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Another Dimension, Another Speed


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Jan Cox Talk 135, Nov 29, 1984, runtime 1:22
Notes by TK

Life is continuously attempting and succeeding to make instantaneous decisions/resolutions which come out in humans as protracted (decades, centuries even) suggestions for improvement, and of course incur necessary resistance. Reflection at individual level: your own decisions are never wholly supported by all parts of your system. Neuralize that Life at its level can make an instant resolve which at human level can last millennia.

You should be able to feel Life’s emotions run through you and through humanity at large. Fads: an intensity and enthusiasm sweeping through  humanity–you can feel it. Think-tanks supposedly presage the future, create theory which must seemingly await the advance of technology for actualization–but really awaits increased consciousness. You can feel the direction that Life is moving. This is the basis of soothsayers, visionaries.

The mechanical tendency of consciousness to picture the forces as independently existing. Must remember there is at least a tri-level relativity involved: 1st level: relationship C – D – E in any combination. 2nd level: observers relationship with C D E interaction. 3rd level: the context including the observer and the observed forces. Enlargement of “calling your mother” activity complected by the modes: kinetic, recoiling, inert. Distinctly different feel to activity as different mode predominates.

You should continually resist the mechanical flow of ordinary emotions through your circuitry. They belong to a different time scale and flow: like a bus that travels 12″ every 7000 yrs. These mechanical emotions are not what they seem–do not effect the beneficial change you desire. Avoid ordinary compassion, pity, etc.

Neuralize that Life is now gaining a clearer understanding of its own growth. Shaking loose from a particular focus on its own doubts and fears. Relation to This Thing.

Insurance: Life’s attempt to cut down on inequitable energy exchanges. Expanding influence of insurance. Attempt to create a “non culpa vitae”–no fault existence; cut all losses.

The line-level scientific template: man vs. nature; still the belief that there is an “out there”; separation.

Golf ball example: dimples create lift, but beyond a certain point creates more drag. Diminishing returns. Can re-arrange reality to optimize effects up to a “point” –but what is this “point”? What is it’s purpose in Life?

How can such exist? How can possibilities exceed the physical substance supporting it? Example of number of neurons in brain in their possible combinations, connections, exceeding the number of atoms in the entire universe.

The rise of popularity of “country music”: apparent regression in the more Yellow Circuit activated generation shows non-linearity of Life’s growth at the 3-D level.

Humanity has always searched for the ultimate force driving reality. Consider the Primal Flow, which can never reveal itself in undivided form. Behind all the continuing increasing complexities of Life.



Document:  135,  November 29, 1984
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1984

For your own Neuralization, I gave you the map of Life, itself, being alive and asked you to picture mankind living within its body.  Now, I want to redirect your attention to this mapping because its potential is lost if you believe I am simply telling you, Life is a huge, overgrown human.  Life is not simply a greatly exaggerated Fred or Mary.  We are not living inside the body of a large, anthropomorphic being.  Once you first begin to get a glimpse outside the confines of your own hard-wiring, the tendency is to project what you see individual men doing onto Life, itself, and believe you have made the master discovery.  You tend to believe, “Yes, indeed, now I can picture how what is going on in man, could be going on, in an exaggerated form, in the huge human, Life.”  Beware.  Such thoughts fit too neatly.  They are as limiting as any thought already extant in your Yellow Circuit.  You cannot take what goes on in individual men, magnify it, neatly transfer it to Life, then place a period after your observation and See what you need to See. Such crude ideas served a purpose in the past, but now the trick is to See:  Life operates in another dimension, at another speed.

The body of Life does contain a Yellow Circuit, a Blue Circuit, and a Red Circuit, but Life’s Circuits are not merely exaggerated versions of the circuits in man.  What man calls his emotions are certainly not Life’s emotions.  If they were, we’d be in a world of trouble.  And, once you See anything you See, Life is not in trouble.  You see Life is just not growing in one, straight line.

Within the body of Life, your forefathers verbalized the belief, “Gods exist; gods who are perfect and know exactly what they are doing at every second.”  And they believed, “Gods do not sit around and wonder what tomorrow will bring.  Nothing is secret to the gods.”  In other words:  gods are everything man is not. But, such beliefs cannot be true.  If they were true, Life would progress in a straight line.  Hence, humanity would grow in a straight line, and neither occurs.

Neuralize:  Life continually attempts to make — and succeeds to varying degrees — decisions.  But, this is not through a simplistic, anthropomorphilogical process of Life saying, “I believe I’ll do so and so.”  Life’s decision process takes place not only in a different dimension, but at a different speed.  At the level of humanity, Life’s decisions come forth as protracted suggestions such as, “We should stop killing our fellow man.”  But, due to the varying dimensions and speeds, no suggestion is instantaneously adopted in such a straight forward manner.  Men do not instantly cease killing their fellow men.  Contemporaneous to any suggestion Life puts forth through man, is resistance.  Other segments of humanity always cry out in opposition.

From recorded history to present time, some segment of humanity has always given voice to philosophies men have reflected upon.  People ponder, “If we all did act in such and such a manner, if everyone did quit drinking alcohol, the world would surely be a better place in which to live.  So why don’t we all simply quit drinking?”  And I ask you:  why doesn’t humanity instantaneously rise above Line-level consciousness?

Instantaneous decisions, in the dimensions Life operates, can take years, decades, even centuries to reach finality in the dimension of man.  In human time, Life’s decisions present themselves as protracted suggestions.  And, at the human level, everything Life does appears indirect, flattering and indecisive.  It’s as if Life sits around mulling ideas such as, “Perhaps I should quit drinking.”  But, a glimpse of what I point towards will dispel any curiosity, any bewilderment, as to why humanity does not instantly concur on the best mode of action.

Let’s say, from all reasonable, horizontal viewpoints, humanity would actually be better off if everyone simply gave up alcohol once and for all.  Life could have made the decision yesterday, or three thousand years ago:  I’m going to quit drinking.  Somewhere in the body of Life — let’s say, in Life’s Yellow Circuit — the decision to quit drinking already exists.  Then, why do people still drink?

It might be easier to see how nothing occurs in such a straightforward manner if we take this down to the individual level.  From somewhere in you the decision (and I won’t go into any reasons why) arises, “I’m going to quit drinking today.”  But, do you really quit drinking at that point?  You may never consume another drop of alcohol, but months, years later, areas within you still think about drinking; areas still want to taste alcohol.  Your entire body did not agree with your decision to stop drinking.

Can you see how this parallels Life?  Somewhere in the body of Life a decision was made to quit drinking, but other areas within Life’s body haven’t gotten around to agreeing and they continue to drink.  No decision is instantly carried to all corners of either the little universe of your system or the entire body of Life and unanimously agreed upon.  Neither Life nor a man could not stop drinking if somewhere in their universe a voice said, “I’m going to quit drinking,” and every other sector of their universe hollered out, “Great.  We agree.”  Nothing completely agreed upon and nothing completely disapproved of can continue to live.

At Line level, human indecisiveness, the inability to even make a single, self-serving decision is identified as a problem which must be corrected.  The belief, people must become solidified, runs through man.  But, if people did become solidified, they would no longer be Life’s vehicle for growth.

Out in Life, a man apparently identifies a personal problem.  He tells you, “I know I don’t treat my children properly.  I cry about it.  I’ve tried to change, but when I get home and one of them runs over my toe with their wagon, I blow my stack.  I just can’t help myself.”  And humanity likewise identifies this type of behavior, all the way from the individual level, to the level of disputes between groups of people, and different nations, as a problem to be analyzed and worked out.  But, right now, out in Life, everyone will not quit abusing their children and nations will not suddenly come into accord.

Can you glimpse why humanity has, from the time the Yellow Circuit started speaking, always said, “We should not kill one another; we should not hate one another,” and yet, these behaviors persist?  In the body of Life, critics play out their roles and answer this question by saying, “Religion doesn’t stop people from killing one another and psychology can’t help man.  Something about man is just basically flawed.” But can you See, man is not flawed?  This is the way things grow, the way things move.  At its own level, Life, itself, can apparently make an immediate and decisive decision, but some particular area in the body of Life can resist that decision for thousands of years.  And thus, people still kill other people.

The more you pull yourself above Line-level consciousness, the more you can start to feel what, in a sense, amount to Life’s emotions.  A certain kind of enthusiasm moves through you, and you can feel it moving through humanity.

In the attempt to get you to see what I mean by this enthusiasm, I’ll first present this in an area attractive to Line-level consciousness.  You can feel whether a fad is going to be long-lived or short-lived. Perhaps you read roller skating is catching on like wildfire after decades of being in the doldrums.  Maybe you just took up skating a month ago, maybe not, but you begin to feel the kind of enthusiasm going through humanity.  Whenever you hear about the latest fad, whether a kind of hairdo, a style of dress, a new form of therapy, it will suddenly strike you, “I can feel how long this fad will last.”

Here’s another area which may not seem to have any great, mystical significance, and it does. Scientists have always believed, “We will not advance our understanding, nothing will improve until technology catches up with our ideas.”  For instance, Leonardo was able to sit around and theoretically design a workable airplane, but lacking the technology to build a reciprocating engine, his design never got off the ground.  No one could build what he could conceive.  Someone else theorized a subatomic structure to everything years before technology had developed the equipment necessary to see at the subatomic level.  The appearance is that someone’s Yellow Circuit can theorize something not yet known, seemingly expanding the boundaries of human knowledge, and then technology must catch up.  But nothing moves linearly.  If technology was up to that point, then technology would be up to that point.  The scientists, humanity, wait not on additional technology.  They wait on the additional consciousness necessary to build atomic microscopes or reciprocal engines.  To Line level this sounds foolish, redundant, circular, and irrelevant and at Line level it is.

Keep an awareness of this idea of additional consciousness being necessary for progress to occur and Consider the think tanks operating all over the world.  People, specialists from all the various fields of science, religion, economics, working together, trying to put all their brain cells together to devise models, ideas which will predict futuristic occurrences.  They meet in big rooms, engage in lengthy discussions and produce volumes of text.  Yet, you could point out to them, “You’ve been meeting for ten years and you still haven’t correctly predicted anything,” and they would agree with you.  But, they would justify their inaccuracy, saying, “We still lack a piece of information necessary to pull all our work together.  Right now, scientists are working on a new mathematical breakthrough and every indication we have is that this breakthrough will be astounding and fill in the missing gap in our research.”  This scenario is a variation of waiting for the development of new technology.  What they actually wait for is increased consciousness.

Beyond the low level fun of knowing which dance craze will endure, above Line level, wherein you can feel what would amount to Life’s emotions, you can feel where Life is going.  Sometimes you only need to glance at a newspaper article concerning political upheaval or intrigue in some remote part of the world and you can feel something from it.  It’s not anything to talk about.  You don’t have to describe what you feel.  You simply feel the emotions of Life.  And, I’m not talking about guess work or feeling strange vibrations from your grandmother’s spirit.  I’m talking about feeling Life itself talking.

You can feel Life’s emotions in the same way that you can develop a familiarity with yourself unknown to ordinary people.  You are familiar with the voice in you which says, “Starting tomorrow morning at 5:30, I’m going to get up and run and knock off some of this fat.”  This may not seem mystical until you look back at it and remember the credence you once gave that voice but, a major breakthrough occurred for you to understand, “There’s no chance I will be up running at 5:30, so I’m not going to suffer over it.”  That was a crude example, but it points to the type of familiarity you can develop with yourself.  You know the voice speaking and you know tomorrow you will get up at your usual time, and the matter is not open to discussion.  You have nothing to prove.  You feel Life, once again, talking.

What I am slightly inferring is that Life speaks in forms other than verbal messages.  Humanity talks, while Life moans and groans.  Life speaks another language, at a different tempo and in another dimension, and Life’s language comes out through humanity non-verbally.  At Line level none of this is necessary, but you can feel hostility sweeping through the world.  From above Line level you can read words printed in the newspaper reporting the details of such and such confrontation and you can feel whether or not the conflict is going to amount to anything.  You can feel the enthusiasm.

When you reach the point of feeling Life’s enthusiasm, you are no longer left with only my assurance that everything is all right.  You don’t have to take my word for it, because you feel the validity for yourself. You understand that in the same way things go astray in the universe of you, they go astray in the body of Life.

Sometimes you eat too much pizza and your belly hurts, or you drink too much and a headache grabs you.  Life, too, hurts in its own way.  People are starving; groups of people can suddenly start slaughtering children en mass.  But, just as you understand you’re not going to die from your excesses — you know that all you have to do is stay in bed a few more hours and the hangover will pass — you understand that people starving is not the ultimate statement of reality.  The comparison is crude, but, from above Line level, you can feel Life’s enthusiasm.

Regardless of what goes on in Life, regardless of how, taken as an isolated event, such as people starving, no one approves of its manifestation on the human level, you can feel what is going on.  And you feel how what is going on amounts to no more than Life experiencing a slight hangover or stubbing its toe. These are all crude examples because they are not literally true.  But you can feel things going on in Life. Things are growing.  Life is not on its death bed.

Isolated examples wherein the recoiling mode seems to have gained the upper hand are simply that: isolated examples.  To put it mildly, they are not an ultimate statement of where Life is going.  And, when you can feel what flows through all humanity you See, there is nothing to discuss, nothing to rationalize.

Certain parts of humanity continue to dream of soothsayers, witches, or holy men who are somehow in touch with what is going on.  I point you towards the reality behind such dreams.  The information is there. The information flows through humanity.  It is simply that until now you’ve had no business knowing it.  At Line level, humanity does not need to know where Life is growing.

I am going to say a few more things regarding the drawing of the isles of articulation.  When I first introduced the Three Forces, the three systems, I presented them in the way that  The Process Loop consciousness wants to take them, that is, as separate entities.  This was necessary to talk about them; to describe a C, or a D or an E, and yet, all along I told you they are not separate.  But, even though I tell you, no one force can exist independently of the other two, your Yellow Circuit continually attempts to picture the three systems as able to exist apart from one another.  This act of division is as automatic, as predictable as your own breathing.  In fact, it is the Yellow Circuit breathing at Line level.  Yet, regardless of the Yellow Circuit’s inability to see the integral relationship of the Three Forces, a tri-level relativity exists.  Even while your Yellow Circuit is busily slicing up reality and calling this a C, and that a D, you can simultaneously remember a tri-level relativity to it all.

The first level of relativity would be the relationship of the three systems, the Three Forces to each other.  The second would be the relativity between what is apparently being observed and the observer (you).  The third level would be the unseen relativity; the expanded background against which what you are observing seems to exist.  When you See the unseen relativity you approach what I refer to as the fourth dimension.

As strange as this may sound verbally to your Yellow Circuit; take it out into Life.  You notice something and your Yellow Circuit springs into action identifying it as a manifestation of C Flow.  Perhaps at that moment you can’t untangle yourself from seeing whatever it is as a separate entity, but at least you can try to remember the tri-level relativity.  Try to remember:  what you identified as C is relative to the other two forces or systems.  It is a C relative to you the observer.  And further remember, what you observed as C is relative to another dimensional background — an unseen dimension — upon which your observation appears as either C, D or E.  However much, at first blush, this description of a tri-level relativity appears to complicate matters, once you experience its reality, you will See it does otherwise.

Recently, along with the Forces, I suggested you might Neuralize three modes of operation; a kinetic mode, an inert mode and a recoiling mode.  And, I suggested any one of these modes could be in operation in tandem with any Force.  (Of course, remembering no one force exists in isolation.)

For example:  You suddenly — that is, we’re not taking into account everything happening in that one instant and everything leading up to that one instant — have the desire to telephone your mother.  From all reasonable viewpoints, calling your mother falls into the realm of a C motivated act.  Whenever you call, she’s glad to hear from you.  You’re not calling to complain or ask for money.  You’re just calling to say hello.  But now Consider the modes.  Are you acting in the kinetic mode?  A pleasurable urge surges, a sudden desire to phone your mother, and you expect a pleasurable outcome, both you and your mother will profit from the phone call.  Or, conversely could it be an apparent C motivated act in the recoiling mode?  Coupled with the desire to phone her are voices clamoring, “I should really call her.  It’s been two months, and boy, is she going to be mad.  Why don’t I call her more often?”  To put it crudely, Line level guilt is in operation.

The act of calling one’s mother can be viewed as a C motivated act — at least compared to the other possibilities of D or E — yet all you have to do is change the mode and the same act of dialing the phone and saying, “Hello Mom, it’s me,” can be as different as night and day.  The feel, what you experience from any act, can change dramatically depending on which particular mode flavors the system in operation. C-Force, and any Force, can be aligned with either the kinetic, the recoiling or the inert mode.

When you begin to understand the operation of the modes you’ll be surprised by what they explain. The shifting modes explain just about all the so-called foibles of human nature such as why you can have so much fun doing something the first time, but after the first time you never enjoy it again.  Or, on the other hand, the modes explain why you used to hate jogging and now you no longer hate it.

Recently I had the occasion to notice Life, through psychologists, putting forth the message:  problems in relationships stem not from the amount of love between partners, but, rather from whether the love each has for the other is equal.  Would anyone care to slip up on the unseen validity of Life’s message?  Would anyone care to Neuralize this in light of a proper system modal mix?  When you take the modes into account, you can see the nonverbal message behind the words and you’re absolutely onto something.

The area of Line level emotions is extremely difficult to talk about, and the tendency still exists for you to interpret my verbiage as harsh and uncaring, but you should at least be able to glimpse my comments are neither harsh nor uncaring.  My comments outline the reality extant at Line level, and at Line level people speak of emotions only possible tomorrow as if they are necessary today.

Life, in its enthusiasm, made the decision, we should love our fellow man.  This information has flowed through humanity as far back as the first recording of history.  It’s not some new idea; you didn’t discover it. The cry surfaces, “We should love our fellow man,” and inside everyone a voice responds, “How true, how true.”  But, at Line level, no one can love their fellow man.  This isn’t due to some flawed nature of man. People can’t love their fellow man because this emotion is still not necessary to Life.  To activate your Higher Circuits you cannot continue to involve yourself with Line level futility; you cannot continue to give voice to the automatic emotions of Line level.  You cannot allow one moment, one ounce worth of ordinary, twin-bladed emotion to ever pass through your circuitry.  And, as far as This is concerned, apparently C-based emotions such as love and concern for your fellow man are as deadly as any form of hostility.  If you read about people starving, someone burning to death, however tragic it sounds, you gain nothing by allowing such things to spark an automatic, emotional reaction within your nervous system.  You cannot do This and continue to allow that emotional reaction to be burned onto your screen of consciousness and take those automatic feelings as “you.”

This has nothing to do with harshness or becoming uncaring, (Remember, at Line level your conception of harshness is as askew as anything else).  This has to do with activating yourself above Line level. Above the Line you are in tomorrow and tomorrow is where Real emotion is possible.  While the emotions of Line level serve no purpose to those involved with This,they do serve a purpose on the larger scale of humanity. Line level emotions feed Life’s growth.  And at Line level, Life’s growth is very slow and very indecisive.

Even if an emotion of seemingly great nobility, great compassion, wants to run through your circuits, don’t let it.  The emotion is not what it appears to be.  If it was, then the types of things humanity has talked about for thousands of years would already be a part of reality, and everyone would love their fellow man.

Life, through man, announces the messages.  “We are going from here to there.”  Life makes decisions and man talks about reasonable, caring emotions.  What you must see is that the journey from here to there is made on a bus running on only four of eight cylinders.  The bus is not operating at a speed efficient for one lifetime.  It hasn’t even traveled that far in thousands of years.  The question is:  are you going to stay on that bus?

One sure way off the bus is to not let Line level emotions ever seriously flow through your circuitry. Stop giving voice to these automatic reactions and you can get off the bus.  Once off the bus, you discover you can walk faster than the bus moves.  You can accelerate your growth.  And, you discover, while void of the captious nature of Line level emotions, you are not left blank, hard hearted, and unfeeling.  Contraire. Contraire.

Off the bus you operate in a different time frame.  I’m not going to go deeply into this, but there are different speeds of time operating in the body of Life.  Moving into a different time frame is what accounts for your periodic ability to See something new and astounding.  As you activate your Higher Circuitry, you can begin to feel the vastly different frame of time man operates in as compared to Life’s time frame.

Life alludes to these different time frames, when scientists present their theories concerning the age of the universe.  They keep pushing the age back farther and farther based upon so-called scientific proof. Note the diverse difference between how old they theorize the universe to be and the age of humanity and the even greater difference between the reported age of the universe and the age of you.  Life operates in different time frames which amount to more than lengths of time.  These time frames are other dimensions.

Life is just beginning to divert its attention away from its past fears and doubts.  Now, in one sense, Life has continually, gradually, been doing this.  If we were living 500 years ago I would be saying the same thing, and it would be true.  But, there is also a certain way in which I can absolutely tell you that Life, to a new degree, is just beginning to shake away its identification with its own fears and doubts.  Life is beginning to get a firmer glimpse, a clearer understanding of its own growth.  However, keep in mind, this process encompasses perhaps a thousand or so of man’s years.

In your own time frame would anyone wish to Consider how different you are — in a way I won’t suggest specifically in words — after some personal experience with This Thing?  You are becoming more self-assured.  Of course, this isn’t the type of self-assurance discussed out in Life.  It is the assurance of a type of stability.  Take the earlier example of the inner voice telling you to get up and run at 5:30 every morning from now on.  You understand that those voices come and go; you know many things come and go, and you know you’re not going to get up at 5:30.  You develop a more assured feeling.

The feeling of assurance is also developing in the body of Life.  The process is both continual and gradual, and through this process Life is gaining a clearer view of what it is up to.  This assurance is being reflected in man.  Whatever Life is up to is always reflected mechanically somewhere in humanity.  And, it is always reflected in This Thing.

Part of how Life’s growing assurance is reflected in This is the understanding you can develop that everything is all right, nothing is broken.  This understanding goes far beyond sham positive thinking.  You begin to get your own little glimpses, as uncomfortable as they may be, that nothing is broken, things are progressing in a profitable direction, and the world is not falling apart.  Life is sending out this information. Life sends this information out through you.  And, just through your own existence, your own understanding that nothing is broken, this information is being spread to other areas of Life’s body.

Can you see the parallel of your own internal growth to the growth of Life?  Life is not as disturbed, fearful, hostile, or ambivalent as it once was.  Certainly at Line level, humanity is still being exposed to recoiling modes of energy.  The airways are still filled with doom-sayers; all news is still bad news.  But Neuralize what is taking place with the growth of This Thing.  Look at what Life is doing through This.  You have to See there are no problems, no personal demons to overcome; nothing is broken.

A new circuit is beginning to take form in Life, way off in another dimension, way off in another time spectrum.  Life has already made decisions, Life’s understanding has already increased and now this is being reflected in man.  And, as always, the beginning of that reflection is in some form of This Thing, at whatever time, and at whatever place in history.  More and more Life develops an assurance of what is going on and everything is going fine.

Continuing in the attempt to get you to expand your awareness of Life talking, feeling, moving through humanity, I am giving you another example of things going on in Life that no one would ordinarily ever put together.  Consider the world of insurance.  Insurance is a booming industry.  The insurance business has crept into all parts of the world.  Even barely civilized people in barely civilized countries have insurance. Insurance is everywhere.  Can you see another dimensional reality is coming out?  Can you see that insurance can almost be seen as part of Life’s attempt to cut down on unprofitable exchanges?  Take for example a man, who through his own labor, was able to purchase a house full of possessions.  Then, in a solitary act, a thief breaks into his home and takes everything the man owned.  If he was insured, the insurance company reimburses him for the loss and with this money he can repurchase the possessions he rightfully owned.  Now the insurance company slightly raises its rates across the board.  This includes the auto insurance on the thief’s getaway car.  The insurance company stretches the loss out in a more equitable manner.

Insurance can almost be seen as Life, to a workable degree, equalizing losses due to inequitable exchanges between people.  The current rate of expansion of the insurance business almost amounts to no-fault existence.  Take auto insurance as an example.  Now everyone is required to carry no-fault insurance and when any accident occurs the insurance companies simply pay off the loss.  Rates increase and we are all paying for everyone else’s wreck.

Life is almost trying to come up with a plan wherein nobody is at fault, and in which all loses are minimized.  And, this is not limited to auto accidents and burglaries.  Would anyone care to Consider in your spare time whether it actually would be possible for Life, for man, to actually come up with a “non culpa vitae”?  From birth on, everyone would have to be insured against everything.  You would have no choice, and you would pay for the insurance with part of your blood or part of each of your equitable exchanges.

Here’s another example of seemingly unrelated things out in Life.  I read the following:  “Scientists are astounded at the speed at which Nature can produce new bacteria to combat the previously non-biodegradable materials man disposes.”  Now, little bugs thrive on materials which a few years ago were considered biologically inert; strains of bacteria seem to have an appetite for nothing but empty, plastic milk cartons.

The interesting part of the quote is the part where it says, “Scientists are astounded by the rate at which “Nature” is helping man to clean up his mess.”  At Line level, everyone, even Yellow Circuited scientists, still views man as separate from nature.  And they believe some kind of battle goes on between the two.  Line level sees man constantly producing despicable things like plastic containers and carelessly throwing them into the face of Nature.  The cry continues, “We are killing the planet!”  And then suddenly, scientists are amazed to discover that Nature has come up with something which converts these lethal weapons into soil.

At Line level, no one can see, there is no out there.  But, as the example of the milk carton illustrates, Life is in the process of making this information available to Line level.  The process is both continual and gradual; the process rides on the same broken down bus as in my previous example, but slowly the idea, there is no out there, oozes into general circulation.  The pointings are everywhere.  The economic interconnectedness of the entire world is recognized.  The strange world of particle physics relates things in ways never before imagined.  Through the discovery, the observer affects that which is being observed, the previously irrelevant can no longer be ignored.  Still, right now, it is only those who have gotten off the bus who know, there is no out there.  Everyone else still operates on the basis of an “out there”, and the good ole thing, nature, is continually assaulted and must continually correct the bad habits of man.

Here’s another one for you.  For years the game of golf was played with a plain, dimple less, round ball. Then when man’s consciousness began exploring theories of flight, someone put those ideas together with the golf ball and added dimples to the ball.  The dimples serve the function of reducing the drag or air friction on the ball, and now, with the addition of dimples, there is a measurable, dramatic increase in the distance a golf ball will travel when hit.  But, golf ball designers also found out a limit exists to the number of dimples you can put on a golf ball and that limit is reached before you run out of physical space.  The designers discovered that after a certain point, dimples no longer increased lift, the dimples increased rather than decreased drag.

Now recall the old pre-particle physics idea that energy and matter can neither be created nor destroyed, an idea with which I have no complaint.  Just assume that the idea is true at its level.  The question then becomes, if nothing can be created, how is it that the possibility seems to exist of altering something already created to the point that the alteration will have a dramatic, measurable effect upon what has been the status quo?  In my example, they took the little mind-its-own-business golf ball and altered it enough to have a direct,  specific effect.  But they could only do this up to a certain point.  And my question is:  What is that point?  Furthermore, how is it that such a point exists?  Take the golf ball. They started adding dimples and each time the ball went measurably farther until they reached a certain point.  Past that point the addition of even one more dimple reversed the process and the ball traveled a shorter distance.

There is a point at which everything seems to be a compromise in Life.  You can arrange creation up to a certain, definable point, but after that the compromise is no longer profitable.  The question remains, what is the point, and where is the point?  Where is the physical reality of the point?  How is it that you can apparently beneficially compromise something you didn’t create; you can specifically effect reality, but only up to a point?  What is the purpose of that point?

As I go through this next example, some of you may think I am asking the same question as in the golf ball example and you may or may not be correct.  A third possibility could be afoot.

Line level takes it as absolute fact that there are a hundred million neurons in the brain, and the total possible combinations of connections between all those neurons is a number larger than the number of atoms in the entire universe.  I would like to know this:  How can the potential be greater than the physical realities composing their possibilities?

Let’s assume that all of the atoms in the universe could be counted and that nothing can be created and destroyed.  Then take what is in one little skull, all the millions of neurons and mathematically compute all the possible connections between those neurons, and the number produced will be bigger than the number of atoms composing the whole known universe.  How is it that possibilities can exceed in numbers the physical realities composing the background which supports the possibilities?

Now, as to the third possibility, I will simply lump it back into, “Non lineal progression in a 3-D world continued.”  Whenever, for the purpose of describing more and more of what is actually going on, you try to separate reality into Yellow Circuit useable pieces, such as my separating the possibilities from their physical background, verbally everything becomes exponentially more and more complex.  The descriptions can even get complex to the point that they seem to run back onto themselves.  But nothing simply runs back on itself.  Everything moves in all directions simultaneously.  If the act of division increases the complexity, does the ultimate simplicity reside in seeing the seamless reality of it all?  What questions could be answered if you no longer try to separate the inseparable?

An example of this non lineal progression which manifested in our lifetime was the sudden rise in popularity of country music among Yellow Circuit centered individuals.  People with college educations, wearing three piece suits all week long, started driving pickup trucks on weekends and hung out in beer joints listening to nothing but country music.  A generation of people more aligned with the Yellow Circuit adopted a music form more aligned with the lower circuits.  If you were simply pondering this from Line level and believed in lineal progression, you would almost think that a brand new kind of music, real Yellow Circuit music should have evolved and attracted the masses.

And what about the fact that more and more, as people became centered in the Yellow Circuit, activities such as jogging and physically working-out increased in popularity?  Bricklayers and ditch diggers, people more aligned with the Red Circuit don’t jog.  If everything followed a lineal progression, wouldn’t the attraction to exercise decrease?

Line level believes the most efficient way for everything to operate is for everything to go in a straight line.  But, at Line level, nothing happens in a straight line.  Straight lines are only seen from a vantage point above Line level.  Life can make a decision and instantly act on it.  Life decides to go from here to there and in Life’s dimension, Life goes from here to there in a straight line.  But, down in the dimension of man, in the time frame man operates within, it may take hundreds of years for even the slightest movement from here towards there to become evident.

In the dimension of man, Yellow Circuit centered people re-popularized country music.  The appearance is of things turning back on themselves.  However, you can see this, not as some form of regression which took place, but as a period of temporary reunion with the lower circuits.  And it is temporary, because everything is temporary.

One further connecting thread.  Humanity has always searched for the ultimate source; that which is driving all and everything.  Throughout time this source has been given various names from the gods to the ultimate energy.  And when I told you of a Primal Flow many of your nervous systems believed I spoke of this ultimate source.  You hoped I would identify it, tell you .what color it is.  Remember though, Primal Flow is simply a term I made up.

I understand much more than I can tell you of the Primal Flow because the reality of the Primal Flow can never reveal itself to human consciousness in its undivided form.  A continuing part of the complexity of things is that Line-level consciousness can feel the existence of this Flow, but Line level cannot conceive of anything in its undivided form.

This is the closest I can point you in words:  the Primal Flow does drive everything.  But, the Primal Flow cannot reveal itself in its undivided form and that is the continuing complexity.  At Line level man dreams of seeing the single force, and all he can see is its splintered remains.