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Swallow Yourself


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Jan Cox Talk #91, Nov 23, 1983, runtime 1:40
Notes by TK

SIN = repetition. The effortless flow.

Food chain: Sun–earth–man (energy transfer). Past lives (if such exist) = no one remembers being lower in the food chain, e.g. a worm or a tree. Structure of circuitry of Buddha incorporated into the food chain of life and causes response/recognition feeling. The feeling of unassailable truth to wise sayings.

Humans are so constructed as to be absolutely enthralled with other humans and their behavior. Basic level of enthrallment.

“Big Guy” analogy inverse = individual is a “condensed reflection” of the Life of Life.

Allies vs. Foe analogy: ally becomes foe. U.S. allied with Russia against Japan. Shifting triad–U.S. allied with Japan against Russia. Trilateral dance in world wars.

Not everybody can have ‘the edge” (e.g. gambling) but everyone has an edge. Pencil analogy: each exerts pressure on each in a circular fashion.

Where does the Work come from? Life. Always in the closet. Nowhere else to go. Must “swallow yourself”.

“Helpless ally” can make of life by doing This Thing. Analogy of little kid with “great old man” holding onto little finger and asking questions which he answers in a preoccupied fashion while attending to his business.

Sincerity in Life = total immersion in automatic happenings flowing thru you. Life sincerity is absolute opposite of Work Sincerity. Work sincerity is absolute insincerity in life.


Listen in on strangers’ conversation for 10 to 30 minutes, for effortless flow of words, mechanicalness and pitch changes.



Document:  91,  November 23, 1983
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1983

Through the food chain that is tied to every part of Life, energy is transferred from the sun to this planet, to humanity.  Energy is also transferred and transformed within humanity through this chain. Movement within the food chain occurs when something is eaten and then absorbed into something greater.  For example, you eat a potato, and that potato becomes a part of you.  In a sense, it has just moved up the food chain.  Now consider that there is a kind of DNA, a molecular structure, extant within certain individuals, that is not subject to ordinary physical death.  Ordinarily, you are eaten in the food chain.  Whether you are buried or burnt, the same mouth is waiting and you are going to be et.

But consider how the words and ideas of famous religious figures are processed in this food chain. What if it is not simply their words that are remembered?  What if humanity ate the state of these men such that their deaths (although it does not require just physical death) projected something different into the food chain?  What if their state had changed the structure of their own nervous system, including that part of their molecular structure that would survive them?  Their unordinary condition was eaten, and now ordinary men and women apparently read the words of these prophets and exclaim, “How meaningful, how profound!”  What if it is not simply the words, but the fact that those who wrote the words had a nervous system that survived and entered the food chain?  Now, thousands of years after the words were originally spoken, those same words still strike humanity.  It is not the words per se but the fact that that individual’s nervous system was ingested into the food chain — that is why humanity responds to the words.

Back to my picture that all of Life is contained within a “Big Person”, but beware of becoming overly satisfied with this description to the point that you stop all further exploration.  Someone might say, “Yeah, we could all be little molecules in a big person.”  But you cannot stop there.  Let’s look at it from another angle:  consider people on a global basis.  People are not just individuals with their own problems and motivations, people are a living representation of the I + Not-I = Everything equation.  So, now Neuralize humanity as a condensed reflection of all of Life.  Everything that you don’t understand (on the ordinary level, this amounts to everything you don’t understand about other people), Life does understand.  Life understands that you do not understand why someone else behaves as they do, AND why the other person cannot comprehend why you can’t understand their actions.  Life understands that, because at that level what else is there to understand?  You may think, “I can’t understand how any reasonable, intelligent person can behave like that.”  And the other person cannot understand why you can’t understand why they do that!  Within the Big Guy both of these positions exist.  You may think that you do not understand the other person’s position, but the Big Guy understands.  No problem.  You’ve got to inhale the burp.

The Trilateral Dance is always in motion.  The Three Forces are always at work, although they cannot be isolated or seen with ordinary eyesight.  Here is an illustration of this.  In all wars, the forces align themselves in a predictable pattern.  Most commonly, there appears to be two allies united against a common foe.  But observe that once the war is over and the energy is no longer focused on the apparent conflict, the allegiances will shift.  The foe will take up with one of the allies, creating a new alliance.  Then one of the original allies will become a foe of the two new allies.  Now I am not talking about politics, lest any of you start choking on the form of this example.  What I am talking about has nothing to do with politics.  (However, that is almost impossible to see, since ordinary consciousness wants to get stuck everywhere in this example.)  This dance of the forces is impossible to see on a small scale and inconceivable on this larger scale.  It is right out in front of humanity and yet, no one has ever even glimpsed it.  The shifting allegiances of allies is a prime example of the Three Forces in operation, affecting a large percentage of humanity.  But humanity cannot see this trilateral dance going on.  Stable relationships between nations against a common foe shift as soon as the war is over.  The energy takes another direction, the dance changes.  It is as though the Big Guy started out to dance the fox trot, takes one step, and then he’s about to dip and shift, but then he takes another step altogether.  That which appeared to be this becomes that.  It had no choice.  The energy changes, the triads shift.

There is an expression, “Not everyone can have the edge.”  In gambling or any game of chance or skill, this appears to be a small morsel of wisdom, since only one person can have the edge at any given time.  But do you realize that everyone has AN edge?  It is the nature of the trilateral situation that if there is a group of people in a given situation, then the first person has an edge over the second person.  Then by the same token, the second person has an edge of a different kind on the first person.  Everyone has an edge, although their edge is temporary within the ever-shifting triads.  Each side of the triad has an edge, but each is simultaneously laying under another edge.

There is a reality to Sin that no one ordinarily suspects.  What religions call sin is irrelevant to the reality of this encompassing definition:  sin is repetition.  Once the Primal flow is split and takes form in the human organism, there proceeds the repetition of what one does, what one thinks, and what one feels. That is the beginning and the end of sin.  Try to relate this to the fact that anything the Yellow Circuit has already thought, anything you have already said is useless in the attempt to expand the limits of the nervous system.

This activity has been called by many names throughout history, but the ultimate description for This Thing is:  Life.  Now I know that has almost no panache, no appeal.  That statement has about as much impact as the words of an old guy who sits on a cracker barrel at the ole general store, spitting juice and saying, ” Well, young feller, I’ll tell you how life is… don’t ever gamble with a guy named Doc.”  People already feel that they know all about life.  It is the secrets they want:  “The Secret Work”, “The Hidden Struggle”, “The Great Cosmic Endeavor”, yet This Thing does not operate outside of Life.

What initially appears to be something hidden and mystical, becomes very specific “knowable” information.  The more you can See, the more you begin to stretch the maps out in different directions.  I do not have a secret, hidden book with specific diagrams and schematics.  This Thing does not reside in form.  It resides in the area of the brain, above the level of ordinary consciousness, not yet activated.  This Thing is not outside of Life nor is This Thing external to you.  Please note that you, me, people hiding in holy caves, everyone exists within the “Big Guy”.  It is not laying on his desk, it’s not a book in his back pocket, it’s in him.  And he understands it all.  The name of This Thing is Life.  The name of This is: swallow yourself.  That is, swallow yourself, then throw yourself up, and then look at what you threw up. You can’t get away from This.

Line-level consciousness can see no value in something called “Life”.  People say, “I don’t want to study life.  I’ve been studying life for twenty or thirty years now.  What I want is answers.  I’ve seen enough of life.  I’ve lived life; I’ve had life lived on me.  Give me some secret information.  I want something to explain things.”  Life explains itself, for a Few people.  Life understands everything, including what you do and do not understand.  When you begin to see the totality of Life, you begin to learn how not to be you. At that point you can turn Life into your helpless ally.  This phenomenon can’t happen, of course, on a large scale, but a Few people can turn Life into their helpless ally.  Life is going to continue to grow in a certain way.  It has its own affairs, of which you are an inescapable part.  Life does not have time, in a sense, to take notice of a Few people doing This Thing.  Although you cannot directly get its attention, you can cultivate an extraordinary relationship with the Big Guy.  You can turn Life into a helpless ally.  It is almost as if you have an old grandfather who lets you tag along while he goes about his own affairs. Every now and then you might ask him some little question:  “Hey, Grandpa, why does so and so happen?”  And while he is busy doing something, he will answer, “Well, think about it this way…”  That may be a terrible example since Life is talking all the time.  As it grows, it makes noise.  You keep thinking that noise is people talking, but it is Life talking through humans.

Everyone is chemically and electrically constructed to be absolutely enthralled with other humans and their behavior.  On the ordinary level, humanity’s sole source of fascination is what other people are saying, wearing, doing.  It is reflections bouncing off the windshields of automobiles.  The reflections have no conception of their source.  The reflection takes reflecting as being its prime purpose for existence. The reflection has no idea that there is an engine under the hood.  What use do reflections have for information about engines?  None.  What use do ordinary people have for the idea, “Know thyself”?

There is an absolute effortlessness in the flow of conversation between ordinary people.  You could be sitting in an airport, in a restaurant, or in a bus station, and overhear two people talking.  They are apparently discussing something.  Topics arise and seem to be discussed, then another topic arises. There seems to be something specifically under discussion, but there is absolutely no effort involved in this exchange of conversation.  It is almost as if the people are two shiny automobiles all clean and waxed, parked side by side on a sunny day.  When the cars get at just the right angle, the sunlight will create flashing reflections off the shiny hoods.  One person’s end of the conversation is almost like this reflected light shining over to the other car, which will tilt and send back more reflected light.  The actual internal workings that constitute the reality of a functioning automobile have almost no connection to the effortless, shiny reflections bouncing off the hoods.

You should also notice the variation in the speed, and the changes of pitch in ordinary conversation. What kind of physical pressures are going on inside the circuitry, that what appears to be human emotion is reflected in a change of pitch?  And what is going on when someone speaks in a monotone?