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Softening Your Portion: Beyond Opposites


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Jan Cox Talk 120, Aug 9, 1984, runtime 1:45
Notes by TK

Life itself is moving and speaking thru humanity.

Reacting mechanically–diffusion of energy can almost stop and decrease the voices. Begins to soften and at the same time strengthen how one mechanically reacts.

Compassion: when you begin to see what is going on. The Few, working for the betterment of humanity appear to be in a class of their own.

Cannot accept ‘bad news’ personally. Cannot react to a strengthening grid transfer of  energy. Grid loses grip. You no longer feel as tense, no longer connect and react to certain energy. It’s like when it’s raining on everyone and you stay dry. A physical reality. Expanding the system above the line is physical work, not mystical, psychological.

There is a ready existence of opposites: humanity has never realized this.

Belief in humanity having subconscious motivations. A felt psychological reality where behavior is ultimately a result of other humans; e.g., childhood upbringing, traumas etc.  Unconscious motivations –something in the past. Behavior begets behavior.

No energy is devoid of nourishment. Neuralize ordinary explanations.

Voices of higher circuits have their own running static. “The voices of angels”.

Nuclear energy–humanity takes another look at atomic energy, in what could happen. Debate over atomic energy.

Why in contemporary life are we bombarded with necessity to tell the truth? Why is Life forever exhorting this through  man? Significant on every level: psych, professional, etc. to tell the truth. Yet in everyday life we are not constantly confronted with same.

The loss of passion in scientists who become popular and accepted; results from loss of resistance.



Document:  120, August 9, 1984
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1984

Life is alive.  This is not a mystical, New Age statement; it is a physical fact.  Life is a conscious, intelligent organism, and Man is a part of that organism.  Everything a person can say or do is a manifestation of Life.  This does not mean that humanity or individual men are absolute robots; there is no such simple description.  Do not become entangled with the questions:  “Is there a free will?” or, “Are we all doomed to simply play out a role?”  Instead, investigate the question, “What am I going to say or do next?” The truth is, at the ordinary level, no one knows what they are going to say or do next; yet everything flows smoothly.

This Life in which we all live is alive:  it has its own nervous system and consciousness, moving and speaking through humanity.  Life often appears, at a certain level, to be a madhouse.  A person or group of people makes statements that sound insane; yet those statements seem to have a ready made audience.  At times it may even seem as though Life is fighting against itself.  But can you see that nothing is wasted and nothing foolish is going on?

Life is nothing but a magnified version of you.  Of course, at Line level, this explains nothing.  Line-level consciousness believes that a larger, encompassing, more intelligent being would not do things ultimately detrimental to its welfare.  Inbred in consciousness is the belief that a god would not make a mistake or faux pas.  He would not move in one direction and then vacillate, saying, “Well, maybe I was wrong.” Within you and everyone else is a madhouse of conflicting desires and contrary ideas.  Within Life, there exists a similar multiplicity, on a grander scale.  To expect more of Life is a mistake.

You must begin to have a continuing awareness of the Life-of-Life.  Whenever you look upon or hear something that would verbally, or otherwise, cause some negative or resistive reaction in you, remember that whatever you see or hear is serving a purpose, however short-lived it may be.  To think, “What insanity.  What is humanity coming to?” is to be a child.  In other words it is an ordinary response.  In fact, there is no such insanity:  there are no false steps or wasted motions in the Life-of-Life.  Suppose that you read about some mad dog killer who runs into a store and shoots a bunch of helpless people.  Everything in you will automatically rebel against such an action.  There is nothing within an ordinary person capable of anything other than condemnation of that event.  When you find mechanical voices of resistance flashing through you, consider the uselessness of such voices.  What you may mechanically think about an event, explains nothing, because everything serves a purpose beyond the comprehension of binary consciousness.

What I am telling you has nothing to do with being in favor of murder, chaos, or any other attraction coming to a theater near you.  It has nothing to do with anything that you ordinarily perceive.  Whatever catches your attention, whether it seems to be “bad” or “good,” you must, at the very least, try to remind yourself that there is something that you are not seeing.  Remember, Life is bigger than you are; you can only see a small, isolated part of its movement at any given time.  You are but one cross-hair in the greater Grid of Life, and whatever seems destructive and deserving of condemnation to you may be quite necessary for Life’s overall continued growth.  Seeing this for yourself begins to diffuse the mechanical connections that are extant in you; it begins to widen your view.  This does not mean that you will somehow be magically struck by some cosmic wisdom.  It is a matter of interrupting the physical, habitual processing of your nervous system.  If you can somehow jump in before you say, “Ooh, look at all that bad stuff happening out there,” and remind yourself that something more is going on, you will be surprised at the result.  You will find that instead of the energy flowing into the same mechanical reactions, something NEW happens.  This “something” is almost like a switch being thrown:  it is like a release.  There you are, plugged into the Grid, with information coming to you.  The voices inside you (the manifestation of your own internal Grid system) are primed to respond in either a positive or a reactionary manner, but you can stop that response.  You can halt, and almost stop, time:  you stop the energy from flowing through its mechanical path.

At optimal times, you can literally diffuse the energy that normally holds you in place.  It begins to soften, and simultaneously, strengthen your position.  The way you would normally, mechanically react to the apparently insane, inhumane or unjust, begins to soften.  I might further suggest that this is getting close to the reality behind what humanity refers to as true compassion, which cannot be faked.  Let’s say you hear about some mad dog killer, and just before your brow furrows, and your tongue curses, you simply stop it.  You don’t let the ordinary response take place.  The energy that would normally cement you in your place diffuses, softens.  If you can, at that moment, glimpse the larger movement of Life, then you will find yourself (without any comment) closer to the reality of compassion than any book or person can describe.

At Line level, one sees a predominance of the “bad news syndrome.”  Just about everyone “out there” seems to be laboring for the downfall of humanity, and those few who are not stand out as singular beacons in history.  But, when you begin to smell, to sense on your own, that doom is not right around the corner, your own position begins to soften.  This is the reality behind such ideas as “Turn the other cheek.” You can continue to live in and on the Grid, amid the energies transferred back and forth through everyone, and yet at the same time, begin to understand that there are no individual people speaking their minds, there are no singular personas initiating their own acts and behavior.  At the ordinary level, you and they are simply outlets for this thing in which we are all living.  You are not observing persons talking and moving:  you are observing a piece of Life talking and moving, and a very tiny piece to boot.  Do not take this as a pessimistic view of the human condition.  You have got to be ordinary to be pessimistic.  Even if one human is relatively insignificant, what is the good of being pessimistic?  Is that going to help?  An imperfect parallel is to see one person in Life as equivalent to one cell operating in your own body.  Who loses sleep over the fate of a hair follicle?  If you are about to raise your hand, you missed the point.

You cannot hold humanity personally responsible for anything.  Apparent individual acts cannot be condemned because they are almost nothing.  When you See this, you no longer take the incoming energy of everyday life personally:  the connections in your relay system, your nervous system, soften. They are no longer totally taut all of the time.  You can then hear “bad news,” and where you once would have responded to it in a personal manner, you begin to have flashes wherein you do not mechanically react.  You do not fake it; it just seems to happen.  Your position begins to soften.

As your position softens, you are simultaneously strengthening a position that is currently unnecessary. Within the labor department of Life, you are expanding your occupational duties, beyond what you were hired for, undertaking a job that has no specifications at this level.  Of course, you cannot apply for the job of “officer in charge of not responding to the ordinary flows of energy.”  There is no such job.  There are a few people, such as me, fulfilling something similar, but it is not really a job.  You cannot be hired or fired, and you cannot ask for a raise; there is nobody to answer to, it is simply not a job.

The serious attempt to Neuralize and find your own personal maps for this pursuit begins to produce this kind of softening/strengthening.  The softening slips up on you, and you begin, inexplicably, to feel less tense.  You may be out in the midst of people crying the blues, and yet a part of you does not react. You feel the energy, but understand that no one is being misled.  You have a living experience that this feeling of doom, at Line level, is proper and necessary.  There you are in the midst of it, and it is raining on everyone; but you are dry.  You see everyone tied together with ropes, pulling, tugging and choking, and aware that the rope is tied around your neck, as well.  By all the laws of physics you should be choking, too.  People look you dead-in-the-eyes, and say, “My, what a sorry state of things.”  Externally, you nod, and agree with them, but internally, you do not.  The rope is there, yet you do not choke.  You walk away, without repeating their statements that the world is coming to an end:  you leave without arguing.  This situation of people discussing things is, to you, no more than a radio playing a song you are indifferent to. You are aware of the song, but are not captured by the melody.

What I am attempting to describe to you is a physical reality, not some kind of magic or psychological trickery.  The physical reality is that you are pushing your relay system, your nervous system, beyond the minimum, requisite point necessary to keep the corporation of Life a growth industry.  In Life’s corporation you can begin to move off on your own, in research and development, and fool around with things of no visible, immediate use.  (That is actually not literally true because both you and Life do benefit.)  Energy comes into you, and where it should normally have reached up to level X, the taut lines of the Grid have softened, so the energy coming through does not take up all the available space:  there is a part of you that is freed.

You must remember, when you begin to experience this softening process, that although it is tied to me and my descriptions, it is not mystical or magical, in the ordinary sense.  The experience is magic, in that you are fooling with something presently nonexistent and unnecessary, but it is a result of physical laws and forces.  Such forces have been described under many names, but anything that is so identified is locked into the binary nature of consciousness.  Thus, all of the historical, mystical, spiritual and psychological descriptions have been part of the growth process, but they are not the reality of what This is.

Humanity has never found curious the question:  “Why is everything that consciousness can be aware of divided into two?”  Why is it that humanity has never smelled the suspiciousness of the ready existence of opposites?  Throughout history, humanity has engaged in theoretical questions:  “Why is there evil, when good is most certainly the best?” or, “Why is there error, when truth is obviously needed?”  I am not speaking of these questions to indicate the correct answers.  I am asking you to note that Man has never questioned the absolute, tailor made, ready existence of opposites.

This manifestation of the ready existence of opposites goes beyond the individual level.  Institutions, such as religion or science, are, from one view, in charge of further dissemination of the information that opposites do exist.  (Of course, such institutions could be described quite properly as simply an extension or magnification of individual consciousness.  Religion is in charge of dividing everything into “good” and “evil.”  Science divides everything into “truth” and “error.”  An ordinary person might argue that such divisions are a byproduct of a more lofty goal that religion is in charge of trying to help people and feed the hungry, and that science is in charge of finding laws that work to increase the use of technology.  On one level, such a statement is true, but is that the real purpose of these institutions?  Just look at how they manifest themselves.  The Yellow Circuit has never been prepared to question this ready existence of opposites, but without opposites, there could be no religion or science.  Even the art world has it’s institutions.  Major art museums and galleries are in charge of dividing “good art” from “bad art.”  If they show art, it is “good;” if they reject it, it is “bad.”

It is commonly accepted as a fact that many types of human behavior are unconsciously motivated. Insane, inhuman acts are commonly explained by attributing them to unconscious motivations; such beliefs are wired into your nervous system.  These unconscious motivations are further believed to be caused by the actions of other men.  This, however, is where the explanations break down.  At the binary level of consciousness, you can go no further.  “I’ve been reading an article about a man convicted of physically abusing his wife.  The wife testified that he would just walk in the door and beat her up for no apparent reason.  Neighbors testified that she was telling the truth.  From his picture in the paper, he looked like a decent person, and the article said he had a college education.  I’m not condoning his irrational acts, but there must have been unconscious motivations.  I’m not a psychologist, but I’ll bet that if we look back at his past, we will find some kind of estranged, prolonged situation in his early years between his mother and him.”  “Unconscious motivations” seem to explain something, and the belief in them has served a purpose; but such reasoning quickly reaches a dead end.  We can say that these unconscious motivations result from the way this man’s mother treated him as a child.  If you were to then ask what caused his mother to be like that, someone may say, “Uh…well, maybe his mother had a bad relationship with her father.”  You must understand that no one ever extends this line of reasoning to its “logical” conclusion; so if you were to then ask, “Okay, then what caused his mother’s father to behave negatively to her?”  Then humanity’s answer would be, “You start that, and you just go forever.  Don’t bother me.”  Ordinary humanity is just now reaching the edge of more expanded questioning, but at it’s current level, it cannot make that step.  (I will hint to you — this step will be coincidental with the beginning of a new circuit.)

There is nothing wrong with psychology, just as there is nothing wrong with any of Life’s institutions. The belief in unconscious motivations has broadened the apparent base for explaining human behavior beyond gods, beyond the spirit world, beyond things outside this system.  Psychological descriptions brought the explained basis of behavior within the system of man.  Notice the kind of progress or expansion that has occurred, while remembering that progress does not move in a straight line.  Some generations ago, it was believed that spirits directly caused humanity’s behavior, that a man could be captured by evil spirits or inspired by the gods.  The beliefs and explanations have since moved from external nonhuman forces, to internal, human forces such as “unconscious motivations” caused by people in one’s past or present.  What I am introducing to you now are maps and descriptions of forces neither deific or human, neither “out there nor “in here,” but rather of Life itself.  The general level of humanity’s consciousness is now at the brink of a kind of perceptual cliff.  It cannot address the kinds of questions you should, nonverbally, be using as a map:  for example, “If other humans caused me to have unprofitable, unconscious motivations, what prompted them?” — and on and on, ad infinitum.  Binary consciousness cannot progress in such a direction, since it quickly paints itself into a corner.  I ask you then, if Life needs consciousness to grow, might it not have to change its course?

Look at the progression.  Thousands of years ago, men who were reasonable and intelligent for their time believed the explanation for their neighbor’s barbarian behavior lay in the influence of outside spirits: “Well it’s easy to explain.  Just look at them, still eating with their feet. They’ve got no art, no civilization. The reason is they don’t worship our gods.”

Currently, the highest level of mechanical consciousness in Life no longer views human behavior to be the result of evil spirits at work:  “Sure, I read in the paper about that man who beat up his wife.  The man said he heard the voice of god telling him that all women are evil and should be beaten.  It’s a good thing that we now live in a modern society; three or four hundred years ago they would have taken somebody like that and burned him at the stake.  I can accept the fact that a man could stand in a courtroom and testify that the voice of god told him to beat women, but you and I, as sophisticated people, know that is not true.  Mark my words — all you have to do is look in his background.  You will find some kind of extremely estranged relationship between him and his mother or father, and that estrangement is coming out, on the conscious level, as voices of gods telling him to beat up women.”

The explanations for man’s behavior have simply shifted from external spirits to internal traumas.  From Life’s viewpoint, this is progress; it is a shift in a more expansive, refined direction.  Yet, this progression has not ended, and it does not move in a linear manner.  Life can not paint itself into a corner.

I have expanded the game.  Life is expanding the game; and the idea of unconscious motivations is no longer of any value to someone attempting to ignite the higher ends of his nervous system.  Such ideas (and any information that appears cut and dried at Line level) is no longer nourishing for the few people that can ride the cutting edge of Life.  The truth or falseness of the ideas is of no consequence.  They are simply irrelevant, and devoid of nourishment.  There is no energy there for the Few.  There will be no energy there in the future, for anyone; but by then, the information I am now giving you will be the psychology or religion of the time — simply a new part of the continuing description, a mapping of humanity at a new level.

I speak about the development of a new circuit in the nervous system of Life and man.  In doing so, I play a jazz concerto, moving back and forth from almost familiar themes to almost insane ones.  The times when you follow it, the times when the highest ends of your nervous system become excited and the times of those nonverbal mini-explosions of, “Yeah,” are the beginnings of a new circuit within you.  New voices come with new circuits, and you can not mistake their sound.

The old voices, already inherent and proper to the highest circuit now in existence — the Yellow Circuit — speak of, “What I should have done.  What my mother didn’t do.”  But these new voices are friendly, loose and tri-eyed.  They are the reality behind what all religions have mentioned in songs and poems about voices of angels.  I suggest to you that such is always the kind of voice you get when a newer, higher circuit begins to operate and produce, in a sense, its own running static, its own “voice.”

While new circuits do have their own higher level voices, to say they are operating mechanically is a misnomer, because they are in no way comparable to the mechanical voices running though everyone now.  When you, individually, have a new circuit, or extend your own circuitry to the point where you are no longer tied tautly and absolutely to the running of energy, you hear voices that are free, foolish, compassionate and understanding.

Humanity is the voice of Life, and information about the growth and movement of Life flows out through humanity. It affects you, whether or not you read or hear that information.  However, if you simply read a line of the music, or hear one instrument play a part of the melody, you cannot appreciate the total orchestration.  For example:  Consider the serious discussions and passionate debates over the peaceful use of atomic energy.  For a number of years the scientific and political communities excitedly believed that atomic energy was going to be a boon for humanity.  At one time, it represented a cheap, replenish able energy supply that was safe for the environment.  Everyone was in favor of nuclear energy, and time and money were invested on a quite large scale toward its development.  But before long, another segment of humanity, armed with no conclusive evidence, objected, “Wait a minute, information is beginning to come out that hasn’t been considered.”  Raging debates occurred, whether nuclear power was actually a safe, profitable avenue for humanity to take after all.  Power plants that cost billions of dollars were abandoned, though nothing particularly disastrous, at that time, had come from them.  Nuclear power swung out of favor, in the eyes of humanity.

Surely I have laid out this Horizontal scenario well enough.  Rather than thinking, at Line level, how humanity runs amuck and then straightens itself out; use this prime example to Neuralize how Life itself begins to become concerned over what it previously proposed.  Within the limitations of words, that would be a more proper description, but ordinary consciousness, stuck down below the Line with religion, gods, spirits or even unconscious motivations, cannot perceive my description.  On the ordinary Level, you are stuck with:  “A god wouldn’t do that.  It’s humanity doing evil things.  It is humanity making grave mistakes and maybe just barely catching themselves in time.”  Ordinary consciousness cannot conceive of a segment of Life itself moving in a certain way.

My example is subtle and almost death-defying because the issue of nuclear power seems more serious than someone trying to build a prop plane capable of flight to the moon:  “We are talking about pouring brain power and billions of dollars into one of these power plants, when we know, through the past use of weapons, that under the right circumstance things could go boom and make everyone wish we hadn’t done it.  It could cause some kind of chain reaction and just destroy everything.  If humanity isn’t running amuck, then we are running past the sign area that says, ‘Muck city limits this way’.”

When you can separate from the mechanical cycle of energies, wherein the voices answer and respond to everything, you can begin to See that Life is simply an expanded version of you.  How many times have you apparently decided to do something and invested a certain amount of time planning and acting on your “decision,” only to eventually decide that your plan was more trouble than it was worth? You do that continually, with no great explanations to yourself.  Suddenly, something just doesn’t seem right, or doesn’t smell right.  If you change your mind, so does Life.

Here is another example of how Life moves that I’ll just throw out for you to Neuralize:  A man is introduced on a talk show as being a specialist on dialects.  The interviewer asks him to explain how it can be that in areas of a country in close proximity to each other, there exist such different dialects.  The man smiles, looks straight into the camera and says, “That’s easy.  Peoples from different countries, with different accents, settled into each of the areas.”  Does that, or does that not, explain it?

Now, in this continuing jazz concerto, can you hear a variation of that theme in the following?  I assume you have heard of the field of sociobiology.  Some men, through the study of genetics, psychology and sociology, became convinced that genetics influenced the workings of civilization much more than environment.  They believed that everything from love to murder to wanting your own piece of property with a little fence around it could be traced to genetic, almost animal instincts, as opposed to psychological influences.

These sociobiologists received a great deal of opposition.  (Of course,  by now you should know that opposition arises against anything new, if it is going to live for any amount of time, regardless of its validity.)  The denunciation put forth by their critics was that no statistical or demonstrative proof existed, to show that genetics carried more weight than environmental effects.

You are going to have to be fast to catch a glimpse of what I am pointing to.  I have already said that the ready existence of opposites is the bailiwick of ordinary consciousness.  How then can it be that Line-level consciousness, which sequentializes apparent time and reason, cannot comprehend that a first must come first — and the “first” cannot be the environment?  Certainly, it would seem, the ordinary level of consciousness could define this sequence, and yet it cannot do so.  It remains stuck with, “All right, in looking at that which affects human behavior, you’ve got the genetics, or the heredity side, and then you’ve got the contemporaneous environmental side.”  At Line level, consciousness divides heredity and environment, and is then unable to say which came first.  Consciousness is not even faced with such a question because the asking of that question is beyond its ability.

Neuralize the possibility that perhaps the way out of this impenetrable dichotomy would be a new variation or equation:  Environment and non-environment are the same thing.

I’ll toss out a few more areas for you to Neuralize.  Why is it that humanity is driven by Life to make public confessions?  Public confessions are now an expected occurrence.  You can turn on a TV talk show and see a well known psychiatrist talk about his phobias.  The talk show guest could be anyone from a politician to someone in the entertainment business, and an accepted part of the conversation will always be some sort of public confession.  Subjects that in the past would not even have been mentioned outside immediate family, are now discussed out in the open.  Not long ago, if your uncle was a drunk and had to be sent away for treatment, any reference to him outside the family would have been, “Oh, he had TB and had to go to a hospital.”  You simply didn’t talk about it.  Now, a politician can publicly announce that he was once an alcoholic and has just gotten out of the hospital, where he underwent treatment; and he will be applauded.  Neuralize that there has been a kind of expansion to the point that humanity is now driven to make public confessions.  I ask you — what is up?  (Other than what is always up — growth).

Even on a less public level, you can be sitting next to someone in a restaurant and simply comment, “They have pretty good breakfast here, real cheap,” and the other person may respond, “Yeah, normally I’d eat at home, but I’ve been drinking a lot lately and my wife left me.  So, now I have to come here to eat.” The statement might come out as casually as a comment on the local sports statistics.  These public confessions range all the way from that, to someone on TV smiling and confessing that they used to be a heroin addict.  What is up?  What purpose is being served?

Here is another area that is so much a part of ordinary consciousness that you never even think about it.  Why is Life constantly insisting, through humanity, on the need to be truthful?  Throughout recorded history, as far back as the Yellow Circuit has been alive and talking, there have been proclamations for the necessity of truthfulness.  This continual insistence permeates everything from religion to philosophy, to the ordinary, walking around, common sense of humanity.  You can read a book on psychology and it will insist that the basis of all neuroses is lying to oneself.  The proclamation, “The truth is to be sought.  The truth is to be spoken,” is never questioned.  Neuralize what purpose this could be serving.

One place where you might get a foothold is to ask yourself, nonverbally, “What meaningful opportunity do ordinary people have to do anything but tell the truth?”  When you were a child, your mother might have said, “All right, somebody threw a watermelon in the toilet again.  It was either you or your sister. Answer me, was it you?  Don’t you lie to me.”  Whether she told you, “The gods don’t like liars,” or, “You’ll grow up with traumas, if you lie.”  “Don’t lie,” is a direct warning.  At the time it was clear to you, “Yeah, she wants to know who threw that large fruit into the commode, and it was me.  Now I seem to have a choice:  I can either tell the truth, or lie.”  Back then it seemed quite simple.  What I am asking you to ponder is:  In the everyday existence of adult life, in what meaningful way does the opportunity to lie arise?

Let us say that you are late for work for the third time in a week.  The manager looks at you, and you say, “Flat tire.”  Using ordinary terminology that is a lie, but it is really more like a socially acceptable lie. You had the general awareness that he was not going to believe you, but you also were aware of the need to tell him something.  You could not just say, “Hey, I’m just late again, and poop on you.”  If you did that, he would have to take some kind of action.  So, you tell him you had a flat tire.  Perhaps he doesn’t believe you; it doesn’t matter.

Other than socially acceptable lies, when, in any meaningful, consistent, constant way, do you have the occasion to do other than tell the truth?  Never.  Do not concern yourself with any would-be, objective definition of truth and lies.  You are simply not constantly confronted with, “Wait a minute.  Here it is.  I’ve got the choice, or I feel the pressure to either tell the truth or lie.”  As far as ordinary consciousness is concerned, those two choices exist.  Yet, in everyday, contemporary, sophisticated life, the choice does not even arise.  That is not the way human consciousness works.

So, why is Life crying out and proclaiming through man the need to tell the truth?  What is Life meaning by the word “truth”?  Everybody thinks they know.  “Well, the truth is something that is not a lie.  The truth is something…well, it’s just the truth.”  I reintroduce to you a major theme:  Nobody ever notices the ready existence of opposites.  What does Life actually mean, on another level?  The proclamation comes out, filtered through humans, as:  “Religiously, telling the truth is good for your soul.  It’s good for your social contacts.  You’ve just got to be a truthful person.  Strive for it, even though it’s hard, and even though we all want to do otherwise.”  No, you don’t.  Not in the way humanity describes it; not since you were a kid and threw watermelons in the toilet.  A policeman can stop you and say, “You were speeding.”  He knows you are going to say, “No, I wasn’t.”  That is not a lie in the same way you defined it when your mother said, “All right, did you throw the watermelon in the toilet?  Yes or no.”  The cop says, “You were speeding.”  .paYou say, “No I wasn’t.”  He says, “Fine, here’s your ticket anyway.”

You, and everyone at Line level, are affected by the insistence that you must struggle to tell the truth, but I ask you, where is the struggle?  You are not daily accused of throwing watermelons in the toilet, yet the insistence on the need to tell the truth is everywhere.  What does Life mean by “truth,” when it voices, through humanity, “We must search for the truth diligently.”  I ask you:  The “truth” as opposed to what? Falsehood and error?  Neuralize again the ready existence of opposites.

Here is a quick one for you.  As long as there has been recorded history, floating through Life has been a certain kind of song, with a particular, continuing theme.  In contemporary times you can find it in bluegrass music.  Basically the song’s tale is about a country boy leaving home and going to the city.  He goes to the city and has exciting times, but ultimately, has painful and costly experiences.  He gets carried away by the bright lights and the excitement of people doing strange and exotic things, and then finds out that this trip was a bittersweet pill, runs out of money, loses everything and goes back home.  There he sits on the porch with his mother and father, and, feeling relieved, he writes a song about it.

All right, forget about people going to cities.  Consider the circuits.  Can you Hear Life talking about its own lurching progress?  A country boy went to the city/a Red Circuit went somewhere else.  They checked out the thrilling, exciting and shocking new place, but suddenly said, “Wait a minute, this isn’t right,” and went back home to sing about it.  If you can expand this in a certain way, Life not only sang about it, it made up a story:  “Once two people lived in a garden.  There was this big old god who said, “Life is nice here on the farm.  But, whatever you do, don’t go up to the city…I mean…the tree…no…the city…

I will throw out one last thing in the area of the forces, flows or persuasions, for you to Neuralize.  On the ordinary level, how is it that creative people — the artists, musicians, and, if you can stretch it far enough, scientists — lose their passionate interest in their work, once the initial resistance to their effort has passed?