Jan Cox Talk 0102

The Unsteady Principle of Stability


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Jan Cox Talk 102, Mar 29, 1984, runtime 1:40
Notes by TK

There is an energy for growth extant in Life: the reality behind all man’s striving for betterment and understanding. Such energy approaches Real Pure Emotion. But no force is pure, isolated. C is always yet to be, whereas D is always right in front of your nose–thus all commentaries deal w/ D. There is always an “incomplete compilation” of analysis. 1/3 is always left out of the equation: E flow is never accounted for–instead is seen as a new, unexpected opposition.

Consider the ordinary fascination and demand for “consistency”–another form of the straight line illusion. Only true consistency in human beings is death. The stability of instability: The Unsteady Principle of Stability; control always verging on chaos.  Examples of fundamental imbalance of the aerodynamic principle of flight; the overbalance-recovery of simple walking.

Perception is reality. But consider that perceptions are always of two types: that held by the powerful majority which “is” reality and all other “incorrect” views. Yet the “incorrect” views are reality even as implicitly recognized in the majority view denial of same. Perception is reality and perceptions are always in conflict.

What/why the power of “externally” derived wisdom/guidance? “Internally” derived impetus for behavior change is comparatively ineffectual. The power of external sources depends upon absolute ignorance of E flow.

What is the organic need or basis for guilt? What use does Life make of it? It manifests in man as concern for morality but is a physical biochemical need.

Revenge will not work–physically impossible. It is the desire to make D flow into C flow.

Types of people: the major intersections/thoroughfares of the Vivus Grid.

The need for lateral expansion in the Few. The making visible of the secret instantaneous communication of opposites comes thru lateral expansion. An important means: the constant struggle against habit and natural inclination which heats/ overloads the circuitry. This causes new experience, forces change.


1:30 Discussion of format and beginning of Evoteck presentations. Connected w/ Evoteck and public phase, come up with Slogan and if able a “blurb” of explanation of This Thing using Evoteck vehicle. Consider further: how can This Thing be presented to public w/o “stating the problem”; recounting the “terror or folly” of the human condition?



Document:  102,  March 29, 1984
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1984

You should begin to take some note when I mention that I am going to refine things.  Sometimes I will bring up a certain subject, and then leave it.  When I come back to it, when I refine it, it seems as though it becomes less clear, less certain than when you first heard it.  Everyone goes through that continual process.  None of this is as simple as the Yellow Circuit would like to assume.  That should not come as a surprise to any of you.  You will begin to find your own beautiful individual surprise over your discovery of the complexity of This.  The complexity is that you begin to See things that have yet to be named.  By and large, when you first See something, the Yellow Circuit will pull back my words to some degree.  That is still alright.  Let me point out that my words are not holy.  They are only holy until you See for yourself.  Once you See something for yourself, it does not matter what you call it, because nobody else has a name for it anyway.  You can’t go wrong.

Now I want to point you towards something:  there is a kind of specific energy — in Life, and in individual people — that wants to move things in an undeniably profitable direction.  I have referred to that as the creative force and I told you that the Three Forces map was incomplete.  But the Yellow Circuit has to have some way in which to look at things.  With these extraordinary maps, and with your participation, you drag yourself to the edge and say, “What could this possibly mean?”  And then, once you See it, you go, “Ah-ha!”  And as I said, then the words are irrelevant.

Humanity — that is Life speaking through humanity — talks about the creative spirit.  Humanity says, “I want to be more conscious, more enlightened:  I want to grow.”  The old terms “enlightenment”, “expanded consciousness” are simply descriptions for growth.  When humanity talks about states of enlightenment, it sounds as though it is something mystical.  It sounds as though it is something extraordinary to be left to the few initiated in some secret organization.  But all they are talking about is growth.  Someone may have an experience, whether they willfully participated in it, or whether it just accidentally (so to speak) happened, that they call it mystical.  They saw astounding things they cannot begin to describe.  They cannot tell you exactly what they saw, but they have no doubts about their experience.  All they are talking about is growth.  They are talking about what it would be like if they individually were living some generations in the future.  They saw into tomorrow, into Life’s future expansion.

Remember:  In other areas, Life is already more advanced than humanity is.  And so, the messages are being passed throughout the total organism of Life; and the message is that, there is information, there is growth going on in one section that now surpasses growth in another section.  And vice versa; but vice versa is of no consequence — unless you want lessons on how to be even less conscious.

As I continue to refine this map of the forces, Neuralize this:  there is no such thing as a pure force of any kind.  There is not a pure First, Second, Third, or C, D, and E force.  Because if they could exist, it would only be for such a short-lived burst, that it would be of no consequence.  The system of Life could not take it; your system could not take it.  This is what happens to people who’ve had a so called mystical experience; their system was overloaded.  There are similar things that happen with drugs.  The individual’s system can only take so much, and then it shuts down — i.e., people black out.  They seem to go into another state, and then an hour later, or the next day, they wake up and it is only a memory.  They can’t repeat it; they can’t describe it.  They know something extraordinary happened, but their system was overloaded.

In a sense there is really no such thing as a pure flow, a pure force.  None of the circuits could take any of the forces in a pure form for any length of time.  I have used descriptions of the forces as being C, D, and E.  And I described Man’s ideas of gods/devils, good/evil, as being a reflection of C and D.  Though I warned you that this is only a reflection of something real, your Yellow Circuit will think that in some way, C is the “good force” and D is the “evil force”.  And even though I told you that that’s not true literally, that it’s only a reflection, still your Yellow Circuit will say, “Well, conservative people, people who resist change, are representative of D force”.  That’s the only thing the Yellow Circuit can do.  If I were to say that C force is the good force, then I could say that C force would be very close to being pure emotion — if such a thing existed.  (But remember, the Forces do not exist as such.)  Human emotions do not exist as humanity believes.  It should be obvious that what are called positive human emotions can and do change at the snap of the fingers.

This is not an attack on humanity, because nothing is wrong.  Simply consider — a person can give money to charity, and the next instant be angry because they defrauded him.  That which seems to be love for a sexual partner can change because of burnt toast.  Of course the person could say, “Well, I got over it and changed right back.”  Right.  That’s the way it is supposed to be  — that is what makes things move. It keeps a kind of balance.  But, if C force could be said to exist — which it does not — in a pure form, it could also be said to be quite close to what would be a pure emotion; that is, an emotion that would be positive — it would have no negative aspects to it.  But that is not the way it is.

Here is something tied to the map of the forces.  Can you consider how easy it is to apparently state problems concerning humanity?  How easy it is to fall into describing, albeit in new and apparently more colorful, more refined ways, that which seems to be a problem — the questionable condition of humanity? It is because C is always yet to be manifested; whereas that which is based on D is always right before you. Consider anything you may have written since your involvement with This pursuit:  perhaps a play, or the kernel of an idea; perhaps an allegorical story.  If you go back and read it in a certain way, it is a constant retelling of what seems to be the problem:  the curious captive nature of humanity.  But, for how long can you keep restating the obvious?  Humanity can do it forever.  If you go back to the earliest writings of Man — to historical sagas, satires, social commentaries — they refer to the disreputable state of affairs of those particular nations or societies at the time.  It is always a stating of the “very questionable condition of humanity”.  Why?  Because C is always yet to be.  Of course, I mean the total manifestation of what C would be — that is, growth.  And D is always there, always available.  So everyone — from presidents to winos to evangelists to mystics — talks about the questionable condition of humanity.  I pointed this out to you in another way when I said that all news is bad news.  That is why bad news sells; and nobody can see it.  Good news is yet to be; and by the time it gets to the ordinary level of consciousness, by the time humans are aware of it, it’s bad news.

There is something I want you to see.  I have mentioned an incomplete equation, but it is really like an incomplete compilation that everyone seems to be going through.  People say, “I tried to do something beneficial, but so and so is opposing me.”  The insinuation is that the “something” is profitable and worthwhile.  And it runs the gamut from people, to nations, to religions, to political parties.  It is an incomplete compilation because it accounts only for two of the flows:  it accounts for only two of the necessary forces that keep everything moving.  The reason that everything remains incomplete — unsatisfying — is because otherwise it would be dead.  But, another way to attempt to study it in the beginning is, that everything is preordained to be unsatisfactory because you can never see the full balanced equation.  As long as one third of the equation is left out it will never come up right.  It is not because of so called religious reasons, or karma — it is pure mathematics; it is due to unknown laws of physics.  As long as one third is left out of the equation, it will never come up right.

People say, “If I just had a hundred thousand dollars, how happy I would be!” or, “If I had a brand new car that would be it!”  And it is not true.  Not for any kind of moral reasons — for a mathematical reason. The person started out attempting to put together a compilation, a balanced equation, with one-third of it left out.  You have left out the E flow.  They were dealing with an incomplete equation.  Their mathematics was wrong.

The third possible flow, the E force, the E circulatory system, the E type blood cannot be accounted for. It seems to be of no consequence.  No one can account for it, and yet everyone lives and dies by it.  By the time it comes into awareness, the triads have shifted (that’s why it’s visible) and it has become part (as far as they can see) of their opposition.  People say, “Those that I thought were my friends, turned on me!” What has happened is the triad has shifted.  E has become of consequence, but it seems to manifest itself as opposition.  When people say, “Well, I never expected this of you,” they are almost right, verbally.  They never did expect it.  The thing is, nobody ever expects anything.  This is right at the heart of what all forms of This Thing have always been.  It was referred to in the past as demons, spirits, cosmic laws, something vague — and it is not vague.  It has never been vague.  But now it has reached a time when it can be spoken of.  It has to be spoken of, at least to a few of you, at least in my lifetime.  It is absolute laws of mathematics and physics — but no one can see it.

I will bring up something else for you to Neuralize.  Why is it that Man seems to put such great stock in appearing consistent?  Let’s take the case when political opponents charge one another with “inconsistency”.  I remind you, we are not criticizing humanity, much less politicians — they are just humanity exaggerated every four years.  But it is a serious issue when political opponents charge one another with “inconsistency”.  For example one will say “Hey, look.  Last year you said such-and-such and now you’re saying just the opposite.  What’s going on?”  And the audience collectively goes, “Ooooh.”  All you have to do is feel your 0rdinary level of consciousness, if you had enough interest in political matters, and you find yourself going “Ooooh.”  You also have the desire for consistency.  Why does there seem to be built into the circuitry, this need, this desire to demand consistency?  It is like a desire for the illusion of the Straight Line phenomenon.  It is not a mistake humanity is making — nothing is amiss.  It is almost a desire in humanity for magic — because magic would be a Straight Line phenomenon.  Magic would be a man who is consistent.  The closest it comes to happening in the ordinary world, is in a fanatic.  But then, an ordinary person would say, “Well, sometimes people can go too far”.  But, that is the unsteady principle of Life — that it either seems to be not enough, or it is too much.

There are references to this in certain areas of physics.  It is referred to as the unstable principle of flight.  In a sense airplanes are continually unstable, requiring constant homeostatic adjustments to keep them aloft.  If you could make the airplane stable, that is if you could freeze it — it would crash.  A similar example is human locomotion.  When you walk, it is not in a straight line, or totally perpendicular.  It is a struggle for balance.  It is like fighting to stay stable.  But there is a built-in desire to have this illusion of Straight Line reality.  And it does not exist in human consciousness.  It exists in death; it exists on the lower end of the time spectrum, like the growth of a mountain.  But it is not available to human consciousness. The only thing that apparently would manifest itself that way, at least on the human level, is a dead person — in that case you have your Straight Line phenomenon; you have consistency.

There is an “unsteady principle” tied into triads and the Three Forces.  It is the unsteady principle of stability, and it is not a Straight Line phenomenon.  It is the principle of instability that keeps everything moving, and steady.  But notice, there is this almost fanatical desire for consistency; to be considered consistent, to find consistency, to attack inconsistency in others.  Down in your nervous system, what you originally thought to be some form of mysticism, some form of Real Teaching, was a group or a pseudo system that promised a Straight Line phenomenon.  They would say, “Join us; we’ve got the secret.”  They would have a back room containing books with the answers to all questions.  And there would be rules on how to act.  The do’s and don’t’s.  It was the promise of a Straight Line phenomenon.  It does not exist. That is why nobody can be truly religious in the ordinary world, why nobody can live by the ten commandments — or even the one commandment.  But notice, everyone says they would like to.  It is built in.  The Straight Line phenomenon does not exist.  If it did it would kill you — which is why you cannot do it. It would kill some aspect of Life.

There is a practical aspect to this connected to the fact that what seems to be oneself is not the enemy — and yet, it seems to be.  You could say, “I can’t trust this thing that seems to be ‘me’.  It is so undependable…so unstable.”  You may say, “I thought I was over hostility, and here I am angry again.” Rather than it being the illusion of some kind of hand to hand combat with “me”, it is a manifestation of the desire for the Straight Line phenomenon.  You may think, “I’m going to grab ‘me’, straighten it up once and for all, teach it to be consistent.”  If you could do that, you would kill it.  Of course, it would not have been murder, it would have been suicide, because at that level, you and it are the same.

You might Consider the practical possibilities in this aspect:  that everything that is alive, everything that is moving, is operating from a kind of unstable principle of stability.  But, ordinary consciousness is looking for just the opposite.  It is looking for the Straight Line phenomenon.  This is not an excuse for falling back into your old self, your old habits.  But it is a way in which to approach the situation differently.  Suppose you thought you were over jealousy, and then you get involved in a new relationship, and there you are — jealous again.  Ordinary people deal with this on the basis that there is something psychologically to be learned; something subconscious going on.  You should be beyond that point.  It becomes a question of, “Is there anything to be learned from this that can’t even be put in words?”

The Straight Line phenomenon is a great illusion; it is a splendid example of what I call conality — i.e., only seeing two aspects of reality.  It is like the incomplete compilation I was speaking of earlier.  You perceive a goal, and simultaneously you perceive opposition.  You think that if you could just remove the opposition, you could achieve your goal, and you would be happy.  If that could happen, that would be the Straight Line phenomenon:  “I went from here to there, and it was just like I thought it would be.”  But that never happens.  It can’t happen.  Without the consideration of the third possible flow, persuasion, or force, it is preordained that the outcome will never be satisfying in your own consciousness.  And it is so because the two elements that you seem to be involved with, are trying to compile an equation where “this” will never equal “that” — there is the unsteady principle, and it keeps everything moving.

Here’s something else on a slightly different tack.  Quite often, political commentators point out something like this:  “Although such-and-such — some situation — can be statistically proven to be true, another segment of the population believes the complete opposite is true.  And they might add, “It is ridiculous, it’s insane.”  But, perception is reality — and they cannot put it together.  No one can put it together at the ordinary level.  What they believe they are saying is that in spite of a particular situation being statistically true, there is a large number of people whose perception of the situation is demonstratively incorrect.  It’s the sane against the insane again.  What they are saying is that these people have an incorrect perception of the situation as opposed to the reality of it.  But, perception is reality in the ordinary world.  When a view is held by the majority of people, or the people in power — and now we are talking about some section of Life manifesting itself as temporarily having the upper hand — it becomes what is called “the reality”.  The lesser influence goes to that particular place in humanity which is accused of being the incorrect perception.  But, perception is reality.  Do you see that if everyone understood this, then things would become stable?  It would be the Straight Line phenomenon.  And that is not going to happen.

There is another aspect connected to the previous topic.  I rhetorically asked you at one time to Consider, “What seems to be the power of externally given truisms or axioms?”  And I asked you to Consider why is it that that which you seem to acquire externally, can have power.  What is the apparent power of words that you read or heard from an outside source?  Like a prisoner of war about to be tortured, and he reads something written by somebody, perhaps scratched on the walls and it says, “It is better to die like a hero, than to live your days as a cowardly dog”.  And if the prisoner survives he says, “Something happened.  It was almost like a religious experience.  I was frightened there alone, and I read that, and that one thing kept me going!”  How can that be?  What is going on?  You could be reading a magazine and finding some short quote that strikes you, and it feels as if those words could change your life.  You read them and they seem to have some apparent power.  Your own circuitry could have at one time put together those same words, yet you never felt their power until you read them elsewhere.  What is going on?

Part of what seems to be the power of axioms, truisms, proverbs, or phrases to live by, is that they totally ignore “E” flow.  What they seem to say is, “Such-and-such will produce such-and-such.”  It is the Straight Line phenomenon.  The promised results never occur, but it does have power.  Something like, “He who trusts his fate into higher hands has no enemy,” can send waves of troops into battle.  They may get blown up, but they go smiling, chanting.  It seems to have done something.   Does anybody even catch the more subtle aspects of this:  That the more untrue something is, the more power it has?  Remember, even that is not true.  But the more disjointed, the more fragmented, the more incomplete a great thought is, the more power it has.  Except of course, when it begins to bite its own tail.  Then you simply don’t hear it.

In order to have what seems to be an extrinsically based great truth, or a powerful statement, it must totally ignore the reality of E force.  You cannot go and try to tell this to some philosopher or great religious leader.  The more powerful the statement seems to be, the more commanding it seems to grab humanity’s attention, the more it must be completely devoid of the slightest hint that there might be a third possibility. The illusion that there is a cause and effect must be maintained — the illusion of the Straight Line phenomenon.  And this applies whether it seems to be on a simplistic material level, or a very high plane of religious and moral flimflam.

Here is something specific for you to Consider:  What possible purpose does boredom serve?  What is the reality behind the word?  Attempt this in view of what I told you about not looking upon what seems to be individual behavior in you and other people, but to look at the larger picture.  That is, “What is the purpose of this concept, what could possibly be going on in the full body in which we are living — a body that is growing?”  “Boredom” is not what humanity calls it; it is not what your ordinary level of consciousness wants to react to upon hearing such ideas.  It is part of a total organic need of Life.  It is material in a sense, as opposed to being what ordinary people think they are speaking of as being moral, or religious ideas.  It is an organic need — it physically exists.

I will give you another something to Consider:  What could possibly be the organic need of Life for what seems to be guilt over not living up to one’s word?  I assure you this is a general phenomenon in all people, regardless of the religious or moral circumstances of their birth and upbringing.  When a person asks somebody, “Would you do this for me?” and the other person says, “Yeah, I will do it…You can count on me”, and then, they don’t do it, they experience a kind of uneasy, negative feeling.  Just to make it simple, it is normally referred to as guilt.  There is a negative reaction on the individual’s part who did not live up to his word.  Now, get beyond what seems to be moral, religious or even psychological aspects, such as, “The gods want Man to be truthful, and when he is not they make him suffer over it.”  You have got to get beyond that.  It is not that that is untrue; but that is only two thirds of it.  This feeling of guilt does not occur for some vague, invisible, so-called religious, moral or psychological reason.  Consider:  What could possibly be going on, in the total organic needs of Life to grow, that causes guilt to occur?

These are the kind of things that you should be Considering.  They are everywhere.  For example, what is the purpose of the word “but”; or the word “altogether”; or why do we need the phrase, “on the other hand”?  Why do people say, “Alright, I’ll do so and so, although…”  It is saying, “I don’t agree and I think you are wrong.”  You have to get beyond the point that there is some kind of morality involved.  What possible purpose could be served, on the totally organic level of the whole body of Life, for those words to exist?  I am telling you that there is a totally organic need going on, and it is manifesting itself in ways that seem to be “psycho-religious” — that is, in the realm of the spirit, or the realm of the mind.  You must begin to look at things in terms of Life being a growing organism, with physical, organic needs.

Somebody asked me something along the lines of attempting on their own to perceive D force.  It is tricky to see any of this if you limit yourself to defining D by some terms I gave, because in a certain way you could look at D force as not being completely stable.  Normally, you would perceive D as resistance to change; as being the defender of the status quo.  But if you had a certain flow going on in you, the right kind of combination, you could take D for being some form of C manifestation.  That is, some form of desire for change, but the change is of a negative basis.  A great example of this is revenge.  It is why revenge won’t work.  It is possible to say, “I am not defending the status quo — D force — I want a change, and what I want to do is destroy this other person.”  It is an attempt to start off angry, and to end up in Tahiti — and it can’t be done.  That is why revenge won’t work.  It is not because of some moral reason; not because the gods frown on revenge.

Men have often decried the desire for revenge.  As always, there is a reality to it, because Life is always talking about how things work.  But when the information gets down to a level that is not as advanced as the level that put out the information in the body of Life, it comes out as, “Shame on revenge”.  “Revenge is not the way of the gods.”  That is for children; that is for yesterday; that’s two thirds of reality.  It is true; but the truthfulness of it is that revenge won’t work.  It is the desire to take D force and to turn it into C force.  That is why I tell you that you can’t start mad, and end up in Tahiti — you can’t get revenge.  You cannot be operating for D force and do something constructive.  It is like a liberal conservative saying, “We’re not against change.  What we are in favor of is good change.”  But when they describe what they mean by “good change”, it is D force in action; they want to put things back together as they were in the past.  That is, when they were “right”.  There can be that which seems to be verbally spoken of as change, but it is either a desire for revenge, or a desire to turn things back to the way they were.  That is not change; it is not predominantly C force in action.  It is another example of the desire for stability for the Straight Line phenomenon.  But it is tricky, because it can appear to be a desire for change.

Somebody asked me about types of people, and the possible relationship between types of people and different combinations of the flows, the three circulatory systems.  This is a very old concept, and I will give you a brief description of a partial reality.  The physical basis of people believing in certain types recurring in humanity is in the major intersections of my map of the Grid.  At these major thoroughfares, major intersections in the Grid system in any particular locale, at any given time, lies the basis of humanity believing that there are physically, and literally, types of people.  That’s what makes some people seem to be exemplary of something.  That’s what makes some types of people seem to apparently recur with different names.

Remember my past descriptions, my drawings of the nervous system with the Line of consciousness at the top, and my descriptions of activating the system below that level laterally as the necessary preparation for real Vertical growth.  I said that it’s not a matter of suddenly being ignited, and still being “you” below the Line, just like you were before you started This.  That is not progress.  That is what ordinary people call spiritual awakening.  They can call it anything they want to, but the person so affected has to admit, “Well, yeah, I’m still filled with the same demons…I’m human.”  That is ordinary.  First, there must be an expanded basis, and that is what I meant by the need to have little, lateral expansions, even below the level of consciousness.  Things then will happen to you, and you are no longer yourself.  You are no longer angry in the same way you were, for example.  And it is not because you adopted some rule from me or anyone else.  You begin to forge your own new connections.  It is the reality of me saying that what humanity (collectively and individually) seems to accept and that which it seems to reject is in continual, secret, simultaneous communication.  What happens when you do that kind of lateral expansion is that the communication becomes activated; it is no longer secret, and those things your system previously reacted negatively to — people you seem to have hated, ways in which you seem to be prejudiced — no longer elicit the same reaction.  You just suddenly realize, “I’m no longer mad about that.” Then you begin to learn something.  It is not supposed to happen; you were supposed to have stayed angry in that way.

You should be continually undertaking something new — just anything different.  Like writing with your left hand for one week, or living on lemonade and bread for a few days.  These are some crude ones. Many of you are getting refined to the point that you understand it is not limited to diet, or something physically you do.  When you get better and better, it will be things that nobody knows you are doing but you — they will not necessarily show.  In a sense you are heating up the circuitry.  In ordinary physics, heat always causes expansion; when expansion takes place, then connections are possible.  You should continually be supplying your own temporary surges of energy in your circuits.  And I could say, pushing yourself to the danger limit — though all of you understand there’s not much danger in overdoing This. They are shocks, and heat will always cause expansion.  Coolness will not.  I could equate coolness with boredom, ennui.

Most of you should know by now that in a sense, your level of consciousness expands, and then that which was new and surprising, pretty soon becomes humdrum in a sense.  So, you are faced with that continually — you have to learn to put a surge into the system.  It does not matter what it is.  Perhaps it is saying hello to a person you never say hello to.  That is what produces surges in the line — it is an additional running of power through the circuits.  The Red Circuit is easy.  You just understand that it is necessary to feed the Red Circuit in a certain way.  But you can still burn it up.  For example, get up an hour earlier every day for a week.  Not because it’s an inherently good thing to do, but because it’s something you would not ordinarily do.  It will have an effect.  Any willful change will have an effect.  But you should learn to heat up the other circuits.  One way to put a power surge on the Blue Circuit is saying hello to a person one normally would not.  You say, “I know there is a certain kind of person who I could never reasonably expect to say hello to first.  Therefore, it is beyond any discussion.  I will say hello to them first, or die.  I know I can’t do it, but consider it done.”  Then you go up to them and say, “Well, hello…Boy, am I glad to see you!”  That is what puts a surge in the Line.  It’s an additional running of power through the circuits, and it causes expansion.  If you can do that, something will change, Something significant will change.  It almost does not have anything to do with what goes on between you and that person, or what seems to be some imaginary struggle going on; or worse than that, some imaginary power they seem to hold over you.  That will be gone in a snap.  That kind of heat flowing through a circuit will expand it — and that has even further significance because, remember, everything is connected.