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Everything Operates in a Timely Fashion


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Jan Cox Talk 97, Jan 5, 1984, runtime (?)
Notes by TK

The ordinary place blame on either I or not-I when feeling overwhelmed by circumstances.

Why do external sayings of wisdom have the impact they do on the ordinary? Yet has limited duration of effective behavior modification.

Cannot expand Red circuitry and Blue circuitry –but can expand the yellow which then can influence lower circuits to increase life span. Applies “pressure” from the top down to change Red and Blue circuits.

What seems to be illness is just a hobby.

Time itself is a world-of-two. Ordinary consciousness responds in a timely (predictable, expected and immediate) manner. Personality is synonymous with time. Can you refuse to be conscious in a timely manner?

Built-in “debt-timer”. Keeping track of offenses-against-me. Tied in with memory– and can be used to process energy when nothing much external is going on.

Theory of Conservation of Matter–is true, but Yellow Circuit cannot apply this to its own domain. Believes itself capable of creating matter: imagination, thought etc.).

That which a man accepts and that which he rejects is in constant, instantaneous communication. The seamless trilateral universe is in unseen omni-contact. Consciousness depends on discrimination–yet there is nothing to be discriminated.

Christmas Gift: Consider always: instead of an individual speaking, Life is speaking. Life is not confused, stupid, foolish or wrong. Yet what do you hear? Something to criticize. Understand this and you will be silenced.


Find the 8 most important triads in your life. Then after considering this, write down the 4 most important triads for humanity.



Document:  97,  January 5, 1984
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1984

I’m going to mention something fairly specific and physical, and it has to do with what most people generally refer to as their state-of-health.  All of you should be aware of the fact that what passes for religion throughout the world, both in the past, and nowadays what is referred to as New Age, is involved on a very childish level with what we could call physical magic. It’s manifested today in enthusiasm for health food, athletic activity and physical methods apparently borrowed from the Far East.  The assumption is that physical exercise and methods will produce a superior life.  The belief that if you could straighten your body out, cut out eating chemicals and dead flesh; if you could stop smoking and drinking caffeine and got plenty of sleep; there is an underlying assumption that is running through humanity that this would lead to some kind of spiritual change.  A real change in health can be effected via This but as always it does not occur in a way that ordinary people expect.  I mentioned this in passing once before, that everyone’s internal dynamo was set to run for a certain length of time.  The reflection of this is in stories related in one form or another to predestination:  “God knows at your moment of conception exactly when you will buy the farm.”  And, in a sense, that is true.  But it is still based on the level of very physical, very childish magic.

Looking at an ordinary person and determining how long they are likely to live is no great mystical feat.  Even some of you should be able to feel by now that if you hadn’t been involved in this unnatural endeavor you would already have been dead.  And this is not attributable to me, or some gods, you know better than that.  The kind of real, physical change that I am talking about is in being able to expand the Red Circuit into pathways and connections that were not part of your original wiring system — and don’t take all of this absolutely literally but there is some truth in it, or I wouldn’t go as far as I am verbally.  Your original wiring, in a sense, predetermined how long you were going to live, what kind of position you were going to play in the grid, what kind of energies you were going to take in and how you would transform them, and the rate at which you were going to burn yourself up.  And this is what you can See in other people, too.

Do any of you remember the rhetorical question I posed for your consideration some time past?  “Why is it that people are affected by ideas from an external source?”  The example I used was of a man being interviewed by reporters after coming back from war.  He was held captive in a little bamboo box, four by five feet wide and he had to eat rats for nourishment.  After years of torment he finally gets released and is asked, “How in the world did you stand it?”  And he says, “Well, I never forgot one thing, General Smith under whom I took basic training was a man that I had always admired, a great commander.  And I remember it was on graduation day and there was a shiver that ran throughout all of us when he said:  “Men, remember, it is better to die a hero than to live like a cowardly dog!”  That never left my mind while I was there in that box.  They offered me my freedom if I would only give false information on my fellow prisoners.  But his words carried me through.”

You could just be at home reading a book and there it is:  “It’s better to die a hero than live life as a cowardly dog!”  It almost takes your breath away.  And the feeling is, “I’ll never forget that, that did something.  I can feel it vibrating inside me.”  Now, my question is, “Why is that?”  Don’t listen to your own voices that might take the easy way out and tell you that you would not have thought of that phrase yourself.  You can stick those kinds of words together.  But it’s different when the source is external.  It could just be remembering something that your mother told you when you were fifteen years old and leaving home.  She said, “Son, dah de dah de day” and you never forgot it.  What is it that seems to hold such power when the words themselves are so simple?  Why can’t an ordinary person come up with that same thing?  Why couldn’t a man tell himself, “Well listen, they can kill me but I’m going down with my mouth closed, and my head held high.  I’ll let them kill me rather than live by compromising myself”?  But under ordinary conditions that is not the way that things work, and my question is, “Why?”

There is indeed a certain power that consciousness attributes to knowledge from external sources.  But by and large the effect it has on the nervous system is ephemeral and superficial.  You are telling Mary your problems in your relationship with women and she offers advice:  “If I were you I’d call her up and say… da da dah da dah.”  And you feel momentarily, just great.  But how long does it last?  You think that this advice is profoundly important, “I’ll never forget it.  It’s changed my life!”  But it does no such thing.  It’s like having a new hat that you stick on your Yellow Circuit and it’s, “Ooh, I feel like a new person.”  But how long does the novelty last?  Years later the person may still mouth the advice he received and claim, “That’s the philosophy I’ve always lived by.”  And it’s not true.

Consider this in relationship to people offering advice about good health.  I have said on various occasions just to, “Forget your health”, but if it’s just on the basis of external advice coming from me to you, what good does it do?  Only by expanding your own system can you alter the state of your health.  You can’t really expand the Red or Blue Circuits — you can build muscles, gain weight, attempt to minimize negative emotions — but you can’t expand those circuits in the way you can affect and use the Yellow Circuit.  Expanding the nervous system from the top down applies pressure in a way never naturally available and this can change the state of your health and even affect your natural life-line.  It is an internal change — a willfully produced alteration.  Telling somebody, “Don’t worry about your health”, does nothing.  The connections need to be understood both by the person saying it and the person hearing it, otherwise it’s just a new temporary hat:  “I like to hear that.”  They take it and put it on, but the next day they have forgotten about it, and are back to whatever their circuits are wired to do.  They’re back to wondering which portable blood pressure kit to buy.

This is what I mean when I say forget about health.  If it’s already built into your system that you’re going to feel sick, then you will and it’s nothing new.  All you’ve got to do is look back down into the lower circuitry, if you’ve got that kind of objective memory, and see that you have always been that way. Sickness is a habit, not something to be cured.  It is something to be abandoned.  It was part of the way in which you were wired up.  “Well, I’ve always had very bad headaches”; you have always had them.  “I seem to have a very uneasy digestive system, it seems to get worse and worse.”  You have always had it.  By attempting to do This, by being able to expand your own nervous system, you begin to understand what is really meant by “forget health”.  Because if you are ordinary you cannot affect health.  And you are going to die when you were intended to die, and you are going to stay sick just like you’ve always been sick.  Searching for a state of perpetual health is a grand delusion.  The nervous system’s state is instability and it is always a case of being partially healthy and partially sick.  But once you can affect the wiring system, you can affect your health.  And then you just forget it, because there’s nothing else to think about.  And there’s never anywhere outside to point an accusatory finger.  If you’ve got a hangover so intense that you can’t lift your head, there’s no one to blame nor is there any need for ordinary guilt.  You know that, “Nothing did this to me, nothing drove me to do this, there is nothing beyond my control that is going on and causing this to happen.”  And internally, to some degree, it was admitted that there is no blame.  And when there is no blame it can be cured.  It’s only when there is a source of blame that nothing can be cured.

Illness is just another hobby.  It is just a part of ordinary life, to be always in a state of partial illness, since right after birth everyone is starting to die.  You are running down, going back to the “godhead”, that is, you’re going back to chaos.  To lose this form you go back to complete instability, but right now you are unstable inside of a form and, under ordinary conditions, trying to pursue some state of perfect health; trying to “cleanse your temple” so that you reach a higher spiritual state is just a hobby.  All of it is part of the Grid.

The Few involved with This should not be sick.  Because you can affect your health, and not just from listening to external advice.  You’ll know real change by your own experience.  Being sick is just being you.  By expanding the Yellow Circuit and applying pressure downward you can effect changes that no amount of running, fasting or dieting could produce.  And there you go, you lost another hobby.

Many of you have asked questions and have been nosing around on your own about the nature of time.  There is a direct connection between what seems to be time and what everyone takes to be him or herself.  And there is a direct connection between the fact that consciousness can only count to two, that consciousness is a binary system.  You can eventually see that time itself is a world of only two, and that ordinary consciousness is produced in, and operates in, a timely fashion.  Everyone responds to things in a timely manner.  I am repeating the phrase for a reason.  Everything within the Grid operates in a timely fashion.  It does no good for you to be walking down the street, a pickup truck goes by and someone throws an empty beer bottle out of the window right at you and you go on about your business, go home, take a shower and then as you get into bed, you suddenly yell a response:  “Up yours, buddy.”  Or for someone to say, “I have always liked you, and if I ever had the chance to help you I would certainly do it because you are my kind of person.”  And for you to wait two days and then think, “Well, thank you, I appreciate that.”  Consciousness responds, and can only work in a timely fashion.  And the world of time is the world of two.

Do not make the mistake of listening to your voices trying to discount what I’m saying as esoteric philosophy, that time after all just doesn’t seem that pressing.  Your personality, consciousness at the horizontal line, is synonymous with time.  And under just the right conditions you may experience a moment of being free from your own wiring and, simultaneously, released from time.  You suddenly feel:  “I’m soaring with the gods.  Here I sit, I’m not in any blissed out state, nor unconscious, and I haven’t taken any drugs, but time seems to have stopped.”  You’re freed from an inexplicable hold.

Can any of you Neuralize how this could be used as a weapon, a method — to not be conscious in a timely fashion?

If you were not conscious in a timely fashion you would not be limited to seeing only two, to seeing only this or that.  In the beginning you may not be able to see anything, but at least you would not be limited to that.  As long as you are conscious in a timely fashion you are limited to a binary system, to all the divisions that are natural to the mind.  They live in that timely world.

Within the grid and within individual consciousness everything behaves in a timely manner.  That is why nothing unexpected happens, why the world is not about to come to an end.  That would be untimely.  Take for example the news reporter interviewing John Q. Public in the street after a big event like a royal wedding.  Everyone responds in a timely fashion.  He is not attracted to interview someone who would say:  “Those twerps are just inbred imbeciles.  They should all be shot.”  It just doesn’t happen.  Or consider the verbal responses that people have to the actions of warring nations.  “Here are the Protestants and Catholics, the Jews and Muslims, the Arabs and Israelis — they’re supposedly trying to do God’s work they’re still killing each other.  It’s absolutely shocking.”  And it’s not.  There’s nothing unusual going on, they’ve been killing each other for hundreds of years, thousands of years.  I will tell you what would be unusual:  You pick up the newspaper tomorrow, and there is an announcement that all of the Protestants and all the Catholics in Northern Ireland have gotten together in this big old huge field and there they stand, celebrating.  They have had enough, they are throwing their guns into bonfires and are all marrying each others sons and daughters.  They’re dancing, hugging, kissing.  Now that would not be a timely situation.  The rest of what I have mentioned, wars, fighting, is all timely, predictable, and expected.

In response to questions that I have been asked recently, we’ll talk a little more on forms.  Do not take this as some tangent of psychology.  Remember we’re speaking of things manifesting through man and none of it is individual or caused by your individual environment.  An internal bookkeeper, a debt-timer is built into the wiring system and it counts what each person believes are the debts owed to him.  It has been ticking for as long as you can remember being conscious.  With most people, if I could make you try and search your memory back down the horizontal line, back down to the first thing you can remember, there is every likelihood in the world that it is going to be a debt.  “It was my fifth birthday party and me and my twin sister got there and mother gave her the red dress that I’d been wanting and gave me a potato pie.  That is the first thing that I remember.”  It can’t be hard for you people by now to see that this debt timer runs constantly.  So integral is it to ordinary life that it takes an extraordinary effort to begin to See it.

This is just another form of the kind of tensile strength, the kind of hostility that I have pointed out to you that holds the Grid together.  The debt-keeper is going on constantly, but if you have an extraordinary Aim, then you cannot keep such accounts under any condition.  You cannot, because no one is mistreating you.  You cannot have any internal accounts, there cannot be any past debts listed, much less new ones acquired and accepted.  It is literally impossible to do This and continue such ordinary and unprofitable activities.  Let’s say that every day at the office you need to obtain a specific form from your co-worker.  And every day without fail he grunts and looks disgusted as he opens the drawer to get you the form.  In turn every day you add another debt to the counter.  As of today he’s mistreated you 2,347 times.  And just moments before you were thinking great spiritual thoughts, and here he is “mistreating me again”.  You’re a fool to think you are actively pursuing a Real Aim while believing you’re being mistreated. You can’t do both.  If you want to find out why you are that way I’ll tell you why:  it’s because you are alive. There is no individual reason that you feel mistreated and put upon.  Everyone is like that.  At the ordinary level of consciousness it does seem to be an individual psychological something, but these kinds of debts are just another part of the energy transfer.  They are an aspect of memory and they allow for a transfer of energy when nothing else in particular is going on.

You could be out for your daily jog and a ’53 Studebaker goes by and you remember that guy you used to know who owned one, and he borrowed a quarter from you one day and never paid you back.  You were sure he left town just to avoid paying you.  It can happen that fast and it is not a psychological quirk. Memories are suddenly fired into the system and you are relaying energy.  The person could be dead, yet you’re still passing along energy.

Don’t take this as being theoretical, start watching it.  Watch it tomorrow when you are out running, or doing nothing.  Watch the kind of daydreams that your internal system seems to produce up on the screen.  Ordinary people would take it as being some kind of psychological flaw, and it’s not.  It’s as though the system is almost in neutral gear and it should be transferring energy, something should be going on. Psychology labels them unprofitable memories, unconscious traumas and asserts that, “Something should be done about this.”  But memory is always there as a means of transferring energy additional to your immediate personal situation.

I assume all of you recall from your high school days the theorem which is a reflection of reality, that matter cannot be created nor destroyed.  That is true.  But take note of this:  The Yellow Circuit cannot conceive of that applying to its own domain.  If it did, there would be no such terms as, “Well, hey that’s your imagination.”  It seems to be a fact that people believe that somebody else can imagine something.

“That woman is driving me crazy.  Every night when I come in she says, ‘Where did you go on your lunch hour?’  ‘I went out to eat.’  ‘I know where you were, you were back at a motel with one of those secretaries in the building.’  She has done this five days a week, fifty weeks a year for the last three years. It’s her imagination.”

Now this is based upon a belief that contradicts the fact that matter can neither be created nor destroyed because the un-analyzed belief and assumption is that his wife has created something, this imaginary insistence that he’s philandering.  And I tell you it cannot be done.  Picture this planet as a closet, a closed system and everyone is inside.  There is no way in which an ordinary person can get their hand, nor even their mind outside of the closet.  Except, remember through the original entry point, by dying.  And even that’s not entirely true.  The Yellow Circuit cannot conceive that the reality that matter cannot be created or destroyed also applies to it’s own domain.

Since everyone is enjoying science I’ll use another phenomenon from quantum physics as a springboard for your Neuralization.  They are now finding that two particles moving away from each other at the speed of light can exchange information.  And the only possible conclusion is that the information is being passed faster than the speed of light.  The binary mind can’t conceive of this because it is incapable of receiving information at that speed.  Scientists are observing that at the subatomic level, information is passing faster than the speed of light — even worse for the poor ol’ binary mind to conceive, it is passing it instantaneously.  And that seems impossible.

This phenomenon can be Neuralized in relationship to the nature of Man and his internal workings — that which a man accepts and that which he rejects are in constant, instantaneous communication.  No matter the individual circuitry.  It is this constant, instantaneous communication that exists in the seamless world of triality.  In the timely world of ordinary consciousness all is fragmented and isolated.  It must be isolated to be perceived and described.  But at the subatomic level things are not working in a timely manner.  And this is impossible for the binary mind to see.  You can’t see that everything you accept and reject are in constant communication.  The seamless world is right here, but the mind can only see two. Remember, there’s always a third-leg, but it’s all seamed-up.

I am going to give you a gift.  If you can remember it, you can create enough internal heat and pressure to expand in a death-defying manner.  This is not a trick; it is very close to the real secret.  It is the truth with a built-in flaw, but this one is even less than a half-built-in flaw.  This is my gift to you — a deadly, wondrous map at the edge of reality:

Every time you hear people talk,

remember it is Life speaking.

All human interaction is part of an energy transfer, humanity’s purpose in aiding Life’s growth.  Simply refuse to hear the individual speaker as an individual — he or she is Life speaking.  And Life does not say anything foolish.  Life is not stupid.  Life, on a scale far different from individual man, is not walking around in a state of confusion.  But what is your nervous system’s reaction to the opinions of others:  “That’s foolish, crazy.  How idiotic!”

Whenever you hear another human talk, you are not hearing a human talk you are hearing Life speak in one small area.  And Life is never foolish or dumb.

If you can remember to refuse to hear an individual speak — but hear Life speaking it will take you to the edge of an explosion.