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The Impact Spectrum


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 Diagram 36 Impact Spectrum
Diagram 36 Impact Spectrum


Jan Cox Talk 112, June 7, 1984, runtime 1:45
Notes by TK

Impact Spectrum Diagram: different colored, length, and thickness lines to represent the varying impact of a particular entity/movement on the life of man. e.g.,  Islam: thick red line where religious impact is primary; thinner blue with increasingly political impact, etc.

The feeling of impending doom = change = shifting impact. The seeming prevalence of D force. To be continually aware of D force as the flip side of C force is to gradually awaken, to align yourself closer to C force or at least E force.

The barbarian, troubadour and philosopher: each has its own tempo and under pressure the distinction becomes pronounced. Philosophers are immobilized. Barbarians evidence blind action even if counterproductive. Troubadours suffer emotional outbursts toward source of pressure of problem itself. Hierarchies corresponding to the barbarian, troubadour and philosopher within the grid of human life are formed for specifically transmitting and transforming a particular one of the three basic energies of Life.

The only thing to do about below-the-line conscious ordinary memory concerns is to forget them. The voices must be forgotten. They are background or “white noise” that will always be there, but irrelevant.

Energy–everyone is transferring just the right amount of energy whether slothful or active. When old, habitual connections are broken there is a feeling of “new energy”. Not possible or proper for Jan to “infuse” individuals with energy for purpose of doing This Thing.  Must make your own: neuralize breaking up habitual patterns.

The drive to evangelize, proselytize = attempt to pass/exchange energy which has been edifying. Sex as ultimate example of this. Neuralize this as the formation of Hierarchies.

Effort which produces “results” always includes “effort” on the part of others, e.g. public meetings- group effort tied to effort of attendees to come. Overlap of efforts.

Difference between conception and execution of action. An overlapping of purview, viz. ideas and action. Idea taken for reality/fact/ provoking action. Reification of theory or hypothesis which then takes form in action–thus becoming real (even if totally erroneous).

Must understand Yellow Circuit where to look, to push, to override the barbarian and troubadour. Government bureaucracy = Yellow Circuit growth–overriding conflicts of blue and red circuits.

Neuralize why so few show up to Group public meetings. Effort vs. apparent results.



Document:  112,  June 7, 1984
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1984

I’ve made a new diagram for you, which I call the Impact Spectrum.  It is a two-dimensional representation, but you should try to picture it as a grid, floating in space, running in all directions.  It is much more complex than simply one line going in a particular direction.

Keep that picture in mind, while I point to something else:  another way you can see behind the common feeling in humanity I’ll nickname, “down around the corner.”  Reflected in literature and in conversations is the feeling that “simply being alive” is precarious.

Neuralize that because things are in a continual state of growth, there is no permanent state.  You cannot isolate and freeze, in consciousness, a permanent structure, or even a present structure; because structures are always in the process of change or else they’re dying.  But change is, in a sense, a form of partial death, because it is a break up of what exists at any one moment.

Now back to this floating grid, represented by my two-dimensional drawing.  Let’s say that the red line represents a certain religion, for instance, and that it has arisen somewhere along the black line — the life of Man.  It appeared to be a religion operating at a certain intensity and it seemed to have a certain impact in the grid of humanity.  It grew in a certain directions for a time, with a certain intensity, and then it changed direction.  Perhaps, for example, with its initial intensity, it was labeled religious.  Later it became something more political.

That change is what I meant, in part, by varying the width of the red line in the diagram.  Any sub-process in Life may continue a few hundred years at a certain level, and then turn into the blue line; it changes intensities.  In a sense, it changes directions.  Its original impact changes, but it does not die.  Instead of the example of religion, we could refer to philosophical and economic ideas, or to what seems to be the social structure.  But whatever the example, the breakup of a structure is not a sudden severance of a straight line phenomenon.  If you look at your own life, your relationships with others do not run in a straight line and then simply die.  One person in a relationship may say, “Listen, I’ve had enough of you, and the way you act, I’m leaving.”  Yet, at the ordinary level of consciousness, nothing just stops like that.  It drags on and on.  It always does, no matter the relationship.  Perhaps one of your parents dies, and you bury them, but they’re not dead to your consciousness.

All of you are subject to the feeling that your life is constantly under the influence of the destructive force.  You can all feel it.  You have grown up with it, and you’re surrounded by it — in songs, literature, and human conversation.  It’s the feeling of impending doom.  If humanity understood the descriptions I am giving, they would agree, “Yes, there are these three kinds of primary forces at work, but certainly, D is in charge; it’s obvious.  The environment is being polluted, we’re stockpiling enough weapons to destroy the whole world.  It’s just a matter of time.  We can smell it.”  All of you succumb to that, as long as you are suffering.  And as long as you have the feeling of impending doom, you are still operating at the ordinary level of consciousness.

You must begin to Understand on your own that the nature of growth is change and change involves the breakdown of existing structures.  From trying to build up muscles by breaking down muscles, to fertilizing plants.  You’ve got to see that every form of growth must include a necessary change and necessary destruction.  You must begin to Understand that nothing is going down hill, but rather that everything is in a continual state of change.

At the ordinary level of consciousness, everything looks as if it’s coming apart.  It is simply that ordinary consciousness wants to hold on to established structures.  “Here is something real — my forefathers’ religion, my erstwhile political beliefs — what I feel to be the basic truths that are workable for humanity.  I can look around and it seems that the new generation is just trampling on them, they’re spitting on them. What are things coming to?”  The ordinary frame of reference regarding “what’s good” is the time honored status quo.  So ordinary consciousness is inevitably left with a sense of crumbling down because it is in flux.

At the level where binary consciousness operates everything is in an either/or position.  “There is either decency or non-decency, and we should all try to live good and decent lives, as set down by our religion, or the revelations of the gods.”  And consciousness, at that level, will point to those who say, “Phooey on that!” as obvious proof of “improper people and forces at work in the world.”  As long as you’re limited to that, you’ll never gain Understanding.  You are only serving your inherited purpose.

The practical, living breathing experience here is to be freed from those binary limits, and to see beyond your sense of doom.  Although it seems like you start out relying on my maps and descriptions, it will begin to seep into your own consciousness that things are not falling apart:  Life is growing!  The practical significance, further, is that you begin to align yourself, in a gradual way, with tomorrow; or, if you like, more closely with the actual C flow.  It is not simply that you decide, “Well, I’m going to and testify for C flow; or I’m going forth to do humane work.”  Rather, you begin to become part of your own continuing awareness that things are not falling apart.  Every structure, pattern, and habit known to Life, as exemplified through Man, is always in the process of breaking apart, to be reborn, to grow.  If not, it is dying, and if it’s dying, forget it anyway.  When you Understand this, you are no longer (in the sense that ordinary people are) a mechanical, driven slave participating in the movement of D.

New Understanding, new freedom from your expectation of doom also brings freedom from suffering, fear, and confusion.  Neuralize those terms further.  What is the purpose of terms such as suffering, fear, and confusion?  Why are they forced through the Yellow Circuitry?  Where did those terms come from? For what purpose is humanity driven to believe that the name of life is Suffering?  Just try to Neuralize it face to face:  “What could possibly be the use, the purpose, the sense, in humanity formulating and specifying feelings like, “I am full of suffering.  I am full of fear.  I am full of confusion.”

A little side trip.  Have any of you noticed that no matter how obtuse my comments sometimes become that my descriptions somehow ultimately all fit together?  And it’s not because I say they do.  Remember that.  At one time or another, what I say does sound ridiculous to you.  When you first hear the words, sooner or later, they sound insane.  Yet, somehow, the damn collection of maps does fit.  Out in Life, it doesn’t work that way.  You can hear about some guy who claims that he’s been talking to a green man with fourteen arms from Atlantis.  (As an aside to this, remember that there is no such thing as imagination. It’s not that the green man exists, but the man saying the words is as much reality as anything else. Assuming that you are as reasonably horizontally sane as you need to be in order to really Do This Thing, you’d dismiss such tales.  You’d simply, implicitly know, “Oh, it doesn’t fit.”)  But in a sense, I can say things that seem just as insane and yet they do fit.  It’s because 2 will go into 3.  That which is larger will eventually swallow that which is smaller.

I want you to see something concerning tempo.  I could describe in picturesque terms the progression of Man going through stages of being a barbarian, a troubadour and a philosopher.  These stages, in a certain very real sense, are physically actualized in each person.  And in everyone, a piece of each lives and functions.  What I want you to See is that each person/type operates at a certain corresponding tempo and, under pressure, the tempo of the barbarian, troubadour, and philosopher comes to the front in a way that you can see very acutely.  Here is an example illustrating this kind of pressure.

Picture a small group of people preparing for a stage performance.  In the last few minutes of preparation, the equipment malfunctions, and no one seems able to fix it.  Let’s assume that the director demands, “You’ve got 2 minutes and the curtain is going up!  I want it fixed NOW!”  Everybody involved would feel the pressure increasing, and you should be able to feel it, too.

That pressure causes a reversion to type.  That pressure, applied to a barbarian, would result in action, even if it is blind action; even if it breaks everything.  The more the barbarian feels pressure, the more he’s inclined to take any sort of action.  He’d be inclined to just grab the first wires in sight and stick them anywhere.  Or, he’d bang on the equipment.  Perhaps in trying to fix it, he’d accidentally knock it down and break it, so that having it ready on time becomes moot.

The troubadour type, under that kind of pressure, is inclined to emotionally react both to the source of pressure as well as (almost as unprofitably) to the malfunction itself.  In a sense, he becomes immobilized, vis-a-vis any sort of real action; but he suffers over the situation, and my well cry or scream back, “Leave me alone!  I wash my hands of this!”

The philosopher, when subjected to the same pressure, (without the emotional response towards the source of the pressure) is just as inclined to immobility.  He just stands there.  It’s on the basis of, “If I had more time or information, I’d figure it out, but this is simply unreasonable.”  It’s as though the Yellow Circuit shuts off, “Well, this is an overload, give me a minute.  I’ve got to cool off.”

You should learn from this picture — through your own experience.  To varying degrees, everyone under pressure has the propensity to demonstrate the premise of their mechanical transfer of energy. Within you, there is a preponderance of weight behind one of these three approaches.

Another aspect to this is:  hierarchies seem to form within the grid of human life; and they do so for the basis of transforming and transmitting the three basic energies.  I could describe it in numerous ways, but consider what I am saying about the barbarian, the troubadour, and the philosopher.

Whenever a group of people assembles, hierarchies begin to form almost immediately.  Suppose a group gathers, 10 or 15 or 400 people, but the person who called them together is not even there.  So they are all milling around.  Those that don’t leave will find, almost immediately, that hierarchies begin to form, somebody will say, “Look, I don’t know what’s going on here and whoever called this meeting is not here.  Let’s at least all write your name down.”  Then, as sub-hierarchies continue to form, somebody will say, “Well, who the hell put you in charge?”  The guy will respond, “Well, I’m just trying to help.”  Then somebody turns to the guy whose idea it was to sign your name, and says, “Should we put our name and address?”  “Uh, yes, why don’t you do that?”  And then maybe a few more will have some further objections to that, and a few more will just leave.

The group will begin to structure itself; the hierarchy just forms.  It is the grid arranging a network to pass along basic energy.  It arranges itself so that you could identify and name subgroups and sub-processes.  It arranges itself so that some of the people conduct the aggressive side and others seem to interpret what’s going on.  Some become very passive.  The point is, hierarchies will always form and one way to attempt to look at it is on the basis of the troubadour and the philosopher.

One more practical area I want to mention:  almost everyone, when he start This, wants to ask me about their past and I make general directions to forget everything previous to this, that it’s of no value. That in itself is an introductory shock for most people, but there is more to be heard.

Everything that resides in the ordinary memory of the mind you can absolutely forget.  You must begin to See this.  I mean everything:  all questions of “dealing with” losing somebody close to you — your parents, a brother or sister, pets — or of being mistreated by your parents.  All you can do is to just forget it.  This is no theory.  It’s not rationalization; and it has nothing to do with forgiveness.  You have to find out that everything from the ordinary level of consciousness down you can and should forget.  That’s all you should do with it.  I repeat:  it is no mental trick!  As long as you’re only attempting it, you’re not doing it.  It is possible to really DO it.  It is not a trick.  It is not a struggle.  It is a matter of not arguing with the voices that want to rehash your past; and it is not struggling with them.

Anybody who has ignited the nervous system above the ordinary level, who has expanded his understanding beyond the level of humanity, can forget everything that has gone before.  It’s not that the voices stop or that that part of the nervous system is not active.  That part of the primal flow which we will all serve until we die continues to operate, but you Here cannot consume your energy on its mechanical repetitions.

You can forget that which is in the ordinary mind, or the ordinary memory of the mind.  You can forget it and that is all you can do with it.  You must forget it.  If you find yourself agreeing with the voices that say, “Well, all of these talks and the things I’ve already tasted are well and good, but I will never get over the horrible and unexpected death of my dear father,” you’re going nowhere.  There’s nothing to remember; there’s nothing to forget.  It happened; it’s gone.  And if it hasn’t yet, it will happen to you.  There is nothing to be learned from those voices specifically.  There is nothing to be thought about it.  There is nothing further to be felt about it.  That may sound cold and harsh to many people, but I am telling you, if your father is dead; that’s it.  It’s not cold, it’s not harsh, it’s not unfeeling.  The ordinary memory that everyone has of what has happened to them — you can forget.  And it does the reality of your father, for instance, no harm whatsoever; because it is not as simple as I’m putting it.  But what your ordinary level of consciousness refers to as, “The memory, the inseparable connection, by which I am still bound to my father, through my great love for him, through my great guilt for not treating him better, through my great hatred of him.”  Forget it all.  And remember this:  what you’ve got to do is to get above the Line enough to increase your Understanding above the level of ordinary consciousness, and you will find out that the voices talking about what seems to be extremely important, then become no more than little sounds going on behind you — the air conditioning humming.  Just as when the air conditioner stops, when you stop for a second you become more aware of the sound it makes.  In the same way, you find yourself sitting around perhaps years from now, and suddenly, here comes the voice again about your father.  But you can forget it.  It is no longer of any importance.  The energy no longer makes it to the screen of consciousness.  I mean this absolutely as far as words go, and forget the apparent cold sounding harshness of it.  Whatever has happened must be forgotten.  And you will see it for yourself.  Then you’ll see — it’s not harsh.  It’s a glorious new freedom.

I assume that all of you know that many religions have used the idea that a man should continually remember himself, and as far as words now operate in this time and place, there is nowhere you can go with it.  The first thing learned by my fictitious, reasonably insane man who attempted such as that, would be that it cannot be done.  That lesson would be worth something as far as it goes.  But it would be more apropos, in this day and time, to point out that what happened to everybody below the level of consciousness, should be simply forgotten.  It never happened, in a sense.  It happened; but it’s not happening now.  It is not a part of the Understanding that you produce on your own.  You should be able to say from your own experience, “Everything before This, I don’t care.  The death of my beloved father, the most terrible things in the world from ordinary viewpoints that happened, is not even a memory, it’s just a noise.”

Until you taste it yourself, there is no way to analyze it.  You can’t attempt to pray about it, and expect some religious answer.  Whatever happened below the level of consciousness has got to be forgotten, and it will be forgotten — if you properly continue with This Thing.  I’m telling you beforehand what will occur. There is nowhere else to look, and there’s nothing else to talk about.

If you still resonate with the voices that say, “Boy, if I could just have my mother back for 30 seconds, to tell her I forgive her of all the insane grudges I thought I held,” you’re just running, full blast, into the arms of D.  You’re offering to work overtime in the assembly line for no pay.

I want to say something else regarding the transfer of energy and about energy in general.  From a certain view, everyone from those appearing to be the most passive and the laziest to those who seem to be the most active is transferring just the right amount of energy.  They ingest the proper amount.  From those people who sleep 20 hours a day and seem to have no interest in life, to somebody who sleeps 2 hours a day and is always on the ball and out doing something; they are all taking in, for their position in the grid, exactly the right amount of energy.  They are using up the proper amount for themselves and then they’re passing along the proper amount.

You may ask, “How can I increase energy?”  Out in ordinary life, it is not a matter of people being either too lazy or too active.  The only thing to be done right now is to break the old connections through which you are receiving energy and the connections by which you are transforming it, and establish new ones. When that happens, you feel new energy.  Even out in the grid, there is the horizontal awareness that undertaking something new can affect one’s feeling of energy.  When you apparently decide to attempt something new, you feel new enthusiasm for some length of time, whether it be a day or week or a month. I encourage you to try, at the very least on a weekly basis, something new, regardless of how ridiculous it may appear, such as, “For the next week I will not eat bread.”  “For the next week I will write with my left hand if I’m right handed.”  “For the next week I will never drive the same way to work.”  Try anything you can find.  You should be attempting to break up any old pattern that you can.  It doesn’t matter how small it is.  If you do that, you will feel energy in a new place, and it becomes easier to tie into new ones.  In a very small and limited frame of the tempo spectrum, you are going from D to C force.  You’re breaking up one flow and establishing a another.

Some might ask, “How can I produce more energy in relation to doing This Thing?”  There had to be something else at work for you to get here; and it is not my responsibility, even if it were possible, to infuse you, whether it be permanent or not, with new energy.  There is something else involved there.

But on the everyday level, as long as you are still tied up with old connections, taking in energy through the same relationships, same friends, the same habitual environments, saying the same things, thinking the same things, reacting the same ways; then you are simply feeding on the same connections over and over.  That kind of food never varies enough to be of any importance.  Therefore, your digestion of it, insofar as is possible in one man’s lifetime, is the continuation of one pattern.  And, of course, it’s going down hill, because you’re going down hill:  you’re headed toward death on this level.

Beyond that, don’t dream that I’ll infuse you with energy to make you work harder.  It won’t happen.  But you should find profit in what I’m describing about the old kinds of connections and the habitual kinds of energy and food that you take in.  Put some of that together yourself.

I want to relate this to another area for you to Neuralize.  Everyone, at one time or another, has been approached by an evangelist of some kind such as someone who tried to testify on the street, and said, “Let me tell you why it would be profitable for you to read this book or this pamphlet,” or, “Come join our church; it will change your life.”  From one viewpoint, what people are attempting to do in that case is simply transmit energy.  It has nothing to do with whether or not they maintained any particular conviction. This feeling, “I want to evangelize, I want to proselytize and help other people,” is a need to pass along energy that has infused them in a positive way.

People apparently being driven to evangelize can be seen as a manifestation of the hierarchies forming.  It is not just wild guys with their hair sticking out and hollering, “The judgement day is coming!” Everybody is driven to pass energy.  You might find two women standing at the check out line in the supermarket and one looks in the other’s basket and says, “Oh, do you like that kind of frozen cake?  I’ve never had it.”  And the other says, “Yes, I didn’t used to like frozen cake, but this brand, you should try it.” They are, in a sense, trying to convert; they’re evangelizing.  They don’t own any stock in the cake company, but they’re saying, “Try this, believe me, your family will love it.”  They won’t gain anything material.  It’s Life breathing and circulating.  You should be able to see it all the way from frozen cake, to whether or not to put bigger speakers in your car, to somebody saying, “God loves you.”  They’re all of equal uselessness.  But the need for energy to be transferred comes out in ways that humanity ofttimes describes as the desire to proselytize, to convert other people.  But the converting of other people is always a transfer of energy.

Under optimum conditions at the ordinary level of consciousness, you could say that sex is the ultimate transfer of energy.  But, can you see, in a certain way, that having sex with somebody, whether you’re a man or woman, is an attempt to convert the other person.  Certain aspects of sex take place on a level that the Yellow Circuit knows nothing about, or can’t talk about.  The Yellow Circuit might say, “You look like so and so movie star,” or, “I like the way you move.”  If you Understood it, a better way would be to say, “I am chemically and electrically attracted to you in a way that I would just about walk on glass to get you in bed.  I don’t know whether I’ll ever see you again, but right now, I’d do almost anything to get you down.” That is, in a sense, evangelizing.  That is as far as I’m going in words right now:  consider sex as an attempt at the ultimate exchange of energy.  But don’t forget the similarity to a person hollering, “Listen, I used to be a drunk, my life was miserable, and I joined a church.  I’m following reverend So-and So, and now I am so happy, that I’m out here on the street corner making a fool of myself; but I don’t care because I want to tell you it is so great.  Why don’t you come join up?”  It goes all the way from that, to a couple of guys in three piece suits at a decent bar, telling each other why a particular political party is in everyone’s best interest.  Each of the above is a form of energy exchange, and each is a kind of evangelizing.

Of course, ordinary consciousness would say, “Look, that is blasphemy, because there’s a great deal of difference between a neighbor of mine recommending a frozen cake and the matter of dealing with your immortal soul!  There is a difference!”  But they both serve the same forces; they are living within the grid and transferring energy.  Energy is being exchanged across the full spectrum, and if Man is doing it, then Life is doing it.  It is serving a purpose.  (Remember, even if Life does not pursue it, it will try anything once.)  You may not see the relationship between energy exchanged from different places in the grid, but you need to now attempt to Neuralize that although Life may seem to be involved with self-defeating actions, and at war with itself — in fact, it is not.  It’s growing.  When you begin to See that for yourself, when it becomes a part of your continuing consciousness, you then See that an exchange of energy continues no matter what else is happening.  Whether it’s two strangers nodding on the street; a woman stabbing her husband of twenty years; people getting drunk; people having wrecks; nations going to war; nations threatening to go to war; whatever the form, it’s all a transfer of energy, and it’s all necessary.

Let’s return to some of the larger aspects of Life moving through Man.  You could say, generally speaking, that people make efforts and efforts produce results.  At the ordinary level that is not questioned any more than the existence of cause and effect.  Apparently people engage in efforts, you see what the efforts are, and they produce some kind of result.  But note, what seems to be the result, is always, in part, a result of a third party’s efforts as well.

Ordinary consciousness sees that effort is and then transformed, in some way producing a result, something different.  Ordinary consciousness can identify results quite easily, and it can describe the difference between effort and results.  But an overlapping connects what the mind wants to identify as being completely separate.  Everything that consciousness would want to identify as being a result, being different from the effort, is absolutely tied, in part, to somebody else’s effort.  (And yet consciousness still wants to speak of correct and incorrect views; correct and incorrect descriptions; valid and invalid explanations.)  How about a new tack?  How about the difference humanity sees between the conception and the execution?  Doesn’t that sound reasonable?  It sounds like we’re describing two quite important and different areas:  the conception that people have and the actual doing of it — the execution of it.  But in fact, there is a continuing overlap (remember where we started with my impact spectrum).

For instance:  A person reads some theory of Dr. So-and-So, dealing with psychology or physics of astronomy, and this person has a group of friends to whom he mentions this new theory and they begin to speculate about the nature of the human psyche, or about the nature of sub-atomic particles, or about the birth and subsequent development of the universe.  At some point, if they’re mechanically intrigued enough with the theory, they will begin to act as though whatever one of them initially read is a proven fact. The overlap I wanted you to Neuralize is:  when did this theory of Dr. So-and-So’s cease to be a conception and become an executed fact?  Of course, the binary mind can say, “Well, it never did; they just misread it, or the guy that read it and told these other people presented it to them in a biased manner.”  Yet, now, they all agree to it.  They’re talking about it to their friends and they’ve put it in the literature of their church.  You can say from one binary viewpoint, “Well, it’s illusion.  It is simply a conception of Dr. So-and-So, and he stated outright that as far as he was concerned it was still a theory, that there wasn’t enough empirical evidence to support it further.  It is strictly a theory, and these dumb people have taken it as a fact.”  But do not exclude yourself from this camp of dumbness.  Neuralize it. When does something go from being a conception — an idea — into that which is executed, into a fact, a reality?  People talk interchangeably about their lives, and about how they’ve changed.  Why is a conception talked about as though it has been executed?  For example someone will say, “For years I had certain kinds of prejudice, but I have seen the light, and now I do so-and-so.”  If you could take a silent movie of that person’s life, you’d find no resemblance between claims of change and the actual way he or she lives.  What they’re saying is not true; but it is also true.  Because, for the ordinary, what they are saying, IS their reality:  conception and execution are in instantaneous, continuous communication which ordinary consciousness cannot see.

Subatomic physics describes subatomic particles going in opposite directions at the speed of light that seem to be exchanging information simultaneously.  But that exchange isn’t limited to particles at the subatomic level.  It’s true within Man as well; it is true within the body of Life.  Whatever is apparently in direct opposition to something else is in continuous, constant, instantaneous, and unseen communication. Within each person, that which is acceptable and that which is not acceptable, or that which seems to be true, and that which seems to be false, is in continual, instantaneous, and unknown communication. That’s why they’re the same thing.

As long as we’ve gotten this sticky, let me do another fast one.  The Yellow Circuit, as it is developing in Man, is not the focus of This Thing.  If we went back in history to the time of troubadours, and you could find This Thing going on, you would find the same statement (adjusted for a different time, a different place, and a different place in the nervous system) being made about the Blue Circuit.  Now, in our time and place, the simple truth is that the Yellow Circuit is not the point of This.  If it were, you’d be enlightened.

But at the same time, you must begin to Understand that you need to develop your own Yellow Circuit by pushing it as far as you can when taking in information Here.  You have to be able to continually, constantly override, your own internal crying or singing barbarian.  You cannot engage your mechanical Yellow Circuit to the point that you become, in any way, emotional toward any so-called problem or pressure in Life.  Nor can you allow yourself to continue to act like a barbarian when the pressure’s upon you, and say, “Well, to hell with it.  I’ll jerk those wires out and we’ll see what happens.”  You have got to continually demand that your Yellow Circuit override any mechanical reaction to pressure.

Although the barbarian is alive in all of us, you must know that barbarians have no place here.  Those correctly drawn to this have the wiring potential to have been almost anybody.  That certainly is not the case when you first come here.  Most of you are nearly exclusively walking philosophers.  Of course, those of you who are the worst, the first thing I do is tell you mystical secrets like, “Start running three miles a day and to work out at a gym, or don’t come back here.”  On the other had, I tell people who are almost walking barbarians, “Fine, you can stay here, but go out and take two quarters of physics, and you’ve got to make a B+.”

The more you begin to expand your nervous system, the more you Understand that you could have been just about anyone — you have that necessary wiring potential, if you belong here.  All of you have enough of the barbarian in you that it’s not foreign to your understanding.  Maybe the voices in your own system seem to have complaints about people you would identify as Red Circuit types, but the more you expand the nervous system, the more you begin to understand, “It’s neither here nor there, but I like them as much as I like the barbarian in me.  I may see them out staggering down the street, drunk.  I may not care to be with them right then but what they are is not foreign.  There’s no discussing it, I know exactly what it is; there’s nothing to be said.”  And that applies, as well, to other nervous system types.

You cannot continue to allow ordinary pressures and the movements of life to drive you into corners that make you revert to your basic automatic reaction and transformation of energies in the same way that you would have if you’d never been involved with This.  You have to continue to press yourself, to look as high as you can to the Yellow Circuit, to override all of it.

A quite common complaint, particularly in the western world, issues from people’s mouths: “Government is too big.”  Everyone is familiar with that.  You have probably voiced it, too:  “Yeah. Stepping all over everybody and sticking their noses in everything, you know, ‘Enough’s enough!'”  It should be obvious that in areas where the Yellow Circuit is not as highly developed as it is here, you find cultures that do not have the problem of an intrusive, all encompassing government.  And even though the Yellow Circuit can mouth a complaint like, “Enough’s enough,” consider that a larger government only demonstrates a larger Yellow Circuit.  Larger government is the external form based on the internal reality whereby Red and Blue level conflict are diminished.  The government gets larger and larger, there are more and more laws (with more and more “restrictions on your freedom”) but that’s not the reality of it. You’ve got to Understand that the nervous system itself is expanding.  The center of gravity of humanity rises.  It’s not one thing causing another:  it’s all connected.  But from one viewpoint, it would be that government grows.  Simply put, the more and more laws there are, the more and more the government is interfering with people, the fewer murders there are.  But it’s not one thing causing another, remember:  it’s almost as though government is the process of squeezing Red and Blue Circuit energy upward — just as you squeeze a tube of toothpaste. In effect, government is one form taken when energy is squeezed up into the Yellow Circuit.  But remember, it’s not one causing another:  The whole interconnected arrangement is various manifestations of growth.

Neuralize that it’s only Yellow Circuit people who complain that the government is getting too big.  But the government is getting bigger in places where the Yellow Circuit is, so that the Yellow Circuit can grow better.  There’s no way out.  From one view you can say, “Well, I am sick of it.  The government is too big; we have got to cut it down and live simply like our forefathers intended.”  If you want to kill and die, to return to being a barbarian, then eliminating government is certainly a start.  Life is growing.  All humanity sees is that everything is always in conflict.  “Government, I guess, serves some good purpose, but enough’s enough; it’s gone too far.”  Nothing goes too far.  Those voices are simply D force in operation. “Things are simply going down hill; there’s no doubt about it.  Life was pretty good back in the old days, but, good grief, look at things now; only a fool would not admit that things are in a much worse condition than they were.  Government has gotten too big; people have no respect for authority; morals are breaking down.  Good grief, what’s going to happen?”  Then, as some of you begin to glimpse more and more; Life keeps on chugging and blossoming in all directions at once.  But, simultaneously, it staggers.  It gets drunk.  It makes decisions through Man.  It theorizes about possible decisions.  It talks about change through Man in ways that it comes out through some men, and another group condemns it.  It is all within Life and it is all growing.  It is only when you’re down in the midst of it, down at the level where you’re limited to ordinary consciousness, that it is suffering, confusion, and fear.