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C-Rich Blood: Too Rich for Humanity


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 Diagram 1 The Nervous System

Diagram 1 The Nervous System


Jan Cox Talk 101, Mar 22, 1984, runtime 87 min
Notes by TK

More refinement of “substance that gets used up in the blood” map. The 3 “blood types” akin to the 3 forces. Within each blood type are 3 “cells” or types of cells. The body’s 3 circulatory systems cannot tolerate a preponderance of C-type blood reaching the brain.

Real Emotion can be equated with a part of C-type blood cellular make-up i.e. one of the cells, and it is this which cannot be allowed to reach the level of consciousness in a strong form. If it did you would never be tired, negative etc. i.e. almost as if you were re-born–no continuity–constant growth, pure growth. Upheaval, chaos. You can tolerate more C-type blood than your grandmother. Your offspring will tolerate more than you can.

The Primal Flow enters at the heart (purest blood) of each person. The primal spark begins at the base of the spine. Not literal description, but a real one nevertheless (circularity of causal sequence binarily perceived) since origin is everywhere–you live in its midst.

Need to get more “emotion enriched” C-type blood above the level of consciousness – to where it needs to be to make the connections–to activate unrealized areas.

E-force: the unseen, unnamable force. Manifests in such statements as “but who knows what tomorrow may bring” but which ordinary consciousness does not discriminate as different. Laying the groundwork for tomorrow and signaling a triad about to shift = E force.

Anything that makes you suffer is 0 based and is useless.

Life moves in unending, gradual, inexorable, slow process, but men are driven to comment on, forced to react to it immediately as an independent and isolated event. Tempo spectrum: man can only perceive and react in a narrow band (not too fast or slow).



Document:  101,  March 22, 1984
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1984

The Yellow Circuit works in two immediately describable ways and I could utilize either of them when I speak to you.  Consider how I could speak quite simply and directly and tell you, “This is this and that is that and you must watch out for your neighbor,” period; one statement after another encapsulated by periods.  Now also consider the manner in which I do speak to you — sans periods.

You’ve become somewhat accustomed to hearing me talk, verbally taking you first in one direction and then the words may appear to circle back on themselves.  Or I may even go off into an area that sounds as if I’m contradicting myself and you’ve discovered that if you can follow me, I’ll end up somewhere connected to where the sentence began, and I still haven’t used a real period.  If you were to transcribe my words in the manner I speak them, consider how unreadable the transcript would be.  There would only be one sentence riddled with commas.  And if you can See it, I’ve just given you another general description of what Considering is.

When you begin to have “flashes” on your own of Seeing something extraordinary, you will note that in a sense these flashes come as quite simple, direct statements, but you’ll also discover you can’t translate them into simple, direct words except to say, “Aha!” Unless you allow your internal voices to grab these extraordinary insights and package them into short sentences and place periods on them, these “flashes” are an open-ended series of new connections and new possibilities.  And that is the way in which I normally talk to you.

I want to remind you that the Primal Flow is real; it absolutely exists.  Primal Flow is not the true name of this raw, undifferentiated flow of energy, but it’s the name I am currently using.  The reality of the Primal Flow is known to humanity, but it is known on the level I normally refer to as “non-understood.”  The most obvious example of this non-understood awareness is humanity’s perception and invention of the term “god.”  There are many aspects to the Primal Flow and all should be open to your continued Consideration.  Within humanity the Primal Flow undergoes a triaxial division into what I have been calling the Three Forces, the Three Flows, the Three Blood types, or the Three possible Circulatory Systems which exist within Life and are enhanced in man.  This division of the Primal Flow is responsible for the confusion evident in man’s unknowing reference to the Primal Flow.  At times humanity refers to this Flow as a god, an all encompassing power, a great cosmic force.  Psychologists and writers often refer to the Primal flow as the subconscious, or the collective unconsciousness of humanity.  And when humanity is driven by Life to observe the Primal Flow undergoing division, you hear humanity speak of such ideas as good, evil, and indifference.  Remember though, humanity’s awareness of the Primal Flow, either in its undifferentiated form or in its division into the three forces, is a non-understood awareness. There is one particular aspect of Life’s move to have this division of the Primal Flow recognized and identified that has significance on the individual level and you may want to consider this on your own. Many religions, have the sub-flows narrowed down to a god, and god’s opposing force, evil or satan, etc.  Without knowing it they are referring to C and D forces.  Now compare this idea of one great struggle between good and evil, the positive and negative forces, to the beliefs of the Hindus.  They are an excellent example of a variation of this simplified division into two. The Hindus believe there are many, many gods, not simply one god and one anti-god.

The idea of there being many gods is not solely a belief of the Hindus.  Variations of this idea have always existed but can you see how this belief in a sense, attempts to excuse humanity? These various forces are seen to operate in such a way as to have an almost unalterable influence over humanity.  The verbal translation of this is that individual people are victims of a fate which is beyond their control.

Those religions which narrow the forces down to one good force and one non-good force or one beneficial force and one force that is destructive, as in Christianity for example, represent a horizontal move in history.  In a sense, it is a form of progress because when a religious or philosophical system narrows the many down to two the individual is then held responsible.  He is placed in the position of aligning himself with the good or evil force.  His behavior is now seen as the outcome of his choice, rather than behavior imposed by the capriciousness of many gods. Each religion has an identified spokesperson for “god” and this person outlines to the followers what is deemed to be the proper behavior for one seeking to align himself with the good or creative force, and it is up to the individual to attempt to practice this proper behavior.

Within everyone’s nervous system both Hinduism and Christianity are still alive and you can See yourself shifting from one to the other. One minute you’re aligning yourself with the Hindu camp and proclaiming, “I should be excused for my behavior.  There are demons everywhere hiding in rocks, microphones, even shoes. Sometimes things are just beyond my control.  I couldn’t help it.” Then the next minute you shift to the camp of the Christians and proclaim, “You should take personal responsibility for your behavior and not give voice to the destructive forces which flow through you. You should not treat me the way you do.”

You’ve all read about or heard people say in apparent sincerity, “I am doing what god wants me to do,” and they are speaking the truth; but the question is:  which god are they working for? Someone deemed a religious fanatic by the greater reality of a particular society may race into a record store and set fire to all popular music and declare, “I’m doing god’s work.”

You make a grave mistake to laugh at the fanatic’s statement. And from This Thing’s viewpoint, you are further mistaken to get upset by his behavior and proclamations and think, “Well, the world is just going to hell!  How can an idiot like that get on the news!  How can it be tolerated?”  He is doing the work of god — the Primal Flow.  Remember, ordinary people cannot describe what god they are working for, and which god is talking to them.  They do not know which force is flowing through them at any one time.

For a long time I referred to the Primal Flow as undergoing a triaxial division into Three Forces.  Then I attempted to refine your perception of this division by calling the product persuasions or flows.  Recently I pointed you even closer to the true nature of these sub-flows when I told you it is as if there are three circulatory systems within Life and running through each person.  I further told you there are three kinds of blood cells which are akin to the C, D, and E Forces, and these three different types of cells are all present within each blood flow.

This ever present mixture of the various blood cells or forces is why there is no such thing as an instantaneous anomaly, wherein only a pure C, or a pure D, or a pure E force acts upon anything.  I realize how difficult this is to comprehend.  It is quite easy to believe you are seeing one force in action.  You might witness someone acting in such a way as to appear to exemplify nothing but the creative force.  And yet it isn’t true.  The system of Life cannot tolerate pure creative force activity.  Life would die.

You could be correctly observing some course of action primarily being driven by C-blood, but if we could isolate that action and place it under the kind of microscope which “Considering” produces, you would see three kinds of blood.  Even when it seems to be pure C Force in action, D and E are present.

I’ve presented the idea to you before of how when the blood runs its course through your body, by the time it reaches Line level something in it has been used up.  Now consider this idea in relation to what I’ve just been mentioning.  Each person’s circulatory system is unable to tolerate and transport a strongly predominant C-type blood directly to the brain.  You could say there is a missing ingredient, but another way for you to consider it is that the system cannot tolerate blood too rich in C.  If you can hear me in a certain way, they are the same thing.

This circulatory system within each and every person, is ordinarily constructed to be unable to tolerate a kind of C enriched blood getting directly to the brain.  And those of you who are getting good at listening and Considering can see it almost as being the same thing as a missing ingredient.  The missing ingredient is the same thing that causes a missing ingredient.  It’s all according to how you look at it.  It’s according to whether you want to make direct, simple statements or convoluted, vague, self-consuming statements.

Now I’ll tell you more regarding the missing ingredient because that is true.  There is such a thing as Real Emotion.  It’s not what humanity ordinarily calls emotions, and that is why, for some period of time, I went to great effort to disavow even the existence of emotions, and referred to them as so-called emotions.  But there is Real Emotion, and it is an aspect of the Primal Flow. The Primal Flow contains Real Emotion, and once it divides in man, this Real Emotion serves in the capacity of being a particular part of the cellular make up of C-Blood.

There is a direct connection between Real Emotion and C Force or C type blood.  Without Real Emotion there is no kind of change or growth possible either in man, or in Life.  But under all ordinary conditions, strongly C-rich blood cannot be allowed to reach Line-level consciousness.  If C-dominant blood continually reached Line level, you would not experience the small personal catastrophes:  you would never be tired.  You would never be bored.  You would never tolerate being discouraged or being fearful.  You would never suffer.  You would never have the time to notice other people being critical of you or talking about you.  In a sense, you would be aware of everything going on, but you wouldn’t really have time to take it personally.

Ordinarily, by the time a person’s blood completes a loop in its continual flow from the heart to the brain, a certain ingredient is gone.  A certain division has occurred.  If the Primal Flow pulsated undivided through man, he would experience Real Emotion; if there was no division and C-rich blood reached the Line, no one would be conscious as they now are.

If the Primal Flow didn’t divide and Real Emotion coursed through your arteries, each time your blood hit Line level it would be as if “you” were continually reborn.  You would be in the throes of a true, continual state of growth and activation of your nervous system above the Line, but this growth would be sans any individual “I” maintaining the ordinary form of stability.  You would lose the continuity of you.  The illusion of stability wherein one thought seems to follow another and you wake up each morning, more or less, the same person who turned out the light the night before, is dependent on the Primal Flow dividing and a mixture of C, D, and E cells flowing through your circulatory system.  Without this you would be in a constant state of upheaval, and neither you nor Life could stand that.

Without Real Emotion, Life could not grow.  On the Red Circuit level, the effects of Real Emotion are readily apparent.  Without it your muscles would decay; your bones would fall apart; your brain cells would wither.  Literally, you would die before your time.  But the effects of Real Emotion aren’t limited to the lower circuit.  Without it you would be, politically and otherwise, a so-called conservative by the time you were thirteen years old.  Mentally you would die of early boredom.  Everything in Life would make you mad.  Everybody in the world would be wrong but you.  You would become an early employee of the D-Force.  But can you See, I’ve just described the nature of ordinary Life?

Every description I give you is perforce limited.  Recall the diagram of the Nervous System.  I pointed out how an electrical charge runs up the spine, and culminates at the horizontal line representing Line-level consciousness.  That description is not literally true, so let me add something to it which is also not literally true, except, of course, it is.  The Primal Flow courses through all of Life, but in regards to its presence in man, you could consider it thusly:  the Primal Flow enters man at the very place his heart beats.  With each contraction, the heart pumps a fresh supply of the purest, most enriched blood possible into the system.  In a quite particular way, which is real although not literally true, the heart could be said to be the Primal Flow’s entry point into each person, just as I pointed out previously that a primal spark enters each person at the bottom of my symbolic drawing of the Nervous System.  And as the primal spark continually runs up the spine, hits the Line, stops and produces a sense of continuity to consciousness, in a very crude sense, every time the heart beats it is almost as though the blood stops and there is a second during which the cycle begins anew, and the purest blood possible is pumped from the heart.  Parenthetically, I might ask you the great question:  do you find it strange that throughout history everyone from poets to religious people to drunken bums, has always identified the heart as being the seat of something?  I could have made up and drawn a symbol of the circulatory system within man, depicting the verbal description I just gave you of the Primal Flow entering man at the heart itself, but I want you to Consider the absolute limitations, of not just words, but any attempt to discuss Man and Life.  Words are the tool of binary consciousness; and what I am continually attempting to describe is the three dimensional reality of everything.  At Line level, consciousness cannot keep any questioning awareness of the fact that all of Life, as far as consciousness can perceive, is a closed system.  Nothing exists outside this system.  Nothing can be either created or destroyed.  Everything is already here.  The form of something may change, but that “something” is still here.  If you were to consider the source of your home’s electrical power, what would you identify as its origin?  You might immediately say, “Well, it’s obviously not simply coming from the electrical outlet.  Electrical power comes from a power plant.”  But where do power plants get their electrical power from?  Is it from generators?  Or is it from the water that runs the generators?  And then you might consider: where did the water come from?  Everyone knows that water comes from the circular system of moisture falling, creating rain, then evaporating and returning into the heavens to fall once more as rain.  Thus, rivers are filled to run the generators.  But also consider — this is true although you never heard it in physics or geology — the atmosphere would not be producing moisture if man wasn’t here.  No water would be produced to run generators and generators wouldn’t produce electricity without man.  It is always circular, and you’ve got to be extraordinarily strange to even follow this, or to sense any significance to what I’m describing.  To an ordinary person this would sound like some kind of fleeting anomaly or a joke and the purpose would evade them.  But the problem is due not only to limitations of words.  The problem resides in the way consciousness works at Line level. Consciousness believes it perceives man and the objects of Life in their three-dimensional reality, but at Line level, consciousness cannot even do that.  Consciousness talks about it and says, “The knowledge that everything is three-dimensional is a basic rule of physics,” but any description consciousness can come up with is, in a sense, less than a three-dimensional description, because everything is always circular.

There is a connection between what I just said and my description of the heart as the entry point of the Primal Flow in man, and the base of the spine as the entry point for the primal spark. Yet, consider how many of you begin to accept my drawings as being literally true.  I pointed out that a charge continually runs up your spine and when it reaches Line level it can go no further.  I described how your blood strikes that Line and is figuratively stopped, and how even if your blood does seep beyond Line level, feeding other areas of the brain, by the time your blood reaches the Line it is deficient in a certain ingredient.  For how many of you did such descriptions seem to “finally” answer questions you had?  But remember, while my descriptions are Real, they aren’t literally true; they provide an opening for your Consideration and objective questioning.  But at Line-level, consciousness cannot ask any meaningful question.  Line-level consciousness would ask, “Where is the spark?  How did it get plugged into one person?  I don’t see it.  Is there some little, invisible connection at the base of everyone’s spine?”  The answer is no.  You are living in the midst of the primal spark.  But ordinary consciousness can make nothing of such statement.  To give consciousness a place to begin Considering the reality I point towards, I have to say that it begins at the base of the spine, and runs up the nervous system.  And that is a Real description but it’s not true.  There is no single place where you are plugged into Life. You are in the midst of it.  But there is no way to describe this in a way that ordinary consciousness can grasp.

Now, consider what I have mentioned about there being three particular types of blood cells within each Flow.  Also consider the little I mentioned about the reality of emotion, which is continually being depleted from the blood flow within each person before their blood reaches Line level.  Another way to consider this is that man’s circulatory system is unable to carry such emotion-enriched “C” blood from its entry point to beyond Line level.  The “C”-cells feed your muscles so you can walk.  They make your heart beat, and your lungs expand.  Because of the action of “C”-cells your kidneys work and you are aware of your surroundings.  Without them you wouldn’t know if you were sitting on a tack, getting too hot or having a heart attack.  Speaking quite plainly and simply, C-rich cells keep you alive on the most basic of levels.  And under all ordinary conditions the final extraction of these C-rich cells gives life to the inner voices which keep up this apparent continuity of thoughts, opinions, likes and dislikes which make you, you.  By the time your blood runs its course and reaches Line level, it is worn out; it is emotion depleted; and under all ordinary conditions your system cannot tolerate anything else.

Worldwide, ideas such as:  you should try to be a good, loving person, think positively, and make happiness your goal in life are continually expressed.  Life also has man expressing the belief that everyone should try to make others happy and that no one should do harm to his fellow man.  There is a reality to those ideas which humanity does not fully understand.  But, Life knows what it’s talking about.  Life is saying, “Boy, if I could just tolerate more of that C-Blood, enriched with Real Emotion, above Line level and didn’t have to use it all up at the Line taking care of ordinary business, the incredible would be possible!  I would be so enlightened.  I would make other forms of life!”  Using different terminologies, humanity continually says these things.  “If I could be a real christian, or the living personification of a jew, or a muslim, or just a secular humanist, would I ever be happy!  I would be so happy I would be beyond happiness, I would be in touch with the greater cosmic forces!”  And what they are saying is true, except under ordinary conditions nobody can do it; nobody can get C-rich blood above Line level.

When C-rich blood accidentally gets above Line level it puts people into shock.  They pass out and later say they had a mystical experience, and write a book about it.  Then they write two more books about it, and they insist that it was an absolutely indescribable experience.  They also say, “I can’t seem to duplicate the experience.  I’m not even sure how I experienced what I did.”  Man’s system is not designed to tolerate C-rich blood that reaches areas of the brain above Line level.  What you are involved with here is the willful attempt to do the unnatural, to get C-rich blood above Line level.  But, note that your system has a kind of built in alarm system which goes off whenever there’s the possibility of emotion-rich blood rising above the Line.  Your first reaction to this harbinger of what is actually creative or growth potential, may be fearfulness. Or you may feel filled with joys and unnamed dreads simultaneously, because the system immediately sends back the information, “Hey, you know, you can’t be this happy.  This can’t go much further.  I can’t tolerate this much happiness.”  And under ordinary conditions, your system is sending back quite truthful, stabilizing information.

Remember this is no kind of criticism.  Everything is just as it should be.  But the very thing that humanity proclaims to be the ultimate goal for mankind — absolute compassion and unending happiness — cannot be tolerated.  Humanity can talk about such goals, and just as the level of consciousness keeps rising with every generation, so too, does an individual’s tolerance for C-rich blood. You can tolerate more C Force than your grandmother could.  You can see manifestations of humanity’s increasing tolerance for C-rich blood by looking back down the horizontal line of history.  Even if you only go back two or three generations you’ll find that people in general were angrier than humanity is today.  It’s irrelevant.  This is simply a reflection of the mechanical evolvement of Life, and it is of no help to you at Line Level.  Your grandchildren will be born less angry than you are, but they will eventually become angry.  Even though the humanity’s level of consciousness will be higher in their generation than it is now, and their system will tolerate richer blood, ultimately they will begin to work for D Force.  Life continually grows and outgrows its past, but there will always be a limit to what the circulatory system of Life, and thus man, can tolerate.

There will always be a combination of C, D, and E cells present in the blood and only a certain percentage of those cells can be the type I’m referring to as carriers of real emotion.  Just consider:  How much fun can old, stable you stand?  How much of the kind of happiness which makes you say, “Well, for no known reason I woke up two hours early this morning and I whistled and went running and shouted, hello, to everybody!”  Something within you will rebel and say, “Hey, you know, you can’t be that happy.  You’re going to pay for this!”  Those voices of doom don’t surface because of some psychological flaw in your character.  They’re not there because when you were four years old your father told you, “There’s no reason to be happy son.  You’re just going to get old and die.”  The resistance is there; there is a built in degree of tolerance for that kind of happiness.

Most of you have experienced moments of being conscious beyond Line level.  Those periods of expanded consciousness aren’t the result of some god saying, “Mary’s been real good lately, I think I’ll let her be a little more conscious and see what she does with it.” Everything I’ve ever had you do or told you to stop doing was to get you to the point that your system would tolerate C-type flood flowing beyond Line level.

Every one of you, who has experienced those minutes or hours wherein a discernible amount of this C-type blood made it through your system, know the reality of This Thing.  In those enriched moments you say to yourself, “Up until now this has been theory, but here it is; and there’s nothing else to be said.  This is what he’s been talking about and I’m it.  I am in it.  It is in me.”  You also know those special moments disappear and you are snapped back to Line level.

Consider my picturization of the circulatory system.  It is as if the walls of the circulatory system, like arteries, are constructed in such a way as to only tolerate certain amounts and certain combinations of blood.  You are involved with a growth process.  It is as if you are attempting to stretch the walls of your circulatory system.  You are attempting to do that which your children, and your grandchildren do or will do mechanically.  Every suggestion I have made has to do with expanding your systems’s tolerance to carry an Emotion-enriched amount of C blood above Line level.  In the past I’ve described this as the attempt to get the primal spark up your spine activating parts of your brain which aren’t currently activated.  No matter how I verbally describe it, you are attempting to increase your system’s tolerance for Real Emotion.  That’s what This Thing is all about.

In ordinary Life there’s nothing contemporarily available which will activate new areas of your brain or expand your tolerance for C-blood.  No education, no additional facts, no increased knowledge, no drugs or alcohol, no form of self-hypnosis, no prayer will activate your nervous system beyond Line level.  There is an ingredient in the blood which is extracted and used up by the time your blood hits Line level and there is nothing you can ordinarily do which will alter this. And without this certain ingredient no personal expansion is possible.  You could eat tons of brown rice, fast for weeks, engage in exotic forms of exercise and you still wouldn’t be able to replace this missing ingredient.  There is nothing ordinarily available to maintain the necessary concentration of this ingredient to get it to the level where something extraordinary can occur.

Even if there was a secret word or a secret pill, even if there was some great book of secret knowledge with one or two words that would put the missing ingredient back in your blood, it would not work because your system could not tolerate it.  If that could happen and if it did not kill you, when you woke up you would not know what happened.  You’d say something as intelligent as, “Hey, what happened?” and all I could say was, you fainted for a second.

Now, I want to mention a few things about what I’ve been referring to as E force.  There really is no name for this force; it is the unknown.  Life has continually pointed towards this idea of three forces acting upon Man.  One of the closest examples of this surfaces in the Hindu religion. One minor part of the so-called Hindu collections refers to a creator, a destroyer and a sustainer. Another example is the Christian belief in the idea of a father, a son and the holy spirit.  But no Christian can explain exactly what the holy spirit is, anymore than a Hindu can explain the idea of the three prevailing gods.

Everyone on this planet can identify and point out the first two forces; “It’s me against everybody else,” right versus wrong, good versus evil.  But when you try to examine the sustaining force, the holy spirit, E-force, people can only say, “Well…it is just, uh…you know, um…, if you get really close to god you’ll know.”

By now all of you’ve found the fact you can’t seem to get a grasp on E-force highly perplexing.  Even finding a toe hold to begin to discover or study E-force is almost impossible.  I’m going to give you another possible way to Consider E-force. Line-level consciousness knows of E’s presence even though it cannot identify E.  Here are some examples.  A news commentator wraps up his report saying, “Well, in conclusion I’d like to point out the two warring factions are hammering out some kind of temporary settlement, but who knows what lies ahead…Back to you Fred!”  There is E force.  If I had not pointed out E to you you’d have never noticed it.  The announcement of E goes on continually, yet ordinary consciousness never hears the last part, “Who knows what lies ahead.”

Another obvious example is the believer in astrology saying, “My fate is out of my hands.  I’ll try to get this project done, but I am a Virgo and right now Mercury is in the house of Mars.”  Or you’re having a “problem” with your girl or boy friend and you say something like, “She’s been acting very strange lately.  I’ve tried to talk to her but she seems to be drifting away.  I’m not sure what it is. She says everything is alright, but I don’t know!”  The “I don’t know” is E force.  It sounds as though you’re talking about “you” and this other person, and you say, “I don’t have any reason to disbelieve her, but you know…we’ll see!”  The “we’ll see” is E force.  “We’ll see” is a triad about to shift.  Even though ordinary consciousness is deaf to the presence of E, E is still there.  E is always laying the ground work for your tomorrow, and the tomorrow of Life itself.

Anything, and this includes daydreams, which makes you suffer is D driven.  That statement has the potential to strike you as grossly self-evident, but under ordinary conditions, such is not perceivable. Due to the combinations of the different blood flows and the kind of unstable stability which Life requires for its growth, people believe they suffer over things that are non-destructive. People believe they suffer over good things, important things, such as doing better, or how people mistreat other people.

Suffering is always based upon the D flow.  And ordinarily you cannot See this; you cannot even Remember it.  There is no such thing as holy suffering.  There is no such thing as righteous indignation.  At Line level people believe otherwise; Life needs them to believe otherwise.  They are transferring energy without understanding what is going on.

Anything which causes you to suffer is D based, regardless of what your Yellow Circuit calls it. Don’t get entangled in whether your suffering stems from your imagination or some “childhood trauma.” Forget any of that.  Whatever you are doing, whatever you are thinking or imagine you are thinking, if it causes you to suffer, it is D-based and it is useless.  No one here should be pursuing anything which produces suffering.  You should not be entertaining those voices.

There is no excuse for suffering.  There is no valid reason to suffer.  Your voices may say, “But I am worrying about my fellow man. I am worrying about the plight of Life.”  You are entertaining D. There is no plight of Life other than to grow.  And yet, at Line Level there is a plight to Life.

When you first met me, some of you felt as if I was denouncing all goodness, righteousness, and charitable acts.  And I wasn’t denouncing them.  I was attempting to get you to start looking at the fact that no one can perform a truly charitable act.  There is no such thing as a pure flow of charity or goodness.  And yet the Yellow Circuit describes many, many forms of what I am calling suffering as though they are supporting C-force.  Such as, “We are doing god’s will.  We must show other people the error of their ways.”  And that is a correct and necessary transfer of energy, but it has nothing to do with C force.  People say, “I am doing what the gods told me to do,” and in a sense they are, but remember our little secret question, “Which god is talking to you?”

Any god who is critical; any god who is upset; any god who is indignant; any god who says, “You people better watch it,” is not your god.  Such a god represents a necessary force, and remember, we’re not here to eradicate D-force from Life.  This is a personal effort within you. Anything that causes you to suffer is D based and useless in your struggle to grow beyond Line level.

Try to connect this with what I pointed out previously about the circulatory system of man being designed to tolerate only limited amounts of Emotion-enriched C blood.  “Boy, I was real happy until I realized there’s nothing to be happy about.  The whole world’s just in terrible shape.” There’s your proof.  Everything I told you is true.

I want to mention something else.  Life moves in a continual, gradual manner, while humanity is driven to comment on and experience Life in an immediate manner.  The perception is that something happens and you are responding to it.  But, looking at the “big picture,” there is no such thing as, “It just happened.”  Yet, can you begin to consider on your own that if at Line level nothing appeared separated from everything else, in a sense, nobody could be conscious or aware of anything.  If everything was seen as a continual flow, with no beginning or end, you would be conscious of nothing.  It would be as if a tour guide was assigned to you the instant your level of consciousness hit the Yellow Circuit and he started a sentence which continued unending until your death. “Well, welcome to life, and aren’t you glad to be Helen or Fred, here is where we are going, and here is what we are going to do…”  It would go on and on and on with one thing blurring into another.  You would not even remember where you were yesterday.  This will not do for binary consciousness.

Binary consciousness requires a beginning and an end.  There must be a premise and a conclusion; there must be the idea of cause and effect.  Binary consciousness operates on the basis that there is a “me” whose outer boundary is the skin, which allows for the division of a “me” from “not me.”  That is the way it must be.

Life moves in a non-ending, gradual, flowing manner; but ordinary consciousness is forced to comment and experience it immediately. Neuralize this; it holds extensive individual potential. Also consider this in relationship to what I have pointed out as the tempo spectrum, wherein everything apparently operates, all things are apparently real, and things apparently get named.

Consciousness, at Line level, can only react to that which operates within a certain minimum and a certain maximum speed. When things move slower than the minimum speed such as mountains growing, nobody can see the movement.  Nobody can see a mountain grow.  They are too large and too slow, but I’m telling you they do grow.  Physicists have concluded there are subatomic particles moving in a chair, but who can see them?  Subatomic particles are too small and move too fast (which are the same thing) for Line-level consciousness to see.

Ordinary consciousness cannot perceive anything which operates outside certain defined limits of slowness and fastness, smallness or bigness.  It is only within the tempo spectrum that things can be named.  When this, the whole continuing process of Life, hits the visible end of spectrum, an event is isolated and it seems to happen right then, and you are forced to comment on it.

On the individual level, what you perceive is based upon how you are plugged into Life. When you hear the news on TV, it seems as if events happen at some particular time.  The commentator tells you when and where something happened, but that is not when and where it happened.  Everything is part of a continuing process.  This apparent “event” fell right within the tempo spectrum.  It was neither too fast nor too slow, so it became something which could be named. The “event” becomes something which ordinary consciousness can perceive, so it appears to be “something suddenly happening.”  And nothing suddenly happens.

Now, I am not telling you this for some philosophical reason.  You can use this to See how your voices are continually driven to react to and to immediately experience that which is non-ending and gradual. Can you perceive of the fact that if it were otherwise, nothing would happen?  Life couldn’t grow.  Nobody would react to anything if they understood that there was more to come.  If they Understood that, all they would say was, “Well, this is neither the beginning nor the end, so I’ll just wait it out.”  And you can’t do that.  Or, can you?