Jan Cox Talk 0084

The Vivus Seams


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Jan Cox Talk 84, Sept 29, 1983, run time 2:12
Notes by TK

The three forces: Ref. Diagram 9, of 3 rings interlocked.

“Seams of interactions” juncture points.  Relative preponderance of one force builds momentum in that direction. “Major, minor and symmetrical” points or areas on the rings. 5 different degrees on each ring. Forces don’t exist isolated and independent: always as a combination Never static, never stable.

Transfer of energy vs. transfer of understanding = transfer of ignorance vs. work transfer.

Consciousness is where the three rings touch in living juncture. Also, there is human emotion tied to consciousness.

Considering: examples of proper use of yellow circuitry. ][Imagination = incomplete perception of reality –always 1/3 of reality is missing as ordinarily perceived.

Transfers of energy: “explained psychologically”
1. What is blushing?
2. Preface to “song and dance” is the part of the song and dance. 3. If “instinct” = energy, then what = form? If heredity = energy then environment = form.
4. Electrical energy = first force. Chemical energy = second force (electrical/chemical  exist in a blood background). Enlightenment = an actual blood change



Document:  84, September 29, 1983
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1983

Some of you are beginning to have some real knowledge of what I mean by calling the descriptions I give you “maps”.  If these maps are not alive — if they are simply built upon the ashes of something in the past — then this becomes no more than a belief system and incapable of producing any real change.  This is exactly what all forms of religion are.  Adopting and practicing a belief system will not expand the circuitry.  If that sort of thing had any potential, there would be no need for This Thing.  All of you would have found what you were looking for long before you found This.

It is time to shake the current map.  I am going to direct your attention back to the Three Forces and give you an example of how something can easily become a belief system.

The idea of there being Three Forces is most captious and it has been around for a long time under many guises.  I do not mean that those who used the idea two thousand years ago understood it.  They referred to the forces as being manifestations of the gods, but the reality of the forces was sensed and it was appropriate for the teacher of that time to describe them in that manner.  However, there is a physical, literal reality to them.

 Diagram # 009 illustration
Diagram # 009 illustration

I have told you that if you could picture two of the forces, then subtract those from everything else, what would be left is the Third or unseen force.  You have had sufficient time to Neuralize the forces in this way.  Now I am going to change the map a bit to get closer to the reality of this.  There is no such thing as a perfect map — a perfect map would be pure energy.  If you remember the Story of the Ants, it was a verbal description of energy turning into form. Some wise ants who had found a picnic table took out a napkin and drew a map of it.  The other ants became so delighted with the map that they never attempted to find the picnic site.  Instead they tried to eat the map and live on it.  That may sound like an interesting allegory, but it is more.

I have used certain terminology, referring to the First, Second and Third forces.  But if you have continued to think of them that way, you must stop it.  There is no such thing as First, Second or Third force floating around.  One reason I am changing the terminology is that the numerical value I originally assigned did not have anything intrinsic in its order.  First force is no better than Third force; Third force is not worth more numerically than First or Second force.

Here is new way to think about the interaction between the forces:  What it amounts to — as pictured in this drawing — is a series of vivus seams — living juncture points where the forces connect.  If you think of each ring as representing one of the forces, each is interconnected with the other two and these seams are alive at the points where the forces are joined.

The forces’ interaction is a matter of degree.  If we were describing two of the Three Forces, there would be one place where their interaction would be symmetrical; that is, each force would be contributing one-half.  (The total amount of energy which could turn into form would be 100%)  That is the middle stage which I have marked “50% — 50%”.  Consider — simply for the sake of this map — that one side is positive and the other negative.  (Of course, when the two forces are actually joined, it is irrelevant to say that one is positive and one is negative.)

On this map the extreme ends represent interactions wherein things are turned in such a way that one of the forces is the major force.  These are marked “87 1/2% — 12 1/2%”.

This map has the potential to help you begin to See what makes things operate.  It is never simply a head to head confrontation or simple dichotomy between two forces.  The action of one force could range from 99% to 1%. Do you See that at the extreme — if First force were contributing 99% and Second force 1% — there would be a momentum to one side and things would move in a particular direction?  Of course, for the sake of description we are ignoring Third force, which makes this alive.  There is no such thing as 100%; that is, the forces do not exist independently.

Continuing the last example, suppose that things shifted so that First force was contributing 75% of the total transfer of energy, rather than 99%.  Things would not be moving at quite the same momentum because the force producing the primary momentum would not be as strong.  Then if the percent shifts again so that the two forces are in a symmetrical relationship, the situation is entirely different.

Remember that I do not invent maps for the sake of inventing maps.  This one is as disposable as any other.  Still, what I am describing to you is astounding.  The continual shifting of forces is what causes things to operate as they do.  It is a relative matter of these three rings — using this map for the time being — moving nonstop.

I have often told you that what is alive is changing.  On some level this should almost be self-evident.  If you want an absolute definition of what is not alive — as far as what can be observed on our plane under ordinary conditions — it is that which does not change.  But from that point on, the defining line is not so clearly drawn.

In the beginning, the most you can see is the movement of two forces — the historical ones being “good” and “evil”. When you have drawn such a line and are on one side of it, it is easy to shake your head and say, “shame, shame.”  If you are ordinary you will get engaged with one thing or another: “This is terrible, despicable!”  But once you have the ability to expand your ordinary circuitry you see that from another viewpoint whatever happened was quite proper:  to build a church you must cut down innocent trees and dig up unsuspecting mud that was minding its own business.  After you’ve killed the trees you have to skin them — cut them into pieces — to construct this grand edifice.

Even when you begin to get a glimpse and realize that there is something astounding in this description, it is almost impossible to remember.  My words may strike your Yellow circuitry in such a way that you think, “If I could see this all the time, I’d never get mad at anybody.  “Under ordinary conditions, try telling yourself, “I’m going to remember this.” Self says, “Good.  What?”, and it’s gone.  But you have to move past that.

For the time being use this map of three interlocking rings.  And picture them floating in space, each one moves independently while intertwined with the other two.  Each one has a seam — a juncture point — with the other two.  I will also mention that there is another force which is not pictured.  This Fourth force is the entirety of the other three operating.  Picture each of these rings as cylindrical and divided up into five different degrees — five living seams.  It is a matter of where each ring is touching each of the other rings.

If you can Neuralize this map without making your head explode, you will See something you have never seen.  A way to start is by Neuralizing two forces; that they are not in some way stable and not in any way in static conjunction.  Under some conditions, one of the forces would appear to be constructive, progressive — in charge of change — and one appears to be in charge of resistance.  But it is not as simple as “change against resistance”.  It is continually shifting and this happens outside of ordinary time. All Three Forces are moving faster than the eye can blink and the heart can pound within you.  They also move at a level that is far beyond a man’s lifetime.  They move on both these scales simultaneously.

What you can study in the beginning is what you perceive with your own senses.  Consider why it is that you are in love one minute and the next minute you may want to kill the person.  Then, later the same day, you are in bed saying, “I love you, I love you.”  Ordinary introspective people approach such questions by asking, “What sort of psychological drama is being unconsciously played out here?”  There is none. There is a physical reality of energy being transferred in such a way that it can be measured by Understanding. That which passes for psychological change — human drama — can literally be measured mathematically.

Picture these rings, like round tubes — hose pipes — that are closed together, interlocked.  I drew lines around each of these hoses and divided it into five parts.  Each is so divided that it is interlocked with the other two and they move — it cannot be otherwise.  The only time that apparently no movement is going on is when they have reached the symmetrical position.  Ordinary people take the shifts that occur as being something personal that is “going on in me”:  “What did I do to upset him?”  “What has happened to our relationship?”  “I was working so hard at my job and now they are talking about firing me.”  From every individual viewpoint — if you are ordinary and looking at things psychologically — this is all inexplicable and you are left with thinking, “It’s not my fault.  Something has happened outside my control.  Other people have gone slightly mad when I was not looking.”  It’s not true.  What happens is what I am describing and it is a mathematical certainty.

Remembering that this is an incomplete description, picture again two forces.  It is as if one force is touching another force, but this is not a direct confrontation.  Rather, they continually shift slightly so that one predominates and the other is in a subservient position.  Everyone feels this shift and attempts to explain what is experienced through language, which in itself is another transfer of energy.  The explanation is that so-and-so happened because someone did such-and-such.  This explanation is a transfer of ignorance.

I do not mean that to be funny.  Someone who understood something might actually describe verbally the transfer of energy going on.  Any description less than that is a transfer of ignorance — a transfer of the status quo.  Ordinarily there is no information available — no new ideas turned loose in the world — which conflict with the ordinary flow and transfer of ignorance.  You can go out and buy the newest book everyone is discussing and it will contain no wild new ideas.  There are books that have wild ideas but they are ignored.  New ideas that gain attention are not new ideas.

There is a saying, “Ignorance is the opposite of the truth.”  It is not.  Anything carried to its extreme is what?  If you carry something far enough, it’s like hitting yourself in the back of the head with a rock.  If you were actually free to pursue what you consider “goodness”, what you thought was a proper course of action would very quickly turn into the living epitome of what you previously would have called “non-goodness”.

There is no such thing as the perfect map, because a perfect map would be the opposite of reality, but it would run into it.  Notice that when you start by saying, “This is a fact, this is true”, and then carry it far enough, it will come up behind itself.  If we could describe just one of the forces, it could be said to have made one complete revolution.  If your memory were extended — not limited to its ordinary fragmentation — you could see that everything runs the gamut of the universe and comes back and kicks itself in the ass. But consciousness is arranged so that once something changes, you do not feel it is the same situation or person.  You think, “My, how they’ve changed.”

Under the right conditions, an ordinary person might hear someone say, “That which is good shall become evil,” and think, “I bet there is some great metaphysical truth hidden in that.”  There is physical truth hidden in it.  There is no way in which any flow of energy can continue to run in one direction.  For that to happen, there would have to be a way out of this system, and there is not.  One force would have to exist without any real relationship to anything else, and that is not possible.  One force — what is apparently one idea, one particular political or social or philosophical movement — does not have the ability to run continuously and never turn upon itself.  The reality of this — the forces in operation — can be felt, not just understood mathematically.

From now on you should not think to yourself, “That man is like First force — I can see it flowing through him — and that other guy is Second force.”  Instead, think of a seam, a living juncture point.  Those two people are moving and the relationship can be changing so fast that it is almost simultaneous.  Observe that they both take it personally; that they believe there are psychological motivations for what is happening.

Consider why I put percentages on the map and said there are degrees of movement when things change.  If it were simply Three Forces operating constantly in a trilateral dance, changes would happen so erratically that everyone would be seasick.  Things would be more unbearable than they are now: people would crash like bumper cars; reality would constantly jump.  But that is not the way things function.

Where consciousness exists is where those three rings are touching; that is what you are conscious of.  I also suggest that you consider there is a slight connection between that and the circuitry in Man, the three circuits.  You are conscious at one place — where this living juncture is.  Consciousness does not happen as a series of constant jolts; it is a graduated movement, through five stages.  It moves from, “I do not like what’s going on!” to “Oh, this is delightful!”, but in the middle it always passes through, “Ah, what can I do now?  I know what I’ll do!”  What is actually happening is that awareness is somewhere on a living juncture point at which you are temporarily conscious.  But it seems like, “Oh, that’s the way I feel.”  It’s human emotion.  and there — at those junctures — everything goes on from war to your rage at your neighbor planting petunias on your property.

Recently someone asked, “Is there a time of day that is particularly tense, around five to seven p.m.?  It seems this way with many people and it seems almost a universal coincidence that this is the time for Happy Hour at bars.”  That is a good example of using the Yellow circuitry in a proper manner, of what I mean by Neuralizing or Considering.  You should all be attempting to move consciousness away from your apparent feeling of wherever the particular juncture is right at the moment — “How I feel, who I am.”  Maybe this person was stuck in traffic about 5:30 and they drove past a bar.  A sign outside said, “Happy Hour — 5 to 7” and something struck them and they carried it further.  That is the proper use — at the very least — of ordinary consciousness; for such things to strike you and for you to Consider them.  There is nothing to figure out.  You could go to some university and choose a subject which no one has studied, come up with a new theory and try to convince people.  But that is not what This Thing is about.  This is more a matter of “Hmmm”.  It doesn’t matter where these considerations lead, because in a sense real Consideration never goes anywhere.  You touch things that are unrelated, things that no ordinary person ever had any business even thinking about.  From an ordinary point of view, what is the value of that?  What are you ever going to do with it?  It will not make you famous, but it is valuable because it expands what you can perceive.  It does not simply go from here to there; it does not have a period.  It does not become a new fact.  The only fact for someone attempting to ignite higher areas of the nervous system is the last thing they were considering.  That is the closest thing to fact, only you never get there.  Remember, there is no force moving in one direction.

There are two more things I want to mention and you might still attempt to see that I am not changing the subject.  Remember my rhetorical question, “What if there is no psychological aspect to life?”  There is none.  But people believe life is a series of psychological, unconscious motivations and that’s not an illusion; it’s not that they are wrong and I’m right.  They are in the majority; they’re right.  Or, remember how I have said there is no such thing as “imagination”.  Yet there is nothing wrong with one ordinary person saying to another, “That’s your imagination.”  It is no more than a typewriter saying to a vacuum cleaner, “I can make words”, and the vacuum saying, “That’s your imagination, nobody can do that!”

Try to perceive that there is a missing element here; that the reason nobody in the ordinary world can explain anything is that one-third of it is always missing.  That is why nothing is ever satisfying.  No philosopher, no pope, no rabbi or priest can explain anything, because from the point of view of ordinary consciousness, one-third of the picture is missing.  An ordinary person looking at Life sees a continuing confrontation between two forces.  That is ordinary perception; it is not right or wrong.  Within that perception, people believe, “I am real, this is me talking.  This is what I feel.  This is what I think.”  On either level, it won’t do any good to argue, “But it’s not you.  There is no ‘you’ in there.”

When you begin to have the ability to refuse to listen to the voices within which say “this is this” and “that is that”, you see that nothing is broken in the world.  There is nothing wrong; no energy is being wasted.  Energy is being properly transferred, even among those people — including you — who holler, “Things are in a hell of a mess!”  From the viewpoint of all Three Forces — from a viewpoint beyond ordinary consciousness — nothing wrong or wasteful is going on.

I have mentioned before that if, “Is man governed by his heredity or his environment?” were a valid question, the answer would be “heredity”.  Can you consider that the enjoyment of suffering over things gone amiss is a form of Second force — if it could exist by itself — speaking out in favor of the environmental theory?  It is saying, “Our lives are governed by what happens to us.”  The songs always say, “My heart is broken because my baby left me,” not, “My heart is broken because I was born with a weak valve and it runs in the family.”  Would “I Have the Blues Because of the Wiring Potential Present When I Was Born” ever be a hit?  I am telling you to observe that there is a certain juncture point where Second force predominates which is constantly manifesting itself in Life.  People are constantly discussing how one bad thing or another has happened and is controlling them.

Can you perceive that, for example, people enjoying soap operas, sad songs, and disaster stories in the National Enquirer is not a manifestation of some psychological defect in people?  It is a particular juncture where Second force is operating in Life and serves a quite valid purpose.  Every time you pass by a newsstand that sells the Enquirer, every time you hear a sad comment in Life, know that Second force is alive and well.  As long as there are people who enjoy being conduits for Second force — “Did I tell you my uncle died and how he suffered at the end?” — Second force is alive and things are not about to fall apart yet.

You might think, “Being depressed or pitiful is not worthy of a real person — you shouldn’t do that.”  Which is true, if your aim is to ignite higher areas of the nervous system.  But what I am trying to draw your attention away from is any idea you may have that one force can operate in isolation or that there is any form of human behavior that serves no purpose.  Everyone singing a sad song in Life right now is part of a juncture where two forces are interacting.  You can look within and see this operating in you.  Notice that every time you hear that somebody died, every time you read about something awful happening, there is the urge to tell someone else about it.  You are drawn to it.  This is not a psychological defect in you.  It is a juncture point where Second force manifests.  It is real; it is physical.

There is an energy behind everything that passes for psychological, behind what appears to be behavior — that is, form — which can be judged.  Notice that all human behavior falls somewhere within the parameters of, “I approve of it, or I disapprove of it.”

But what is going on when a man pulling his car out of a driveway is almost run down by another car and after that car passes by, the first man honks his horn?  I’ll point out the obvious:  the second car is already out of the way.  From one point of view, the potentially dangerous situation has already passed, yet the guy blows his horn.  The ordinary explanation is, “Well, he’s mad.”  But something physical is going on.  Consider why he is blowing his horn when the whole incident is over.  A necessary kind of energy is being transferred.

Another good place to start observing is how people are constantly doing a prologue to their song and dance.  Think of a television quiz show where the contestant draws the category “sports” and before answering his question says, “Well, I don’t know much about sports, but I’ll give it my best shot.”  Or a man stops to help a good looking woman who’s having car problems:  “I’m no mechanic, but I’ll have a look.” People continually do this:  “…and here he is — the famous Fred — come to do a Fred routine!  He’s got a little cold, but the show must go on!”  That sounds as if it could be readily explained psychologically, right? The would-be mechanic doesn’t want to tell the woman he knows nothing about cars and look like a fool. But I’m telling you something else is going on.  There is a type of energy which must be transferred and it is being encouraged — supported — by the person giving this prologue.  Forget the psychological explanation that people are trying to save face.  It’s not that that this untrue, but it doesn’t explain anything.

There is energy being transferred and it is representing itself in forms that you would ordinarily describe as, “The guy doesn’t want to appear dumb, even though he knows nothing about cars,” or, “He’s trying to make people like him even though there is almost no chance he’ll be able to answer a question about sports.”  Forget such descriptions.  The preface to one’s song and dance is part of that song and dance.

Whatever you do, you are transferring some kind of energy when you do it.  People continually attempt to explain everything in psychological terms — “I was fidgeting because I always get nervous when someone is watching me.”  “It’s a habit, an unconscious habit.” — and everyone believes such explanations cover the possibilities, but they don’t.  What is happening is a direct transfer of energy.

Try another one:  What is blushing?  It seems simple enough; a little blood rushes to the surface of the skin.  If you ask why it happened, an ordinary person can always explain, “I was around some people and they got to talking about sex and I was brought up believing there are certain things you don’t say in mixed company.”  But I am asking you what’s going on and the psychological explanation won’t suffice.  What is actually happening when you blush?  Why is it that one tongue can flap around and send out sound waves which hit the ear and become something with meaning to me — words, if you insist — and that translates into something physical which makes blood rush to the surface and makes me grin so people around me notice, “You’re blushing.”  Consider:  what is going on here?

Everyone is familiar with the use of such terms as “instinct”.  If we established, as a working principle, that instinct equals energy, what would equal form?  What is it that would equal what appears to be individual behavior?  Why does one person appear to be different to a noticeable degree from another? While Considering this, keep in your nonverbal memory the realization that none of it came from the environment, because the environment came from heredity.  If you want to carry this further, Consider:  if heredity is energy, then environment is form.  There is no such thing as environment; it is just an excuse to talk about heredity. Ignorant people discuss circumstance when what they are talking about is genes, and you don’t want to count yourself among their number.

I am often asked about the old idea that energy is in some way recycled throughout Life.  This has been the basis of some religious and occult notions that whatever you give out will come back to you; that if you go around helping your fellow man, your kindness will be returned.  Energy is recycled in the sense that ordinary people will continue to receive and then transfer the same energy over and over.  But if you have any ability to see objectively, you will realize that anything you do cannot go in one direction. If you try to help your fellow man, you’ll get stepped on just as much as if you try to abuse him.  The truth behind this idea is that everything in the grid system of Life is part of a closed process and there is no way out.  It is the non-understood reality that ordinary people are in charge of receiving only certain kinds of energy within this system.  They continue to replay their same life over and over because they are in charge of transferring a limited spectrum of energy.  The idea that, “I’ll do good,” is part of the necessary transfer of energy in Life; it is tied to the belief in the sanctity of human life.  It is necessary, but as far as it being some isolated objective truth, things don’t work that way.  Remember that nothing can continue to go in one direction without turning back on itself; no one force operates in isolation.

Let’s take a specific example.  All of you have been aware of the so-called new age or return to earth movement going on in this country.  Many of you may have felt that you directly participated in it:  “I’m going to go back to the simple life.”  And by doing this, you felt you were in some way ushering in the new age.  From your viewpoint, you were in the forefront of this movement, doing something good.  From another viewpoint, this was nothing new.  It was just a new version of the same thing.  You weren’t personally deluded — something big was going on, manifested in many people feeling like, “We’re doing something constructive.”  But can you See that from another viewpoint, it was Second force in action — a juncture point of resistance?  But those involved believed just the opposite.

Everything you apparently do under ordinary conditions could be described as its opposite.  But when you are in your particular grid position you cannot see this.  All you have to do is activate the inactive parts of your brain and you will begin to See it.  But at the ordinary level of consciousness, you see only one viewpoint.  You know only that you are doing what is “right”.  That’s not untrue — any course of action is right when you’re ordinary.

Let’s go back to where we started.  Even the ideas of This Thing can become for you merely a belief system if you do not make personal effort.  I remind you of something I have warned you about before: there is within everyone a longing for the gods or some savior or guru to show up and say, “Come here my little one, it’s all right, just trust me.”  There is within you a desire to worship something or somebody.  But there is no such thing as a Real System based upon belief in somebody.  All that amounts to is you believing that what somebody else says is true.  And if you just believe it’s true — if you just know what’s “right” — you don’t know anything.

Only by Seeing — moving from your grid position — is freedom from any belief system possible.  You have to be able to consume every belief system that exists — everything that’s been written or could be written — all of what you agreed with and all of what you disagreed with.  If you could write all of that on one piece of paper, do you understand that the paper would be solid black, once you got it all down?  Then you could say, “Aha!” but not before then; not as long as you still believed in something.  As long as you believed, there would always be a little white spot on the paper and you would keep thinking, “Something belongs there.”  But once you filled the entire paper in, you’d be equivalent to the zen monk who after thirty years of staring at a wall says, “Aha!”  The monk spent his life trying to cut out all stimuli.  But do you see that he could have approached it from the opposite direction?  He could have attempted to believe and experience every possible thing.

That is what it would be like to activate every possible area in the brain in the realm of ordinary consciousness:  you would be as dumb as everyone else in the world put together.  Or, conversely, you would be as smart as everyone.  All the goodness in the world combined could not touch you for goodness.  And if all of humanity were to attempt to produce evil at one time they could not produce as much evil as you could in one second.  That’s what it would be like, if you Understood this.  And at that point, you would Understand that there is no such thing as psychological and there is no explaining this. You just have to start writing.  Once it’s all done and the paper is black, you will see that to attempt to explain it, you would have to get an eraser because there is just no place to start.

That is not the nature of ordinary consciousness.  Humanity is constantly transferring energy, constantly asking, “Why did you do that?”, and explaining, “Let me start right here and explain.”  The real reason for what they’re doing is what they’re doing.  That ought to be clear enough.  But wait, let’s analyze it:  “What did he really mean by doing that?  What were the deeper motivational influences?”  Once you can See, everything explains itself.

Do any of you suspect why This Thing has always been presented in the way it has, in religious or spiritual guise?  Don’t just look historically — look within yourself — and you will see that is the way you have always wanted This Thing to be presented — as a belief system.  You can even see that sometimes it irritates you, the way I present it.  It’s as if I am going against something in you that you can’t quite put your finger on.

Well, let’s stop this while we’re ahead.  Of course, that means somebody’s behind.  Every equation equals 100% and you can’t get out of the system.  If you’re X% ahead, there is X% behind you.  So look on the bright side — if you’re behind, somebody else here is ahead.  And the ratio could change at any time. What will lead to this new mathematical feeling, if you pursue it correctly, is Considering how things continually change and you do not recognize that they change.  They change from second to second in such a way that it is never a dramatic shock.  If your consciousness ran in three directions at once, you could See this.  Often in a matter of minutes, something travels far enough to turn into what you would have originally called its opposite.  It is a continuum of the forces in operation.

Here is something else to consider:  insofar as there are electrical and chemical processes that run this organism, if I told you that the electrical aspect of Life was First force, then what would be the corollary chemical reaction going on?  Your Yellow Circuit might immediately jump to the conclusion that the chemical aspect would be Second force, but don’t jump too soon.  Remember the way I have described Third force, and pictured the constant surge of blood flooding the brain.  What if there is a background upon which all this must operate, and what if that background is bloody?  Neuralize a literal, bloody background in everyone.  What if you are a pint low?  What if activating the higher areas of the nervous system would be like having an oil change — a blood change — before you die?

You cannot Understand this, until you Understand everything else.  If it made any sense, everybody would understand it.  If it made any sense, it would be reasonable — it would have a past — and could be tied to everything you already know.  If it made any sense, it couldn’t go anywhere.  It would lead right up to a point — a period on the final page of what’s “right”.  And the preacher, the teacher, the guru, your father, would say — “I’ve told you the Truth and the book’s closed.”  And you and every other person at the ordinary level of consciousness would say, “Thank you, Father.  It’s all clear to me now.  Now I have a map upon which I can live and work and eat forever.”  That is what everything — except real Understanding — is based on.

Here is your choice:  You can wait for someone to tell you what’s right, and be happy in your ignorance — or you can do This Thing.