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Allegory – Not Allegory


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Jan Cox Talk 94, Dec 15, 1983, run time 30
Notes by TK

Jan’s words not to be taken as mysticism or allegory –they refer to actual specific reality –not necessarily literal but still specific. Stability = death.

Limitation to degree of drastic-ness in change that can be absorbed. How to eat an elephant? Little pieces.

Form vs. Energy. Life only deals with form. Feeling of separation creates technology (controlling buffer).

Element of so-called Love is based (located) in red circuit–incapable of analysis by yellow circuit. Yellow circuit cannot comprehend or predict or shake free of this red circuit phenomenon.

When you “explain” something–you aren’t “doing it” anymore.

Use of words (forms) to point beyond form to energy behind form.

Rhythm patterns in language: satisfying (rhythmical) vs. unsatisfying (non-rhythmical).

Can expand the screen of consciousness and/or expand the amount of information impacting the screen.  The size of each creature is directly related to what they need to see. Man sees according to his size. Expand your size –expand what is necessary to be seen. Looking at stars = looking at the past (what happened before your birth) and looking into the future (where you will be years hence; coming stages of development).

You can write your own recess excuse!
Dancing from 1:22 for 18 mins.



Document:  94,  December 15, 1983
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1983

I want to draw your attention to a necessary distinction in your attitude toward this material and me.  It is not something I could have described to you in the beginning.  I have talked around the edges of it many times when I was dealing with areas that wouldn’t have seemed pertinent to you — such as how religions seem to operate.  What I want you to be aware of is the unprofitable tendency of taking any of what I say as allegorical.  It would be natural for some of you to assume, particularly in the last six or seven months, that I was in truth presenting some form of allegory.  It is not.  What I’ve been telling you is the reality, the energy, behind what runs things, but there is no way to describe it.  Hence, I have to sketch so-called maps and try to describe them coherently.  It is the reality behind what Real allegory would be.  What I’ve been hinting at and describing to you about Man being simply a condensed reflection of Life, and conversely, with Real sight you can see Life as an extremely magnified and exaggerated reflection of Man. Because it’s not limited to the dimensions that the mind now comprehends, This Thing is an exaggerated form of what you are.  But even with that, I’m still not trying to let you get too involved in a suggestion that perhaps we’re all little molecules in the bloodstream of some huge god.  Don’t get choked on that — I was not telling you that specifically.  But perhaps I was telling you something specifically.  Now the danger in the situation has been this; not only can you or should you get something from what I’m saying now, but you should have tried to Remember and Consider what I’ve done all along in my saying that there was a certain fine line that I was having to walk.  All of humanity, including you before you found This, is looking for a stable church, whether in a book or in a group following a certain religion or holy man.  The Catholic church is still the best external example of a stable church; a huge artifact.  At one time, it was the most powerful external force on this planet.  The succession of popes seemed to be a direct lineage to something supernatural.  Every person walking this planet, even the atheist and agnostic, looks for the pope, for God, for a church.  They’re looking for something stable, a list of rules.  Now we could go so far as to say that those who become involved in what seems to be some form of esoteric work are looking for some new, exotic, almost C Force set of rules.  “I don’t want to hear, ‘Don’t eat pork and don’t have sex before marriage,’ I don’t want to hear all that, I want some kind of new age rule.”  That desire is built into the system; you had no choice.  Now anything that appears to be stable and unchanging includes your perception of it being stable.  But between the two, it is dead.  Between the two, you are dead insofar as any change.  Now the situation has been this:  those apparently running some form of work have no choice in what they’re doing.  I am the only person you have ever met, that you’ve ever seen, that had any possibility of choice.  My choice was to do what I can observe will work, and to remain hidden as necessary in order to get the right attention from you according to the way your system is built.

Ordinary holy men will start by going out and working the streets to whip up a crowd, whip up some interest.  Once they stir it up a little, generate some income, and get a few yes-men; as soon as they have some money in the bank, they both literally and figuratively build a house on the hill with a fence around it, and only their inner circle of yes-men get to see them.  Let me remind you, they do not know what they’re doing, and they’re not up to anything in any extraordinary sense.  This is simply the way it works.  Normally by this point, they are beginning to have a mechanical effect on the external world of that time and place. They have a built-in mechanical attraction that all of you should be able to feel a little bit.  They’ve had a book out by now, or at least they have followers on the street singing their praises.  You find out that no one has seen this holy man personally for the last year.  In some way, he’s become so successful that he must be a spiritual man and his followers will flaunt pictures of his castle.  They have now bought 500 acres around it, and he’s up there on the hill and you can’t get to him.  There is a built-in attraction there that you should be able to feel in your own nervous system.  His followers say, “Nobody can reach him. We are so fortunate that once a month, he sends down great words of wisdom.”  You need to see this before we do something publicly.  I cannot do with a large group of people what I have done with you people. That which some of you mistake a being allegorical, or about which you entertain voices suggesting that I am just weaving tales or speculating.  Or that I am also on a quest, and we’re all trying to wake up together, or that I have the only copy of an amazing secret book.

When we do something publicly, all of you will be in for a shock.  I will be talking in a certain way that the people will be taking as literal fact.  Remember my description of a stable internal personal base being so necessary to doing This.  It is easy to be comfortable listening to me or Kyroot, and just ride on the stream of laughs and the energy in the crowd, nodding along.  You can start wanting merely to be seen here and can lose track of the difference between the necessary appearance of some kind of allegory, and the reality of how shocking is the actual biochemical stuff of This.  I could do more here with words, by the way I’m presenting it, and it is not within itself magic to say this, there is a thing that I could call energy, and a thing called form.  There is a reality to it.  And the biggest jump I made without giving you an immediate preface when I did it is when I shifted you over from a description of form to a description of energy.  I did it fairly quickly and then I eased off and I have been continually pushing forward since then.

Nothing that is too shocking can be true or can be tolerated.  From new theories in physics, all the way to the sociological ideas that apparently coincide with some widespread change in a group of people, a step that is too drastic will neither be true yet, nor possible to implement.

Picture for a minute, a talk show you might see on TV.  A psychologist is being interviewed about the causes of human behavior, the impact of the educational system, TV, etc.  Imagine me stepping in there and having a dialogue with the great psychologist, and saying some things I would tell you, but in terms that would not be too drastic for him to believe he’d heard me say that.  He would respond with something like, “Well, it’s a good thing we’ve reached a level today where we recognize people should not be punished for anything, and we can instead delve into the psychological and environmental factors that caused them to make missteps in their lives.”  He could never have heard the reality of what I would have said.  It is so drastic that there is no way to impart it in any effective form to an ordinary person.

I have not given you a perfect map, and I have never told you everything I know.  If you want to put it crudely, I never will.  I cannot, it would ruin you, it cannot be done.  I can explain things in all sorts of ways, but I have described to you very specifically, a piece at a time, something we could refer to as the difference between energy and form.  I then described how it appears to be a difference between environment (that which seems to affect someone after birth) and heredity (that which would seem to be natural from birth).  Then I added another leg, saying it was profitable to temporarily try and look at life in dimensions, that is, pieces that are not fully comprehensible by themselves.  It is not a matter of just being bigger in some direction, but that you could look upon life as being an exaggeration of you, of humanity in many “directions”.  What I have told you is drastic.  And it is not some allegory or some sort of theory. Behind those simple words is that which will slay you, if you belong here; if you persevere.  It is that which cuts the legs out from under every possible form of discussion that’s available on this planet as to, “Why did they do what they did?”  There is no longer such a question.  Questioning such things is failure; it is something for the Pope, for seekers, for those merely playing at This.

Once I do begin talking publicly, I will very seldom be telling you people, “Hey, look what I’m doing here with this line of examples or apparent topic, or, watch what I do tonight.”  What will happen will appear to be on a literal basis, such as, “Here I am describing and diagnosing the nature of Man,” not on the level of forms, but on the level somewhat similar to how I now describe other mystical groups — but with me apparently the “pope” of sorts.  But I won’t be talking every night in circles, leading people this way and that in apparent allegories.  It will be more direct, like, “Well, here’s what I’ve got to tell you tonight,” and then describing manifestations of some apparent topic and how you can see it.  It will be not only presented thusly,  but you will see, when the time is right, that they will begin to accept it in that way, that is, literally.  You are going to see a flow between me and them such that it will not be a question of those people who are interested and continue here taking this as allegory and thinking, “This is something that will help ignite me.”  It will be on the basis that the information I am giving them directly is igniting them. Now simultaneously, you will still be there and hear something new.  You will learn something new because it will be a different triad.  It will not be simply me talking to you.  It is now I and they and you.  And you will learn something from it, something on another level.  But you should already be learning from it now on the basis that this is not being presented as mysticism.  It is the ultimate mystery, but I have explained it to you as much as you’ll ever hear it.  I may go a little further; I should never close the door, but I’m always tempted.  It’s like the old philosophical idea that without me actually going there, I can always get a little bit closer.  I can say I’m within a foot of as far as I’ll ever go with you.  I can say, well, alright, I can always cut it into half a foot, then into a quarter.  But I also, for very particular reasons, did it in such a way as to discourage all forms of imagined mysticism and dreams about me.  But you have made a most horrendous mistake if you still entertain voices that tell you that there is somewhere else to look.  I have not left anything out.  I have told you more than you should hear if you simply lived to be a thousand years old — and that’s playing with real time, of course.  But as ordinary people would say, if you lived another thousand years, you would never get from Life what I’ve told you.  You would never hear it because it does not come through the mechanical outlets of Life.  It’s now a matter of it having some effect on you.  But I have explained to you without your knowing it, I have told you almost everything I know.  I just didn’t say, here it is, important fact number 420.  Now we’re going up to 500 and then it will all be explained.  But I have directed you in manners that are absolutely astounding.  They have been directions given for the first time.  The material will not be profitable tomorrow, it will not be of any value tomorrow — I mean real tomorrow, not your tomorrow.  In real tomorrow, what is currently of interest to Life of having Man down inside itself as it does and talking at a lower level and self analysis will no longer be of interest and will no longer happen.

Turn on the TV and see the psychologist on a talk show.  He appears to be a very caring person talking about something which seems to be of legitimate concern:  the breakdown of the family, the growing cases of alcoholism in teenagers.  Everyone’s very perplexed, forming committees and doing studies on how we must love our children, communicate with them, set a good example and perhaps undo some of the harm we’ve accidentally done.  In a good lucid moment, can you get a glimpse of how your critical internal voices may be saying, “Oh, those god damn idiots, boy, if they were as awake as we are, they’d see that this is just Life in action analyzing its behavior.”  Then See how your criticism itself is Life in action — an exaggerated form perhaps, but it is Life almost at it’s lowest level of consciousness.  You do the same thing as that college professor when you sit around pondering why you drink so much or get mad so much. It is doing its continual stumbling and trying to analyze itself, but that is its absolute lowest level; a level where there are apparent answers.  It is analysts talking about the forms of life, whereas I have directed you to what will be necessary in the real tomorrow.  There is no such thing as personal problems.  There is no such thing as isolated individual behavior.  Form is simply a workable observable manifestation of the energy that keeps everything alive.  And it cannot be stagnant or it is dead.  It must move in order to be. The only stable church, the only stable apparent form of work is that which is meaningless and dead; dead cells in the body of Life that have yet to be shed.  Dead stable ideas are still serving some purpose, but anything that is stable is not alive — not in the sense of This Thing.

For any of you to get any glimpse of it, I have to keep it within certain boundaries that I must continually take into account as I sit here right now.  One second before I do something I consider how unstable can you stand it at this moment?  Now there does seem to be some stability, for instance, in us meeting on the same night every week, which I, in fact, disapprove of in a way which may seem meaningless to you people.  All I would have to do is to arrange these meetings completely at my will, so that you would have to call a different person almost every night of the week to find out when it’s going to be.  Perhaps suddenly they’ve heard from me after a month, and if you happen to call that night at the right time they say, “Yeah, I just heard from him, he’s going to be at such and such a place at seven thirty.”  Maybe we talk for five minutes, maybe I talk for two hours, maybe I do something else, sometimes we eat, sometimes we don’t.  But within certain boundaries, if I did that too much, this would not have stayed together.  And so I had to allow a certain continuity to it.

There is also something that many of you feel at times about the great significance This really has for you.  You feel that This meeting is truly meaningful.  It’s not just what you heard from me that night, but the fact that it was “Thursday night,” and Thursday night is a kind of oasis.  I’m not laughing at this.  I’ve had to take it into account and I’m responsible for it.  But I’m pointing out to you that this is one of the limitations I’ve had to deal with and they are not your fault.  Between that, and me seeming fairly ordinary when we get together socially, it has all served a purpose.  All of this is an act.  We don’t have these parties just because I am desperate to get out for a drink and some dancing, and I’ve got nowhere to go.  On the other hand, I don’t mean that your company is not any good.  We don’t meet on Thursday night over and over just to fit my schedule.  It is all an act.  But part of the danger is that I become just a friendly philosopher who talks once a week.  As I said, any of you who entertain those voices are within a few months of being strangled if you continue it.  On a certain scale that only I understand, and on their own scale, those who have seen the most and benefited the most here have been as you might expect, those who have been around the longest.  They almost have less to do with me than any of you other people; not in an overt sense, but they keep their distance.  It’s nothing I’ve done.  It’s nothing they could explain.  I’ve never even talked about it to them.  Now that they’ve heard it, the ones I’m talking about, I’m sure they will get a new feel for something.  It’s not through fear.  It’s not through them having a magical awakening, “Oh, yes, he is, you know, from Mars and I’d better keep my distance now that I can see it.”  But there is a balance.

In the past, there has been some form of barter for the teachings of great religious prophets, those considered voices of the gods, and there have always been rules like the ten commandments.  It was always on the basis that, “The gods or somebody has directed me to tell you people this.  And here are the rules.”  But it has always been a matter of discussing the forms.  Psychology, as some of you can almost get glimpses of at times, is the new religion of the present time.  But it is still on the basis of form. Instead of them talking about demons, they’re talking about neuroses, confusion, trauma.  “I can understand why you are upset with life because of what your parents did,” — the sins of the fathers.  The nervous system is programmed to be attracted to situations that seem to be of some importance like, “Why am I like this, why is that person like that?”  But it has to separate out people, to isolate them to carry on its cause and effect analysis.  You cannot ask that nervous system to entertain a question like, “Aren’t we also going to ask what caused your father to be like that?  He didn’t just decide to raise his child to be a neurotic.  So, what are we going to say about what caused your father to be like that?”  It will not work.

Let me describe a way Life has been growing.  This might be the easiest to see of the number of possible descriptions.  It concerns what seems to be the external progress and growth of Life in this century.  Without the increased feeling of separateness, you would not have had the Einsteins, the Thomas Edisons, the Robert Fultons, nor what seemed to be small pockets of people working in partial unison.  There has to be a feeling, coming through Life, manifesting itself in certain individuals, that, “I am in some way greatly separate from the environment out there.”  How could you live nowadays if all the walls were down and there were no more structures?  What would we be doing, assuming everything else was going on, and we had no heater and no air conditioning, and very flimsy structures?  How long would we sit there in that kind of environment?  How long would I put up with it?  There has been what seems to be external growth, which was necessary for Life or it would not have happened, and it required a feeling in people of great individuality, almost “me against the environment.”  Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers did not necessarily sit around and think that, but I am pointing out to you in a correct way, that there has to be that feeling for individuals to finally manifest what seems to be a creative, inventive urge to make devices that seem to give Man greater control over the environment.  “I no longer have to worry about whether it’s freezing — I just turn on the heat.”  All that has been necessary and it has gone hand in hand with humanity continuing to think about itself, to apparently talk to one another and to develop the apparent sciences; with the social sciences and religions apparently still talking about individual problems.  I can guarantee that the urge will not be sufficient tomorrow.  If it would, I would not be here talking like this.

I have given you people an informal diagnosis, a description — hiding behind some of what you’ve taken as allegory — about the nature of what human life is.  I am quite aware that what I’m saying here has been wasted on some of you so far, that is, you are not sure what I am talking about.  There’s only so far I will take it.  If I could take it too much further, I wouldn’t have had to play this game to start with; I would have just started right off with what seems to some of you to be allegory.  But after all this time, I can’t back up and suddenly start there.

In any case, what I have told you has been scientific fact.  It has not been allegorical, spiritualized, or theorized.  When some of you realize who I am and what I’ve been up to, you’re just going to be shocked to death.  I have given you enough information already.  In a sense, what I have given you I could have told someone in five minutes, right from the beginning.  But it would have been too drastic and they couldn’t have heard it.  With ordinary people out in the world, if it’s too drastic it’s not even true.  Let’s jump back to Buddha’s time, for instance, and picture you showing up at one of Buddha’s gatherings and there are people on a mystical search there, and you ask to contribute one thing to the lecture, Buddha says, “Fine,” and you get up and say, “God is electricity.”  Can you see that even aside from not knowing what electricity was, it was such a drastic piece of information that the people couldn’t have believed it — even though it is true, it could not have been true then and there.  Now for you though, you must remember anything the mind can think and the tongue can say will in some way be true.

Now, just as an aside, do any of you ever notice how I usually start our meetings by saying, “Well, a couple of things I wanted you to consider this week..”  Do you wonder whether I ever do any preparation at all for what I say up here or whether I just show up, read over your notes to me, and then start in?  Do you think I make any attempt to present this in a reasonable order?

Here is another aspect of Life I want to mention tonight; one that is very important to its continued growth and has a great impact in each individual’s life.  The form of it has been discussed, cursed, sung about, and danced about for centuries.  It is beyond anything socially or psychologically induced in Man and it is the physical, Red Circuit basis of what people call love.  It is something the Yellow Circuit cannot predict, comprehend, or shake itself free from.  Now, if any of you can hear that in the right way, it will explain away a multitude of apparent sins and ditches that seem to be incomprehensible.  When it seems to be what everyone else calls love, when you’re attracted to someone, if it is a real attraction, don’t try to analyze it; it just is.  The Yellow Circuit can no more comprehend it than it can understand how and why the attraction, the relationship, ends.  But it cannot shake itself free from it or explain it away.  All of you have had your heart broken, had your relationship end before it was over for you.  There is something very practical to be used here.  What everyone calls love is simply the form of something, and playing with analyzing, and suffering over it is like fighting with a tar baby; you can’t win.  A tar baby is a big doll covered with tar.  Love at first sight has a real, strong, and necessary Red Circuit base.  You are all familiar with how a man can be so strongly attracted to a woman that he could almost kill just to get her in bed.  But for anyone here to involve the Yellow Circuit in the breaking up of a relationship or in the disinterest of someone you are attracted to is to put names on the form of something and to try to wrestle with those names.  It is a form of suicide, and worse than that, it is a waste of time.  The bars and jails are full of people stuck to such a tar baby.

Try this one.  When you’re explaining something, something that you’re apparently doing, you’re no longer doing it.  And with that clear, I’ll drop it until another time.

This next one could appear to be simply me pointing out something about the nature of Man, manifested in the words of his social intercourse.  But that is not it, and don’t miss it by looking at it that way.  There is a rhythm to the patterns of speech that is not simply a manifestation of the individual wiring in a person.  Some of it is what you would ordinarily call cultural; that at a certain time and place certain energies have manifested themselves through a group of people so that they all have a particular rhythm of speech.  I will describe two particular kinds to you and express what would apparently be the same sentiment in two ways.  Example:  two or more people are talking and one has been describing a lecture he heard.  You can see him getting ready to put a coda, the final chorus, on that particular line, and he does it by saying, “Can you believe the fact that I went there and heard that guy speak, and he said that god is electricity?”  Then take the other person about to put his coda, his final chorus, on this same line of conversation.  There are two distinct ways, there are two rhythm patterns of speech that humanity uses, at least in this part of the world.  As you listen to these descriptions you must feel this for yourself, I’m just putting words on things.  One of them seems to roll, one of them seems to be rhythmical, and come to a satisfying conclusion.  The second guy says, “Can you believe it?  I went there, drove across town, waited there half the night, and listened to that guy talk, and the great revelation was that god is electricity.  One wrap up is rhythmical; the other is apparently satisfying.  Just listen to it and forget the content.  Another example:  “Well, that’s a silly idea.”  Notice the particular rhythm in that and remember these are just words.  Then feel the movement of another person’s version, “Well, that idea is just absolutely incredible.”  One has a rhythm, and one almost sounds satisfying, though as far as content they both said the same thing.  But the verbal contents are not the whole picture here.  If you discussed it verbally, linguistically, the two could be called the same thing, but one of them goes, dah, dah, dah dah, dah dah, and the other goes, dah, dah dah dah dah dah-dah dah dah dah-dah.  One seems to get somewhere, and stop and the other one does something else.  How noticeable are those kinds of differences to you at the ordinary level of consciousness?  Remember an organism sees only what it needs to see.

A man could look down at his good friend, his dog, cat, or even a poor worm, and speculate about the limited perception the poor critter has crawling around in the dirt, looking at people’s shoes, pitying it for having such limited eyesight.  The size of each creature is directly related to what it sees, because the cat, the dog, the worm, sees absolutely everything — that’s stretching it with the dog in a certain way — but the cat and the worm see everything they need to see, partly in relationship to their size, but also related to their survival needs.  It should be obvious once I say it.  It is not worthwhile to grieve over how a worm will never see the whole of the neighboring skyscraper.  For him it is not a matter of missing anything.

Man is an unfinished system that can, under extraordinary circumstances even in one lifetime, actually expand his size and perception.  If you can expand your size, you’ll see that you will then be able to see what would be natural and necessary for a larger creature to see to survive.  But it’s only a man, a particular man, that can do that.  No other creature can — and this is a literal description — grow larger. Humanity, at whatever level of consciousness is present to it, sees simply what is necessary for it to see. The difference is that you are unfinished as opposed to a worm, and you dream.  Note that time as you know it is not static.  Elsewhere in this body of Life, it’s not this time right now.  When you look at the stars at night, you are looking at the light that star transmitted thousands of light years ago, and the actual star may not be there anymore.  But it has taken the light that long to get here, so in other words, you may be looking at the past.  But I don’t think any of you have ever considered that you’re also looking at the future.  I guess some of you have brains that’ll stand this if I do it real quick, any of you who have considered that D force can be both simultaneously conserving and destructive; that you can be looking in the past, because that star is no longer there and simultaneously looking into the future.  That star, that perhaps is ten thousand light years away, let us say, and is no longer there, existed ten thousand years ago — before you did.  You are seeing the future; you’re yet to get that far.  What ordinary consciousness can see is absolutely limited to what is necessary for it to see.  But then the circuits can drift off into tomorrow and it is not simply imagination — remember I told you there is no imagination.  But there are parts of this that are older than you are.  The past is there, but it’s also your future, because it’s older than you are and that is your future.  To make yourself larger, as would be true on any level, you then must see more, because the larger you are in size, not just simply in girth, in height or width, but the larger you are, the more you must see to live.  If you can make yourself larger, you will then see that which will be appropriate to a larger being.

The way to stay your same size is to think the same thing twice, listen to any voices in you that are critical, and be pissed, have the blues, and wonder what in the hell is going on here.  All you have got to do is wait for things to straighten themselves out, on the basis that they are certainly amiss now.  You are not in danger if you stay your same size, but you can not stay your same size and have any real hope in the dreams you had before you started This — of seeing that which no man has seen before, making the Star ship Enterprise look like a kiddy boat in the bathtub.  Because “all you have to do to see more is to grow in size” means that everything is right here.  But you can’t tell a worm to just hold his little head up and he’ll see the tree tops.  He is just not equipped to see that far.  Ordinary man sees only as far as his contemporaries, each person sees a piece of it and everybody keeps things churned up and moving by debating it.  But if you were of larger size, you would have to see more than you do now or you would starve to death.

There are two more ways you might consider this kind of expansion.  You could consider expanding the screen of consciousness, and you could consider expanding the information available for the screen; in other words, vertical and lateral growth.  Does it strike you that my urging you to take classes, making you go out and make fools of yourselves, trying to run your minds into grid lock at times, has to do with these directions of expansion?

When we do something publicly you are going to see something occur that apparently I went to great effort not to allow between you and me, and it’s just going to happen.

Since all of you have suffered in various ways, I guess I should frighten some of you.  There are a few of you here that almost don’t suffer anymore.  If you get a little bigger, then regardless of everything in you that you now suffer over, all the way from perversion to insanity, you will be able to write yourself a recess pass and get out of all that suffering.  “Let Mary out of class early, she’s going to go play.”  Nobody else can do it for you.  You keep waiting, because ordinary people believe that their parents should have, or maybe god will cure it, or some new understanding will, but that is forgetting your position in the triad.  If you get big enough, you can play more than one part with yourself, you can create your own triads internally and write yourself a pass.  “Let Johnny out early.”  Life may say, “Well, if he goes out on the playground now, we’ll stomp him, and chew him up, and eat him, and spit him all over the fence.”  Be that as it may, when you write a pass, when you let Johnny out early, there is nothing that will stand up to that.