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Are You a Fred? Or Are you Fredding ?


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Jan Cox Talk 78, Aug 18, 1983, runtime 1:40
Notes by TK

History begins with Yellow Circuit–when men can speak/repeat. God invented with the word: a god-like existence is ushered in with the Yellow Circuit because it is judgmental of everything except itself.  Remember: no system can comprehend itself at its own level.

Speech: the ability to pass non-concrete information creates a sense of godlike existence. Results in a feeling of isolation. Words = judgment. Godlike state of awareness; from the Yellow Circuit down, everything is subject to criticism. People feel they must straighten everything out because everything is broken.

“I” takes everything personally, while not being able to take into account and discounting the participation of Blue Circuit and Red Circuit. It deals with “psychological” explanations only. Red Circuit cannot take anything personally. Ordinary consciousness takes everything personally. This must be so or you could not be conscious of anything.

Part of Considering is to laterally activate the circuitry to provide foundation for vertical expansion. Relation to Kyroot’s “everything is upside down and backwards” as starting point in Considering anything/everything. Considering as the surveying of all possibilities.

The Primal Flow and Personal Flow: relation to first 2 forces. ][Music-vibrations-beat frequency between 2 different notes–i.e., a third note is produced. Resonance: propagated vibration. Resonance between nervous systems (vibration fields). The nervous system is constantly assaulted from all directions; the major form of assault is hostility. You must be able to resonate in unnatural areas of your own nervous system to do This Thing.

Fish/water analogy. “I” operates as gills on a fish–filters everything preordained by specific circuitry program. This is sustaining at a certain level][Everyone but The Few are walking frauds, except they aren’t frauds. Fraud = no substance behind the facade.

Relationships: breakups and relative lack of potential partners in Group; you can’t choke on this; can’t suffer over it.

1:20 Reading of Group observations and questions.

Construction/destruction can’t be separated.


TASK: Set alarm for 15 min. earlier than usual and lay in bed and watch the running of the Yellow Circuit before you get up.
TASK: Try to make a list of what strikes you when Considering in light of Kyroot’s “everything is upside down and backwards.”



Document:  78,  August 18, 1983
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1983

 Diagram # 026 illustration
Diagram # 026 illustration

Until the Yellow Circuit evolved to a certain point, speech as we know it simply did not exist.  And you may find this of interest to Neuralize as it relates to the history of man.  For example:  Consider all of the anthropological theories and the continuing quest to pinpoint exactly when man first appeared on this planet.  No matter how painstaking the research, ordinary people will never understand the beginning of humanity.  All the Yellow Circuits will find is previous Yellow Circuits.  The history of man began when Yellow Circuit speech began.  Until people could talk, they couldn’t exchange nonphysical information.

Humanity has always been attempting to evince patterns or rhythms running through Life.  Recall my “song of Life,” a rhythm —   melody, and lyrics — and how together they correspond to the Three  Circuits.  Indeed a rhythm does run through you and through other people.  And the tempo of this rhythm is dynamic.   Sometimes as I talk, I have to practically sweat bullets before anybody Hears any of what I am saying.  It’s as if your collective Yellow Circuits overdosed on lasagna.  On those occasions I might jokingly ask, “Is it a full moon tonight?”  But forget the moon.  I am not implying anything astrological.  But a certain rhythm pulses throughout Life.  And a certain rhythm drives This Thing:  and it reaches, at times, what I call crucial points.  This occurs periodically and I have always been able to ride it out.  It’s nothing to get excited over, but you should be aware of these rhythms and ultimately all of you must repay your debt to This Thing.

Your first Aim must be to do This Thing itself — to ignite every possibility within you.  Your foremost responsibility is to elevate  yourself above Line level, and right now this must remain your singular Aim. Until you learn how to do more, your only repayment is to the group itself.  There is no way to feed energy back to me directly other than to get above Line level.

I want you to attempt to Neuralize the old ideas permeating all races, religions, and cultures that, in some way, speech is holy.  Take, for example, the old biblical phrase, “In the beginning was the word and the word was god.”  Then Consider how the Yellow Circuitry had to reach a certain level in order to speak.  I am not referring to grunting noises;  I am not talking about the way a dog makes noise when you say “food.”  The word “food” means nothing to a dog.  He would respond just as hungrily to “bobcat.”  But if you understood why a dog goes to his bowl when you say “food,” you would understand this rhetorical question:  what if the apparent content of words is almost meaningless?  When only two circuits are in full operation, words are meaningless.

Once the Yellow Circuit became capable of speech and people could convey nonphysical information — to transfer energy without hitting, pushing, or grunting — that was the very moment humanity invented “god.”  Because at that moment, everyone discerned a godlike isolation from everybody else.  In that one instant of growth a new division arose.  And it created in even the lowliest, most whipped-dog person the sense of a godlike separation.  Once the Yellow Circuitry began operating at the level I am indicating, consciousness became judgmental of everything below it.  Consciousness, without acknowledging it, took on the role of a god sitting somewhere outside of the rest of Life, capable of passing judgement but certainly beyond being judged.

Capable of speech, consciousness passed judgement on everything from Line level down, except itself. Is that not the definition of god?  Such a being cannot turn upon itself and find fault.  Even in all the old stories of a god destroying whole countries, if not the whole planet, for certain transgressions, you will never read how any god sobbed, “Boy, I screwed up!”  No, the stories always go, “You people screwed up!”  Yellow Circuit  speech ushered in a godlike awareness.  From “I”-level down, from where your nervous system formulates the feeling of “me” down, it’s as though everyone believes he created himself — the godlike feeling of separation.  Without analyzing it, people  are driven to feel that Life is subject to intense scrutiny and criticism from the throne of the Yellow Circuit:  yet the throne cannot turn upon itself. It cannot turn upon itself and ask for self criticism.  It cannot turn upon itself and ask for its own credentials or history.  It cannot ask itself, “Did you invent all this?  Where did you get your experience to criticize all of this?  How do you know that your nose is too big?  How do you know that you are overweight and unattractive?  How do you know this?”  It cannot turn that self-critical function upon itself.

No system can be aware of itself at its own level.  The Yellow Circuit cannot.  Nothing can.  A system can only be aware of what is below it.  The fear that someone will invent a computer that is smarter than man is a fear of the impossible.  One level cannot rearrange Life so that that level produces something more conscious than itself.

A variation of this is reflected in the belief, which humanity is forced to hold, that if you take a group of ordinary people operating at Line-level consciousness, then, in some way, something greater than the individual parts is going to be produced by the whole.  You cannot take a million ordinary people, put them all together, direct them in some aim (such as creating world peace), and expect anything greater than the individual parts.  But at Line level everyone must believe great things come out of our human institutions. And no one who understands anything in This Thing would ever try to break down the ordinary order of things.  Because nothing is wrong out there.  It functions far better than you can imagine.

Consciousness responds very personally to everything that apparently happens “out there”, and to everything that apparently happens “inside.”  But attempt to Neuralize that the full being of you does not take it personally: the part taking it all personally is right at the top of your Yellow Circuit.  The throne feels that everything is to be taken personally, but it in no way takes into account what is going on below it.  For example:  for the last two days you have been irritable.  The throne is affronted and, by and large, utilizes all the energy passing through the Yellow Circuit to analyze this “mood.”  It tries to explain it away, to think back and discover the cause.  “It must be the pressures of my job.”  The throne will not take into account the fact that you have not exercised for a week.  The Yellow Circuit takes things personally, at its own level.  It cannot take into account what is going on below.

The Yellow Circuit also cannot take into account the fact that, “I do not feel good right now for one reason:  I am alive.”  The Yellow Circuit cannot deal with anything which is not available to it on its own level.  Let me remind you that at Line level nothing is wrong.  It is energy passing through the circuitry. Humanity crudely attempts to explain a “bad mood” — from demons to unconscious motivations — but it cannot take into account simple laziness, nor can it recognize, “I have not felt good, and I do not know why, except I am a human and I am still alive.”

The Red Circuit does not take things personally.  (I’m playing with justice to say this, since the Red Circuit does not have the wiring to be conscious in the sense the Yellow Circuitry now seems to be conscious.)  But your stomach does not take it personally that it is upset.  Your knee does not take it personally when you twist it.  It cannot.  There is only one thing that can take everything personally, and it’s the top of the nervous system.  It is doing what it is supposed to do.  But by so doing, you understand, it is blinded to two thirds of the possibilities.

Everyone, no matter his apparent position in Life, is wired up to believe he is at the center of the universe.  Each “I” is in its rightful place:  the center of everything.  And there is nothing wrong with this arrangement, unless, of course you are attempting to activate yourself above Line level.  But, at Line level, for you to be aware of anything, “I” must be at the center of it.  For your attention to be held long enough for you to talk about it, long enough to listen to somebody else, long enough to notice anything — you must take it personally.  “I” must be in the center of whatever is going on or you would not be conscious of it.

Here’s another way to Consider Neuralizing.  Ordinarily, “you” are defined by the limitations  of your Yellow Circuit activation.  Only certain areas within your brain receive energy.  But This Thing is a process of unnatural expansion, and you must activate everything below the Line to provide a kind of support for what you are trying to activate above the Line.

It is partially for this reason that ordinary people who have gotten glimpses above the Line either think they are going crazy or are left with the all-time favorite explanation, “Hey, the gods spoke to me.”  In other words, they have no understanding of what they saw, because their nervous systems below Line level could not support the free surge of energy above the Line.  For someone without any support,  to glimpse above the Line is no treat.

Part of what Neuralizing is about is fully activating the Yellow Circuit at Line level.  If you could follow the normal flow of energy through your nervous system, you would see it pulsating down dead end streets.  It runs to the end of a particular wiring network — and splat, you have an absolutely frozen “decision.”

Neuralizing is the attempt to continually  survey all possibilities.  One way to begin this is to Consider that everything you and all of humanity believe is upside down and backwards.  But remember that’s not true.  Nothing is perfectly backwards and upside down.  If that were true we would only have two forces. But to assume the ordinary is backwards is a proper approach, in the beginning, to trying to survey all possibilities.

This wiring below Line level, is like a little bureaucrat continually responding faster than you can snap your fingers, making its short statement and announcing instant, finalized, firm decisions.  And you must get away from it.  You must pull your attention away from that automatic process.  When you do, you find out that you can produce what seems to be a dual state of consciousness.  You can be aware of you being conscious as you ordinarily are, and you can squeeze “I” away from the center.

When you can begin to separate yourself from the internal voices you always trusted, you See for yourself how this system is continuously making apparently finalized, solid, all encompassing decisions based on old, small bits of random information.  And you See that physically, internally, it’s an automatic process whereby spurts of energy shoot through the spine — through the nervous system — over and over, faster than you can snap your fingers.

This continual pulsing of energy is tied directly to the sensation of time.  And you find you can alter your perception of time.  You discover that your nervous system operates at a certain tempo and that your next door neighbor Joe’s nervous system operates at a different tempo.  And the trick is to put all of the different tempos together.  The tempos merge to form one large piece of dance music and nobody is out of step — not even those who appear to be out of step.  If you could assemble all of humanity on a single flat plane somewhere — if you could see it correctly — you would see millions of feet marching.  And you would realize no one is out of step.  There is no step.  Everyone moving together is the step, the tempo.

But as long as you are operating with “I” at the center of everything, a large segment of humanity always appears out of step.  When everything revolves around “I”, it is obvious to “I” that many other people have no sense of rhythm.  Your “I” will tell you, “Perhaps a word of criticism, a word of help, would straighten everyone out.”  But nothing is broken.  All the steps are The Step.  It simply appears otherwise to those deafened by their own drumbeat.  And to be able to Neuralize is to be able to survey other possibilities, other drumbeats, other tempos.

I want you to Neuralize a parallel reality in the form of music — specifically what I refer to as beats.  Don’t imagine that I am giving music any mystical significance.  I am simply using music terminology as a vehicle.  Anything that produces vibrations in the air, such as a guitar string, will produce what you hear as a pitch.  And you can make things vibrate in such a way as to produce two different frequencies.  You pluck one guitar string and it vibrates at 400 cycles per second; pluck another and it vibrates at 440 cycles per second.  If you hit them both simultaneously, a resulting pulsation can be measured.  This pulsation is known as “beat” and it is the difference between the other two original frequencies.  Not only do you have the two original frequencies, but also a third frequency,  beating around 40 cycles per second, is produced by the two you plucked.  You take two fingers and you pluck two strings — two forces in operation — and a third one is produced.  Then Neuralize the matter of resonance itself.  Resonance is the ability of one vibrating object, such as a guitar string, to make another potentially vibrating object (such as an unplucked string) vibrate sympathetically.  Remember we are not talking about music; your nervous system is continually assaulted by the vibrations of other nervous systems.  Your nervous system resonates.  One prime example, from your own blessed little tongues:  “That woman drives me nuts.  As much as I love her — and I am crazy about her, I just don’t know what I’d do without .paher — she has some ability to drive me crazy like no one else can.”

Anything that has electricity running through it is going to produce a magnetic field.  Within that field are vibrations.  In this respect the nervous system is no different from an electrical motor.  The magnetic field of your nervous system picks up vibrations.  We are more affected by vibrations emanating from sources closer to us, such as our family, our mothers, fathers, husbands and wives, our friends.  But the nervous system also resonates from the vibrations of television, street noise, air conditioning; it’s affected in different ways.  One person is affected if he’s standing on an elevator with two other people.  Then he’s affected when the door opens and two more people get on.  Whatever example I could make up for you, although it might appear as people interacting on a so-called psychological basis, is in fact physically based.  It’s not something psychological.  Remember the Yellow Circuit can only react personally at its own level.  What happens, literally, is that the nervous system itself vibrates, and it is affected, in accordance with your particular wiring, by other vibrating nervous systems.

You could take this idea of resonance and apply it to almost any other idea I’ve given you and See something new.  One possible application is that what you are trying to do, until you’ve sufficiently experienced This Thing, is expand your circuitry laterally. In the beginning, there’s no real question of what it might be to be activated above the Line.  A large part of my initial focus with you is to stop your nervous system from automatically reacting — resonating — in its habitual fashion.  Your nervous system simply resonates within narrow bands of frequencies.  It’s just the way your individual little system works, and it’s not right or wrong.  But part of what all of This is about initially is to expand the circuitry so that you are not resonating in that same,  uncertain area,  where you could be described as more or less having a certain pitch.  “You are almost a D-flat, as opposed to a D-natural or an E-flat.  You are a D-flat and that is the closest we can say.”  You can expand your nervous system beyond its natural key and actually learn to avoid resonating at that very natural frequency.

Another direction for your Neuralization is to be able to resonate in brand-new areas.  (And in case you didn’t catch it, this is not the opposite of my first example.)  Most of you should have a great suspicion, if not an actual glimpse, that you cannot continue to be forever locked into whatever your “I” seems to be. You cannot change, much less activate yourself above Line level, as long as you reside within the boundaries of your “I”.  To your “I”, some things are either right and wrong.  Principles.  Ideas.  Behaviors. There are limits to what “you” will do.  Plain and simple — frozen boundaries.  There are areas you resonate in and areas you don’t.  To do This Thing, you absolutely must bypass all limits.  Your Aim is to expand the possible areas in which you resonate.

I have pointed out that for anyone to ever be properly attracted to This one must have within one’s wiring some potential to have been almost anyone.  In a real sense, becoming everyone is what This is about.  Life has announced for years the idea:  “We should all be our brothers’ keeper.”  And yet no one can be his brothers’ keeper when “I” is at the center of everything.  “Brothers’ keeper” is not the term I would have used, but it’s still valid.  To be your brothers’ keeper is to be harmless to your fellow man.  And there is only one way you can be harmless — you must understand him.   No frequency can remain foreign to you.  You should never find yourself wondering about others’ behavior, as if to say, “People do that?” Not that you would necessarily do whatever they were doing; not that you would encourage whatever it is they’re doing; it has nothing to do with any of that.  But you feel the vibration.  You understand how another human responds in Life.  You feel it in your own wiring.  You feel one string of it somewhere go “hummmm,” and that is the end of it.  Except once you have activated that one part it is no longer foreign. You are harmless to those people.  They might even be doing something so weird, by horizontal standards, they may be arrested.  Of course, you’re not going to try to post bond.  You’re harmless to them because you understand them.  You can’t be critical of any part of Life your wiring resonates with:  when your strings “hmmmm,” you now understand.  And, that is the reality behind the oft-quoted phrase:  “There but for the grace of my circuitry, go I.”  Once you can resonate, once you feel it in your own wiring, then it is true.  It’s “Hummmm…yes, there’s a piece of me that, under different conditions, could have been exaggerated. I could have done that…Hummm.”

Let’s go back to an idea I’ve mentioned before:  the fish in the water.  Can any of you begin to sense that what seems to be personality, what seems to be “I”, literally operates as the gills in a fish?  What seems to be “not-I”, what seems to be outside of consciousness, physically and otherwise, is filtered through this “gill.”  It is filtered, it is refined, and the gill operates very selectively.  It forms, and it reacts to, what amounts to a preordained, preconceived reality.  Just as the fish only extracts from the water what it needs to stay alive, consciousness only takes in what it needs to stay alive.  No more, no less.  All the possible vibrations, all the possible information, everything you hear, everything you see, literally flows through your nervous system, and the particular wiring patterns that have already been established in you operate just like the gills in a fish.  As fast as your nervous system can pulsate, it is filtering, selecting, extracting from the environment, only what fits your wiring.  Everything that flows through the Yellow Circuit is going through a very selective filter.  And it has nothing to do with education.  You can’t fault your background.  There is nowhere in your environment at which you can look and point a finger.  Your environment is the result of your birth.  You must look within the wiring pattern itself.   The water flows through, and only certain substances are taken out.  The Yellow Circuit processes only the nourishment needed to keep the circuitry going.  The circuitry receives, transforms and transfers energy just as it is supposed to do.

Now See if you can put any of this together… On this planet, it is only those doing This Thing who are not frauds.  Everyone else is a fraud.  Of course, that’s just between you and me; it’s not true out in Life. The only way you begin to know this is not from some ordinary cynical observation of Life.  You know this when you find out that everything in your little self, from Line level down, is a walking fraud.  Related to this:  humanity keeps repeating, and automatically accepts, the idea that, “We would all be happier, we would be better and more fulfilled people, if we would simply be ourselves.”  And everyone, in some way, responds and resonates to this.  I could ask the question, “Why don’t people just be themselves?” and out in Life everyone would shuffle their feet and say, “That’s a tough one.  There are as many answers to that as there are people.”  But I must pose the question to you, “Are we not overlooking the obvious?”  The obvious answer being, people are being themselves.  At Line level no one is equipped to hear that. Ordinary nervous systems cannot resonate to that kind of news.

I remind you of the question, “Are you a noun or are you a verb?”  Is there such a thing as a Fred, or does a certain nervous system vibrate, and end up Fredding?  And part of the process of Fredding is hollering, “If I could just be myself, if I could just speak my mind, if I could make the world understand me!” That’s Fredding.  To Fred is to be oneself.  And Fred is a fraud.

On another level, you could say that to live above the Line  and still be in the world is another form of fraud.  But it’s an objectively admitted fraud.  Now you can look behind the fraud facade and See what constitutes you.  You See everybody you have ever met before.  You See everyone you ever feared you’d meet.  And you See the sham.  But the sham is right up front.  Behind it there is nothing else.  Once you become an objective fraud there is nothing behind you hollering, “Well, I wish I could be myself.”  Because now you realize, “This is being myself!”

The other day I had occasion to hear someone, out in Life, make the comment, “There is a difference between the kind of man who would be a carpenter and the kind of man who would drive a bulldozer. Because one is just knocking things down — destroying them — and carpenters get to build things,”  Does anyone Hear that as a perfect example of how binary consciousness perceives the Three Forces; that there are destructive forces and constructive forces and the twain shall never meet.  At Line level no one can ask, “Where did the carpenter get the 2×4’s to build things?”  Somebody cut down the trees.  You must struggle to See:  anything apparently constructed always destroys something else in the process.  But remember, destroy and construct are nebulous terms, to say the least.  On their own, they barely exist. They only exist in relationship to  each other.  Whatever seems to vibrate in your nervous system as absolutely and purely constructive, I can show you where, in another part of the Grid, in another Triad, someone else’s nervous system vibrates and says, “destructive.”  Suffice it to say, you cannot have one without the other.  And, of course, there is always a third something as well.

Sometimes it may seem to you that certain parts of Life need to be changed and improved.  But one involved with This might then ask oneself, “Do the things that work really need to be changed, or is it my automatic, given pattern to try to fix things up?  And as such, do I do it?  Or does a person of This Thing choose not to interfere, realizing that all is as it should be?”  This is a valid area for Neuralization.  What in you is making the judgement, “There are aspects of my business or my relationship which should be improved?”

First you must have some taste of living beyond the wiring system, beyond “you,” because at Line level nothing deliberate is possible.  All you’re doing is responding to the vibrations of your nervous system. You always assume you’re First force; and that you know the enemy.  But when you can physically change your position in your nervous system, you are no longer mechanically bound to the triad in question.  Then such questions as, “Should a person try something?  Should they not try something?” or, “Are they aware that nothing can be done…?” are viewed from a radical new perspective.  When you can be conscious outside your nervous system to any degree, at that moment  the arrangement of the triad shifts, and you are no longer fully a part of it.  Now the question is, “What should I do?”  And what you would do is open to all manner of possibilities.  Because only now can you do anything.

At Line level a triad cannot be deliberately changed.  It’s going to be changed, but not because somebody willfully changed it.  Triads continually change.  The forces of Life are ever moving, ever shifting.  But it is only when you can be conscious outside of the confines of a triad that you have any possibility of actually sticking your finger in a mechanical situation and having a willful effect.

There is no profitable, absolute answer as to what a person should do or what they would do, but I will point out the possibilities already inherent in the question.  Once you can be conscious outside the limits of a given mechanical situation, the way you perceive that situation will not be the same way you perceived it when viewed from Line level.  So, in the beginning, the question “Should such and such be changed, or could it be changed?”  is irrelevant.  How can you know something needs changing when you cannot in any way be assured that you would even see the situation in the same way if you were outside your area of Marying and Fredding?

I’m not suggesting, by any means, that when a person gets above Line level he just becomes an aphid, or a sweet potato.   In no way am I telling you not to take appropriate action if the situation calls for action. The purpose of This is not simply to get you to some point where most of your personal demons have been exorcised, and you are not as upset as you were when you first met me.  You’ve just reached the starting gate when you begin to get the strange sensation that Life might be working just fine without your help.  But you can’t simply sigh a sigh of semi-melancholy relief, roll over and play dead.  You can’t.  You can’t do that and do This Thing.  The purpose of This is not to become sweet potatoes.  If anybody had that privilege, it’d be me.  And, that’s not a privilege at all.