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This Is A Prolonged Shock


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Jan Cox Talk 77, Aug 11, 1983, runtime 1:39
Notes by TK

Try to consider that for a long period of time This Thing is a prolonged shock, disorientation. Try to hold continuing awareness that J. is not dealing w/ deep philosophical structures. The ordinary intellect, man’s crowning achievement is meaningless. All on the basis of transferring of energy.

Nothing in Life to be fixed because nothing is broken.

The non-ending stream of voices that things should be fixed does not come from you. The continual critique of life. Automatic, mechanical. useless.

Prolonged and disturbing shock that is you, that everything is broken and needs fixing. Can you imagine the relief to see that nothing is broken?

Speech is only possible when the Yellow Circuit is developed far enough. This is why animals will never speak.

Variation of this theme exists everywhere: “In the beginning was the word, and the word was God”. I am singular because I can talk. Transfer energy by words. Words are magic.

The nervous system as magnetic field acting like a vibrating tuning fork. Pulsating. Memory gives the illusion of continuity. Illusion that this is a smooth flowing movie. Has a parallel to music.

Fundamental note: musical note C will produce other vibrations in other strings. Everyone is vibrating/pulsating. Everyone is an individual note w/ differing pitch. Consonance: normal harmonic. Dissonance: sounds irregular. Seeking out friends: driven desire to find a compensating, harmonizing vibration in another person. Desire to stabilize and harmonize the vibration of the nervous system.

When two notes are struck a third is automatically produced. Mathematical reality. People are drawn to that which is unstabilized, to help harmonize. Basis for immediate felt hostility or liking for another. Literally a physical process. Every apparent attraction or repulsion is controlled by the vibration of your nervous system. Frequency between nervous systems.

There are people you have met who seem to be consistently at a certain frequency. When you can vibrate thru the entire frequency range, then no other notes can disharmonise. Reality behind “becoming one.” Vibrations change with age, your tastes change, what affects you changes.

Throughout history `12′ is a recurrent number; e.g. disciples, musical notes etc.

Everything outside your mechanical range is meaningless to you.

1:27 Personal comments to Group: brief history of Group activities to show increasing intensity and coming shock of public phase.


TASK: go for a walk into the midst of people. Try to see triads in action. Just snapshots of situations to catch how triad exists.
Partial task: pay attention to rhythm. Note that 7-10 words is the usual sentence length.


Document:  77 XY, August 11, 1983
Copyright (c) Jan M Cox, 1983

There are two specific areas you should Neuralize continually.  The first is that out in Life you are not dealing with deep, complex thinking, psychologically or spiritually motivated, demon possessed human beings.  In ordinary Life you are dealing with vibrating, transmitting, energy stations.  This includes what appears to be man’s crowning achievement, the intellect, its necessary servant, the tongue, and the written word.

What if the apparent content or cargo of man’s spoken and written word is almost meaningless?  They are but vehicles, and it doesn’t matter what the ship is carrying, it is all a transferring of energy.  Whether you are reading something that was written l000 years ago, or written by someone who is 1000 miles away, the basis operation taking place is a transferring of energy.  Everything else is of almost no importance.

Speech is only possible when the Yellow Circuit has reached a certain stage of development.  That is the beginning of what ordinary humanity calls consciousness.  Various religions and cultures have put forth different versions of the story of “man’s beginning.”  Perhaps the most commonly recognized in this part of the world is “in the beginning was the word and the word was god.”  In a certain way, the people telling this story were speaking the truth though they didn’t know it.

When people began to speak, words ushered in a “god-like awareness” of themselves as individuals.  As soon as the Yellow Circuit is activated up to Line-level consciousness, and the organism begins to speak, there is the sense that “I am separate from the rest of you.”  With only slight exaggeration it could be said that as soon as the first words came out of a human’s mouth was the simultaneous awareness of what man calls “god.”  A person may be in what is ordinarily called a low social position, yet there is still the sensation of a kind of god-like-awareness that no other creature has.  “I” am singular because “I” can talk.  I am playing with Justice to speak in this fashion, but man was not conscious until he could speak…and as soon as he spoke the word was “god” because his “I” is now separate from everyone else.

People could then transfer energy on what would appear to be a non-physical level.  “I can frighten you without hitting you.  I might even be able to make you attracted to me without touching you.  I can apparently do it by magic…I can talk.  Only the “gods” can do this.  It is magic.”  Rather, it is consciousness.

The second area you should be Neuralizing is related to my past comments that nothing in Life needs to be fixed because nothing is broken.  I am not speaking in some “allegorical fashion” or from a very “obtuse viewpoint” as some of your internal voices may respond.  You must have an actual awareness of this:  there is nothing in Life that is broken, and yet it is one of the prime, natural aspects of an ordinary person to behave, feel, and think as though it were otherwise.

You should be continually noticing that what appears to be you, this pulsating sensation of consciousness, is based upon a constant crying out that “the whole world is about to break down.”  You see a kid riding his bicycle on the sidewalk and internally you blurt out “someone is going to get run over.”  The voices in you are a continual critic of Life, and this fact is never questioned.  At the ordinary level of consciousness these forces automatically flow through you.  It is not wrong spiritually, it is wrong because it is mechanical.

It is a prolonged pleasantly disturbing shock to find that everything that seems to be you is based upon the sensation “that things must be fixed, because things are broken.”  The voices in you make passing criticisms about everything:  people driving too fast, people driving too slow, automobile manufacturers, your job, politics etc…  This ordinarily passes for “I.”  If you could stop all of the voices, take just five minutes of what seems to be “you”, in the midst of this environment of splashing, rolling water never going in the right direction — and freeze it, putting it down on paper, you would not believe it.  You are in for a prolonged, continuing disconcerting, joyful shock, to See the basis of what you call “I.”

If this continual internal criticism of Life could be extracted (which you cannot do directly) you would be left deaf, dumb, blind and unconscious.  That is all that would remain to an ordinary person.  But there is a kind of internal “building up” and the day will come whereupon it will strike you, without any doubt, all I have told you is true.  It is going to strike you that nothing is broken.  To actually See that for yourself would be, for most of you, a great delight or relief, but those words don’t cover it.  Then you are in a quandary, because there you stand, and you and the unbroken world are one.  The world is no longer broken and neither are you.  There is no longer anything to be fixed.

I am now going to make a kind of parallel between these particular areas you can Neuralize, and music.  Remember, there is nothing inherently more valuable in music than there is in any other example I could use.  And also remember that I am not speaking about “music.”  There is something else you can draw from this.  There is a reality behind ordinary peoples’ imaginary conception of there being an “aura or vibrations” which surround people.  But such ideas are always less than the full comprehension of the actual reality.  There is a magnetic field that surrounds everyone.  A person’s nervous system acts in a similar fashion to a tuning fork.  There is a particular, fundamental area of vibration to which each person’s nervous system pulsates.

An ordinary person’s sensation of consciousness is that of a continuum — like a film being presented on a screen.  But if you slow down a film you find that it is not one continuous movement, but rather a whole bunch of little frames. The effect on the movie screen is an illusion.  It is the same with consciousness.

Ordinarily, consciousness “runs down little dead end streets” and comes to immediate conclusions — little periods, little snippets of consciousness.  However, with the aid of memory, among other things, there is the sensation that consciousness is like a smooth flowing movie.  Yet if you ask an ordinary person, “how does consciousness work, is it a collage of little spurts or a smooth continuum?” they will respond that it is the latter.  “I am conscious.  I’m aware of my environment and of what I am thinking and who I am.” The manner in which consciousness operates, as a continuum of little spurts, is tied to a continuing pulsation which vibrates within the nervous system.

In music there is a term known as a “fundamental.”  If you play a C note on a piano, a fundamental, and you analyze that tone, you would find that it vibrates at a particular number of cycles per second.  The vibration moves through the air, hits your ear and you hear the sound as the note C.  But your ear also hears more than that.  It hears harmonics, overtones.  If you were to listen very carefully you would also hear other notes.  And if you were to touch the strings other than C within the piano you would feel them vibrate.  That is known as resonance.

One vibrating body, in music and otherwise, will make another body vibrate, i.e., if they are capable of receiving the same kind of frequencies.  In music, one can predict mathematically the overtones that a note will make.  The overtones are put together and create a scale.  So in striking a C note you are not dealing with what seems to be a single note, but rather with the whole area of harmonics beyond the C.

Forget any so-called “mystical ideas” you may have heard about “vibrations” or “electrical waves coming out of people.”  Each person in his or her nervous system is pulsating and literally vibrating.  (In music a note’s vibration is known as “pitch.”)  Everyone is vibrating, but at the ordinary level everyone is an uncertain note.  Everyone is like a bad singer who can’t quite “get on a note.”  You can’t quite sing it but you are close.  You’re a little above it or just below it.  That is the nature of what passes for so-called “personality” — it is an uncertain note.

Recall what I have mentioned about the E/C Gate.  Everyone operates within certain time limits of how fast or slow, or how much excitement or calming they can seem to endure.  That is related to what I am pointing you toward now.  There is a fundamental area in each person’s nervous system, under the ordinary Line of consciousness, that vibrates.  Unlike a tuning fork which can put out a perfect note, a person vibrates the fundamental, as well as the harmonies.

Everyone is of an uncertain pitch.  A person may seem to be “almost a C” but then sometimes he may seem “flat” or maybe “closer to an F.”     The vibrations operate within certain limits which a person cannot change under ordinary conditions.  The vibrations affect everything.

In music there are two terms, “consonance” and “dissonance.”  In its practical application consonance implies two notes which, when played together, sound “normal” to the ear of Western man.  On the other hand, a dissonant would be playing two notes together which sound irregular, disturbing.  It would sound like, “Hey, you just hit the wrong note.  You didn’t mean to put those two notes together.”  Within the area that each person’s nervous system vibrates there is the potential for dissonant and consonant sounds.  But there are limits, and they affect everything you have ever done.  It affects literally, physically what ordinary people refer to as “psychological, sexual, social, political, and economic struggles, discussions, and confrontations.”  This vibrating within a certain fundamental area is the basis of people seeking out friends, people seeking out sexual partners.  It is a driven desire to find that vibration which is complementary to your own nervous system’s vibration.

The reality of what I am describing is reflected throughout humanity.  You often hear people say, “How could she be attracted to someone like that”, or, “How did I ever get involved with him or her?”  Poetic notions of “love” abound like, “There is no explaining love, it is irrational, no one can explain it.”  They are telling the truth from their viewpoint.  But remember nothing is broken “out there.”  Rather, there is the desire to stabilize and to harmonize the way in which your nervous system is vibrating.

Note that the way in which your nervous system is vibrating can be quite different than what is going on in the Circuitry.  For example, on the sexual level, when you were younger you may have had “day dreams” of “the kind of woman I will end up with, or the kind of man who will be my prince charming.”  You may have cut out pictures of rock stars, movie stars, priests or whomever, and you end up with a fat bricklayer who drinks all the time and has bad breath.  Your mother or someone asks, “What happened to your dreams of marrying a philosopher or a poet?  How did you end up with him?”  All you can say is, “I don’t know what happened.  It just happened.  There’s no explaining love.”  Yet there is.  It is the attempt to stabilize the area in which you are an uncertain note, and to find that which will harmonize with it

To extend this a little further, you may Neuralize that there are ways in which two pitches, two different notes, can be played together and they will produce a third note.  Once the notes are far enough apart, or close enough together, you can hear what appears to be a pulsation going on.  How is it that you can play two notes and suddenly there is a third?  Somewhere between the combination tones and beats themselves is the nervous system being drawn to other nervous systems.  It is the attempt to stabilize and harmonize the place where you can’t “hold a pitch.”  Suddenly it is as though you have found someone that you can’t explain to your mother — a fat drunken bricklayer.  Yet, as the stories go, “You suddenly look at each other and “something happened.”  He bought you a couple of drinks and said, “My pick-up is outside.”  And you didn’t think twice, you were gone.  Something physical happened.  It is quite real.  It is based upon the nervous system vibrating within a certain frequency range.  You are drawn to that which is going to help stabilize where you are uncertain, where you can’t sing the pitch.

People attempt to explain the attraction in all kinds of ways.  “He’s big and strong and I feel safer when he is around, regardless that he’s overweight and all of that.”  Or “I don’t know, everything I do is better when she’s there.  When she leaves for a few days all of my important plans seem to turn to dust.”  All the poetic dreams are simply a reflections of something quite real.

On the other hand, there are natural enemies in the world.  There are people you can see across a room and instantly you feel animosity or fear.  There is a real basis for this.  It is not your so-called “psychological or personal background” that is at work.  It is the vibrations, the frequency area of another person’s nervous system that is in such conflict with yours that it produces what ordinary people would term “a negative reaction.”  When this happens, physically, your nervous system is vibrating within a certain frequency range, in its fundamental area (which makes you appear to be you) and you have run across someone that has a dissonant vibration to yours.

This also operates on larger levels, with large groups of people.  Attempts have been made to analyze how it is possible that hundreds of thousands of people, or at times whole nations, seem to follow one leader that in hindsight is labeled a “madman.”  Whole groups could be lacking a note, a particular piece of harmony in their general area of vibrations.

As the level of consciousness of humanity changes so do the frequencies that operate on a larger level.  This is reflected in what ordinary people term “the generation gap.”  Suppose when you were in high school you were not very athletic.  You always hesitated to walk past a particular drug store at 6 P.M. because you knew that was where the jocks “hung out” after football practice.  You would walk 5 blocks out of your way to keep from walking in front of them.  You may have thought that there was some kind of “negative psychological energy involved.”  If you are a woman, perhaps you weren’t part of the cheerleader crowd and for some reason you’d stay away from them.  Your internal voices had stories such as, “They might beat me up or laugh at me…”

Say the same man that avoided walking past his contemporaries in front of the drug store is now 50 years old.  He could be overweight, look just awful, and jog past the same drug store with 40 teenage boys standing outside and it never crosses his mind that someone is going to laugh at him or beat him up.  It is almost as though he is invisible.  The vibrations are changed.  The man is of no importance to the teenagers and vice versa.  The vibrations have changed on a general level.

Your rate of vibrating affects everything.  What seems to be your field of interests, individual tastes, in music, clothing, whatever, is limited to the area in which your nervous system will vibrate.  Under ordinary conditions you can’t decide that, “I am going to like that which I don’t like and dislike that which I like.”  I am using “vibrating” in the simple sense that a guitar string vibrates when it is plucked.  The faster it vibrates, the less you notice it, unless you bend over and look very closely at the string.  The vibrating string eventually winds down till you can’t hear the note any longer.  I might add that when your note finally winds down, you’ve “bought the farm.”

I’ll point out another interesting example of what I’m talking about.  In Western music, there are twelve different intervals in an octave.  Each interval, or note, when played, sets off overtones, which set off other overtones.  Mathematically, only twelve different notes can be produced before it starts repeating.  The interval from one pitch to another, called an octave, naturally divides itself into twelve and then starts repeating at a higher pitch.

Does anyone find it interesting that many different religions, philosophies, tales and stories talk about twelve basic types of people? There are many stories which have survived historically that use a group of twelve as their basis.  I am suggesting that such stories may represent something more than just a story about 12 individuals.

Again, to take it back to music, you can hit any one note, and it will create overtones, which will create other overtones, which will eventually produce twelve tones — no more and no less — before it starts repeating.

There is within everyone’s area of vibration what I will temporarily label a critical point.  That critical point is the reality behind terms I have used such as “capturing the attention” or being engaged.”  Such engagement may appear to start out either with something apparently external or internal to you, but such distinctions break down.  It always turns inwardly, with your thinking and worrying about it.  “I can’t get my mind off it.  It’s like a flaming bullet in my heart.”  There is a physical reality to it.

The reality behind my term of “being engaged” is this:  it is where the nervous system is vibrating.  Yours might go from 498.5 cycles per second to 50l.7.  That’s where you vibrate.  That is the only part of so-called reality that exists for you because that is the only place that you can be vibrated by your environment.  That is where there is resonance — where vibrations can be transmitted from one body to another.  It is only within those frequencies that you can perceive — hear, think, feel in any way that seems to be pertinent to you.  Anything outside of that sounds insane, or you don’t hear it all.  The critical point at the extremes of where a person vibrates is the reality of that person being engaged, being captured.

You should be able to feel that there is a physical reality behind my words of “being engaged.”  Whether you can stop it or not, you should have a taste, without a doubt, of “Here I am again, mad at her.  It’s like a piece of soiled clothing I put on, and it’s going to be 2 or 3 days before it comes off.”  It can be as overt as “telling the person off”, or as subtle as cutting your eyes in a certain direction to let the person know you’re hurt.  And it gets much more subtle than that.  Whatever that person did, you could say it was at your critical point.  It pushed your area of vibration into what would be a negative side, in this particular instance.  It’s pushing the limits of where you normally vibrate.  And it is not limited to one thing that you can identify, like anger or jealousy.  But once the nervous system gets pushed to that critical point, under ordinary conditions, it can literally take days to get it re-stabilized, where you can be your normal, old, dull stupid self.

Ordinarily, you would have blamed it on something in your past such as, “I’ve been hurt so many times before.”  But that’s only true if you’re ordinary.  That’s just a description of the form of it, rather than the energy; rather than the reality.  You have gone over to the extreme of where Fred or Mary normally vibrates.  Ordinarily, it never goes any further than this — it just oscillates back and forth.  But for someone attempting to do This, it becomes a dangerous and effective tool.

The rhythm of everything you do, from two bars of a song singing over and over in your head to the length of sentences in a conversation, is related to where the nervous system is vibrating.  Remember my picturization of Life as music, with rhythm, melody and lyrics.  Everything vibrates within these boundaries, including so-called thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations, and bodily functions.  It all has a certain rhythm.

Everyone is an uncertain note that vibrates within the limits I have described.  This is what gives the impression that, “I have a certain amount of freedom.”  An ordinary person’s sensation is, “I’m not the same person all of the time.  Sometimes I feel kind of down, melancholy, or worried, and other times I’m on top of the world.”

There are people in the ordinary world that are partially exempt from this.  Such people seem to be of an absolute certain pitch.  When these people show up in history, to say the least, they make a lasting impression.  You may have even met people which I am describing as being closer to an absolute pitch.  Perhaps you had a grandfather, or grandmother, that seemed to be the epitome, the living example of a “rock.”  You apparently can have almost no effect on such people.  You can’t seem to excite or worry them.  They seem to be very solid.  Such people were more common in the past, i.e., they are more common further down in the nervous system, further away from the Yellow Circuit.  But remember, being of such a nature does not do these people any good in the sense of This.

Being of an uncertain note, you are still somewhere within the range of the 12 possible natural notes I have mapped out using the musical scale.  The frequencies themselves set off other frequencies which in turn set off others, and they all arrange themselves into a maximum of 12 notes and then it all repeats.  If someone’s frequency range is 500 to l000, that range would naturally divide itself into 12 parts.  At the ordinary level of consciousness everyone is at least 11/12 dead.  A person vibrates at one uncertain note and not on the remaining 11 notes.  That is why there are opinions you disagree with, people you do not like, things you never notice.

To do This, even at the ordinary level of consciousness, you must vibrate on all 12 notes.  You must have the proper base.  If it were possible for an ordinary person to be given a “magic whammy” that would put them in a state of “super consciousness”, to stay in such a state, they would go mad or even die.  The most common stories are “one day all of a sudden I looked around and understood everything.  I forgot a lot of the experience, but I had written a lot down, so if you follow me I’ll help you.”  Even if such people had gotten a glimpse of something, they had to lose it because there is no support, no base for such awareness.

You have to be able to activate every note within you.  When you do that, nothing can be foreign to you, no one can vibrate in such a way as to annoy you, nor are you limited to harmonizing with only those people that seem rather agreeable to you.  If you used to vibrate a C note and C#’s annoyed you, when every note within is activated, you realize that no one chooses to be a C# or any note.  They are just vibrations.  I am not talking about the real culmination of what This is all about, rather, I am telling you that you have got to have the proper support to do This.

Literally, when you can change where you are vibrating, simultaneously, you understand that nothing is broken.  Everyone is simply vibrating at different speeds, at different frequencies, and no one can help it.  It is all a matter of transferring energy.  It is Life expanding, yet everyone takes it personally.   As long as there is any vibration within your nervous system which you cannot activate, you will never be able to accept that same note when you meet it in the form of another person.  There will always be criticism, and you will feel that the other note is broken.

People are literally being pulled together and pushed apart from one another, and being driven from “I love you darling…” to, “I’m about to rearrange your face”, because of the operation of the nervous system being limited to certain frequencies.  Some of those frequencies are more harmonious to each other and some are more dissonant.  It keeps everyone going.  It keeps everyone feeling a kind of separateness.

Everyone feels that there is indeed an equation of “I + not I” and it has got to be dealt with.  The “not I” is broken.  But if the “not I” is broken, then you are broken.  What a shock it is to find out that absolutely nothing is broken.  What a relief.