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Jan Cox Talk 116, July 5, 1984, runtime 1:52
Notes by TK

J. speaks at Evoteck presentation.

Brief history and comments on Group activities. Talk in general of what This Activity is; what Life is and what Man is. Words are the prime currency of the western world but have a specific limitation. The Diagrams are not 2- or even 3-dimensional. Nothing J. says is an attack or critique of mankind. The verbal groundwork in stating man’s position is inevitably taken by the ordinary as criticism–but it’s not.

Your acceptance and entertaining of voices of this innate tendency places you in the midst of ordinariness. You are living in the midst of something alive that progresses and grow not linearly but in every possible direction at once. Nothing is broken, everything fits perfectly. The salient progression from demons/gods to the “Freud years” of psychological unconscious motivation is the manifestation of the ever present feeling in man that “everything is broken”.

Reference Diagram 1 (spinal column/nervous system): the Line-of-Consciousness (LOC), the level of consciousness reflective of generational evolution of consciousness. At the race level as well as individual level. Learning/knowledge cannot increase the line, the level of your consciousness, of what you understand. Ref. Diagram 15 (Diag.1 including 3 circuits): Red, Blue and Yellow circuits. The history of everything is within you; imprinted on your nervous system.

Salient progression of RED Circuit to Blue Circuit to Yellow Circuit, and attempts at transcendence erroneous focus at RED Circuit or Blue Circuit level. Individual men are engaged in a very specific purpose and process: nourishment transfer in the Body of Life. The nervous system in man produces a magnetic field–polarized to transform energies necessary for Life’s growth.

At the RED Circuit level the transfer of energies is very random and crude. Blue Circuit is a “bridge”, a civilizing influence giving more direction and refinement to RED Circuit transfers. Yellow Circuit touches the Line, is the cutting edge of mechanical evolution, but goes no further than the line. Its pulsing energy charge is depleted at the line; a physical, chemical substance of blood complex nourishing the upper levels is used up and the feeling of “I” results.

Life itself has a nervous system and has gone thru similar stages of growth. Man is the only open-ended nervous system serving for Life’s development of its own Nervous System. Life’s expansion is reflected in the life of man. This Thing is to get above the LOC, get into tomorrow now–prematurely compared to the mechanical general/generational evolution. Only a very Few people are capable of this. The increased transfer of energy today creates the simultaneous need for more complex transfers. Like a child growing, nourishment translates into more needing of nourishment.

The three forces/flows. Everything existing has a triaxial basis while contemporary consciousness. is binary. It only sees one of two possibilities: good vs. evil; either/or. Examples of Roman civilization overwhelming Anglo-Saxon; European conquering American Indian; loser vs. recoverer of money packed billfold. The three forces are totally floating, relative, indistinct except that everything must have resistance to exist, to grow. Resistance is always seen as negative, counter productive. The third flow participation: cannot be seen, cannot be named at the ordinary level–yet absolutely necessary.

The Grid system (each juncture point a person) is in a state of “slack tension” with each juncture point attracting/transforming energies appropriate to itself. A living grid; Vivus Machina, having a certain looseness, tolerance allowing movement and growth. The grid energy transfer is increasingly Yellow Circuit level, i.e., in the form of apparent non-physical information–words.

Those properly attracted to This Thing had to have the wiring potential to have been anybody.  Also, a kind of RED Circuit and Blue Circuit sanity and health along with Yellow Circuit potential for lateral expansion. The Few can bypass the mechanical/ordinary level of consciousness.

Life’s experiments/expansion comes out in man’s: 1)daydreams; 2) speech and finally in his behavior. Life’s staggering, unstable stability in growth.

Suggestion: Never give the slightest sign of displeasure. Never criticize Life in any way, shape or form.

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Jan Cox Talk 0116 – 07/05/84

Suggested title: What This Is

I will talk in general about what This is, and sort of what Life is, and sort of what Man is. I could call this an introductory talk. It may “cure” you of your interest in This Thing, but, then again, it may not. If you have any potential of actually needing This, you will find this talk to be a different story than the bits and pieces you may have previously picked up.

By way of introduction, let me say that there are certain limitations in words. This does not mean that words have no value. On the contrary, right now, words are the prime currency, the prime means of energy transfer in this part of the world. This part of the world is also the particular part of Life’s Nervous System that is This Thing. Where this part of the world is going is where the rest of the world is trailing. Things are heading more and more into what you think of as being the intellect. Just remember that words do have their use, and they do have a value, but they have a certain very specific limitation.

Pictures also are limited. Try to remember that the diagrams I use are not two dimensional. They are not even three dimensional. They are not limited to the dimensions you are familiar with. The mind takes words, pictures and symbols in a certain way. If I weave some tale about Albania, your mind immediately has pictures of the little Albanian people doing this and that. That kind of thinking is still one dimension short of what humanity will be able to conceive of tomorrow. That is what This is about for a few people today.

I will start with a caveat which you can use to learn and observe. Nothing I say is an attack on humanity. This Thing is not a critique of you or of Life. But, if you can keep your wits about you, you may qualify as a “fictitiously reasonably insane person”. Somewhere along the way perhaps you will notice that your consciousness, your awareness of what is going on, is continually pulled back hearing my words as criticism. You may even nod as though you are in a church in the “Amen Corner”. The words can seem to be a critique of Man and you want to say “Yes, yes, my, my, how silly and contradictory are human actions”. As long as you feel the pull of such voices, you are one of them. Any time you feel as though someone else is a fool, or that in some way Life is running amuck, you rank at the highest order in the hierarchy of murkiness, and muckiness. You are part of it. But, try and remember that. When you start to give verbal groundwork to Man’s position, when that which you have never heard before is said, everything in you will rally to the forefront immediately to take it as criticism. I tell you it is not.

You should notice that all of humanity is prepared for the worst. This is not just a contemporary malady. Look back at the so-called recorded history of the Western World. By the way, the history of the Western World is the history of the Yellow Circuit, which for now you can take as the intellect, in Man. What you call the mind is where recorded history started. One other thing that all of you should have caught on when I say “Man”, I am using it with a capital M. I am not going back, because this has nothing to do with sexism. There are as many women here now as men, as it should be nowadays. So I am saying Man with a capital M.

You should be aware that at all times, at least from the slightly pre-Grecian era right up until today, all you have to do is have a man stand up and say “We are going to destroy ourselves through nuclear warfare, we are going to destroy the environment” (or just whatever the latest thing is on the six o’clock news tonight – maybe they found out that breathing causes cancer). Note, that there is something in you that responds to that immediately. It is already built into you. It is not a flaw on your part, nor is it a lack of sophistication. You want to hear about it. You want to read about it. It has a ring that is almost as familiar as your mother calling “Come home” when you were five years old. It sounds like the voice of someone saying “Come home.” Religions, you should note, all proclaim “My, my, things are in a mess”. For a particular reason that is simply built in, you cannot see through consciousness as it is now. Throughout history humanity has proclaimed that “Things are in a very precarious position and no doubt are going to get worse.” It is buit into humanity to say that and yet, it is not true. To see this is one of the great initial shocks of This Thing. Things are not getting worse. Things have not gotten worse. Things are getting better in a way that cannot be analyzed by an individual ordinary man. Humanity is not and cannot destroy itself. Humanity is not going to and cannot destroy the planet. Things are not getting worse. Things are progressing in a way that defies the limitations of three dimensions in a way that escapes humanity’s ordinary perception.

You should guard against taking much of what I will be talking about as being anthropomorphic. It is much more than that. The reality of what I am doing here, in toto, has already been reflected. It has been reflected in religions, philosophies, sports, cartoons, soap operas and getting drunk. It is reflected in everything, but this has never been presented before as I am doing now. Do not let your old days of Philosophy 101 from college come back to haunt you. What I am talking about is not listed in any anthropomorphic description. But, I shall not detail this any further than that which is about to follow.

You are living in the midst of something that is alive. What you call Life, or what I shall call Life with a capital “L”, is alive. You are living in the midst of something that is alive and that is growing. It does not grow in a way that can be limited to a two-dimensional drawing. I cannot say “Here is a line and here is progress,” since I told you Life is not coming to an end. There is no straight line called “progress”. Life is not even limited to a three-dimensional world. What seems to be reality (to ordinary consciousness), is not even going in an observably three-dimensional way. Life is going in every possible direction at once. This is sorely limited, but to give you some indication, imagine Life as a balloon (which it is not, it is not limited even to these restrictions), as opposed to a straight-line phenomena, which from your position now, would be the way to identify progress or involution. Consider that every thing you conceive of as being Life, the total known universe, all of humanity, fleas, rocks, trees, dogs, planets and comets. Picture all of that, Life itself as an expanding balloon. The expansion is in every possible direction. This map (as are all my maps) is simply a disposable map, until you begin to see it for yourself. The maps are two-dimensional. Even if I make a gesture to you and I say “Alright, it goes in every possible direction” and apparently I am gesturing out in the three dimensional world of so-called reality, that still does not cover it. Just imagine every possible direction at one time.

Everything I describe to you specifically about the growth of Man, the possibility of Man, where it is going, the purpose he is serving, and the growth of Life itself, I refer to for specific reasons. It is almost impossible to convey at the ordinary level of consciousness any sense of This. It is almost impossible to get anyone to have any conception of the fact that within the individual person, and within the Life of Life itself, that which seems to be your existence, there is nothing broken. There are no self-contradictory plans at work. There is no evil. There is no wasted motion. There is no folly. And yet, every thing in your consciousness tells you otherwise – you, the presidents, the premiers of countries, religious leaders, your mother, your father, and you. Everything tells you things are broken.

Now, there has been a certain kind of continual, irreversible, irrepressible change going on that I can detail with some sketchy words, wherein Man has moved. Let us say during the last four thousand years, he has moved from believing that things are broken on the basis of specific connections with the gods; four thousand years ago things appeared to be broken because people sinned. The notion that things were broken incorporated all of the religious stories of Man falling from some state of erstwhile grace, some superior position, into his current position of extreme questionable value. You might be old enough that your parent’s religion still talked about evil spirits, the reality of demons, a Satan, a devil somewhere loose here that was in combat with the good guy, and that individual problems in some way were connected with evil influences.

Away from the ideas, we will assume that you are living right at a turning point. It is always a turning point, but there is a specific one going on now. That is why I am here.

There is now a certain kind of change, or if you will, if you will not get choked on it, I can say that it is a certain kind of progress. Humanity did not know it at the time, but the kind of questionable progress has gone from believing that demons are loose in the world and that evil spirits make you hate people, make you be prejudiced, make your temper be such that you hit your kids in the knees, and you hit your wife in the nose once a month, it has gone from that to believing Man’s problems are psychologically based. We will assume, for the sake of my discussion that you are sophisticated enough, at better moments when you are not overheated and upset, that you are not really concerned about demons living in you. What you are concerned with are traumas and psychological problems: the kind of mistreatment which you were handed by your parents and your peers at the time. Today’s demons are the stresses of contemporary life.  Nothing has changed from four thousand years ago, there is still a basic feeling that something is drastically, well, all the way from drastically to noticeably, broken in me. “I need help. I need to find a book. I need to find a new religion. I need to find a guru. I need to find some new form of therapy, something to lead me out of this wilderness, something to make me complete.”  There is still the feeling, inbred into consciousness that each person is severely lacking. It is serving a purpose. Everyone feels that “I am not what I should be” Can you see that that within itself is not a sign that anything is broken? That is the way things should be. If you expand this and you may even see that Life itself, on another level, experiences the same feeling.

I will get a little more specific. One of the temporary symbols I have been using for the last several years is this one:

This represents the Nervous System of Man, both literally and otherwise. Take this as being the individual, but do not limit it to physically. This is by no means a lesson in physiology. So, do not listen to voices that would try to find some complaint with what I am saying. I am fully aware of the physical makeup of Man. What this represents, for specific reasons, is your spinal column, from the base to the top, the large circle being the brain, and the vertical line being the spine itself. What I refer to as the Line reflects a development up to a certain point. It is the horizontal Line of consciousness drawn through the large circle. This Line literally exists, although an ordinary surgeon could not go into the brain and find it. The Line is there. I could find it, although I am not a surgeon and I have no interest. In fact, if you would like to be technical, I do not need to open your skull. I could look into anyone’s face and I could see their level of consciousnes. I could see the Line. Those correctly pursuing This are in for the shock that they too can see the Line. It is there.

Now, this Line, this level of consciousness is reflective, to give you a shorthand version, of each generation. This level has been moving. The Nervous System of Man has continually expanded from one generation to the next. I could argue that generations are not quite the twenty years that they used to be, but I am just putting it in a short package to make it easy to talk about. For generations, the level raises. Life is expanding. The level of consciousness is physical, it is not a vague, invisible something. It is not the old idea that served your forefathers and foremothers and foreuncles that “There is a spirit or soul in me”, or that “There are some sort of vapors”, something non-physical, as opposed to physical. By the way, if we were left to those two possibilities of things being either physical or non-physical, there is no such thing as non-physical.  Consciousness is real. That which seems to make Man unique on this planet, that seems to differentiate him totally from trees and dogs, is a physical manifestation of the nervous system.

This level of consciousness manifests itself all over this planet at any given time with many variations in the Line. If I was going to tell you that this level actually existed to the point that I could see it, then I would temporarily say the level is a certain width, and that within it are variations. Right now the western world, is at the highest level. It is all within certain confines already, but you would have the highest level of consciousness up at the top of the Line. There are still parts of the world right now where the level of consciousness, relatively speaking, within the confines of this Line, would be lower. It is all serving a purpose. There is one level which cannot be escaped without extraordinary effort and only then for a very few people. Your degree of education does not matter. You can travel the world, you can meet every known and unknown guru, you can talk to rabbis, priests, ministers, you can read books, but you should know by now, it does not change anything. It may apparently increase your curiosity, it may increase you hunger for This Thing, even before you know what it is, but it will not change anything. The continual collection of facts, whether they be apparently hard physical facts or into the so-called world of mysticism, are not going to change that which you Understand. It will simply not change your level of consciousness.

This level of consciousness is built in another particular way:

There are three rings within the larger circle named and colored the Red, Blue and Yellow going from bottom to top. This is not the only possible description, but this is the most efficient for the time being. Remember, it is not limited to three dimensions. I refer to these three colored circles as Circuits, and they serve the specific parallel purpose of Circuits in the ordinary conceptions of the workings of electricity. These Circuits represent a shorthand form of what ordinary people refer to as their physical aspect, their emotional aspect, and that which seems to be the intellect itself.

There has been a progression. You have lived through the progression since the day you were born. The history of all humanity, which is the history of the growth of the Nervous System, is within you. To ordinary people it is of no consequence, but, for the few people that belong in This, you discover that it is a reality. There is no need to look in history books, it is all there in your spine. Look at the stories of apparent prophets or people with a superior degree of understanding. They pop up here and there throughout history. Sometimes the man just lived in an area four or five miles around and never went anywhere. Everyone thinks he must have had some secret life. “He must have slipped off to Egypt or Tibet or somewhere, or where did he get all this? He was uneducated. How did he know that?” Well, assuming they were connected with This Thing, just for the sake of our fun here, then I will point out to you that that is exactly what I am talking about. The history of everything is within you, literally. It is imprinted on the Nervous System.

The progression has been played out within you since you were born and it has been played out with humanity over a greater period of horizontal time. The development of it has gone from Man (and you individually at one time), being primarily driven by the Red Circuit. Then it progresses. Observe that all three rings overlap to the point that all three are in contact. The progression goes from the Red Circuit into what seems to be Man’s emotions. Then it goes into what humanity refers to as their intellect. Even though I tell you that these descriptions I have made up are disposable drawings, there is a physical reality to it. This exists with you. This exists within the Nervous System of humanity and it goes in a particular position, a particular sequence. I have drawn it two dimensionally, but remember my warning that it is not two dimensional, and it is not even three dimensional. It is not limited to that.

It does go in a progression, with the following signifigance: People attempting to do something extraordinary, people attempting to become mystics or find a guru, people attempting to expand their consciousness through drugs, through hypnosis, reading or daydreaming, are using a most common way. They attempt to increase the consciousness of the Red Circuit. That cannot be done, yet it is still at the heart of the major religions of the world right now. They are still dealing with tree gods. They are still dealing with “Oh, god, do not let me die like everyone else – Oh, god, do not let me be sick”. It is based on the Red Circuit, that which you would think of as being the physical aspect. A little futher up the Nervous System, a little further up the expansion, the evolution of humanity itself – are the Blue Circuit attempts. They come through religions and all kinds of mystical groups, literature, art, music. Without them understanding it, they attempt to expand what seems to be the emotional life of humanity. That also cannot be done. Humanity has progressed far beyond the point where consciousness can be expanded through just Red or Blue Circuit efforts.

In this progression, up until today, the highest circuit is that which I have deemed to be the Yellow Circuit. It is that which seems to be Man’s intellect, and it does have its seat physically in the brain. It is represented by the big circle on my drawing. At the yellow Circuit level you get into that which cannot be answered or dealt with. If you continue This and you begin to See it, you would see what philosophers, theologians, those that have any Yellow Circuit operating consider to be the great unanswerable questions. Humanity believes that if there are gods, if there are spirits, if there is a something that went poof, that is external to this and created all this in some way, certainly they have got to be extremely intelligent, and they have got to be very good natured. In other words, gods are always good and intelligent in all religions. Then, as soon as the Yellow Circuit became activated in Man, the question arose “Well, if that be true, then how do you explain the fact that my son died two days after he was born? How do you explain the fact that my uncle got hit by a train?” “Well, my son, my daughter, the ways of the gods are not the ways of Man”. In other words, “Who knows?”. It simply cannot be dealt with. Yet it can be understood, which is part of the major shock of Seeing in This Thing.

This progression has led up to current times where the Yellow Circuit touches the horizontal Line on my drawing. It is physically residing in the brain. It is the growing edge of humanity.

Humanity, individually and collectively, but individually are serving very specific purposes within the growth of Life itself. Quite specifically, you are in charge of nourishment transfer. The Nervous System in Man is producing a magnetic field. There are magnetic, mechanical attractions going on in Life. Much of what is attempted to be explained away by fate, astrology, love, conscious decision ultimately always comes down to the fact that no one can explain anything. It is presented as new theory, but it can be understood once it is seen that humanity’s primary job is to transfer nourishment within the body of Life. You are transferring this nourishment. It is energy. You are transferring it in Life. You pet a dog. Someone passes you on the freeway and they blow their horn and you turn around and yell out at them. You pass a blind man playing a guitar on the street and a tear comes to your little beady eye, and you drop him a quarter. You are transferring energy. You are doing it up close, you are doing it with sex, you are doing it with friendship, you are doing it when you do not know you are doing it. You have no choice. You are doing it when you say that you love somebody, you are doing it when you say you hate somebody or some group. You are transferring necessary energy.

Now if we were more simplistic people, down the evolutionary scale, if I could move each of you back down the Nervous System to where your center of gravity was back in the Red Circuit. We would, for example all live in the jungle or be bricklayers with a fifth grade education. At that level down the evolutionary scale, energy is spread very randomly, such as the apparent loose talk among those that would seem to be of the lower classes. Now I am not making any comment on sociology, but the hierarchy of Life has arranged itself in a way that when you get down to people whose primary center is in the Red Circuit, the transfer of energy becomes very random. It becomes very crude, yet, very necessary. As you expand, tracing the development of an individual and humanity, the Blue Circuit begins to operate, and acts somewhat as a bridge. The Blue Circuit becomes, to put it crudely again, as a civilizing influence. With the Blue Circuit in operation those in a more feral environment, do not simply turn on each another and fight over a piece of bread. What seems to be the civilization of humanity, up until now, through historical perspective or critique has by and large been a development of the Blue Circuit. Ideas such as “Each person’s life is holy”, and “We should all be our fellow man’s keeper” are words that have arisen from this Blue Circuit expansion. It comes out in religious tenets, it comes out in philosophical truisms. Yet, note (remember, this is not criticism) that humanity’s behavior has yet to catch up with such tenets and theories. Humanity has not caught up with the idea that “We should all be our fellow man’s keeper”. Instead you have people saying something like “Here we are at church X and we are here to help you people. Anyone who does not follow us will be stoned to death.” It is an old story of the future. Life is always talking through humanity about what tomorrow will be. By and large, the civilized grace of humanity could be summed up by me pointing out to you that now you would sue a man before you would shoot him. Can you see that in a sense nothing has changed?

Remember that the Yellow Circuit is still in touch with the others. None of the Circuits are in some way isolated. When I talk about a bricklayer, or I talk about someone in a more protoplastic environment, I am not refering to someone operating only by the Red Circuit. There is nobody on this planet now left without an activated Yellow Circuit. There is a matter of degree, because there are still many people, as it should be, primarily driven by energy being transferred and passed through their Red Circuit. But, everyone on this planet now to some degree has the Yellow Circuit activated. As long as you can speak, as long as a group of people have one word, the Yellow Circuit is activated.

At the Yellow Circuit level, the transfer of energy must become more specific. The activation of the Yellow Circuit has produced today’s seeming crowning glory, first the Industrial and now the Electronic Revolution, the Information Revolution. It reflects the increased use of the Yellow Circuit to transfer specific kinds of energy. But, notice the Yellow Circuit touches where I have the Line drawn as the Level of Consciousness. This literally exists. I cannot prove it. I am not trying to convert you to anything, but since you are accidentally here, I am just putting much of this in a very straightforward manner, as far as words can go, that might be profitable. I am telling you this literally exists. Not because I say it. Not in theory. There are people alive today that understand it, who can see it, feel it. Once it is understood, of course, all of this is irrelevant. You do not walk around with a map. We do not frame these and take them home and put them over an altar.

The Yellow Circuit has reached this level of consciousness, and it operates in a quite specific manner. It is surging through you, operating at a speed not very dissimilar from snapping your fingers. It is an electrical and chemical combination, but right now we will talk about the electrical side. It is literally pulsing up your spine. It is where you are plugged into Life. When that electrical charge is cut to a certain point, you are dead. I do not care if you are still on life supporting machinery, I don’t care if you have doctors debating whether you are dead or not, you are dead from the view of what This Thing is about. This energy is running through your nervous System at a continually pulsating rate. It specifically goes to a certain point, which I represent in my two-dimensional drawing by the level of consciousness, the horizontal Line. It goes that far and it goes no farther. It is as though it literally has run up your spine, goes into the brain, goes up to the part now labeled cerebral cortex, and it hits that Line. When it hits the Line, the energy is totally depleted.

There is a chemical corollary to this. It has to do with a certain kind of combination in the blood system. When the blood reaches the Line, it is depleted of a certain kind of nourishment.

Now, rather parenthetically, but to help entertain you, I will point out something about the fascination through the years for certain kinds of so-called hallucinogenic drugs and, the kinds of things that sometimes pass as being mystical experiences. You will have to take it as simply as I put it, but there are sort of accidental and mechanical ways that people get above that Line of consciousness. It is fascinating to ordinary consciousness. But, they come back and all they can say once it is over is that they have seen things, that they understood things that are absolutely astounding, but now that it is over they cannot describe it. They are not sure of the significance, and they cannot repeat it. But they know that in some way something astounding has happened. Not that they suddenly looked around and saw flying spirits and gods. They looked around and they saw quite mundane, everyday objects, people, relationships, and they realized that they had never seen it in its totality, or they had never seen it in this way. What has happened is that they have accidentally gotten above the Line of consciousness, but it is mechanical and they cannot do anything with it once it is over.

The limitation of consciousness is the physical reality that energy is only going so far in the brain. The charge that is pulsing through the nervous system is going “zip” and hitting the Line, and starting again, “zip” going back up and hitting it. As I said, there is a parallel reality of this within the blood system. This level of consciousness I describe results in a very specific manifestation. The energy hits the Line and instead of going “Oh”, or “Ow”, it says “I”.

When this energy that is Life itself, working through Man, reaches Line level, it continually, in little isolated spurts, sustains the impression of a continuum of consciousness as far back as you can remember. “I am Fred – Every morning my face does not change that much. I am me. My weight’s about the same. Everyone knows me. I have more or less the same opinions I always did. I am I.” But one quite real description of this feeling of I is the continual isolated depletion of this electro-charge, resulting in this feeling of an individual I.

Let me speak a little about Life itself, going back and forth with some of this. Life itself has a nervous system. I am not leading you astray to say that there is a similarity between Life’s Nervous System and my diagram, although it is of no importance right now. Life itself has gone through stages. Life itself continues to grow. As far as you can be conscious now, Life is manifesting this growth in a specific observable way through humanity here on this planet. It is only humanity that in a sense has an open-ended nervous system. Regardless of what some psychologists may think, the nervous system (or what they would think of as the intelligence) of chimpanzees, apes, dogs, is closed. There is no way that you can expand the nervous system of a chimpanze — since that is the psychologists’ current object of affection. You cannot expand or change the nervous system of a tree, or a dog. They all stand in various relationships to one another, but you can go out and you can pet a tree, you can take it water, you can take it tree food, you can talk to it, but you will never be able to even do to a tree what you can to a dog. You can’t tell it to “Come here.” You can’t tell it “Down tree”, or “Sit”.

Domestic animals are somewhat different because Man has a lateral access to their nervous system – that is my definition of domesticated animals. Still, you cannot change a dog from being a dog. Life is not changing it. The nervous system is closed. Be they a tree, dog or chimpanzee, they are born with the full potential to be what they are and they have not been changing. Chimpanzees are not turning into humans, trees are not becoming dogs and dogs are not becoming chimpanzees. It is only humanity that has had an open-ended nervous system here.

Note that I refer to your nervous system and not your education or your sophistication although it is all tied together. What distinguishes you from your forefathers is that the level of consciousness is now higher than it was in your father’s day. It is even much higher than in your grandfather’s day since the acceleration of the growth of Life has not been at a simple mathematical acceleration. The faster it goes, the faster it goes. At one time, that which was true, even in operations such as This Thing, could be true for fifty years. Nowadays, it is lucky if it is true for a year. Some of this is no longer true, by the time I get through telling you. Part of its death is in me finally putting words on it. I am telling you that which has never had words put on it and as soon as I address it, it is ready for the firing squad. Life itself has expanded, and as it expands in its own nervous system, it is reflected in the Life of Man. The level of consciousness of you individually is now far greater than your grandfather. I repeat, it has nothing to do with the fact that perhaps he had no education and you have a PhD. That is not what the level of consciousness is. All of humanity is more developed in what seems to be consciousness now than they were 20 years ago. That is true all across this planet. But that will do you no good in pursuing This because as it changes, it changes for everyone. If I said you are more conscious, that your nervous system is more developed – demonstrably so – than your grandfather, then if you have a hunger for what the reality of This is, your answer to that comment would be “So what?”. It does you no good. Now everyone is as conscious as you are. It does not matter. Your children will mechanically be more conscious than you – the Line will increase (remember, it is not in just one direction, but for the sake of my drawing, the level will go up) and they will be more conscious. Their nervous system will be more developed. But again, so what?

What This Thing is about, what I am about, what Life is about, is a certain place where certain forces come together and it produces, in Life, the need (I am not going into why, because even if there was no why, it does not matter) for a certain segment of humanity, a very small segment (it does not become religions, it does not become cults, and people like me do not become popular and well known) for a few people to get above the level of consciousness now.

You literally become in your consciousness as developed as people will be tomorrow.

Now, this is the basis for all the dreams permeating religion, philosophy, and science-fiction that there were prophets in the various major religions that were “touched by the gods”, “sons of the gods”, “pieces of the gods”, “the gods’ brother-in-law”, and “the gods’ messenger”. Apparently these people had something to say. You can go back now and read the words, perhaps, and think “Well, I do not see the importance of it”, or “It sounds okay, but I read it and I say it over and over and I tattooed it on my chest and I chant it, and nothing changes.” You might think, from looking back in history, that “Surely this person that I have read about the simple dry recollection of his words would not reveal the full glory and charisma and mystical power of his presence.” I went through all that just as a sort of aside to what I was saying of the reality of a few people looking into tomorrow. The basis of all the stories is that a few people become conscious above the Line. I am not saying that any of the people you ever heard of were actually people you heard of, or whether Moses and Buddha and Jesus actually even existed. It is not important. It is a reflection in the nervous system of the reality that there are periodically groups of people that manage to get above that Line.

I will bring you back to what I said. Nothing is broken. What I tell you in no way is saying that humanity is not as developed as they should be. Neither I nor anyone else who has ever been involved with This is here to tell you or anyone that “I am some victorious voice from the wilderness telling you that you should shape up and see the error of your ways.” There are no errors of your ways. There are, however, a few people at any given time on this planet (when This Thing is available) that can hear This, and who need it, and they can crawl into tomorrow. What you think of as being the unanswerable questions, what you think of as being the numerable describable maladies, physical and otherwise (according to you), from which you suffer, all the way down to just low level stress, just down to the everyday blahs, just down to that everyday level of taking some comfort knowing that suicide is always an alternative, for a few people, all that becomes irrelevant. It becomes “So what?”. For a few people, the very things that humanity believes that they are looking for, that “I would like to find the gods”, that “I would like to be able to love my fellow man”, “I would like to be able to understand what’s going on”, it is possible. It is not something that can be directly taught and it is not something on any large scale that is necessary. It is serving a purpose in Life.

Life is expanding in such a way that humanity is an outlet. It is as though Life in Man keeps pushing up. More and more energy becomes capable of being transferred, and the more that can be transferred, the higher this level of consciousness goes. The greater is the expansion and the activation of Man’s nervous system, the more energy needs to be transferred. It is comparable with a child getting larger. The larger he gets, the more food he needs. The more food he gets seems to be tied to his growth.

This Life of Life I will describe to you as a closed system (insofar as it is possible for us to discuss it with some potential profit). Everything that is needed is here now, and yet this limited consciousness as it is now, without analyzing it, believes otherwise. This limited consciousness believes that “Things come and go, businesses go out of existence, people die, love comes and goes”. Many things come and go. Relationships come and go, your feelings come and go, that with which you find some favor today, you look back tomorrow and you see that something has changed. There is a continual transfer of energy going on between people. Humanity has labeled this transfer as “politics, art, commerce, warfare, etc.”. It is all a transfer of energy that is expanding the growth of Life itself. Humanity has been led to do it. It is serving very specific purposes.

I will get into an even stickier area. There is a minimum of three forces involved in the operation of everything. I could describe it as three forces or present it as other possibilities, such as three flows, three persuasions or even three possibilities. Nonetheless, I tell you, I give you the chance to see why things are misnamed. Everything that you can observe that is in existence, has a triaxial, a trilateral basis. Yet, consciousness at its ordinary limits is binary. It effects your whole system. Remember, systems are all talking to one another. Energy is being transferred within the three circuis. There is no such thing as a psychosomatic illness at the Yellow Circuit level, nor is there just a pure Red Circuit illness. There is no such thing as talking about a man’s true emotions, because the Blue Circuit is always interchanging information with the Yellow and Red Circuits. Consciousness as it is now and even that which gets into the Blue Circuit, that is, that which you would want to refer to as your feelings, operates on a binary basis: no conjecture, no theory. Most people cannot see it. It is easy to explain in a sense, but notice, it is almost impossible to see it. In several sentences I may get you up to the edge of what seems to be your own consciousness to where you could go “AHA”, and almost like that it turns itself inside out. Ordinary consciousness only sees one of two possibilities. This is reflected everywhere in humanity’s belief that there is good and there is evil, that there is a constructive force in the world, there are constructive pursuits, and constructive thought and then, at the other end of the spectrum resides the destructive. You could include all the variations of gods and devils, good guys and bad guys and yet there is no way I can in some way force you to see This. Just notice within yourself, that when I point out that everything in consciousness, everything you believe that you know and feel is based upon a binary system, everything within you says “Of course consciousness is binary” – that is the way it should be. Note that when I tell you there is no evil, that there are no bad guys, there are forces in you, let us assume that you are fairly sophisticated and your voices say “Well, he’s speaking in metaphors, because there are obviously bad guys in the world. There are obviously things going on without which we would all be much better.” Right? No doubt about it.

Insane warfare is going on between so-called religious groups in civilized countries right now. People are killing one another in the confines of the city limits of this locale. Probably in the next two hours somebody will go into a 7-11 store and say “Give me all your money” and shoot somebody for $11.00. Everything within you cries out “Don’t tell me that nothing is broken, that is insane. Those people should be helped, something should be done.” It is simply that consciousness as it is, is binary. That is sufficient for ordinary existence since ordinary existence is based upon either/or. Consciousness is binary yet everything that exists of which you can be conscious has three supporting legs to it. It is the third flow, it is the third possibility, it is the third force that cannot be seen at this level of consciousness. Hints of this, cruder understandings in the past, have been reflected in some of Man’s religions. But, it has never been understood in the way it is now, in the way I have been describing it. This third element is a physical force that cannot be seen at the ordinary level of consciousness.

Let us say that you had been alive in the upper regions of Europe, the British Isles, in times past, that you were a good Anglo or a good Saxon. Then one day, the Roman herds come and take over your village. Let’s look back historically now, while not engaging in a history lesson. We could say the Romans came there and spread civilization. I could argue that without any doubt, part of us being able to be here today with clothes on and electricity was in part due to the Romans spreading their so-called brand of civilization into the northern reaches of Europe during that period. But, we could also take the view of those nice, innocent farmers still living in sheepskins, trying to suck bark off the trees for food. If you look at it from their viewpoint, these soldiers came in saying “Hey, we’re the Romans and we’re here to help you. Anyone caught out of their hut after 7:00 will have their head chopped off.” Assuming that you follow me, each side would have their own view as to what had occurred and we could take viewpoints from either side.

I could draw another example on this continent, when the Europeans came on their boats. You could say the Europeans absolutely destroyed the native civilization, butchered the people and tore up their culture. Now, this is no form of intellectual trickery, and it is not a form of ordinary rationalization of some kind – but I can also show you the other viewpoint. Had you been one of the European settlers coming here, what you were doing is making progress, you would have thought it was good for everybody. That is also what would seem to be the thus-far result of The Europeans coming here.

If you have voices that think this is too tied up with history, how about the old story where you walk down the street and you find a billfold with $10,000 and your family was going hungry, and they are about to foreclose the mortgage on your farm. There it is and you find it and you say “Praise the gods”. But, some poor fellow lost that and he is home cursing the gods. You cannot say that anything is good or bad in and of itself.

Note that it is almost impossible to get any lasting significance from this. It almost sounds like it is true or it’s a joke. It almost sounds like some sarcastic or some cynical attack upon the nature of Man’s bad luck. It is not. It is that this is a closed system. When someone “loses” $10,000, there is nowhere for that money to go. There was nowhere for the Romans to go. There was nowhere for the Anglo-Saxons to go, the American Indians. All of this is locked into one room. It is a closed system. I can even use one of the basic tenets of physics that “energy cannot be created or destroyed,”. That is exactly what I am telling you. Things do not come in and go out of this system. Things change addresses, they change their locale, they can change their name, but it is all a transfer of energy.

Now, being locked into seeing it is either good luck for one man to find this billfold and at the same time it is bad luck for the other person to have lost it, that is to see nothing. That is to see only what is necessary at your ordinary level. It is that kind of agitation. It is that kind of consciousness which is limited to things either operating properly or improperly. It is part of the transfer of energy. The very thing that humanity, that each person calls being incomplete or dissatisfied, that which everyone perceives as being in need of something, it is all part of the growth process. Each person is being driven by Life without knowing it. The sense that there is something else comes out in humanity’s dreams mythologically and religiously and it comes out in your own personal imagination.

Each person’s consciousness knows without being able to analyze it, without being able to touch it, that there is something else. It is felt as the need for something. It tries to be fed on the Red Circuit level as I mentioned, the crudest level, with more possessions. There is nothing wrong with possessions, but back at the crudest level, back at the Red Cricuit level, it attempts to answer the feeling that “I am incomplete, I am dissatisfied, I need something – what I need is a new Maserati.” Now, I have got nothing against Italian car makers, but the feeling is as though “If I had some possession, it would satisfy this feeling of incompleteness.” You must know by now that buying a new car does not change anything.

On a little higher circuit level, the voices cry “If I had a better love life, if I could only find the right kind of sexual partner, if only I could be appreciated more in Life, if I had some form of reknown, if I was respected more, if the world would finally realize what a great potential writer or composer I am, then….” The feeling of incompleteness cannot be fulfilled for humanity. If it could be done, humanity would be slaughtered. It would be Life committing suicide at this level. Consciousness cries out “I want to find someone, a swami, a rabbi, a priest, a wise man, a book that I could read, that I could hear the words directly; or the person could touch me and say ‘There there, all is fine, my little one. Carry my picture, trust in me’ … ” and zap, they would be complete. But that very plea is a desire to be stilled. There is only one type of human that you can observe that is stilled on this planet. They are normally refered to as yesterday’s news. They are dead people, if I must make it crude. The very thing that humanity believes it is crying out for, that “I would like for the gods, I would like for someone with superior understanding to take away these blues, take away this uncertainty, take away the fear I have of being alive”, literally, if it could be done (which it cannot) it would kill everyone.

The feeling that something is broken manifests itself directly in each individual and that is the feeling you are supposed to have. As I said before, most people nowadays, we’ll assume, are past the point of believing you are still living out the curse of Adam or your forefathers. Now it is a matter of “psychological bruises” that keeps you agitated and ill-tempered. You believe such personal problems keep you from having a good sexual relationship with someone. Whatever the string of problems that you could enumerate, it is now based upon psychological demons. There is no cure for this. There is not supposed to be a cure. You are supposed to be aware of the agitation, and believe that there is a cure. But, there is not a cure available to an ordinary man (unless you want to call death a cure).

Over a period of years I have tricked, prodded and pushed this primary Atlanta group, with the individuals who have begun to see the living manifestation of the three forces within themselves and within Life. There is a total, floating relationship between the three possibilities on which I can put temporary signposts, suggestions and possibilities. I could say that one would appear to be a constructive force, one would appear to be a resistive force, and the third would appear to be, sort of an objective force, a noncommittal force. I could use all kinds of words to get you to see the reality of it. The names are not static. There is no way to identify a bullet flying through the air as being part of a destructive force. You see a bullet and your immediate reaction would be “Well, listen, bullets are bad. Bullets would make you wish you had stayed in bed. Bullets are not the work of the gods and good folks”. Then you look up and you realize that here coming up beside you is one of those bad folks with a knife about to stab you, and some nice person over here had shot him. Your opinion of the bullet then becomes “Well, perhaps I had been too hasty just to condemn bullets carte blanche. Now and then perhaps a bullet does serve a useful purpose.” There is no way to take any instance, occurrance, or isolated describable behavior of you or anyone else and say “That is constructive, whereas that is destructive”. Observe that no matter what you try to do or anyone else tries to do, if some thing is going to live, if you are able to observe it, it is going to have resistance. Nothing lives without resistance.

Now, resistance is not seen for what it is. It is one of the three forces, one of the three flows. Resistance is looked upon by the person apparently being the victim of the resistance as being a negative thing. Let us say that you have undertaken to imagine the poor plight of people starving all over the world, just at your ordinary level of consciousness. You begin to imagine that you should do something, maybe you stand up at your church, your club and say “Why don’t we start collecting a dollar every week instead of having three drinks every afternoon at the bar, and send it to the help-feed-humanity fund?” And wouldn’t you know it, somebody will object to it. Somebody will object to anything anyone tries to do. A person could stand up and apparently make the most innocuous pronouncement in the world, in the halls of Congress or anywhere and someone would always object. Whenever you try to make a suggestion to your immediate family or circle of friends, someone will object. If anything is going to live, it is going to have three forces supporting it. Two of them, humanity can see, but they do not see that they are part of something larger, and they do not see that there is nothing that can be pristinely labeled in isolation as either being good or bad, constructive or destructive. From the viewpoint of the person apparently proselytizing, suggesting the change, there is always somebody to resist it, and the resistance is always seen as being a negative thing. “Here I am with a decent idea, some thing that is non-selfishly motivated, and somebody objects to it. Can you believe it?” What you do not see is that for any thing to survive it must have resistance. It is as though it were electricity, the same principles apply.

There is no such thing as an absolute straight line, and there is no such thing as saying “I will make a change”. People do not get up one morning and say “I drink too much coffee.”, realizing in a sudden burst of self-serving enlightenment, that coffee is not doing them any physical good. To do that you would have to be able to draw out energy extrinsic to this system. There is no such thing as being able to decide something suddenly, for no particular reason, just for your own wisdom. Nothing is isolated, it is always tied to something else, and there is resistance to it. If there is not resistance to it, you won’t even think it long enough to be aware of it.

Now, some of this, if you can look at it very quickly from an oblique angle, can almost appear to be self-evident other than the fact that you would never have thought about it. You could say “Yeah, there has to be resistance. Why else would a man decide he was going to cut down on coffee unless he was kind of addicted to coffee?” Well let me make it better. Let’s take alcohol. A man apparently “decides” one day, “Listen, every day I stop and have four drinks at a bar and then two martinis when I get home. This is enough. I am going to cut down to one a day.” There is resistance built in. The resistance is that he wants to drink, apparently. Yet, something has brought about what seems to be a desire for beneficial change, and at the same time here is resistance to it. The Indians resisted the Europeans. The Europeans resisted the Indians. Every time you apparently attempt to make a change, there is built-in resistance. It is manifesting first in you, but it is a part of the process of everything being supported by three forces.

Consciousness as it is now can only see two, and the two always appear to be at loggerheads, to be diametrically opposed. It is this that leads to the conception that everything is either beneficial, proper, decent, humane or otherwise. And that is not so. Without the support of all three flows, you would not be alive, Life would not be alive. The three flows meet in a particular way and that which apparently is human behavior, that which apparently is behavior of the planets, that which is apparently the behavior, the existence, of Life itself, stems from the interaction of these three flows. But ordinary consciousness can only see two. The third one cannot be seen at this level. It cannot even be named.

There is a way in which a few people being able to see this and take it into account. It is not a matter of me sitting here now and telling you that there is some form of magic, that in some way that there are people in the world that can suddenly go forth and do great deeds and walk on the water and fly through the air. All that would be child’s play compared with doing those simpler things such as “I am going to stop all hostility in the world. I have this great ability and I am going to stop all hatred.” Anybody that could do that and said they were going to do it, they are simply giving the nom de plume to the announcement that they are about to destroy everybody. That which one level of consciousness from one person would label as being hostility, as being hatred, is simply a manifestation of resistance to their viewpoint. It is necessary to Life.

There is a way in which I describe, and you can attempt to conceive of everyone being tied into a grid system. It is like a large playing field, being able to encompass all that you know of the universe. Everyone is drafted onto this field. They are drafted onto a team. Do not picture this grid system as simply vertical and horizontal lines on a piece of graph paper. You would have to take that grid system, at the very least, and cover my expanding balloon with it. But even then it goes into another dimension where every time a line is passed, at every juncture point, that juncture point is also ultimately tied to every other juncture point. Everything is tied together, and each of those juncture points could be seen on one level as being an individual. That is where you are and you were drafted onto this team just as everyone is and you were fitted out for a uniform. What it amounts to is there was a potential in your wiring system. I will not go much further with how all this comes about, because it is of no great importance right now, even if I cared to try to explain or to give you some notion of it. It is simply that you were fitted out with a nervous system.

The idea that environment has effected you is nonsense if you are involved with This. There is no such thing as environment if you are left with the possibilities that binary consciousness now presents – this eternal problem, or at least this modern day problem, the question of “Is man a product of his environment or his heredity?” If you are left with the proposal of the question on those terms, I tell you directly there is no such thing as environment; and if consciousness, even at its crudest level, had any more ability, it should be able to see that, because there had to be a heredity somewhere. Heredity is the father of what consciousness now calls environment. The idea that the environment has in some way turned you into what you are is just almost rubbish. It is serving a purpose with ordinary people, but it explains nothing. Yet, ordinary consciousness (as it is supposed to) cannot see that. You were fitted out with a kind of potential, and it was not determined by your family, it was not due to your mother liking your sister better than you, due to your being seduced by your uncle who used to dress up like Mae West and drink whiskey. No matter what happened to you, if your family died in a car wreck, if your family was poor on the other side of town, if your family was rich, if you’re male or female or black or white or Jew or Christian, it is irrelevant. Now, it is not irrelevant, of course, in the ordinary world, as all of you have had ample opportunity to learn. Out there everything that happened to you is of supreme importance. It helps keep things going. But, insofar as the people doing This, it is absolutely useless. It means nothing.

There is no past. This grid system is in a kind of state of slight tension, and there are limits as to what – in what directions a person can move. The nervous Ssstem, once it has been established, once you reached the age of so-called maturity, once you had more or less given in to the fitting out of this uniform, your feeling is “Alright, here I am. I look kind of nerdy, and I have to wear glasses, and I am underweight, and my nose is crooked…” and any other possibilities. (I like to pick out the worst of them because it makes everybody feel better – very strange, is it not?) Nonetheless, there you are fitted out with a uniform, and it seems as though “Alright, here I am, Fred the Nerd”, and that’s it. You kind of give up the struggle. Your nervous system then begins to attract other kind of appropriate nervous systems. You find yourself in a certain job. You find yourself living in a certain part of the country, a certain city. You find yourself just irrepressibly, with no prior notice, no so-called thought about it, drawn to certain kinds of environments. Some people go to the opera, some people bowl. Some people find themselves hanging around beer drinkers, other people find themselves hanging around wine sippers. The truth is, if you were my fictitious reasonably insane man and you tried to question yourself, you would find you have no idea what you are doing where you are. You have got no idea what you are doing living or married to the person you are with; you have got no idea how you ended up in that particular occupation or why you ended up in that house. You have no idea whatsoever. Now, ordinary people sometimes, in a great fit of having the blues, see this in a snap. But, awareness, ordinary consciousness, cannot continually conceive of that. It would kill you.

You live in a certain part of this grid system. This grid system is alive. It is a vivus grid. It is my vivus machina, the living machine. Yet, within all machines there is a degree of tolerance. You cannot, even though you could machine such gears, you cannot machine up gears that fit perfectly. If they fit perfectly, they will not move. There has to be at least a small amount of tolerance. Part of that gives the impression (which consciousness continually wants to talk about) that “I could change if I wanted to.” The grid system transfers energy. Remember, I noted to you that if we could isolate people into the Red Circuit, that the transfer of energy there, bricklayers over in a bar right now, less civilized people, living in forests and squatting around campfires, the kind of energy being transferred and the purposes they are serving in Life are no less than those served by you and I. It is not better and it is not worse. It is different. It is a different place in Life’s nervous system. When you reach the areas in which we are living, the areas in which I am operating and what I am here for, the transfer of energy is up in the Yellow Circuit. Furthermore, another Circuit is beginning in Man. The Circuit and the energy being transferred, is going more and more into the areas that would seem to be less physical, namely information and knowledge. Yet it is still a transfer of energy.

Life itself has its own nervous system. Life itself, in a parallel way, is now pushing at its Yellow Circuit and it comes out in part of humanity. Life pushes at a new circuit and old methods will not get you there. The kind of mystical dreams that people had of what you must do to be more than an ordinary person no longer do any good. You can jog until your knees explode. You can fast until you weigh 25 pounds. You can stop eating all food that Reader’s Digest says may cause cancer in chipmunks. You can lift weights. You can have your nose bobbed, you can have your breasts lifted, you can have your legs trimmed, you can have hair transplants. You can do anything you want to, and it will not change your level of consciousness. You can paint pictures. You can write love sonnets. You can meditate. You can pray to gods known and unknown. You can make up some. You can try to establish a cult to worship Harpo Marx. You can do anything you want to, to apparently work on the Blue Circuit, but nothing will happen. By the same token, left to ordinary devices, you can go and get five PhDs, and it will not change your level of consciousness.

In the grid system, there is a way in which a few people can bypass the limitations. I cannot recruit you, ignoring my sometimes bombastic delivery, nor am I trying. I am directing this, of course, primarily towards anyone who is new to This. Nobody is trying to persuade you. Nobody is going to call you. I may never see you again. But, there are certain very limited number of people at any time on this planet who need This Thing. It is a physical bypassing of the door of right now. It is not the worship of me, or of anybody else. It is not something accomplished through any amount of faith. It is not done through any amount of exercise, meditation, prayer, chanting – except, let me point this out: those that correctly belong in this had to have had the potential in their wiring structure to have been almost anybody. That I cannot change. I had no effect over it. If I could change it, I would not change it.

To correctly pursue This, you had to have the potential down in your nervous system to have been almost anybody. You have got to have a reasonable degree of stability and sanity down in the Red Circuit. You cannot be involved with the old dreams, for example, of the starving mystic; little monks in little monkeries, that only sit around, getting chubby and fat. You cannot be a weak aesthetic person. There has to already be established (neither you or I have anything to do with it) a Red Circuit sanity, stability and health. To give you one more hint, one of the things I insist on is that everyone continually get a minimal amount of exercise. It will not increase your consciousness, it is simply necessary. Justice does prevail and those that ultimately find their way here, even if they had not been getting exercise in the immediate past, they understand the need for it. There likewise has to be, a kind of already established potential stability in what you would think of now as being the emotions. It does not mean that you have not suffered in the past from the soap opera dramas of human life, of feeling “Woe is me” and then feeling “Life is real nice this morning and I am happy, so I’ll probably pay for it later”. Those kinds of swings that seem to be human emotion are there, but if you have the potential to do This, they are there within certain limits. There has to be a kind of stability, a kind of potential health in the Blue Circuit. It is no longer possible for those attempting to do This Thing to go back and spend time trying to get healthy. The only way to be healthy is to understand the motto of “forget health”. Forget reading about health, forget about taking your blood pressure, forget about seeing how you are. If you do not know how you are, you aren’t. Everyone is in a partial state of decay. You are on the way to dying. But, to do this Thing, there is no magic diet. There is no pill to take. Likewise, there is nobody to worship. There is no prayer to make. There is no way to work directly on the Blue Circuit. What humanity has dreamed of as salvation of some kind through religious contexts and otherwise, is an expansion of oneself, a transcending of oneself. Nowadays, the potential is right up at the Yellow Circuit, although, remember that everything else is in conjunction with it and must be taken into consideration. That is why what I have been doing here is so drastic.

By the way, when I keep saying “I”, if you do not already realize, I am not referring to me personally, not in the sense that people would have little photographs of me in their billfold. That is not even the point. Just remember that when I am saying “I”, it is not in the sense that you think of as being “I” now.

What I am here for, what I am up to, is now directly for the first time, in a way that can be described, using methods, using maps, using descriptions that are tied directly to where the Yellow Circuit is touching the level of consciousness, bypassing the rest of the system. It is too late for the lower parts of the nervous System. There is no way to go back and patch up your or humanity’s Red Circuit. Stories of gods and demons, of any thing extrinsic to this system, anything extrinsic to the life of Life itself is no longer pertinent. It is pertinent to humanity, but not for the few people doing This Thing.

What you should be picking up little pieces of is that I make extensive reference to the world of physics, even subatomic physics, not back to erstwhile religious beliefs or systems. I could use other things, but I am just drawing upon the fodder available in the horizontal, the ordinary world. I use very specific physical descriptions and maps and approaches to This. You are passing energy. You are passing energy as long as you are alive on this planet. You are serving a purpose. There is a known purpose for what humanity is doing. There is a way that a few people can bypass the current level of consciousness. I could go on and on and on, but I think you have been sufficiently entertained for now. All this serves some purpose. Consider this: I have covered herein ideas you may have heard in my other papers or in your exposure to This, and yet if you belong here, every time you hear it, you should be able to hear something else.

There is nothing broken. There is no evil afoot. Life is expanding. It is expanding within the confines of your own consciousness. Life’s own nervous system, I could say, is progressing. It is evolving, growing, and you are in it. There is nothing of which you can avail yourself that is extrinsic to this system and to the life of Life. The body of Life is alive. It is conscious. The very thing that humanity or theologians say cannot be understood – can be understood. I understand it.

There have always been people like me around here, but it now has reached an accelerated degree. It has reached the point almost that everything that has gone before, all the kinds of methods, the kinds of descriptions, maps and teachings that have gone before this time are now almost useless. It is just hardly of any value for me to even drag them up and to say “Alright. Here is a reflection in past times. This is what such and such religion or this is what such and such apparent religious prophet or philosopher – this is what he thought he was saying.” Life is growing at an accelerated degree, and almost nothing is left of any value. Forget a thousand years ago. As I already told you, sometimes that which I can now describe to the Atlanta group, that we can go through one week, sometimes it is dead by next week. If enough people can absorb, if they can take the energy and if they can chew it up themselves, sometimes now a week is the lifespan. It is even getting faster, not only with This Thing, but with Life itself. It is everywhere. You ought to be able to see it. Life is growing.

In case you never have any further exposure to This Thing, let me leave you with a little good news: if you in some way have been impressed that I might know something, I tell you humanity is not going to destroy itself and things are not going downhill. Things are not in bad shape. You may be in bad shape, that is, you may be ordinary. That is fine. If it were not for you, the rest of us could not live. Things are not a mess. All that humanity believes is beyond description or understanding can be described and understood. This Thing is very straightforward, while at the same time, it is also elusive. It is quite physical and direct, and at the same time, it is almost beyond comprehension. It is not me or some other person here with some message. It is not me here with something I have conjured up, something that I got from somebody, something I read in a book, something handed down through a great line of secret prophets from India or Tibet.  Nobody sent me here, nobody taught me anything. Life is talking. Life is talking everywhere. Life is talking with the guy that is now at the 7-11 store saying “Give me all your money.” That is Life talking. That is not Satan talking. That is not bad spirits talking. That is not Man’s troubled childhood. That is Life talking, and that is Life growing. That is moans, that is creaks as the bones expand, as the muscles grow. Some religious leader somewhere, some humane person saying “Bless you my children”, some doctor out in the wilds trying to help poor people – all of that is Life talking.

This Thing is Life talking in a way where it almost surprises itself. There is a way in which you can look back upon what seems to be human consciousness, that is your daydreams, what seems to be you, and see that it is like Life talking to itself. Humanity is Life pondering the possibilities. Life does not grow in a straight line any more than you do – Life staggers. Humanity at the ordinary level believes that there are gods, and they are all good and wise gods. Humanity at the ordinary level believes in gods that know what they are doing. If humanity could See it, we’d be in for a big shock. I am telling you, it is on another degree, expanded in ways that are not parallel just in magnitude. It is magnitude and direction. The reality is that Life’s processes are not that different from your own processes. You hear voices that ask should you go home, should you stop and get a cup of coffee, have you been drinking too much coffee. That is just the nature of your life. If there were a bunch of sky gods they would also operate on that basis, not as humanity perceives that the gods know what they are talking about. They would operate much on the same basis as you. You are a reflection of that. That is what I mean by Life staggers. Life will try anything once. It will try shooting itself. It ponders all sorts of possibilities, and it all is manifested. It comes out through Man’s speech. It comes out first through his daydreams but then his speech and lastly his behavior.

You may think you have horrible daydreams and that you would be locked up if anyone ever found you out. You may feel personally responsible for such thoughts, but it is not you thinking it. That is Life thinking. There is a kind of unstable stability. It is this kind of looseness within certain limits – Life is growing in directions that are not a straight line phenomena. Life is not growing from here to there. It is growing in every possible direction at once a little bit, and within this is contained every possibility. Within this is contained everything that has happened, all the good guys, and according to you, the bad guys. Within Life are all the good steps it has made and all the faux pas. It is all there. There is nothing broken. Things are not going downhill.

If you find yourself continually interested in This then I suggest, for a very specific reason that I understand totally, that you do not discuss this with anyone, even amongst others involved with This. It is not to trick you or to turn this into a secret organization, it is just that when you do so you are harming yourself. If there is any potential for you to pursue This Thing, if you feel that This might be what you have in some way been looking for, you have no business talking about it. None. You have got no business talking about it even to yourself.

You have many voices in you. If you ask people “Do you hear voices?”, all educated, sophisticated people will say “Certainly not” because as far as they are concerned that is a sign of some kind of insanity. But you are gravely misled. You hear voices all the time, except you think it is you. You should not listen to the voices that analyze what I have said or what you have heard in This. You ought to be able to put all of it in a kind of limbo. What you should do with it is Neuralize. To Neuralize is to be able to remember something without thinking about it. And, if that’s too difficult, you should be able to not remember something without thinking about it. Just do not fool with it. There is nothing to analyze. There is no way that you will put any of this together and come to some conclusion. Any time you come to a conclusion, the possibilities are dead. Life, if you could picture it as one long sentence, there would be no such thing as a period, except below the Line. Above the Line every thing is commas. You have no business, if you find any value in This, discussing it, or even thinking about it.

I will make a few more suggestions. One is that you absolutely abandon all criticism of Life. Just stop the manifestation of it. Do not let any other human on this planet, from your wife or husband, to your mother or father, do not ever let anybody in the world, any ordinary person ever know, by any means, whether by your facial expression, your gestures, your tone of voice, much less what you say, do not let any other human know that you are less than completely satisfied with what is going on. I do not care what it is. Do not participate in that kind of transfer of energy. You will find that it is almost impossible not to. Do not let anyone take you for being Life’s critic. Part of this level of consciousness is that everyone is Life’s critic. Life is like a great daily newspaper that comes out, and there are enough jobs for everybody – that is as long as everybody is a critic. I am telling you you should not let anyone know that you are less than pleased, no matter what they say, no matter what they describe. Do not ever let even the slightest amount of displeasure with anything show up on you.

Another suggestion I will offer is that you cannot consume a lot of alcohol or fool around with drugs and do This Thing. You cannot do it. It is not for some moralistic purpose and it has nothing to do with any kind of teaching from somebody. It is that alcohol and drugs have specific effects upon the nervous system in places I cannot tell you about, but that you can feel. It is detrimental to your doing This. You cannot do them both. While I am at it I may as well tell you that although there is no magic food or ambrosia (that is just a gourmet’s dream of the secret book of knowledge), there are some foods that are commonly available that you have no business eating after a certain point in pursuing This Thing. They feed parts in the Red Circuit that no longer need to be fed.

You should get plenty of good exercise and you should not watch soap operas. You should not be in a soap opera. When you pursue This Thing you must give up your suffering card. You cannot suffer and do This. There is no such thing as suffering as humanity calls it, but that which has always passed for suffering, which is simply being below the Line of consciousness, you must abandon it. That may even discourage you. You would be more likely to part with money than you would be to part with your suffering card. That is just the way it is.