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More on the Straight Line Illusion, and Neuralizing


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Tape 110, May 24, 1984, runtime 1:22
Notes by TK

“Principle of unstable stability” Life keeps everyone off balance. Even in RED Circuit, i.e., there is no such thing as “perfect health”–no such things as straight lines.  “The straight line illusion” (Yellow Circuit); the “ideal relationship” (Blue Circuit).  But offset with desire for and pursuit of same. It is a constant process of agitation, irritation, aggression etc. (not in a negative sense however). Conflict. Being off balance is being alive.

“NEURALIZE” replaces “Consider”.  Combines “neutral” and “neural”. It is physically attempting to stop the magnetic and electric grabbing of energy into a juncture point, either positive or negative. It is the attempt to sit between two bar stools.  A physical reality, not a psychological trick or mind game. Jesse Jackson example–“the candidate of reconciliation” which goes unnoticed by people, because only that which has strongly associated emotional tones is ordinarily recognized. The “good guys” must always win–C force must always prevail. Fascination with the whiff of evil triumphant, e.g., “B” movies, i.e. “D” prevailing over “C”.][Different tempos of development in humanity–reflected in cultural structures–e.g., aboriginal vs. western hemisphere civilization.

Everything that happens “signifies” something (neuralize this), even when it is obviously in error. E.g., incorrect predictions, useless inventions.

The more advanced in the Yellow Circuit have the most time–e.g. western world has more free time to worry about health, for instance. In RED Circuit people, life doesn’t have time to worry about such things. E.g. of change in sexual practices/mores. ][Shadows cannot explain themselves. Analogy of shadow of hand on wall.  Right angle, unseeable source of actual hand with light source process.

Religion as mostly a cultural structure/phenomenon–social ethic—a pastime comparable to baseball, etc. Cultural structures reflect the relative combination of the 3 flows in a particular area/people. C force does not need a sheepskin and/or curriculum vitae–does not need to announce itself. C  FORCE DOES NOT SPEAK IN WORDS!!

Additional Comment by DH
Jan drops the term ‘Consider’ and replaces it with “Neuralizing” –
The importance of the energy behind B-movies; in that no one is run by creative energy only even though people think they must. In “A” movies the good side always prevails, but in B-movies or beach novels, they are written in a manner such that the good guys could lose.



Document:  110,   May 24, 1984
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1984

There is an ebb and flow to one’s life, a swing, that affects everyone individually.  (You should be able to feel this personally, without trying to use it as some kind of excuse.)  For instance, you might get up one morning and it seems that you are operating under some kind of enormous weight which might continue all day or even many days.  At that time, it seems that there is some kind of undertow pulling you.  This is not a personal, psychological phenomenon.  The same kind of thing also affects whole groups of people.

Now, what I am going to point out goes beyond ordinary three dimensional thinking.  Certainly, it sounds true enough to say that one group of people, one nation or the whole planet is under the influence of “negative forces”.  But what I am describing goes into another dimension which is at right angles to the apparent three.  It is not necessarily limited to that one group of people, because it does not come from anywhere, there is no external source from which a group suddenly gets the “blahs”.  That condition is not separate, it does not come from outside of this system.

Another, further, example of what I am going to discuss is people’s apparent “ambiguous feeling”, “self-doubts”, etc.  Put simply, as far as Line-level consciousness can see, Life is arranged in such a way as to keep everyone “off balance”.  Man’s situation could be described in other ways, but for now, that is as good a description as any for you to start with:  everyone is kept off balance and the only people not off balance are the dead.

Although this sense of being “off balance” appears to be a general phenomenon, there is a very specific way that you can see and feel it within yourself.  For instance, at the Red Circuit level, there is no such thing as “good health”.  Even with a consistent routine of exercise and diet, one’s health still varies: some days you feel good, some days you don’t.  If you look closely, you can see this situation reflected in other creatures as well.  There is no constant state of health, no matter what you do.

We could move up to the Blue Circuit and see that everyone is also off balance at that level.  For example, it is not some “psychological quirk” or a failure on anyone’s part if one moment they proclaim their love for you and the next moment they are at your throat for no apparent reason.  “Hello, love of my life…huh?..what do you mean supper’s not ready?”  Again you should see this reflected in your own hard-wiring:  fluctuation is the rule rather than the exception.

On the Yellow Circuit level, one can seem at times to understand something, a philosophical idea, a scientific theory, a religious teaching, then perhaps you look at it later and it seems to go nowhere or perhaps it seems to go another way then another and then another.  Things do not go in a straight line, and that is why I have referred to the Straight Line Illusion.  At the same time, built into everyone’s circuitry is a belief, a kind of desire or need to operate and talk as though it were possible to go straight “from here to there”.  For example, there is a feeling (well-reflected at your neighborhood magazine stand) that one could diet and exercise faithfully and reach a state of perfect health that would bring one “closer to the gods” and to a state of enlightenment.  However, the only way that one can be stable at the Red Circuit level is to be dead.  By the same token, people attempt to pray and follow would-be religious ideas and in some way “crystallize their spirit, emotions and feelings and get to the point where they will love their fellow man”.  At Line level, there is no such stability for anyone.

Then too, there is the belief that one could do away with self-doubts and in some way gain a kind of intellectual stability through hard work and perseverance; that by achieving this stability one could know “what is really going on” in Life.  This is again a form of the Straight Line Illusion.  There is no such stability in Life.  There is only a process, a process that continually flows and changes, a process that is always adjusting itself.  As a partial illustration, Consider this:  you cannot even walk in a straight line.  In the process of walking there is a continual rocking back and forth, slight deviations to the left and right.  The act of moving forward, of walking, is in essence the art of being slightly off balance.  It is an “unsteady stability”.  Of course, walking involves but two apparent legs, there is a third, unseen leg that you will have to worry about later.

The Principal of Unsteady Stability is the nature of things being alive.  It is a constant sense of irritation, not irritating in any negative sense, but a constant process of aggravation, of being off balance.  From this reality has arisen past ideas such as:  “Man is splintered, he has been cursed by the gods”, and more recent ideas of “through childhood/environmental trauma, Man has been irreparably harmed”, that everyone is in some way “filled with conflicting feelings” or “has a grudge against their mother”.  Yet you should See that being off balance is being alive.  Being off balance is a way in which Life is growing through Man.  If it were possible to reach a completely stable physical condition — whether it be “health” or “sickness” — it would kill you; and if it were widespread, it would kill Life.  If everyone were not off balance in the so-called emotions, the Blue Circuit, if everyone could feel one way about something for their entire lifetime, Life could not grow.  If everyone had one thought, one idea, one opinion, one belief, then the fear that humanity is going to destroy itself would be realized.  That would be the end of Life growing through humanity.  This is not particularly difficult to see, it’s just that the circuits themselves at their own level cannot see it.  To them there is a stability that they should be striving for.

One last point on Red Circuit “health”:  for you to be involved in This Thing there has to be a kind of genetic Red Circuit common sense.  You should know how or when to stop ingesting or doing anything that directly harms you or will harm you in the future.  You should feel this on a Red Circuit level, and act accordingly.  Other than that, there is nothing else that needs to be done as far as your health is concerned.

I want to introduce a term that I am making up to describe something that has a physical reality behind it.  The term is, Neuralize.  I chose that word as being a combination of the word neural, referring to the nervous system, and the word neutral.  When you attempt to Neuralize, what you are attempting to do is to be able to remember something without Thinking about it.

During the ordinary Line level processes of the Yellow Circuit, you may have what seems to be a “thought”.  In physical terms, while you are thinking, the thought impulse (ex:  ice cream) will reach a certain neural junction point in the brain.  As the process of thinking continues, the thought impulse will be grabbed and propelled in either a positive or negative direction, and you find yourself thinking the same old thought (“I love ice cream…I hate ice cream”).

When you are attempting to Neuralize, you are trying to prevent the thing you are Neuralizing from being pulled positively or negatively.  You are attempting to hold it in the neural junction box; not letting it get pulled in any direction, not letting it form the same old thought.  You must not let the ordinary machinations of the Yellow Circuit grab onto that which you are Neuralizing.  It is possible to physically feel the Yellow Circuit processes latch onto “what is being thought”. While Neuralizing, you must feel these processes occurring, and prevent them from running their course.  You can try to “look away” internally; anything to hold the neutral neural ground.

There are physical places in the brain where the current is running the same worn path that it has always run; places where the same old thoughts keep popping up.  It is not your fault, you had nothing to do with the establishment of these paths.  But if you do not find out physically, within yourself, what I am describing — if you do not hold what you are attempting to Neuralize in that neutral place — then it will be grabbed, electrically, magnetically, at some juncture point and be drawn either positively or negatively. The Line level processes of the Yellow Circuit will take over and run to their habitual ordinary conclusion in a split second.  Ordinarily “thinking” will traverse the brain along well-travelled paths — positive, negative, positive, negative — and then reach an end point, a period, a place where apparently you had thought all that was necessary and proper for you to think about.  Yet Neuralizing is the act of holding what you are Neuralizing between points.  Not letting it slide into the grasp of Line-level consciousness, not allowing that which is Neuralized to reach a conclusion.  Would you care to try and connect Neuralizing with “E” force; with being able to stand in an area that in a sense doesn’t exist, where “I”, at the center of things, is almost irrelevant?

Neuralizing is a physical reality; it is not simply a “psychological” trick.  In the beginning it may seem that way, but there is, like everything else, a physical reality to it.  At first, in a very true sense, it is unnatural: the nervous system is simply not wired up to act in such a manner.  And yet, why else are you here?

An example of how such processes might manifest themselves on an apparently larger scale in Life would be in a national political campaign, where each of the major opponents take a side of each issue. One will say, “We should turn left,” while the other says, “We should turn right” while a third and almost unnoticed candidate will be looking for a kind of reconciliation,  a neither-this-nor-that-perhaps-both position.  This third candidate gets little or no attention.  (Remember, I am not talking about politics, but about the way in which Life moves through Man.)  But who can get impassioned, at Line level, over someone saying, “Look, neither one may be right,” or, “Who knows, I don’t know whether they are right, but I know one thing:  we’re not going to get anywhere unless in some way we can reconcile our differences and come to a new level of understanding in the more intelligent, sophisticated age in which Man should be living”?  Who wants to hear that?  They can’t Hear it.

Another example lies in what seems to be literature, movies, and the retelling of ordinary human experience:  in a particular way, the good guys must always win.  This has nothing to do with the writers in Hollywood deciding that the public will not accept bad guys winning — to believe any of that you would still have to be at Line level, believing that people are Who’s and capable of making original actions.  What am I talking about? We are talking about the general flow of  the forces arranging themselves and about the fact that Life is not dying.  For Life to grow, there has to be the appearance at the binary level that the “C” Flow is in charge.

As always, there are graduations of this.  If you have seen “B” movies — horror stories, cheap science fiction, gangs terrorizing towns and monsters eating cities — they give a whiff of the possibility of “D” prevailing, and that is indeed their attraction.  No one is purely driven by one force, and there is an audience for B movies and cheap, trashy literature.  There is a fascination for atrocity in history.  There are different tempos of humanity operating right here on this planet.  When I speak of humanity as being the outlet, the growth, it is not that all of humanity is being moved predominantly by one of the flows; there are different stages going on simultaneously.  There are still people on this planet that have hardly even developed a language; there are primitive tribes still being found here and there.  All of this is reflected in what seems to be cultural structures; and that same past is within you.  A part of being off balance is that everyone has the ability to smell the aroma of “D”, and it has a certain kind of fascination.  Life knows and thus humanity knows (without knowing it) that there is no such thing as a Straight Line; there is no such thing as absolute goodness; there is no such thing as pure “C” Force on the loose.

What one system, or one group, wants to denounce, must be applauded by some other system or ideology.  Only the Few can ever Understand that, while everyone else dreams that someday they will die and it will be explained to them.

One of the continuing shocks to you will be the realization that nothing is broken, that everything that takes place signifies something and is necessary.  There is no question of stamping out evil.  There is no evil.  There is no question of being able to  align yourself with good forces and nothing else.  To get out at right angles from these three dimensions and to begin to energize your system above the Line has nothing to do with trouncing, denouncing, escaping evil, because ‘D’ is one of the Forces necessary for growth.  It has nothing to do with what your mechanical system approves or disapproves of.  Humanity is not mad for making and going to see movies about chain saw murderers.  All these different gradations and tempos comes from a non-understood awareness that there is no Straight Line.  Humanity, as a conduit for the growth of Life, cannot know this fact; humanity, as with any process, must be kept off balance.  What appears to be good and proper for one group must appear to be improper to another group.

There is a way in which you should Neuralize the idea that everything that can happen signifies something.  What a person would ordinarily overlook as insignificant lies in that third area that is so difficult to grasp.  This area is where “E” Force is flowing.  Incorrect predictions and faulty ideas signify something.  I have told you that Life tries all sorts of things.  Humanity is not going amuck.  It would be a mistake for you to listen to your own system and conclude that a person who believes that little green men from outer space have been sending him messages on the inside of his cereal box-tops does not know what he’s talking about.  Those sorts of things signify something, but they do not signify anything about that particular person or persons.  You are living in the midst of a stumbling, turning, growing being  and in a sense it will try, say, and think anything once.  You are not hearing people talk; you are not seeing people move; you are seeing Life alive and growing; everything that happens signifies something even if to Line-level consciousness it appears to be absolutely useless.

Life continues to move and grow, and everyone is aware, at a certain level, of the fact that Life doesn’t sit still.  Yet they don’t see the multidimensional fullness of it.  They view it through two-dimensional “I’s”, they perceive it through the neurological reaction of light coming through their eyeballs and hitting juncture points in the back of the brain.  They are only conscious of it from the internal stimuli which get directed positively or negatively in the Yellow Circuit, running the course of well travelled neural pathways towards a “conclusion”…and it all comes out as personal reactions to apparent ‘events’.

There is a splendid example of the different flows within Life in the Western world.  (By Western world, I am talking about the part of the world where Life through Man’s Yellow Circuit, has reached its highest level of expression at this time.  It has nothing to do with any group of people in any personal way.) Through Western Man, Life has evolved to the point where there is more free time, and Life, in that one area of humanity, is just now beginning to have the time to be concerned over its own health.  For instance, it’s almost a joke in the media nowadays that “everything seems to cause cancer.”  Neuralize it in this way:  in some places Life is still at the Red Circuit level in people on this planet; they do not have time to be concerned about their health.  Going back to the level of forms, you could say that in less civilized parts of the world, people can’t be concerned about that sort of thing — they have to get up every morning and search for water and a handful of rice.  That description is but a reflection of the actual energy flow taking place, in the same way that a shadow of my hand follows the shape of my hand.  The form always reflects the energy.

Forget about people now; that is simply the reflection, the shadow of the energy behind it.  At the Red Circuit level, Life does not have time to be concerned over its health.  But when you reach the level that I am referring to as the Western world, where humanity is primarily being driven through the Yellow Circuit, Life has more free time, and it begins to worry about its health.  Even in the West it is a relatively new phenomenon.  I am trying to show you that Life doesn’t move in a straight line; Life staggers, it is itself continually off balance.  The movements, the changes within Life have nothing to do with the notion of humanity being “Who” people having original ideas which cause a directed change.  If you see Life changing and think, “I’m glad they did that, It’s about time”, you’re missing the point.  You are missing the fact that running at right angles to everything that you can See in this light spectrum, everything that ordinary consciousness can See now, is a complete, other story; a different level of mechanics.  It is the difference between seeing a hand and seeing the shadow of a hand.

In a way in which ordinary consciousness cannot perceive, what seem to be the actions, decisions and movements of humanity is as a two dimensional shadow compared to my hand.  What is really going on in another dimension is what This Thing is all about.  What seems to be original three dimensional action in the world of Man, is in fact flat, and cannot explain itself.  That is why I am here and you are here.  A shadow cannot explain itself; no system can explain itself at it’s own level.

You should learn to motivate and navigate yourself through Life in a new way.  At Line level everyone is made to be a kind of transfer station.  You are nailed down to a specification, and Life is right there standing on your foot, and it won’t let go.  You can see the way in which, socially/culturally, Life is standing on your foot.  What was ingrained in you by Life as to what seems to be proper; the way to treat other people; the way in which you should dress; how you should treat your financial or social superiors, are all examples of this.  Whatever religion you grew up with is part of this process of keeping-you-where-you-are (along with sports movies, night clubbing…).  Religion, at its source, is the basis of Life talking about tomorrow, true, but a large part of popular religion is but a cultural phenomenon.

Anytime you feel as though in some way Life, in the form of some other person or group of people, has in some way become offensive to you by insulting your race, your culture, or your religion; don’t look around:  look down at your foot — there you are, nailed back down.  It is nothing extraordinary.  It does not matter what your background was, because Life is standing on everyone’s foot.  The idea of “righteous indignation” is just a variation of the chain saw killer in the latest B movie.  It is a whiff of D force.

What comes out in everything from religion to the national sport, to the current taste in music or best selling novel or what seems to be any specific cultural phenomenon, is a manifestation of the particular development of Life in that area.  It is the particular combination of the Three Flows in that area of Man. Getting closer to the source, the energy of it, you can See how the Three Flows, in a particular combination, come out as morals, political ideas, taste in literature — the whole context of Man’s culture in a given area of the planet.  You should See now why This Thing is going on here in the West.  I have told you that it is also going on elsewhere right now, but in many parts of the world, they are still talking about gods and spirits.

To be involved in This Thing, you must become aware of a “C” based passion that goes beyond any sham emotion.  This special passion has to be “C” based, and can only come through your own experience and understanding.  It cannot be faked.  You cannot convey the impression that you Understand more than you do.  It has to be based upon your own affection for This, in a certain sense. “C” Force does not have to announce itself.  When you get closer to “C”, there is nothing else to ask. That is when miraculous things occur in Life; that is when things occur that do not beg for a further description. That is when you have experiences that seem to be self-explanatory.  “C” does not speak in words.  It does what it does.