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The Forces Renamed: Interactions


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Take a long walk right on the edge of a curb and describe to yourself the process.



Document:  68, April 28, 1983
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1983

You should be having occasions to Neuralize some of the  things I have talked about.  What you should be expecting is something that is death defying, yet so simplistic.  It is close to my question — “Why does a dog turn around three times before it sits down?” and the corollary question of “What am I going to say next?”

This simplistic aspect that I am referring to is that which you have all had your own particular taste of in your own way.  You have got to see how elusive it is.  You must begin to Neuralize that there is an absolute all encompassing mysticism to this one simple aspect.

You may be walking along, you remember my suggestion to continually Neuralize and observe what is happening.  It is not that you have been unconscious.  You may have been walking for thirty five minutes or so and you have not stepped in a hole or turned your ankle.  You may have thought you were observing what was going on, the birds singing, the flowers blooming, but now you realize you were not.  It is an internal sensation, right above the Line.  It is not down in your stomach, it is not in your heart or imaginary soul.  It does not arise from your forefathers’ religion.  It occurs right above the Line level of consciousness.

Something happens and you suddenly try to turn back internally and look at what was going on.  As soon as you do, what was going on has not only stopped but in some way you are absolutely, beyond any discussion, in a different sort of state.  Your awareness, what seems to be consciousness, what you have always thought of as being consciousness, right now is different.  You are not flying through the air over traffic and predicting everyone’s astrological sign based upon the kind of car they drive.  But right this second, you are somebody new.  You are almost a virgin.  You know that something happened because you what think of as consciousness has undergone a drastic change.  That is the death defying, almost totally simplistic aspect of This Thing.

That simplistic aspect of This Thing has always been present even when the Line of consciousness was further down in the system — even when it was not as high as the Yellow Circuit.

The religious leaders and religious literature of past ages produced for their time and place, quite correct systems.      The teachings of the well known religious leaders were above the Line level of consciousness of their time and place.  Yet their observations about the bahavior of humanity are of no more value to anyone today who is trying to ignite the higher areas of his nervous system than anything else one can learn from.

Intrinsically, psychology contains nothing.  It is just a new form of religion.  The original magicians, i.e., the religious leaders were the first psychologists.  That is how far behind psychology is because somewhere close to two thousand years ago what they were doing was making observations about the behavior of Man.  They said that a man behaves in certain ways — “You are to please the gods if you want to live a better life. If you  would make this life more worthwhile and easier to get through, although it is nothing but torment, you should alter behavior in this kind of way.”

They were pointing out how  to affect behavior in  ways no one could correctly do.  In fact, as far as directly correcting behavior it is still impossible.  An ordinary man cannot turn the other cheek, nor love his neighbors as himself because he is not intended to.   Such admonitions were meant to affect the behavior of mankind, not the individual.

There is nothing wrong in going back  and reading the supposed words of past religious leaders or the gods.  It is no worse than reading science fiction or comic books.  You can always deal with it on the basis of what I mean by collecting your own open-ended nonverbal dictionary.  Pick up one of the old books and open to where it says, “a man is such and such, and an upright man would do so and so.”  Then ask yourself non-verbally, attempt to Neuralize how this occurred.  What possible validity could this have?  If you can try and hold some of the kinds of descriptions and maps, as far as they can go, you can See that there is the surge of Life itself coming through Man.  And some men apparently become spokesmen for Life more than others.

Philosophers seem to be greater spokesmen.  At least they have a wider affect than religious leaders or bricklayers,  although you can walk into a bar and find a bricklayer who will say something that apparently contains a kernel of truth .   You can hear it on the jukebox, in a bricklayers’ barroom or the punch line of some hillbilly’s song.  It sounds like — “Yeah, that is the way human nature is,” or “yeah, ain’t women like that?” or “Boy, ain’t us men like that when we get rowdy?”  It appears to have some kind of horizontal retention into the psyche of men.

There are some writers, philosophers, thinkers, and religious leaders who seem to be the spokesmen, but it is much deeper than that.  I would remind you that when I bring  up some well known religious leader of the past.  I am giving you hints that it was Life speaking.

It doesn’t matter whether a certain figure proclaimed that one of the aspects of enlightenment would be right profession.   It doesn’t even matter whether he really lived or not.  That sentiment, that idea came out of Life and it permeated a large number of people.  The words are 2,500 years old, yet they are still in paperback, people still buy them and read them and it still seems to strike people in some way as — “Hmmmm”.

But you have got to forget the apparent human source of the message.   Just forget him.  Life itself put out that message.  It is then that you should Neuralize, and I am lying by putting words on it, but Neuralize “Hmmmm”.  And whatever the circuitry seems to come up with as an immediate answer, just discard that. Whatever the first answer is, just discard.  Sometimes you can start working from the second one.  But discard whatever tells you — “Well, a man could not activate the higher circuitry if he was in the wrong profession.   I mean, he might be miserable  if he was in a profession  that cheated people.  That couldn’t be an enlightened person.”

It is not whether that is true or not true.  Just throw that away.  Forget that, because you already knew that, so it’s meaningless.  That was just your immediate reaction, and your reaction is not the whole world’s reaction to it.  Life did not put out that message just so that 2,500 years later you could Say — “Oh that means a man should not engage in a dishonest profession.”  Life does not operate that way.  What would seem to be your reaction   is not necessarily the reaction of all other people.  So, whatever you have, disregard and then go on.

The easy way to start off, of course, is to try and see what the opposite is:  “Well, the opposite would be that a man should be a cheat, he should do something that would make him miserable.”  Then you start moving a little.  If you are going to use words let me go ahead and do it for you.  Say that something strikes you — “Well, that is not exactly true either, but if my first one is not true and this one is not exactly true…”  You have to roam the universe.  You have to roam.

 Diagram # 015 photo

Diagram # 015 photo

There is something else I wanted everyone else to Neuralize that I mentioned once in passing.  The Red, Blue and Yellow Circuits are connected in such a way that they overlap at six points.  It is at these six juncture points that there is crosstalk between the three circuits.  It is where information or stimuli go from one to the other.  I want to point you toward seeing that the Blue and Red Circuits are essentially one circuit vis a vis the Yellow.

It is based on this:  there is more information or crosstalk going on between the two bottom circuits together than there is between either the Red or the Blue and the Yellow Circuit.  I could say that the connections are weaker between the Yellow and the other two than it is between the lower two and I assume that simplifies it enough.

But now let me say it the way I intended to originally.  The crosstalk is more intense, more plentiful between the Blue and Red than between either of those and the Yellow.  It can be seen as though you have the Yellow, and then you have the Blue-Red.

Through Neuralization, and from all that you observe about yourself, you seem to receive  messages.  At times you can get an impression that the messages are surely arising from one circuit or the other but it is not any longer a matter of a pure message coming solely from any of the circuits.  There is no such thing.

You can Neuralize the interactions of the circuitry on the basis of this scenario.  Say that a car behind you is suddenly getting very close and swerves toward you and you look over and the driver is laughing.  It just happened just like that.  Try and see that, physically, something in one of the circuits is ready to respond violently, to at least internally make some outraged comment.  It is a scene that happens very quickly and you can get an impression.  You can have a feeling that this impression, this information, this kind of reaction, is coming from a certain circuit.  The ways in which the information is transferred is much stronger between the lower circuits than it is between either of those and the Yellow Circuit.

Several people have asked similar questions regarding how one might use the Yellow circuitry, such as: “When there is a major conflict between the circuitry can the Yellow Circuit ever decide the outcome?”

If there was not a kind of power to the Yellow Circuit none of you would be sitting here.  And when I say power, it is unique.  Of course, I can say that the power of the Red Circuit or even the power of sex within the Red Circuit is unique, and I can say so called human emotions manifest in the Blue Circuit have a kind of power that is unique, although someone attempting to activate the higher areas of the nervous system cannot stop with that.

I can call certain aspects of all the Circuitry unique.  But there is unique and then there is Unique with a capital “u”.  The Yellow Circuit and it’s ability is unique on this level at which we live.  It is unique on this planet.  Without those abilities we would not be sitting in a building and we would not be wearing clothes, etc.  But, beyond all of that, within the realm of what you are trying to do,  the Yellow Circuit does have a unique ability.  It is the only reason everyone is here.

Now consider this unique ability with regard to what I pointed out previously about the crosstalk being observably weaker, with less information exchanged, between the Yellow Circuit and the other two.  Is that not justice?

Now I want to further confuse things.  I am going to rename the Three Forces.  Many of you have had your own kinds of observations or distinct suspicions that you were getting close to feeling and seeing something about the Three Forces.  I am going to change the map a bit in words.  It is much stronger than words, however, or I would not do it.

Instead of Forces they should now be named Interactions because there is no such thing as a separate “force”.  There is no force lurking somewhere.  And there are no “forces” running loose in the world. There is no First force out there waiting outside the door for you to come out and resist it.  There is no Third force hiding in churches waiting for people that are in the throes of a battle between the First and Second forces to come in so that this Third force could say, “Hey…, come to me and I will rectify this conflict.”

There are only interactions.  You cannot identify a force, because no force operates alone.  For example you could take the viewpoint of the American Indian and you could point out that the living personification of the Second force (so called evil) was the European settlers on this continent.  It could be said that they wrecked the Indians economy and their culture,and turned them into drunks.  They just did horrible things to the Indians.

With absolutely no difficulty, if you are beginning to expand your lateral consciousness, you could take that position quite easily.  If you did not have anything better to do you could go out and march in an Indian rights parade tomorrow.   I could get up on the spot and make a speech that would bring tears to the eyes of an Indian crowd and looks of guilt to all the white people standing around.  Although you would not “become” an Indian, you would step right in and see that a horrible injustice was done to them.

I could, just as easily step over to the other side and make a speech that said, “The Western European settlement of this continent made the whole world better off.  Everybody, Indians included, owes those poor, beleaguered, frightened settlers for coming over here and for what they have done.”  I could prove the world is better off because of them.

I am trying to get you to see that no matter what you could come up with for a First force there is always resistance to it.  But the only way that anything can be identified — speaking specifically of the Yellow Circuit which is the one that has to analyze, speak or write about it — as being a good or constructive force or a destructive force is vis a vis the interaction.

Some of you should be able to get a glimpse of what would appear to be two forces in operation, from your particular viewpoint.  It is only the interaction of the two forces that makes the viewer have the impression that one of these is evil or destructive.  What they are observing, what the nervous system is reacting to, is not some pristine observation of, “Oh, there is an evil force!”  The only way they can perceive it as evil is if there has been an interaction between the force of their magnetic field personified (“me and other right thinking people”) and that which runs contrary to their right thinking policies, i.e., what they want to do.  In this way, they identify two forces at work.

It is only through an interaction that the viewer has a position to identify that which you could call a good force, a constructive force and then that which is interacting with it, resisting it from his viewpoint.  It is only through that interaction that this Second force can be identified as being less than desirable, as being evil.  Were there no interaction, the nervous system would have no perception of it.

Nobody goes around contemplating evil forces.  They have to be confronted by them, whether in person, or by reading or  hearing about them. What no one can conceive of, what man’s binary system is not constructed to digest — no matter what their religion or culture or intelligence, is that no one can conceive of evil.  The nervous system does not perceive evil until that force is interacting with a force it perceives as good.  I told you that it was slippery.

Can you note that on the basis of what I have said thus far about forces that there is a voice within each of you that says “this is of significance”?  And perhaps, with many of you, it even got a little further to: “This is true, it is not only significant, I’m beginning to get glimpses of it.”  But you have not glimpsed, somewhere, First force.  Nor have you seen Second force.  You have not, while walking, with the sun coming up and the birds singing, suddenly seen — “Ah-h-h!  Third force is hovering above those trees!” They do not operate in isolation.

There is no First force that you can put your hands on.  You can see it in action.  But, there is no First force, no invisible force of electrical, chemical or spiritual invisible energy running around as First force. There is no godlike force, no good force simply running about.  Nor is there a destructive or evil force lurking under the bed.  It is only on the basis of interaction that you can perceive forces at work.  It is true, as I have said, that there are Three Forces at work, but they do not exist.  There is not a First, Second or Third force running around.  Somewhere in a weak part of your circuitry do any of you sense, non-verbally, any possible serious ramifications of this?

Some of you have already attempted to adopt, because it sounded right when I said it, that there are no evil forces, demons or gods as you previously imagined.  Even though it sounds true and relieves some amount of fear or induced guilt in you, it is still a part of the necessary, reactionary make up of the nervous system, taken as a whole or individually, that everyone perceives that there is good and evil.  I am the only person in the world who knows this.  I am the only person you ever heard say it (who could pass for sane). But there is in everyone individually and in the nervous system collectively, the feeling that there is good and evil.

The nervous system of Man would say to me, “What are you going to do with the words?!  I don’t care that you are saying do away with gods or devils.  We are still talking about some kind of constructive and destructive cosmic energies!  Maybe not cosmic energies but human energies.  There is definitely a struggle going on.  You can attempt to play with words and tell me gods don’t exist.  That may be, but there is something in me that says, yes, there are forces that are good and forces that are evil.  No matter what you say I can see their manifestations throughout history.”

It is as though someone took some kind of hidden, cosmic tuning fork and went, “BINNNG!” and put it against your nervous system and it reverberated right in tune with it.  This reverberation is in everyone and it proclaims that good and evil do exist.

What  I am hinting to you about the possible ramifications of this is that it is not true, physically.  There is no electrical energy that is good or bad.  There are no vibrations that are operating somewhere on the sound or light spectrum that are good or bad.  There must be an interaction between two forces for the nervous system to react to it — for you to be able to perceive it.

For you to be able to perceive it with your eyes, to hear it, to be able to read the dots on a newspaper that trigger something physically in your nervous system that understands and remembers these words and can identify a conflict from the dots on the paper, there has to be an interaction between two forces.

For example you may read that:  TODAY COUNTRY “X” SENT FOUR THOUSAND MORE TROOPS TO COUNTRY “Y” AND SAID THEY WOULD LEVEL THE COUNTRY IF THE PEOPLE DID NOT COME TO THEIR SENSES.  And you say, “My, God!” although all that happened is that you saw dots on paper.  You don’t know whether it’s true.  Of course, it is in Time magazine.  It cost a dollar and a quarter and it is reputable. It says country X has bombed villages, killing thousands of helpless children.  Your nervous system responds to it, physically, as it is intended to do.  It is not psychological.

But if you  are still attempting to construct a nonverbal dictionary you should ask:  Why is this response in me?

Understand that this gets tricky.  And let me repeat again that all of you should feel that in no way am I or This Thing in favor of war and killing people.  It has nothing whatsoever to do with that.  In no way does this insinuate that I am giving some secret message that war is fine and dandy. It is neither fine and dandy nor non fine and dandy.  It is nothing new, it’s nothing old.  Somebody else got killed instead of you.  Your time is next.  You either get killed by a rocket or you get killed by a rocket in your spleen that is self-induced.  It  is neither here nor there.

I still make my continuing offer that if any of you can find a way to stop war and death, you tell me.

Can you note that I do not waste my time making these asides?  I can talk about these dots on a newspaper and it sounds cold that thousands of helpless children are getting killed and there is something in each of you that wishes I wouldn’t talk like that.  It sounds so heartless.  It has nothing to do with being heartless.  But, that too, is built into the nervous system.

There is built into people, into theology and much of philosophy the idea that:  if there is a creator, whom we attempt to worship, then how can it be that all these people are dying and they don’t appear to  deserve it?  How can it be?  This gets very close to the idea of the forces.  It is worth it to Neuralize that.

There is no way for the Yellow Circuit to try to figure that out.  There is no way out of the question, “How can there be great gods who let helpless children starve?”  Nobody knows.  Not in the Yellow Circuit.

It is worth it to note that I can be talking about your reading cold dots on a piece of paper (that came from who knows where) saying children were being slaughtered, and it is all you can do keep from getting trapped by it. You feel like you have been pulled into a whirlpool. I could carry it a bit further so that some of you, down in your nervous system will begin to react like — “Is he finally cracking up or is this whole thing Neo-nazism and he just kept it secret?”

These reactions are not simply what everyone calls psychological.  What I am telling you is those reactions are based in the nervous system, physically.  A good place to begin to Neuralize is the idea of the sanctity of human life.  That idea is built into the nervous system and it comes out through the Yellow Circuit, it comes out in theory and it comes out in religion.  In a sense the principle of the sanctity of human life is not true, and not just because I say it is not true.

Worldwide — in the higher end of the nervous system — the idea of the sanctity of human life seems to spring from religion, from some prophet, or from the recollected memory of a whole tribe, or a whole culture that the gods have always said:  don’t kill, or at least don’t kill your own tribe.  It is not simply that a god did not come down and tell some prophet this.  It was Life itself delivering the message that human life is sacred.

Or con-temporarily you might read a story about a woman who worked in a home for runaway children. She helped take care of these delinquent boys and then one boy turns around and stabs her after she’d given her spare time, passed up cocktail parties to go there and help.  Her husband says, “Well you know it is a terrible, gruesome murder.  My whole life is ruined.  But, we can’t continue locking up these poor children.  Just because he killed my wife, cut her throat, stabbed her fourteen times, we can’t just electrocute him.”

In the nervous system, there is something that vibrates at a certain speed.  It continues to put out the message, through humans, that human life is sacred.  Everyone must speak of it that way.  Within as much reason as your nervous system can stand, everyone must operate that way.

Your nonverbal dictionary should be opened to Neuralize:  What is the basis for this?  It is not all that mystifying.  I mean the obvious answer is the answer as far as words go.  It is not something psychological.  It is not something that came from any religion.  It is Life talking.

It would be almost as if we had a human, on another scale,    who has ignited the higher regions of the nervous system and he sends a message to his liver.  Let’s say, just for laughs, that that is where most everybody is living and he tells the liver — “Listen.  You liver cells are precious.  Liver cells cannot attack one another.  Liver cells are my crowning glory.  I am God speaking to you.  You have a special place in my heart.”

Now let’s say you could get that permeated to the very fiber of all your liver cells, then at least you might have  time to do something more worthwhile with your life.  That is assuming that one part of your liver doesn’t dive bomb another in an overnight guerilla attack.  Of course, I am making all this up, but try to see beyond the humor, and Neuralize the reality behind the sanctity of human life.

Let’s go from religion back to science again.  I have told you not to be concerned whether you knew anything about physics because I am not a specialist in physics.  But I assume everyone does understand the actual words I have used of Man the mass.  Consider that subatomic physicists have been trying to find the actual building blocks of life, the most minute pieces of physical reality — something that is mass, that can be weighed and measured, as opposed to energy.

There is another rather contemporary theory from science that I will lay upon you and then we will go with where I’ll go with it.  Also in the last thirty or forty years physicists have tried to synthesize the many different theories having to do with magnetism, electrical energy, the decay of atomic particles, etc. into one encompassing unification theory.  What they are looking for, of course, is the perfect Map.  Not a map of This Thing, but they are looking for their own perfect map.

They apparently have some observable physical basis for parts of this theory.  One question at the basis of their theorizing is:  how did everything start becoming alive as opposed to the apparently dead matter found in other parts of the universe?

Part of one of the attempted grand unification theories (I assume you people are not going to worry about going and finding physics books.  I take all this and turn it to my own use) is, to paraphrase fairly closely what they are theorizing, the idea that soon after the creation of the universe everything would have been at such a temperature as to be almost unimaginable.

At such profoundly hot temperatures there was a kind of symmetry to all of the forces (that they are now trying to unify — electromagnetism, gravity, etc.)  If the forces were in existence they were in perfect balance.  Everything, in a sense, was static.  The term they like to use, the one that caught my attention, was that everything was symmetrical.  Life was only possible, as science now defines it, once the universe began to cool, because as it began to cool it broke the symmetry.

Now let us go into my area.  Can any of you perceive that, in a sense, when an ordinary man that is man the mass, man the individual personality — reaches his maximum growth potential, he begins to cool and loses his symmetry?  It is then that the kind of forces and energies flowing through him become asymmetrical.  The E/C filter begins to do its proper job and certain energies are muted, others dampened; some are lowered and some are amplified.  When a man’s apparent personality has taken over and the maximum growth of his nervous system has been reached, he cools.

You are no longer the hotheaded teenager or the flighty teenager with that certain unidentifiable passion for life — “You just wait until I can get out of this yard and quit throwing this baseball back and forth with my kid brother and I get a Corvette and a blonde on my arm” or “Just wait, wait until the world realizes what a great guitar player I am.  Wait until they see me paint.”  You’ve cooled and have become identifiable.

There is a maximum temperature, a maximum growth, and then Man the universe begins to cool and the symmetry is lost.  Everyone becomes asymmetrical.

It is proper for me to point out that This Thing is in no way a regression to the past.  There is no past. For somebody attempting to activate the higher areas of the nervous system  I could point out that although it is a completion, in a sense, of a kind of circle it would more correctly be described as a spiral. It is not a regression but is, in a sense, a reformed symmetry of what the cooling process has done to the nervous system.  Your universe is created, the intense heat was there for a while and you were almost a blank.  You were in balance.  Then you cooled, became asymmetrical, and growth stopped.

But remember now, we are not talking about Paradise Lost.  You can’t return there.  Can you see that the kinds of things I have been describing are the absolute extension of lateral consciousness wherein, to activate the higher areas of the nervous system, a man has got to confront, consume and transcend, that is, digest all apparent opposites.  In every place that he apparently sees two forces at work, everywhere he sees an interaction, he is not seeing an interaction out there.  He is up to that cross-sectional line in his own brain.  That is where he cooled.  That is when creation was over for him.

When you were twenty one, when you were grown, the cooling process started and you lost symmetry. The forces were no longer in balance.  In a sense you became in perfect balance to play out the transforming role that you have heretofore been serving.  But you are no longer symmetrical.  If you were symmetrical  you would have transcended this apparent opposite.  There would be no internal resistance. The nervous system always identifies this internal resistance as having an external basis, which should be obvious to all of you.  You say — “If it weren’t for this and this and this I’d have attained a much higher level of consciousness by now.  There is no doubt about it.  If I hadn’t married her when I did, if I didn’t have five children, if I didn’t have all these worries about my mother, if I could in some way wave a magic wand to the external world, then all the stuff you already told me and all the stuff I suspect…talk about igniting the higher circuitry. I’d be on a freight train to Jupiter!”

But the solution is not just a matter of changing this or that.  All you are confronting is a place wherein your universe cooled.  You are confronting the place where Line-level consciousness is.  You are confronting your own resistance and you have to get away from it to even see it.  Without rising above it, you will never see it.  At the ordinary level there is no question of getting out.  When you are living on the ordinary level what you see is good and evil and that is exactly right, what you perceive to be true or false is right on the money.  It is exactly right because that is you, the interaction of these two forces.  In the life of Man under ordinary conditions there is no Third force to interact.  The closest ordinary people come to Third force is death.  It is the only rectifying agent to his living internal self-resistance.

If there were no possibility of growth, if Life could not move through Man you would be a rock.  You would be a tree.  Maybe some of you would be ferns.  I don’t know.  Some of you could even be armadillos. Just think — you would not be wondering what tomorrow will bring.  You would not be engaged in imaginary conspiracies.  You would not be wondering what other people thought of you.  You would not wonder about a bigger boulder coming over and stepping on you, the small rock.

Some of you should reconsider some of the words I throw out  to you like “Superman”, such as: “Superman would not put up with this kind of stuff, or Superman wouldn’t whine and cry.”  The word Superman has a kind of small shock value but it is as good a word as any.  By now you should know that it does not mean that you are encouraged to go around pushing your way through life and misusing people as you would judge it to be.  It is a matter of having a willful, unnatural control.

Now there are things, as long as you are alive on this planet, you cannot control.  You cannot stop from physically dying which should begin and close any such discussions.  You simply cannot stop that.  You cannot, in some profitable way, influence people.  You will find there are times you can deal with individuals on a different basis if you have some purpose in mind, but it has nothing to do with what you would think of as misusing or mistreating them.  That is not even possible.  I said people and I meant it in plural.  You may believe that you are going to affect large groups of people because you now have some understanding of how the nervous system works or that because of what you have seen on your own you can take a whole group of people and influence them.  That would be (you can take your choice) either impossible or unprofitable.  When I say unprofitable I mean it as synonymous with impossible.  Until you see it for yourself you should understand that your definition of unprofitable is far removed from mine.

There is a kind of control that is at the heart of this.  It is not about stopping death, influencing large numbers of people, or making yourself rich at someone else’s expense, if that was possible.

The kind of control that you have got to begin to feel is a very private, very personal sense of what This Thing is and through your own effort, a beginning of the creation of a new center of consciousness. What seems to run through the circuits, especially at the high end which has always been “you”, you can control.

Someone made an observation that their negative daydreams and imaginary fears were diminishing, and that their system was less frantic.  They ended it by saying — “Well, and now what?”

You are correct to have a sensation that part of your system seems to have been affected.  You don’t really know how yet, but you are  going to find out once you know how to do it yourself.  Once you get there you will understand that initially I had to affect everybody’s Red Circuit.  But once you get a taste of it, it becomes your responsibility because you understand that — “I do have control.”

There is a sense of power that no one knows but you.  You can live in the midst of the whole sleeping world.  You can join in.  You find a parade going by where everyone is shouting, “Down with Albanians!” Get in there and walk along.  Of course, I don’t mean that literally or politically.  It is that there are forces existing in the world with which it is not your job to interfere; it would not be profitable if you could do so.

There is this area of control.  You can see that things such as I described above are always going on because the whole of human history is down in your own lower circuitry.  “I can feel it.  I am everybody.  I am Albanians and I am Albanian haters.  I am the Indians and the European settlers.  I’m good guys and bad guys.  I am also somebody else.  I am somebody that none of those other people from the Albanians to the Indians knows about.  They stand right in my face or I stand in their face and they don’t know it. They don’t even see me.  They can’t even get me.”

Of course, by them I am referring to the force of Life itself.  I am talking about the Line level of consciousness.  When you understand what control is then you understand what I mean by Superman and Superwoman.

There is no evil force out there.  There is nobody that comes to you and says — “You sorry son of a…”  Although you say — “Well, anyone would get mad.  I couldn’t help it.  The man got in my face and he was slobbering and spitting, and I thought he was going to hit me.  I didn’t deserve to be treated that way.  He had me all wrong.  Darn right I am mad.  Well, maybe I’m not mad but I’m upset.”  Once you Understand, words are no longer important.  You can call it mad.  You can call it upset.  You can call it zucchini.  It’s all the same thing.  You are out of control.  Once you sufficiently get a taste of it I think the term Superman will come back to you and you will at least give a nod and say — “Ahh”.  And I suggest that many of you will like it.

It is like a secret Superman.  Not with a cape and not dressed up.  Nobody can tell.  You understand that “I am in the midst of something that has its own life.  I am not in the midst of people as I always took them to be and as they take themselves to be and as I am from the Line down.  I am not surrounded by solid people.  I am not surrounded by men and women the mass.  I am surrounded by energy transformers.  The dance they do, the steps they take, what they refer to as thought and feeling is so limited as to be almost nonexistent and here I am in the midst of them.  Nothing is wrong.  Here I was born and here I will die but at least I have had fun, at least I have spent my currency well here and I may become a different part of a memory somewhere.

It is not a matter of being superior.  But there is an absolute sense of Superman.  The reason I brought this up again is that I see some of you are getting close, but you’re still writing letters to yourself, crying and whining over your problems.  You take these problems as being real.  You think there is something beyond you.  For someone attempting to activate the higher areas of the nervous system, past a certain point there is nothing beyond you.  There is no one superior to you.  You have no peer.  You are not superior in some way, but you have no equal.

After a certain point you are going to find out that there is a distaste that you will not believe for you to feel as though you are being held by anything, being controlled by anything or that someone or something has the best of you.  I am going to tell you even before you taste it that there is no word for this.  Shame is the only one that comes to mind easily.  You should slap yourself silly because once you taste it you will not put up with the feeling that you are being held by something, because it is not true.