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Jan Cox Talk 131, Nov 1, 1984, runtime 1:45
Notes by TK

Psych topics/questions (cont.)]
At the ordinary level can consciousness ever think of something without saying it? Is it possible? Why the need to repeat the thought–why the finality in articulation? In This Thing Life is striving to think and say the new. Neuralize how few outlets Life has for this; how little new gets said. Religion is the greatest living paradigm of man’s unfinished status, i.e., words not matched by deeds. Religion doesn’t work.

The three forces and the”criminal mind” (a variation of aristocracy and military; mechanical hierarchy in mankind (dominant-submissive)) many historical explanations/classifications. Apparent amorality: a certain part of Life attempting a “blanket assault” to totally dominate all immediately opposing force. Life’s continuing attempt at this is very localized. Only temporary–mathematically impossible to absolutely overwhelm and eradicate opposition. Yet Life continues to attempt it in localized areas. Every one has this flow through them.

Imbalance and Show Biz. At a performance the entertainer, as well as the audience, comes to be entertained, receive energy. How is it that both do get satisfied?

Unrecognized validity to gospel song line “God said: stand aside and I will solve your problems” and “what we weave today we will wear in eternity”. Fearful sexual daydreams. If you were to act out same, you would find that the fear and guilt is the excitement of it–the heat. Neuralize what possible use on a greater scale Life is making of this.

“Trying to remember” = apparent internal self running search scan. But the searcher is what it’s trying to search thru or find.

More questions/topics: What is a response? A continuation of an energy transfer event and can be an “unsettling silence” (even dangerous), a disruption of the energy transfer. “Turning the other cheek” for The Few is an opportunity to stop ordinary energy flow internally.

Are explanations lies? A & B type acts. A = complete and satisfying; B = incomplete, requiring further explanation, insufficient and unsatisfying somehow. Neuralize that the explanation is part of the transfer.

Only willful insincerity can be profitably learned from.

What is fear? All fears are based on a need (esp. nonverbal) Can fears exist without Yellow Circuit knowledge of same? RED Circuit feels fear, but always leads to action while upper circuit fear always leads to talk of action. The psych fears, Yellow Circuit fears, are man’s meat.

What is the use to Life of increased diversification and versatility of the individual: less specificity of behavior. Neuralize which are the characteristics of the most advanced, progressive cells in your own body? Versatility personified. Homunculus. Magnetic attraction exists between people, just as at the atomic level. A physical magnetic field to transfer energy.

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Transcript original of Talk 0131
Tape of 11-1-84
Transcribed by GS
[The group was asked to turn in “psychological type” questions before the meering. This type of questions were requested beginning 10-18-84]
I am going to continue using some of these pseudo-,ersatz, sham, fake, psychological-type questions, since many of you have seemed to find some pleasure and benefit in the last two weeks and plus since I continue to assume that you are able to fight the mechanical inclination to get totally entangled that we are talking about “who people” or that there is the superficial potential of clearing up human problems–we are talking about Life speaking, Life moaning and groaning, Life talking to itself, Life making false steps then correcting itself and it coming out through Man. We are back to what some of you now find to be very interesting coincidences, that here this comes out and it is listed as covering right up through 10/4/84–[Held the book up–ed.]–which, if I am not mistaken, was several weeks ago; and I have been plotting very close on the heels of my very recent plot of dragging you into a world wherein words and names might prove to be not only insufficient, as almost everyone has some feeling of, but that there might be additional possibilities and one of them being that I have a small plan to hint at tonight before I get into the questions or the suggested topics, of that which, maybe just my hint may disturb enough of you to realize that what I have been telling you that last week is becoming, almost more and more, ancient history that here it is, without any doubt, from a certain viewpoint, probably the greatest piece of written work ever put together, and it’s almost out-dated. We got the copies out–it was last night–and it’s…to say it needs to be revised, what I am going to hint at you would be again an extremely charitable statement, but I am just going to hint at it based upon the certain kind of unusual resistance that many of you should have felt when I started for a few weeks hinting at a language
©JAN M. COX 19,94.
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 2
beyond words.
Several months back I mentioned–I am going to pull out a few things that have been popping up in Life, before I get into using your suggested psychological-type questions–but of specifics of Life speaking and of ordinary consciousness, of course, being entangled, being magnetically drawn to it as though this is another “what” person, someone who knows what they will say next, someone who knows, who has in some way, who in some way has a personal basis for this question making it, making the question or the comment, but I was going to use a few more and refer you back to one that I mentioned to you that some person had made the statement that they needed to talk about their ideas, their inventions, their plans, because as they talked about them, they became to themselves, the ideas became clearer. Now, if you recall, that night I did very little skating about that, but now let me ask you, based upon your own experience, at the ordinary level can ordinary consciousness truly think of something without saying it? Does that ever happen? Is this just some rather insignificant folly on one Man’s part to say that, because once something is wide-spread it is no longer folly. Even if you had voices in you that took the original statement as some kind of at least low-level folly that a real person, that had any, just ordinarily speaking intellectual where-with-all does not have to babble everything or something sounds amiss that a Man truly says that when he talks about something it becomes clearer. Just on the surface it would appear to be some glitch in that, but is there? Why the resistance? But first why do I tell people not to talk about this? Now, most of you just have become accustomed to it–it sounds right, whether I had some great, secret reasons or whether you just seemed to have decided on your own, that if you talked about it before you understood it, it would simply entangle
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 3
you in further delusions–but is it that simple? Or does consciouness operating at the ordinary level, with ordinary energy, does it really, truly think of something until it has said it…to somebody? How about all of the tasks and all of the different variations of the Map, of me trying to get you to look upon that which is laughingly referred to as consciousness, as being a screen and there seems to be messages continually played out on the screen, verbally, and/or with pictures, and me taking the time to…my picturization of a court reporter. If you remember, that in a court room nothing is truly on the record–it didn’t officially happen–unless the court reporter wrote it down. And I spent some time one night on that, if you recall, and from a certain level you would have been well within your rights for that to have prodded you on to consider and Neuralize other areas, but now back to my question of the night, or my question of the first half hour: try and get some feel, it is already there within you, does it seem like that you really, truly, completely in a satisfactory manner have thought something–a good thought–or you read something that you couldn’t even improve on; “There is a great thought I just read”. But how about this almost irrepressible need to tell someone even if you just quote, to just call up Fred or Mary and say “Jesus, let me tell you, listen, just listen to me, trust me” and you read the sentence or the paragraph. They may say, “Well, I’ve read that before”, or they may say “Oh, what’s that book?”, or they may say, “I am tired, why are you callling me at three o’clock in the morning?” And yet, beyond what appears to be their immediate response, or lack there of, what is this need? Why does it seem to put some sort of finality, even if you just repeat what you just read, of “listen, listen what I just read.”
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 4
I am continuing to skate around what I threatened to do if any of you are keeping track.
Have any of you suspected, from all I have pointed at and tried to get you to pursue on your own, somewhat in regards from another way of people, including all of you, more or less, still having some continuing voices questioning “What is this about? Where may it be going?” or, “Where the hell…”, or, “Why did I suddenly show up here?” Then of equal perversion, if not more so, is “Why the hell did you show up here?” Can any of you perceive that Life itself is continuing, is struggling, to think and to say
something new? It is not just Man. It is Life attempting to do it. But
indeed, I point out to you further what few sources and outlets that Life has to work with. Let me see if I can drag it back internally, right quick. How about your continuing questions of “Why is it at certain apparent times, under certain who-knows-what conditions I seem to have the greatest spin on my interest in This? I seem to have an enthusiasm that would make me walk through, if not coals, an over-complete weekend of re-showings of “Haloween the 13th” and “Chainsaw Murderers”–I would do anything–but why does it seem to be such a weak part?” That there only seems to be, and you, hardly any of you, are to the point that you could feel some physical locale to this, but what if I just suggest to you most strongly, amongst all of the diagrams of the nervous system, and even lateral areas of the brain, itself, that are negative reflections that as far as you can tell are inactive, much less the possibility of being able to be activated even above the present levels, that there would only be–I am not saying this is a perfect parallel, I am just trying to suggest and hint–only a few cells in the brain somewhere, only a few are really interested in This. Out of the
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 5
billions of cells you have and what seems to be the almost unlimited supply of pressures and problems you have out there, maybe up until 30 minutes ago, on the way driving here you began to hear that noise back in the engine, and you’re faced with, you know, a 300 dollar repair job–just a non-ending string of problems. That the vast majority of what seems to be the cells in you, using that as somewhat of a synonym for consciousness, your own sense of being alive–where does the predominance of your attention, of your interest of what seems to be your needs, what are they tied to? For a long time it does not seem to be that they are tied to these few little cells that seem to have brought you here, those that seem to produce this inordinate amount of enthusiasm that pops up periodically. Now back to what
I was trying to point at: it is not because Humanity is letting Life down.
It’s not that, “We sure have disappointed the great gods that there are so few of us up to the great mystical level of you and I that Life can’t move any faster.” Life is moving as fast as Life can move. And so, it has nothing to do with any sort of criticism, but I am pointing out to you Life is struggling the same way that you are, on its level, to think something
new and to say something new. But to show you its superiority, at least
from your viewpoint now, not that this is the limits of it, look how little new gets said. Look how few people can hear This, look how few of the cells within Life can seem to latch onto this sort of thing, that it makes any sense at all–that it seems to have any significance.
Since I have used Life’s production of so-called religion as coming through Man, from many views to try and abuse and then disavow you from some of the hard-wired connections to Man’s past, have any of you caught such a glimpse in recent times that, among other things I have never mentioned
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 6
specifically, religion in all forms, throughout all times, is a prime, living example of the unfinished condition of Man. It is the greatest paradigm of words not being able to be matched by deeds, but it is not because Humanity is no good, it is not–as that portion of Life’s own consciousness gets played out through Humanity, i.e. those areas of Humanity that believe that they are critics of religion, of “Religion is not only a waste of time, religion not only a source of suffering and prejudice,
religion simply doesn’t work. Humanity, look, has had five, six thousand
years of all of this crap about ‘Love thy neighbor’ and they are still killing each other…give me a break.”–it is a living, a living example of the ever unfinished condition, not only of Man, but of Life. That it is still, in certain areas of its body, talking about things that the majority of its body (in the areas where Man is existing as a whole) still can’t do
it. Not only is it no area for criticism, to begin to see such as that is
to begin to enjoy the daily reports of Life. Nothing is amiss, on the contrary, rather than seeing it as being a denouncement of Human evolution, if for no other reason, at least it should give you some hope that Life is not through growing yet. At least you know that the big sky-God with a capital “G” is not, I repeat, is not on his way to Cleveland to make an appearance. If he did, then religion, as it is viewed by ordinary consciousness, would finally succeed…that is by ordinary consciousness’s definition.
Those of you keeping score, I’m still skating closer…maybe I’ll just get on to the questions here shortly, and then, you won’t know whether I did it or not, will you? Some of you will know, some of you will know as soon
as I start to talk about it. Those of you who do, you can [slaps book]
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 7
start on a new version. I now understand that I no longer have to write, which is a load off of my back.
Back to the Forces, and listen quickly and very clearly, because it’s just one of those small areas, I’m not trying to fore-warn you with too much emphasis, do not get entangled with me using the superficial examples of apparently people being “who’s” instead of “what’s”. I am talking about anotherï area of Life in a place where the Forces operate. Throughout history, you will note, there has been much discussion and thinking that Life has had that came out through Man about the so-called “criminal mind”, attempted sociological, psychological, and of course, thank the gods, a non-ending string of so-called religious explanations about why there are certain people who seem to be driven to engage in criminal activity. I am going to give you an explanation that has never been heard on this planet. Well, three people heard it. I finally, this came up in New York, so three other people heard a piece of it, and I figured once I started it, what-thehell? It is a variation, I might add of royalty, of the military. It is still a matter, to some degree–I am expanding a little bit, but you could also try and remember and Neuralize this in conjunction with there being an absolute, necessary hierarchy as it appears in Humanity of there being apparent types of people that are just naturally dominant, vis-a-vis, other people, and they naturally find those who apparently want to be submissive to someone. And it has nothing to do with “psychology”–nothing, other than it helps fill up text books, and give psychologists something to think about and keep them off the street, and keep them from breaking into cars and getting drunk. It is a–compared to psychological–it is an absolute physical necessity and phenomenon. But I was going to use what could prove
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 8
to be a captuous example, is why I gave you that little fore-warning. Back to the “criminal mind”. They attempted to describe it as far back as the Yellow circuit has been recording the history of Man in all sorts of ways, of the down-trodden, the hungry, the uneducated or else, “They are just born to be mean and evil. Tut-tut.” How about this: I am saying the “criminal mind” in quotation marks, I assume that you are all sophisticated enough to know what is ordinarily meant by that, and I’ll just leave it at the ordinary terms being used. But how about those people that apparently, as they are portrayed in movies, which is not incorrect, just the general concensus of decent law-abiding people, such as yourselves, of people who seem to have “no morality”, have no sense of “working for what you get”, people who will simply walk into a 7-11 store and say “I’ve got a gun, give me all your money”. And they are in no mood to accept any sort of argument or explanation, like, “Well, uh, if you rob me, I’ll lose my job”, or “It’s in the back and I don’t have the key”. All the way from that to what would appear to be the kind of conflicts amongst the gangsters: “But, boss, I know you told me to go and do such-and-such, but I couldn’t do it.” And the big boss pulls out a gun and shoots him in the head, right on the spot. Or,
back to the 7-11 store: “Give me all your money.” “Uh, uh…” “I told
you, give me all your money.” “Bang.”
Can anyone see existing within these apparent cartoon characters that there is a certain part of Life attempting an almost blanket assault on opposing force? It is, it can be seen as a part of Life continually, it operates on a relatively small level, but it is almost an attempt, from a certain view, that you could pursue, to totally dominate, if not eradicate, what the person involved, that is the source of part of Life’s energy, to
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 9
totally dominate, if not just completely eradicate, all immediate opposing force. So, can you go past the point, of “Well, there are people that psychologically grew up in some sort of deprived environment or their family didn’t teach them right and they don’t understand, by god, that ‘you have to work for what you get’ and they are just lazy, they just want to go out and say, ‘Hey, this is a hold-up, give me all of your money’.” Right now at the Line Level of consciousness, humanity finds that explanation, probably, as good as any, but can any of you follow, being able to skirt that fine line and get past what appears to be these examples, that there is actually psychological explanations of what is going on. There are not. There is a continuing attempt, very localized but Life has never gotten over it. But can you see these people representing a certain kind of force attempting to just absolutely over-run, just immediately, to over-run, to overwhelm all
opposing force. Not simply a matter of, “I’m too lazy to work.” It’s, “I
need money”. You walk in a store, you say, “give me all of your money…I mean fast”. If the guy says anything like, “Well, I’m sorry, I don’t have
much.” [you say-ed.] “Well fuck that”, and you shoot him. “I’ll see how
much you’ve got.” Or if the big gangsters tell him, “Look, I told you to go
out and kill Crazy Joe”. “Yeah, but he is out of town.” “I didn’t ask you
where he was!” And, “Wham”, he shoots him. It’s like an attempt to just
completely bypass all opposing force. And, as I said, you can see it, other examples, in what history has looked at as being the royalty, those that have some sort of, if not extreme temporal power, maybe it was even brought about or sanctioned by the gods. And a good leader, a good royal leader, a good king (and by a good king, I don’t mean one that the people like, because a good king is one who exercises the power) a good king walks in the
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 10
court room, and he looks around, and says “Look, I told everybody one time, when you see even my shadow hit this door, is everybody fall on their knees, and I almost got in the door before you, yeah you over there, before you got on your knees.” And he snaps [fingers snap] at a guard and they walk over
and cut his head off. On the psychological level, if we were playing with
people as though they were Who, you could say, “Well, let that be a lesson to the rest of them”, but can you perceive just for a glimpse, of something Life continually attempts, not just “Let that be a lesson to the rest of you.” It is almost a direct confrontation, an attempted overwhelming, a storming of the gates just immediately, of all opposing force. Of course,
note that none of you have ever felt that. [laughter] You have never felt
Life saying that. Or, how about if gangsters and kings, if that sounds too
far removed, how about these men beating up on their wives? Well, sure, if we look back, I’ll bet his mother and father engaged in fisticuffs, or, “I’ll bet that he did not get a brand new tricycle when he was a child.” But, how about (and I could bring it down to many other levels, parents dealing with children) but sexual mates since it’s popped up now, it’s a fadish subject to talk about men beating up on women, (of course, then I could ask you again parenthetically, you women have never felt anything like that, n000, no!) But an attempt, the flowing through of the urge, and at the time, seems quite proper, regardless of the fact that you might feel induced or obligated to come back later and apologize in some way, but an immediate flow of energy that was beyond any analyzation it was just, as the
world likes to say, an “irresistable urge” of “Where’s supper?” “Uh…”,
and she’s about to say that she broke her leg earlier today and the car
wouldn’t run. The man simply looks, “Where’s supper?”–“Uhh…”, and it’s,
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 11
“Wham”. Can you see that as still a part, a continuing part of Life almost playing with what it knows, or it should know, is a mathematical impossibility, is to do away: that, “I am just absolutely going to over-run all opposing force, anybody that says anything to me, that is, any opposing
force that shows up, I’m going to shoot it. I’m not even going to talk
about it, I don’t want to hear it, god-damn it.” “Where is
supper?”…”Uh…” “Wham!” “Well, Crazy Joe is out of town.” “Good,
[noise like a gun] now you’re out of town.” Alright now, see if you can take it real quick, beyond all of this, let me see if I can drag you just very shortly even to another level. It is Lifem forget now, the cartoon characters apparently involved with this, of Life working through it, it is Life, in a sense in localized areas almost attempting to stretch the fabric of reality as it knows it, that is, apparently under isolated circumstance, let’s say that one person apparently got, accomplished something in regards to attempting to overwhelm all opposing force, like the king’s gotten to the point that all the rules that he has put out, even to the things that he’s just seemed to have hinted at, now they happen like clock work [snap, snap, snap]. There is no voice raised against the king. There seems to be no opposition left. We seem to have the living reality of a true totalitarian state (and remember we are not talking about politics, we are talking about something else, right?) It is as though there are isolated instances wherein this fabric can be stretched, that is, the proper Tri-lateral equation with all of the forces involved, that apparently from one viewpoint, the king’s viewpoint, or you looking at this king and his milieu, or you looking at the gangster and the way he seems to operate that apparently this son of a bitch is getting by with it, “I mean, as far as
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 12
I’ve looked at him, as much as I can I’ve checked into his case on and off for the last several months, several years, and by god, it seems as though he is getting by with it.” And he is not, because it is mathematically impossible and it always snaps back, and, heretofore it has always brought about, it has been the basis behind all of these old ideas of, “Well, you are going to reap what you sow.” “The guy lived by the sword, he pushed people around and now, look, suddenly his own brother-in-law stabbed him in the middle of the night. Ha, ha, the gods, you know, are going to get their revenge.” Mathematics is going to get its revenge. You can only stretch realities that operate at this level so far, in the same way as heating up alloys, they are going to snap [snaps fingers] right back, and it is mathematically impossible over a certain given period of time to even, to any degree to apparently overcome all opposing force, because if, in any given direction, you could completely overcome opposing force (Do I have to keep pointing out?) it would be the end of it. Does anyone suspect any possible use for that internally, in the privacy of your own self? As I hinted at you with other apparent bases in the past that the idea of Karma is a reflection of some reality, but only a real dense, ordinary person is going to worry about dying and being laid away to experience Karma. It is
the continuing dance. It is the reality that sounds as though it has
religious connotations that always has in the past, about, well “You are going to reap what you sow.” That kind of explanation has served some kind of purpose, it is not untrue, but it is meaningless now, because it has nothing to do with gods and some externally produced mode of conduct by which everyone must live or “god or one of his underlings is going to keep track someway and you are going to get it someday.” It is beyond that, it
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 13
is beyond any sort of imagined “new age” laws that psychologically or spiritually you push people in a certain way, or you try to push circumstances and it will come back to you. Again, it is not that it is untrue, but it is mathematically impossible, you cannot do away with opposing force from whatever position you are examining it from, and of course I picked out, I picked out, as you will notice in my inimmitable fashion the same kinds of examples that are most captuous and the kinds you would want to, that is, that which appears to be very negative examples, of these mad kings throughout history getting the upper hand on the poor masses and treating them like dogs, or these gangsters, and you read that they are taking over some union, and if not organized crime, these poor sons-ofbitches, these lazy bastards that will go out on the street to a guy and say, “Hey, is the bus here on time?” and the guy says, “I don’t know.” and suddenly there is a gun to your head and, “Hey, give me all of your money, and I don’t want to talk about it, I just want your money, I don’t want any conversation.”…”I have a wife at home that…” [sound like a gun] Mathematics. And, yet Life continually attempts to do it in localized areas and Life attempts to do it in a way that you can feel through you. Not that it was necessary that any of you have ever been a ganster, or even came close to holding up any one, but there is within you, if you belong here, the ability to feel some of that, because you have dreamed such, even if you have never hit a woman, or vice versa, or a child, of that feeling and, most let us say that you are ordinary, civilized, sophisticated people that when you had this kind of urge, whether it had overt expression or not of, “Well, fuck all of that, I want my way, right now, I am talking about right this instant,” is then to later, in some way to appologize and to explain it.
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 14
But please note, as far back as the Yellow circuit has been active and recording itself, things have not changed that greatly in this area of wanting to overwhelm all opposing force. Life continues, in localized areas, to do it, [and] to attempt it.
I am still skating on the edge, those of you who are trying to remember.
Since many of you seem to like me bringing up several times of late, and even throwing out to those people in New York last week in a way that should have cured some of them when I said “Show biz, show biz, it’s all show biz”, that there should have been voices within them to immediately latch onto that I was making some sort of vague threat, or maybe I was just crazy enough to accidentally tell the truth that I was also, perhaps, referring to all of this. Back to the imbalance, which there are some good
question here tonight: “The imbalance that is contin… that is
continually, the imbalance that is continually extant, and we are not, of course, referring to psychologically-based assumptions of people being unbalanced, (Any of you who were just laughing that you thought that’s what it meant, I’ll leave it to you to ponder why you thought that, but onto more important matters) the continuing imbalance that is always necessary as long as Life is going, the imbalance is all the way from religious people
talking in ways they cannot follow up with deeds. From all the way…all
the various ways that I have hinted to you, mentioned to you, and told you to pursue on your own, an imbalance between energy, an imbalance between heat, between people, anytime something is going on, which to varying degrees something is always going on, because Life is still growing, there is a kind of imbalance–it is neither good, nor bad–but back to show biz.
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 15
Perhaps I can, that you and I can catch part of your awareness flat-footed here. It would appear to be, would it not–just announced that so-and-so is appearing on stage tonight, tickets now on sale, and an audience forms itself, they come out and sit, and the star, the entertainer that they paid to see, that they came to see, he walks out–it would appear, would it not, without any doubt, they came to be entertained. Ah, ha! Are any of you to the point to understand: he came to be entertained. Literally. And in a way (that I am not going any further into) in a way he had a greater need to be entertained than they did. They came, not that they would necessarily need to be able to describe it in this manner, but you should have some idea of what I am hinting at, they came to receive a kind of energy. They could call it “I came to be entertained”, “I love the way that he sings”, “I love the way that he dances”, whatever it is. They came to receive a kind of energy, that “When I left, I got my money’s worth”, but not on the level of, “Oh, he sang all my favorite songs”, forget all of that, by now, or you should be able to bypass that in temporary gulps. Something quite physical happened. They came to receive energy, but he [the entertainer] came to receive energy. He came, if we were back temporarily talking about people if they were “who’s”. If they were in some way responsible and knew what they were going to say next, then apparently there would be types of people that are show biz, or apparently types of people who are musicians, types of people who are scientists, etc., apparently. Then those that apparently are show biz, “Show biz is my life, to be on stage, to know that I entertain people, to know that they like what I do.” Very poor explanation. “I love to entertain people.” Very poor explanation. Very poor. I hate to go back into the past, but do you, some of you, recall when Kyroot first surfaced,
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 16
one of the first things he ever noted, or it was noted about him, or some combination thereof, is that everything may be upside down and backwards.
What appears to be the type: “Yes, I am in show biz; I won’t deny it; I
won’t hide it. I’m only alive when I feel like I’m entertaining.” Very,
very poor, to say the least, explanation, because what I am telling you is (in a certain way that you can learn something from), if people were “who’s”, and if I was talking about, in fact, what we seem to be talking about, about psychological commentaries on the nature of humans, then this type of person did not go into show business to entertain people, he went into show business to be entertained!
Now, some of you, I did not get into it last week and I may not read that particular question tonight, or that suggested topic about someone asking, and somebody else noted, how what I started out hinting at that what could be looked at as almost “hot types” of people seem to be attracted to, and vice versa, “cooler types”, and is there anything to be learned? Or, could one pursue what seems to be a different kind of mechanical attraction? Those of you who have found yourself apparently interested in such, try and
pursue this: one person on stage and 50,000 showed up to see him, to be
entertained, he [the performer] is there to be entertained. They came there to receive energy and so did he. Sounds almost like a grid-lock, doesn’t it? Something has got to give, if we are left with binary thinking, that, “Well, somebody is going to be cheated”, but how about when they both go away satisfied?
Alright…no, not yet.
How about back to my old, good sources of Life giving reports. One of my favorite sources is marquees on churches. I would, parenthetically I say
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 17
this to you, and this should never get into the pages of any would-be serious writing connected with this. But I would say that if Life in general has a sense of humor that you could ever observe, church marquees must be one of them, that and gospel music, and preachers, I like them all, as you know, they are one of my hobbies, since “Green Acres” went off again. As I heard the other day on the radio, I always like doing this because I sound like one of the preachers that I was just referring to, that they say, “The other day, I heard someone say…”, and here I sit saying “I heard him say that he heard someone say…”–it is the continuing envelope, remember, of perception. But it was in–it was a preacher or it was a gospel song–it was a line somewhere that came out–I believe it was a gospel song–that the line said quote “the Lord said, ‘Stand aside and I will solve your problems.'” Now that you are bigger boys and girls and you can divorce yourself from Life speaking at that level to where it is [that] it has some religious significance, back to Life, itself, thinking on a higher level, can you see that there is an unrecognized validity to that? Not just see, some of you have felt it. You’ve tried to ask me about it. Many of you have wanted to put some sort of words, that seemed like you fell into some kind of flow, you wondered if in some way you had fallen into a place where the Primal Flow had put itself back together, it was just when everything
seemed just right, you couldn’t explain it. “And the Lord said, ‘Stand
aside, and I will solve all of your problems’.” And you think that Life does not have some kind of perverse sense of humor, because if you can change all your understanding of the words, it has a real validity.
Another one: this one I do remember was a marquee, I don’t have to
remember whether it was a sermon or a song, it said, “What we weave today,
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 18
we shall wear in eternity.” It’s absolutely true, except at the ordinary level, you can’t change what you weave, you may not be in any condition to wear anything in eternity, no one may be able to find you in what humanity, now, at the ordinary level thinks of as eternity. It’s a matter, as I mentioned, in an albeit rather obtuse way that intrigued some of you, is how long can Life remember your existance? Is it the same as the phone number looked up and used one time and forgot it as soon as you dialed it? And yet, at the ordinary level, it seems to offer some kind of hope, some kind of assurance, it seems to create some kind of additional energy for humanity
to press on, as though they had a choice. But there is again an
unrecognized validity behind that. But the real validity would be someone who was able to weave a piece of Life that could not come off of a routine loom, because anything you can weave at Line Level consciousness, you didn’t weave it. You might as well have been part of the loom, but once you have any Understanding of that, then there is a validity to this. Somewhat simultaneously, I might add, with me pointing out a duty to refine everything that passes through you, because then, indeed, in a way that I am not going into, ever, this is as close as we ever get, the idea that there might be something beyond this, just the idea that Life seems to continually throw out, you can forget it all at Line Level consciousness, but there is a validity beyond that level, behind the idea of what we weave today you are going to wear it tomorrow, but it has nothing to do with gods, it has nothing to do with morality, it has nothing to do with any religion, or any would-be holy book.
One more: I have had several good questions that have started popping up. Some of you new people have been responsible. I might as well say it,
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 19
because some of you should suspect it of a resurgence of some questions having to do with what seems to be fearful sexual daydreams that one has. And, the day will come and many people’s journey here that either on your own, or I’ll finally kick you into it of having to actively confront, that I may just tell you, “Well, go do it.”, assuming, still, it won’t get you put in jail. But the part I was going to get to, that a good handfull of you have already been through, is to take what seems to be a real fearful sexual daydream, that “If people knew this, if I ever did it in front of somebody, or if I told a woman, or a man, ‘hey, let’s do so-and-so’, I can’t even explain what may happen. My heart beats like I had been running 10 miles, I
just can’t go any further. It is just…I don’t know what would happen, I
just almost can’t do it. I don’t know why I even think about it. I don’t
know what kind of psychological trauma made me even think about it.” I was going to point out, some of you already have a taste of it, and have been through it, and some of you who haven’t, you might suspect something. What if I tell you that going through it, those kinds of things, that you have got to be prepared for a rather dull shock. Further yet, what in the hell can you make of this possibility, if indeed I made you in some way, “Just go and do this, I don’t want to hear any more about it, just go do it.” You went and did it, and as it turns out, a fair explanation of the come-uppance of it would be that the excitement was the fear of it? The apparent guilt of it was the heat? There is no period there, I am still at least putting a semi-colon, because to many of you, to some of you, I don’t want to over-do this but I have pointed out almost everyone, to be charitable, seems to have some entanglement there, which I have told you already in a general sense is: everyone should Neuralize, to try and consider: what possible purpose
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 20
is being served on a greater level that anything as basic as sex as absolutely necessary at the most basic Red circuit level seems to, and I have told you that it affects everybody, even though part of the excitement seems to be in many cases, as you will find out, the excitement was, “Hey, I am the only person–me and one other person, I read about it one time, we’ve got this only fetish, we are the only two in the world. How horrible. How wonderful. How stimulating.” Why is it that parallel with this basic urge seems to be so much immediate self-condemnation, guilt, fear, etc.? As you should be continually Neuralizing that everytime you have an, opportunity, everytime you feel any of it, anytime you observe that it is still occurring in Life. But also what I was saying: what if you get through, and you just go ahead and act upon it, and it seems as though the whole excitement was the fear of it? What possible use on a greater scale is Life making of such things? Is it not verrry interesting?
Well, I guess I will go ahead, before I start I will give you just a–I
don’t even know whether we can call it a hint. What if I had, or if I
asked all of you as a group, or if it makes it easier for you to picture, you and I were alone, and I said “Let’s play a game, we will take turns and we will tell an interesting story, something that has happened, something funny that your mother used to do, or that you had an uncle that used to say something, just, since we are killing some time, think up something interesting that has happened.” I immediately told one–it was interesting enough that you laughed and listened to it, and then I said, “Alright, it’s your turn.” And I say, “Well?” And you say, “Well, I am trying to think. I am trying to remember one.” And I encourage you and say, “Oh, come on.” And you say, “Really, I am trying to think.”
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 21
Alright, I am going to hit it quick and we will leave: it would seem to be, would there not, if I was sitting there and you said, “I’m really trying to think,” and I said, “Alright,” and I could freeze reality, and I said “Look at this,” alright there seems to be inside your head at that time, there seems to be a “self” of some kind that is searching, just to put it in very simple, that seems to be searching the neural memory, right? That, “I am looking, in some way, I am looking through files, I am trying to associate.” I told this story about this crazy uncle I had, so you hit uncles, you try mothers. There is apparently a “you”, that you and I, we are being as serious as you and I can be. That you, in some way this “you” inside, is running some kind of search scan through memory for a story. Seems clear enough. But now, I ask you: what is the searcher, if it is not the brain activity that it is searching through? I know quite well that everyone is not going to hear anything of particular importance, or you may not even hear what I am saying, but even that should pique your interest, because it would apparently be under such conditions a clean division, before I pushed it a little further, “Alright, there is something in me, forget what we call it: personality, ‘I’, Fred, Mary that–alright–there is something, here I sit,” if I froze it and I said, “What are you doing?” “There is something in me that’s running a search through memory,” so there is apparently a something, let’s just call it memory, “Everything that has happened to me, I am trying to come up with a story to participate in the game, like you did.” So there is this thing of some kind of memory, and then there is something of “me”, consciousness, awareness of some kind that is running through this. But ordinarily this thing is running on what would almost be auto-pilot. That unless I made up some example, or put you in
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 22
that kind of task-position and then stopped you, you would never sense any
difference between what’s going on. But now all of you to some degree can
hear me–I am about to drop it–that under those conditions there seems to be a “you” in there running a search, but I am asking you one more time for tonight, or maybe the year, lest we have to rewrite everything, lest some of you become prepared to go into the world beyond words. There seems to be something that is a searcher, and there seems to be that which it has the
ability to search through, to scan. But I am asking you what is the
difference, what is the searcher if not the very neural activity that it seems to be searching through? And yet, if that’s true, how can right then there clearly be something that is looking and something that it’s looking through? Don’t say I never let people off the hook. Seems safe enough, I can feel it was alright.
I am going through and use some of these continuing suggested subjects:
“Speaking in regards to the circuitry, what is in a response?” Alright a response, let me point out several things for you to pursue, a response is the continuation of an energy-transfer event. I am just using “response” in the most everyday connotation. It is an energy transfer, we are of course, isolating everything to talk about it, that something is done or said and another person responds. It is the continuation of a transfer-energy event. And, to pursue it a little further, there the matter of an unsettling silence. There is that that would appear from the human level, the affairs of human beings, that a response is set up, and under certain conditions a lack of response by another party creates, I started off being again charitable–an unsettling silence–it can go from that to dangerous, and
it’s not, of course, the people involved. I could point out, and you are
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 23
going to have to pursue this, I am going to leave it with you, because I am not going to make up any infinite string, or even finite string, of examples, but you can take events in history, I’ll go ahead and mention one I use a lot, but they are happening constantly, where there would seem to be a certain kind of heated situation, how about the best example, verbally that all of you have some knowledge of is the story of the trial of Jesus, trying to extract yourself from it actually happening or there being real
people involved: that Life is doing something, Life is struggling with
itself, but what it appears to be, that there is a heated situation, conditions, of course there is Socrates, and I was going to point out that it happens amongst people, just quite ordinary people, you don’t have to make [it into] history books or holy books, but this apparent heated situation, everything involved of all the circumstance, and all the intrigue that seemed to have lead up to them dragging this guy up there and say, “Look,” and then this Roman comes out, or this man with some power to dominate the affairs of the horizontal world, in that isolated circumstance, and he says, “Look, you are charged with so-and-so, what it amounts to is, how do you plead?…Hey listen, damn it, I don’t have all day, just say yes or no, I don’t really care. You know, say something and we’ll get this over with. You are of no significance…up until now.” And the conditions get heated up to a point that energy seems to be transferred, set-up, in a certain way and there is no response from an apparent necessary cog in this situation, and it begins, as I was drawing a small, temporary spectrum, from being an unsettling silence into perhaps a quite dangerous affair. Hmmm. How about, I’ll start it, I’ll draw you another small spectrum, or part of it, a very crude but quite real that happens, that probably all of you have
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 24
participated in or you have been a witness to it, of someone attempting to talk to a child, and say, “Did you do so-and-so?” You know they did, and they just stand. “Now, come on, tell me if you did it–I mean I know you did it, but just say you did it, you know you shouldn’t [have]. Let’s just get it out of the way, admit you did it. [silence] Hey, look, it’s bad enough that you did it, I can overlook that once, but don’t just stand there and look like you were some dumb ‘possum or something. I am your father. When I ask you a question, by god, answer. Now, just admit you did it. [silence]” Do I have to say more? How about in the horizontal world here, I assume all of you know it, it is part of the so-called rules of this society, that is the Constitution, that a person cannot be required in the courts of law, under the arm of government, to testify against himself. That is, nobody can make you get up and defend yourself. I assume all of
you know that, or if you don’t, I’ll point it out. There is no law,
federal, or at any state, that no matter what the charge is, the state, nobody, can require, “Look, you have been charged with so-and-so, now, you’ve at least got to get up here and tell us something.” You don’t have to get up and say anything, but, those of you who don’t know it, I’m just using this as an example, you don’t have to have a legal background. Can you foresee that you are just asking for trouble? Let us say, that you, a simple, law-abiding, everyday person that just through a great, great quirk of accidental fate, the police come and knock on your door, and say, “Is your name so-and-so?” And you say, “Yeah.” And they say, “You’re under
arrest for murder.” And it’s so…it’s so ridiculous. They tell you when
the murder happened, and you were out of town. They tell you who the person was, and you don’t know the person, plus, of course, you never murdered
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 25
anyone, so, you know, it’s no problem, but let us say that it does get to be somewhat of a problem, and you do end up in court, that you end up on trial, and they produce what is known as circumstantial evidence, anyway, they produce something. The state says you did it, and several people say, or at least one other person says, “Yes, he or she did it.” And your lawyer tells you the truth, “That you do not have to get up and testify”, and they normally will point it out, because if you once testify, then the state has the right to cross-examine you, and plus they can bring up anything, especially if you are charged with murder, they can begin to ask you, once you get up and open your mouth, once you get on the stand and your attorney comes up and says, “Look, you have been charged with murder. I want you to tell them, did you murder anybody?” And you say, “This is the most ridic–
it’s just a great accident. I didn’t, in fact, let me tell you I wasn’t
even in town. It should be enough for me to look at you people, gentlemen and ladies of the jury, us both being honest people, us all being honest people, I should be able to just look at you in the eye–I just wanted the opportunity–I am delighted to have the opportunity to come up here and tell you I didn’t kill anybody. And I will even go into greater details: that I was not in town, I didn’t know the person–it’s ridiculous. As soon as I tell you that I didn’t do it, you are going, I am sure, to see the folly of all of this.” Your attorney then might say, “Well, look you are just opening yourself up, because once you get on the stand, then the state, when I get through, has the right to come up and they can start asking you anything about, “How long have you been going out at night with sheep, or…have you quit beating up men and women, or all of that sort of thing”, but what I [end of side one] the line I wanted to direct you to was the fact
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 26
that (most of you did give a response). Even though you do not have to get
up, and your attorney would point out when the state got through presenting their evidence of, “Here is why we say that this person murdered Mr. X. That is all of our evidence, your Honor.” Then it would be your attorney’s turn and he could get up and do this, he would say–he would explain some of the law, that, “It is not up to my client to defend him (or herself), it is up to the state to prove, beyond any reasonable doubt, that they did this horrendous deed, that they did break they law in the manner they say. It is not up to my client, he (or she) was at home minding their own business. They didn’t ask for this, they didn’t murder anybody, they don’t have to get up here and defend themselves, and I want you people to understand that.” You do smell that you are asking for trouble, don’t you? “Well, if they are so innocent, why don’t they get up here and say at least, ‘Well, I didn’t do it’?” Everyone remembers this started out a response to the question about responses. See if you can see a bit of a further connection. How about the old idea of “Turn the other cheek”? Can you see that there is a connection between turning the other cheek and this question about response and what I pointed out that a response is a continuation of an energy-transfer event? Turning the other cheek: it’s always had what sounds to be some kind of religious connotation. Alright now, if a person could truly turn the other cheek after they have once been struck, whether we mean literally or
otherwise, let me point out to you, if you don’t know this: out in the
everyday world of traffic, if, in some way, you turned the other cheek, there is no guarantee whatsoever that you will not be struck on the other cheek. I know this may come as a dis-heartening surprise to some of you people, but if you still entertain voices that believe that, “Well, if I
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 27
could bring myself, if I were close enough to the gods of my fathers, I mean, surely, the message is, ‘Turn the other cheek,’ that if I could bring myself to do it, that the other person, this evil person that hit me on one cheek, as soon as I turn the other, would suddenly go, ‘My god, now I see the light! How could I have done such a thing?'” Nay, nay, I hate to tell you that you could get hit on the other cheek, but what if the true message that Life was giving out to the Few that if you could turn the other cheek, really, what you would be doing is stopping the flow in you, that there would be freedom for a few people from further internal blows. “Yeah, but that is not what I expected when I joined the church.”
[Another question] “Are explanations lies?” Well, how about this: I’ll make up a whole new, small disposable map. How about class A and class B events? (I don’t know if any of you should try and write this down, you’ll have to remind me what I said years from now.) If an act did not beg
for some further elucidation, let’s say that would be a class A act. That
the act would occur [slap] and it would be the end of story. But then, as you might suspect, I had already mentioned, made up class A acts and class B acts, then the remaining kinds of apparent acts/events would apparently need and require further explanations. That what seemed to be an observable energy transfer, an act, was not quite through, that the act did not seem to
be a class A act. (I am not inferring anything qualitative in this.) But
the act itself did not seem to be singularly sufficient for whatever needed to be transferred, and so then you have what? “Well, let me explain to you what just happened. Let me explain to you why I did this.” That apparently the energy that needed to be transferred was not complete. That, “My song and dance I just did–something is lacking.” That which seemed to be
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 28
necessary to be done didn’t get done, “…and I thought I would, I thought I did it, but now that I am through, something…let me give an epilogue to this. Let me give an explanation.” So, to ask if there are lies, of course, infers, or would require, that someone Understand in some other way what is meant by “lying”. You can’t take the Line-Level definition of “lying”, but it would be a lie insofar as thinking, if an ordinary person could do such, that, “I have done an act, and it’s complete.” [begins to imitate an ordinary excuse] “…but let me add these are not my regular dancing shoes, I had to borrow these tonight–I know that you may have enjoyed, and I am well satisfied with what I did–I just wanted to point that out.” “…oh, also my hernia is acting–well, never mind, it’s–I
think–I’m glad you all enjoyed it. If you’ll invite me back, I’ll do
better next time.” “Did you all enjoy it? Is anyone here from Akron?” If you can understand, all of those are explanations. Show biz people know,
“Hey, I’m glad to be here. Is any body here…this is the first time I’ve
been to New Jersey, all of you local?” “Yeah!” “Hey, it’s almost Haloween: everybody enjoy Haloween?” “Yeah!” Those are explanations before the fact. Vis a vis, some of what I had mentioned–this kind of–there were
several like this: “If you seem to be the type to prefer a ‘cold’ personal
relationships, is there any benefit in attempting to cultivate relationships where you seem to be the ‘hot’ person, or vice versa?” Alright, this can be a very good task, and some of you individually in the past, and I am sure that I am probably not through with it, I have given such individual tasks, without necessarily using the terms, but those of you that have attempted to pursue it in any manner, there is a quite valid reason for me bringing up “heat transfer” as another kind of the exchange going on within the body of
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 29
Life that keeps everything moving. And even me pointing out that
superficially there appears to two distinct types of people in relationships. The “hot” and “cold” is a variation, for a reason, of the dominant and submissive–it’s not the same thing, they are not synonymous–
it’s a slight variation. You could do it–let me add, don’t do it in here,
I assume all of you understand by now not to use any of the apparent tasks and quote “tricks” with other people in here, just simply don’t do it–but you could attempt this outside the group, that apparently if you could feel some assuredness that, “Alright, I seem to always attract people that, compared to me, are ‘hotter'”, is attempt, go out, go into a singles bar, do whatever…just see somebody in a market, try to strike up a conversation, if you get any feel, like, “You are, certainly, not ‘hot’ enough to be attractive to me.” You can, one of the things that you can attempt to observe and learn from is that only prior acknowledged acts of insincerity constitute any kind of real drama experience. Everyone is moving energy in some way. They are moving it, if you were mechanically living by you apparently being, perhaps, a “cooler” type and being attracted to “hotter” types or vice versa, but even when ordinary people feel as though they are being forced to act in some way, they are not acting. They do not gain anything from what I was, somewhat facetiously, referring to as that kind of previously acknowledged act of total insincerity, for instance, someone finds themselves suddenly hired to be a salesman and they feel all sorts of pressure, let us say (I am just making this very quick description). “I had
to have this job. I’ve got to do something. I can’t stand the thought of
going up and knocking on some strangers’ doors and saying, ‘Hello, I’ll bet you have been wondering when an encyclopedia salesman will be here, because,
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 30
hello, I am delighted to see you! Hello, good day, madam. I’ll bet you
have some fine youngsters in the house.”, that they feel like, “I am just being put upon. If I was not starving, if my mortgage payments weren’t due and I was out of work, there’s no circumstance would make me do this, I
don’t mean a word of it.” They don’t learn from it. It is not an act.
They can later meet with their wife or some friend, and get–have a few
martinis and say, “This is the damnedest job. I can’t stand it. I feel
like I am lying to people, it’s an act of me saying, ‘Good morning, madam!’.
I hate it. It’s an act.” It’s not an act for those people. All of you
should have some feel of that by now. It’s not an act, no matter if they say, “I was fired unexpectedly two weeks ago. This is the first job–the only reason I took it is they gave me a hundred dollar advance. If can find anything–I’d almost rather dig ditches than this. I am being forced to put
up an insincere act.” They are not acting. Nay, nay. There has to be the
willful, previous, planned intention to be insincere and to learn from it. That’s the only way you can act.
You remember I’d talked some recently about fears. At any rate, several people came up with suggested subjects and sort of questions. One is a person pointed out that they seemed to have a very specific fear of losing their mate, the person that they were with, and they even pondered as to–is it anything personal, why is it (it] seems to be so strong, and they even suspect that if it was not this particular person, it would be the same with whoever it was. I am just chopping this up, as you should be able to tell and paraphrasing, but all of you, to varying degrees have had some kind
of question/inquiry/interest/fear/doubt about such matters: let me repeat
again: it’s not just the title of an old Soloman Burcke(sp.?) song, even
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 31
though I was quoting it. It is a fact that everybody needs somebody. It’s to varying degrees and if any of you in here do believe, which at one time several of you suspected that you were natural-born hermits–anybody properly drawn to This, you are not a natural-born hermit, none of you are. Now, there are varying degrees. There are some of you, that it is just–I can see it the first time I met you, and some of you by now have an additional awareness of it yourself that you can get by, compared to some other people in this group, with a very low-level amount of direct social intercourse, if not sexual intercourse, that you just seem to need people a lot less than some of the other people do. Some of you found yourself drawn together here, and found out that one of you needed a whole lot of lugging and hugging and loving and kissing, and the other one seemed to, you know, need it once every other month. But, everybody needs somebody and there is a, there is that kind of–the person asking about “My greatest fear”, how about “need” at a more basic level, and then it apparently comes out as a kind of fear, but notice: that kind of fear can only operate with the
support of words. It starts off (it’s not quite this simple, but by now
some of you should be able to see how it all bleeds together) that there is the need, (there is a way in which you could see this need in humans on this planet as being singular–there are forms of it in other animal life here, but the degree to it–a certain way of humans needing other humans) alright, call that a kind of basic need, but then it reaches a level that people can say, “Alright, the need is there, but now a lot of my time seems to be spent with the fear that I am going to loose what I’ve got currently feeding the need, that is the person that I’ve got now. And as much time as I seem to enjoy being with them, I at least spend that much time, if not
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 32
more, worrying about loosing them.” It is–you should find that by now to be a quite interesting quote “fear” or “problem”, keeping in mind that everybody needs somebody. There is absolutely nothing wrong, whatsoever, as I said, on the contrary, if any of you thought that you don’t need anybody, I suggest to you most strongly, either you got in here by accident, or
you’ve got a lot to learn. But then, you should find it interesting,
“Alright, if I just accept that there is that kind of need, why this continuing fear that I am going to loose that which seems to be presently filling the need?” Alright how about some quick hints. You ought to be able to chase some of this on your own. Not only Man, but Life itself: the desire to hold onto that which is known, to hold onto that which is habitual, because the person even pointed out that they strongly suspect that it is not just “the person I’m with, if I lost them and then got
somebody else right quick, I’d still feel the same. It’s not that the
person I’m with is necessarily giving me any reason to think that they are going to pack up and leave me, but it’s just what seems to be a generalized fear that I am going to loose that which seems to be my companionship.” I could point out something else you might care to pursue. It’s almost a glaring display of the tensile strength and the kind of hold that’s in the Grid that seems to produce some kind of relatively stable, predictable situation. And yet humanity speaks about the glory of love, which is fine for humanity, but there is a reality behind it.
I am getting into some more, I believe I brought the questions, about fear, least any of you think I gave this short shrift…in fact, here we go. Here is what I call my kind of question, or suggested topic “What is fear?” (Just where I was getting at wasn’t it? No need to look any further. There
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 33
it is. I underlined it and drew a circle–“What is fear?”) I was about to encourage you to pursue some of this, I was going to give you a vague sketch that anything a person has a fear about, it was based somewhere upon a need. I don’t mean just for Life to have fears; that’s part of it, you should pursue that; but everything that would seem to be a fear to a human came about after the reality of some kind of need in some localized area withing the body of Life. Needs can be, to say the very least, non-verbal, but what I was going to make a little more plain to those of you who have not directly confronted this before–let me put it to you as a kind of question: what seems to be fear, just at the ordinary level, don’t try to explain it, what seems to be the kind of fears that have always haunted you, that there are voices talking about these kind of fears–can there be any form of fear,
like just an existance of fear itself, that, “There is a thing: there is
‘fear’. I am about to name it, or I know what it is, I’ve got personal
examples, but there is things like fear that exist.” But can they exist without some kind of Yellow circuit knowledge of fear?…Didn’t clear it up
much for some people did it? Alright, how about: the Red circuit, to
arbitrarily, (and not totally correct of course, to isolate and to speak of any of the circuits and any of the aspects of Life and speak as though they existed in isolation) but if we spoke of Red circuit as existing, as operating, in someway almost in isolation, then I could point out to you that the Red circuit can feel a kind of non-verbal fear, but that kind of
fear would always lead to action. But, note that which seems to be
psychological fear, sexual fear, fear of losing “my mate”, fear of large groups of people, fear that “people are going to laugh at me”, please note, if you can find a certain crack, you will find where the energy is beginning
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 34
to flow through. Known fear, that is, fear that the Yellow circuit supports it with words, as opposed to it leading to action, it can lead to paralysis. And if paralysis doesn’t seem to be the right word to you, does that fear ever seem to lead to a kind of equitable, a kind of satisfying action? And the congregation, being suddenly awakened to their senses, said “No, it doesn’t.” Do you not find that interesting? I’ll crude just a little bit
more. Don’t take this too mystical. Start out [at] a very simple level.
There is a kind of what I meant by Red circuit fear, if we could isolate it. There is that kind of fear that would be common both to Man and many of the higher animals on this planet, but that kind of fear leads to mechanical
action. It is fear, to use that term, that is really a need, but then when
it comes out, any kind of fear that a human can talk about, that a human can write a question [about], that a human can tell somebody else [about]–their best friend, their confidant, or just scream it from a roof top–if there are words supporting it, you are past the point of what was originally a need, and you should find it curious, if you can find how to look at it this way, that those kinds of fears have t&2t to have the support of words. You
can’t fear loosing your mate without thinking about it. It’s impossible.
You can’t fear that someone is going to laugh at your political opinions if you express them at a party without thinking about it. That’s what I meant earlier when I said a known fear, or me asking you a somewhat of a rhetorical question of, “Could there be some kind of form of fear that could exist without the knowledge of fear?” (Didn’t do much better that time around did it?) That kind of human fear, I’m asking you, can it exist without knowing that it’s fear to start with? Could that kind of fear exist unless you had a Yellow circuit, you already had a term for fear, you’ve got
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 35
the word “fear”: “I know what fear is. Alright, there is some fear.” Is
that fear? Is that fear inasmuch as I was talking about fear coming out eventually as a kind of connected reflection-from-a-need? But a kind of need that could exist unto itself nonverbally, if we could cut off one circuit from another? “Yeah, but I don’t want to think about it.” I’ll try one more stage of crudeness. Instead of asking you rhetorical questions and hinting, (I hate to have to do this to you people, but I’ll just give you a
fact, an absolute fact. The kind of good ones, that anybody who is still
looking for a way out, is just press this a little bit, and find out that I am completely wrong, and if I were you, I’d just wash my hands of This.) I am giving you a fact. What is known as human fear, fear that seems to be unique, the important kinds of fears, as a matter of fact, to contemporary Man. “What is your greatest fear?” Not being eaten by a tiger, probably not being even mugged. Not physical death by some stranger. What’s real, contemporary, up-to-date, with-it, fresh fear? “Well, sure, it’s fear of
being sexually rebuffed. I mean those kinds of important, you know, up-to-
date fears.” Here’s the fact: those kinds of fears can’t exist without the support of words. You’ve got to think about those fears for them to be
fears. So, from one view, (what I was starting out trying to hint at you),
that’s not what “us good people from Alabama, way down in the circuit, where they [fears] started, that’s not what a good ditch digger calls fear.” “What do you mean fear that I am going to walk into a party and somebody is going to laugh at my political opinions? Well, to begin with, I don’t have any, or I’ve got better things to talk about. If they did laugh, hell, I’d
punch them out. I’ll tell you what fear is, is you’re flying down the road
in your old ’59 Cadillac, after drinking all night and you suddenly wake up
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 36
and realize that you’re not sure who’s driving. And then you look and it’s zoll driving. Or you’re trying to help a roofer and you’re about 20 feet up [in] the air, right at the end of the ladder, and he looks down at you, and he looks at the edge of the ladder and he puts his foot up, like he’s going
to kick it. Now, we’re talking fear. But someone’s going to laugh at me?
Or some girl…I’m going over there to the Rat’s Nest tonight and have a few beers and I’m going to try to pick up some girl that’s going to be over there, and you’re talking about fear…what do you mean by ‘rebuff’? You mean, you mean, I ask her, ‘Hey, [motions with hands]’, you mean I might ask her ‘Hey, you wanna dance and fuck?’ and she says ‘No’? Are you saying that’s fear? Get out of here.” Now recall, all of you newer people, or anyone who’s taking a nap, we are not talking about bricklayers, we are not talking about driving cars, and we are not talking about any of that…[Slaps forehead].
Here’s the kind…I don’t know whether to…maybe I’ll leave that to just read. It’s one of those real good ones.
How about for a third time. I’ve got variations of it, do you remember when I, two weeks ago when I started again entertaining these questions and suggested topics, someone asked whether there was anything resembling pure sex, and I went through some of that, and last week I went a little further about, that you could expand that, but do it one more time: let me ask you, based upon what I’ve said, and based upon your own experience, and that you should have Neuralized on your own in the last two weeks, let me ask you, is there pure anything that can be named? Would anyone even suspect that from a certain, albeit non-ordinary, level, that words might be the ultimate pollutant? “Nah!” Allegory upon allegory, eh what?
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 37
Here’s one. I’ll just paraphrase some of it. They’re asking about
what they seem to observe that in certain situations that one person will seem to be in a situation with another, even if it’s just a passing social situation, just between friends, that one person seems to at times drain the other person’s energy. Let me just repeat, you remember I pointed out that
everyone is being compromised, from a certain view. Everyone is being
misused, from a certain view, because it is always a drain going on. Always. If there is any situation, and I put in the words to them of a “passing social situation”, if it’s almost enough for it to stay in your short term memory, between you and a person at a coctail party, between you and a person on a street corner, waiting on a bus. If it stays anywhere, and even short term memory, there was a transfer, and you can surely see I am not playing with words, a transfer infers that there is a drain in one way or the other, but then I refer you back to a, what should be a more interesting and complex consideration of this, that I left without trying to rub your nose in it, is me saying that the entertainer came there to be entertained, but the audience came there to be entertained. How could they both leave feeling as though, “I’m fairly well satisfied.” But back to a beginning level to answer that on just a hinting, but somewhat straight forward verbal basis, of what I said, it’s always a drain. There is always a draining going on. It’s not simply a matter that some of your psychologically-inclined voices might want to say that, “There are types of
people that just seem to suck the energy out of someone else. In fact, I
can tell you examples, there they are.” No they are not. It’s not that your observation might not have some validity, but of you saying, “There it
is and one person is draining the other period.” Tut, tut. Nay, nay.
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 38
Contraire. Give yourself a break. There is no such thing as any situation between people without a draining going on, but, although it belies binary consciousness, the draining is always a transfer, and to say that one has drained the other, and it has been a one way street–until something better strikes your dictionary of things to Remember is ask yourself: how can the entertainer come there to have been entertained, when obviously the audience
did, how can they both leave feeling as though, “Ha! I’ve never felt
better, it’s almost a real high. I really…I could almost feed off the
audience.” And the audience feeling as though, “Everytime I see that guy, I could be down in the dumps, and I don’t know, just two hours of hearing him sing, just stand up there on that stage and talk, hell, I can’t go to bed I’m so excited.” Can’t be mathematically true, can it? Not on the basis the equation comes out in binary consciousness–no it can’t, but what else is new?
Here is one, I’m not going to read it all. This has some application, the general part of it that I was just going to make a little comment about to a good handful of you women, here. The question is from a woman in the group, and they simply noted that it seems as though that they might be one of, or one of a type of people, that they suspect, may be changing even in the ordinary sense of Life, that is beyond the superficial voices that Life has raised amongst men and women now about women’s lib., and etc., that
being a reflection, a surface of it, that this woman points out that even before This, they don’t say it, but that’s what they are stating, that they
had always felt as though in a certain way that they thought more like a man than they did a woman, and some of the things that–their interest would have almost seemed to be out of line for a woman–which I was going to read
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 39
their final sort of question, but I was going to point out in the midst of this that some of you women here had felt such as that in the past, but also notice, I pointed out to you that there being now almost generally half and half of women being attracted and being able to hear This is a brand new day, it’s a brand new thing. The kind of interest, that I pointed out to you, if you had any native inclination to pursue I’ve told you to, and some of you I’ve told specifically, and all of you should have caught on that I have hinted in general that even you women that have found that me bringing up examples of using science, you had voices that almost felt frightened like, “Oh, I hope he doesn’t start that, that’s a kind of a man-thing, I don’t understand that. We need more spiritual discussions.” [sound like
PPPPPPO. The day has arisen, whether your voices feel it naturally, you
have the potential or you would not be here, that I have hinted to all of you: pursue that which would have seemed to be, perhaps, in your erstwhile
life, to be of no interest. Go take…start reading, subscribe to science
magazines, take up chess, not because any of that per se is going to, in some way activate the system, but it can no longer be foreign in a
mechanical sense to you. Down to, beyond that, an interesting aspect of
what they asked about it being that they seemed to have been out of line with the natural, or the previously natural, stereotypes of women and what should have been their interest, and then they are asking, “Are Life’s units, like cells and parts, going from tribe, family and couple and now to the individual?” Well, here’s the question that I was getting at, is, “Why would cells become less specialized and more versatile?” Did everybody follow the line of all that, as much as I chopped it up? That is a fair question that no one has ever put in that manner before. That based upon
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 40
what they started out [with] their observation of themselves, their awareness that they seemed less locked into what is laughingly, or horizontally, referred to as the stereotypical straight jacket of being just a male or female, and all of you without any doubt have an awareness now that, of men supposedly being–just at the ordinary level now, just Life doing this at the ordinary level, especially in the West, well it’s almost confined to the West, right now–that it’s alright for men to be expressive in their emotions, to let women into their own private space, to be able to cry, or to be able to say, “I don’t know.”, or “Hell, I’m frightened of
life, too. Let’s both go hide under the bed.”, that all of this now, I’m
not making fun of it, as you know, but it’s coming out, as always, crudely, and it’s coming out that those involved in saying the words they are like dummies on ventriloquists’ knees, of “This is very important, now, for me, I know I am a man, but I am no longer tied into a macho role, and I can let women know where I am coming from.” What makes it open to some humor amongst us, is they don’t know what they are doing. Nobody does, but when times are making a change, the first ones there, it’s part of what makes apparent fads so easy for me to make a kind of soft joke about, is the first
ones there are the ones with the most astringent voices. It’s like Life
saying, “Alright, I’m going to do this, I’m tired of being just male and female down in this section over here and so, “Hey, let’s do so-and-so.”, but it’s not that far removed from two years ago of Life announcing through Man in Madison Avenue, “Hey, everybody’s got to have a home computer!” So what happened? The first voices, the first announcements seemed to have a kind of very mechanical, slow, dullness to them, if you can hear it in a certain way, is why they are ducks for a certain kind of non-hostile humor
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 41
here amongst us. Back to what the person was asking, about, “Why would it seem to be, from a certain view, that the kind of progressive units or cells in Life would become less specialized, and more versatile, sort of tied in, if you noticed, what they were asking about it seems to be a kind of breakdown, as they say now in Life, of the stereotypical roles of male and female of what is acceptable behavior, or that girls can’t be interested in this and men can’t knit, etc. Alright, me saying that was a fair question, I am going to have to give you a very unfair answer, because that’s the
first person to even put it in words. It’s not unfair, some of you will
catch where I am hanging this. Try and perceive what would be, as best you can, the highest cells in your own consciousness. Would not, surely, versatility be their middle name? If they were locked into, if cells, let’s just say brain cells, that yours were locked in, totally, that was the limit of a stereotypical role, of everything that you had been before you got here, then god I’ve wasted week after week. Not to speak of you, which I wouldn’t care after that, but I’ve wasted…Those kinds of cells have got to be almost versatility-in-action.
Well, spurred on by…I was going to even take it even further, which there is not much to loose now, is there? Beyond just at that level, if you would like to try and Neuralize what might be circuitry, even above what’s going on now, can you imagine the kind of greater demands that would be made upon, if you want to go from circuitry as a process, to try to thinking about the kind of actual physical cells that would be involved in that kind of circuitry, just, I don’t mean to spend any great time, but just like that [snap] if I say think of the greater demands that would be made on it, you should by now be able to non-verbally go “uhhh, shwww” Again, I ask you,
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 42
would some specialization as you know it now, it doesn’t care what area, can you even perceive, can you imagine for a split-second that that’s going to have any place there? If you do, regardless of all the bad news I brought you, you still believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. You still believe that not only is god going to get you, that he may help you, that he is still in town.
“If someone is verbally abusive to another person, are they really trying to keep the other person there?” In the past, I brought up some examples about that and I have even used a temporary kind of map, an artifical division amongst humans wherein I told you that if you looked at it in a certain way you could see, apparently, people, those seeking approval from others, then apparently those that sought no more than to be left alone, to avoid disapproval, and it is always in those kind of binary dances, everybody finds somebody to dance with. Nobody is dragged on the
psychological dance floor. Nobody is being abused. Those that apparently
are being submissive are not being over-run and being taken advantage of by these dominant types. Those that apparently will do anything to escape disapproval are not being misused by those that look at them and say, “Hey,
you know I can do it. If you fuck with me, I’ll criticize you. Watch it.”
The person says, “Huh”. There is in all of these dances, every human interaction, there is that which you can see as a continuing magnetic
attraction surrounding the two people’s dance. It’s holding them together
the same way as a magnetic field holding things together on an atomic level. It is a magnetic field surrounding and holding them, and it’s regardless of what their words seem to imply. I’ll give some of you new people the example I used to pull out: a guy standing at a bar, a few drinks, talks to
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 43
a few strangers, strikes up a conversation that falls into the sexual drama, and the guy finally, after a few more, just states, even to people he just
met an hour ago, that, “I’m telling you marriage sucks. I’ll tell you
specifically, this woman I’m married to…I can’t stand it. If this is the great institution of marriage, I’ll give up sex, I’ll do…I can’t stand it. She drives me nuts. The stories I could tell you, you wouldn’t believe.” And somebody says, “How long have you been married?” and he says, “Thirty five years.” Additional punch line, of course, is, “Thirty five years, but…” The dance continues, and out on the dance floor that which ordinary consciousness wants to call love, that which it wants to call inverted or negative relationships, you’ve got to see that the dance floor holds
everyone. It holds those, they are dancing, those that say, “I hate to
dance with you. I despise to dance with you. It drains me of the very will to live, to dance with you.” The music goes on and they continue to dance, while cursing one another. There is nothing un-toward going on. That is part of the dance floor. Energy is being transferred. There are localized areas within the Life of Life wherein it does that, that if you isolated that example, and you ran with the Straight-Line delusion, “Yes, this spells trouble. Not in River City, but in the universe!” Except that is simply one couple, and by one couple, it might be a million couples, but that is simply one couple on the dance floor. They dance while stabbing and pushing each other in the ribs and kicking each other in the groin and stepping on each other’s feet and denying that they will ever dance with that person again, and they waltz on through eternity. And when they die, another
couple takes their place. There is a quite real, physical, not
psychological, magnetic field holding them together, because of certain
Tape of 11-1-84 Page 44
.kinds of energies that can only be transferred through those two apparent kinds of “who” people, who are simply outlets. They are simply wiring potentials that transfer specific energies in specific ways and it can come out by hearing over in that corner of the dance floor, forever, “I hate your guts, you are the world’s worst dancer. You are the ugliest man or woman on
the dance floor. I despise you. I hate you.” And the song continues and
they continue to dance. The verbal denunciation, the verbal denial that, “I want to do this,” that, “I will continue to do it,” is part of the fucking dance. All of you know that by now, right? You just keep forgetting it.
Cut it that’s the end of the tape.