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Fill the Vacuums Before Life Does


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Jan Cox Talk 100, Mar 15, 1984, runtime  ( 96 minutes )
Notes by TK

From Group Outline #100, titled: “FILL THE VACUUMS BEFORE LIFE DOES.”

The Yellow Circuit (YC) fragments reality into apparent events and situations.
events and situations are the perception of two isolated legs of three-legged verbs, triads continually in flux.
Everything expands toward the higher end of the nervous system, the YC.

Occupations have become more service related rather than physically labor oriented, at least in the western world.
Feeding the YC or RC will not ignite the higher areas of the NS ( Nervous System).
Education will not expand the YC in a vertical direction.
That which you have named, identified, in a sense, you have killed.
The flow of energy between people can be seen as Life’s circulatory system.
Life consists of three circulatory systems with three blood types flowing through with shifting combinations; this is also applicable to man.

All three systems, both in Life and man , must be fed.  The systems cannot stand one single blood flow type for long periods of time.

You will no longer find people to be irresponsible, unreliable or undependable once you See that it is actually people adjusting to the shifting combinations of the blood types in the circulatory system.

The feeling of separateness is necessary for a certain kind of expansion.
Ordinary consciousness believes I + Not-I = Everything as saying “In some way I am separate from everything that is not me.”

This apparent feeling of separateness is necessary to keep a kind of tensile strength in the Body of Life.

Good ideas don’t become part of the short-term memory of ordinary consciousness.|| People can hear and make some sense of good ideas such as “nothing is wrong, broken or amiss”.

Growth does not go in a straight line.

All news is bad news because it is reporting growth.|| Different areas in the Body of Life operate at different speeds.|| Life is no longer just a matter of survival, it is also a matter of productivity.

Life will try anything once; man is incapable of trying anything just once but it is not due to stupidity.

Things continually move and often vacuums are created.  As vacuums are filled, everything will shift.|| Those involve with This Thing must actively fill the vacuums themselves, otherwise Life will.  Life will move in and shift the triad.

The grid is continually moving, shifting, expanding and contracting.

Every triad that moves, if it’s to survive must have three legs.
What seems to be one of the legs of a triad moves else, and in that moment a vacuum forms.

The feeling in people that they are helpless in a given situation is supported by one of the legs of the triad moving and the vacuum that is formed.

Doing This Thing is a kind of deliberately proved insanity.

You can’t live too much in your head, it can become internally confining if done for an extended period of time.  When this happens you should spend time with ordinary people.

There is a type of hostility rooted in the feeling that Life’s and man’s growth is incomplete.

Apparent serious and sad feelings produce a particular blood flow combination that is prevalent in everybody—it is connected to a type of hostility that holds everything together.

Life moves gradually; men are driven to comment immediately.



Document:  100,  March 15, 1984
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1984

A while ago I asked you to Consider what you perceive to be triads; triads in your own life, and those that appeared to be of some significance to humanity in general.  Perhaps you have never seen in print the word “Triad”.  A Triad refers to the fact that every situation, every isolated event, stands on three legs. The Yellow Circuit, as it must to operate, isolates the reality of things being in motion.  The Yellow Circuit will fragment reality into events, into situations.

All of you are beginning to get glimpses of the fact that the primary light is in the Yellow Circuit.  Without any attempted mystical discussion, everything expands toward the higher end of the nervous system.  As a primary example, more and more (at least in the Western world) of what seem to be humanity’s occupations, are service related.  There are fewer and fewer demands for people to do physical labor. For instance, many more people today are running computers.  The Yellow Circuit is taking on prime importance.  However, that is not the limit of it.  Just as being physically strong, or agile, or eating health foods, or giving up all sorts of food additives, (whatever the latest fad is) is not going to ignite higher areas of the nervous system, no degree of education, that is, no degree of continual feeding of the Yellow Circuit, is going to make you conscious above the Line.  Education will not expand the Yellow Circuit in a vertical direction.

Everything that the Yellow Circuit can think of, anything that you can name, has to be on the basis of isolating pieces of the flowing reality of things.  The Yellow Circuit will fragment reality, and call it “a relationship”, “my job”, “my interactions with my parents”.  But, every one of those fragments, every one of those situations stands on three legs, even when you see only two legs.  Using the example of a relationship, there is you, your mate, and something else.  There is always a third element in any situation, any circumstance, that the Yellow Circuit can name.  Consider that after you name a situation, after the Yellow Circuit has isolated it, in a sense you have killed it.  Not withstanding the fact that the Yellow Circuit fragments reality, then names it:  “my situation with my sexual partner”, “my situation with my job”.  Life is a flowing reality; always changing, never stable, unless it is dead.  Therefore, your relationship with your sexual partner changes, so to speak, from moment to moment.  An extreme example is when people in love kill each other.  This is not an attack on humanity, nor can you use this profitably, as an attack on yourself.  It is the nature of everything that is alive.  You may not always observe the change from moment to moment, but you should begin to feel that there is life to reality.

There is an actual life, an actual flow of energy between all people, through what could be called Life’s own Circulatory System.  Consider further the continual shift in this three-legged support, the Triads that are the basis of every identifiable situation.  All situations; from your personal ones, to someone’s Yellow Circuit description of the conflicts within nations, among nations, or between two opposing economic theories.  Take for example, the news.  Something can be in the news for weeks or months at a time.  It’s in the front pages of all newspapers, making headlines daily.  At some point the news disappears.  What happened to the news?  You search the newspapers, and maybe once a month you’ll see some mention of it.  So, what happened to it?  The triad changed.  You might ask an ordinary person, such as those in charge of the news, or the newspaper’s editors, and they could say, “Well, it became old news.”  Or they could say, “Well, another piece of news overshadowed it.”  But I assure you, before long, today’s hot news item will be gone.  Even if the situation covered in the news does not change drastically, you will no longer hear of it.  Perhaps it might appear on the back pages.  The triads are in constant motion.  They move at different speeds between nations, groups of people, and individuals.  The support, the three legs, the Triad, that holds up every identifiable situation, is in a continual state of flux.  When the Triad ceases to be subject to that flux, then simultaneously, it dies.

Take for example, a situation between you and your sexual partner.  Let’s assume that one, or both of you agree to split up.  Let’s further assume that one or both of the partners continue to be tied to the situation to some degree.  Maybe she packs up and says, “I’ve had enough of you….No hard feelings…I am going”.  Then, let’s assume, you try to keep a stiff upper lip and be a “big man”, and you say, “Well, alright.  If that’s the way you feel…”  And she leaves.  Then you fall to the floor and cry, or go on a drinking binge.  After a while, you might try dating.  Perhaps somebody asks, “Hey, what happened to that girl you used to live with?”.  And you say, “Ah, we split up.  It was for the best.”  But, internally, you are still caught with it up in your Yellow Circuit.  In other words, the Triads are still in motion, in a state of flux.  But, the day will come when someone will ask you, “Hey, whatever happened to Mary?”  If you have been pursuing This Thing, it will strike you as, “Hey, none of my circuits have talked about Mary for who knows how long!”  In other words, there has been no flux within the triaxial situation for some period of time.  The situation is dead.  Recall my other great example, the one that usually elicits some laughter, and not because it is funny.  But, because it is true, and truth is always funny.  My example that the ultimate stable person is a dead person.  A dead person can live by the golden rule.  A dead person can fulfill, or at least can’t disobey, the ten commandments.

Everything that can be identified as alive, that can be named, anything the circuits talk about, is underpinned by Triads in motion.  The circuits normally do not talk about that which is not alive.  There is another way to Consider Triads, and their continual flux.  Consider how they might be connected to the ever shifting combinations of the three blood types, flowing through the three circulatory systems of Life. Consider, on a more personal level, the three possible circulatory systems in you.  Can any of you conceive of there being a specific connection?  When you can see a Triad, whether or not you can understand the third leg, you can see that it is continually shifting.  What you apparently feel about another person, is subject to change from second to second.  What other people apparently feel about you, or that which you imagine they feel about you, seems to change from moment to moment.  The way you feel about your job, for example:  for days at a time you just love your job, and then, one day you say, “I would prefer digging potatoes, than to be doing this”.

Initially, you see that apparently the emphasis can shift from your playing a prime part in the Triad, enjoying it, and to then not liking it.  Rather than it being simply a matter of the emphasis changing from one leg to the other, try and identify the third leg of the Triad.  Consider that, within the circulatory system of Life, and within you, there are three different circulatory systems at work.  Neither Life nor man can operate unless all three systems are fed.  Within each system can be everything from almost pure C-type blood to varying mixtures of C, D, and E.  The systems cannot stand one single blood flow type for long periods of time.  Consider the possible combinations of the three in each of the individual systems.  Then, Consider that in toto.  All three systems are being fed with combinations of the three, and the mix is continually shifting.  Can any of you sense a connection between what I have just said about the circulatory systems, and the continual rocking and rearranging of this three-legged platform, upon which all identifiable situations can be viewed?  Once you can, you’ll no longer find people to be irresponsible, unreliable or undependable.  You’ll see a triaxial based situation in flux and people/nervous systems adjusting to the shift.

Several other things I want you to Neuralize.  One has to do with the nature of there being a life to Life.  Since I first hinted at the possibility of the Life of Life, somewhere in all of your systems, voices have tried to speak about it.  They have tried to add to what I have said — imagining that I have been speaking about the gods, or imagining that the whole thing is allegory.  It is so close to The Secret, that all I can do profitably is to talk around the edges of it.  But, my description of the Life of Life is no mere allegory.  It is not something to be filed away by the Yellow Circuit as an interesting picture.  You are living in something that is alive.  But I am not referring to past ideas of a supreme being, or an individual god separate from Life.  Life is alive.  What ordinary people call the environment, is alive.  Once you can grasp this, I might add more.  Although, once you can grasp it, I am not going to promise that there is much else to tell you.

Your ordinary consciousness believes it understands my old equation of, “I plus not-I = Everything”, as saying, “In some way I am separate from everything that is not me.”  The feeling of separateness is necessary for a certain kind of expansion.  It is necessary to keep a kind of tensile strength in the body of Life.  It is like the opposing tension within your own body, that keeps the muscles alive, that keep them in tune.

Look at the known Universe.  You could consider it to be, at the very minimum, the body of Life.  Then, from a point of view considered scientifically obvious, you can look up into the night sky and see the light of stars so distant that they no longer exist.  Those stars are no longer there, they’ve died; you are looking into the past.  But, for those of you that are real good and enjoy such “headaches”, I also pointed out that in a sense, you are not only seeing the past, you are also seeing the future.  You are seeing that which existed before, and you are seeing the future, because that light travels elsewhere and will be someone else’s future.  In the same way that you can see the past of the Universe by looking up at the night sky, you can see the past of humanity by looking down your own nervous system.  But, you look toward the other end of your nervous system, to the Yellow Circuit, and you see the future.

Now consider on this greater level, the extreme strain, to say the least, of attempting to Remember that nothing in Life is broken.  Nothing is wrong.  Nothing is amiss.  In other words, it is impossible for humanity to do anything that is ultimately unnecessary.  Ordinary consciousness can hear the words, and have them make some sense.  But notice, the good ideas are so hard because you can’t really Remember them. They are not subject to a kind of random recall.  They don’t even become part of the short-term memory of ordinary consciousness.  When I say, “Nothing is broken, and nothing that any human can do, is unnecessary, or is wasteful,” at the ordinary level it is simply not true; it can’t be understood.

There is a way in which Life, through Man, continually distributes diverse, and even apparently conflicting instructions.  And it makes Man, and his actions, appear to be foolish, mad, irrational, unthinking, uncaring, insane, and good old downright dumb.  Long ago, I pointed out that all news was bad news.  And, at that time, I pointed out that one reason all news is bad news, is because it comes from the past.  But that is not all of it.  All news is bad news, also, because it is reporting growth, and growth does not go in a straight line, which binary consciousness can never see.  Life itself continues to shift, and that is how it moves, that is how it grows.

I introduced the idea that Life will try anything once.  It is absolutely true.  This is not true for individual men, but is for Life.  Life itself is operating on the basis of its three circulatory systems, moving via its own triaxial base.  For example, let’s look at the way humanity has treated crime, and criminals throughout the ages.  A few hundred years ago, criminals were tortured, mutilated, locked up, beaten, killed, and executed with no great thought of it.  There were theories about “born criminals”, about being “demon possessed”.  Then, in the last 50 or 60 years, it slowly moved into the good old area of psychology, and the explanations for criminal behavior were no longer attributed to evil spirits, but to past personal traumas.  You should all have an awareness, that humanity has moved from treating criminals harshly to trying to rehabilitate them.  Life itself has engaged in what humanity has labeled “criminal behavior” such as plagues and famines.  And Life itself has gone from treating itself in a harsh manner, to a more tolerant attitude.

Consider another example.  At times, nonnative plants have been brought into the country; imported for some specific purpose.  Then, after a while, these plants might thrive and even begin to take over.  People complain about the ecological balance being upset by these plants.  Except now they are called weeds and the people are faced with inventing poisons to eradicate them, even at the expense of some native foliage.  Perhaps some of your circuits would say, “Good grief!  Was that dumb!”  But, perhaps it was the idea of some important official, or a person with “credentials” to import them in the first place.  When looked at from the binary viewpoint, it seems foolish.  But, when looked at from the viewpoint of a larger body that moves and grows in a certain way, it’s not foolish.  Life will try anything once.

Let’s take this to your own personal self.  How is it that apparently certain stomach cells will continually overeat, while there are other stomach cells that have a full knowledge of the consequences of overeating?  You do it all the time.  How is that for dumbness?  But, it is not dumb.  There are areas in you that continue to do things, while other areas find fault with them.  These latter areas will say, “I told you so…I knew it!”  These areas in you know the consequences beforehand.  There are areas that will whine and suffer over something that was done by another area.  How can you continue to commit such “crimes”?  How can you continue to import plants, this foliage that does not belong here, and create all these “problems”?  Then, you have to go back and try and repair the damage.  How can that be? How can I be that dumb?  It is not dumbness.

Different areas in the body of Life operate at different speeds.  There are older and younger areas that are (this is the only way we can discuss it here in words) more and less conscious.  Regardless when you were born, there are areas within you that are older and more distant, and there are areas within you that are younger.  There are areas within you that apparently will do that which is criminal or dumb, from one viewpoint.  And there are also, simultaneously, areas that know the consequences.  There is nothing to be directly attacked.  If that approach worked, people would change.  And if people could change, everything would shift.  If everyone could shift, that is, make the “great” change and become what they considered to be their ideal self, there would be no growth.  There would be no Life.  The circulatory flow would halt abruptly.

Along the same lines, you can read statements in the news that strike you as being truisms.  Something that might make you say, “How true, I never thought of this before.”

(Relative to what I’ve been saying, survival and productivity might seem to be in conflict.  How can they both be true?  They can both be true because they are running at different angles.  It’s another example of two different areas of Life’s body addressing the same thing.)

“Nature is not interested in productivity, only in survival.”  The writer is speaking of the way in which the physical laws of so-called Nature operate, of what seems to be the basis for sustaining Life.  From a binary point of view, his statement would be true.  It would be true if it were not for the presence of humanity.  The presence of humanity, and the way Life works through Man, has produced a shift to the extent that life is no longer just a matter of survival.  It is also a matter of productivity.  If you are not producing in a certain way, (back to the binary viewpoint) you will die feeling as though all you did throughout your life was to hang on the edge of a cliff, barely surviving.  If you are involved in This Thing, and still have the feeling that echoes, “Yeah, nature is only interested in survival, not productivity; me, too,” you are in for a continuing series of little bitty heartbreaks.  If not that, a continuing case of the “blahs”.

Something else is involved with the three forces, another variation of the different combinations that make everything move.  I am about to use religion as an example.  But let me point out again, that I don’t single out religion as being more open to criticism, because nothing is broken.  Nothing is open to criticism.  I use religion continually because it has been the mouthpiece, an area that is most emblematic of certain situations that I describe.  I could just as easily use apparent political situations, or psychological circumstances.  But, throughout history, religion has been a primary mouthpiece of what I describe.  There has been a continuing cry of apparent religious people saying to their followers, “We must be prepared to suffer.”  They will point out examples of prophets being killed, and how the world always picks the good people to ridicule.  All the way from the fathers of churches and religions, to TV preachers, what they are saying to their followers is, “We must be prepared to suffer.”  And the followers applaud, or say, “How true…how true.”  What they are really saying (without knowing it) is, “We are D-flow people.  We must be prepared to defend against the appearance of C-flow influences.”  Can any of you get a glimpse of the fact that they seem to be talking about This Thing?  They are continually talking about being good, being compassionate, being charitable, and being this or that.  Then, they point toward all the evil in the world. Can any of you get glimpses now, that (without their knowing it) the very thing they are talking about, when they talk about the devil and evil influences in the world, is exactly who they are serving?  They are D-flow people, and yet, apparently they say just the opposite.  Of course, none of you would be so foolish as to ever point that out to anyone.  That would be proof, to them, that you are “obviously working for the devil”, and that you are “trying to confuse the issue by turning it backward”.  And, as always at that level, they would be correct.

Sometime back, I pointed out to you that things continually move, and that often a vacuum is created. There are continual vacuums being formed.  Let’s say that you are driving home and you are thinking whether or not you should stop and get some pizza.  Some areas of your universe say, “Yeah, pizza!”  And as you near the pizza place, other areas of your universe say, “You do not need pizza.”  You’ll either stop for pizza or not.

Even when there seems to be nothing of great importance going on, there are continual vacuums being created.  As they are filled, everything will shift.  On a more practical level, if you don’t actively fill the vacuum yourself, Life will.  Life will move in and shift the triad.  Often it’s of such verbally small importance, that it’s almost of no consequence what fills the vacuum.  But, something must fill it, because the grid is continually moving, shifting, expanding and contracting.  Every triad that moves, if it is to survive, must be supported by three legs.  What seems to be one of the legs of a triad moves elsewhere, and in that moment a vacuum forms.  It can happen in conversation.  Not understanding this supports the feeling in many people that they are helpless in a given situation.  “Things are out of my control.”  Some of you have mentioned that within the context of ordinary circumstances, you feel as though people push you around, that everyone seems to be more aggressive, or smarter.  You can attempt to not only see the vacuums, but to fill them.  Once you begin to do that, it is of no consequence what you do.  You have to fill the vacuum before someone else steps in and does it for you.

Consider the whole circulatory system to be a good muddy field.  You stick your foot down in the mud, and when you pull it out, it creates a little hole, a good muddy hole.  You know immediately that water is going to rush in from somewhere and fill it.  It is up to you to jump in and fill that hole yourself.  It does not matter, initially (as far as I can describe it) what the “hell” you do.  You have to do something.

Someone asked me if it were possible for vacuums to exist internally, within the Yellow Circuit.  The answer is yes.  There are continual, what you could call thought vacuum points, in what apparently would be described as thought processes, daydreams, unending streams of words, pictures, and some combination thereof.  There are continual thought vacuum points.  That is where daydreams are shifting, but it’s not limited to daydreams.  It can happen during conversations, arguments, discussions, or any kind of verbal intercourse.  Triads continually shift, creating vacuums in their wake.  If you do not willfully fill them with something, Life will fill them.  And Life will fill them with whatever is already established.  I have tried to describe this in all sorts of ways.  I said that anything you ever thought, is of no consequence.  I have described how to interfere with this process directly.  You can interfere with it.  You must take responsibility for it.  Those thought vacuum points are like commas.  It’s as if the Yellow Circuit is continually breathing, and you catch a comma between inhalation and exhalation.  It goes on over and over, all the way from an active situation between you and an external object or person, to you talking back to the television, to staring out the window having daydreams.  There are places where you can jump in, and fill the vacuum.

On another level, I could describe it as a form of insanity.  By now you should be able to see that in a certain sense, this is a kind of insanity.  You are doing everything you can to interfere with the normal flow, that of not being afraid when there is obviously every reason in the world to be afraid, or doing that which interferes with a chain of thoughts that should have lead from one to another. Those thoughts always lead to a conclusion, end with a “period”.

If you are arguing, it seems as though you come to a conclusion, and finally you say to her, “Hey…well…the same to you.  I have had enough of this, and I am leaving.”  It’s the same old thing.  You go in your room and slam the door, but you don’t leave.  Whether it involves another person or whether it occurs internally, just sitting there smoking a cigarette and drinking coffee.  You think, “This has gone far enough.  I am going.  Enough is enough, I’m going to pack my bags and go.  Boy, I feel better!”  Then, you get up and go to bed.  And that is the end of it.  From one viewpoint, people will say, “My daydreams drive me crazy.”  But, they don’t.  Those daydreams are satisfying in a certain kind of way.  They run through the normal chain of what appears to be Yellow Circuit events, until the energy fueling it finds its final grounding point in you.  When the triads are shifting, and vacuum points develop, you can jump in and interfere with them.  In a sense, it is a kind of insanity.  It’s a process of turning Yellow Circuit activity and it’s normal chain of events into non sequiturs.  Some of you are beginning to do this on your own.  It is insanity.  It’s deliberately provoked insanity.

Something of practical significance that, to varying degrees, slips up on everybody involved here is, you can’t live too much in your own head.  There are some of you who have a greater inclination toward that than others.  There are people who have a natural, built into the circuitry inclination, to dwell too much inside their heads.  You might believe, and it’s not totally incorrect, that you are trying to study Life, or that you are attempting to have great thoughts.  But, there is a point past which you cannot live too much in your own head for an extended period of time.  It can become internally confining.  When this happens, you should spend time with ordinary people.  Don’t just go to a bowling alley and sit there.  Start up a conversation and talk about the glorious world of bowling.  Do something.  This is also tied to the fact that you cannot lose the ability to appear and act ordinary.  There are times you can apparently get caught up in what appears to be your involvement with This.  You sit home and become a temporary hermit.  You begin to feel as though it is you, and other people here, against Life.  That’s limiting, and you should be able to feel it.  It will happen before you know it, but you must be aware of it when it happens.  You must be able to retain the ability to appear and act ordinary.  If you ever lose that ability, you have lost everything. That’s, of course, contrary to what most people imagine about mysticism, or great secret struggles.  If you recall, some of your own systems had dreams of finding a great teacher, a secret group, that would make you feel unique in a way that would be obvious to Life.  At the crudest levels, that’s the way such so-called mystical leaders must operate.  They say, “Join us.  Shave your head and paint your hands green.”  It gives a sensation, it transfers a kind of necessary energy to some areas of Life’s body.  The joiner feels removed from Life, feels like a different person.  Of course, the words they want to use are, “I am now a new person.  I am now a better person.  I am not my same old self now that I have changed my name to Continental X, and I have shaved my head.”

In a way, you have removed yourself from Life.  You have cut some of the old connections, but they are not severed completely.  They’ll never be completely severed.  You cannot do This correctly, and in some way become a hermit.  You can become a hermit, while still being out there in Life, by living too much inside your own head.  But you cannot become what some of you dreamed of in the past, of becoming wise and enlightened to the point of being able to give up talking and just sit around.  That serves its own purpose.  Remember nothing is wasted, but that does not ignite the higher regions of the nervous system. It does not serve This Thing’s ultimate purpose.  You must retain the ability to appear ordinary.  If you don’t, you’re giving yourself a self inflicted wound.  Don’t hesitate to go out and do something ordinary. There is a difference between willfully acting and being carried along by the ordinary flow.  It is all the difference possible in the world.

You might as well go ahead and be non sad.  I don’t want to hear anyone, ever again, convey to me or express any complaint.  You might as well start being non sad.  Anything that your consciousness, your intelligence, all your awareness, would describe as being serious is useless in This.  That is not the basis upon which you will ultimately operate.  Everything that ordinary consciousness calls seriousness is misunderstood.  It comes from only seeing two thirds of the process.  There is nothing you can perceive of that’s sad.  I keep hinting to be of good cheer.  There is nothing like it.  Anytime you look around and realize you are being serious, you are being sad.  You are going to have to put this together in your own way.  Serious and sad produce a particular blood flow combination that is prevalent in everybody.  It is connected to what I have referred to as a kind of hostility that flows through everyone.  The kind of hostility that holds everything together.  A frustration/hostility rooted in the feeling that Life’s growth, hence Man’s growth, is incomplete.  You might as well start being non sad, because it won’t take you anywhere.  It’s barren soil.

I want to expand a level on my eternal question to everyone, “What are you going to say next?”  How about this, “What is Life going to say next?”  Whereas Life moves gradually, Men are driven to comment immediately.  Keep in mind that this is connected to C, D, and E flowing through Life’s circulatory system, and your own, and the possibility that each blood type moves in a different time frame.  Men are driven to comment on Life’s movements immediately.  Life is moving through what appears to be time, moving in a gradual fashion, with no beginning, and no end.  Binary consciousness cuts into this flowing process, hence any observations it makes are isolated, immediate, and fragmented.  Of course, it’s not limited to verbal comments on so-called world conflicts or political events.  Look internally.  The same forces that create art, topple governments, and start wars, flow through you.  The same forces moving at various speeds at varying intensities are flowing through you.  If they were not, you could not identify war, art, or political upheaval.  The same flows run through you or you couldn’t see their manifestations in Life.  War and art would make no sense.  Alternatively, you’d find them so totally irrelevant as to render them invisible, of no interest.  While the flow moves Life, likewise, it moves men to comment.  I have inferred, I have hinted.  It’s up to you to find the significance.