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The Life Company Building


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 Diagrams 44 & 45

Diagrams 44 & 45


Jan Cox Talk 148, Mar 7, 1985, runtime 1:35
Notes by TK

Ref: Diagrams 44,45]. The allegory/metaphor of the building housing the Corporation of Life: three stories – corresponding to red, blue and yellow circuits. Red level: Mining, manufacturing and distribution. Blue level: Sales, advertising and employee relations. Yellow level: management, research and development. Remember, everything comes ultimately from the planet; it is the ultimate resource. Red level is home to union activities. Constant quest for cooperation. Compare the yellow level – everyone for himself; “I can’t worry about what others might say, I’ve got to get ahead.”

All three levels have separate memory systems. All memory is based ultimately on the muscles. Muscles can only remember action, movement, and this has a negative connotation. The mind and the muscles can directly charge the respiratory system, each from a different position. Initial impact of severe emotion is on the respiratory system, then muscles, then the mind. If you rearrange your natural relation between mind, muscles and respiratory system, everything changes.

The artificial horizon limitation of consciousness. See illustration. The mind cannot see over its own horizon line. Illustration of three apparently separate buildings on the horizon. Ordinary conscious perspective at ground level sees one building to be home to music and artistic creation; another as full of loud, noxious noise and fumes: frightening. Third building apparently has no activity, abandoned. Then, from heightened perspective of This Thing we can see over the horizon–can see that the three buildings are really joined: frightening building is home of mining and manufacturing; attractive building sales and advertising; abandoned building home to the offices of management and research.

The ordinary campaigning against illiteracy: the Reality behind this is that illiteracy is dangerous because illiteracy cannot properly think-about-action, i.e. can only act whereas Life needs increasingly more Thinking Of Action energy.

After a while you don’t see another directly, but see your feeling for same, i.e. you experience yourself.

*Technique/weapon* : To deal with the ubiquitous ordinary feelings of social discomfort, emotional upset and self-directed antagonism – the instant and sure fire treatment is a TOTAL ACT OF ETIQUETTE. Constant, continual undertaking of a COMPLETE ACT not in accordance with the public and private voices. Don’t be yourself.]

(Group sings Bach chorale per task for mostly non-singers)


Re: the 3-story building of Life’s Corporation–what are some other responsibilities and jobs of each level in your own words make list.



Document:  148,  March 7, 1985
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1985

Tonight I’m going to discuss a subject of deep interest and concern to everyone.  This evening we will delve into the ever popular discipline of….architecture…and more specifically, the related area of buildings.

I have drawn the Life Company Building to represent three different levels:  a Red level, a Blue level in the middle, and a Yellow level on top.  This building exists in the ordinary binary world of Man.  It exists both externally and internally, in an individual’s circuitry.  Each level has control of very specific operations. The Red level is in charge of mining, manufacturing, and distribution.  The Blue is in charge of sales, advertising, and employee relations.  And the Yellow department is in charge of research, development, and general management.

It is easy for humanity to overlook — especially those who claim to be actively involved in spiritual pursuits — the fact that everything is ultimately derived from this planet and everything eventually returns to its origins, to mother earth.  It is only in the two upper levels of this building that you would find daydreams.  Only in the upper levels will you find the non-edible, nonsexual aspects of one’s life, the things that would not catch the eye of a pack rat.  Within the upper stories exists the belief that they are the source of all that is creative.  But the ultimate realization of every dream and plan requires that one go back to the mines, even for those plans originating from the Yellow Circuit.  Yet ordinary consciousness continually forgets this.  A person can be involved with almost pure, abstract plans of an avant garde nature,  but whether they seem to be artistic or more involved with technical matters, for these ideas to leave the realm of “thinking of action” and shift into the world of “action”, somebody has got to go back into the mines.

Within the Life Building, the Red level has lots of window space, smoke stacks, large doors for shipping and tunnels going into the earth for mining.  The upper stories have only a few small windows.  The Red level contains the union headquarters and all labor related activities, be it out there, if you are still binary or as part of your internal circuitry if you can See from an activated, higher circuitry.  The Blue department takes care of all employee complaints and negotiations between the Yellow department management and the Red level workers.  All conditional arrangements made between management and workers are made in the upper stories.

Another aspect of the structure and relationship between the three levels in the building that houses Life’s Corporation is that at the lower Red level, there is a continual preaching going on about the absolute need for cooperation.  The apparent desires of the individual must be submerged into the will of the workers, the larger group.  While in the upper stories, there is the message of “Be ourselves”.  Here, a person hears he must operate on an individual level.  The laboratories could produce no new, creative developments if they were tied to worrying what other people would think.

In so far as this whole Corporation exists in the circuitry of Life itself, and its own nervous system, there are areas of the world, be they village or nation, that are almost entirely involved with the Red department activities of mining, manufacturing, and distribution.  Whereas other areas of the world are involved with activities that seem to belie that kind of cooperative spirit.  In areas where the Red level predominates, there are few signs of originality or creativity manifested by the people.  Any creative activity would demonstrate only a slight variation from previous material.  What passes for art are slogans such as, “We have got to all work together and not have any strange ideas or dress.”

Of course, I’m not talking about politics, art or buildings.  You don’t live in this building.  This building is you.  Everyone on this planet, all ordinary people and therefore all groups, have the three stories of Life’s building operating at a kind of minimal degree.  At the Red level, it may be just enough to get up in the morning, go to work, sit at a desk for eight hours and then go home to the television.  Then at the Blue level, where the windows in the drawing are somewhat artistic, you see people involved in sales and advertising, the spokesmen between the two levels.  You can see this structure within you, but you can also find it in what appears to not be you.

Another aspect of the Life Company Building is that all three of these departments keep their own filing system or records, by which I mean memory.  In so far as words will go, they  each have a separate memory system.  Remember though that speaking about the Red Circuit or Yellow Circuit as separate entities is artificial and arbitrary because all three stories are connected in their operations.  I have pointed out that all news seems to be bad news and all memory seems to be bad memory.  Could this be because all memory seems to be either negative or surrounded by negativity?  Even if the memory of an occurrence seems to be a pleasant reflection, it is just one step away from a connected, negative memory. In the structure of Life’s Corporation building, muscles would be the ultimate support.  As all three departments are connected, then  too,  are their record keeping systems so that all memory, no matter what seems to be its manifestation, is ultimately supported in the Red department by the muscles.  Could it be that as muscles “think” about the past, they can only “think” about action and dread it?

In a quite real way, all memory is based upon the muscles.  All dreams and plans, all the way to the top at the Yellow Circuit’s research and development laboratories, immediately revert back to the mines. Without that, there is no action, there is only thinking of action.  Muscles can remember one thing and that is movement, but what kind of fond memories do muscles have of movement?  This is not belying the fun of physical movement, but when that is over, what memory would muscles have?  Their memory can only be of action but only after the fact, and not while they are performing.

By dividing up the known organism temporarily and arbitrarily into the muscles, the mind, and the respiratory system, we see that the muscles are in charge of action and the mind, thinking about action. They both have access to the middle level or system.  The mid system can be charged up from either position.  The third possibility or area can be directly affected by either one of these two extremes.

Everyone has had what appeared to be very astringent emotional experiences, such as a death in the family or a great fear.  These experiences primarily affect the respiratory system.  Within minutes or seconds, an experience of this kind can very likely affect your muscles, that is your posture, and then it may affect the mind.  Initially though, the impact is on the respiratory system.

Based upon this description of man divided into the muscles, mind, and respiratory system, you can see that if you affect one department, such as a death in the family, you will eventually affect all three areas or the total organism of man.  Going out and running when you’ve got the blues, putting the muscles to work when the respiratory system seems to be running wild, will indirectly, but most definitely affect the respiratory system.  When you come back, it will not be in the same condition as when you left, and by the same token, neither will the mind.  When you run, due to the biochemical affect the muscles will have on the entire organism, the mid-system and mind will both begin operating differently.   You will no longer be internally connected in the same manner.

Even if you knew you were going to die and had a chance to run beforehand, you would no longer be consumed by an over whelming fear of death.  The respiratory system would then have a certain kind of rhythm going and the muscles would be involved with the transfer of certain biochemical activities.  This is true of all individual, so called “emotional” suffering.  Running or exercising is a simple way to alter the connections between the three levels.  But you can also approach this from the other end.  By changing what you are thinking, and I mean just thinking of something other than what is mechanically running through your head at any given moment, the biochemical balance between the three levels will change.  If you rearrange what seems to be your natural relationship between the muscles, mind, and respiratory system, starting from any direction, then the internal pattern is going to be broken up.

Let me ask a question related to this.  Why is it that everything, if it is stable, seems to have three dimensions?  And it takes an extraordinary, unusual viewpoint to even see three dimensions, but I tell you, there are more than that.

I want to point out a direct variation of Line-level consciousness, using a more three dimensional viewpoint.  I have drawn a rough curvature of the planet with three little buildings on it and will make up one story.  It is a horizon delusion and has to do with perspective.

You live at a place where you can look on this horizon and see the three buildings.  In the building on the left, during daylight hours there seems to be a civilized, happy, creative kind of activity — people painting and playing music.  When you look at the middle building you see very little human activity, but there are other manifestations of activity.  Noxious fumes and smoke, loud unpleasant noises, and moans and shouts come from inside the building.  The third building looks similar to the others but as far as you can tell, nothing ever goes on.  No noises or people.  The building is just there.

This scenario represents Line-level consciousness and corresponds to the line drawn through the brain of the diagram of the nervous system.  It is literally a prison of three dimensional consciousness, which continually creates an artificial horizon.  But then from the second part of the drawing we have changed the perspective, rather it is the consciousness of the viewer which has changed the perspective, and this artificial horizon has been altered.  Now these three separate buildings are indeed connected by doorways so people can pass from one building to another.  In the building that previously appeared inactive are the mine shafts from which everything is ultimately derived.  In the middle building, where the fumes and noises came from, are the looms to make canvas for the painters and the brass foundries to make trumpets and trombones, as well as paper mills for writing.

If you were seeing these buildings from an ordinary perspective, you would see three separate buildings.  A person would say of the first building, that they are good neighbors, while of the middle noisy, smelly, building, that someone should surely get it out of the neighborhood.  While of the third apparently unused building, they would wonder if it was abandoned.  When you are locked into 3-D consciousness, you are limited to this artificial horizon.  Neither the building that you thought you approved of or the one you thought you disapproved of, which, of course supported the one you thought you approved of, would be in operation were it not for the one that apparently is doing nothing.  All three are connected.

Throughout history, including a resurgence right now in this part of the world, there has been a cry over the danger of illiteracy.  What does this movement reflect?  What is the ultimate horizon beyond the limited one that the Blue department has been attempting to detail?  The cry is that humanity needs an electorate that is at least literate and familiar enough with the issues to discuss and analyze them.  This message regarding the danger of illiteracy vibrates somewhere in everyone.  The reality beyond the voices speaking about the dangers of illiteracy, is that such people can’t properly think of acting, thus they are limited to acting only.  From a wide viewpoint, action would be a less efficient way for an individual to aid in the overall growth of Life.  I’m speaking of somebody approaching real illiteracy, which is virtually impossible today, but someone who is almost nonfunctional verbally.  The operations of Life’s building is run more and more from the upper stories.  Of course, action is absolutely necessary when we talk about the level of mining, manufacture and distribution.  But the speed of Life’s growth is accelerating beyond an arithmetic progression to the point where there is the continual need for people to be able to think about acting instead of acting.  Those in the mines must act, but what would happen if research and development took place under the direction of action, solely?  What would get done?  If you could take someone whose center of gravity was in the mines and move them to research and development and confronted them with a brainstorming session, they would want to knock all the equipment off the table or jump over to a computer keyboard to get started.  To them it is like, “All this talk, talk, talk is a waste of time.  We’ve got to do something.”

If action is what is necessary, there is no amount of thinking about action that will suffice, but without the ability to think about acting rather than simply acting, we would all still be in the mines.  Life would not be growing.  It would not be able to grow beyond the mining level.  The danger of illiteracy  lies not in political considerations.  The danger, in a real sense, is the inefficiency of simply acting without ever thinking about the action.

I mention this next area in a way that seems more connected to the Yellow Circuitry, but let me take it down a story.  Let’s say there seems to be a passionate duet going on between you and someone else, which can even include animals or pets.  After a certain length of time, you cease to see the other party as they are, all you see is your feelings about them.  You have developed a kind of passion between you and the dog by talking to it, hugging it, and playing with it.  You may even have a feeling that your dog can show facial expressions of joy or concern or curiosity, (which it can not).  To someone else, it’s just a blank face or just another dog.  You do not feel that close to other dogs nor they that close to you.  You see your dog as a little human, yet, literally you have ceased to see him, you only see your feelings about him.

How about a person that you have been happily living with for years?  If you ask someone to meet them at the airport for you and need to give a description, it is, “Well, she’s not too tall and her hair is kind of, well….”  After a certain length of time, regardless of how passionate the involvement is, you almost literally do not see the person, although physically of course, the light of their reflection still bounces off your retina.  The feeling may be as positive as it can be in the ordinary world, but you are only aware of your feelings about them.

Ordinary men do not experience life.  They experience themselves.  In other words, ordinary consciousness does not see “Fred or Mary”.  “Fred” could have many neighbors and relatives, but they would all describe him in a different way.  Psychology, of course, would try to point to the environment as the cause for this.  They would say that people grow up and acquire a kind of bias toward Fred because of their upbringing, occupation or religion.  That’s valid at the ordinary level, but from a higher viewpoint we can say that ordinary consciousness does not experience life or Fred; it experiences itself.

I’d like to point out something of a practical nature.  There is a continuing unconditionally guaranteed treatment for the negative Line level feelings of social discomfort, such as, “I can’t get along in the world.  I would consider it to be the boon of my life to get to the point of not feeling like everybody is looking at me.” It is the feeling that “I” cannot function socially.

This seems like a small problem if you look at it in a certain way, yet it is real.   But there is a continual treatment for these feelings that works immediately and it works forever.  That treatment is to undertake a full time, across the board act, from beginning to end.  This applies to anything you do, no matter how small and insignificant it may seem.  Let’s say it’s picking up your laundry.  You may have these seemingly irrational feelings of, “Boy, I really don’t want to do that.  Maybe I can put it off until tomorrow.”  These feelings may not even make it into words.  They may be just an overall sense of dread.  There is a treatment for such feelings and it cannot fail.  It is to treat any endeavor that you undertake as a completely pre-scripted act.

Life understand this and has let the information out to the higher circuits of Man in the form of such ideas as etiquette and diplomacy.  Within the higher reaches of the Yellow story, in the corner offices where management exerts its influence, this has been used for thousands of years.  I am talking about certain areas in the building of Life.  This sense or code of etiquette, from the way a person eats to the way he addresses his equals and then his superiors, is passed on to children growing up in that environment.  The code provides directives for everything, including how to talk, walk, and behave.Regardless of the way people conduct themselves in the mines, or in advertising and sales, there is a way to do everything and it is all an act.  This information is already known, but its ultimate use remains unseen by Line-level consciousness.  The ultimate use is an across the board total act toward a social discomfort.  It doesn’t really matter what the act is.  You could simply, in any given situation, act in a way that is not within your normal behavior pattern.  I don’t mean act irrationally or silly.  Simply walk in somewhere and speak first or perhaps hold your head differently.  Make up immediately your own sense of etiquette or conduct.  It has to be an act, anything that you wouldn’t ordinarily do.  It’ll work at all three levels, but you can start in the mines, in the muscles.  Then you have changed every possible triad going on and in fact, it’ll instantly shift the Grid system’s hold on you.  This is a continuing treatment that never runs out, that is, until the apparent problem is gone.  To do this you have got to be in the future/now.  It is a continuing, floating, personally invented, scripted act.