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What If Words Are A Camouflage ?


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Document:  74, July 21, 1983
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1983

This Thing would not be going on here if it were not for me.  Remember this.  I am all there is to This.  I am the ultimate authority.  Lately I have begun to try more forcefully to get you to Neuralize things on your own by presenting what sounds like questions.  I’ll suggest to you, “what if…,” and let you see where you can run with it within your own nervous system.  But your foot’s stuck in the tar of the past if you believe I’m looking for answers.  I’m not stumbling around waiting for someone to give me information.  I do not get energy from you; it’s you that gets it from me.

 I know that many of you get discouraged regarding your struggle with This.  Sometimes you feel as though the black night of the cursed soul is upon you and you wonder whether you might drown in all of this before you ever see where it’s leading.  The feeling is not unusual.  But what you forget is that at Line level you can See nothing completely.  And whatever you think, whatever you imagine at that level is not correct.  It is at best a partial statement of reality.  And that’s where suffering lives.  

If you’re suffering, you’re living at the Line.  You’re tied to the Line.  Because I give you my word:  above the Line, there is nothing to suffer over.  Even if you realized you’d done nothing, you’d made no effort for the last six weeks, you wouldn’t suffer over it.  You’d See it, and you’d do something about it.  The bottom line is, if you’re suffering, even over your apparent lack of progress in This, you’re living at the bottom line.  

There is a difference between pain and suffering — although the words are used synonymously.  Everyone gets hurt.  Everyone stubs their toe; everyone experiences the death of a friend or family member.  Everyone alive will experience some pain.  No matter how developed is your circuitry, if you slam the door on your finger, it will hurt.  But suffering is something else.

Suffering is part of the human drama.  Everyone tied into the grid system of Life, curses Life; they protect their position, they cry about the tugs and pulls of the grid itself.  That suffering is, to say the least, unnecessary.  You must See that suffering over your position in Life is just as foolish as a fish cursing the waters because they make him sea sick.  When consciousness is not tied to the Line, when it floats free above the mechanical grid connections, there is no mechanical suffering.  

People around you will still die. And at various times you might cut your finger or stub you toe.  In other words, you will experience pain. But once you can get above Line level, you do not suffer.  Because you’re not engaged, you’re not tied to the mechanical flows of the Line.

You are making a grave mistake, and you are missing a chance to See something, if you feel as though suffering is tied to your struggle in This.  To say, “Yesterday I was more alert; I was beginning to get different views on things but today it seems as though I’m swamped by all of this.  Shame on me.  But oh, how I suffer over it,” merely confirms that you are back at Line level.

Pseudo systems and religions are based upon that kind of suffering:  “We’re all no good, but perhaps we can get  better.”  Whether they are saying, “We all need to be good Christians,” “We must become mystical Jews” or “We need to be at one with the consciousness of the prevailing swami.”  It is always based on suffering.  But suffering is not the basis of This Thing.

All of you in various ways and to different degrees, believe, in your more lucid moments, that you have undergone a change.  You believe that you are not the same Fred of Mary you were when you came here. But from Line-level consciousness down, you are.  You just think you are not.  There is no doubt that all of you have had moments of not being absolutely, totally tied to Fred or Mary’s nervous system.  And that’s what has kept you here thus far.  But when you verbalize it too much, you slip into untruth.  “This has been worthwhile.  I have all the same warts and problems but I feel a lot better.  I’m not as hostile toward myself.  I’m not as full of self pity.”  

And from Line-level consciousness down, that is simply not true.  You are the same person.  And if you don’t watch out, you’ll mix your glimpses above Line level with the “you” from the Line down and find yourself wallowing in self pity and doubting whether you deserve to be here.  When you are back at Line level and reminisce, “”Well at least I’m not as bad as I was a year ago,” you are wrong.  At Line level you are every bit as bad as you were a year ago.  Because that’s not where change occurs.

Your nervous system will always have its weak spot; you’ll always, below the Line, be subject to that same kind of suffering, because that part of the system can’t be changed.  And it is only those of This Thing who understand this.  Everyone else on the planet believes they can become a better Fred or Mary.

You can See the Forces in everything.  You can See First force in the feeling, “I want to do something. We should take up a collection to help those people whose apartments burned down last night.  And it is always countered and opposed by Second force:  “Hey, I’ve got my own problems.  I feel sorry for those people, but my wife is pregnant again and my mortgage is due.”  No matter what these Forces may objectively be, you can always See them — they make themselves visible as two Forces in opposition.  One person says something that can be construed as a beneficial change:  “Let’s do something different.  We sit here playing poker every Thursday night and they had that terrible fire over close to where I live.  Why don’t we take some of this money and give it to them?”  It seems to be a constructive suggestion and most of the others at the table would likely respond, “Hey, here’s some of my money.”  But as sure as anything, one of those guys will say, “Give me a break.”  And you can say “Aha.  There’s First and Second Force — two things in conflict — just like me wanting to make a change and the person I’m living with doesn’t like the idea.  Or me making suggestions at work and they seem to resist it.”  All you have to do is make .paa modicum of effort to See converging forces going on and on and on, everywhere.

In one artificial dissection of reality, you can isolate the First and Second force of any situation.  And when you’ve identified the first two Forces, Neuralize what the Third force would be.  Third force is everything else.

Line-level consciousness feels itself involved in a continual Apache dance:  it sees the conflict of two.  It sees, in the case of the Apache Dance, the man throw the woman around.  It sees him kick her, throw her down, then pick her up and kiss her, then hurl her across the stage and then she jumps him with a knife. Consciousness sees this against that; the man against the woman.  What it doesn’t and can’t see is the dance itself.  It can’t see the balance of tension between the two.  It can’t see the three.

A hooked fish readily identifies First and Second Force in regards to his position.  But when you tell him Third Force — everything else — is of great importance to his situation, he’ll say, “That is irrelevant!”  And it is anything but irrelevant.  Because he would not be hooked had he not been in the water — had he not been immersed in Third Force.

Now go from fish-and-water to you-and-Life.  You see you — what you want, believe, opine.  And you See that which opposes you.  And to Line-level consciousness, everything else is meaningless at that moment.  But everything else is very meaningful, because everything else put you right there in the midst of that conflict.  And some portion of that which now seems to be the irrelevant will shortly become First or Second force.  You can see it as well on the scale of Life, global conflicts, in issues of national interest. You identify two forces, the pro and the con, the invaders and the invadees.  And then there is the nebulous area of everything else.  One moment later, one week, one month later, one of those two initial forces, one of those whom you originally identified as being pro or con, is back in the crowd of “everything else.”  And something  plucked from the field of everything else is now one of the two forces.  Then a split second later both of those are gone, and whether you know it or not, you’re looking at two other things. The Forces continually shift, but ordinarily you never notice.  Because this thin veneer, this shallow thing that passes for one’s self, is only equipped to see two in conflict.  It believes that, “These two are the same two that were fighting 5 minutes ago.”  And I’m telling you, they are not.  Once you get a glimpse from above Line level, you see the limited perception of ordinary consciousness.  It can see only two at a time; it does not see three continually moving into two.

Line-level consciousness is habit.  I didn’t say it’s a habit.  It is habit, because it consists of continual repetition.  It is a limited repertoire of reactions and perceptions.  And any new information will be digested, it will be perceived only within these preset limits.

You can change the players in any scenario that consciousness seems to perceive; the Forces can literally change.  But Line-level consciousness can see no change.  A man continues to lament, “I always end up in the same situations with women.  It’s always a struggle.  No matter how wonderful the relationship is in the beginning, it always turns into the same conflict.”  He can’t see that he’s not talking about him, he’s not talking about women.  He’s talking about two things that have been plucked from the field of the irrelevant.  He just calls it “me and women.”

Remember, I’m not talking theoretically about everybody else out there.  I’m talking about you.  And you’ve got to See it.  If you could See, you’d See that your repertoire of suffering is very limited and very repetitive.  It’s not that hard to see.  It requires no mystical ability; it simply requires being able to get above Line-level consciousness.  Because Line-level consciousness always suffers over what you call a this and a this and a this.  And anyone of these “thises,” whatever you call it — “the way women treat me, my worrying over money, my fear of dying, how people always pick on me” — could be replaced by almost anything — it could be replaced by “rancid chopped liver” or “cotton balls.”  But you’d still call it “people picking on me.”

What appears to be one’s “I” is a limited reaction to a limited number of things.  Your First and Second force at the moment may be “me and women”.  But it will change.  It changes continuously; something else from everything else, from Third force, replaces “women”, a something else replaces the particular perception that seems to be “me”.  The perception now issues from a different place in the circuitry.  The original confrontation of two forces can be replaced by almost anything.  And at Line level the nervous system will still perceive it, name it and react to it as though it were “me and women”.  And in truth, it could be almost anything else.  Where Line-level consciousness sees conflict, above the Line you See a kind of balanced tension.  You can See it in what appears to be the external world of “not-I”:  country A against country B, country B against country C.  Throughout recorded history, somebody has always been against somebody else.  And occasionally, conflict reaches such a pitch that it seems as though the whole world is about to go mad and destroy itself.  But it’s all contained within a balanced tension that is ordinarily unseen; Life is not on some kind of self-destruct course.  To See the balanced tension, you must See all three Forces in simultaneous operation.  It is “out there”, and what is out there is “in here”, inside your nervous system.  If the water did not flow through the gills of a fish, it would soon die.  Likewise, if your apparent environment doesn’t flow through you, you are dead.

I’ve pointed out that the attributes humanity accepts to be a sign of a superior person — someone who treats his enemies the same way he treats his neighbors and friends, someone who is not greedy, who won’t fool around with your wife, whom you could trust with all your money, all the commonly perceived attributes of an “enlightened” person are the attributes of a corpse.  A dead man is, if you pardon the expression, the living manifestation of a more developed person.  It’s funny, but it’s more than funny. There is a certain reality to it — a reality to be seen only when you See the living, balanced dance of the Three Forces.

There is a balanced tension present in every apparent conflict, but at Line level everyone misses that third element.  Line-level consciousness sees the greedy industrialist opposing the environmentalist, loudmouths threatening the shy, humble people… Line-level consciousness sees two in continual conflict. But you should begin to see that this tension is always held in a certain balance.  The lower circuitry deals with what it has been programmed to deal with, in the terms it has been programmed to perceive.  It calls anything new by the same old name.  You hear a television commentator say, “People should not act like such and such,” and your circuitry responds, “Yeah, yeah.  I never thought about it, but you’re right.”  The Line level appearance is:  someone external to you — the man on television — gave you new information; he identified a new flow, a new area in which to suffer.  But it did not come from “out there” in the external world.  It came from “in here”, inside your internal circuitry.  The TV commentator did indeed say something; but your perception mechanism processed and reacted to that information within its habitual limits.  It feels as though it is a new experience simply because Line-level consciousness has no three-dimensional memory.  It can’t remember that you had that same experience last night, with the same intensity, and the same voices.

The conflicts within you are held in the same balanced tension that stabilizes Life.  I’ve warned you that This Thing is not going to straighten out your Line level system.  It’s not going to erase the bad side of you and strengthen the good, because there is no good side.  There is no bad side, there is no battle.  There is a balanced tension.  If you could produce a final victory in this assumed battle, if you could banish all the voices, everything that constitutes your “I” would shatter.  The thin veneer of you would crack.  In plain terms, you’d be crazy.  They would have to put you away.

Religion, in general, is the great expounder of the concept of good and evil battling within Man.  “The evil voices tell you to lie, to cheat on your sexual partner, to take a drink.  That’s why you come to church — to help you overcome them.”  It’s only people living at the ordinary Level — which is all of humanity — who believe, “Well, I am making some progress.  Although, I admit, Satan still tempts me.”  They do hear voices, but not voices of evil forces.  They hear their own internal voices.  The “good” voice, which they attribute to an external source — the Bible — says, “Thou shalt not do so and so…”, and the preacher says, “Now tell me brothers and sisters, do you not hear voices telling you, ‘Hey, go do it?’?”  And, of course, everyone says, “Yeah!”  Because the voices are there.  And because what is forbidden is natural.  And if it is natural, it contains both First force and a Second force.  It contains both an “I won’t” and a “Thou shalt not..”.  If indeed there were a battle between good and evil, between First and Second force; if indeed there could be a winner, you’d be destroyed.  But there is no winner because it’s not a battle.

But there is certainly the appearance of a battle, yet no one, in the whole history of man, has ever won.  And you wonder why you are irritated.  You keep waiting for a winner; your system expects a winner, when you have yet to properly identify the struggle.

And there can be no winner because the participants are never the same.  Everyone’s Line level system is wired to process energy in a particular way — it’s what makes people appear to be different.  And it makes the enemies appear to be different.  No matter how the forces change, each individual calls the enemy whatever he is wired up to call it.

You can See it everywhere, if you know what you’re looking at.  Ordinary people see it, though they don’t understand it, and though they attribute it to a reasonable cause.  For instance, everyone knows that elderly people will complain about something that happened fifty years ago.  Your grandfather will rant and rave about World War II as if he’s still fighting it.  And if you try to point out to him that the enemy from that war is now one of our safest political allies, he just keeps going:  “Those rascals!  You can’t trust them! You didn’t see what they did!”  You feel he is just living in the past, that he’s not in touch with today’s reality.  Only him, eh?  Only him?

What ever your circuitry calls it, it ain’t.  And it isn’t just the elderly who see the same old thing even when circumstances have changed.  Every situation changes; the arrangement of the Forces changes, almost before the words are out of your mouth.  “People don’t like me,” has already become, “I got rancid chopped liver.”  And who notices?

Words are not things.  The word ‘microphone’ is not the microphone itself.  I know that sounds so self-evident it almost .paseems to be cheap philosophical mumbo jumbo.  So you’ve got to listen real fast.  In fact, you should already be listening.

What if there is no reality to words vis a vis their apparent content?  What if it is direct energy going from one nervous system to another using sound waves?  What if there is almost absolutely no reality to the apparent value of words?  What if words are a camouflage?

How do you explain the great difference between my talking to you, and your reading things I’ve written?  How do you explain the reaction of crowds I speak to in other cities where half the people have no working knowledge of the English language?  Forget your old mystical imagination that the right people are invisibly drawn to the right particular place, and that they will hear some spiritual message despite the fact they do not understand most of what I say.  Forget all that.  What if it is a direct transference, direct interchange of energy from one nervous system to another?  And if it is, then the words don’t matter at all.  And yet at the Yellow Circuit level it appears to be absolutely otherwise.

Or on the other hand, what happens when you do read my writings?  How can little dots of ink on a piece of paper possibly have an effect on you?

Remember that to Line-level consciousness, what I say is absolute insanity.  The words are sequentially logical, but what I actually say cannot be perceived by the Yellow Circuit.  Yet people write, “I have read your books and I wanted to tell you:  they have had an impact on my life the likes of which I cannot describe.”  What is going on?  How can one person look at pages covered with little dots of ink, and instantly recognize that something extraordinary has been communicated?  Certainly he understands the words:  I haven’t made up a new language.  These words are the same words he’s heard every day of his life.  So it isn’t the words.  But if it isn’t, what is being communicated?

And how is it that the same person then hears me speak for the first time and feels, “This is not at all what I was expecting.  Something is…different.”  And we’re assuming that he is speaking positively, or at least noting fairly objectively that, “Reading your books was one thing, but hearing you talk is something else.”  And I ask you how?  Why?  I use the same words.  My tongue moves, the sound waves hit your ears, your eardrums vibrate and then a magical transformation occurs:  my words make more than sense. They all seem to have a meaning beyond their sense.  Is it the words?  If it is how can it be that people who hardly know the language are ready to pack up and move to be near me?  But it’s not magic.  Not in the way ordinary people perceive magic.  What Line-level consciousness calls magic is imagination:  it is an incomplete conception of reality.  Magic is another way of saying:  “I don’t understand it.”  So, what is going on?

I ask you again:  what if the words themselves are absolutely irrelevant?  If they are, I could conceivably, in one of these public engagements, say almost anything.  I could babble; I could double talk, I could make no literal sense, and produce the same effect upon the audience.  To the Yellow Circuit, it sounds impossible.  But it’s more possible than impossible.

But what if the weight — the worth — of words, is almost irrelevant?  That is why I warn you about slipping into thinking, “Well, what he’s describing is symbolic of such-and-such.”  The more you glimpse above the Line, the more you See:  This is not symbolic.  People are walking nervous systems.  And energy is transferred from one nervous system to another via words.  It is an exchange so direct, so simplistic that no one can see it.  At the ordinary level, the worth of words is irrelevant.  The ordinary world of business could not function if, when you asked the price of carrots, the reply was, “elephants fly through the sky.”  Words and their weight do serve a purpose.  And this is why I said:  What if, the weight — the worth — of words is almost irrelevant?

It’s rather difficult to deal with, is it not?  And when you try to “deal with it”, you’re instantly dragged under by the weight of the words.  Your little voices at Line level tell you, “Just give me a moment.  I’ll figure out what he’s talking about.  I’ll think about it.”  But you can’t think about it.  If you’re thinking about it, it’s too late to See it.

Neuralize that throughout the history of Man, there have been a few people whom humanity identifies as carriers of a great, spiritual message.  And such people serve a purpose:  they help bring about a certain jolt in the continuing expansion of the Life-of-Life.  Neuralize the possibility that their message was not contained in their words.  Neuralize the possibility that their nervous system was of a particular type, a type that vibrates sympathetically, at certain kinds of frequencies, such .pathat people were attracted to them?  On that basis I could almost double talk, and those before me could have said anything.

The only way to answer my question, “what is going on,” is to activate yourself above Line level and See what is going on.  I talk to you; I make up stories, pictures, allegories and the words do serve a purpose.  But what if something else is going on?  And that something else is that I am directly jangling your nervous system.  I am making it vibrate in such a way that the content of what I say is almost, almost irrelevant.

Remember where I started tonight.  My questions are to force your own Neuralization.  So I’m not yet saying that any of this is true.  You must find the place where this is true.  What if the apparent worth, need, urgency, weight, the meaning of written and verbal communication is almost irrelevant?  Words are energy.  Yet the epitome of a civilized man is one who can communicate ideas, one who sits down and discusses differences rather than fighting them out.  What if it is all babble…almost.  It is energy flowing, directly, from one nervous system to another.

I warn you that I’m speaking most literally and physically.  The nervous system is vibrating.  Everyone’s nervous system is going, “Hmmmmmmmmm…” and I can make your nervous system vibrate at a different frequency, a frequency at which you feel, “I’m beginning to have mystical insights into the  nature of the world.  Which is not untrue — but if words are irrelevant, then it’s only gibberish.  Your own description, offered in all seriousness to yourself, is irrelevant.

What if all my descriptions are systematically misdirected?  What I’m really doing is making your nervous system vibrate in a way, at such a frequency that it eventually vibrates above the common level.  And all the rest is hocus pocus, albeit necessary hocus pocus.

Right at Line level, where you operate at the highest level ordinarily available, consciousness is anchored in four places.  The four tie-downs, or anchors allow a minimum of movement, yet ensure a maximum of stability.  In other words, “you” remain “you”; you retain a belief in your freedom of movement; but you can’t move so much that you lose the sensation of being you.  One of you asked once if someone attempting to ignite the higher areas of the nervous system could or should try to loosen those four ties, or perhaps stretch them.  But if you can activate your nervous system above Line-level consciousness, your tie-downs become irrelevant.  Consciousness above the Line is, in truth, a virgin birth.  It has no natural parentage.  It is not a product of the forces that shaped the lower system.  And while it is certainly aware of what’s happening below, it is not rooted there.