Jan Cox Talk 0105

Life Is Alive


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Jan Cox Talk 105, Apr 19, 1984, runtime 1:50
Notes by TK

The astounding realization that Life is alive. There are no creative gods extrinsic to the system; no scientific chaos of dead matter: Life is growing thru man.

Knowledge/information is a chemical reality–is physically based. Everyone is capable of processing only a limited portion of the total chemical makeup of such energy. Words transfer energy—a physical, chemical transfer occurs. Don’t let the voices talk any more about “psychological” reality–nonphysical, spiritual stuff: it is physical. The “too drastic” is a chemical overloading of the circuitry. This Thing always verges on chemical overload which accounts for its difficulty for even The Few.

The Yellow Circuit is normally already “full,” cannot ingest any more info, therefore there can be nowhere for new information to lodge. Mystic states as Yellow Circuit chemical overload, but note it is not permanent. Only the Few have the possibility to permanently process an overload of information. Drugs temporarily and artificially weaken the system, allowing new information access. But there is a permanent chemical change in The Few.

The C,D,& E forces: the reality is more like 3 different electrical charges: +, – and 0.  Anything alive must be charged by all 3 charges. A viewpoint = a charge. Resistance is always encountered/required in viewpoints–for anything to exist. Resistance is always present even if not overt.

Life knows what it is doing. Example of house demolished by tornado except for a single wall containing a crucifix. What is necessary for man is provided.

Consider the forces as Intelligences. Stability is a grand illusion; there is always a constant dance of 3 charges, a kind of Intelligence to Life knowing what it is doing. The way Life is growing thru man is the development of circuitry to process ever greater and more complex amounts of energy. Each circuit comprehends the circuit below it. Each circuit grew out of the next lower one and is charged with the responsibility to control it.

Religion is the province of the Blue Circuit and it developed out of the need to control the Red Circuit. Yellow Circuit is synonymous with psychology and the need to control/understand the Blue Circuit. Yellow Circuit as the attempt by Life thru man to understand behavior, while Blue Circuit is the attempt to control behavior.

The newest Yellow Circuit thrust/development is the attempt to Understand existence; to Understand humanity’s position and purpose. Blue Circuit channels Red Circuit energies into organized action. Yellow Circuit channels Blue Circuit energies into a passion for understanding. ]

Comment on unusual sensory experience: ignore same. If you can’t control it, forget it. It is just the system’s rebellion against overload.

Comment on remembrance of sick relatives. Reference to upcoming public phase: Group to act-in-lieu of J. Remember those in other areas doing This Thing—CA, OR, NY.


  1. Take two 45 minute walks: Consider how upper circuits are being used as “overlord” for lower circuits. Also how charges-viewpoints are related to circuit types. 2. Create a possible slogan for public presentation of This Thing, then if you can, a “blurb description”. ]