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The Automatic Suppressor


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Jan Cox Talk 93, Dec 8, 1983, runtime 130
Notes by TK

Automatic natural “intensity suppressor” in consciousness preventing imprint into immediate or “clear memory”.  Need to develop willful suppressor. 

Two kinds of memory: vague background memory (like white noise) and immediate pressing memory. Both go on simultaneously–but background memory can trigger something out of background to become immediate memory. 

The two radios analogy: loud radio in this room (the “I am thinking” voice) and another radio in the next room (less distinct, softer).

Cannot allow a vacuum to exist in any triad. Gives impression of being overwhelmed by life. Life will fill any vacuum–you feel “out of control”. Power vacuum is impossible. When you can see a vacuum–act before life fills it. Do anything rather than nothing. Victory or nothing as in a power struggle. ][Sex is to love as passion is to emotion. 

Emotion = usable (acceptable) passion from the red circuit. 

C, D and E forces as persuasions. No such thing as forces per se. 

How is it people sing words otherwise unsayable to another person, e.g. love songs?



Document:  93, December 8, 1983
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1983

     I am going to give you another description, another temporary map, of the historical progression of humanity:  Remember that this map is as relevant within your own nervous system, your own past, as it is in the chronological history of man.

     Humanity has progressed from a nonverbal sensation of being in a physical plight, to the contemporary sensation of discomfort with an individual’s circumstances and problems.  Present-day psychology reflects this contemporary sensation, as did religion in its heyday.  Man is currently concerned with apparent individual problems.

     Projecting this progression, can you glimpse the direction of This Thing?  Can you see what the possible future of humanity, might be?  Could the concerns of the future center, rather than on physical plights or psychological problems, upon the general state of the energy fueling humanity?  I’d like to point out something specific to look for in your attempt to look inward and See what is going on.  I have a term for it, it exists within you, but you could not find it through neurosurgery.  I’m going to call it, the automatic suppressor.  This automatic suppressor affects ordinary consciousness, and is related to the suggestion I have given you about expanding your lateral connections.  It prevents certain information/energy from being produced in a sufficiently intense manner onto the screen of consciousness, from becoming a part of clear memory.  This is the reality behind all notions, past and contemporaneous, of “demons”, or “the subconscious”.

     It is quite ordinary to feel there is a subconscious level on which people operate without awareness.  That feeling is manifest in much of humanity.  But I tell you — there is no such thing as the subconscious:  there is the reality of this automatic suppressor.

     What you must attempt to do is stop the energy from taking its finalized form on the screen of consciousness.  You must keep it from reaching such an intensity, that you accept the merging of the screen with what seems to be the information on the screen.  The energy, the information, is the momentary sum of the voices you accept as being ‘you’.  And what I am describing is the attempt, the necessity, for one to develop his own WILLFUL suppressor, to stop that information.  It is as though sound is being recorded on a blank audio tape.  There is a split second, before the sound, the information, becomes imprinted on the tape.  Likewise, you have a split second to prevent the information from running through you so intensely that it becomes a part of the record, of “your record”, a part of clear memory.

 Diagram # 041 illustration
Diagram # 041 illustration

     There are two kinds of memory that operate in man.  I am not referring to the attempted recollection of something:  Rather, I refer to what goes on in the Yellow Circuit, mechanically; the kind of energy that is constantly surging through all three circuits, the cross-talk going on, culminating at the top of the Yellow Circuit — in other words — what you are conscious of.

     These two types of mechanical memory happen simultaneously.  The second wheel in the diagram, with the distinct letters, I’ll call:  The immediate, pressing memory.  The bigger wheel with the nearly illegible markings, is like background memory.  Background memories are rather vague, distant, sketchy and are not part of what I am referring to as clear memory.  The vague background memory is limited, and occurs on a very low level, like a hum:  But simultaneously, this immediate memory operates, like a loud voice talking.  At all times, whatever you are doing overtly, this thing within you, is up to something:  If you can learn to tune in to the broadcast and look at it quickly enough, you will find that this loud voice stops, it disappears while you are looking.

Here is another way to describe these two types of memory:  The immediate memory, the loud voice that you, at Line level, would take as being you, is like a radio being played very loud.  nterspersed with this loud radio, is a radio playing in another room.  This is the background memory.  You can hear this other radio in the pregnant pauses between the words of the louder broadcast.

There is another aspect to what I am representing with this wheel diagram.  Occasionally the background memory can get triggered and tied up with what seems to be the immediate, pressing memory. For a short time, one of these vague, illegible somethings, will be brought up to the level of a loud voice. However, it will not have the same feel, the same intensity, as the louder voice.  This effect can be triggered by an immediate circumstance, or some type of apparent, emotional energy flowing out in the form of an immediate Yellow Circuit memory.  As one of these background memories is triggered, its voice can increase to the point that it almost reaches the level of an immediate memory.  But suddenly it is gone.

Ordinarily, the voices react to something almost faster than you can think about it.  A situation will trigger the immediate or background memories within you, resulting in some instant vocal remark, such as, “Oooh!  There goes on of those short, green people!  I can’t stand to even look at them.”  People believe these vocalizations are a personal fault; but they are part of what seems to be one’s “I” — in everyone — the apparent merging of the energy and the screen of consciousness.  Ordinarily, the energy and the screen cannot be separated.  Consciousness is like a magnetic background, a blank screen.  Information pours through you, unless you are dead; but the intensity of the information determines what becomes part of your permanent memory.  For the Few, it then becomes a matter of whether or not you accept the tiger-behind-the-door’s growl as being you, letting it spring out and flow through you in the ordinary way.

What I want you to see is this natural, automatic suppressor.  Ordinary people, with no Understanding, speak of it as ‘repression’:  “There are aspects of me I just can’t stand to think about.  Sometimes my girlfriend pisses me off, or I’ll hear about some woman doing something out in the world, and these voices, these vague background dreams, come back to me.  I suddenly remember being 6 years old, standing at my mother’s bed one morning after she had been very mean to me.  I remember picking up a pair of scissors and thinking, ‘I could kill her now.'”  I want you to see that information simply flows through you.  It has flowed through you all of your life, much of it becoming this background memory.  There is this natural suppressor.  Things flowing through the grid will be suppressed — based upon your natural wiring; they will not become part of clear memory.  This is part of the reason that people can deny that which seems obvious to others around them, and part of the process behind what ordinary people would call the ability to lie to oneself:  There is a reality to it.

You cannot allow the information that comes through the projector to be imprinted on the screen.  Attempt to continually look away, and not let your consciousness take those energies as being “I”.  You can do that willfully:  You can produce another suppressor.  You can willfully  construct it in yourself, right above  Line-level consciousness in the circuitry.  When you allow the screen and what seems to be the information to merge, you are done for.  When you take them as one, you are finished.  You will always be you.  You won’t Understand anything; you won’t Hear anything.  If you do not Understand the mechanics of man, you are doomed to remain part of them.  Without a willfully constructed suppressor, you will continue to take this information projected on the screen as being you.

I want you to Consider this:  You cannot allow vacuums to exist in any triad.  As triads shift there are small vacuums constantly being created; but there is also a larger vacuum that occurs, giving many people their sensation of being overwhelmed by life.  On the ordinary level, in the sciences, it is an accepted axiom that, “Nature abhors a vacuum.”; but I tell you further — in Life, a vacuum simply cannot exist.  Life will fill any vacuum immediately.  This applies beyond what is ordinarily called the physical world:  Vacuums cannot exist in the so-called psychological, internal world, either.  You cannot allow a vacuum to exist, because Life will fill it, and you’ll be left only with the feeling, “I’ve been done in.  I don’t know where to start…I’ve been overwhelmed again…I am powerless, impotent.  Poor old me.”

I’m going to mention something about what seems to drive people. Within the power struggle going on, at a certain level in life, are two major groups — those desiring money, and another group — those involved with wanting power.  This last is the crowd that seems to run the external world — kings, potentates and politicians.

I want you to see that these people who apparently run the world are deadly serious.  To them there is no gentleman’s game.  When the general who attempts a coup fails, he doesn’t snap his fingers and say,  “Aw shucks, we’ll try harder next time….”  And the guy he fails to oust doesn’t say,  “Good show, old buddy.  Better luck next time.”  For those seriously involved in the power game and properly wired to do so, there is no such thing as coming in second.  The stakes are absolute:  win or lose.  Very often it is win or die.  Those involved with it will do almost anything to win.

Remember, I am not simply discussing politics.  This Thing is the epitome of the absolute game.  You either win or you are cow dung — you are dead.  There is no allowance for a power vacuum internally.  I am pointing out to you that you must operate in such a way that you cannot allow a vacuum.  Second best is death.  You cannot accept any notion of, “Well, I came in second best.  I almost did it.”, or, “I’m getting better at controlling my temper around my mother.  I think I might be able to do even better next time I see her.”  If you understood the power game, you would see that entertaining such voices, is equal to whistling in your jail cell, while the firing squad loads up outside.  It is death:  You will be overwhelmed.

If you allow a vacuum, Life will fill it.  You must act willfully to fill the vacuum before Life does.  It is better to do anything, than do nothing.  Whatever you do will be better than letting Life fill the vacuum for you. You may have the feeling, “Here I am at a crossroads in the middle of the high plains.  The wind is blowing and I’m naked.  Who knows what will happen next.”  That feeling will only last a split second; because, something will go “swoosh!” –something will happen next — and the whole situation will be out of your hands, and there will be no question of you doing anything.  Learn to feel an imminent vacuum, just before it happens, and then stick out your tongue, wiggle your ears, stand on your head — do ANYTHING.  If you don’t do anything, Life will:  And the result will never be satisfying.  In the power game there are no graceful losers:  Second best counts for nothing.

It is even more dangerous for you to believe, “If I get a little more awake, the gods will look down and see all the injustice I’ve put up with, and say, ‘All right.  Enough is enough.  Let’s give him a break.'”  Don’t wait for that:  That is not the way Life operates.

Once you begin to See, you Understand that no one has any responsibility in any triad, but you.  You cannot wait for anyone to change a triad because no one will:  But you can begin to See that there is only one possibility:  To be responsible for changing you own position.

Do anything when you see a vacuum, because if you allow it another split second of life, it is going to be filled.  You will be the loser.  Do anything, and you will be much more satisfied than letting things take their course.  Things taking their course never got you anywhere.  If you hesitate, Life will rush in and fill the vacuum, and you will feel, “I’ve been done in again.  I’ve been put to death.”

I will change to a new paragraph.  Anyone attempting This Thing must establish his own overriding morality.  This is connected to everybody’s apparent, built-in guilt about being alive, and is tied directly to man’s continual, unfinished condition.  But, apart from that general dissatisfied state-of-man, there seems to be some sort of moral guilt in you — regardless of whether it is apparently based upon philosophies you have adopted, or upon your forefather’s religion.

Everyone who has all three circuits going feels guilt.  It is more than a feeling of being dissatisfied:  It is a sense of moral guilt — Life-induced guilt.  From the viewpoint of This Thing, such so-called morality will not do.  You have had all your life to look at you and everyone else and see this accepted definition of “morality” in action.  You should quickly see that it does not serve the purpose it is claimed to.  Ordinary people can talk about being a good person and being humane, but the next moment, stab someone, at least verbally.  You must establish a no-nonsense, undebatable standard of morality.  It must be built on the basis of, “I will not do that which is repetitive.”

No matter what the voices say about guilt, you must step back and realize that this form of guilt has nothing to do with igniting the higher areas of your nervous system.  You must realize that whatever is being heard, is not the only possible voice inside of  you — it is not the only level of consciousness.

I am not going to try to detail this sense of morality:  It cannot be listed as ten commandments, or five, or one.  You must simply Understand, and insist,  “I am not going to be this; this is not me.”  It is a superstandard.

It is like what I have hinted at about Superman:  Can you imagine Superman feeling guilty about anything?  Can you imagine Superman, in the privacy of his own room, doing something that, if he were caught, would cause him to be embarrassed or ashamed?  No.

This Life-induced guilt, this subjective, Line level morality, is analogous to a child saying, “That is not good to do because my mommy and daddy told me so.”  This is what you are dealing with internally, with the voices that speak of guilt.

Once you begin to Understand, the only sense of morality is that growth is good and stagnation is evil — it is death. Repetition is the first stage of death.  Being you, is the first stage of death:  Taking you as being you, is the second stage.

Humanity is currently involved with the study of individual problems or psychology.  It is widely accepted that an individual should see his problems and discuss them frankly and openly.  It is quite common to hear someone say,  “I see my problems and I’m working on them.  I try to read books and go to seminars.  I feel that I’m lacking in certain areas, and I suffer over them.’  I’m telling you — that is just noise.  It is ordinary, and it will lead nowhere.  You have got to realize that your apparent problems are not you, and be done with them.  Superman would not sit around moping, and getting the blues.

You can find a single place within you, where you can say,  “I won’t do that.  I won’t tolerate it.”  Once you find that place, you will always be able to return to it.  The voices will continue, but you won’t even entertain them.  You won’t even let those voices reach the screen of consciousness.

You may feel that you have daydreams and memories, both immediate and background, that immediately create a clutching sensation.  That is what I mean be guilt.  “Guilt” is just a word that describes a function — like burping, like the blood flowing, like the eyes blinking — the function is simply there.  It is not that you have to stop the daydreams, in order to stop the guilt.  They are the same thing.  One does not cause the other.

The sense of overriding morality I am pointing to stands aside from all of these daydreams and guilt.  It is simply a matter of announcing, “I am not going to return to Line-level consciousness.  That is not me.” The real immorality is to continue to listen to the voices at Line level.  Real immorality is to roll with them and take them as being you.  Attempt to See that the daydreams and the guilt do not exist in a cause and effect sequence.  They are simultaneous:  You cannot have guilt without the daydreams, and vice versa.

Here are some areas for you to Consider, regarding passion.  There are still extant, even in the western world, people who are primarily based in the Red Circuit, and they appear, relatively speaking, to be fairly untouched by civilized emotion.  (In one sense, human emotion is a usable form of Red Circuit passion.)  These would be people of the soil, plain people whose voices still rise primarily from the Red Circuit.

There is something practical to observe here.  In a sense, these people have the circuitry operating in such a way that the passions which normally flow from the Red Circuit do not get filtered through the Blue Circuit.

I mention this specifically in relation to the filling of vacuums.  These people can appear to be quite plain spoken, almost blunt; and when presented with an idea, or a work of art, they might simply say,  “I don’t like that.”  This quality is still down there in your nervous system.  You can still touch it and observe it: It is the Red Circuit centered passion, as opposed to that which seems to be usable, sophisticated emotion, i.e. saying the expected thing, or showing interest, real or fake.

The attitude of a good Red Circuit bricklayer, toward an interpretive symphonic passage, or a piece of contemporary art, is,  “I don’t like it.  You can’t pat your foot to it, you can’t     dance to it.  I don’t like it.”, or,  “What kind of painting is that?  Is it upside down or something?  I’ve got a kid brother — in fact, I’ve got a pig — that can paint better than that!”

Do not overlook the practical use of this because it exists within you.  And I’m not talking about criticizing art.  Consider how to draw upon this Red Circuit passion in order to fill a vacuum.  While you seem to be beating around the bush and fumbling for words, when your opinion is sought after, try saying, “I don’t like it.” — to your own internal fumblings.  Or, say something out loud and immediately fill the vacuum.

Here’s another  idea I will throw out for consideration:  The idea of entropy.  It is an accepted scientific idea, that everything is moving on an irreversible course, from order to chaos; and that all energy runs downward and cannot be reversed.  Does this strike you as curious?  Might not chaos be the natural order of things?  Might not chaos be the ULTIMATE order of things?

The ordinary scientific world often becomes involved with attempts of finding a perpetual motion machine.  They seek methods to reverse this apparent fact that all things alive will die, all that is bright will be darkened.  They say, “Thank goodness we scientists discovered this incontrovertible law in time, so we can work on it, and observe it.  Nobody knows where to get their finger in just yet, but, at least, we can worry about it.”

Here is another short consideration.  I would like to refine a map for you.  Henceforth, what I have labeled, at times, as First, Second, and Third Forces or “C”, “D” and “E” Forces, you should now regard as Persuasions.  This is a more refined way of observing:  Rather than Forces, they are gradual Persuasions. They persuade people to believe they are seeing a force at work, when they are actually seeing one of the three possible Persuasions, intermingled with the other two, and weaving in and out of the general flow.

Here is another aspect of the Life-of-Life, that you should Neuralize:  How is it that people can sing the unutterable?  I mean this literally.  How is it that someone can put to music, words and phrases that no human, under any conditions, would actually sit down and say to someone else.  In some way, they can sing the unutterable and get away with it.  Do you find that interesting?  Is there something to be Seen here?  What is music?  What purpose is it serving in Life.

One parting shot:  Remember that what normally accrues in man’s circuitry is not the only form of consciousness.  The more you are able to be free from the confines of ordinary consciousness the more you begin to taste a kind of unused freshness.  It is an open-ended taste, but simply fresh, almost like breathing for the first time.  When you See the ordinary, dull repetitiousness at Line level, what ordinarily passes as consciousness there, loses all its flavor.  Repetition is the ultimate necessity:  It keeps things in a state of unbalanced stability where nothing is dead or in absolute eternal chaos:  But, above the Line is virgin territory, where there is no repetition.


Take pen and paper; write 2 eleven digit numbers. 1. memorize first one–then run 30 mins.; after running, memorize the second number. Notice the difference in relative ease before and after. 2. Make up your own list of “Laws” (such as Murphy’s Law) related to This Thing.