Jan Cox Talk 0121

C Force Becomes a Gross Exaggeration of Itself


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Jan Cox Talk 121, Aug 16, 1984, runtime 1:54
Notes by TK

Diffusing, disallowing energies to be run through you. Becoming a part of D-flow takes energy from This Thing.

The attempt to not respond to that which we normally would–resist the transmission of that energy. It begins to starve the very connections that keep us who we are. D-aligned energies transmitter becomes starved when we resist the flow of D.

3 types of ordinary people (primary running transformers):
1. seeking approval— positive energy;
2. seeking disapproval—negative energy;
3. seeking not to be disapproved of.

Everyone is hardwired to attract one of these paths. It keeps everything going. Artist who does something avant-garde is denounced but when recognized and approved of, loses his passion…begins repeating himself. All of us in a way are artists –displaying teenage passions…creating our work of art: ourselves. When the resistance to the artist has decreased to the point when not a factor then passion (creativity) diminishes. Once the resistance is lost the energy production becomes formally repetitive.

When something strikes you that it fits just right–a perfect design–it seems to be aligned with the C-force. Then as time goes on it becomes a gross exaggeration of its former self. Datsun 240-Z example.

Mathematical reality: mathematical miosis–patently false folk wisdom: “We take more from our friends than we give”–mathematically impossible. “It’s always darkest before the dawn”.

Language is synonymous with the Yellow Circuit.

C can’t do to D what D can to C. i.e. the devil can never be converted–not mathematically feasible.


Find 3 examples of an unknown ‘proverb’ which is mathematically impossible, e.g. ‘we take more than we give.’