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The Process Loop, Part II


Diagram 33 The Process Loop

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Jan Cox Talk 134, Nov 22, 1984, runtime 1:36
Notes by TK

Must see Life’s most distasteful conflicts not as statements of ultimate reality, but in the joyful vision of Life’s continuing efforts to grow. Life’s staggering growth, moves by imbalance, non-linear. Apparently almost a non-directional growth. Seems ineffective and self contradictory to ordinary consciousness.  A linear growth A to B is really destruction, not growth. That which is unanimously approved or disapproved of would instantly disappear; annihilation.

Criticism is a “wrap” (film term for finished scene, complete); the ultimate period. Arises as part and parcel of OAI consciousness. OAI consciousness is hard-wired/magnetically attracted to certain things and always has a predominant persuasion (+ or -). When in disapproval mode–criticism arises and terminates absolutely any possibility for growth. It doesn’t harm that which you criticize, it harms you instead; terminates your possibilities. The voices will always criticize, but you don’t have to entertain them. Resist. Disengage.

The “evolution” -history of the development of higher circuits is not linear. Each stage of circuitry is not once and for all complete everywhere, such that its refining functions are completely effective. There are places on the planet where it is still almost the first day of the Yellow Circuit.  Also in more advanced areas: example of bricklayer whose RED Circuit reaction overwhelms the higher circuits. The higher circuits have no chance to refine the energy. Relation to sex as the whipping boy par excellence; the sitting duck for attack. Not really a condemnation of sex per se, but is a call for refinement of lower energies. Thus love, marriage, tenderness etc. encouraged vs lust.

Life’s disapproval of less efficient energy transfers–solitary acts. Example of masturbation, solitary drinking, hallucinatory drugs, impractical day dreaming as disabling. Robbery, Ponzi scams, murder. The guilt associated with incomplete, unfinished, neglected activities.

Unseen justice of relief supplies sent in to disaster areas which then sit on docks and airports rotting and rusting. It is only in such primitive areas where disasters strike more often in the first place.

Nuances in the ambiance of feeling associated with the same activity: example of a guilt induced calling of your mother vs. a spontaneous, pleasure filled impulse to call. The former = recoiling mode; the latter = kinetic mode. There is a physical basis for this, not unconscious psych. factors. Changes in modal mixtures/combinations. Technique: when you recognize the predominance of recoiling mode in an activity, actively seek to embrace it. E.g., sit down and pay the bills with eagerness; call the dentist with real (feigned) enthusiasm. Powerful affect.

The ordinary understanding of “triunity” of god would be absolutely true if the mode mixtures were taken into account.

If we could isolate and examine C force, we would see that it is not the unique carrier of creativity. Creativity is rather, a particular mode mixture of the 3 systems.

Real heroes have no heroes.

Reading of questions and observations: If you feel superior to anyone you are at their level. This is a law of physics. This Thing does not make you mechanically superior. You are out of sync, a part of you is in a different time and place when grounded in This Thing. It should foster an omni-directional benevolence and non-expectation towards all things.


Write an original, funny joke without any hostility, overt or implied.



Document:  134,  November 22, 1984
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1984

Some of you are beginning to understand that all of human activity is like Life in 4-Dimensional motion. Once you See this, the things that ordinary consciousness regards as conflict — ideological disagreements, tensions between peoples, stresses in the world — appear different.  Strange as it sounds in words, rather than feeling discouraged or critical about even situations of a very distasteful nature, you feel a kind of joy to see that Life is still struggling to grow.  This happens with everything — from Red Circuit level struggles to people arguing about politics and morality.  Your own hard-wired self, assuming it has any magnetic response to a conflict, automatically takes a side.  But you can begin to See within all such struggles the staggered growth process of Life.  Then, rather than your own hard-wired reaction, you feel a certain joy.

Life’s attempts to grow are reflected in the kinds of struggles individuals go through.  Growth does not happen in a straight line.  It is not a matter of suddenly seeing the light; instant, once and for all enlightenment occurs only in mystical books.  To understand this, all you have to do is look at what goes on in you at Line Level.  Even those of you who have been involved in This Thing for years have continual voices of resistance toward what you’re attempting.  There’s really no explaining that, other than to say growth is gradual and nondirectional, and that is not something to suffer over.

Ordinary consciousness wants to see growth happening in a straight line — going from here to there — in what it believes is the most efficient manner.  But that would be destruction, not growth.  That would be like a powerful and tyrannical government finally overcoming, once and for all, the pockets of resistance in a country by trampling all over them.  Then those people would just disappear.  If all the parties involved in a change are to survive, then the apparent victor cannot simply be turned loose.  Life cannot allow such domination on a large scale; Life cannot allow one Force to move in a straight line, overcoming all recoil, all resistance.  But ordinary consciousness would tell you just the opposite.

Everyone has the feeling that to pursue any kind of activity, particularly an unusual or “mystical” activity, should be a straightforward thing.  “I’ll find some teacher somewhere who knows the secret and he’ll tell me what to do.  It may take me a little while, but I know I can do it if somebody’ll just tell me what.”  That is binary consciousness believing progress goes from here to there — that growth is a matter of trampling everything that stands in the way of progress.  And that can’t be done.  Or, if it is done, what results is annihilation.

Once you begin to develop your own 3-Dimensional awareness, you See that conflict — resistance, opposition — is a necessary side to the triaxial nature of everything.  If a thing — anything — was unanimously approved of, it would disappear.  Yet, throughout history, those in favor of a particular idea have believed, “This would benefit everybody.  I don’t understand why everyone can’t agree to this.”  Ordinary consciousness cannot know that if it were possible to overcome the last piece of resistance, once the last holdout said, “You’re right!  I finally agree!” then that thing — that idea, that religion, that philosophy — would almost disappear.  It would be no longer be of any value.  It would be, at most, a vague recollection of little or no importance.  You should also See — and this is a little trickier — that if anything were unanimously disapproved of, it would also go “Poof.”  Any conquering Force overcoming all resistance would result in annihilation of that Force.

Let me refer you back to my description of one’s self at the Line Level of Consciousness as “hard-wired.”  Picture this part of your circuitry as being equivalent to the ROM (Read Only Memory) of a computer.  In ROM the information is already there and cannot be altered at all.  Nor will ROM accept new information.  Does that sound a lot like what everyone in the world lovingly calls “myself”?  At that level of consciousness, all questions of change are just moot, though it seems otherwise.

Of course, if everyone were not hard-wired on that level, the world would be made up of jellyfish.  Everything would fall apart.  People would wake up in the morning and not be sure who they saw in the mirror:  “I must be going crazy.  I find myself putting on the clothes of a cook, but I was an accountant yesterday, best as I can remember.”  ROM keeps that from happening.

People have a continual ROM reaction to Life.  They automatically take sides, expressing magnetic, ROM, hard-wired attractions to certain people, places and activities.  You can observe this in operation when you pick up the newspaper.  You see that, “Well, I’m just drawn to articles with certain words in them — taxes, money, starvation — I just find myself looking over there on the page.”

The very act of finding yourself looking over there — what seems to be your hard-wired attention — has a certain persuasion, apparently positive or negative.  One result of this is what seems to be criticism.  In the great world of movie-making there is the term, “a wrap.”  They finish shooting a scene, the director thinks it’s fine and he shouts out, “That’s a wrap!”  Which means:  that is the end of that; that scene is through; “I like that, wrap it up.”  Do you understand that all criticism is a wrap?

Criticism is the ultimate period, and is part and parcel of the way ordinary consciousness operates.  At Line Level, anything consciousness has an awareness of it also has a critical feel about.  That’s only logical.  “I would not be interested in anything unless I had some critical feel for it.”  This is true on an individual level and on a larger scale.  Note that all ordinary teachings, sermons and commentaries are always critical.  At Line Level, they could not be otherwise.  But remember, for the purposes of This Thing, criticism is the ultimate wrap.

I have often warned you not to take anything I’ve said as being some form of criticism of Life.  Now, can you get a glimpse of the fact that if indeed my comments were critical, that would not harm those I was criticizing?  What it would do is put a wrap on you.  The criticism would put a period on any chance you had of Understanding anything else about what I was describing.  Every time you take something as a criticism, every time you think, “That’s what’s wrong with people,” or “Ordinary people are misinformed,” it’s as if you are holding a gun to your head and firing.  This gun shoots little periods — little holes through your brain that resemble gigantic periods and which eliminate other possibilities.

Let’s say you’ve reached the point where — on a good day when the humidity is just right — you can begin to Hear Life speaking.  At such times you understand that what’s going on is not some power struggle between good and evil.  But simultaneously, you turn your head and get distracted.  Your hard-wired attention — ROM — can’t be altered; no new information goes in.  So your attention takes whatever side it is wired up to take.  And once you entertain such a voice within, you find yourself merged with that voice.  It makes a critical comment about some idea, some group of people.  And you and the voice embrace in that deadly hug you take as being you.

Do you see that you might as well have shot yourself through the brain with a large metal period?  I’m not trying to say that this is some sort of unforgivable sin, but you are killing yourself — vis a vis This Thing — whenever criticize.  Avoiding this is not a matter of choking off the internal voices — you cannot go back into the hard-wired system and alter it — it just is what it is.  It’s kindergarten; out on the playground, kids kick each other and throw sand in another kid’s eye.  So what else is new?  Your ROM is not going to change.  So what?  Are you going to continue to live your life on that level?

The internal voices are not you, but when you entertain a voice — when you let criticism pass unchecked and get written down by your internal court reporter — you have put a wrap on that.  You have shot another period-shaped hole through your head.

Consider my diagram of the nervous system with the three circuits, one of top of the other, going from the Red, the Blue to the Yellow Circuit.  That is a fair representation of the evolution of the nervous system, but it is limited.  Like all growth, the development of the circuitry in Man is not a static or linear process.  There are people on this planet who still have minimal development of the Yellow circuit. Humanity does not evolve through one stage and then it’s over.  As you are beginning to suspect, it is not a once and for all process of Man developing the Red Circuit, then the Blue one and finally a Yellow Circuit.  Also keep in mind that this is a 3-Dimensional description of something that takes place in other dimensions.  For one thing, the circuits are all entangled, but the drawing only shows three interconnected circles with a vertical line.

I want you to Neuralize one particular way they are entangled.  Each new circuit is partially in charge of refining the energies flowing from the lower circuitry.  Take what appears to be a good Red Circuit man — my “bricklayer.”  Everyone recognizes this man because there is a piece of him in you.  He’s the kind of person who can open his mouth and whatever is going on the Red Circuit just runs right through.  He might be working on a job, and his supervisor comes by and says, “Aren’t you finished yet?”  It would not be unusual for such a man to yell, “Get off my damn back!”  It is almost as though the energy from the lower circuitry just flew through the nervous system — it was so hot — and there was almost no refinement of it.  That kind of person might have a vague sense of this, and say, “I’ve got to learn to control my temper.”  What he is describing without understanding it is that the energy transferred comes through from a lower source without much refinement.

Those of you who have begun to Hear Life talking through people can begin a investigation of your own which is related to this.  Neuralize, for example, why something as basic and necessary as sex has been, throughout history, a sitting duck for attack.  This is still going on:  men with college degrees attacking sex and large audiences listening and responding to that.  They’ve almost got it narrowed down to, “one man and one woman married under the auspices of the government and the church” is ok, and anything else — from casual sexual encounters to outright pornography to suggestive advertising — is taboo.  This should strike some of you as curious.  How can that be explained?  People have to have sex or there would be no people.  That’s obvious.  So what is going on?

Let me point out one way to Consider this (but don’t take this as a wrap — don’t put a period on it because there is much more to be seen).  One temporary interpretation of this is that Life is not condemning sex, but calling for a continual refinement of lower circuit energies.  And this comes out through humans — with them often attributing it to the gods — as a cry that there should be stable families, that men and women should be involved in close, loving relationships.

Can you see the whole concept of love as a refinement of sex?  Sexual energy originates in the Red Circuit and, on that level, people would have sex with anybody.  But a refinement of that would be what? Love — a caress, a kind word, two people staying together.  Again, don’t take that as a wrap.  I’m just pointing to a possible translation of the idea of love — of stable relationships — being a higher circuit refinement of energy that originates in the lower circuitry.

Do not get involved with the voices in you that give moralistic reasons for being against pornography or extramarital sex.  But can you see that almost everything but the approved form — a husband and wife going to bed together — goes against that refinement?  It’s not that the gods are against pornography — I’m not implying that I’m against it — but, dealing with the ordinary level of consciousness, pornography is not much of a refinement.  Porn is not somehow “morally” wrong, but it is almost back at the basic level where the sexual urge originated.  Here it is, seven thousand years later, and in certain areas of Life’s body, that urge hasn’t been refined a bit.  Can any of you sense the reality behind what religion has heretofore referred to as “morality”?  They are talking about chemical processes, about a refinement of energy.

Life is continually disapproving of all kinds of acts that are less than efficient energy transfers, and the disapproval comes out through people.  Take for instance, masturbation.  Throughout the world, in all kinds of religions, people have felt that this was something to be hidden.  “Whenever I masturbate, I feel guilty.”  Can everyone see that Life disapproves, in a certain way, of solitary acts.  A solitary sexual act — as opposed to two people having sex — is an inefficient transfer of energy.  On a certain level, the sex act could be seen as the ultimate transfer of Red Circuit energy.  But what is one guy sitting at home in the closet with Playboy?

Consider another activity Life disapproves of — solitary drinking.  There is a general feeling throughout the world that people shouldn’t drink.  Yet every little tribe in the world has booze.  So it is not that Life disapproves of drinking enough to prohibit alcohol.  But what form of drinking is so totally unacceptable that people usually turn themselves in, finally?  How do you identify an alcoholic?  Solitary drinking.

How about drugs?  Hallucinations?  Why does Life disapprove of what the world calls psychosis?  What about unprofitable or nowhere daydreams?  Consider the guilt that seems inherent in sitting around making plans that you never carry out.  That is a very inefficient transfer of energy.  It’s a form of masturbation, and Life disapproves.

Consider robberies.  Somebody walks up to another person and says, “Give me all your money or I’ll shoot you!” and steals the money.  Can you see how robbery is like a solitary act?  It is a one-way flow of energy, by and large; very little exchange is taking place.  Murder, also, is almost a solitary act; there is almost no exchange of energy.

Life disapproves of solitary acts; they are a very inefficient way of energy being transferred.  People are continually transferring energy, on the Red Circuit level, just by being alive.  But that is not the kind of refined, higher circuit energy transfer that humanity is charged with.  Picture a huge electrochemical plant that is operating at less than maximum efficiency.  Of course, the guy who owns the plant disapproves of the way the employees are running the plant.  Or, look at it this way:  Life is in business to make money and shooting somebody is not making money; masturbation does not turn a profit.

There is another aspect you might Neuralize in relation to the ordinary, ROM, inclination to continually criticize and find fault with what is going on in Life.  Picture this scenario:  A huge disaster strikes somewhere, and other countries attempt to send assistance to the stricken area.  Food and medical supplies are shipped in; then they sit for two weeks at the airport and rot.  You hear about this type of thing happening, and a voice in you says, “How could this happen!  How stupid can people be?”  Something in you automatically reacts with a blanket condemnation of the people involved.  But the little quirk you might Consider is this:  the only areas of the world that have such large scale disasters — man-made or otherwise — are the very ones where supplies  which were sent in could be left to rot at the airport.  Beware of any ROM voice in you that takes this as being a criticism.  It is not.  It is an observation about how things are arranged in the body of Life; of where Life’s circuitry is the most developed.  The places where disasters happen are the places where additional disasters will happen.  Then other countries of the world — other areas of Life’s body — look at that area and say, “Those people are absolute idiots.  Why send any assistance when they’ll just let the supplies rot at the airport.”  There is a justice to this that cannot be avoided.

I want to go back to the diagram of the Process Loop I gave you last week.  Neuralize the systems and their predominant modes in relation to what appear to be different results coming about through apparently similar motivations.  There can apparently be some motivational flow going through a person which leads to a result; but the experience of that apparent result can differ drastically, depending on which mode is predominant in the motivational flow.  It is as if, on two different occasions, things moved from A to B.  But the B has a completely different flavor from one time to the next — depending on the mode mixture in A — even though the apparent result was the same.

Let’s describe this in a more personal way.  Say you have a hard-wired, ROM, guilt that seems to motivate you to periodically call your mother.  You’re always thinking, “I should call mother more often.  She enjoys it so much.”  Life, in some way, approves of you calling your mother.  And there is a kind of ambivalence of feeling that surrounds this.  It’s not just the act of calling her, but the way you put it off; sometimes you think about it and then relive past conversations with her.  You can be motivated to call your mother by a kind of guilt and all that goes along with it.  Yet, at other times there is a kind of pleasurable urge to call her.  Both motivations result in you calling your mother, but the experience of the result can vary widely, according to the predominate mode in the motivational flow.

There can apparently be some motivational flow going through a person which leads to a result; but the experience of that apparent result can differ drastically, depending on which mode is predominant in the motivational flow.  It is as if, on two different occasions, things moved from A to B.  But the B has a completely different flavor from one time to the next — depending on the mode mixture in A — even though the apparent result was the same.

Let’s describe this in a more personal way.  Say you have a hard-wired, ROM, guilt that seems to motivate you to periodically call your mother.  You’re always thinking, “I should call Mom more often, she enjoys it so much.”  Life, in some way, approves of you calling your mother.  But there is a kind of ambivalence of feeling that surrounds this:  it’s not just the act of calling her, but the way you put off calling; sometimes you even think about calling and then relive past conversations with her, but don’t actually call.  You can be motivated to call your mother by a kind of guilt and all that goes along with that. Yet, at other times there is a kind of pleasurable urge to call her.  Both motivations result in you calling your mother, but the experience of the result can vary widely, according to the predominate mode in the motivational flow.

Take another example:  It’s the end of the month and time to pay your bills but you keep putting it off.  You want to argue with the bills, “Why does the power company keep raising the price of electricity?  The politicians are letting them get rich at my expense.”  Can you sense in this brief description — or in the guilt-induced motivation to call your mother — the smell of what I have called the recoil mode?

That is a very fertile area for Neuralization, which is why I’m dwelling on it.  There can apparently be some kind of motivational force — some kind of energy in action — like the desire to call your mother.  But within that flow there is — physically, as opposed to what humanity describes as “psychological moods” — a continual shifting of modes.  One predomination of modes can make you sit down and call Mom.  The next day — or an hour later — the same kind of flow can apparently be going on but the situation is not the same.  A change in the mixture of the modes has occurred.  Yet it can appear that the same thing is going on with the same result:  “Sometimes I just get the urge to call my Mom, to talk to her,”  or, “I’ve just got to call Mother, I can’t put it off any longer!”

I repeat, this is a very fertile area.  It can get your finger in the door of the kinds of things that seem absolutely inexplicable in Life, unless you believe in unconscious motivations, and there is no such thing. The shifting of the modes is a reality of physics — a scientific reality.  You experience this constantly; everybody does, but they find it totally inexplicable.

There is a very practical way in which you can use this.  You should begin to be able to smell the predominance of the recoiling mode.  Then you can meet it head-on.  This would sound foolish to an ordinary person, but it’s very practical to recognize the recoiling mode — in putting off paying your bills, for example — and to then immediately sit down and say, “Come here you little bills, you!  It’s my favorite time of the month!  Who will I pay first?”  But you do that without any sarcasm.  You just meet it head-on.

I saw a church billboard the other day announcing a sermon about the “triunity of god.”  Does everyone understand what a good example that is of Life talking?  But you should begin to See that it’s not a matter of three separate deities — of three board members forming a “god” corporation — or even of three Forces having three separate functions.  Let me give you a temporary definition of the triunity of “god”:  that would be three systems operating in a certain, proper, mode mix.

When I gave you a description of the Forces as C, D, and  E, I cautioned you not to think of a Force as something that actually exists independently.  Anything ordinary consciousness would identify as being one Force in operation — “I recognize destruction when I see it, there is D Force in action”; “That’s creative so it must be C Force” — is an illusion.  There is no such thing as a purely destructive force.  And the C system, even if we could speak of it as operating in isolation, is not the single flow of real creative growth. But binary consciousness, hearing such ideas, immediately wants to believe that “Obviously there is a Creative Force and we should align ourselves with it.”  That sounds right, but is never true.

There is not a single creative flow.  What is truly creative would be three systems in a particular mode that you are trying to align yourself with.  That’s where This Thing is going.  But there is no identifiable C Force.  Somebody in a different place can see what you perceive as C Force, as D Force.  Once you realize this, you will no longer be amazed, confounded, or critical of ideological, political, religious and other disputes and apparent conflicts.

There is no way to align yourself with one identifiable Force.  It becomes a matter of alignment to the three systems in a particular mode mix.  Once you See this, you understand why This Thing can have no “gods.”  Because anything you can identify as a god — or as “one Force” — cuts off two legs of triaxial reality.  Once you have identified something, it’s a wrap.  Period.  And there’s no more life in it.

All of you have to begin to See that what passes for the motivations of humanity and individuals is Life in 4-D motion.  Which is absolutely astounding.  People are not in some way less than people; people are more than you ever imagined.  They are part of Life’s body, and so are you.  When you voice criticism of somebody else, you might as well be attacking your own heart.  You cannot exclude yourself.  When you think, “Ordinary people are not even people.  I’m glad I’m not in that position,” you are back in that position.

To Do This Thing, you must treat others as though they are holy.  Treat every other person as you would treat me, as though that person is your one chance.  You have all been exposed to religious ideas such as “Love thine enemy.”  There is validity to that, but not in the sense of moral truth.  It is a literal, chemical, scientific truth that the way you are treating other people is determining what possibility you have of making effort — of moving — that day, that hour, that second.  As long as you’re being critical — as long as you treat somebody else as though they are inferior — you are keeping yourself at the level of ordinary consciousness.  This is a scientific fact, not an allegory.  When you feel superior, believe me, right then you are not.  You may be able to See what others cannot.  You may Understand what most of the world doesn’t understand.  But you’ll still get holes in your underwear.  You’ll still need a haircut.  Real growth is never a matter of reaching some kind of mechanically superior position.

Everyone who Understands anything understands, “It’s not that I am at some level above everybody else.  I am in a different time frame in Life; I’m in a different part of Life’s body.  That’s about all I can tell you.”

Treating other people properly is not a matter of developing some sham feeling of, “Oh, how wonderful people are.”  People are what they are.  They are in charge of transferring energy.  “Human life is sacred; people should treat each other right.”  That is true.  It’s not some debatable, moral question — it’s simply true.  Any time you feel less than what I could call an omni-directional benevolence toward humanity, then you are not doing This Thing.

Real benevolence has to be based on an Understanding of what’s going on.  Then you become the least harmful person in the world.  You can’t cheat anybody.  A person could leave their child with you; they could drop their fortune at your feet.  They could put their life in your hands (if that were possible), because you Understand that there is no profit to be gained at their expense; there is no superior position. They are locked in with you at Line Level.  On that level, you and they are the same.

A part of you can Understand this; a part of you can be in a different time frame.  But whenever you feel less than benevolent toward anyone — whenever you merge with a critical voice from ROM — you are back locked in at Line Level.  And you are not doing This Thing.