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There Is No “Out There”


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Diagram # 42


Jan Cox Talk 113, June 14, 1984, runtime 2:00
Notes by TK
Reading of Kyroot papers 12 min — then a full minute gap until Jan starts.

T.I.N.O.T. (new tattoo): There Is No Out There.

Should constantly strive to see a new dimension at “vertical angle” (right angle upward) to the horizontal world.

What parts of a book or other recommended activity are you trying to pass along energy-wise? What parts have you extracted and do not pass along? Everyone has a pattern of transforming energy–that kept and that transferred. The pattern related to either C or D.

Chaos and entropy almost seem to be “laws” at work. But if so, how is it there is an ever increasing drive for order and organization in the midst of chaos?

How are “facts” squeezed out of Life? Where do they come from? Why has no one seen it before if it pre-existed—or,  if it really is brand new –where could it have come from?

E-flow as homeostatic device –regulator of imbalance–that which bounds, e.g. thermostat; rocketry guidance control etc. Takes in combined feedback and regulates same.

TINOT map–“extreme potential profit” ordinary consciousness operates on the basis of  everything being “out there.” The existence of “excess talk” is connected to this: you become what you talk about –that talked about no longer is even illusorily “out there”. Once you can think about “TINOT” it is forevermore not “out there” –there is no “Not-I”.

This Thing is continually exerting itself thru a minute portion of man. Those men and activities quickly die (not necessarily physically). Life of the Group begins to ebb –you can feel it pull on you. This Thing has a lifetime and it moves very quickly–increasingly so. ATL Group and its intensity has far surpassed the life span of everything gone before. Extremely so. Almost living on borrow time. Always exposed to its own resistance –a particularly potent resistance.

At the extremes of C and D the possible following is very limited, e.g. This Thing or the KKK –because Life need there is small. At the more moderate levels the following becomes huge in proportion to Life’s greater need there.



Document:  113,  June 14, 1984
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1984

When out walking, or going for a stroll, or getting out of a car at a shopping center, you should always be attempting to orient yourself in a particular way.  Or rather, if you can Understand what I am saying, you should be attempting to DIS-orient yourself.  You should not stumble through a supermarket mechanically.  I don’t say this as an attack on humanity, for at the ordinary mechanical level, humanity operates quite efficiently.  But once you See that is the way everyone operates and that it is unnecessary for one with an Aim, you should be striving constantly to do otherwise.  By now this should take no great effort.  It is just a matter of remembering to do it.  When you step out of your car and walk across the parking lot into a shopping center, notice what it is that you and everyone else seem to be taking in from Life.  Line-level consciousness operates in a cinemascopic fashion.  It is like being in a theater viewing everything on a horizontal plane.  The outlying external world even bears out this view:  buildings only go up a certain height, and most of the people walking around on the ground are between, let us say, five and a half to six feet all.  The whole external world seems to exist on a horizontal level, within very definable horizontal limits.

Now there is a particular way in which I have referred to Seeing as being at right angles to ordinary binary consciousness.  When you begin to have your own flashes of Seeing, your own internal jolts of re-mixing and re-distilling energy, you DO realize that regardless of your past voices, you do not suddenly begin to see colored auras around people’s heads, spirits of dead ancestors, or angles sitting on everyone’s shoulders.  What you See, apparently physically, is what has always been there — except, you have never seen it before.  You See what amounts to another dimension:  the reality behind all of my terms of triaxial reality.  This expanded consciousness literally goes off at another angle from the Line of ordinary consciousness, stretching, absorbing, and eating up your normal way of seeing things.  You see the same people, the same buildings, but another dimension is added to the normal, horizontal perception of everything.

It is quite useful to attempt to Neuralize this triaxial reality:  to study something without allowing your normal position of attraction or repulsion to draw you to a “conclusion.”  There is another dimension out there and it is not much different from what seems to be another dimension internally.  In fact, you cannot separate one from the other.  I have not taught you to construct an internal microscope divorced from that which is apparently being examined.  There is a connection between the apparent external and internal worlds, and that connection goes off at a new angle.  My description of this new angle as a “right angle” is true enough in the binary world, but I urge you to Neuralize it, instead, as vertical.  You should begin to be aware that ordinary consciousness perceives everything on a running horizontal plane, and that plane exists wherever the eye-sight is held.  For example, stop right now and look at your perception of what I just said.  What happens?  You may get an immediate awareness that your consciousness wants to look at everything as though it were sort of a horizontal movie that is wrapped around you.  You may then try to pull yourself away from the movie, but your ordinary, proper, mechanical connections in the Grid of Line-level consciousness pull you right back where you were:  thinking about what you are attempting to do, or what I just said, or whether you agree or disagree.  Yet This Thing is about Seeing another dimension by ADDING another dimension to what seems to be consciousness, and this new dimension goes off at a right angle, a vertical angle, from everything you now know.

Let me go off on a tangent from there.  All human intercourse, everything from the corner preacher testifying about the changes in his life, to your telling a neighbor the merits of a new book you just read … is the passing of energy.  In a sense, everyone evangelizes.  Now let me direct you more specifically to some areas for you to Neuralize.  Let us say that you have just read a book.  You were intrigued, you stayed up all night, and now you want to tell your best friend about the book.  You encourage him, saying:  “Try it.  You’ll like it.”  My question is:  What parts of the energy you received through reading are you attempting to transfer to your friend?  If we could take your “experience” of having read that book and, allegorically speaking, turn it into a loaf of bread, then Neuralize WHAT parts you are apparently attempting to pass along.  You can’t offer the full loaf, as you’ve already eaten and digested it.  The other side is:  What parts apparently are you EXTRACTING?  What is it that you do NOT pass along?  Even more subtle:  Is there a pattern to the way you eat things, extract food and pass along energy?  In areas where you want to encourage people to share your experience, who in this transfer are you apparently supporting?  What force are you apparently speaking for?  D force (destructive)? or C force (creative)?  At Line level you can find an absolute pattern in you and in every other “individual” regardless of the observable input.  Look at the packets of energy-information-experience that you take in, and you will notice that an extraction occurs at a very basic level every time, preventing you form passing along the whole thing to someone else.  You will find a pattern in what comes out, and that pattern will apparently be in the employ of one of the two basic forces.  When you get a glimpse of that, you should find it very, very interesting.  Of course, the better you get, the step right after “interesting” is “beneficial,” assuming you can Remember what you See.

I now want to direct your consideration to a specific area in the process of Life growing and expanding itself.  What if that which seems to be the cultural structures of Man — his religious laws, his legal laws, his morality — arise in a sense from Life’s struggle to keep “D,” the apparent force of destruction, in a proper balance?  At Line-level consciousness everyone feels as though doom is right around the corner.  The most obvious example is that you know you are going to die. But beyond even that, there is a feeling that everything is going downhill.  The more civilized a nation becomes, the higher it develops in Life’s nervous system and the more complicated its society appears.  Crimes become more complex and the apparent purpose of Life becomes less specific.  Government enlarges and the number of laws expands.  Standards of morality begin to seem to conflict with one’s own basic sexual nature.  And so, the prevailing feeling is that everything is going downhill regardless of scientific and technological advances.  “Yeah, I know some things look better, but things are still in a sorry shape.  Life is not nearly as good as it used to be.  Life is going downhill and I know it.”

But now Neuralize that Life and everything in it is expanding and therefore is in a state of flux. Look at it this way:  all your familiar structures — religion, neighborhood, family, institutions — have grown and changed since you were a teenager, and you are left with the feeling that everything has come unpluged.  When you were young, you felt secure because your parents took care of you, and now you are an adult and must take care of yourself.  But beyond the apparently physical change of you leaving home, something else happens in the higher circuits of your nervous system.  Without realizing it, your circuitry responds to the constant flux of all structures with a feeling of doom.  Line-level consciousness is binary in nature, and so you sense only the continuous break-up of what you formerly took to be solid structures.  The family structure is in flux: what you see is, “Almost everyone today gets divorced.”  Consciousness at Line level can never see any new pattern coming.  It cannot see tomorrow because tomorrow is not yet fully formed.  If I could grant you one second where you could see the overlapping of structures and you could See right where a new structure begins, you would miss the next second, where that very formation starts falling apart.  Line-level consciousness just cannot conceive of the reality of this flux.  It sees only “D” in the continual breakdown of structures.  So priests, rabbis, ministers, the very people humanity look to for guidance and hope can only tell you, “You came here just in time.  Things are in a terrible state and you are right in the midst of it.  It’s a good thing you came.  Things are going down the tube.”  You are left only with a sort of mystical hope for the future.

Can you now Hear that nothing in Life is broken?  And yet there is no such message out in Life.  Such information has never been necessary. The life of Life is well and growing and operating just as it should be.  But think, does Man need to hear that all is well?  From the beginning of recorded history, the message has always been: “Wait till you hear the sorry tale I have to tell of what has befallen me!  Of course what happened to me is just a microcosm of the whole terrible condition of everything.”  It has always been that way.  There is always a feeling of impending doom.  But I tell you that when you can See Life from a triaxial view, you See that things are not dying.  Other than the fact that YOU are going to die, Life is not falling apart.  Life is not destroying itself.  And humanity cannot destroy Life, or destroy itself.  But Neuralize for yourself:  If I could stand on top of the world’s largest mountain with the world’s largest megaphone and announce that Life is NOT going down the tube, and have it instantly translated into all languages simultaneously, are you sure that there would be much of a widespread response?

Culture, with its laws and morality, has thus far served the purpose of a continuing balance in this changing structure of growth; with “D,” the apparent force of destruction, seemingly always in the forefront.  But it is not that Life has got to keep an eye on “D” or that “D” is a troublemaker.  “D” is of no more force or value than the other two forces.  But there is an apparent struggle going on, which Life has thus far used successfully, and which helps Life to maintain its balance.

Structures are only apparent.  They are continually changing, and inherent in that process is an overlay of impacts.  A religion can become a political structure, then change intensity and pop up in another area of the Grid at a later time and place.  A religion can form, then apparently die out, and later take on a new birth.  A structure can even apparently die out and return to be called something else altogether, and you can See the same thread weaving in and out through it all.

Sophisticated, educated people cry about the size of government when the size of the government is almost synonymous with their being in the position they are in.  The very things that seem to make their life worthwhile, the laws and morality, are absolutely tied to government.  As I pointed out earlier, it is these same laws and mores that can be seen as Life’s continuing struggle to keep a certain proper balance, including “D” serving its proper purpose.  For example, there are laws against murder.  It is ultimately of no benefit for murder to be an everyday occurrence.  Even murderers on death row will say, “You know, if I had the opportunity I would speak to school children now and tell them they shouldn’t murder people.”  Murder does occur, but as far back as history has been recorded, people have been saying, “We should not be killing each other.”  Life is looking after its own interests in a certain way, and it would not be in Life’s ultimate best interests for murder to be rampant.

In the realm of science, there are stated laws of chaos and entropy.  I present for your Neuralization:  What is going on that in the higher circuits in Man there seems to be a continual, ever-increasing striving for greater organization in the midst of chaos, and then a striving for preservation in the midst of entropy?

Let me present some further questions.  Are facts squeezed out of Life?  Where do facts come from?  Doctor X says that after years of research and observation under controlled conditions he has discovered a new syndrome of the human psychological condition.  He has observed it and has statistical proof.  He can trace the line of cause and effect.  He has in some way, squeezed this information out of Life and named it.  This new syndrome has become fact.  Now I ask you, has this observed and named phenomenon always been present but just never seen before?  If that is so, then I ask you, why had it never been noticed?  Or, on the contrary, if the phenomenon is new, where did it come from?  Did a bunch of people get together and decide to change the way they react to each other, creating a new psychological condition?  Can you push it further and Neuralize that this new extraction, this heretofore unseen phenomenon which has now been named, categorized and factualized, involves Doctor X  the observer, those apparently under his observation, and every other human on this planet — past and present?

Consider the equation:  I + Not-I = Everything. To the doctor, who is operating at the ordinary level of conception, there is him and then there is everyone else.  He begins to observe some portion of everybody else and through his research notices some kind of dynamic interplay between people that has never before been named.  In a sense it is as though he reached out into the Not-I part of the equation and in some way squeezed out a new fact.  Where did he squeeze it out of?  How does something become factualized?  Why has no one seen it before?  Suppose that the newly noticed fact is that people take on different physical postures and facial gestures depending on whether they are dealing with their superiors or inferiors.  I want to know why it has taken someone 5,000 years to observe this.  The obvious answer is:  “Well, it’s never occurred like this before.”  Then I want to know why it is occurring like this now.  Neuralize that the answer may lie somewhere between Doctor X, those he observed, and then everybody else he didn’t observe, both now dead and alive.

There is a way in which you can approach and then Neuralize the “E” flow as a sort of homeostatic device continually attempting to regulate the imbalance between “C” and “D.”  The thermostat in your house maintains a relatively steady thermal environment by regulating the on/off capacity of the furnace as the monitored temperature gets either too hot or too cold.  So, too, you can look internally within your own individual Grid system and see that you are always getting a little “off track.”  So “E” could be seen to take the combined feedback from the conflict between “C” and “D,” which are never in balance, and serve as a regulating device.  Of course you do understand that you are never operating full speed ahead completely on track. Straight lines are an illusion, which would be full speed to nowhere.  “C” and “D” are never in balance in Man or Life, except in the dead.  A thermostat set at 72 degrees cuts on and off as the temperature shifts from colder to hotter.  It cannot hold the temperature completely steady at 72.  In the same way, “E” is continually regulating the direction of energy, both in what seems to be individual people and on every other possible level.

In theory it may be possible to build a thermostat that would maintain an exact temperature.  You may even come close to building one.  But if this were achieved, it would eventually blow itself up.  There is no such thing as a perfectly fitting machine.  There must be a tolerance in order for gears to actually turn on each other.  There must be variation for anything to move.  The life of Life and all that is contained therein operates at a most efficient level, and that level does NOT include the straight-line phenomenon.  From a binary viewpoint there may still be voices in you that disagree.  “It still seems most efficient for the thermostat to simply hold the temperature exactly at 72 degrees.”  But it can’t.  True consistency is true only for a dead man.

I have a most potent map to introduce.  As always, it is an extension of everything I have pointed to thus far.  This map is contained within the initials:  T.I.N.O.T. which stands for “there is no out there.”  Neuralize this map, because it has great potential value.  I warn you that T.I.N.O.T. is not as obvious as it may appear at first glance, except that when you See it, it IS as simple as it sounds … just as the equation “I + Not-I = Everything” can appear to be true and self-evident at first, and then from an added dimension you See that your first impression could not have been more incorrect, other than the fact that at Line level, it is absolutely correct.

Ordinary consciousness operates on the basis that there is always an “out there.”  There exists a quite real but subtle connection between this and my asking how people squeeze facts out of nothing; how people derive new information from that which is apparently not new.  Humans think about and discuss things that are “out there.”  “Out there” is the only approach to science, psychology, religion, you name it, that humanity uses.  If you are going to study the physical sciences, of course they are “out there.”  If you are going to contemplate the nature of the gods, of course they are “out there.”  To study the dynamic interplay between peoples, the study of psychology, where are you going to look?  Where are people?  Certainly not hiding in my shirt pocket.  They are  … OUT THERE.  Ordinary consciousness operates as though things that are “out there” are separate from the “I” that is speaking.  But there is no “out there.”

Now for a trickier part.  Remembering that there is no “out there,” I will now slip off at an angle and tell you that there can be the ILLUSION of things being out there, but only if you have never thought of them.  Once you speak of anything, once you let the pictures get burned into the screen of consciousness, once you have conceived and thought something, once you take the voices as being you, if there WERE an “out there,” whatever it was that you thought of can no longer be “out there.”  I repeat, in reality it was never “out there” because there IS no “out there.” There can only be the illusion of things being out there as long as you have no awareness of them.

The reason I went down this alley was not to get even more complex.  Rather I want to point out some very pragmatic things.  Take the situation of excess mechanical talking:  once you speak, you and that of which you speak are now one, simply because you talked about it.  It is lost in that it can never again be in the illusionary “out there” insofar as it may have ever been possible for it to have been out there.  As sticky as this is, I will press on.  How about my pointing out that you should attempt to do things without telling yourself that you are doing them?  How about my telling you that you can’t be hostile and simultaneously ignite the higher ends of your nervous system? Quite simply, your position in the Grid is made to react in some way, and the most common way is that which is labeled hostility, anger, hatred.  Then that energy is passed from Line level down; but you can’t let it become part of your consciousness.  You have got to be able to rise above all that.  You have to discover that you can activate the nervous system and actually begin to live internally in a place that is not natural.  This is not done through faith, but through your own effort.  In this place above the Line you can See the energy passing, See exactly what is going on.  There is no “out there.”

Try to become aware that you continually talk about and conceive of things as though they are “out there.”  You do this even under the guise of attempting to do This.  “I have been observing myself and now I see that I have a lot of hostility. Boy, I have just got to do something about it.”  You are talking as though this thing, this anger you have, is separate from the “I” discussing it.  To speak this way is not your fault — it is the nature of ordinary consciousness.  But there simply is no out there.  “I am thinking about making objective effort on myself.  I am thinking about the nature of Life.”  And all of your thoughts proceed on the basis that things are “out there.”  But there is no “out there.”  You are in for a most pleasant jolt when you See this for yourself.

I must admit I am tempted to beat you over the head with this.  I’m not playing allegory or theoretical argument here.  EVERYONE discusses EVERYTHING as though the subject under discussion was separate from the speaker. Consciousness views it all as “out there” just as it sees that in the equation I + Not-I, there is obviously a Not-I.  But there IS no Not-I.  There is no OUT THERE.  As for the part that starts to get sticky, there is an ILLUSIONARY “out there” where processes which have not solidified into mental things can reside.  That is, if it was ever “out there” to start with.  Once you think that someone has insulted you, once you feel anger towards him, once you think about him in any way, he is no longer “out there.”  You can never again impartially See him in a certain way.  You must begin to Understand that this “you” that is doing the thinking and the feeling is not separate from that of which it is thinking and feeling.  Begin to Understand what is yourself and you can deal with it as simply as you would your stomach making noises, tigers behind doors, bad dreams.

Just as there is no Not-I and no “out there,” in just the same way This Thing is not separate from Life.  It is only on the ordinary level of the Grid that people attempt to separate themselves from “out there,” building monasteries or otherwise attempting to seclude themselves.  This Thing comes out in Life as being at one edge of the place where “C” force is in a kind of triaxial relationship with the other two forces.  There has always been some form of This Thing going on in Life.  It has continually come out in varying degrees through people in the past.  You should be able to Hear that right now the cutting edge of it is coming out Here.  In a certain sense it is attempting to move through you or you would never have been exposed to this.  But it is not extrinsic to Life.

T.I.N.O.T.  There is no out there.  One final blow:  everything that consciousness can in the slightest way say one word about, have one thought about, is operating on the basis that things are “out there.”  At the ordinary level, that is part of what keeps things running.  It is part of the friction, the hostility, the basis of the transfer of energy that is reflected through “I have my own private thoughts and personal feelings and you have yours.”  But to talk or think about what seems to be your own thoughts puts them “out there,” and there is no “out there.”  Once you See it, if you cannot get past the feeling that everything you do, even in the privacy of your own thoughts is out there, you are stuck.  You are treading on an imaginary path like everyone else. You are engaged in a great imaginary structure about what you think you and Life to be, and it is all a puff of smoke.  There is no Not-I.  There is no “This Thing” apart from Life.

THERE     IS     NO     OUT     THERE.


Kyroots ( condensed )

…and Kyroot said:
Life arranges itself, and is arranged throughout the Human
Grid in such a way as to make ordinary consciousness believe that
it is always reacting to the occurrence-of-the-immediacy, whereas
the innumerable “causes,” that is, the environmental alterations
since the initial heredity impact, could more properly be
considered no more than an unrecognized pattern of stable chaos,
with all triaxial notions of immediate causes being forever lost
in the vertical angled land of no-time-at-all.  (Only the
ordinary curse a chair after stubbing their toe…  The more
lively would curse every fucking part of every universe and be
done with it.)


All peoples, cultures, and religions have a tale regarding
Man being somehow removed from His original habitat, and forever
being in search of a “mystical, lost homeland.”  But those with
some idea of Man’s true position understand that only you can
exile yourself.


If it be true that all artists suffer, and if it still be so
that 2 and 3 equals 5, and also that 3 and 2 equals 5, then are
not all who suffer artists in some remote fashion.  If the above
were to somehow prove correct I could then better appreciate the
sentiment of Men when they say, “I may not know art, but I know
bad news when I see it.”


The mortal tale of Man’s Fall-from-Paradise is unknowingly a
recounting of His eternal upward fall; an upward, vertical plunge
from the mute certainty of a Red Circuit existence into a more
complex world of noisy and inspecific purposes.  So now, rather
than beating his fellow man across the head, and likewise, being
beaten, civilized-man sits and broods over His failure to bash
his neighbor, and sinks in the fear that His own thrashing is but
a matter of time.  (It’s probably just as well that Man has no
choice in this affair, or else Life would be one continuous game
of “Let’s Make A Deal.”


Words can explain everything but themselves.  Like unto
timber used to construct exemplary models of their intent, yet
materials, about which the Yellow Circuit can offer no clue
regarding their own origins.


Man does not realize the error in pointing to his head as
being the source of some illness as opposed to a downward
pointing to the body itself.  He does not See that psychosomatic
illness would only be a reality if we were dealing with a
decapitated person who even yet felt “out-of-sorts.”


Words are like “energy to go”; portable packets in measured
form for use at a future time.


I hear Men speak of certain things as “no longer existing,”
but you must begin to constantly realize that nothing can simply
“cease to exist”…  Where does anything have to go?  Processes
do continually change their clothes, and addresses — but “cease-
to-exist”?  …not hardly.


If you’re not a supporter of revolution you certainly don’t
belong here.  If you’re not a defender of established structures,
you’re in the wrong place.  The sign at the Project gate should
read:  “Admittance only to those ambidextrous in the higher
circuits.”  (Space on board the Project Ship itself of course is
limited to those with even more entangled talents and abilities.)


Habit equals ordinary sanity, and the shackles-of-
responsibility are as functional stability for common Man.  It is
the small habits, and larger responsibilities that hold the
ordinary in a secure jacket of acceptable behavior and apparent
goals in this life, without which they might become unbound and
unstructurally violent in their consciousness, and less useful in
Life’s direct thrust toward greater dimensional expansion. (Even
the Few are left with the “One Habit”, and “The Responsibility,”
but an understanding of this complex simplicity makes the
subsequent voyage both pleasant and meaningful.)


Once you are freed from your own dimensional illiteracy,
people are an “open book”… (and when you’ve read one, you’ve
read ’em all).


If, as Man has noted, “Music be the food of love,” how do
you explain march music of the military?  (Why, I’ll bet even ole
Attila enjoyed a rousing toe-tapper now and then as he
contemplated his many, and sundry good deeds… And “why not” I
ask you; and “why not” you should always ask yourself, because
there IS no “why not.”


During one period in my times on Earth, I enjoyed some
renown as a “thinker and pundit” although I looked not unlike my
common fellow man.  Once in a crowd I was identified by name, and
a young woman rushed up to me gushing about her high regard for
me, and avowing as how she had read everything with my name
affixed.  She came to a temporary, breathless pause by saying how
she had always “dreamed of meeting me in person.”  I modestly
held my hands out and said, “Well, here I am.”  She looked me up
and down for a critical moment and replied, “No, I meant the REAL


It is Man’s natural condition to be entirely driven by the
flows of the Grid passing through Him and all of Life.  When I
speak of a person being “engaged,” I refer more specifically to a
state wherein the person is temporarily vibrating at a quite
fixed and specific rate-tempo in regards to some particular
magnetic attraction.  This is no worse than His normal position
but it does offer a microscopic example of the prevailing larger
condition.  All suffer under general tyranny; being “engaged” is
merely bending to a specific despot for a brief but harsh


Regardless of the many dangers and pitfalls of everyday
existence, I would say that each Man’s greatest fear is that
somehow His fake fears will turn into real ones.


If you will but take careful note, you will find that the
ordinary consciousness of Man conceives of His life as a
horizontal happening, and the missing dimension in the triaxial
universe is not seen because it rests at right angles to present
I-sight.  (Even better put would be to note that it rests at
vertical-angles to present sight.)


Although ball players say “You can’t steal first base,” and
it sounds like both a physical comment on a sporting event and
an allegorical note on human existence, why not again seek a
first before the apparent first of ordinary awareness?  Why not
forage for profit in the dark areas even before the initiation of
the game?  Why not steal the scoreboard?


One can note the continuing powerful mute force of the Red
Circuit in the fact that guns do indeed speak for themselves, and
bullets make a particular fashion statement.


Slow music takes longer than fast music (but this is neither
as obvious, nor as correct, as you might first believe).


Have you yet to consider that it is not merely me continuing
to pull rabbits out of hats that is so astounding, but that I
pull rabbits out of hats that don’t even exist yet.


A final note for the night:  Never do anything for the first
time.  And if that’s a conceptual overload, try it this way:
Always do everything for the first time.