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The Wave Phenomenon


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Jan Cox Talk 106, Apr 26, 1984, runtime 1:39
Notes by TK

Intangible–“psychological” influences, “emotions” cannot be analyzed by the  Yellow Circuit , i.e. measured, weighed, seen, etc.– Yellow Circuit must admit their existence yet cannot deal with them. But, at their own level, they are literal, physical, chemical realities that can be measured. Anything that can be said/described, exists–exists; although not per se, but as the energy transfer that is the saying/describing. And for it to exist it must have all three charges/flows running thru it. Absolutely necessary for 3 viewpoints for something to exist at this level.

Even the C, D and E forces themselves cannot understand the significance of their interaction.

What is being transferred in the “fuck you, pick-up example” is literal food. Energy = information = food.

The charges are relative: your own charge always seems positive, creative, good. That which opposes is D, bad, destructive. And this is equally true for D vis a vis C.

New activity allows/produces “new” energy. But at the ordinary level the Red Circuit seeks new red circuit activity, e.g. a new sport. Blue Circuit, same. Yellow Circuit, same. The attempt to digest new food.

You should attempt to understand/see the absolute power of the New. The New has a chemical basis. Pleasant thought vs. unpleasant is chemically pleasing vs. chemically unpleasing. Red Circuit  can be digesting chemically pleasant food while Yellow Circuit is digesting unpleasant.

Man is “hardwired” to be as he is, i.e. cannot be changed. There is an allure, ease, and a kind of satisfaction with the negative; the D-force opposition to the new–this is hardwired. You can feel this in operation. But there is no such analogy with the C persuasion–the new, the creative.

Wave phenomenon example: (see diagram) Remember: faulty because can’t be drawn as omnidirectional. Surface agitation leads to reactionary underlying turbulence, leads to placid, evening out, steadiness. “All change is initially extreme.” But, in time all extreme variations are lost, averaged out and arrives at the third phase of the placid.

This Thing has got to unfold to the outside or else enfold upon itself. Grow or die. Reaches the placid state between waves and stays there.


“Loose knit task” Consider where you can find examples of how everything is subject to the wave phenomena–how the extreme variations are lost.



Document:  106,  April 26, 1984
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1984

             I’ve been attempting recently to get you to Consider that which is almost too drastic, that which verges on chemically, physically overloading your circuitry.

     Consider how the intellect of man, the Yellow Circuit, is driven to analyze human behavior.  From past religious contexts to contemporary psychology, apparent behavior is perceived as being caused by immaterial, nonphysical influences, such as psychological traumas.  You should see by now that there is very little difference between traumas and the old religious idea of demons, but the Yellow Circuit, is simply not designed to apprehend such matters.  People accept the idea of psychological trauma or psychological affects (for example, that you have particular behaviors because your father was not demonstrative), and yet it is beyond both the ordinary interest and the capabilities of the Yellow Circuit to ask, “Well, what are these psychological influences?  Has anyone ever actually seen one?  Can you measure it in a laboratory?  Can you put it on a slide and stick it under a microscope?”  Of course, at the ordinary level of consciousness, the answer to these questions is “NO”; yet nobody doubts that such things exist.  In the same way, “emotional reality” is accepted as a given.  You can’t see such a thing, and yet it is real.  To ask, “What is emotion and what is this psychological conveyance of feeling or thought from one person to another?”,  gets into a realm that the ordinary consciousness of humanity at large, simply cannot deal with.  The Yellow Circuit can only respond by saying, “It’s there….but it’s invisible.”

     What I am trying to push you to see is the fact that everything that a man says, everything that Life says through man, everything that is said to exist, does in fact exist.  And from a different viewpoint/dimension everything can actually be weighed, measured, and even altered; including what everyone calls emotions and psychological influences.  Things that are invisible or almost non-existant at Line level can actually be weighed, cut up, measured, rearranged and of course, Seen — from a different level.  It is more than an intellectual’s intriguing concept.  Everything that exists, including that which ordinary consciousness says exists-though-it-can’t-be-seen, serves as a means of conveying real energies.  Everything, including psychological and/or emotional influences, is food.

     Now, to back up just a bit, these ideas could easily sound like some form of “anti-godliness”, whether you believe in the gods of heaven or the gods of science and psychology.  To say that spiritual desires, psychological influences, and emotional feelings have a purely physical, chemical basis might appear to the ordinary circuitry to be a form of heresy.  Yet it is not.  It is a detailing of the next realm of human consciousness.  And the awareness of this reality is already beginning to surface.  For example, in your lifetime alcoholism has gone from being a moral weakness to being considered a physical disease.  Can you see that that is a form of progress?  Remember that “progress” is not something that can be measured in a straight line.  Don’t fall for the illusion that things proceed in a specific, single direction. Growth is omni-directional, progress is everything expanding in all directions at once.  If you can see it, this progress lies in the crack between Life condemning itself through the behavior of man, and man condemning himself individually.  Consider the present-day trend to view criminal behavior (behavior that the larger reality of a particular time and place finds condemnable) as being not so much a moral weakness of the individual as it is a shared fault and responsibility of the whole society.  And we have the new discipline of “sociobiology” attempting to explain human behavior not just on the basis of psychology, but also on the basis of physiology.  The concept itself isn’t really that new, but now it has a new name and it is gaining minor academic acceptance.  At least, there is enough opposition to it that it has stayed alive now for several years.  By one definition, its appearance is a throwback, but from another view you can see it as evidence of expansion, a kind of progress.

     Everything that humanity says exists, does exist; anything that consciousness can describe, exists. This is not to say, for example, that UFOs exist, at least as they are ordinarily conceived.  But people’s belief in them does exist.  The statement sounds almost too simplistic, until you See it.  And to See it, you have to expand your vision.  When someone says, “People from Venus landed in my back yard,” it’s not that these little green men from Venus actually exist.  What exists is the proclamation that they exist.  The belief itself is a physical thing, a transaction point that fits into the Grid of Life’s energy connections.  It is chemically real.  The little green men of today and the “spirits” of your forefathers may not exist as they are ordinarily conceived to exist.  But when viewed at the proper level, they are real, because they are conceived of.

     Recall my description of the triad of Forces, or Flows.  Anything which exists must have all three charges running through it in order to stay alive.  In the same way (look quick, now), a belief, an opinion, a fact, a feeling expressed in words, must also be supported by three charges, Three Forces, if it exists, if it is recognizable to Line-level consciousness.  If you say, “UFOs exist; I believe it with all my heart”, then at the ordinary level the opposition to that statement will be another human nervous system.  As soon as you say, “They do”, someone else will say, “No, they do not.”  And there must also be a third charge, the neutral charge, the appearance of which I leave to your own Neuralization.  But anything that exists, anything that has life, has all three simultaneous charges.  If there is no resistance to the initial statement, if one person says, “UFOs exist”, and no opposition is expressed, then he is essentially shouting into a vacuum.  The statement would have no chance of life.  Anything, any belief that exists is a compendium of yea, nay and I-don’t-care.  Any less than these three, and the thing will not live; it won’t exist; it won’t be perceivable to consciousness.

     Can you then See that despite all ordinary perceptions, the world is not on a downward slide to destruction?  It may seem that all good intentions or new ideas are continually met with unprofitable opposition.  Yet if you can See, you See that it is anything but a problem.  There is nothing broken, there is nothing to fix; there will always be someone to oppose “good and humane” ideas, because there must be all three charges.  Some simple examples illustrate this from a slightly different perspective:  one man’s bad luck is another man’s good luck (some sorry soul lost the twenty bucks you happily picked up from the sidewalk), or that to the American Indians the invasion by the Europeans was a purely destructive influence; but how did the arriving Europeans look upon the Indians?  There are plenty of truisms and proverbs which point out that everything has another side to it, according to your viewpoint.  Yet at the ordinary level humanity cannot truly understand what is taking place.  To take it a quantum leap farther, Consider whether the Forces themselves understand their own significance.  If an individual, if humanity itself, does not speak as a free-willed, isolated, original source of energy and information — if it is actually the Forces of Life speaking and working through man — do the charges themselves, could the Forces themselves even understand their own significance?  Why does man have the belief that there are unprofitable, “bad” forces opposing every good and new idea?  Everyone holds some conception of what must surely constitute a “positive force”, and can conversely identify an opposing, “destructive force”.  Yet who can Consider that the positive charge itself cannot understand the significance of the destructive charge?  As always, I leave the Third Flow to your further investigation and Neuralization.

     I want you to further consider information as being a chemical reality.  When someone blows his horn in anger at a car that has already zipped past, what is going on?  And you can further See it as being food.  Neuralize this well, because you have got to move beyond my hints and prods and begin, through your own efforts to ask the question, “Well, why are man and Life arranged in this particular way?”  It’s all an exchange, a transfer, from one race or one religion fighting another to strangers angrily shouting at you as they beat you to the exit ramp.  And what is being transferred is food.  To Neuralize this properly, you  must keep in mind (until you See it for yourself) the schematic of Life’s development through man as he continues to expand his circuitry, as he continues to expand his ability to  process new food.  To stretch mathematics and make an open-ended equation:  energy equals information equals food equals….  Yet notice within your own circuitry the feeling that, “If everything is food, then surely there is bad food, rotten food; and if those people aren’t completely incorrect, i.e., if their information/food isn’t rotten, it certainly can’t be nourishing.”  For example, you hear someone say, “Poor people are poor because they want to be.  Hungry people are hungry because they are lazy.”  You think that surely such ideas cannot be classified as food; and if it is, it’s poisonous food, food that would spoil the system, food that couldn’t possibly benefit the growth of Life.  Now, that makes absolute rational sense.  And yet I remind you again — there are no evil people and all charges are relative.  To those who espouse what you consider to be bad food, D-food, it is you who are the purveyor of rotten goods.  You are their opposition.  You are their D-food.  To point out that there are no evil people is not a moral rationalization.  It is simply another way of getting closer to a physical description of a seamless world.  You must realize that when Line-level consciousness encounters an apparently constructive, humane, positively charged idea, then it considers any opposing idea destructive and negatively charged.  It is but one viewpoint, but back at Line level that is all you are left with.  At that level, in that dimension of so-called reality, there is no other description.  To sustain growth, to sustain Life itself, requires that there be Three Charges in action.  Yet, what is to you a “D” charged idea, is from its own perspective a “C” charged idea.

     Speaking of energy/information as food, I could describe the study of psychology as a detailing of “what people” swapping recipes and menus.  But it is all on the basis that people are “who’s”, that they are isolated beings, with separate origins.  It is no less an exchange of information/energy, it is no less a transfer of food than everything else that occurs within Life.  Everything is food, not only for man but to sustain the growth of Life through man.

     Everything is food for something.  But the fuel which most directly feeds Life’s growth is always processed at the highest activated level of man’s nervous system.  That level is now the Yellow Circuit.  If we track the development of the nervous system, the most potent food for growth was first absorbed by the activation of the Red Circuit.  As the system expanded into the Blue Circuit, so its ability to process a wider, more refined range of food/energy expanded.  And now that the Yellow Circuit is the front-line of man’s evolution, the most potent food-for-growth is the energies that directly feed that area.  It’s a firsthand view of literal, physical progress.  I’ve given you hints about the role of religion in the growth of Life-through-man.  It is, in a sense, the Blue Circuit’s attempted control of the Yellow Circuit.  Psychology has, in a real sense, supplanted religion.  But you must get behind the words to See it.  The system is processing new, more refined foods.  Because it is that food that feeds its point of growth.

     All of you have felt how a new experience, a new hobby, a new activity produces “new energy”.  I’ve discouraged you from looking at it as an actual infusion of energy; I told you not to put any periods on it and to try to Neuralize all the possibilities.  While it is certainly not going to change the level of consciousness in an ordinary person, new activities do allow certain forms of new food to reach areas within the system that were not previously nourished.  It is a chemical reality; there is a physical basis for the excitement produced by the new, and it is a feeling sought by every nervous system — every human nervous system on this planet.  A more Red Circuit oriented person continually seeks new sports.  To keep from dying of boredom, he takes up water skiing; then he takes up hang-gliding, then skydiving.  It is the system keeping itself alive by bringing in slightly new food.  Those who are driven primarily by the Yellow Circuit have their own variation.  They seek out new books.  They finish one and immediately start another. I leave the Blue Circuit manifestation to your Neuralization.

     You should attempt to understand the power of the new.  On a large scale I could describe it verbally as being a change in the trends that sweep everything from fashion to music to art and literature.  You can See it in the simple fact that there is always a new generation.  There is always something new, and there’s a very good reason for it.  But at the ordinary level, one’s appetite for the new exists within a very limited framework.  If your circuits right now were left to their ordinary devices, you would seek only a limited range of stimulation.  For instance, those of you who are more athletic would first look for new physical activities to stave off terminal boredom.  And, of course, everyone looks for new sex, no matter the orientation of their circuitry.  Part of the allure of new sexual partners is simply the allure of the new.  But it’s a reflection in literature, for instance, as the “power of fresh love”.  All of you can surely remember the break up of some relationship; you have the blahs, the dulls; you grieve for a day or two — and then suddenly, there in a coffee shop, in a bar, is the new Mr./Ms. Right.  There is a sense of freshness of these episodes that goes beyond verbalization.  It is the power of the new, the power of change reflected at the ordinary level. And it is a physical reality.  “Hey, here is something new… a new record:  if I just get this new record my collection will be complete….if I can just get this new book it will satisfy me…if I could just throw away last year’s clothes and get up to date…..”  It is the almost irrepressible allure of the new.  Whether the new thing is better than the old has nothing to do with it.  It’s simply change.  Take a look at fashion.  The most ordinary of people would have to agree that it makes not a bean’s worth of difference whether men’s coat lapels are three inches wide or 1/2 inch wide.  Neither wide nor skinny lapels will make the world a better place.  But in a sense, it all makes the world, if not a better place, then an alive place.  What the change is doesn’t matter.  What matters is that there is change, that there’s always the promise of something a bit new on the horizon.  What matters is that Life is alive and growing, and its growth is reflected even in the trends in coat lapels.

     There is another aspect to this which, though more subtle, is still observable.  There are thoughts which appear to be chemically “pleasant”, and those that seem to be chemically “unpleasant”.  Though I use the word “thought”, I’m still talking about energy/information/food.  Consider a great internal stereo system:  the impulse starts down in the Red Circuit, then is increased and amplified in the Blue Circuit, and finally heard through the Yellow Circuit.  Now, given the term “chemically pleasant thoughts”, the Yellow Circuit speakers might say, “Well, there are some ideas that are simply depressive, such as war, death and cancer; who wants to think about that?  Of course they are unpleasant.”  Remember, the Circuits do not process energy in a straight line fashion; it doesn’t run from Red into Blue and then into Yellow, only to hit a dead-end and go nowhere.  Energy circulates, recirculates and is continually transformed.  For instance, one nervous system may be engaged in the activity of running.  And to this system’s Red Circuit, it is a chemically pleasing activity.  But even while the Red Circuit is being pleased, the system’s Yellow Circuit may be engaged in chemically disruptive unpleasant activities, i.e., thoughts.  Remember the description of the internal stereo system and Neuralize that what seems to be “thought” is subject to the same physical rules as the visible stereo plugged into your living room wall.  How can the Red Circuit apparently be involved with chemically pleasant activity while simultaneously, the Yellow Circuit is involved with chemically disturbing activity?  How could this occur if there is not a quite real and physical basis for it?  Different food is digested at different places within the system.  Some of it, from one viewpoint, that is, from one circuit’s charge, is pleasant — and from another viewpoint within the system (that of another circuit) it is unpleasant activity.

     The same phenomenon is visible on a larger scale, in what’s called “inspirational stories”.  They’re all of a set theme:  Life is wonderful for this certain family.  The man makes a good living, he’s a wonderful father to his wonderful children, he’s a wonderful husband to his wonderful wife.  And then a tree falls on him. The story details their struggle and misery, how he almost didn’t live, how his wife had to work four jobs to pay the medical costs.  And it always ends by telling how they’re now better people for having gone through such a trial, how they now have a greater sense of dependence and love for the gods as a result of the calamity.  Do I need to make it clearer?  How do people say that they’re better for having suffered? What part of the system finds suffering chemically pleasant?

     It is a variation of what used to be known as the Hollywood formula for a good movie:  boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl, the end.  That was the almost exclusive fare of movies for awhile.  And of course, that is the standard fare of almost all human literature.  You might Consider such things as being the continual, constant reminder of the inevitable forces of life —  with particular reference to the middle part of the Hollywood formula.   First, boy meets girl.  Then comes the constant reminder — boy loses girl. No matter where you look — human literature, songs, oral stories —  you will see this continual reminder that “D” is inescapable.  I remind you, I caution you, that criticism has no place here.  Your attempt is to See.  I’m telling you what there is to See, and where it most obviously takes form in Life.  You should simply perceive in such things the continual reminder of “D” Force.  If I were to deal in anthropomorphic ideas and attribute human qualities to the charges, then the “D” charge would continually wear a certain kind of smug expression.  If you were to try to write a happy story, or a song about, “I found true love, and oh, I love my Honey”, somewhere in there that smug smile will pop up somewhere in there; “D” Flow will assert itself. And before you know it, you will be writing a verse or paragraph in tribute to him, to D.  You have no choice. He’s just there.

     It may sound simple, and most of you will think that you have either heard it before or thought it yourself, but you need to feel how captivating, how easy, how satisfying it is to immediately feel and voice opposition (regardless of what is apparently being opposed.)  Remember that I’m not speaking psychologically.  I’m talking about a physical ease.  A physical and chemical satisfaction.  At times it almost seems, even in my examples, as though “D” Flow has some sort of inequitable weight in all interaction, which it does not.  Consider that man is hard-wired to be ordinary, that is, to simply be in the position that he is in.  “Hard-wired” in this case refers to the parts of a system that can’t be changed.  If the system, the machinery, is to operate, the hard-wired part must be left alone.  You may want to make changes and additions to it, but there are parts that cannot be altered if the system is to remain what it is — a transformer, a stereo, a man, whatever.  For it to operate at the basic level, to fulfill the minimum requirements, there is a hard-wired part that you simply can’t mess with.  Now, given this hard-wired basis for man’s condition, questions such as, “When the higher neural areas are activated, is one actually reborn into something new?  Does the old level of consciousness simply shut down and all the internal voices stop?”, are simply off the mark.  The lower system, the hard-wired system doesn’t “stop”; it can’t.  It simply becomes irrelevant.  Just don’t worry about it for the time being.  It is your hard-wiring that makes you what you are; and the system’s hard-wiring cannot be changed or expanded.

     This Thing, is not a rearrangement of your hardwiring, but an addition to that which now exists.  It is the truly new, as opposed to a rearrangement of the old.  To change the hard-wiring would be to destroy yourself, in the same way that you would destroy the function of a piece of machinery.  The point herein is that you should feel that it is part of the function of your hard-wiring, of everyone’s hard-wiring to voice opposition to the new.  It is a captivation and satisfaction that is built in to your hard-wired system.  Consider that no matter what new trend you hear about, whether it’s male strippers or junkyard art or whatever, you feel an immediate urge to oppose it.  And an immediate satisfaction in doing so.  This is not a “psychological” phenomenon, and neither is it some failure on your part.  It is part of your basic nervous system equipment.  And don’t believe that you already understand it.  You must observe it.  Observe the physical ease, the mechanical satisfaction involved in automatic opposition to the new.  You hear about something new and there is a tendency to put it down, however subtly.  You read about a new idea and you shake your head and slam the book shut.  And that’s all it takes.  You have played your part.  Yet it is not simply that there is an all-pervading, inordinate balance of the opposing force:  for the time being simply Consider what I am saying, and feel the reality of it within yourself.  Part-and-parcel of all systems is this ease and satisfaction in expressing opposition.  And there is an apparent finality to it; it is as though the item is forever banished.

     You never even think about it again. Somebody might make a statement, “Well, I believe thus and thus about the power art has in the history of the development of man…”.  Your immediate feeling is, “What a bunch of baloney, ha, ha, ha, ha.”  And that’s the end of it.  A few words, a kind of laugh, and then you turn and look for a cigarette.  And yet something happened.  Something physical, something real.  From the point of view of the hard-wired system, something was done properly, and that system now feels satisfied.  Once you can feel it, Neuralize it.  And recall simultaneously that there is a power and allure intrinsic to “new food”.  Yet new food lacks the sense of immediate ease and satisfaction, the almost instant payoff, that comes from the act of opposing such new things.  It is quite a strange situation.

 Diagram # 043 illustration

Diagram # 043 illustration

     There is a certain movement that occurs within the body of Life, and there is a certain relationship between man and this particular “movement”.  For the time being I have selected the name, “The Wave Phenomenon”, to reflect both the movement and man’s relationship to it.  My description again approaches areas which the ordinary level of consciousness simply would never, and could never, consider.  You must try your best not only to escape the limits of these two-dimensional drawings, but to also avoid the potential Yellow Circuit pictures and images of waves in a big, three-dimensional ocean. This Wave Phenomenon does not go in a straight line.  It is not linear, but  omni-directional.  But since I cannot draw in an omni-directional manner (and even if I could you couldn’t see in an omni-directional manner), we are limited to two-dimensional diagrams.  Just remember the description is by necessity flawed and partial; which is also why this is all so much fun.

     There are three aspects to the Wave Phenomenon (so what else is new?).  Firstly, it starts with a kind of surface agitation, as depicted in the diagram.  Since there is, even for my own uses in This, a validity to the idea in physics that everything produces an equal and opposite reaction, this surface agitation produces (although “produces” is not an accurate term) an underlying, reactionary turbulence below the surface.  On a flat body of water, you observe an initial surface agitation (although, of course, it doesn’t come from nowhere), and underneath this “upward” movement is a reactionary turbulence which attempts to move in an opposing direction.  This is no big secret; you can stand in a swimming pool or bathtub and create an agitation, and if you look quick beneath the surface, you will see this reactionary turbulence.  I say reactionary, because it is a contrary movement to the one you initiated on the surface.  Now for the third part:  the turbulences will gradually even themselves out and there will be a period, both in the world of physical water and where I am pointing you, when the surface will again become placid.  The medium, in this case the water, subsides to a steady condition, only to start again with “bi-polar” agitation, followed once more by the “evening-out” process.

     There is no such thing as a continual wave; there is no such thing as a continual agitation.  The agitation seems to  start, a wave seems to build up, creating a secondary turbulence, a contrary reaction.  And it only goes so far before it subsides.  Remember, this does not happen in one linear direction, it is an omni-dimensional movement.  But the agitation will build only to a certain point, and then it will even itself out to what would be called a “placid” state as opposed to an “agitated” state.  I’ve already pointed out that there are three aspects to this description, which seems like a very obvious hint.  But I’m not simply retelling the story of “C”, “D” and “E”.  There’s much more to be seen here:  there’s more than the Yellow Circuit is equipped to see.  There is a way, a movement by which all structures, all games, all pursuits, all endeavors lose their extreme variations in time.  All change is initially extreme, though within certain limits.  I’ve pointed out that if anything is too drastic a departure from the normal steady state, it is not of profit at that time.  Only so much new information, only so much new food, can be physically, chemically absorbed by any given system, whether that system is “you”, or a group of men in a whole section of the life of Life.  Still, you should be able to shift this slightly and see that all change is initially extreme.  It must be, else it wouldn’t be change.  Any agitation (remember, we are back to describing things in a linear, limited and ultimately specious fashion) begins as an aggressive phenomenon; it creates a change in the steady-state condition.

     There are no perfect examples; but I can give you a couple of crude ones.  Even those of you who are not followers of football can make use of this:  a kind of extremism existed in the National Football League in its first years.  At that time, the sport of football had not become big business with millionaires and corporations owning the franchises.  And there was not the present day general parity of talent.  In the League’s infancy, one rich owner could buy the best available talent for his team; the League was thus initially lopsided.  There were one or two teams that continually ran roughshod over the other teams in the league, the score would be 60 to 12, 58 to 6.  But then a strange thing occurred, and it is not unknown even at the ordinary level.  Eventually, a kind of parity was achieved; things evened themselves out to where nowadays, as they are wont to say, on any given day one team can beat any other team.  And it is true.

     In the sport of baseball, it has been observed that the day when someone can hit .400 for a season is gone.  I am sure someone has attempted to describe how the nature of baseball itself has changed, how they have raised the pitcher’s mound and brought it in closer to the batter’s box, etc.  Notwithstanding the fact that each generation is stronger than the preceding one, no one hits .400 for a season any more.  So what has happened?  You could attempt to explain it by the fact that bringing in the pitcher’s mound gives the pitcher an advantage over the hitter, etc.  It is not that such descriptions are untrue.  When a sportswriter says, “With the enormous pool of talent in college football available for the draft, and given the fact that owners by now are pretty much equally rich, it is no wonder one football team cannot dominate the others in the league.”, it is not that such an explanation is false.  What I am trying to get you to Consider is that in time, everything loses its initial extreme variations.  In time, everything becomes the third part of the Wave Phenomenon.  Now, lest you think I am just talking about football and baseball and waves in the bathtub, Neuralize that all of this occurs within you-know-who.

     Can you feel within yourself, all the way from your sex life to your job, from your hobbies to your general joi do vivre, that this Wave Phenomenon, this inescapable loss of extreme variations in any system, is how Life moves through you.  It is a part of the transfer of food.  It is how Life grows; it is how man himself eventually grows.  Again, it is not a straight line occurrence; it does not go from “here’ to “there”.  It is all merely a form of the wave building.  It is an agitation, an aggression, and simultaneously (in a way that does not exist in the linear view of the world), an underlying reactionary turbulence also comes into play.  And then, irresistibly, everything will return to a placid condition.  Any observable extreme, from the Chicago Bears destroying every other team in the League to your fanatical infatuation with the woman or man next door, are all but one apparently separable part of a larger process. Yesterday’s fanatic is today’s guy lying in a hammock and taking a nap.  I will repeat:  all necessary change, all growth starts as an extreme.  It starts aggressively.  Yet at the same time, there is an opposing underlying turbulence.  People hear of a new idea, i.e., an extreme idea, and say, “That’s insanity, it will never work; boy are they nuts, ha, ha….”.  It is all necessary for that particular idea or endeavor to survive in the observable world.  The extreme variations will soon recede to parity.  And then the thing moves again into a new area of aggression, a new extreme.  I strongly encourage you to Neuralize and remember that this Wave Phenomenon does not move in any one direction.  It is moving everywhere.  Line-level consciousness can define, it can perceive one isolated piece:  this football league, this new idea, this extreme political theory, this bizarre human endeavor — yet it is all visible as an aggressive agitation.  It is always contained within certain limits, of course, or it is too drastic.  But all change starts out as a kind of radical agitation.

     Neuralize the fact that you must begin to take some of the responsibility for This Thing.  Whatever the ultimate purpose of This is, it must, in a sense, unfold to the outside rather than enfolding on itself.  On a lower, mechanical level, this is also true in Life, and it’s recognized in Life.  The business world subscribes to the maxim, “grow or die”.  But there is a more subtle, refined reflection you should Consider.  It is not just a matter of growth, although that description is not untrue.  It is simply that if a thing does not unfold in a direction extrinsic to itself it will enfold.  It will become terminally incestuous.  Many of you are objectively aware that you are not as filled with understanding as you could be.  But all of you should also feel the lurking danger of terminal incest, a kind of high-level boredom.  Though This Thing operates on a different level than a computer company or General Motors or the corner hot dog stand, it is still subject to the physical laws of Life.  It is still subject to  “grow/unfold or die/enfold”.  I might add parenthetically that this is the norm:  Perhaps a man or woman who had gained some extraordinary insight, gathers a group of people, and it seems to be a spark of unusual growth in Life.  But then you never hear of it again.  Or you hear that no one knows where he/she is, but the followers are handing out flowers on street corners.  You can see that in such a case the idea or movement is no longer aggressive, no longer at the cutting edge of change; it is no longer a whitecap on the wave.

     The initial aggressive, extreme change, or insight in this case, is brought back down, relatively speaking, to a steady-state condition of placidity.  It takes place even at levels higher than the ordinary world-of-events.  Everything is subject to placidity.  All of you should feel by now that you are part of the problem, or conversely, the problem is part of you.  You must see that it will enfold, it will reach a placid state between waves.  And left to its own devices, there it stays.  There are other ways I could put it:  even the great men of history had only one great thought, and that was all.  One great theory.  The great writers wrote only one great book.  They may be recognized for six or eight, but those six or eight are all variations of the one.  Great composers write only one great symphony.  They can write eight more and call it Beethoven’s first through ninth.  But it is all the same, in different keys, turned inside out.  You should see by now that most people are not Life’s “extreme agitators”; that is not what they are channeled for.  But even those who stand out in history — great writers, thinkers, musicians, etc. — they all get one big wave, one great thought, and that’s it.  That is the Wave Phenomenon.  And it is in you.  It is in this group.  It is a controlling factor everywhere.

     Even though your Yellow Circuit cannot come up with the specific scenario and theory of how it might happen, you can feel the possibility of just remaining here, doing the same things, without really moving internally or externally.  Somewhere within you are voices which say, “Yeah, I can feel that I don’t like it.”  And there are the voices that say, “Something must be done about this.”  Yet refer to what I was telling you regarding the immediately satisfying response to an opposing stand, and Consider that there is also a feeling of safety, a very crude but real satisfaction in reaching the placidity between waves and staying there.  That is what old age is; it is what all age is after you reach maturity.  That tumultuous period of agitation, and after that it is all downhill.  You might look back fondly at the extremity of that period:  “Yeah, when I was in college, when I was in my late teens, I was a wild-eyed liberal.  I wanted to change the world.  I had these great ideas, and now look at me:  I’m mortgaged, have three point two children.  I look at teenagers today and they are just maniacs.  I don’t know what’s happening.”  So what else is new?  At the ordinary level, there is nothing wrong with that.  It’s not a problem for an ordinary man to feel that way.  It’s the way of the Wave.

     There are reoccurring states of a kind of critical load, a critical placidity between waves.  It flows through everything mechanically, and it affects This Thing as well.  It is a simple physical reality.  We cannot sit here forever amongst ourselves, no matter how pleasant it is at times.  You must feel that there is an almost all-encompassing voice, quite seductive, which might verbalize itself in this way:  “Everything is going all right, isn’t it?  Let’s just continue along this path until, you know, everyone is completely enlightened; or at least until I personally have had enough of this particular avenue, and then we will try something else.”  The voice is there, and is neither demons nor neuroses.  It is the Wave Phenomenon. Realize that the more you have transformed energy at this level, then the more it seems that there are no new “tastes”, no new energy available.  “I’ll just listen to my old records and read my old books because things are just plain boring out there now.”  It is a voice necessary to Life.  It is one of the charges necessary to keep new food moving to new areas.  At that mechanical level, however, you are proving more and more dispensable to Life.  That is, you are getting closer and closer to death.  Life is getting closer to the point of being able to do without you personally.  It’s been getting closer, as I pointed out, ever since you passed the age of twenty, since your first great wave.  Even if, as the religious people used to love to say, “The gods have a special purpose, a role, for you.”, once you are past the age of maturity, someone else is already being trained for your position.  You are becoming more and more dispensable.

     Simply notice that there is a kind of boredom, as if nothing is thrilling anymore, everything is yesterday’s news.  It serves one-third of the function of keeping everything moving.  And there is a satisfaction even in that boredom.  Even as one loses part of the Red Circuit joy of living, there is a kind of satisfaction involved.  A man might say, “Well, getting to be forty is a drag, but at least I don’t have to worry about how I look anymore.  I am not going out to pick up seventeen year old chicks nowadays.  I don’t have to worry about a new car, I don’t have as many sexual daydreams, etc.”  That type of rationalization, while familiar, is not ordinarily understood.  What is actually occurring is a reaction to a chemical, physical reality.  Although it is verbalized in psychological, Yellow Circuit terms, it is a physical reaction to the Wave Phenomenon.  It is you, as one physical point in the overall Grid, reacting personally to the fact that you are apparently more and more in the employ of the (you know which) force.

     Try to find your own examples of how everything loses its initial extreme variations, of how there is no such thing as an infinite wave.  Neuralize that anything new which apparently appears on the horizon of Man’s consciousness requires an initial extreme, and by the same token, although it’s not normally perceived, it requires an equally extreme opposition to it.  And Consider how everything very soon loses these extreme variations and subsides to a placid, steady state.  Find your own examples of this phenomenon.  They are everywhere.  Inside and outside.