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The Process Loop


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Diagram # 033 illustration

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Diagram # 033 photo


Jan Cox Talk 133, Nov 15, 1984, runtime 2:02
Notes by TK

THE ISLES OF ARTICULATION.  This Thing is at least the formation of coalescent (increasing heat) spores for dissemination.  Increased treatment and concern with energy rather than the outward mass of things.

Life is operating on its own level on the basis that it should not lie, and this comes out through man. Lying is an inefficient transfer of energy: an inequitable exchange of energy–e.g. a conman bilks hundreds for personal gain. Life expects that the conman’s investment opportunity should benefit many–a wide distribution of benefits (money, energy). There is a certain immorality of energy wastage at Life’s level. At the level of man it manifests as a feeling of being cheated.

Consciousness  is the last to know. It seems that such can’t be totally correct since planning and forecasts do take place. But such planning is already a contributing part of the “envelope of possibilities” for tomorrow.

Numbers are inadequate as long as 2 + 2 appears to be 4 and only 4. Just as inadequate as language/words. As with unactivated negative reflection in brain–for every 2 there is an unactivated side to it at right angles (e.g. 3) and for another 2 the unactivated is, say, 7 ½ . Then the equation of 2 + 2 = 4 becomes: (2+3) + (2+7 ½ ) = 14 ½ . There is always some unarticulated aspect/background of every equation supporting the activated (manifest).

Energy begets energy. E.g. running along–then expend extra energy in change of pace (hill etc.) which is energizing. Illogical in the 3-D world but exists anyway. Why leave this technique simply at the physical/RED Circuit level?

Isles of Articulation Diagram. Diagram is multi-dimensional. Appears to be a loop but goes in all possible directions–not just a loop. The 3 forces are to be considered as “cystems” with modes: kinetic, recoiling and inert. The word isle used to evoke image of something solid, surrounded on all sides by instability. Definition of articulation: distinct, coherent, meaningfully whole and capable of  description. The loop of process is not timely, not sequential. The ‘cystems’ with modes do not really change people as the isles move thru them. They simply shift thru predictable permutations.

The E-system could only be recognized by one who has already identified and is aware of C and D. Consider E as a movable ally, e.g. two armies: one overruns the other (as in the straight line illusion) but then a non-partisan army joins the defeated army (in what appears to be an unrelated action) to rally and re-conquer the former victor. This will invariably happen unless a particular triad is doomed to final end, e.g. death. The vanquished can never regroup and re-conquer by itself.

The modes themselves are like sub-triads supporting each leg of the system CDE triad.

If the inert mode/fraction of triad becomes very small, then conversely C and D becomes very large. This can mean war, i.e. the non-partisan background largely disappears.

Questions: What is jealousy? Can you be jealous without words? Consider what function jealousy has at Life’s level.

What is too drastic gets crushed by ordinary life. Relates to shrinkage of E-force fraction of triad.

The only real morality: do not hinder Life’s growth.



Document:  133,  November 15, 1984
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1984

     You should keep a continuing awareness of how extraordinary This Thing is.  I want to remind you about what This seems to be, and then what it really is.  This Thing has always been extraordinary — wherever it appeared — but our only reasonable interest now is how extraordinary it is to be, right now. From our viewpoint, one amazing thing happening right now is that, for the first time, Life — through Man — is beginning to examine certain parts of its own existence on the basis of the underlying energy rather than the outlying mass.

     You should keep an awareness that This Thing does have a greater purpose.  Life does not do This for the entertainment of a few people.  It simply doesn’t.  I remind you that one purpose of Life channeling extraordinary maps and information through someone like me is to produce a kind of calescent spores — calescent meaning “increasing in warmth.”  (I either heard that word somewhere or made it up — but it fits.)

     Several times I have asked you to Neuralize on your own what seem to be religious, moral or psychological ideas through which Life puts out the message:  You should not lie.  I remind you that Life does not think the way you think.  But try and See — as opposed to believing — how Life continually sends the message that there is some reason humanity should not engage in lying.  Life itself is operating, at its level, on that basis — that it should not lie — and this comes out through Man.

     Neuralize the possible reasons for this recurrent message, remembering that Life disapproves, within itself, of anything less than maximally efficient transactions.  Consider what transpires, for example, when a man holds himself out as being an investment counselor.  He rounds up a group of people and convinces them, “Invest your money with me.  I’ll make certain efforts, based on my expertise and knowledge, take out a percentage, and then we’ll all profit.”  And let us say that the man is lying.  He turns out to be a crook who takes all their funds, diverts them for his own use, and doesn’t invest anything.  Ignoring any legal or moral aspects of this scenario, can you see that in a certain sense Life “expected” an equitable exchange and distribution of benefits to take place and it did not?  In this example, we appear to be talking about money, but we’re actually describing energy.  Life expected there would be an equitable distribution of energy profits to many.  (In this case it seemed to be many people, but what if Life expected the profits to go to many parts of Life’s own body?)  Then, because of lying, the benefits accrued to one.  Jump from that being one lying crook who gains, to just one small spot in Life’s body, whereas Life expected that the benefits of the exchange would be widespread.  On that basis, Life would have great disapproval over lying. Life disapproves of expending energy through a man setting up an expected exchange when that exchange never occurs.

     Though Life does not have “morals” in the human sense of the word, there is a certain morality to this.  I suggest most strongly that, to Life, there is an immorality to energy waste.  Life attempts to continually expand and amplify itself.  So when parts of its body operate at less than maximum efficiency, Life disapproves.

     There is another area which would be useful to Neuralize on your own.  It falls under the general heading of ordinary consciousness being the last to know.  There are numerous physical examples about the way the nervous system operates and the speed with which information actually arrives at the Yellow circuit.  But on another level you could Consider what seem to be “psychological” examples illustrating this phenomenon.  Suppose a man sits down one night to prepare for a meeting the next day.  He pulls out his list of prospective clients who’ll attend the meeting, then sits for hours plotting what he will say, thinking about what his competitors may have already told the clients, and how he will counteract their sales pitch. From an ordinary viewpoint it would appear as though here is an example of a man actually attempting, and succeeding to some degree, to plan for tomorrow.  But, as he is planning, there are determining forces — determining systems — already in operation, far beyond his understanding and awareness. There is kind of envelope of possibilities already established.  That envelope includes the clients, his sales pitch — and everything else.  And the man will be operating within this envelope of possibilities tomorrow, regardless of any plans he makes tonight.

     Even if you take the description I just gave as being one piece of the literal truth — appropriate for this time and place — can you see that if you could somehow sell this to the general public it would not be a boon?  It would be destruction.  If everyone believed this, they would say, “Well, I give up! You’re telling me no matter what I do, no matter how I plan, tomorrow is already arranged and I have almost no latitude, no possibility of changing it.”  Ordinary consciousness can see no possibilities in this description.

     You must understand that the man believing he can plot and plan for tomorrow is part of the determining factors that are presently establishing tomorrow — part of the envelope of possibilities.  Of course, you have to get close to a 4-Dimensional viewpoint — close to the perception that today and yesterday and tomorrow are not as they appear — in order to glimpse this.

     In a sense, the man sitting there tonight laying plans for tomorrow is doomed, though not in a negative way.  He is already limited because forces and systems have previously been arranging themselves into tomorrow.  What he seems capable of doing tomorrow is already set up, within a general envelope of possibilities, tonight.  Crudely put, what will happen to him tomorrow is preordained.  That’s not exactly true — because the envelope of possibilities must have a little tolerance, a little looseness — but almost true.  What will happen is already set up.  Yet, the man is sitting there believing he can plan.  And that — him sitting there believing — is also one of the factors preordaining tomorrow.

     At the ordinary level, this can’t be true, you can’t have it both ways.  But you can.  The determining factors that have set up everything which will happen have also set up the fact that he’s sitting there believing, “My plans will have an effect on tomorrow.”  So tonight, he’s already part of tomorrow.  Except that tomorrow is already part of yesterday, because yesterday has previously established tomorrow.

     Here is something to Consider about numbers:  Not only are words inadequate, but numbers as well.  That is, as long as 2 and 2 appear to equal 4 only, then numbers are inadequate to give anything but a 3-Dimensional description.  Ordinary consciousness sees that 2 and 2 equal 4.  The answer can’t be anything else — it’s 4 and only 4.  And in the 3-D world, that is quite sufficient.

     But remember, there is, literally, an unactivated side of human consciousness — an unactivated side of the brain.  For every “Yes” in consciousness, there is also a “No.”  For every apparent hostility you have, there is a matching fear about that which you seem hostile toward.

 Diagram 018 illustration

Diagram 018 illustration

In this diagram, I drew a circle divided by a squiggly line, with one side of the circle shaded. This represents the brain and its non-activated (N/A) side.  This is a direct, matching negative reflection — an unactivated portion of the brain itself — where there is a corresponding “No” for each “Yes” of ordinary consciousness.  For everything consciousness believes in completely, there is a corresponding lack of belief.  That is how the brain physically operates in the 3-D world.

Keep this in mind as we go back to discussing numbers.  For every 2, there is also an unactivated aspect of 2, at a right angle to it. Every 2 has a normally unrecognized negative reflection, or else it could not exist.  And I don’t mean simply — in the language of mathematics — that for every 2 there is a minus 2. In another dimension, the unactivated side of a 2 could be a 3.  Another 2 could have an unactivated side that is a 7.5.  There could be many different 2s, each having a different unactivated side.  Thus, the equation which looks like this in the 3-D world:

2 + 2 = 4

could very well look like this if you added a dimension:

(2 + 3) + (2 + 7.5) = l4.5

Do not get caught in thinking that this has to do with numbers, as you have always used them.  It is a reflection of something that is quite real, though.  Consider that all you have to do is add one dimension — move at a slight right angle — and everything changes.

You cannot think of “good” without thinking of what is not good.  You can’t think of “2” without being able to think of a non-2.  There can be nothing in consciousness standing by itself without some background.  That is what I mean, in part, by drawing an unactivated, negative, reflective aspect of the brain.  A person could not be conscious of 2 if that was the only number he knew, because then 2 would be no number.  There has to be a negative background composed of non-2s.  Similarly, a table could not be a “table” if you only knew one word.  If you knew only one word, you wouldn’t know anything, because for something to be a table, you have to at least know that something else is not a table.  There is an unspoken, unrealized, negative aspect to everything.

For a 2 to be a 2, there must exist another dimension — at a right angles — in which 2 plus 2 is not 4 only.  In that dimension, 2 plus 2 could be 4, or it could be 14.5, literally.  So — on another level and for the purposes of describing another viewpoint — numbers are as inadequate, as inefficient, as words.

I constantly encourage all of you to be “doing something.”  You should be shaking up your own system with a kind of jolting and buffeting, constantly.  You have all had the experience at times of doing something out of the ordinary and feeling a new burst of energy.  I often get questions about how someone can generate new energy.  One way to do this is to expend more energy.  Think about the times when you’ve been out jogging.  Maybe you’re getting close to home and decide to speed up for the last two blocks.  A few minutes before, you felt ready to drop, but then something made you change your pace from a plodding, tiring run.  You put forth new effort, and suddenly you have a spurt of new energy.  You expended additional energy, yet you’re energized.  That is illogical in the 3-D world.  How can you expend more energy and then your tiredness diminishes?  Consider that, and also Consider:  Why would anyone who ever noticed that just leave it at running and continue to let their Yellow Circuit ask such questions as, “Why can’t I come up with any new energy to make effort?  When is he going to give me a magic word I can say every morning to set me on fire?”

If some of you have the feeling that I take things you heretofore thought of as mystical and make them sound mundane, that is not unexpected.  But I give you what is appropriate for this time.  It would not be efficient for me to try to act as some kind of modern day Socrates.

What is being done by Life — through me — is to help you See in 4-D.  I am going to give you a new diagram; it is called a Process Loop and what it represents does not exist in only two or three dimensions. The Process Loop is the 4-D world described in 3-D language and drawn onto 2-D paper.  The diagram, as drawn here, runs in a loop.  But remember, in 4-D it does no such thing; nor does it move in a singular sequence only.  The Process Loop runs at right angles to itself, continuously.

This diagram gives you a new name for something:  the “C, D and E Systems.”  For now, forget the “Three Forces” and other names that may have aided you in the past.  Consider “Three Systems.”

Each System has three possible modes:  “kinetic,” “recoiling,” and “inert.” I have used a small circle with a horizontal line and labeled it “kinetic,” relating to movement.  The small circle with a vertical line is labeled “recoiling,” defined, for instance, by the action that a gun makes after it is [fired].

In this diagram there are three “Isles of Articulation.”  By “isle” I mean a stationary piece of terra firma in the midst of unstable or fluctuating oceans.  By “articulation,” I refer to that which is capable of being spoken, or — to stretch it a bit — that which is capable of being described.  There is also another definition of “articulation” — that which has distinct, recognizable parts organized into a coherent or meaningful whole.  All these things I refer to in the term, “Isle of Articulation.”  It is relatively stable, can be described in words, and has distinct parts but is organized into an apparently coherent whole.  When you perceive a seemingly coherent situation, thing or idea which can be articulated — “All right, I am conscious of this problem, it’s what I’m faced with right now” — you are looking at an Isle.  You seem to be directly conscious of one isolated section of reality.

Consider the Primal Flow (PF on the diagram) to be the source of what seems to be human life.  The existence of such a primal source has always been reflected in human literature and mythology.  I am not going into it now, but there is a physical, scientific reason why nothing would “happen” at this level.  For now, simply consider the Primal Flow as one loop in the process.

The Primal Flow splits.  At the first scission is that which divides the Primal Flow into what I have called the C, D and E Systems.  The Flow comes out of the first scission as what would amount to pure C, D and E, Systems, that is, with no particular mode.

The Systems re-form at the first Isle of Articulation, represented by Circle Number l on the right.  This is the first stage at which consciousness is conscious.  What comes out of the Primal Flow and forms the first scission could be described as tantamount to pure.  It is primitive consciousness, and at the first Isle of Articulation, consciousness is simplistic.  I am not describing a form of consciousness that existed only in the past.  There are some people — some parts of Life’s body — still operating at this level today.

Remember, though this makes no sense verbally, that seen in another dimension, the Process Loop does not operate in a time sequence as it appears to in this 3-D representation.  At the ordinary level, you will continually be drawn back into hearing what I am describing as something which moves in a timely, sequential fashion.  But Remember, that is not how it operates.

The first Isle of Articulation is apparently the first level, which I have tentatively labeled “religious consciousness.”  At this stage, consciousness has such ideas as gods and demons, good forces and evil forces.  (Note that, even though I have drawn three lines — C, D and E — moving from the Primal Flow, connecting the Isles of Articulation, ordinary consciousness sees only two.)  Information and maps available to this level of consciousness seem to describe a battleground divided between constructive and destructive forces.  The explanations offered by religious consciousness are quite simplistic.  There is no doubt about what is going on; there are no questions of ambiguous or situational morality.  Right is known from wrong.

Notice that ordinary consciousness cannot see where it came from.  Consciousness can never perceive C, D and E in a pure state, nor can it perceive the Primal Flow.  Speaking from the first Isle of Articulation, religious consciousness would say, “You can’t see the gods.  Humanity will never understand the gods.” And they are telling the truth, on that level.  Not because the gods are hidden or living in heaven, but because ordinary consciousness only began at the first Isle of Articulation.  It cannot somehow go backwards and find its source.

Beyond the first Isle of Articulation is a second  scission.  (Remember, though, that the process does not move in sequence.)  At the second scission, each System has picked up the possibility of being operated by one of the three modes, so in the second set of lines connecting the first Isle to the second Isle, I marked the C System as in a kinetic mode, the D in a recoiling mode, and E in an inert mode.  That is just one possible combination.  The C System could be inert, with D kinetic and E recoiling, or any other combination of systems and modes.  The point is that consciousness has become more complex.

At the second Isle of Articulation, the Systems re-form at a second level of description — the second apparent place where flows can hit human consciousness and be described.  Consciousness operating at this “psychological” level comes up with the perception that things are not so simple.  It’s no longer a matter of good spirits against bad ones or an obvious right and an obvious wrong with no grey area. Psychiatrists do not describe a world populated by good people and evil people; their description is much more complex.  They might describe one person who is fairly well-adjusted and sane, yet seems to be filled with self-defeating motivations.  This person loves his mother, but seems to want to hurt the ones he loves. And all of this is going on in one person.

At the third scission, the Systems split again so that each System has within two modes that can be operational.  This is similar to a weather front coming through an area — part of the system can be sunny and another part can be experiencing a tornado, but it is all one weather system.  You have the C, D, and E Systems, but each one has picked up an additional mode.  The combinations could be those shown in the diagram or numerous others.

To Consider the three Systems — each having two of the three modes in operation — and figure out all possible combinations, might seem like the way to see all possibilities which create the illusion of reality.  That is on the right track, except for the fact that you’re still operating minus one dimension.  The process is happening in a non-sequential, non-timely, 4-D manner while you are still seeing it 3-D.

Back to the diagram.  Each System has picked up another mode, so two modes could be operating at any given time in a System as all three Systems re-form.  At this point is marked the third Isle of Articulation, which appears extremely complex, compared to the second (“complex”) and the first (“simplistic”) isles.  And past the third Isle of Articulation, each System has all three modes in operation. This area would be described as “unbelievably complex.”

Let me remind you of several things.  Ordinary consciousness — splitting and re-forming, categorizing as it must at Line level — is constantly jumping from one Isle of Articulation to another, moving from simplistic to complex to extremely complex.  Also remember this:  throughout the process, consciousness is only perceiving two.  There are three Systems; there are three possible modes; but consciousness sees two — only two.

To further describe this process, each of the modes is fractional.  For instance, look at the area between the Second and Third Isle, where C has two modes in operation.  The fractions of the two modes would equal l00%, within this 3-D representation.  The C System could have the kinetic mode operating at 30% and the recoiling mode operating at 70%.  Or, at the extremes, kinetic could be at l% with recoiling at 99%, or recoiling 97.5% and kinetic 2.5%.  And this would alter the complexion of everything.

What appears to be change in the ordinary world is not change.  Words and numbers are inadequate to explain this, but Consider, for example, a man who has been a heavy drinker all his life who suddenly quits drinking.  Maybe a doctor tells him, “Your liver is shot,” and he says, “I finally see the light!  I was tired of it anyway, I’m going to quit, starting today.”  And the doctor says, “Good for you, not a moment too soon.”  That is no change, yet everything in 3-D consciousness says it is change.  From the ordinary viewpoint, the news about his liver caused the man to change.  But once you begin to See the Systems, you understand that the Systems in the modes do not bring about change in the ordinary sense of the word.  As they move through people, a certain combination of the Systems — with a particular mode in operation — can be present and there will be a kind of recoiling going on which apparently results in, “He has really changed — this man has changed for the better.”  But he hasn’t.  The shifting of the situation is not a matter of better or worse, but just the operation of modes in the Systems, shifting as they move through him.

Notice how a reformed drinker — or any ordinary person who has “changed” anything — wants to tell everybody about it.  “Boy, I quit drinking and I’m a better man for it!”  Let me hint strongly that you can also See something in that.

I am not saying that Real Change is impossible.  Almost, but not impossible.  What if an extraordinary man, a person with some Understanding, quit drinking?  Maybe he noticed alcohol was affecting him physically, and he stopped drinking, and he never talked about it — never.  If somebody asked him, “You used to drink, didn’t you?”  He’d say, “Yeah.”  “Well, I noticed you aren’t having anything.”  “I just don’t want any right now.”

I’m trying to give you another place to look.  Two things of an apparently similar nature have happened, apparently with similar results — two men quit drinking.  That is all ordinary consciousness can see:  an apparent cause and the resulting effect.  But there is something else going on, and, in this case, the results are not at all the same.

All of this is connected to what I called Life’s morality.  Nothing is wasted.  From the point of view of ordinary consciousness, Life doesn’t need some things.  There are types of behavior which appear useless, destructive, and opposed to everyone’s ordinary sense of decency.  But I repeat:  Nothing is wasted.

The Process Loop is not a loop in the sense that you perceive one, nor does it turn on itself or go in a particular direction.  And notice that I did not complete the loop from the third Isle of Articulation back to the Primal Flow.  I drew little dotted lines, almost touching there.  This system — this loop — this process has gone as far as it can go in a 3-D world and is not going any further.  We are living at the end of the process.  We are living at the beginning of a new circuit.

At this point on the diagram — where it looks like the Systems are about to re-form — I wrote “unbelievably complex.”  I remind you again, this process is not operating in a sequential fashion.  But look at what is going on now in some areas of science, like in particle physics.  The more they look at what seems to be reality, the more it seems that anything is possible.  Just when they thought they had reality at least theoretically nailed down, all the old physical theories seem to be falling apart.  Scientists believe they’re seeing time moving in different ways in different locales.  They are finding that objects widely separated in space still seem in contact with each other.  This is a reflection of Life reaching into a level where apparently almost anything is possible.  And I’m telling you — It is!  Because things have now almost reaching the point where all three Systems have all three modes operating — which is all that’s possible at the 3-D level.

Meanwhile, there are still areas in Life’s body where the first Isle of Articulation is it.  There are people in Life with “religious consciousness,” and there may always be.  But for many people living right now, religious and psychological ideas just do not explain anything anymore.  Things have almost reached the point, even with ordinary people, of, “I have no interest in religion, don’t talk about the gods to me,” and, “I don’t want to hear some story about how that crook should be let out of prison because his mother mistreated him.”  The kind of consciousness extant today is no longer satisfied with religion or psychology. As all three Systems approach having all three modes in operation, consciousness is almost befuddled, “I just don’t know what to believe.”

I have drawn this area in with dotted lines.  We are approaching the point where all possibilities are possible.  Of course, once things actually reach that point, they will move up another notch.  When the process reaches the point where consciousness can connect this circle — where physicists can “explain” everything again so that it all connects — things will have moved again.  If this was a loop running sequentially, you could say we would have gone around the circle and up a level by then.  When the new circuit comes into being, the descriptions consciousness is now formulating will be as irrelevant as religious ideas are to some people today — as irrelevant as 3-D explanations are to 4-D reality.

Picture the Process Loop.  It is the Systems having one mode operating, then two, then into three, making all sorts of jumps and being able to pass continually through themselves and each other.  That is what creates what apparently are all the possibilities you can observe; all of what a person can think, feel or do.

I want to say more about what appears to be the E System.  There is no way for you, or anyone, to isolate or identify the E System as you can seem to identify C or D.  There is no way, from any position, that you can look around and say, “Ah, there is the E System at work!”  You’re wasting your time trying to do that.  You have to attempt to be aware of C and D in operation, then you may get a glimpse of E.

Consider E as a kind of moveable ally.  Picture a war going on.  There are two armies, and one is temporarily overrun by the other.  Now, things cannot stop there in Life.  If one army defeats the other and the war stops there, that would mean destruction — not just for the defeated army or system — everything would be brought down.  What is required to keep this from happening is that whenever one side is overrun, some previously nonpartisan faction takes up for the defeated party.  Some ally suddenly appears to aid the defeated army in rebuilding and staging a comeback.  You can Consider the E System as being this kind of moveable ally.

What appear to be C and D are continually reaching a point where, through the kinetic or recoiling modes, one of the Systems seems to overcome the other one.  Things appear to move in one direction for a long period of time.  But Life will never continue to go in a straight line, as ordinary consciousness believes.  There is a timeless scenario:  Apparently good has overcome evil, but evil goes off, regroups, and stages a forceful comeback.  Things move in such a way that one System — one idea, or set of ideas — seems to trample another System.  And the defeated System cannot restage a comeback all by itself. So E — the moveable ally — appears (actually, it was always present, but unseen).  E does not take sides.  It is like a constantly nonpartisan faction that is always available to help in any situation where a particular triad is going to die.  At certain moments, E becomes partisan with the conquered in order to wrest control from the present conqueror.

Remember that everything is based upon triads in the 3-D world.  The modes themselves are like a sub-level of triads within the continuing reality of the three Systems forming triads.  Within each leg supporting a triad is another unseen sub-triad, holding it up.  Consider the first level of triads:  the C, D and E Systems together in some situation.  At this first level of triads, C is in the kinetic mode, E in the recoiling mode, and D in the inert mode.  Then, let us say that the modes themselves have their own fractional worth:  C mode — kinetically — is worth l0%; D — in the recoiling mode — is worth l5% and E in the inert mode is worth 75%.  Try to see past the 3-D apparent literalness of this.  If we considered E in the inert mode as being similar to a constantly present, nonpartisan potential ally at that particular moment of articulation, then the majority of that triad is non-involved.  In some other apparent circumstance, E might be only 40%, with the other 60% taken up by C and D, and something more might apparently be happening.

Picture this on a larger scale than just individual behavior.  What if, during a period of world war when it seemed the majority of humanity was involved in conflict, the percentage of E present was minuscule — there was almost no background of non-partisanism going on.  What if the situation of there being not enough inert mode available is the kind of situation in which wars occur?  Maybe the triad over most of the planet earth, in Europe and the United States back in the 30’s and 40’s, hit a certain place where for a period of time the E percentage was at a low level and made up only 2 or 3% of the triad.  And there was a serious — relative to other times in history — change in the amount of available nonpartisan background. Most people in the world believed things should be absolutely one way or the other.  More and more of the available energy was drawn into C and D in the kinetic and recoiling modes.

If 2 plus 2 equals 4, and someone starts bombing your country, you have to fight back.  The answer is 4 and only 4.  That makes sense to ordinary, 3-D consciousness.  But you have to go beyond that — you have to move at right angles to everything and into another dimension — to get anywhere in terms of This Thing.

Someone asked me recently whether Life has a code of morality and how an individual could relate to that.  The closest description in words is that Life’s morality is to expand and grow.  This Thing is about being part of that growth.  At the very least, it is necessary that someone involved here never hinder Life’s expansion.