Jan Cox Talk 0085

Plugging Into the Non-Bad-Luck Flow


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Jan Cox Talk 85, Oct 6, 1983, runtime 1:30
Notes by TK

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We sit at the “elbow” of Life’s general stage of growth. Relation to “right time” to do something public and The Work–yes, then no; fluxes in time affect things. The difference between generations and the present generation could be called the “bland generation”: a turning point, between-breaths pause in god’s creation of the universe. Right now is not the best time to take The Work public.

Consider the equation I + Not-I = Everything. Relation to a “psychological” self and a physical self. But there is no such distinction except for the ordinary. Heredity causes everything, not environment. The equation represents a way to study Life: the I part is study of self; the Not-I part is study of the apparent external, i.e., everything else. Then the equation can be moved internally where I = I and Not-I = the rest of me: the body. All this is illusory ultimately but of some use for The Few.

What if it were possible to learn to plug into the “non-bad luck flow”? See the flow of all and avoid the unprofitable. Then which description is truer in this: you find an external good luck flow to isolate and plug in to–or take in ALL energy and eject the unprofitable. Remember the Equation: first description = Not-I type; second description = I type.

The Yellow Circuit-I can talk about Not-I and takes this as proof of its independent existence, thus making the Equation true –its separation. Example of two people in Group living together where one is more awake than the other. There is a subtle trap here of waiting for the other to make the effort to awaken you. There is only one kind of magic–you must change your behavior enough that you know it’s changed. Only you can change a triad, change your part in a triad interaction.

There is a reality behind the descriptions of Life as a self-fueling closed system. You cannot profitably look upon others in Life as alien, inferior robots unrelated to you, and profitably change for the better. You cannot alter Life. Only the barest possibility exists to change even yourself.

The breakup and release of old mechanical energy transfer points/ties. You have got to refocus on new Real energy concerns and interests as you activate above the Line. You must establish a new focus since Life will not provide a natural, mechanical pressure towards a new focus at the Yellow Circuit level. Red Circuit and Blue Circuit levels are provided for in this way by Life. You must effect a focus at Yellow Circuit level.

Maps-Info-Ideas. There is a rectifying “link-pin” which connects seeming contradictory ideas related to third force. There is a kind of crack within apparently unconnected or contradictory ideas and information whereby you can catch a glimpse of the extraordinary: Considering — Seeing the connectedness of everything. The lines, objects, enclosed areas on the maps of The Work are not truly relevant –it is the blank spaces between: the secrets are in the cracks. The maps must be astounding to even catch your attention–but the important stuff exists between the lines.

It is not good enough to “learn to be tolerant”–you’ve got to be tolerant.

Book reviewers and editors of collected reviews and essays. Who’s reviewing who? Where do you get the nerve to criticize anything?

1:20 TASK: Imagine you have been selected to introduce 5 people in any area you have an interest in. Make up 4-line introductions for each person and memorize it. Can’t use paper. Then stand up and give orally (to a tree in the forest maybe!)



Document:  85,  October 6, 1983

Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1983

Everything continues to change and even the speed of things changes.  The mechanical evolution of Man continues to move at an increasing rate of speed.  If you were ordinary, you could never sense that. However, to a very specific degree, Life has been going in a certain direction, and now it’s making a turn. We’re sitting right in the elbow of it, and though you don’t notice it, it is having a direct affect on you.

Historically, each generation has been separated by approximately twenty years.  But in the last thirty to thirty-five years the change has accelerated to every ten years.  Social observers have labeled the sixties generation as a distinct social phenomenon.  Then there was the seventies generation, very different from the sixties.  What we are observing now — if you had to put a name on it — could be called the bland generation.  It’s reflected everywhere, politically and socially.  I refer primarily to the United States, because this country is still the focal point of the direction the world is moving.  We currently have a boring president, our politicians are boring, and the music is boring.  This is all relative, or course, but periodically I’ll turn on a rock and roll station and notice that they are playing what sounds like elevator music.  Now I ask you what in the world is going on when fifteen year old kids are listening to elevator music?

We are right at a turning point.  In terms of the old myth of the gods constantly inhaling and exhaling existence — creating whole universes as they inhale and destroying them as they exhale — we are now sitting at the point right after an inhalation and right before an exhalation.  Of course this is just a verbal picture and there are always fluxes in time that affect everything.  But right now, particularly in this part of the world, it is almost as though we are right between breaths.  It is almost as though someone just told a joke, you laughed, and now you’re waiting to hear the next joke.  You just got through chuckling and wiping the tears from your eyes — and that split second in ordinary existence where almost nothing is going on, wherein you are almost not engaged — is where we are sitting — in the boring generation.

                     I + NOT-I = EVERYTHING

Neuralize the equation, “I + Not-I = Everything”.  A person can hear that and almost make some sort of sense out of it.  It seems obvious that there is me — my sense of individuality, my sense of consciousness, which is inside somewhere — and then there is everything else.  Put those two together and it must be everything.  The subtle reality behind my verbal equation touches everything.  An example would be the common belief that Man has a psychological self, a personality, plus he has a physical self.  This belief is accepted as true.  A doctor might diagnose a patient as suffering from great tension, but the question arises in the doctor’s mind, “Is this a psychological problem or is it a purely physical problem?”  Ordinarily a man would not examine this query, for it is just an accepted truth that there is a psychological side distinct from the physical side of Man.  Now, let’s suppose the doctor gives the patient a complete physical exam and finds nothing wrong with him.  So the doctor sends him to a psychologist.  After an interview, the psychologist concludes that the headaches are related to some aspect of the man’s job.  The psychologist suggests, “Perhaps it has something to do with your relationship to your manager.  We’re going to have to work this out in some way, but medication is unnecessary because this is a psychological problem.”  Then the psychologist brings in the office manager who appears to be the sort who is just walking bad news. The man and the psychologist talk to the manager for a few minutes, and it turns out that the manager is suffering from a painful, bleeding ulcer.  Should the original patient be diagnosed as suffering from a psychological problem caused by someone else’s apparent physical problem?  There is nothing in the environment doing it.  Heredity’s doing it — the heredity of Life.  If there was indeed anything resembling “psychological” in the universe, it would have had to slip in through a black hole in creation.

Try to relate this situation to what is represented by the I + Not-I = Everything equation.  This equation represents a way in which a person can begin to study Life itself.  Taking the equation as a temporary map, the “I” part would be a person apparently attempting to study himself.  But you cannot simply stay there.  If you did, you would become a continual meditator.  You would sit around the house with your feet propped up on the table, drinking coffee and reading books on philosophy or science fiction.  So, you also have to study “Not-I” — you have to look around.  For example, when you hear somebody say something, it may strike you in a peculiar way.  It’s almost as if you heard something not only between the words, but even between the letters, and even between the sound waves.  Of course, when you get good at this, you realize that person is not saying anything.  Creation is talking.  Everything is talking to you but ordinarily you don’t hear it.  That is one way you can Consider the “I + Not-I” part of the equation:  the study of one’s self and then the study of everything else.  Of course, you must still remember that the equation is an illusion.  But you have to start somewhere.

You can also see the equation at work in your brain.  Located inside you is I + Not-I = Everything. There is already the built-in assumption within your nervous system that the “I” part is that which is now saying “I”. And the Not-I part is everything not saying “I” — the rest of me — which is primarily the body.  There is the idea built into ordinary humanity that if this “I” has any possibility of being superconscious, it has to get away from this poor body.  Of course, that is attempting the impossible — a perfect vehicle to keep everybody right where they are.

Let’s approach this from a different direction.  Consider the idea of suffering and how people are jerked and pulled about under ordinary circumstances.  To do This Thing, you have to find out how to plug yourself into the non-bad-luck circuit of the non-bad-luck flow, that represents a distinct form of This Thing’s reality.  You have to learn that you can be responsible; you can do that which other people believe they can do.  Of course, ordinary people cannot be responsible and you can do it only with extreme effort. There is a way in which you will finally see for yourself that there is a kind of flow going on, amidst all these flows of energy — which I could label the non-bad-luck flow — wherein you simply live in a certain way.  This is not just limited to external behavior.  You can live in such a way that what seems to be bad luck does not happen.  You insist upon it not happening; you refuse to let it happen.

As you Neuralize this, keep in mind the I + Not-I = Everything equation, and the idea that it’s not true.  Could I possibly be saying that there is something going on, external to you, into which you could connect?  There is a flow of non-bad-luck energy all around but nobody can find it.  What if you could learn how to put your finger in it, if that’s possible?

Or, what if a man could learn to chew in such a way that he could extract what seemed to be the bad luck part from all the other energies?  It would be like throwing unshelled pistachio nuts into your mouth, chewing them to get the meat out, and then spitting out the shells.  There is no such thing as an individual flow of non-bad-luck energy.  It’s all just mixed in with everything else.  So what if the “I” part could learn to chew everything in such a way that the bad luck energy was pushed over into the corner of the mouth until an opportune moment and then spit out.

Humanity has always had the idea that there is magic available somewhere.  This is reflected in philosophical, mystical and pseudo-religious teachings, one crude form of it being the belief that if you could just find the right guru, he’d put his hands on you and say, “Awaken!” and that would be that.  It is a common belief that there are strange energies going on somewhere — energies emanating from the toenails of the gods, or energies that were originally part of life on this planet until Man ran amok and lost touch with them.  People believe that if they could just find the right book or the right phrases, they could conjure up good and evil spirits, or put themselves in touch with some kind of magical flow which exists external to them.  That is only true if the equation I + Not-I would hold water.  It is true if there is actually something external…

Let me back up and point out again that there is no such thing as “psychology”.  Yet there apparently are these things called “moods”, as in, “Boy, I’m in a bad mood.”  Now if a person understood anything, he wouldn’t say that, right?  But, if he was going to say it and wanted to be more precise, he should say, “Boy, a bad mood is in me.”  There appears to be psychological pressures:  “There’s the situation with my office manager…when he walks into the office, people want to leave.  Some of them want to throw up.  He is putting a kind of pressure on me.  That nonphysical, psychological pressure, just his attitude, is making me ill.”  That is true if “I + Not-I = Everything”.  That is true if indeed there are so-called psychological demons lurking.  But there is no equation of I + Not-I within a closed system.  A closed system consumes everything.

This feeling of isolation that everyone has, no matter whether you ever used that term or not, is not psychological.  It appears to be psychological since the Yellow Circuit has named it that.  It is I speaking of I.  Everything that is Not-I does not talk about I.  But conversely, man can apparently talk about that which is not himself.  And therefore, it is apparently to itself proof; “I can talk about Not-I, I can analyze and deal with it.  I can roll it up, and make things out of it.  I can build air conditioners and heaters.  But the Not-I part cannot do that to me.”  So it seems that without any further analyzation the equation is true enough, just as this feeling of separateness is true enough.

See if you can shift into this:  Consider a particular situation between people.  We are back to the picture of a triad, and the reality that one person can be responsible for changing their participation in it. This is still connected to everything I’ve been talking about up until now, but it is also something specific. Let us say that you are a man living with a woman.  (Remember how poor these maps are, and not to hold onto the map.) Let us say that this woman understands more than you do.  Of course, you never know for sure about anybody’s level of understanding, but let’s just assume it is a fact that she understands more than you do.  Let’s also say that the man (you) comes to a kind of conclusion through careful consideration that he has a form of hostility, like jealousy, that has no real basis.  He then begins to observe how it manifests itself:  he constantly gets into these little fits about where she’s been whenever she’s a few minutes late coming home.  Eventually the man’s jealous behavior comes up in a conversation between the couple and the man admits, “I guess, darling, you’ve noticed that I’ve always been terribly jealous.  It’s like a demon running through my circuits and something has got to be done.  This is hurting our relationship.”  Perhaps the conversation ends with the woman giving the man a knowing look which he interprets meaning, “So, you did know it.”  At this point the man and woman must beware and watchful of falling into a small subtle trap.  This subtle trap is for the man to wait for the other person to do something about his problem.  He feels that now that it is out in the open and they both know about it, that’s enough; now something magical is going to happen.  But it is not.  There is only one kind of magic that is worth describing:  all you have to do is change your behavior to a degree that you know it.  Forget the psychological approach of, “I’m going to sit down and work this out and figure out where it came from. Then I’ll discuss it with her and after a few years maybe I’ll slowly work on it.”  Forget all that.  That approach has nothing to do with Understanding.  The trick is for you to change your behavior enough so that you know it.  When you do that, there is no question about magic.  That whole triad will shift.

Everything is participating to a certain degree in a triad.  Everything has its own percentage.  Neuralize that a triad equals one hundred percent of that situation, although other situations are contained within it, and it is contained within other situations.  Just assume the triad is one hundred percent of this “jealous problem” wherein the man is participating twenty percent.  The woman and everything else (all of third force) are contributing the other eighty percent.  If the man changes his participation to twenty one percent or nineteen percent, the situation will no longer exist as before.  This is not some theory; it’s not something to hope for.  It will change it all.  You don’t have any choice.  You can’t warn Third force.  You can’t warn the other person by saying, “I’m going to change my percentages, but let’s take it easy.  Don’t get carried away.  We’ll kind of slip into it.”  You cannot wait for someone else to affect a triad.  If, indeed, another person does change their participation in the triad, it will never bring about what you originally considered to be the desired result.  It is never pleasing if somebody else does it.  It may certainly put an end to the situation.  It may put an end to the triad.  But nobody else can cast demons out of you.  Nobody can heal you.  Nobody can ignite the higher regions of your nervous system.  Again, if the other person in a triad changes the degree of their participation — where they are standing in that triad — there is no way which they can change it that will ever bring about your originally desired solution.  It cannot work.  And it’s not for some kind of vague spiritual reason; it mathematically cannot work.  It literally, physically cannot be done.  Only you can do it, by changing your leg of the triad.

There is a reality behind descriptions of Life being a kind of self fueling system with no observable entry point for new energy and no exit point, except for what seems to be death.  You have to begin to see that basically Life is unalterable.  Yet if anyone here is speaking or feeling toward other people or toward Life in a condescending manner, you are off on a side trip.  People are not simply robots.  You cannot look upon your fellow man or humanity in general as a bunch of mad ants, a bunch of ignorant machines.  On one level, that’s true, but you cannot do that; it’s not true.  There is a basic flow to Life that you have had every opportunity to know for yourself by now, because you’ve had yourself to play with all along.  It is almost impossible to make any change.  What we’re looking at is that basically there is no question of altering Life.  There is only a small possibility of altering yourself.  I keep waiting for some of you to finally verbally ask this question:  “How is it possible to even ignite the higher regions of the nervous system?  If things cannot be altered — if it is all a closed system — how is it even possible to make a change that is so abrupt…?”  Everything is living within a closed system.  You are not separate from it, not psychologically, not theoretically, not allegorically.  And there is basically no question or possibility of change it would wreck everything.  If there were something outside of this living system that could come back in and suddenly grant your wish, that would be the end of it.  There is no way to grant one wish, because your wish is tied to everything else.  If your wish were granted, there would be an outcry of people moving out from you like ripples; people who would suddenly get kicked, trampled, stepped on, lose a leg, lose a fortune.  There would be people spreading from you like wildfire, screaming and hollering about justice, since terrible things had happened to them immediately after you got your wish.

All of you must begin to understand and feel a kind of individual focus.  When you experience that, you begin to lose your engagement with Life.  You begin to stop passing the prime energies that you have been outfitted to transfer.  All of you are beginning to feel at moments that This is having some affect on you.  You may feel like it is not all beneficial because some of the energy has gone out of previous activities you thought you were interested in.  Sometimes that happens and sometimes it doesn’t happen. There is the difference between a person’s real talents and interests, and that which is simply part of their transmitter mechanism.  You have got to be able to focus yourself in some way.  In a sense, this process begins to break up all the wiring structures that hold you so rigidly into the form that seems to be you.  You begin to feel the structures loosen a bit.  You can almost breathe; at times you can look at situations and get a glimpse of things that are astounding.  Connected to this is a breakup and release of ordinary areas where your attention was always held.

You can get to the point where it seems as though the Yellow Circuit is just almost flapping in the wind. Perhaps sometimes it seems to you that, “I couldn’t be more delighted!  I am no longer held by those negative, depressing daydreams that I have had all my life.  They just don’t work on me anymore or happen in the same way.”  Yet, at other times it seems like the Yellow Circuit is a wire that’s been ripped out of a lamp.  The current is still running through it but it’s just thrashing around on the floor wondering, “What next?”  You must bring the Yellow Circuit into focus.

There are different levels to this kind of focus.  The low level focus is in everyone:  the drive for continued existence, self preservation.  That is the lowest, most common level.  I could then describe for you a mid level (where most people are held), wherein seems to be one’s personality, including all horizontal hobbies:  the desire for fame, fortune, a new car.  This level is as far as it goes with most people.  But there is another level where you have to focus yourself once you begin to activate the system above the level of ordinary consciousness.  There is no place to look except to your connection to This Thing.  You can’t wait because Life will not produce this for you; it is not yet established; no mechanical pressure nor circumstance in Life can produce it.  The focus is to ignite the higher regions of the nervous system.  That is the aim of This Thing.  But you have got to create this kind of focus for yourself.  You cannot just simply wander around with the Yellow Circuit spinning in all directions while actually doing nothing.

Let me point out several things about maps and what seem to be ideas.  There is a kind of rectifying link pin that operates between what appears to be contradictory ideas, between ideas that are apparently unconnected.  This link pin is the reality of the Third Force.  This is what holds everything together.  For those of you who are really alert, I’m talking about Neuralizing ideas you come up with on your own, not just the old philosophical questions.  Here is an example.  Several weeks ago, somebody asked, “Could there possibly be anything to the idea of Happy Hour being at a certain time of day when there seems to be an even greater amount of tension?”  There you sit in traffic and you look up and see a sign that says, “Happy Hour, free hors d’oeuvres.”  You look around you and see people sitting in their cars, tense and blowing their horns.  You realize that this situation is affecting you.  Happy Hour.  And then you wonder if this has some greater cosmic significance?  You might use the Yellow Circuitry to try to get close to Neuralizing, “Well, I’ll bet it’s related to the fact that in this country almost everyone gets off work between 5 and 6.  So everyone’s already put in 8 hours of tension producing work in jobs they don’t care for, around people they don’t care for.  It’s only natural, in the flow of events, that you get off from work and if you are inclined to stop and have a drink, well, what better time?  Then you might consider, “What about people who get off work at midnight or work the graveyard shift?”  You do not try to come up with any particular conclusion.  You might start out assured that one idea is true, but after Neuralizing it and everything else, you can just as easily see that very same idea is also untrue.  That is when you get close to what real Neuralizing is all about.  Two different descriptions explain one idea equally as well, yet the two don’t fit.  There is the crack, there is the link pin that holds it all together.  There is a crack that lies between what appears to be contradictory, irrelevant ideas, and when you get good you can see it.  For example, you will be reading something which seems to be a statement that you have heard before or you have thought of before.  It is the kind of statement that everybody just assumes is true.  At the same time, it’s almost as if you can see around the edge of the page and get a glimpse of what could almost be its opposite.  You can come up with what appears to be contradictory ideas around this same focal point.  But then when you get really good, you might look off, light a cigarette, look back and suddenly go from the original idea to pork futures in Albania.  Or you are focused on something about the question of Man’s inhumanity to other men, you look out the window, look back and it strikes you…..How in the world did disco get so popular? It’s all connected.

Remember that the kinds of maps and the marked locations on the maps that I talk about are not of ultimate importance.  Consider that everything is a continuum.  I keep drawing a map; it gets bigger and bigger.  I move into other areas, adding more drawings, pointing out new locations, and describing new things, but that is not what is of ultimate importance.  What are of ultimate importance are those unidentified blank areas on the map.  That’s the basis for my saying that we all have to go to Alabama, but once you get there and realize what Alabama is, you understand that we didn’t have to go there, other than the fact that we had to go somewhere.  What’s important is not what is marked on the map, although that is astounding (it has to be astounding to even get your attention).  But you can’t live on the map.  The real secrets are in the cracks, in all the blank areas, in the unidentified territories.  That is where you’re out stumbling, if you are taking any of this seriously.  You think that I keep dragging you from here to there, but it is the places in between that are important; the area between here and Alabama.  That is where the cracks are.  There are places in between the pieces of “important information” where the ideas are breathing, between the inhalation and the exhalation.  That is where you can find something; that is where you’ll find out what I mean by Neuralizing.

I’ll give you one more.  Some of you seem to like to be given something that is not on the map yet. Here is something to Neuralize:  People will say, “I thought that one should learn to be tolerant.  I thought that one should learn to be brave.  I thought that, especially being involved in something like This, one should learn to be strong.”  It’s not a matter of learning to be tolerant, brave or strong.  You have got to BE tolerant, brave and strong.