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Trans-Atomic Physics


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Tape 67, Apr 21, 1983, run time 1:38
Notes by TK

There is no word to describe the meaning of: Difficult. The difficulty of Doing The Work, as opposed to dreams of “flying thru the air enlightened and perfect”.

The need for a lateral expansion as foundation for vertical activation of the brain circuitry. If all the Yellow Circuit was activated laterally, you would have no opinions and therefore no internal resistance. To “think” requires resistance of the Not-I portion of circuitry. Ref. diagram-18: (the non-activated side of the brain.)

Man as an electrical circuit: Appears to be 2 classes of info reaching the nervous system—1) sensory (see, hear, feel, etc.) 2) Primal Flow (reactionary machine) of supposed internal, “unconscious” motivation.

This is a time of abrupt change in Man and the growth of Life.

Quantum physics–looking at smallest unit of mass you can measure either motion or location but not both simultaneously. Relation to attempts at self-observation, remembering the name of god with every breath: all unprofitable per se now. “Working on myself” = unending delusion: progress to nowhere since you can’t behave and observe at same time.

Man the “mass” = religious, ordinary conception/treatment of the reality of Man-the-Process; the energy transfer.

Grocery store scenario/task of attempting to abnormally stimulate the Yellow Circuit. Consciousness qua consciousness vs. consciousness OF–which requires the internal resistance of Not-I. A technique for stimulating the Yellow Circuit: “I will not think the same thing twice”.

“It’s nobody’s fault”–Airplane delayed at the gate scenario. Example of weather; everything is connected; circular repetition. No one is responsible because no one is there. Man’s seeking for finite goals/pleasures.

1:25 reading of observations/questions from ATL Group.


Walk for one hour and attempt not to think the same thing twice.




Document:  67,  April 21, 1983
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1983

All of you should Neuralize that there is no word to describe the difficulty of what you are attempting to do.  In times past you believed that if only you could discover certain hidden information or if you could just find the great secret book, you would be instantly transformed into the picture of enlightened perfection. Complete with superhuman powers.  Now you know that’s not the way it works.  But you still don’t know the half of it.  I am telling you that no word is available to capture what I mean by my use of the word “difficult” in describing the attempt to activate the higher nervous system.

For example many of you have been attempting to Neuralize and use my descriptions of the circuits operating within Man.  And you have used these descriptions on the basis that there is a series of electrical reactions within what appears to be a stable something called Man.  The difficulty I speak of is in then leaping to another point:  to conceive of Man and you, yourself, in toto, as being a network of circuits. Not a stable mass but a magnetic field within a living grid.  If you could wrap up four dimensions into two and stretch a gigantic graph across the entire planet, each juncture of two grid lines would represent a small magnetic field where an apparent person resides.  Of course  binary consciousness cannot conceive of this; it can only perceive Man as a stable noun.

 Diagram # 018 illustration

Diagram # 018 illustration

Several weeks ago I reminded you that there is literally a cross-section in the brain, one side representing that which is naturally activated, what you take to be you, and the other side is its negative reflection, the necessary resistance.  What is of immediate importance to you is that you must undertake your own lateral expansion, at Line level. Some of you have already begun to experience this activation.  One of its manifestations is the sensation of a new sort of closeness to people, to animals, to life itself.  You simply find yourself, for no apparent reason,  devoid of the hostile tension, the friction that used to color your days.  Perhaps you may find yourself in circumstances that would have previously made you foam at the mouth in anger.  And now there is nothing.  It’s as if a part of you — a part that you can do very well without — has been erased.

You can, in the beginning, Neuralize your efforts as a continual pushing of lateral consciousness into new territories.  It is necessary to have a type of absolute, unconditional Line level lateral expansion to furnish the proper base for your vertical extension.  There is no quick, direct way to do it, and remember also that it is unnecessary, it is absolutely unnecessary for a Line level existence.  But if you want more than an ordinary existence, if you want to ignite the nervous system beyond the line of common consciousness, you’ve got to provide as solid, as broad a base as possible.

Libraries are full of books by people whose nervous systems were accidentally, that is not through their own effort, activated providing a glimpse above the Line.  But an accidental glimpse of the extraordinary has no solid base of understanding and when that man or woman returns to ordinary consciousness all they are left with is the sensation that things are not as they appear.  They can’t explain it, they don’t understand it.  It’s what makes a good religious fanatic:  not only are things not as they appear but also — everyone else is wrong!  Taken to the farthest extreme you’d have an absolute maniac on your hands.

The point is that without the proper expanded lateral activation of the nervous system, without a nervous-system-wide restructuring, a glimpse above Line level comes to nothing but frustration.

I can say that such lateral expansion and activation at Line level will bring you closer to the reality of religion than all the world’s religious leaders.  Even if there were no reality to vertical expansion, if your only possibility lay in expanding into your own system below the Line, you would still be closer to being truly religious than all the popes and rabbis put together.  Because you’d have no criticisms or prejudices, you’d hold no opinions.  You would be devoid of internal resistance.

The extreme “difficulty” I mentioned earlier relates to the fact that we are on the precipice of an abrupt change.  Never in history could any of This have been heard as it can now be heard.  Until now all descriptions have treated Man as a mass, as a something; not out of delusion, but because it was necessary.  All descriptions are a reflection of the level of humanity’s development.  All the way from mythology to the present level of contemporary knowledge Man has been treated as a stable something: He has a soul, he has an essence — he has a perfect little person inside and all he has to do is get rid of some garbage.  All he has to do is uncover that little person and he’ll bloom like a flower in the sun. Throughout history, from witch-doctor to psychologist, Man has been described and seen as a solid thing that can be held responsible for his actions and thoughts.  What is filtering now through the body of Life, and specifically what my information reveals, is the energy behind man-the-form.  It’s no longer a question of who you are.  You must now see what you are.  And what you are is not a thing but a process.  A process that can be seen and understood, a process that can be physically expanded and continued. What has previously been called the domain of the gods, realizations of one’s potential, enlightenment — whatever — lies within your own nervous system.  It is, and has always been, the unactivated area above the current level of consciousness.  That is the reality behind enlightenment; it’s the extension of your own nervous system into previously unused, unactivated areas.  Man is not separate from the gods in the way that religions have always described; he is not separated from sanity or perfection, and has no bad habits other than the habit of being “I”.  The organism that is man is not a stable mass, it is not a thing but a process.  A magnetic field within a living grid.

Now let me try another direction and return to my use of the parallels of contemporary science, specifically, subatomic physics.

At the subatomic level, which is considered a part of quantum physics, they have attempted to split up and observe physical reality beyond the molecular level.  And at that level scientists found that they could either identify the particle’s location or they could identify its motion, its momentum.  They could not, however, observe both its position and its momentum simultaneously.

Can any of you conceive of the parallel between that and humanity’s attempt in numerous forms throughout the ages to “Know Thyself”.  There have been many methods:  attempting to remember a holy name with every breath, trying to continually remember oneself, attempting to become some kind of observer of “me”.  Along with it is the belief that:  “I can attempt to study myself in a cold and clinical way and be able to see this thing, that is myself, warts and all.  I will get a fix on this mess that is “me” and I’ll just clean me up.

It is not that past methods were incorrect.  But times have changed:  Life’s own nervous system has grown, and its growing is reflected in Man.  What worked in the past will no longer spark growth.  I continue to get letters from people who say — “I’m very concerned about these flaws I have, and I am working on it. More and more I see that I am too angry or I have these fears…”  And what apparently passes for progress is — “I can see more and more warts and I am working on it.”  Some of you are beginning to get glimpses, beyond the crude words, that there is nothing to work on.

You can attempt to locate, internally, this thing that seems to be “me” or you can attempt to observe its momentum, its motion.  People are still using various methods of observing “I” but they are all based on the assumption that there is indeed a thing in there.

But when you attempt to observe, and to locate this “I”, then what happens?  It stops.  There is no longer any momentum.  You only have a brief second and then you merge with that which is trying to see it.  The circuitry is not designed to do it.  You try to find its location and you stop its movement.

And if you attempt to observe its motion — by observing the behavior of the organism — “I gesture a lot.  I am embarrassed when I am around people of a higher social position…I’m really onto something.”  You try to observe the motion of it, the behavior, and what happens that no one ever notices?  You and it, the behavior, become one and you are no longer the “I” that was observing it.  And if you attempt to go back and find its location (“I”) then the momentum, the behavior, stops.

The attempt to do This Thing would be to engage in, rather than subatomic physics, “trans-atomic physics”.  By understanding your own lateral Yellow Circuit expansion, you attempt to become trans-atomically conscious:  conscious in no particular place, at no particular time.

The  center of consciousness is no longer tied to the binary, mechanically produced level.  And in such moments you experience almost a timeless sensation.  Whereas you once felt — “I always felt in conflict with everyone else; that we were different, if not completely separate.”  That’s when you experience that nonverbal sensation of closeness to Life.  And it is not followed by any theoretical description of — “We are all God’s children.”  What appeared to be “I”, your consciousness is no longer tied to its habitual Line level location.  You can, as it were, move freely through all of Life.

Ordinary thought, the function of moving consciousness, requires resistance.  Without that internal resistance, you can be conscious everywhere.  It is the difference between being conscious of something and being conscious.  To be conscious of something requires that there be internal resistance.  It requires that you be in your habitual, stable position in the grid.  It requires that you be you.  Ordinary consciousness of something is a spotlight fixed first on one thing, then on another.  To be trans-atomically conscious is to never let that light stop, to continually keep it moving, sweeping through the full spectrum of Life.  In that willfully produced state, everything becomes three dimensional and vivid.  It’s as if everything you see is alive for the first time.  You See those around you and you realize that for the last 20 minutes, for the last 20 years, you’ve Seen nothing.  You’ve simply been your ordinary, fixated mechanism of perception.

Resistance is absolutely necessary to Line level consciousness.  You can read it in literature, in confession magazines; you can hear it on TV:  “Yes, I may be famous and rich now.  But even I am full of contradictions.”  It is the cry of binary consciousness; it’s this system of resistance, and it comes out of people’s mouths as self-doubt and fear and internal contradiction.  It is not psychological, intellectual or religious, and it’s not a problem.  It’s the structure of the nervous system at Line level, and without it, a man or woman could not function.

On one side of this cross section, you have the philosopher, the Albert Schweitzers of the world.  And on the other side lives Attila the Hun and Mussolini.  But neither can exist without the other.  They’re each the flip side of consciousness; they’re two sides  of the same coin.  Neither is better or worse; both are necessary.  But consciousness can’t see it.  “Oh sure.  I guess I have a few contradictions.  I may have some unconscious aggression towards certain groups of people.  But I’m working on it.”  And they are not working in it.  There is no way to work on it.  People could work on it at Line level, if people could become true Christians, true Buddhists, or Muslims, everything would self destruct.  The system of internal resistance is necessary for the proper transfer of energy within the Living grid.

To say it’s necessary at Line level (and that’s exactly what I’m saying) is to say that it is inimical to you.  You cannot grow if you continue to furnish your own resistance.  At the very least, you should continually attempt to stimulate your circuitry at its highest possible level.  Forget all your dreams of sainthood and superhuman powers.  You have to start somewhere.  You have to start with what is presently possible without worrying about, “Am I becoming more enlightened?  Am I actually becoming a better person?”  You have to begin literally with a forced stimulation of the Yellow Circuit even below Line level consciousness.

One of the ways to approach such a forced stimulation is the attempt to not think the same thing twice. Anything that has already run the nervous system route, anything that is the natural order, is the ordinary expression of your Line level position.  What you need is to activate the higher areas.  What you need is new food.  And you’ll not find it in the ordinary operation of the circuitry, because resisting is its job.  It’s Life’s stabilizing mechanism.  And when it fails, that is when an individual has no internal resistance, you have someone who is considered insane; someone who can’t function within ordinary parameters.  Ask him to wash his clothes and he’ll take them outside and fry them on the grill.  But the functioning mainstream of humanity lives within very limited, specific and repetitive confines of the nervous system.  It’s what makes you a recognizable Fred or Mary, it’s your ordinary sensation of “I”.  And it’s a system of repetition and limitation.

Each man or woman is this activated portion of the brain.  I could draw it for you many ways.  I could add a little figure of a person in this activated portion, a little outline of Fred or Mary, a little outline of you. And if you could cross section it, magnify and stain it you could look in there and say — “There I am.  I can tell.  That is my profile.”  That would be the part that would be activated.

Don’t take the figure literally, but I could fairly say that at most, this activated area comprises 50%.  The remainder, though unactivated, is not simply dead.  That is your resistance:  if it weren’t for the unactivated area, we couldn’t define the activated portion.  You would be undefinable.  If there were no resistance, there would be no Fred or Mary.

You wake up in the morning, as soon as the E/C gate is sufficiently open, as soon as the energy circulates, it’s as if that little figure lights up like a neon light.  “Alright, I’m here.  We’re ready.”

 Diagram # 008 illustration

Diagram # 008 illustration

But it’s ready only to think, to be conscious within the confines of the activated area.  And for ordinary humanity that is proper.  Can you understand that what you must do is weaken the almost indissoluble hold of that activated area, but without becoming undone without becoming ordinarily insane.  Do you see that what is true and necessary for ordinary existence is not true for someone attempting to activate the higher areas of the nervous system?

You cannot continue to think the same things you’ve always thought.  So what are you to think?  Where do you start?  You must start with what you can presently see.  You should start with the attempt to activate and stimulate the circuitry at Line level.  I repeat: don’t get entangled in questions of — “Is this actually getting above Line level?”  You have your hands full just attempting to activate the system laterally; to willfully activate those parts of the brain which now furnish involuntary resistance, the parts that define everything you now feel to be “me”.  Find that you can continually attempt to stimulate the circuitry by not thinking the same thing twice.  When you undertake this willful, unnecessary stimulation, then you start to learn from yourself.  You become your own teacher.  You don’t have to go to Tibet to learn what’s already displayed in your own nervous system.

 Diagram # 030 illustration

Diagram # 030 illustration

I assure you that your favorite spiritual hero could have laid in bed in his underwear with a glass of tea propped up his stomach.  All he had to do was look off, let the internal voices run and then suddenly stop it all and just look at it.  Somebody walked by outside his window where he lay with his tea, talking about — “I’ll tell you.  I don’t know what the world is coming to…if politicians cannot have more concern for the common man…”

The words enter his nervous system. They run the usual route, the digestion process starts, and he sticks his finger in and stops it somewhere. COMMON MAN.  Let’s say that’s what he picks up to work with.  COMMON MAN…  He says — “I always used that.  I hear it and I digest it along with the rest of the sentence and I think I know what it means. What does it mean?  Not the dictionary definition, but why is there such a term in humanity?  Why do people say COMMON MAN?”

I’m describing how you teach yourself; how you use what’s part of the system to expand the system.  Our fictitious religious hero picks “Common Man” out of a passing conversation:  “What does that represent?  Why is there a need for such a term?  Why is there a need for goodness, mercy, politicians? What is government?”  It has nothing to do with ordinary intellectual activity.  GOVERNMENT…..? Suddenly you remember what a professor in college said, “Well, government comes about when bands of people get together and for their common good…etc.”  All that is worth nothing.  It is not that it is right or wrong.  It’s that it didn’t open new territory.  You’d already thought that.  Somebody else had already thought that.

It is a nonverbal quest:  what actually is government?  You can’t sit there and think about it.  You’ve already thought about it, and you already know everything you’ve thought.  Neuralize it:  try to keep it outside that outline.  Draw information from all the circuitry outside that imprint.  But it’s still in your own nervous system; it’s just that you’ve never before used it.  And you can learn astounding things, just from one ordinary word:  Government.  What could be more pedestrian than that?  What could be further removed from This Thing than — government?

But if a man fully understood the reality behind government — behind any word — he would understand everything.  So begin to author your own open-ended dictionary.  And you find that you can learn from anything.  But what you are learning from, in the sense I am describing it now, is your nervous system. The history of everything:  every prejudice, every hatred, every goodness — it’s all within your own nervous system.  It runs all the way from the base of your spine to “I”; it runs from the cave-man to the nuclear physicist.  You don’t have to go to India: all you have to do is see what’s in your own system.  And to see it, you have to stimulate it, activate it, right at Line level.  To stimulate it, you have to disregard everything the Yellow Circuit tells you is true and proper.  It does not mean telling people that your foot is a cantaloupe or that your nose is a bluebird.  It is a disregard for the Life-activated imprint of “I”.  It is a refusal to think whatever you’ve thought before.

Let’s go back to the picturization of the worldwide living grid.  It is the nature, the structure, the reason of binary consciousness to chop reality into pieces.  Everything it perceives must have a beginning and an end.  Everything you think, everything you opine, has a beginning, and it will eventually reach some nervous system conclusion.  But when you see the living Grid, you See with no beginning, no end, no punctuation.  You See a continuous, multidimensional process moving in all possible directions simultaneously.  The description — the example I’m about to give you — is a way to See the non-ending grid.  I call it the “It’s Not My Fault” syndrome.

You are sitting on an airplane about to take off and the pilot announces — “We’ve received word from the air traffic controllers in L.A. notifying us that, due to heavy traffic, we’ll be delayed.  We should take off in about twenty minutes.”

You could grab the nearest stewardess and say — “Listen.  I’m late and it’s hot in here and they said the plane was going to leave at 8:32.  Why doesn’t it leave?  I paid my money.  I didn’t tell you it would be thirty minutes before you got your money:  I want to leave!”

If you suddenly had radio contact with the control tower at L.A. International, you’d say — “Listen.  I’m sitting here on the Tarmac in Sand Mountain, Alabama and I’m hot.  The air conditioner is not working, I’m dying for  a drink and I’m hungry.  They have us cooped up in this plane and they say we can’t take off. The pilot said it wasn’t his fault.  He said you guys told him we have to wait.”

The people out there would say — “Hey.  It’s not our fault.  Look at all the planes here.  The airport’s just not big enough.”

Do you understand?  It’s not a childish description of everyone trying to pass on the responsibility.  I’m trying to get you to see that in this non-ending grid, there’s no point of penultimate responsibility.  It — whatever “it” is — is literally no one’s fault.

“The controllers says I can’t take off.  If you know anything about the dynamics of commercial air traffic you would know that until the tower tells me to leave, I can’t leave.  Now, it is just not my fault,” says the pilot.

And the people in L.A. say — “It’s your fault.  There are rules here that say when traffic reaches such a density we have to put other planes on hold.  Don’t yell at me.  It’s not my fault.  You wouldn’t want me to break a rule and bring you here and risk a midair collision.  If we only had more controllers.”

And you say — “Well, why don’t we?”

And they say — “I’m not in charge of hiring.  That’s not my job.  It’s up to the federal government and they don’t have the funds.”

So you track down someone at the F.A.A.:  “Hey look.  It’s not my job to hire individual people.  I don’t fund this thing.  It’s not my fault.”

Let me remind you before you slip back into feeling like “I” the mass.  I am not making a sociological comment.  We are not talking about the psychological nature of Man or the intercourse of human civilization.  We’re not even talking about people.

Consider how forecasters predict the weather.  They look at  the movement of air currents.  Weather generally moves in a pretty constant direction in a given area, usually from West to East, or Northwest to Southeast.  All meteorologists do is determine what the patterns are and how they’re moving.  And that’s going to be our weather.  But you could keep tracing the patterns all the way back to where you started. Of course, that would tell you nothing; it would take you to the point that there would be either no weather, or the weather would always be the same.

It’s the same thing as “It’s no one’s fault.”  When one nervous system says to another “Hey, it’s not my fault”, it is, in a sense, telling the truth.  But it’s not on the basis of:  “My family caused this in me” or “the gods have it in for me.”  It’s that nothing causes anything.

All you have to do is go back far enough or look far enough, and everything repeats.  The grid backs up on itself.    There is no point of ultimate responsibility in the grid, because it is a never ending network.

There are two classes, two categories of pursuit available in Life:  That which is closed and finite, or that which is open-ended.

Almost all human activity gives the impression of being a finite, closed pursuit.  The nervous system at Line level is drawn to that which holds the promise of a conclusion.  “If I could just get the kind of car I want.  Not some low down K-Car but a bright, shiny, red Corvette — paid for.  I’m sure I would be happy once and for all.”  Or “If I could just get my house paid for…God, what a relief.  I’d be so happy, really and finally satisfied.”

That is an apparently closed, finite pursuit.  Can anyone guess what the only open-ended one is?  You’re sitting on it.  Except that you people already suspect, you already feel there is nothing finite.  For a long time, you can’t even tell whether your efforts in This are going anywhere.  But there is something to be learned by Neuralizing Man’s natural motivation toward the apparently finite.  He is driven to scratch for The Answer, for a satisfying conclusion.

I’m going to read one of the comments I received recently.  It has nothing to do with being either true or false, but it’s a good example of one of you sincerely attempting to unnaturally stimulate the Yellow Circuit.  “What if such things as disease and sickness, such as cancer, are periodically, but continually, flowing throughout all people.  And if one has the misfortune to see a doctor at the wrong moment, he falls under the weight of the entire world’s knowledge and realization of his condition and he’s stuck with the illness.  What if everything worked that way?  What if living and being conscious above Line level were simply living beyond the grasp of such knowledge?”

Don’t put a period on this.  I am not saying that it’s true or false.  But I am telling you that it is worthwhile to Neuralize such things.  There is no sequential line of cause and effect.  And it’s quite possible that to understand anything, you have to understand everything in the world.  You have to See the connective tissue of the living grid.


Walk and observe from which circuits do ‘day dreams’ arise?