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The Primal Flow Must Be Divided


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Jan Cox Talk 87, Oct 27, 1983, run time 1:45
Notes by TK

“On Love”.  Yellow Circuit has a built-in curiosity not extant in Red Circuit and Blue Circuit–a singular inborn curiosity, apparently limitless, open ended, in scope where Red Circuit and Blue Circuit curiosity is very limited. But along w/ Yellow Circuit curiosity is the need for a firm answer–it feeds on firm answers, and yet no amount of firm answers will ever expand the Yellow Circuit.

There is just the generation of more words–knowledge–which is NOT the expansion of the Yellow Circuit.

Love and the Primal Flow. The Primal Flow divides itself into the 3 forces in an incomprehensible way such that they cannot rejoin. Ref: Diagram 1 with PF arrow indication of entrance at base of spine. Energy divides into form from which it cannot return as it ascends the spine. The idea of Love is not the unique creation of humanity –it is a reflection of a larger reality. Relation to first force if it could be pure and isolated as the absolute manifestation of Love.

But such cannot be: the Primal Flow has divided into 3; no longer pure, no force exists in isolation. The idea of Love is an incomplete perception of mankind–a dream of undifferentiated, isolated first force: the Primal Flow undivided. The Work is not about reconstituting the Primal Flow or isolating/becoming first force. ][The Equation: I + Not-I = Everything can be seen as Primal Flow and the Primal Flow divided. I experiencing from the skin inward and Not-I experiencing from skin outward. Introvert and extrovert.

Can you treat another unconditionally. How far can you go in such attempted elimination of second force? This attempt is very propitious, very profitable for The Few. 

When you can see above the Line level of consciousness–there is nothing necessary to be said.



Document:  87,  October 27, 1983
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1983

 Diagram # 028 photo
Diagram # 028 photo

I’m going to talk about what humanity calls “love”.  But first, let me remind you that ordinary consciousness is absolutely dependent upon the Yellow Circuit being activated up to the point that the E/C gate opens and closes, that the Yellow Circuit functions in the manner it was meant to function.  Remember that speaking of separate circuits is a necessary lie; no one circuit can exist without the other two.  But for the purposes of sketching a temporary map, they can be artificially divided.  If the Yellow Circuit is functioning properly physiologically, it has a kind of built-in curiosity, a “newly curious” aspect that is not extant in lower circuits, whether in Man or a lower circuit being such as a dog or a wild animal. People will say, “My, my, aren’t racoons curious”, or, “Look at my dog at the window looking at squirrels.”  That is not a Yellow Circuit curiosity.  A creature without a Yellow Circuit cannot be curious about something that is not pre-wired into him.  A dog’s curiosity is specifically limited to the kind of stimuli it needs.  You cannot get a dog curious about calculus or Shakespeare’s sonnets…It’s curiosity is limited to that inbred in its circuits.

 Diagram # 039 illustration
Diagram # 039 illustration

The difficulty of understanding the unique curiosity of the Yellow Circuit is compounded because you’re back to the problem that no system can conceive of itself on its own level. The Yellow Circuit cannot turn and see itself. But you can look around at Life and glimpse the reality of what I’m saying.  Were it not for this new curiosity we would not be riding the crest of industrial, scientific, civilized progress.  Everything that is going on — all so-called progress in science and the arts, is based upon the Yellow Circuit.  Throughout history Man has been interested in things they had no business being interested in, at least from the viewpoint of survival.  Man wondered, “How far do the heavens go?” and questioned the idea that earth was the center of the universe.  If Man had only the curiosity extant in the lower circuitry, he wouldn’t have had such notions.  He was living, everything was fine and who on earth needed or cared to know if Man was in the center of the universe or not.  But everything being connected, it was important.

You can see the process happening internally for no apparent reason.  The Yellow Circuit can suddenly be curious about something that has nothing to do with your continued physical and emotional well-being. You’re standing in line at the store, and pick up a matchbook.  “Learn long distance truck driving and make big bucks.”  Suddenly a flash of yourself in a cowboy hat and boots, flying down the highway, picking up waitresses at truck stops.  There is no apparent practical use to such daydreaming.  What possible purpose could it serve?

Included in the Yellow Circuit’s open-ended curiosity is an absolute desire for a firm answer.  A man can see it within himself and it is not a so-called psychological personal quirk.  For those with fleet-footed awareness, notice it is even disturbing to hear that the names of maps I have given you such as the circuits, the primal flow, the three forces, are made-up.  It’s not a joke or something to be ashamed of.  Just note in passing that it is disturbing to hear it, especially regarding something you felt the reality of.  It feels good to put a name on it, but you must not hang onto the names, and that disturbs the Yellow Circuit because it’s built to file things away.  This new, non-limited curiosity feeds upon a firm answer.

You came here expecting firm answers.  But whatever you’re getting from being exposed to This, you have had every opportunity to observe that you are not getting to the land of firm answers.  If you listen to that particular voice, all you’re doing is feeding the Yellow Circuit.  You might as well be eating pastry and expecting the body to grow taller.  Or you might as well be reading a religious tome, or Shakespeare, and assume that by doing so, “My little heart of hearts is growing bigger and very soon I will approach sainthood.”  What is necessary is an extension of the nervous system, and it cannot be fed on firm answers.

In a nonperjorative sense, what I do is trickery.  I keep trying to slip people a little further in one direction, then a little further in another direction, then into an apparently different third direction.  I draw a new diagram and perhaps you never hear about it again.  Suddenly months later or a year later, for what seems to be no accountable reason, it pops up for you.  Somebody says a remark and the energy starts flowing, trying to hit your Yellow Circuit screen.  Perhaps you hear yourself about to tell the person off, and just before it hits the screen you have one of those moments that make all this worthwhile.  Perhaps something I said a year ago comes back to you; it might be something I drew or put a name on and had not mentioned since.  It goes, “wham.”  But here’s the interesting part — once it goes “wham” you notice you are no longer tied to that description.  If you were, you’d be tied to a map, and you would be wasting your time; believing, “I have found the map”.  But that is not the reality of This Thing.  Whatever term is used, once you See the reality behind the maps, words are no longer important.

It sounds like insanity on the ordinary level.  The maps point to something you can almost conceive of so, “They can’t be meaningless”.  But that is how the Yellow Circuit and everything else at the ordinary level of consciousness operates.  The energy must take a form, and the form is words.  Were it not so, the Yellow Circuit would not have developed the way it did, and Life would not have grown through Man as it did.

Moving closer to the idea of love, I point you back to the Primal flow.  There is an absolute reality to this flow; word of it has leaked out at various stages throughout history, using names of various gods.  It has been described by those with a more mystical bent as “the spark of life,” or “the basic life force”.  There is a particular aspect of it I am going to describe; as if the primal flow had two entry points into the nervous system.  (This is not the correct description, because I am not telling you that there is an entry point, and even if I told you there was, I would not tell you where it is.  But until you see it for yourself you may view it as having at least two entry points.)  One entry is into Life itself, the full equation of you and everything that’s not you.  Then, on a smaller level, you can for the time being, also perceive it as flowing into you, and everyone else, personally.  I’ve drawn it as this little arrow at the base of the nervous system, at the base of the spine.  The aspect I’m describing is this:  Primal flow, being energy, must become divided in order to take form.  It becomes divided into the Three Forces.  You can see variations of this in religions and would-be mystical systems — the idea of the gods appearing to Man in some form.  But when believers and theologians are questioned by the Yellow Circuit on: “What on earth does that mean?  How can one person be three people?”, all they can say is, “Have faith.  That’s what it says here in this book.”  It is beyond Man’s comprehension.

The Primal flow divides itself into the Three Forces.  It would not be improper to perceive it as dividing itself and forming Life.  It is happening on a level higher than that of ordinary consciousness; and to ordinary consciousness it is totally incomprehensible.

Do not fall into the old anthropomorphic idea of life being some actual person, but it is quite proper to look upon everything that seems to be outside of you, the externally observable part of the rest of life, as another person.  Not just for the sake of some theory, but because its behavior, what seems to be the movements of Life, are an absolute reflection of every person within it.  And that includes its apparent contradictions and opposites.

Man ordinarily expects the gods to be one single non-contradictory Primal flow; that this deity could do no wrong, could not create evil.  But then we’re back to, “Hey, in that case, how come my grandmother died?  In that case, why are people starving?”  This other person that is the whole of Life not only drinks (the evidence being that a large part of the population drinks) — but also disapproves of it.  Someone will have a drink and turn around and say:  “Yeah, I shouldn’t drink.”  There’s Life.

Life starves itself.  From the point of view of the Yellow Circuit, there are people starving in the world.  You think, “Something’s wrong.”  And nothing is wrong.  You starve.  Parts of your body are dying constantly and there are people dying constantly.

There’s Life.  Life gorges itself.  Find me someone in life who does not overeat sometime.  “I have got to stop having two pizzas at midnight.”  You turn to your bed partner.  “Ooh, I’ve got to stop that.”  He or she’s heard it before.  “Yes, dear.”  And you go to sleep and get through the night with a reasonably acceptable degree of stomach rumblings.  At least they’re low enough that your neighbors don’t report you to the police.  You get through the next day and perhaps the next night.  But there you sit, ten thirty, and you say, “Is that new pizza place still open.”  There’s Life.  It is incomprehensible to the Yellow Circuit that for the Primal flow to go from energy to form, it must divide itself.  But it must and it divides itself into what I have been calling the Three Forces.

Now to that which many of you imagine is at the heart of any real system the idea of love.  Now if you will notice, I have talked aplenty about non-love, about hostility, and I insisted upon the rule of allowing no hostility amongst yourselves.  A man cannot be involved with This Thing, no matter what he imagines, no matter what his Yellow Circuit tells him, while being hostile.  I pointed out that there is no such creature as righteous indignation, no such thing as holy wars; not between you and another person.  I have often referred to “so-called love”, for within this closed system in which we are all temporarily residing, there is no such thing as love, the way people dream of it.  There is a reality behind what humanity calls love, but like everything else, humanity’s version is a less than complete perception.

I am going to give you a literal, physical description of the reality lurking behind Man’s induced idea of love and why it is so powerful.  Let me remind you again that it is all serving a purpose.  Humanity is not running amok, talking about love and then killing each other.  But here, verbally, is the basis of humanity’s belief in love:  humanity imagines love to be pure C force.  (Remember there is no such thing as pure C force, or any other force.  Everything is in conflict.  If a bullet flies thru the air, you’ve got to know who fired the shot and who got hit before you decide whether it was a good bullet or a bad bullet.  Did the bullet kill Hitler or your grandmother?  Just seeing a bullet flying through the air, who knows?)  But C force, relatively speaking, can be described as the constructive force, the force that is primarily in charge of making Life grow.  The power that the idea of love has over humanity is that somehow C force can be isolated, put into a pristine state.  Now remember, this couldn’t happen, but if it could, to say its power would be overwhelming is an underwhelming statement.  If pure C force existed, that would be the reality of humanity’s dreams of love.

You should realize that there are times you could literally kill those whom you claim to love.  Even if you’re too civilized, to actually pull the trigger, by now you should know that you have killed everyone that you claim to love.  And it is not a psychological problem, such as, “I see my mother several times a year and she starts with the same thing over and over.  She drives me crazy.  I could kill her.  I need a psychiatrist.  I’ve got to get over it.”  It has got nothing to do with that.  Everybody in the world has killed their mother and it’s because there is no such thing as pure C force.  Everybody has killed everyone that they claim to love, if they’re ordinary.  In a split second, it goes from, “I love you my darling.  I’d do anything for you”, to, “Did you burn the gravy again?”

This is not a critique of humanity nor of you.  It is not some misdirected effort on Life’s part.  It is that there is no such thing as a pure force, and what humanity’s imaginary idea of love represents is what it would be like if there was a pure C force at work.  But it does not exist.  Remember my diagram of the 3 interlocked rings.  Each ring is linked to the other two and you cannot move one without affecting the others.

I once told you that if there was a living reality to love, it would be that which would be unconditional.  And I just left it at that for a long time.  It almost sounds like something you would ordinarily see — the great, true romantic love poets and writers, a love so consuming that the other person could do no wrong. But even if your upper circuits believe it, you are still left with the fact that the Red Circuit has its own built in flow.  If you tell your sexual partner, “I only want what makes you happy”, you don’t expect the reply to be, “What would make me happy is to run off with someone else.”  Then, suddenly, its “Wait a minute, you’ve gone too far!”  The imagined ideal is:  “I love you.  You can do no wrong,” but when it gets to the ordinary level, the level of energy taking form, you can do wrong.

If there were such a thing as undivided, undifferentiated C force, it would be a constructive force with nothing destructive, nothing conservative, nothing trying to maintain the status quo.  A man would not say to his mate, “I love you, darling, but don’t take painting lessons.  There might be men there.”  That is non-C, restrictive, gradually getting into the resistance of D force.  The reality behind humanity’s dreamed-of love would be undivided, undifferentiated C energy in a form that a human could conceive of and experience.  But it is physically impossible under ordinary conditions.  There is no such thing as pure C,D, or E force.  It simply does not exist.  The closest thing to it would be the Primal flow before it is divided.

Try to Neuralize the nature of what people call love.  There are times when everyone has the feeling of knowing what love is, that “I just love everybody.”  But Consider:  You can sit in your room after thinking, “Yes, I love life”, then walk to the window, and look at a drunk passed out in the gutter or read a newspaper story about a mad-dog killer and suddenly it all changes.

But notice that there is a feeling within you that can hear the word “love”.  You see it portrayed in the movies by the star-crossed lovers.  They have problems right until the end.  They finally escape the unjust villains and they hold on to each other as the music swells and they fade into soft golden lights.  Under the right conditions, you feel as though you have been touched by something.  But what is touching you is the dream — the incomplete perception of reality, the imagination of what it would be if there were a true undifferentiated, uncomplicated, unmixed, pure C force.  You are feeling the dream of what it would be.  It does not exist.  But you can Neuralize that “This dream exists in me.”  What purpose does it serve?  Humanity is surrounded by it; you’ve heard about it all your life.  Preachers rant and rave about it, poets muse about it, painters attempt to put it on canvas, sculptors try to put it in their statues.  It is everywhere.  But it is not what it appears to be.  It is an incomplete perception.  The energy of the Primal flow must take form, and to take form, it must divide itself.  There must be Three Forces or nothing would move.  If there were only one force it would not move, or it would move so fast you would not see it.  It’s the same thing. And I’d also better point out that if there was only one force we would not be here talking about it.  To use some of my temporary descriptions, there cannot be C force taking off like a train and going somewhere: “Now we’re on the right track.  Now I feel better.  Since I got rid of my third wife and I’ve gone back to the church, I feel a renewed love in my heart for humanity.  I’m going to start doing charity work on weekends. I’m going to help Alcoholics Anonymous with teenagers.  I’m going somewhere.”  Things never go like that. By now you should know that.  It is not some personal fault on your part or on anyone else’s part.  It is built in to humanity’s hard wiring that things should go like that.

The Yellow Circuit is fed certain information, it talks about love for a very particular reason.  It doesn’t take a genius or a guru to point out, “Well, humanity talks about love and they’re killing each other.”  Or religions saying, “We’re going to help you to salvation by putting you on the rack and cutting off your knees.  Have a nice day.”  There is nothing wrong going on.  If it were not going on, nothing would be happening.  The conflict of the Three Forces causes movement, it produces growth.  If the Primal flow simply flowed through you undivided, you would not be a part of Life, nor would you be helping Life to grow.  You would not be human.  And that is why you, and everybody, ends up full of contradictions:  “I do so want to do good.  I want to love my fellow man.  But how backward and wrong this other race or religion is.  How wrong this other person is.  I’ve got to work on this.”  Nothing is wrong.  It is the Primal flow dividing itself, as it must, forming what seems to be the individual personalities of human beings.

So you can attempt to look at love as the imagined pure C force, or as undivided Primal flow (and remember, neither actually exist).  You can also see that the idea of love is synonymous with everyone’s idea of the gods — something outside the system who put it in motion, something who understands and watches over it.  I’m still talking about the Primal flow — that there is something that is not engaged in contrary action to its own apparent or proclaimed self-interest.  The ordinary nervous system cannot remember that what is ordinarily considered to be D-force is also necessary to the health and growth of Life.  “My gods don’t drink and get mad.”  Sure they do — and the proof is right in your own internal laboratory.

Remember, the only useful purpose for a map of this sort is for your own personal discoveries.  There are spots on the map that I don’t specifically locate.  Attempting to Neuralize is trying to find what’s between where you seem to be now, what you seem to understand, what seems to be your own voices talking about love — and something new.  Perhaps you listen to me talk about love and locating it — it doesn’t matter where — and you catch a glimpse of something.  I locate it somewhere differently than any of you had considered it to exist.  It is always new in some way.  I tell you, “It’s between this point and that.”  And you think, “Well now, this is something entirely new, I’ve never thought about it that way.”  Or even, “Hey, that can’t be true, this has gone too far.”  But somewhere between here and there is “Aha.”  And don’t put a period after your “Aha.”  Commas only — and then continue.  You have to shake yourself away from just accepting everything that’s already been fed to you in Life, in this case for example, about love being a high emotion, being what we are all striving for, etc.  Rather ask, “What could possibly be going on here that no one else sees?”  This is the kind of continual nonverbal question you should be trying to use on yourself.  What could be the purpose of the physical, real flows of energy that are taking form in this continual worldwide perception of the importance and existence of “love?”  What purpose is served when everybody, including you, talks about love and a split second later can hate their lover?  It is not a curse of the gods.  It is that there is no such thing as a pure flow of any of the forces once the Primal flow is divided.  Man imagines the Primal flow can be stopped, but it can’t.  The Primal flow divides and dissipates itself at Line-level consciousness, wherever that may be at any given time in history, and once the forces are split within each individual, you cannot go back and reconstitute it into one.  Yet, that is what people dream of when they imagine that This Thing would produce some kind of boundless and never changing holy passion for your fellow man.  That you would never get mad, would never get drunk, step on anyone’s toes or insult them.  “In some way I’m going to isolate the constructive flow and that will become me.”  You must see that the dream that it can be done is hard wired in you, and you must also see it is impossible. The Primal flow must be divided and once you can see it, it explains all the inexplicable, inexcusable, contradictory behavior of humanity.  It cannot be explained using the rules of language, the parameters of the Yellow Circuit.  The limits of ordinary consciousness cannot be explained if you are using ordinary consciousness to do the explaining.

Humanity sees only two of the forces — labeled “good” and “evil” and the interplay of these forces seem to present itself at the ordinary level of consciousness as a problem.  In your forefather’s day it seemed to be a struggle for the person’s soul, for his very existence between good and evil.  Now, in the Western World at least, the internal battle is between mental health and mental illness, a battle between, “I’m ok”, and “I’m not so hot, but it can be worked out.”  And it can’t be worked out.  Remember my story of what would happen if it could be worked out, if the gods could show up and magically cure all of human strife and suffering.  If they were so dumb as to do that, they would say, “Cure!” and as soon as they’d said it, they would think, “Where did everybody go?”  If they cured it, they would kill everyone.  That is, “cured” from humanity’s point of view, because seen from another level, humanity is not sick.  Humanity does not need to be mended, because its not broken to begin with.

As long as you are alive, the Primal flow is dividing itself just as it enters your system.  You can conceive of this flow for the time being as Life itself, as the spark of creation.  There is a reality to it.  As long as it is flowing through you, you are alive.  When it ceases to flow through you, you are yesterday’s news.  The moment it hits you, as soon as it enters the base of the spine, it splits into three.  And before you can remember, even when you were a child, you were full of contradictions.  Even before your Yellow Circuit was activated to the point that you had words for it, you were already listening to contradictory voices about what you’d like to do and what you should do.  You were already mad at yourself.  As long as the Primal force is flowing through you, you’re made up of these Three Forces.  You eat too much and as soon as you realize you ate too much, you say, “I’ve got to stop it.”  You drink too much and then say, ‘I’ve got to stop it.”  You find yourself turning on your best friend and then walking away saying to yourself “How could I treat him like that?”  As long as the Three Forces are flowing through you, as long as the Primal flow is in you, as long as you are alive, that is your nature.  If you try to use the image I gave you of looking at everything outside yourself as another person in exaggerated form, there is the nature of Life.  It is not a question of, “Why don’t people do right?”  We’ve had 5000 years of recorded history for people to learn to do right.  How come humanity is not now all goodness?  That is, why has not the C force taken over and run with it?  Because it can’t.  If it could it would destroy everything, but it can’t.  Why is it after 5000 years we still have people who will murder their children, we have people who will throw hungry families out into the cold for the sake of a few shillings?  Why has not humanity, why has not Life become paradise? Because it is alive, and it must divide itself in order to take form.  Just trust me until you can see it.  I’m giving you an absolute law of physics.  For it to take form creates that which seems to be conflict, contradictions, and confrontation.  If you want so see someone with no conflict, go to a funeral home. Because on one level, a corpse fits the description of what religions consider to be the ideal person.  No questionable attributes.

I want you to Neuralize something about the equation I + Not-I = Everything.  Looking at the left side of the equation, there seem to be some people who feel and experience life from the skin out.  I am speaking of extroverted people, who seem to be full of joie de vivre, who seem to enjoy the company of other people and seem to have their nose in everyone’s business.  Then there seem to be those who feel and experience life from the skin inwards — very introspective, withdrawn, and do not seem to need the company of others as desperately. (I am describing the equation in an unusual way, but in a way which could be of some benefit because it carries with it the possibility of running you in a slightly different direction and you may stumble on an unknown location in your own wiring system.  Then it can become a part of something that you can understand, not just something I said.  People who experience life from the skin outward would be parallel to the “not-I” of my notorious equation.  Those that seem to experience life predominantly from the skin in would be the “I” part.  There is no such pure division as that, of course. There are times when one of them will predominate from Line level down, and times the other will.  There is in each of you an inclination more toward one than the other.  Perhaps you seem to feel the most intense about life from the skin out:  the movement, the excitement, what other people say, what other people think, “what other people say to me, what other people think of me.  My consciousness of it seems secondary.”  Or perhaps you are one of those who apparently experiences life as being most real from the skin inward:  “What I think about this, what I’m imagining, the kind of internal voice that I hear that I take as being myself; my apparent analysis of what’s going on.”

Although you can find a predominance of one of those in you, you also pass through both.  Let’s say your predominant mode would be from the skin in:  “I could sit around for days and stay in the house and read books, go out on the porch and spit and smoke cigarettes.  I don’t really care if anyone calls me or comes over.”  But then there seem to be times, for no accountable reason, that you suddenly realize you need some razor blades and you just have to go to the shopping center.  It is a slight change, a variation — it shifts into, “I need to experience life more from the skin out.”  There is a gradation and there is no one that is 100% one or the other.  I’m not going to say much more and I did not bring that up, as you know by now, as some sort of instant title for a new psychological book.  You can use a map like the one I just described by Neuralizing:  “That seems to be one possible description of the diverse natures of different people in the world.”  And a person attempting to do This should find that very interesting.  It is interesting on the basis of, “How come everybody ain’t alike?  Why is there not a pristine flow of one force?”  I ask you rhetorically: can any of you even get a glimpse of the astounding enormity of This?  It is no longer any theological debate about, “Why are there bad people in the world?”  It is not a so-called psychological or spiritual explanation or rationalization.  If that worked, you wouldn’t need This.  There is a reality behind love, and there is a reality behind millions of people starving, lying in gutters, being arrested, or taking dope.  You might say, “That’s wrong.  The majority of humanity, at least right-thinking, educated, decent people agree with me.  It is wrong.”  It is not wrong except in the sense that there are large numbers of people who say it is wrong.  If you can see the division of the Primal flow in that example, then Neuralize that there is nothing astounding about internal contradictions.

You’ve got to look in the ways I’m describing, to travel the territory for yourself.  Look at how the Primal flow manifests itself.  Try and find out what I mean by Neuralizing.  What if you could ignore all the voices that mechanically flow, like, “the gods allow evil”, or, “some people are just no good”, or, “that’s unexplainable”.  What if you could escape all that, if you could be conscious above that level?  Then you look upon Life and it is very, very interesting.  Including that there are people who are drunk and addicted to drugs and are apparently ruining their lives.  There are people — if you take them as individuals, behaving in a certain way — and built into you, everybody else, and even into them is a condemnation of their actions.  But then above that level you would immediately find it very interesting that all that goes on within you also.

When you can activate consciousness above the level where the nervous system is now being fed, you see that nothing is wasted.  There is nothing going on in Life that can in any way be described as evil.  It is all quite natural and it can all be seen, as plainly and as physically as the kinds of maps I draw.  As plainly as me drawing the rings of this nervous system and saying there’s an absolute Line of consciousness that no one can see but me.  There is no physical line you can see visually, but the reality of it is there.  And it can only be Seen by activating the higher areas of your own nervous system.  “I see it and it is astounding, because what I see is what’s actually going on.  And rats, I thought I’d see gods and spirits and be able to work miracles.”  Of course you understand I’m making a joke when I say, “rats.”  You won’t be disappointed.  Because then you will also understand that the people who wrote books saying it would be great to see and talk to spirits were not fools and they didn’t just make it up.  There is no such thing as imagination and everything serves a purpose in Life’s body.  But things are a very poor reflection of the reality behind them.  .paWhen you See it, it’s more like, “My, how interesting that now I can see what’s going on.”

Neuralize along the lines that the reality behind Man’s idea of love would be the existence of a pure C force; a pure, undivided force that did not resist itself, had no conditions, was not contradictory within its own nature and did nothing by any definition that harmed itself, or anybody else.  Since that does not exist, then it is quite proper to try to conceive of how to treat other people — especially those with whom you seem to be in love.  Based on what I said earlier, what’s the best you could do?  What if you attempted to treat some other person unconditionally?  Even if there cannot be pure C force, what if you could whittle the resistance part down?  What if you could whittle away almost everything that is not love, everything that is contrary to what that person seems to want.  You could whittle off anything that is any form of criticism of the other person.  Refrain from any reaction except pleasure and agreement, so that if the person said, “I want to take art classes,” you could stop any display of, “No, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”  What if you attempted it, even though I say it’s impossible?  What if you stripped away everything that by any description was a force trying to preserve the status quo?  How close could you come to love?  Everyone else dreams or writes about, “Yes, I’m in love with you and to heck with everything else, let’s go to bed and we’ll be happy.”  Everyone ignores the fact it has never worked.  But what if you would try and take away anything that might be construed as D force, resistant force, the conservative force, the destructive force, the regressive force, the force in charge of defending the status quo, the rear guard force.  Neuralize stripping away all that.  Or at the very least, see what you’re doing, all the glances, the comments, all the internal voices directed at the other person.

That is certainly a worthwhile endeavor.  Of course I will point out again, it won’t work.  It’s all a trick.  But that is a most profitable undertaking.  How would it be if you could treat any other person that way, but especially someone else attempting to do This?  “I’m just in favor of you and I’ve got nothing else to say. Dye your hair, change your clothes, grow a beard, shave a beard, cut your hair off, wear high heels, go barefooted, take art classes, don’t take art classes.  I’m in favor.  I don’t want to talk about it.  I don’t want to think about it.  I’m just in favor of it.  You can do no wrong.”  It won’t succeed, remember.  But what would it be to try and take away, to whittle away, to withhold, to stifle, to strangle that which would seem to be D force, the force that’s naturally tied with what you ordinarily would call your love for the other person.  It does not have to be your sexual partner, by the way.  It could very well be applied to your family.  The lingering D force, the lingering apparent psychological conflict between you and your parents would be a great place to apply this if they’re still alive.  Even if they’re dead, it is the same thing, almost.  Neuralize “How would I go about attempting to withdraw all observable manifestations, by any description, of what would be D force?  I will not listen to the voices that tell me the status quo must be preserved.  I will not be a conduit for destructive force for the other person.  I will not criticize.”  And don’t fall into the trap of righteous indignation and the good old, “I’m telling you this for your own good” routine.  You must understand that all forms of criticism toward someone else are a manifestation of D force.  Criticism is necessary out in the ordinary world, but you’re attempting the extraordinary.

I pointed out that there is no way to go back and take the Three Forces once they have flown into the system and put them back together below Line-level consciousness.  Perhaps it will strike some of you, “How could this be described, then?”  That’s one of the parts I left out of the map.  Above Line-level consciousness you have a highly different situation than you do with the Primal flow coming in at the base of the spine.  From the Line down to where the Primal flow enters it cannot be put back together.  If you could, it would be the end of everything.  You’re dead.  So what is above the Line?  If what I told you about there being no such thing as pure C force (or pure any force) is true, then the proper question to Neuralize is “Alright, if that’s true, then what are these feelings, these moments I have of non-ordinary consciousness?”  What is happening vis a vis the description I’ve given?

As an aside, this is connected to why all of this seems so strange in the beginning.  I apparently have it down to a bare minimum of strangeness, and it still seems strange.

The Primal flow travels through the Yellow Circuit, hits the Line and is stopped.  I could talk about it in terms of would-be systems and gurus.  It sounds like I’m talking about outside the skin, but remember, we’re also talking about you.  Everyone wonders about all these people who have apparently started some system — not just contemporaneously, but throughout history — who seemed to know something.  Maybe you originally thought there was some struggle going on in you about choosing one particular guru or another.  You thought one knew more than the other and that they were all in some great organization. You had the sense that some of these people knew something, regardless of me telling you otherwise. (Even if that were true, they did not know it in a sense that would do you or them any good.)  It is simply that the Primal flow was exerting itself, pushing in a certain way.  It comes out through one person or another.  And don’t put a name on it.  One of the forces is always in the avant garde.  Life pushes in a particular place, and suddenly, so-called gurus are writing books and attracting large followings.  It is one of the forces moving (remembering, of course, that there is no such thing as a force by itself).

The difference between This Thing and pseudo-systems is this:  In the case of these gurus you wonder about, even if at one time they had a sincere hunger, at some point that hunger ceased; a certain flow through them stopped.  It stopped and things became stable; you can make sense out of what they’re saying.  Whether you seem to mechanically agree with it or not, they can state their views, they can put it in a book, and it makes sense.  It appears to be going somewhere, but it is not.  There is a large group of people, they’ve been in existence fifty years, they have a building, a code of conduct.  To do that you must stop the flow.  They did not willfully stop it.  They had nothing to do with it.  But it stopped.  They stopped. But as I pointed out to you, there sure is a feeling of comfort and safety, and it’s what most of you expected when you first got involved with This.  Why This Thing is so strange is that the flow has not stopped.  This has no specific location, no stopping places.  That’s why when you think, “I’ve just about got it,” it seems like I wander off somewhere else, somewhere new.  Remember that I was not talking about me and I was not talking about other groups.  You can feel within yourself that there is a flow of something.  I can call it that certain hunger, that certain kind of need.  I can call it a loose wire, a little weak place in your Line-level consciousness.  But you can feel within yourself that this certain flow, this hunger comes and goes.  At times you’d kiss my feet, you’d follow me anywhere because of something that apparently happened to you, something that you saw yourself, something that you would never have done it if you had not met me and heard this and been here.  But two minutes later, a day later, a week later, it’s a feeling of, “What is this all about?  I kept thinking it was going to get somewhere, that it would come to a conclusion, that it would all calm down.”

You should know that the more you See, the less you can talk.  The more you See, the less you have any need to talk.  The more you see, the more you realize you haven’t been talking anyway.  The more you See, you realize that what’s of interest to you, you can’t talk about.  It’s down to:  “Hey, have you heard any good jokes lately?”  “Do you have any new records for your collection?”  “Hey, what kind of car is that?”

Once things begin to seep into you, and you find your own new locations, you will realize more and more the difficulty of conveying This information.  You should be delighted:  “My, my.  That can’t be described and that son-of-a-bitch almost described it!”  When you See it, there is nothing more to be said. You don’t have to ask for my verification.  Just remember not to put a period there, or you’re on your way to becoming a guru, but you See something and right then you See it.  And whatever it is, it’s not just one thing.  Because there is no one thing, you See an indescribably expanding grid.  You see two things together that can’t fit, have never fit, you never even thought about them in the same breath, the same lifetime, there’s no apparent connection, and yet, “Ahhh.  It can’t be described, and he almost described it.”  And when you See at least that one part, you know that, “There’s nobody in the world I could describe this to.  I can See this and there’s nothing to debate.  I See it and it’s a part of a reality that’s beyond Line-level consciousness.  But if I tried to tell anybody, they would think I’m crazy.”  But that’s not what stops you, because then you no longer worry about being crazy — you understand what crazy is.


Avoid meat. Be of good cheer always. Wear insincere smile. Continue with group classes–chess, ballet, etc.