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Controlled Heat


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Jan Cox Talk 132, Nov 8, 1984, runtime 1:58
Notes by TK

Imbalance and thermodynamics. There must be a controlled heat generation in This Thing to maximize its function for Life’s growth. This Thing as helping Life to decide what to do next. Energy transfer is all the same everywhere as a common denominator, but the energy is different where each serves its own specific purpose. It is nonspecific, nondirectional/mechanical energy transfer at line-level which is useless for This Thing.

Controlled energy/heat increase is necessary and produces direction. To do this, you have as many opportunities as you have experiences. The continual feeling that “ah, if…” flows thru everyone (“if I had a new car, a new wardrobe, I’d feel different, feel better”). This feeling has a pleasant attraction to it, but normally it flows through on autopilot, unnoticed. You have the constant opportunity to bring it into conscious focus. Reminder of mechanical flow and your Aim to disengage from it.

Example of people unwilling to lie about a product on TV commercial for money. Not psychological; a physical basis for this inability to blatantly lie. Not “conscience”.

Demand of yourself the extraordinary in speech and behavior. This relates to the self-generation of controlled heat for This Thing. Knowledge that you occupy a singular/unique position in the grid. Not overt, obvious behavior however, must be secret in your discipline: action, speech, thought. “I will not allow myself to be common, to transfer ordinary energy.”   Never express fears, doubts, weakness, criticism. The Understanding of the necessity of this extraordinary behavior, code, duty. Based on your own seeing. Behavior regardless of circumstances–even stranded on desert island.

Psych. questions and suggested topics: Explanations/descriptions after the fact.
Handwriting analysis: analysis is a description of already known characteristics of the person, yet taken to be fresh and new info. Ordinary consciousness is always eating yesterday’s meals. All it knows.

Audience-performer energy exchange part II: mystical teachers/preachers get their payoff from the approval of audience and need that approval. Justice. Neuralize J’s public presentations; refusal of audiences’ attempts at energy repayment. What are indications of a new higher circuit? A known, non-mechanical dissatisfaction with lower circuits.

Anything that stretches the basic fabric of reality is out of the ordinary and causes a certain discomfort. Can’t be too drastic or it becomes “unreal”. Do likes or dislikes attract? Both. “Birds of a feather flock together” and “opposites attract” are true.

Why do people in conflict have to have something to blame? Always a need for 3 energies, mathematical necessity. “To be absolved of blame” is very powerful, but Life is not set up to tolerate much real forgiveness. A matter of the arrangement of grid. A matter of need, endlessly, for 2 to agree in force against 3rd; “us vs. them”.

Can you have an ambition for a life career in This Thing? Notice that in the Group no one is rich and famous–not from lack of talent. If you can do it…lessons to be learned. How to deal with involuntary required association with a natural enemy. Invoke a total act of personal respect, regard and admiration. Powerful.

Each circuit has more direct influence and familiarity with itself, although also affects all other circuits to a lesser degree. E.g., RED Circuit wants to see someone juggle in your attempts to learn juggling–not just Yellow Circuit input alone.

Halloween as the only way Life could come up with to get rid of pumpkins!



Document:  132,  November 8, 1984
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1984

Neuralize your efforts in This, all your attempts to create proper conditions for internal nervous system growth, as the attempt to produce and maintain a kind of controlled heat in yourself.

I’ve described the continual transfer and transformation of energy within the Grid as a movement of heat.  It’s part of Life’s stabilizing mechanism.  Just as Life continually expands the flow of information, it regulates the flow of heat and energy from its hotter areas to its cooler ones.  Indeed, you can see everything in Life as the transfer and movement of heat.

From a good down-home preacher and his congregation to the greatest show biz entertainer singing to his Las Vegas audience it’s all the transfer of heat and energy.  The  common denominator between my two rather extreme examples is energy transference, and it is a nondirectional transference necessary to Life.  I say nondirectional, but everything in Life has a specific purpose and therein lies the difference between the transference at the pulpit and that of the entertainer.  It is a difference of kind, not quality.  It has nothing to do with ordinary consciousness’ idea of superiority or inferiority — neither is better or worse. The common denominator is energy movement, in everything from rock concerts to football games, from a crooner in Las Vegas to a heart-rending, fist-pounding preacher.  It is different kinds of energy and that’s why everyone has particular taste in entertainment.  Some people go to the opera and the ballet, others go to country music land.  And they almost never cross paths.  Your more serious church goers don’t, as a general rule, attend rock concerts.  And they have, of course, an explanation for it.  And those who find their entertainment in night clubs, by and large have little interest in church.  They, too, have their apparent reason.  Yet it is all entertainment.  It is all the transfer and dissemination of a certain heat/energy.  From a certain viewpoint — from the viewpoint of my description — there is more similarity than difference between a tent meeting and a rock concert, between a religious service and a nightclub act.  It is part of Life’s means of moving energy through its body.  It is all a nondirectional, mechanically produced, transference of heat and energy.  It’s valuable for you to See and Neuralize, or I wouldn’t mention it.  It aids in Life’s growth!  But you must produce a more specific, a controlled internal heat to aid you in your growth.

At times, I apparently give you some infusion of this kind of heat in our meetings.  It’s those times that you feel particularly enthused and energized.  Or you catch me in a corner at a party and we start discussing pickup trucks or James Brown.  And in some way I, or you, or both of us do some kind of slippery sidestep and you realize that we’re not talking about either one of those things at all.  But you have got to reach a point that you have some understanding of the need for this controlled heat and your being able to produce it.  And it does not come about through your finding some trick or me giving you some trick.  There is not a certain button inside that you can push and produce this kind of heat.  It is not quite that direct.  But the opportunities, and I use this word most advisedly, on a mortal, level, are infinite. You have as many opportunities as there are events in which you are either a participant or an observer. You have as many opportunities as there are opportunities to give yourself a jolt, one of my short circuits. The opportunities  are infinite to make the smallest momentary extraordinary effort.

Several months back, I noted that everyone who made any personal claims to being really sincere about This should, on a regular basis, pick out something that would put some kind of a jolt into the system.  If you smoke, either quit or cut down; cut it in half for a week.  If you drink 4 or 5 soft drinks a day, or you constantly nibble, stop it for a week or two.  Whatever it is; anything that appears to be of no consequence that you do automatically, every day — change it.  And you’ll soon find out for yourself that you can produce controlled heat.  It’s not a trick and if you do it correctly, it’s impossible to do it mechanically.  Any ordinary person can read Reader’s Digest and see photographs of the way a person’s lungs look after years of smoking, and excitedly announce, “Hey, I’m going to quit.”  And they will learn nothing; the attempt will produce no heat.  That is unless you want to call mechanical irritation heat, which of course, is not what we’re talking about.  There is no mechanical free lunch.  You can’t use mechanical heat.  But the opportunities are ready and waiting.  For one of This, circumstances are always perfect for a good jolt.  But if you’re running on autopilot you never notice.

Let’s say you’re driving around in your car, and you pass a used car lot and see a shiny Mercedes convertible just sitting there.  You’ve always wanted a Mercedes convertible and the dreams start to flow: how you’d feel, how you’d sit, how people would look at you differently when you were sitting in your Mercedes…you all know the pictures and dreams.  What I want you to see is that the substance of the dreams is that, if you had your new Mercedes or your new whatever, you would feel better.  It would be a variation, a jolt.  And the system responds pleasantly to it.    Don’t wait to swap cars to learn something because it goes on continually; it’s part of the autopilot mist and you’re not aware of it.  It’s to be aware of the fact that everything in “me” seems to say that if something were different, I would feel differently and the feeling is attractive.  You see a woman dressed to the nines at the shopping mall and you feel, “If I were wearing that, I’d walk differently.  I’d feel better.”  All of you know by now that this has nothing to do with material goods.  There is nothing inherently wrong in new clothes or cars.  It does not matter if you go into debt to buy a car; it doesn’t matter what you drive.  None of that will keep you from storming the gates. But you can use such opportunities to produce jolts.  You can temporarily dress or act differently to generate controlled heat.  The seeing of it creates the opportunity for a Real Jolt — Seeing that this has been going on all your life, in you and in everyone else.  It’s part of the territory of being human.  And it has the taste at that level of being quite proper.  Everybody believes that if “I” had a new car or wardrobe, there’s no doubt that, “I’d feel differently; certain people would stop ignoring me.  Everything would change.”  And it has the taste of being a change for the better.  What is going on with this?  It passes through the system continually, and almost as often as the breath passes through the lungs.  “Ah, if…ah, if…should, shouldn’t…”  And you never notice it.  It’s accepted as being one’s self — a self that is certainly hankering for a better day.

But why does no one ever notice this?  And what constitutes “better”?  You must produce a kind of controlled heat to pull yourself out of the autopilot mist, and one way to do it is by physically jolting your system.    Many of you found favor with my definition of Real Sin as repetition.  But also note that Man is almost irresistibly drawn to habit, both internally and externally.  I could note further for you that this is yet another glaring, albeit unrecognized, example of the complexity of Life’s growth itself — that it grows through its own resistance to growth.

And on another subject:  A group of psychologists conducted a test (either that or I am making this up) in which they posed as advertisers and offered to pay people to promote a product they had never used. They offered each person $1,000 just to stand before the camera and claim they liked the product.  And they found that every person turned the money down.  No one wanted to lie.  So they increased the offer to $2,000.  They explained that the advertising company could hire an actor to do the very same thing, so they might as well take the money.  And again, every person responded by saying that they understood all of that but, “I just can’t do it.”

Neuralize the difficulty people have with lying.  And I mean of course, to take it past any ideas of conscience or psychological explanations of “people being brought up to be honest” which is, no doubt, true because there is no environment.  It all came from heredity.  Try to Neuralize what’s going on here; what purpose is being served?  I’ll give you a hint to start you off:  The man or woman is offered an opportunity to make more money in five minutes than he or she earns all month.  And they say, “I just can’t do it.”  How about just holding the product and smiling?  “No, I just can’t.”  What is going on?

I don’t bring these up as interesting anecdotes.  It’s material for Neuralizing; it’s an opportunity to See something.  Something the understanding of which is far removed from humanity’s consciousness. Someone of a religious bent might hear my story and say that these are good people:  they know right from wrong.  A psychologist will talk about how they were raised.  I’m telling you it’s physical, as physical as it can be.  That — the fact that it is physical — is astounding.  Although from an ordinary viewpoint, the notion is insane.

There is a way for you to generate heat, to increase your own temperature.  The further you go with This Thing, the faster things mechanically cool down, and you must continually raise your own stakes.  To some of you this may sound a little far removed, but go ahead and attempt to do something with this practically, even before you fully understand it.  It will certainly do you no harm.  You must demand the absolutely extraordinary of yourself.  Demand consistently exceptional speech and behavior of yourself.  It becomes possible, in part, when you begin to understand that you are in a singular position in the Grid, when you are actually doing This Thing.  It has nothing to do with vanity, imagination, or hubris, because it is possible, it is true only when you are straining at the absolute limits of Line-level consciousness.  And then there is no feeling of mechanical superiority.  It’s an understanding that, “I am in a singular spot,” and there is no one to thank, unless you want to thank Life, which is always appropriate.  (Don’t wait for it to respond.)

These extraordinary efforts are not something for other people to behold.  You’re not on display, and you should in no way appear suspect even to those who know you.  You all have moments of realizing, “I am not completely bound by ordinary consciousness right now”, and those moments carry an awareness of how singular all of This is.  You must attempt to retain that awareness of how singular, how astounding This is even in times of apparent cooling.  With that remembrance, with the awareness of what you’ve seen, and with the understanding of what is possible, you must continue to demand of yourself the extraordinary in thought, speech and behavior.  And these extraordinary demands can be summed up simply:  “I refuse to be me.  I will not allow me to be common.”  All of you must absolutely refuse to allow yourself to express any fears, or to display any weaknesses, and never admit your doubts to anybody, even your closest kin.  It may just be a matter of remaining silent when everybody else is talking about their doubts.  Just refuse to join in.  It’s not that you don’t feel these things at Line level, but you absolutely, literally refuse to admit them.  Admitting them approaches sin; it’s a slow, suicidal death.

This secret, silent, singular weapon can be used only by the Few.  It is simply the way you would operate were you living at all times in that area above the Line.  You couldn’t behave otherwise.  Even if you found yourself alone on a desert island, if you truly Understood something, you would not exhibit the common fears and doubts.  The voices from whatever area of the circuitry that say, “We’re shipwrecked and nobody is going to find us and we’re going to die,” would never find expression in you.  One who Understands would act the same way on that desert island as he would right here.  You wouldn’t see him tearing his hair out and cursing the gods and screaming, “I’m terrified” to the ocean.  Regardless of his Line level voices, he would refuse to be common, even under those circumstances.

I want to stress again something that I mention every few months.  Everyone on the face of the earth, including all of you,  has built into the circuitry what’s commonly referred to as “blanket prejudice” of some kind — toward a group of people, a religion or race, some section of the world.  It’s a kind of hatred.  It didn’t come from anywhere.  It didn’t come from your parents or from society.  It comes with the circuitry; it comes with being born.  You do not know the damage you do, the physical damage that you do to yourself, to let those voices of common hostility pass to the screen of consciousness.  Do not make light of this by thinking you knew all of this before.  You absolutely cannot let these kinds of voices, specifically those regarding groups of people, reach the screen of consciousness.  You do not know the damage you do.

I’m going to speak around several questions many of you have regarding time and how it seems to work at different speeds in different parts of the body, and the continuing inquiry you have regarding the great temporary, all-encompassing truth that ordinary consciousness is always the last to know.

If you take the idea of consciousness being the last to know at face value, it’s insane.  If you could in some way get masses of people to accept it, everything would simply stop.  In life, after-the-fact explanations are not only acceptable, but quite meaningful.  A common example of this, I’m sure all of you have seen in contemporary periodicals, is handwriting analysis.  A quite respected publication prints a column in which someone with credentials does “Handwriting Analysis of the Stars”.  And they’ll talk about just how the President crosses his “t’s” or dots his “i’s” and then they’ll give an already accepted psychological description:  “This person has a strong will and enormous intellectual curiosity.  The slant of the “k’s” shows someone who enjoys positions of power.”  What they describe is whatever is already common knowledge about the man or woman.  And consciousness thinks, “There’s something to this handwriting stuff.  They really pegged him.”  And here please note that descriptions ex post facto are not only acceptable, they’re de rigueur.  And nobody notices.  Ordinary consciousness consistently accepts yesterday’s meal as though it is fresh food.  It will take descriptions and explanations that are obviously after-the-fact as though it is new and meaningful information.  And at the ordinary level it serves its purpose.  But from our viewpoint, from the view above the Line, it contains no nourishment.  It’s yesterday’s news.

Let’s jump back to where we began this evening with heat transfer.  And you will recall that I’ve told you that the energy transfer between performer and audience is not a one way street.  The performer must get something from the exchange, too; he must be entertained as well.  You can learn something from this about yourself, and the way in which Life operates.  All entertainers, including leaders of Line level pseudo systems receive energy from the approval of their followers.  In a sense, they are as dependent on their followers as the followers are on them.  They’re tied in a beautiful Line level dance.  We can carry it a step farther — it is only those of insufficient understanding who must have the confirmation, the approval, of their followers.  It’s a physical requirement; it has to do with the molecular movement of energy and heat within the grid.  And you can learn something from seeing it because you, too, are potentially tied to the Grid in this way.  If you hadn’t found me, you would likely have become one of those followers-of-someone.  It’s only those of insufficient understanding who must receive an immediate payback.  They must, or they’ll not continue to do it.  It’s show biz:  Line level, mystical show biz.  In the same breath, you could Neuralize what payback is possible for one who does not depend on that Line level exchange, i.e., for  one who presents the true form of This.  Notice that I’ve never asked for your approval.  And if you tried to affect it, I’d likely throw you out.  There is no Line level form of payment of This.  So Neuralize:  how do I get paid?

And Neuralize how you can recognize the development of a higher circuit in yourself.  In the past, I’ve made it a point not to talk of such things.  Because until you’ve established a certain solid nervous system base in This, it would only stir up your imagination.  But now I’ll respond.  On a very subtle level, an indication of the development of the next circuit could be a recognizable, nonmechanical dissatisfaction with the operation of your lower circuits.  That’s when you know you’re in business!  Notice that I say recognized and nonmechanical.  I’m speaking of something beyond the ordinary, repetitive, mechanical attacks on yourself.  It ain’t a matter of, “Boy, I’m sick of being me.”  You’ve always been sick of being you. Everyone at Line level is sick of being themselves.  When it reaches the point that you’ve had enough tastes of “something else” for you to recognize an unconcerned, uncentered dissatisfaction for your lower circuits, then I could say that the addiction to This Thing is complete.  Neuralize that along with the question of how I get paid.