelihood that you will get run over.  Everybody will get hit by a car if you walk out in traffic.  But you will discover that you are now in a place where the ideas of good luck or bad luck, being sick, and having accidents are irrelevant.

Such things are in conflict with a deed well done.  Being sick is not a deed well done.  Having an accident is not a deed well done.  Walking off and leaving your keys in the car is not a deed well done.  I don’t care if as you were getting out of your car, you were trying to think about something of great mystical significance.  If you lock your keys in the car, you are back to being one of the kinds that it takes to make all kinds, and your nonverbal question to yourself should not be, “Why did I do that?”  It should be, “How could I have locked my keys up?”  You know why.  The why is, you are human.  The why is, you are alive.

Someone asked, “Is there some way in which one can encourage one’s parents to cease dwelling on apparent debts they owe you?”

First let me note that you could just as easily turn that around and ask about apparent debts you owe them.  The two ways debts are structured is that either you owe someone something or they owe you something, and they are the same thing.

What you should take notice of is this:  it takes two to have a debt.  There is no true debt if only one person believes a debt exists.  If the First National Bank of Yamaha begins sending you statements declaring you two months behind on your $1200.00 loan and you know you never took out that loan, there is no debt.  There must be a debtor and a debtee.

At Line level everyone is involved in a debt dance.  In Life, every transaction people engage in leaves them feeling cheated in some way, and it doesn’t matter if the transaction is financial or sexual.  “I gave you my all.  I opened up.  I let you know where I was coming from while simultaneously trying to give you your own space, and now look what you did.”  In other words, “You are in debt to me.”

Such transactions are the exchange of heat at Line level and they always appear out of balance to anyone living at Line level.  When the transaction involves blood relations the exchange is more passionate, but the debt dance is not limited to family.  Every exchange at Line level carries a debt with it.

When you begin to Understand that it takes two for any debt to exist, then you can release yourself from any debt.  Then your parents, your lover, or whomever, can’t hold you in debt.  If you abandon the debt, they can’t collect.  It’s the bank sending you a statement when you don’t owe any money, and you know it.  It is just irrelevant.  The statement comes in the mail, and as soon as you glance at the corner and see, Bank of Yamaha, you toss it into the trash.  It is not your debt.  But you do Understand, that if you began to send them a payment every month, you would have a debt.

You and your parents, as does every child and his or her parents, engage in a kind of dance; the dance being the pattern of your relationship to each other.  If you can correctly release yourself from all apparent debts involving them, an almost instantaneous change occurs in the music played for the dance. The relationship which existed between debtor and lender is stopped once and for all, and your parents won’t know why.  It’s almost as though it will strike them, “He isn’t my little baby any more.  Something has happened and I have lost the game.”

I’m not implying that in some way this dance has been some evil intent on your parents’ part.  It was simply the dance you both danced.  You were as involved as they were.  At Line level, the dance is as natural as anything.  But henceforth, if you can hold fast to your abandonment of the debt dance which existed between you, your parents will no longer treat you in the same way even though they may continue to feel as though they owe you or you owe them.

I will take this a little farther especially regarding parents.  Remember that it takes both of you for a debt to exist.  Your parents could not sustain the debt dance without your involvement.

When you realize you are dancing a debt dance with someone, and here I am using the example of your parents, and you Understand that you are as responsible for the dance as the other party, there is something you can ask them simply and directly that will serve to cancel the debt.  You must be able to do it with absolutely no hostility and you will only be able to do that when you absolutely Understand that you are as much a part of the organizational dance as they are.  What you can ask the person is this:  “There seems to be a feeling — I don’t know where it came from, but I feel it, and my sensation is that you feel it also — that I, in some way, owe you something other than the fact you are my parents and I am your child, and you raised me without cutting my head off.  Even now the feeling exists that I, in some way, owe you something.  What will it take for me to be released from this debt?”

If you could use my exact words, and do that with absolutely no hostility, you and your parents will never dance again.

Let me close with one of the observations regarding what is going on out in Life.  The idea that there is a supreme god who is responsible for everything that occurs is a common notion which comes out through religious tongues.  They go on to say that satan would not have his way with any man unless this god allowed it.

I’m suggesting you Neuralize their belief in this manner:  D force could not overtake C force unless E force allowed it.  E force must shift the mathematical relationship within that triad for  “satan”, D force, to take over a good person, C force.  E must shift in such a way that D can take on a greater proportion if seemingly evil forces are to triumph in any particular situation.

I used the term forces simply as a shortcut.  As you Neuralize this you must take the modes into account.

Can you even get a glimpse of the fact that what humanity has always called god, would be C force? But now based upon the mapping I have just presented you regarding the idea that the evil forces could have no affect unless this god allowed it, can you glimpse the fact that any of the Three Forces could be seen as being the reality of what god is perceived to be?

In any situation you have a triad, you have an equation set up between the Three Forces.  The triad is set up; it’s stable, and all Three Forces have their own proportion of the 100%.  For D to begin to overtake C, E must allow it, because C and D can’t do anything alone.  They can’t decide to change positions.  E has to allow D to overtake C.

In this particular map, can you See that the very thing which seems to be the most elusive, or that seems to even be in the inert mode, E force, can be seen, in this one instance, as being godlike?  The only thing in that triad which allowed something new to happen, by allowing D to overtake C, was E force. E moved.  E underwent some magical change.  In that instance, E was godlike.