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More on Public and Private Voices


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Jan Cox Talk 144, Feb 7, 1985, runtime 1:36
Notes by TK

More on the 2 modes of man’s possible reactions: acting and thinking of acting. Both modes transfer energy. Voices can only act as “verbal schedules” and explanations of the continuing journey of the organism as regards the 2 modes.

All of Life is a series of Triads in constant permutations – but with tiny vacuums. The only thing that can fill those vacuums is action, not thinking about action.

Beware of the hubris of This Thing. You are not superman, not immune. Avoid “dark alleys” where you might be mugged. There is a very real fragility to the mode of TOA: “everybody is a hero in their own backyard”–“George the Dragon slayer” behind closed doors.

J. addresses questions submitted by Group: What is love? If passion is involved = red circuit basis (as if artificially isolated) which cannot speak, then it is too powerful to control. Relation to the sexual complexities of the Group: “I should have somebody”: Must remember that sexual abstention has been the rule in historical work groups; that it is not, here, carries complexities which should be expected. Don’t let them kill you.

Dreams; what significance? But how can you be engaged with dreams when you are unaware of what’s going on during waking life? You attempt the impossible which thus frees you from attempting the possible. The voices: how can the private voice become more familiar and clear in order to more align it with the public voice? Use the “Dancing confessional” to bring out and wear out the public voice. And/or don’t allow the private voice to reach the screen of consciousness.  

And/or do the same for the public voice. And/or bring up volume on the private voice to match the public voice. Be aware of both voices simultaneously; match their volumes, balance their intensities.  The Blue Circuit: shocks generated thru the Blue Circuit; J. uses diagram to show touching the center of the Red Circuit (whereas only top quarter overlapped by the Yellow Circuit). Blue Circuit shocks have greater impact.

The greatest shock of all: Knowledge of Death, is shared by all circuits. Shock in one circuit is always propagated to all others via the cross talk mechanism. No circuit is isolated.

If Life doesn’t know what it’s going to do next, how can we ever achieve this? Remember that from a further dimension Life’s uncertainty is like supreme knowledge and certainty for binary consciousness.

Is this Group the only one attempting to break into the new circuitry? No. This is the most radical arm of research and development for Life, however. When we get through, Life will be unable to forget us.

Reading of one-liners extracted from outlines of tapes and J’s notes for talks.


More on Public and Private Voices

Document:  144,  February 7, 1985
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1985

The new information being made available through This Thing may strike you as simplicity itself. However, you should also be aware that you could not have thought of it by yourself.  One such piece of information is the fact that when people are affected by what seems to be external to them, they can only do one of two things:  ACT or THINK ABOUT ACTING.  humanity is inescapably tied to these two possible responses.

Notice that there are two voices within you that act almost as announcers, noting the departures, arrivals, and explanations of the journeys of the organism through acting or thinking about acting.  The voices are almost like verbal schedules.  What else do they have to talk about?

This organism seems to be responding in a way that is direct and obvious, and yet it is not.  You are continually responding, not only to the apparent actions of other people, but also to your own voices’ assumptions about their thinking about acting.

Suppose you and another person are in the temporary relationship of having a conversation.  There you stand, responding to them.  You cannot help it.  Even if the other person stops talking to you — if he stands absolutely motionless and just stares into space — you are still going to respond to him on the basis of your voices’ assumptions about his thoughts about action.  Of course, when the other person is acting, you respond to their actions.  And — once you get good at this — you can see that one voice within you can respond to their apparent actions while the other voice responds to its assumptions about what that person is thinking about that action.

If you could get a slight, real hold on the new information I’ve just given, all the world’s psychiatrists and psychologists would come and sit at your feet.  Because you could — almost mathematically and within several minutes — explain away all of the apparent ambiguities and eternal conflicts of Man.  You would be able to answer the unanswerable questions about humanity’s so-called unconscious motivations.

There is a low level awareness in Man about the fragility or inadequacy of just thinking about action and not acting.  Such awareness has been reflected in many cultures at different times through proverbs like, “Every man is a hero in his own back yard.”  Anyone can be a hero at home with the doors locked, plenty of coffee, and his feet propped up on the table.  Such is the nature of thinking about action.  You might dream of yourself as a hero — that under such-and-such conditions, you would perform acts of incredible courage.  But such an ephemeral self, manifesting at certain moments through thinking about action, is very fragile.  It only takes a small shock, a sudden threatening situation, for you to “fall apart”.

The older circuitry — the Red Circuit, physical side of Man and the Blue, apparently emotional side — is in conflict with the higher, younger Yellow circuitry which has a mechanical desire to just think about action. This conflict between lower and upper circuits has created a situation of fragility in Man.  Thoughts about action form a thin veneer, an unstable situation that can break down at any moment if a shock is experienced.  Whenever action is called for, nothing else will suffice.  The longer the struggle goes on between the upper and lower circuits about acting or thinking about acting, the more fragile this thin veneer becomes, and a so-called “nervous breakdown” can occur.  It could be verbally encapsulated in the great dilemma of, “What should I do?”

I have pointed out before that there are three legs to whatever is occurring.  There are three forces in action all the time, and you are in the midst of them.  Reality is continually unfolding, refolding and reshaping itself in triads.  Consider reality as a three-legged stool, which represents perceivable situations in three dimensions and is continually shifting.  One of the three legs of the stool lifts up and momentarily it seems as if the situation is only supported by the other two legs.  The situation is about to shift.  When the stool falls back down on three legs, what you perceive as the situation could be dramatically different.  But there was one brief second when reality stood on just two legs — right before the triad (the three legged stool) shifted — and in that second, a vacuum was created.  That vacuum is going to be filled.  If it is not filled with action on your part, it will be filled by something else.  In the latter case, what appears to be the situation will disappear, and you will not even be aware of it.  You are better off doing ANYTHING, once you begin to perceive these vacuums, before the stool falls back down on its three legs.  You must act.  If you don’t, Life will.  Something will move and fill the vacuum. Complaining about life will not do it.  Saying, “I don’t like the way things are going for me.  It is unfair and very unjust,” will not do it.  Such is the nature of thinking about action.  While you are thinking about action the vacuum points will be filled by something else, not by your action.  There is only one thing that will fill that vacuum profitably for you — action. Deliberate, willful action.

Ordinary people would argue that it is not good to be too hasty.  And from their viewpoint that is correct. But we are not talking about the ordinary.  In order to fill a vacuum, you must act; because thinking of action is too late.  You must Do anything.

People who are predominantly driven by the lower circuits tend to act, without thinking about acting. And such people will be seen by those primarily driven by the upper circuits as being crude and making situations even worse by their unthinking actions.  However, if you were left with only action versus thinking about action, then it would be profitable to Remember that THINKING ABOUT ACTION IS ALWAYS TOO LATE.

How can this idea of action be reconciled with proper planning or thinking before acting?  Only Neuralizing the action will do.  Only seeing the action before it is time to act will be profitable. Neuralizing happens at such a speed that words cannot be spoken fast enough to describe the process.  By Neuralizing you can see the future.  You do not have to use crystal balls or read predictions by so-called experts.  This of course, does not mean that people involved in This Thing can walk with immunity into any situation that could present some unprofitable danger.  There is a reality to such a feeling of immunity in those involved in This Thing, but there is a limit to everything.  There are places that you should just avoid.

Consider one area that brings into focus these ideas of action versus thinking of action:  the area of love.  Humanity is always thinking and commenting on the idea of love.  Yet, people always find it hard to describe the experience of love.  They will say:  “I feel this certain thing for this person, and yet I cannot describe it.”  That is the way it should be.  If there is even a minimum degree of passion between two people, its basis must be in the Red Circuit.  That is why it is indescribable.  The Red Circuit cannot think in words.  It can only act.  People whose primary energy transfer area is in the lower circuits tend to act before thinking.  Such people also manifest a certain kind of passion that is readily apparent in their relationships with other people, especially if the relationship is of a sexual nature.  Such Red Circuit people can apparently “fall in love” for the night.  In extreme cases, such people will get into trouble rather than thwart their Red Circuit impulses.

If we’re going to equate love with a degree of passion, not merely the case of liking a person in a nonsexual way, then the bottom line is that we are dealing with a Red Circuit attraction.  Then it becomes clear why people have so many unanswered questions about the nature of love, about the apparent contradictions within a relationship.  A woman says, “I can’t understand it.  Sexually, we’re so compatible. But the minute he gets out of bed, he’s complaining about everything I do.  What’s wrong with a man like that?”  Such discrepancies are taken to be psychological problems, and they are not.  People wonder why relationships do not operate in a simple fashion, or why they cannot properly handle their “love life”.  They try to figure out what they could do to please their partner, or what it is in their past or their partner’s attitude that is causing the problem.  Please note:  That is thinking about action.  That is trying to fill vacuums with thinking about action, and it will never work.

What everyone is looking for is a partner who fits them perfectly.  The Greeks had a good story illustrating that, about man and woman forming the halves of a perfect being.  But, without understanding it, everyone is looking for another person who compliments them at the Red, Blue and Yellow Circuit levels. Such longings come out in talk about “having compatible interests, similar political views, the same religious beliefs”.  Such talk is meaningless as far as there being any possibility for ordinary people to have an unnatural, profitable relationship.  For someone who is involved in This Thing, it is a different matter.

For the Few, relationships present an extraordinary opportunity.  It is almost like having the opportunity to live with a laterally expanded version of yourself.  To profit from this situation, you would treat your partner as if he or she could do no wrong.  Do not expect the other person to do anything you cannot or will not do.  Don’t even begin to ask them to.  That is a Red and Blue Circuit whirlpool, if you fall into it. Once you become involved with someone, do not waste the opportunity.  Treat that person as if they are your missing link to increased understanding.  Because, if you are truly attracted to them, they are.

Once I point it out, you can be aware of (at least) two voices talking within you.  There are two voices responding to whatever seems to be externally affecting you.  For now, Consider these to be the private voice and the public voice.

The source of one of these voices is the lower, older regions of the circuitry, while the source of the other voice is the higher circuit regions.  This is not a static situation.  The private or the public voice can be located in either region at various times.  If you properly observe, you will notice that the public voice does not necessarily speak publicly all the time.  Very often, the public voice is left simply talking to you. This frequently happens when you do not act in a situation that called for action.  Then you are left with the public voice repeating internally:  “I should have said so-and-so” or “I should have acted differently.”

You can learn something by making what you perceive as the private voice, public.  Not necessarily in front of other people — not in situations where this might have serious repercussions.  I’m not inferring that you do this in front of your boss, unless you are ready for an occupational change.  Try it in the privacy of your home.  Let what seems to be your private voice speak out — verbally and loudly.  Or, take what seems to be the public voice — things you want to say, but can’t — and wear it out.  On your way home from work, as you are driving in the car, make the public voice go ahead and say out loud — which is what the public voice should be doing — all the things it has been talking to you about all day.  Just get familiar with that which you are normally talking about, internally.  And literally wear it out.

Another profitable attempt would be to keep the private and public voices within you from reaching the screen of consciousness. Or, do not let the public voice reach the screen of consciousness and, simultaneously, try to take the private or sotto voice and bring it up louder.  This is like trying to bring up your awareness of the hum of the projector while you are watching a movie on the screen.  In a sense, you have reversed the positions of the voices.

Rather than worrying about which voice is which, located where, just be aware that there are two voices going on continuously.  Try to bring them up to equal volume, to be aware of both simultaneously.  Be aware that normally, they seem to operate at different levels, with different intensity and degrees of power over either your actions or your thinking about action.  Imagine you have a stereo with two different channels, two signals coming through.  You might be able to learn to adjust the dials so that you can hear both channels at once, so that they are balanced.  If you could do that with the voices, you would have something.

There are a few subjects that I would like to touch upon.  One is the idea of dreams.  Humanity has always been fascinated by the phenomenon of dreaming.  People have written extensive treatises on the meaning of dreams, or how they can be interpreted in order to better yourself or make your life more profitable.  And people continue to wonder whether there is anything of benefit to be learned from dreams. Consider:  Why do dreams seem so important?  Better still, ask yourself:  “Why am I so concerned about my dreams and their possible meaning, when I spend three fourths of the day walking around not knowing or understanding what’s going on in me during my waking hours?”  Have you ever noticed that people will always try the impossible, so that they will be free from doing what is possible?  In this way they successfully avoid trying what is possible and profitable.

Another subject that I want you to Consider is the idea of jolts and shocks, and how the Blue Circuit, the apparent seat of the emotions, is affected by them.

If you refer to the diagram, you will notice how the three circuits overlap and touch at six places.  Notice how the Blue Circuit touches the Red Circuit in the middle, while the Yellow Circuit is only touched by the Red Circuit in its lower part and in a smaller area.  Remember that the circuits cannot operate independently, and that if one circuit receives a shock, the others are affected by it.  What seem to be Blue Circuit, “emotional” shocks, always originate somewhere else.  In light of this, Consider:  What is the source, or what is the “grandfather” of all possible shock sources?  The Red Circuit, of course.  The greatest possible shock that can affect the human organism is death.  The potential for real shock resides in the Red Circuit.  The Yellow Circuit knows about death, but that is because once information reaches any part of the circuitry, it disseminates to the others.  Every time you have some feeling or some idea about Blue Circuit shock, remember such shocks are coming from another circuit.  There is no such thing as an “emotional” shock.

Another idea that I want to comment on is the proper understanding of statements I have made about “Life not knowing what it is going to say or do next”.  To begin to understand this idea properly, you must first establish the proper perspective.  Such a statement applies to a level of multidimensional reality far beyond the binary world of Man.  Ordinary consciousness cannot see how everything is connected and that there is another dimension involved when making such a statement about Life.  From a  multidimensional perspective, everything is relative.  What appears to be Life’s uncertainty might be viewed at the human level as supreme knowledge and absolute certainty.  On one level, it is correct to point out that Life does not know what it is doing.  But remember that compared to humanity, a being with such apparent shortcomings as Life has could be seen as perfect.  That is why the concept of the gods entails omniscience and omnipotence, otherwise they would not be gods.  Also remember, when you feel critical of Life, that at the ordinary level nothing suits you, not even the concept of gods.  For you to say that Life is not going in a beneficial direction or evolving correctly, is simply to admit that Life does not have to evolve to suit the ordinary level of consciousness.  What can appear to be a grave uncertainty at the ordinary level — the human level — could perhaps be of absolutely no consequence to Life.

I know that ofttimes the question arises of whether This Thing is unique to this time and place, and whether there are other people doing This Thing on other parts of the planet.  Let me point out that Life is trying to grow all over.  Life will try to expand in many different ways.  I know that the question remains about the uniqueness of This Thing.  There are churches, mystical groups, all kinds of people attempting to “do something”.  To some degree all of them represent Life trying to expand.  However, when it comes to the Research and Development Department of the great Life Corporation, This is the most radical arm. When I get through, Life will never be able to forget us.