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Jan Cox Talk 126, Sep 20, 1984, runtime 1:55
Notes by TK

Definition of Fact: that which is repeatable. But is a fact a noun or verb?  For the ordinary a fact is always a thing, a noun; this is necessary for the ordinary. stabilization and growth of Life. Facts cannot change, must offer a kind of stability for ordinary conscious life to be possible. The “world of the noun”: predictable, dependable, necessary–but not for the Few. Everything is a verb.

It is unprofitable for The Few to consider men and life as merely robots and machinery. Must be considered as systems with a necessary built-in “looseness” (i.e., the reality of 4-D growth which appears as looseness at the 3-D level for The Few) but a “tightness or tidiness” for the ordinary observer–either this or that (e.g., freewill vs. determinism).

What if there are no nouns? Just a fragmented, seamed consciousness where “mystical” vision is the experience of unseamed reality. Names allow a vagueness, an un-specificity whereas numbers are different. How is it that synonyms exist? Why different languages? Remember the looseness, the tolerance required in any system for it to be able to move, to transfer energy.

The forces. Note the continual change of vague terminology by Jan. The reality of same is to see a churning, seamlessness–then you can forget all terms. To See, to feel, AHA!–without comment.

Life begins its growth with a splitting of the Primal Flow. Consider the old idea of disputes and rebellions between the gods. God vs. Satan. Part of Life still deals in these terms and is therefore “behind the times”–out of date.

Life survives despite its mistakes. Consider the aphorism: “we all learn from our mistakes”.]Worry (D) in all its forms is very slow, cloudy, inconclusive. “Worry is never having to say you’re through” –it never goes anywhere. C is always quick, clear conclusive. D’s arrival is glacial–C’s is upon you without warning. The dance of forces is a constant moving through and into each other. E is the “link pin” between C and D. The transition is simply a non-existence, a hiatus, a void unseen by ordinary consciousness.

Words/ordinary consciousness is what keeps everything from running together, from blending into an indistinguishable formlessness. Fanatics who think/talk in slogans are prime example of super efficiency in this regard.

Hierarchies are always naturally, mechanically formed in Life. Power hierarchies. Example of broad categories of Dominant vs. Submissive: ubiquitous hierarchy for the purpose of energy transfer in the grid. Imbalance is always necessary. Example of man and dog rapport: pleasure for man in his dominance, pleasure for dog in its submission.  Example of military regimentation as submission to authority which is necessary to certain types. Jailbirds constantly breaking parole to return. There is a physical, electrochemical basis for power hierarchies: “use it or lose it”, if no transfer of energy–death, no growth.

There is an internal hierarchy of Dominant/Submissive. The Few are developing a new level of hierarchy and must exercise it or lose it. The uncertainty/overwhelmed-by-life feeling resulting where power hierarchy positions are unclear: which dominant, which submissive? Must be resolved always in ordinary life. Can’t really exist.



Document:  126, September 20, 1984
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1984

I once mentioned that for a fact to live up to its name, it must be stable and repeatable.  I also asked you, did this definition mean that Man himself was a fact?  To take this idea further, would a fact be a noun, or a verb?  Would facts be objects, or would they be systems; static, or variable?  (Incidentally, if you take the ideas of This Thing as facts, you have unknowingly become a follower.)

If Life is to function on the ordinary level, facts must exist as stable, repeatable things; they must function as objects, as nouns.  Otherwise, horizontal information/energy could not flow in any meaningful manner.

Consider a simple example:  if you ask someone for directions to a particular place, the words they speak must have consistent meaning to you.  A left turn must always be a left turn.  And if you follow the directions and find the place you sought, when you decide to return to the place at some later date, the place must be where it was previously.  Facts, pieces of information must be stable, consistent.

If ordinary consciousness is to function, it must deal with nouns.  It must be able to isolate and detach chunks of reality in order to move and manipulate them, in order to transfer energy.

On the mechanical level, a “language”, consisting of parcels of energy/information/heat/light, is passed back and forth between people.  I am hinting to you, a different kind of language may be possible; an unrecognized validity may exist in the reality behind the term “numbers” which is missing in the term “words”.

You should resist your internal voices which speak of men as absolute machines.  I used such a map at one time, but this description of man is no longer profitable for you.  Men, and Life, are not machines so much as systems, systems within systems.  And as systems, they need a certain looseness, a tolerance which allows the necessary movement for energy to be transferred.

You cannot entertain the voices within you which say everyone is mechanical, like robots.  People are way-stations, transfer points within a growing system.  But, if people are to function in their proper manner, a certain looseness must exist, a looseness which you should begin to feel for yourself.

This idea deals with more than philosophical arguments over predetermination and free will, for the philosophers have left out one third of the equation.  If the question is, “Is everything preordained and mechanical, or does free will exist?”  then there can be no proper answer.  The choice is meaningless to one in pursuit of This Thing.

If Life were an absolute machine, if would have no internal debates, it would contain no differing opinions, it would make no false steps.  A certain, necessary looseness exists in Life, to allow movement.

If you look properly, you can see that behind this looseness hides the reality of 4-dimensional growth.  A system can only digest and transfer energy on its own level, therefore, from the viewpoint of ordinary consciousness, Life appears very tight.  Ordinary consciousness can see events as right or wrong, proper or improper, true or false.  Life seems on the 3-dimensional level to possess a certain tidiness.  But when I carry this description into 4 dimensions and return to 3-D an untidiness, a looseness appears.  You may find yourself listening to my words and growing more uncertain rather than less, you may feel confused at times.  Mechanical certainty begins to disappear.

Allow me to take a few potshots at your Line-Level consciousness.  Consider the accidental states ordinary men experience occasionally, the unusual encounters which fill the shelves of the occult section in the bookstores.  The inexplicable mystical experiences detailed in occult books always have a common denominator.  Mixed in with the descriptions, the occult writers always mention their inability to satisfactorily describe what they saw; they state that “words” don’t do justice to the experience.

And in writing their descriptions, without realizing, they attempt to seam up the reality they saw.  They attempt to make the reality fit, take in a tuck here, put in a seam there, cut out a piece here.  They cannot help it, they have no choice.

Potshot number two:  recall my map using numbers as language rather than words.  Is it possible that numbers are too specific, that they would reveal an unacceptable amount of information about the object so named?

Ordinary names afford a certain amount of slack at the same time they appear to identify something specific and stable.  For example, anyone would admit that ordinary sexual love is fickle, that people can experience the emotion called love in certain circumstances, then later feel that the love is gone.  Yet when men are driven to speak of it, to tell someone of their “lover”, they speak words which imply permanence.

Men use words as stable objects, yet ordinary consciousness possesses a built-in awareness that words are subject to change.  If not, why do synonyms exist?  Even trickier, why do different languages exist?  Dogs, the world over, speak the same language.  Why do humans need different languages?  Do not fall into the trap of listening to your mechanical voices which would say languages are a reflection of various people’s cultural, racial backgrounds, etc.  That may all be true, but it says nothing.  Languages need a certain looseness, a certain tolerance, to transfer the types of energies men are responsible for transmitting.  When two business men make a deal, at the moment they shake hands, they believe that the agreement is final, that all differences have been resolved.  Yet these same men will admit that the deal could fall through again tomorrow.  The words are treated as stable things, as nouns, yet the awareness exists on another level, that the words may shift.

Attempt to take this map to a more personal level.  Suppose you bought a chair; it was the right color and type to look good in your house.  But when you got it home, you realized the chair was not comfortable to sit in.  You used the chair less and less until, finally, it sat abandoned in the corner.

This example deals with a solid object, a noun, a chair you can see and touch but can you see that you do not think of it as an object?  When your mechanical attention is drawn to that chair, you see it as a process:  how much you paid for it, how bad your back hurts when you sit in it, how you thought it was a bargain but no longer think so.

You are not conscious of things as objects.  When you buy a new car, you do not desire the car itself, but the appreciative looks of people you pass in it, or the leisurely weekends you will spend not repairing it.  Ordinary consciousness does not deal with things as objects.  If you think you can find an exception to this, try.

This map may give you additional fodder for Neuralizing my inclination to continue shifting the names of the three forces/virtues/proprietary interests.  If a person is to See above Line-level consciousness, he must learn to hear less specific hints and clues.

When I began giving you the map of the Three Forces, it seemed to explain a lot of things for some of you.  But when this feeling of understanding began to take root, I began to shift the definitions, to make the map seem more vague, then shift to new terms altogether.  If you are properly attracted to This Thing, the net effect of this vagueness is to bring you to the point of Seeing trilateral reality as it is, not right, wrong, positive — everything is just as it should be.  With no comment necessary.

This noncritical understanding represents the beginning of a new circuit in man, one which does not require explanations in three-dimensional terms.  This new circuit can see that Life is not running downhill, that everything is alright, and no comment is needed.

Aware in this new circuit, you can see Life make mistakes, take missteps on all levels.  You can feel the mechanical responses within you, the voices which want to make judgements.  But you can see, too, that nothing is wasted and, in that moment, you realize there is nothing to say.  You see the colossal mistake of ordinary consciousness, to take one seamed-up, isolated example as exemplary of everything.  And the more you see, the less specific I make my examples.

Most religions tell the story of a great dispute in the realm of the gods.  The most common variations of the story involve a group of lesser gods who give the head god so much trouble that he banished their ring leader from the land.

Can you See the connection between this story and my old story of the Big Bang.  When this minor god was banished, when he fell from grace, a splitting of forces occurred and at this point, Life began to grow. With this splitting of the gods/forces came the beginnings of human consciousness.  On another level you could view this event as the beginning of Life’s Yellow Circuit.

I do not create these descriptions simply to entertain you.  You should be able to find un-ordinary connections in Life, such as the ones I give you, on your own.  Do not limit your Neuralization simply to maps I give you for such constitutes inadequate effort on your part.  To See things as I point them out is almost nothing; a part of your everyday, walking-around consciousness must be actively searching for new connections.

Life moves and talks through man; everything man can conceive of is engaged in a growth process.  Through man, Life is thinking to itself.

Large parts of Life’s body, millions if not billions of people, still deal with stories, such as those of the gods arguing and tossing each other out of paradise, as literal fact.  Acceptance of such stories forms such an integral part of their existence, these people might almost die if you could convince them their literal belief of the stories was no longer tenable.  From one viewpoint, you could See these people as ignorant, foolish, behind the times.  You could See that you, here now, personally understand great portions that Life does not.  You could See that Life is making some people say things which are out-of-date, and that your own position in This Thing is incompatible with the ideas these people are apparently willing to die for.

But you must also see that Life speaks through diverse peoples all over its body to say, “I’m right, and you’re wrong.”  .pa”I’m up to date, and you’re behind the times.”  These voices serve a purpose; they make things move.

The voices say, “I learn from my mistakes.”  And despite the demonstrable inaccuracy of this remark in individual lives, a vibration of validity remains in the statement.  Neuralize the possibility that this validity springs from the nonstop triaxial dance wherein “D” turns to “C”, “C” turns to “E”, and so on.  On the greater level of the Life-of-Life, a more accurate statement would be:  Life survives its mistakes.

Another way to Neuralize the three forces/proprietary inclinations/systems is on the basis of their apparent speed.  For example:  the human activity known as “worry”, of all types, in all places can surely be recognized as being aligned with “D” inclination.  But notice that worry in all its forms is slow, cloudy, indecisive.  Contrarily, you would probably agree that anything from C’s neighborhood is quick, clear and concise.

Worry seems to go on forever, it can almost stop time for a person.  Additionally, worry is vague.  A person who is worried, often cannot even say what he is worried about:  “I just don’t know, something’s wrong.”

Worry moves slowly; and a physical basis exists for this fact.  Even on the ordinary level people recognize:  “Worry won’t get you anywhere.”  But the physical basis is found on the level of Triaxial Reality.

The almost stationary nature of D force can be seen, too, in the apparent inability of people to give up their ordinary suffering.  Recall my story of the woman with the abusive husband.  After beating the woman for years, the husband dies.  The woman promptly marries another man who beats her.

I could use stories like this one to prove conclusively, if such were my desire, that people will not abandon their suffering given the chance.  I could state that people are mechanical, that karma exists in ordinary life.  But I suggest to you much more is involved.  No cure exists for suffering, not because of the way people treat each other, but because energy must be passed in a certain way and people are part of that process.

To see “C” as quick, clear, and concise is not so simple as seeing “D”.  Notice how easily one can view much of Life as “D” oriented.  Ordinary consciousness sees suffering at every turn.

C is more elusive too, because C does not have to introduce itself.  D endlessly introduces itself, arriving at a snail’s pace, but C springs upon the scene, new and fresh.  A primary working aspect of C is that Life is unprepared for its arrival.  C appears, without introduction, without precedence.

A useful visualization of the trilateral dance has the C, D, and E persuasions floating as spheres, like billiard balls.  The spheres move constantly, moving into and merging with and passing through one another.  Using this map, visualizing the forces as separate entities, a point I will call a “prep-pin”, exists where D moves into C.  As the billiard ball D approaches ball C, just before they touch, or just before they begin to merge, a bridge exists. At this point, D has not yet changed to C, the preparation has yet to begin becoming the actuality.  The resistance has yet to turn into the activation.  At the moment when resistance is about to shift, a gap appears, and ordinary consciousness is constructed to jump at this break. Because of this fact, below Line level, man sees in fragmentary fashion; he sees one moment of resistance followed by a moment of creativity.  An apparent break is seen between the two scenes.

Critics often speak of new artists and art-forms as “shocking”, “unprecedented”.  For ordinary consciousness, C arrives unexpectedly; but a “prep-pin” links the old to the new.  When you can See for yourself, you see that a seamless universe exists wherein all things follow other things in an endless flow.

The jump, the break in continuity between D and C exists only in the 3-D world.  Above Line level, you know the break doesn’t exist, and you have nothing to say about it.

In my map-of-the-moment, if C and D exist in pure, pristine states, you would ordinarily be attracted, in your wiring, to one of them.  If your circuits are to work properly, they must be grounded in either C or D. To be somewhere in between would mean insanity, indifference, non-awareness.

But the very place where you can begin to See, the place where Neuralizing is possible, is a place where you hold to neither C nor D.  C and D become neither true nor false, they are of no consequence. This place exists but it is no place I can point to directly; it is the place-less, timeless movement where D turns to C.

An ordinary scientist was once driven to say:  “Time is what keeps everything from running together.” Blend this comment into my earlier description:  words are of primary importance in keeping things separated.  Words/ordinary consciousness keep things from running together.

Men’s written accounts of mystical states commonly include remarks such as:  “It seemed like time stopped, everything was happening at once, I can’t really describe what I saw.”  Words keep things separate; words, nouns, things can be separated.  How can you nail down a verb; how can you isolate a process?  You cannot tell someone who asks directions simply to take a left.  “Take a left where, for how long?  I’m just trying to find the market, not explore the universe.”

You should begin to smell a particular something about extremely mechanical talk, the kind of talk you would hear in Life from fanatics.  Religious fanatics, members of cults, political fanatics speak in slogans. When questioned, they will simply repeat slogans as might be on a banner or out of a book of truisms by their leader.  Regardless of the question, the answer spills out, “blah, blah, blah” as if the person were reading a bumper sticker.  Can you see, from a certain viewpoint, such sloganeering is super-efficient at keeping things from running together?  On one level it keeps down the possibility of people making unusual Yellow Circuit connections, it keeps people from understanding and seeing more and at this it is extremely efficient.  Why do religions have books and holy scriptures?  Efficiency — at that level.

But at the level of This Thing, slogans and scriptures could not be more inefficient.  At this level we need more vagueness.

Try to Neuralize further the small map I gave you earlier concerning certain mechanical hierarchies in Life.  This map seems to deal with psychological/sociological human activity but is indeed based on something else.  This map deals with people as though they could be divided into two groups, two types. (You should Neuralize also why everything lends itself to be divided into two groups, types, areas.)

This map deals with what men refer to as power.  Men can thus be divided into one group which seems to be dominant and another group which appears to be submissive.  The mechanical power grid of Life transfers nervous system energy/food through the interaction of these dominant and submissive types. These two types must exist in the grid or energy will not be transferred.  Energy cannot flow between bodies of the same heat/temperature.

If two people were of exactly the same type, same heat, if their wiring systems were twins, no information/energy could be exchanged.

“Let me tell you about…”

“I know that.”

“Well, how about…”

“I know that, too.”

If transfer points contain the same amount of energy, they cannot perform their intended function. Dominant and submissive types of people are part of a mechanism for transferring energy /light/heat/information/food.  This dominant/submissive mechanism may be difficult to see in personal examples so consider Man’s relationships with dogs.  Everyone wired up to be attracted to having a dog will eventually end up playing kissy face with one.  Such a person might say, “I love the dog and the dog loves me.”  This sentiment becomes accepted as fact in Life for many people.

But can you Neuralize for a second that on the dog’s Red and partial Blue Circuit level, you are dominant and he is submissive.  He wags his tail, he will roll over and let you pet him.  His love is the love of having a dominant force to be submissive to.  This example imperfectly parallels the human level, but can you See that if such relationships existed on the human level, many otherwise inexplicable human partnerships would be explained.

Hierarchies of this sort exist everywhere in Life.  If a relationship exists, the dominant/submissive dance goes on within it.  If you share a relationship with someone long enough for your mechanical consciousness to become aware of it, the dance goes on within you.

You should not get hung up on the words, “dominant” and “submissive”.  I give no emotional prejudice to the words, I do not say, “shame on you for being submissive”.  But an imbalance must exist between the parties of a relationship or nothing will be transferred; and one description of this imbalance is dominant/submissive.

You can find examples of dominance/submission in yourself, in the people you are attracted to as friends, sexual partners, business partners.  But do not consider subservience a negative label, it does not mean that people are being mistreated or run over.  People are not doing anything to each other; energy is and must be transferred and different kinds of food processors are needed for the task.  It is a dance and energy flows both ways.  If energy ever flows in one direction only, the process, the partnership is dead.

How do you explain the fact that some people’s profession seems to be staying in jail.  They love every minute of it; they are told when to sit, when to stand, when to eat.  And when they are finally released, they immediately commit a crime and go right back in.

Similarly, some people seem extremely pleased to live their lives in the armed services.  Consider, too, my old example of the woman who lost her abusive husband and promptly found another just like him.

Since the beginnings of a written history, men have espoused variations of an old saw concerning power:  “Use it or lose it.”  This saying is not improper, for a president of a corporation, a factory foremen, a prison guard, he must use his power periodically or he will lose it.  You can see examples in Life, a general, a religious leader, perhaps your father in a certain situation might suddenly “pull rank” and order people around or assert their authority for no apparent reason.  Quite commonly, people seem to need to exercise their control over others and doing so maintains the necessary thermodynamic imbalance between people, between energy transfer stations.

Many of you are hard-wired to feel that Life is prone to step on certain delicate parts of your body. People seem to take advantage of you, you feel you are a wimp, a nerd, you have difficulty coping with life, but a physical reason exists for this position you seem to occupy.  It is a chemical, electrical, thermodynamic reason and it explains the types of people you are attracted to, the places you’ve lived, the jobs you’ve had and it’s all as natural as a dog wagging its tail.

Psychology has, for years, stated that children need discipline and direction, that they will be happier and healthier if they are given a sense of direction.  And you can see the validity of this idea in Life.  Of course, it’s also easy to see older children who resent being told what to do, but consider, if my map of dominance/submission had a 50/50 split, then 50% of all children would want to be told what to do.  The other 50% would not.  This example is but another case of a voice in Life being half right.  Everyone is always half right, even politicians.

Lest you forget, anything that’s true externally is true internally.  Some of you try to ask me questions such as:  what should I do next?  Why can’t I be as sharp and alert all the time as I am some of the time?

You should Neuralize the fact that a dominance/submission hierarchy exists within you.  It keeps your organism alive, it keeps energy moving within you.  Within you, within everyone is a dominant part and a submissive part which wants to be told what to do.

I have warned you about becoming mechanically tied to me personally.  I have made jokes about passing out photographs of me for you to carry in your wallets.  But a real danger exists in any human activity, in which the people involved can become locked into a mechanical, submissive role.

If This were nothing more than a course, say, in astronomy, you would have to submit to the teacher’s instructions in order to learn anything.  But unlike ordinary life, you cannot allow submission to become habitual in This Thing.  If that happens, This has become a cult, a religion, a mechanical dance.  You have become a follower and you are wasting my time.