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Escaping Forced Labor


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Document:  60, March 3, 1983
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1983

I want you to try and Hear several things.  I’m back to talking about that which still appears to be the enemy:  that which everyone at Line level feels to be himself — what you call your personality.  Enough of you are beginning to realize that this enemy with all his warts, this personality that seems nothing but a conclave of horrendous vices, the very things that seem to be keeping you from pursuing This Thing and igniting the higher circuits of the nervous system, are just irrelevant.  There is no way to correctly verbalize this understanding.  Remember, there is no such thing as the perfect map.  And the closer you get to your own understanding of something, the more you realize that there is really nothing to say, it just is.

I am quite aware that many of you want to tell me things that you have seen and understood.  You think of what you saw and how you could possibly convey it in words, but sometimes you are correct in listening to an urge not to try to verbalize this new understanding.  You realize that whatever you could say wouldn’t be true.  It simply can’t be expressed exactly the way you saw it; you can’t bring real understanding down to the level of .pawords.  If you do, you are back to talking about the forms of things.  You’re back to talking in terms of personality.

I am going to point out to you something very specific.  Everyone is a victim of this thing that seems to be the acquired self.  Everyone is a forced employee of an unknown employer.  It is the structure of the nervous system below the Line.  The specific thing that I want you to Neuralize is that everyone, below the Line, in this thing that seems to be one’s personality, is forced to claim abilities and attributes that they do not possess.  It has nothing whatsoever to do with what your ordinary, upper circuitry would believe is foolishness on the part of an individual, that there are people who are vain, deluded, or ignorant.  That is not the case.

Everyone is forced, absolutely forced, to claim abilities and attributes that they do not possess.  I have carefully chosen these words, as carefully as I choose all the words I use, and I mean something very specific behind the two words “abilities” and “attributes.”  And don’t think you immediately understand what I mean, because you don’t understand anything automatically and mechanically.  You don’t understand anything automatically, at the level of ordinary consciousness.  In the system below the Line lies the reality of what I try to get you to Neuralize concerning what imagination is; that is, what imagination is in the view of This Thing, to one attempting to extend his own nervous system.  It is not something that someone made up.  Let’s take someone who, by every horizontal definition, is the greatest living expert on international diplomacy.  Everyone who has any standing in that community, in the area of world affairs, agrees that this man is the expert.  Let us say that he made a comment, an absolute declaration that the present disruptive political climate in such-and-such country can be directly traced to its partitioning off into bilateral-based religious subdivisions.  It may be accepted as an absolute fact by everyone who has an interest in that particular field, but that statement is nothing more than one man’s imagination.  That is, it is a product of his Line level knowledge rather then his understanding.  You should start using the circuitry that is now available to you at the upper end of the nervous system to attempt what I mean by Neuralizing.  The most immediate way to approach it is to attempt not to think the same things over and over.  Attempt, even when you find yourself having what you might classify as a positive feeling or thought, to take the other viewpoint.  Ask yourself, “What is the opposing viewpoint?  How could someone disagree with this?”  Everyone sitting here has the potential to do that.  And remember:  This is not a parlor game. It is of immediate importance to your life in This.  You can take thoughts that seem to hold views opposed to your “I”, to the “self,” and throw yourself into them.  You can theoretically become your own worst enemy within the upper circuitry.

You can feel what seems to be you — your self, your personality — as a kind of magnetic field.  Let’s say you hear one of those “Listener Comments” on the radio while driving to work, and it’s someone advocating abolishment of welfare.  “We should stop this welfare jazz.  Take everyone on welfare and make them dig ditches.  Make them fix these lousy roads.”  You are just driving along in the car, and it’s as if this long arm reached out, grabbed your insides and pulled them into the radio.  Something inside you involuntarily agrees with the comment; something inside you says, “Yeah, right on,” almost before you know it. Perhaps then you remember, “Here I am back at it.”  And that’s your opportunity.  You think, “Well, there are people in the world that obviously hold a conflicting viewpoint with this; what could it be?”  If anything is alive enough to be reported on the radio, then all three Forces are at work.  So there is no doubt whatsoever that there is a corresponding number of people holding, as much as we can put it into words, an absolute opposite viewpoint.  You remember this, and you try to see their viewpoint.

I would have to make up a whole list of examples to hit all of you, but it is simply hearing something, for instance, “We should make the churches pay taxes.”  Something that immediately makes you go “Yeah.” You immediately say, “Yes, they should tax the churches.  The Catholic Church owns half of Manhattan. They should tax them so it would cut down on my taxes.”  There is no doubt that there is an automatic response of “Yes.”  And, when it happens you remember to try this.  You find that you can take an absolutely opposing viewpoint.  But you should also note that it is as though the world’s largest magnet is sitting in that certain place wherein you held the original view or agreement, and it pulls you back.  Even though you find that you can internally move yourself to opposing positions, and you can see that these new positions are not obscene or evil or even strange,  very soon this magnet will draw you back to the original position.  And those of you who can go that far should also note that there is no way to explain this fact away.  You can only see it:  “Wait a minute, there for a split second, I almost could See.  I could take an opposing position and see that it was just as proper as my original view.  But I was suddenly ripped back.  Even though it was just a split second ago it is now just a vague memory.  I can’t seem to step back over there and get that momentary feeling that this could be a proper position for a person to take, even though it opposes the one that seems to be automatic in me.”

Everything that is expressed through the ordinary channel, everything that is a product of your ordinary nervous system operation, has a certain taste.  You will begin to taste, more and more, the difference between those things of which you have some understanding and those of which you do not.  And that which you do not understand is everything you thought you knew before you undertook your own evolution.  To put it very crudely, everything a man knows is wrong, which is obviously wrong in itself.  But everything that has ever been funneled through you and stuck to you, everything you know to be true at Line level, is, in a sense, wrong.  It is as though the nervous system is a sewer.  There is a raging torrent flying through this sewer system and a certain magnetic field picks up bits and pieces, little rotted pieces of bones, skin and dead material.  There is no profitable way to go back and clean up the system.  But you will begin to taste this new understanding quite directly.  Nobody has to tell you, because everything that you seemed to know before you undertook this has a certain tainted taste.  It is not that two and two is not four.  It’s just irrelevant on this new level.  In the horizontal world, two and two is four and there’s nothing else to say about it.  It is just true.  Try to see the ramifications of that.  Whatever is said to be true on the ordinary level is true.  Somebody says, “What we should do is tax all the churches, especially the Catholic Church,” and you say, “Hey, I couldn’t agree with you more; that is true.”  But it is just as true for someone to say “Civilization would not be where it is today, no matter what criticism you may make, had it not been for the Catholic Church.  It has been an absolute intellectual and cultural ark throughout the trying times of humanity.  We should all, non-Catholics included, say a solemn prayer of thanks every night for the Catholic Church.”  That is also true.  But so what?  It is all irrelevant.  It is all tainted because it is all a part of the system below the Line.  It is, in other words, imagination.  It is a piecemeal perception, a partial picture.  Both of those statements are true.  Both of them are untrue.  Anything, any belief or opinion held by the system below the Line — not that which has been gained through one’s own efforts in attempting to ignite the higher nervous system — but anything that you, at Line-level, say you understand, is a lie.  And everyone is forced to make such claims.  All you have to do, if it doesn’t strike you already, is put your ear to the door of Life.  Just stick your head out the door, walk down the street, go into a store, eat lunch.  And watch what’s going on.  Everyone continually makes forced claims.  Everyone is forced to make claims concerning their abilities and attributes.  Even when you are silent, you hear the claims running on internally.  It’s such a natural part of the system’s operation that you’ll easily overlook it.  You have to remember to look for it.  You hear people talking about something, anything, and you immediately, internally say, “Yeah, I see what they mean.”  It’s not of importance whether or not you have any knowledge of what they’re discussing.  You have to see that it’s one of those automatic, forced claims to certain abilities that you don’t have.

Now for the attribute part.  This concerns such things as the forced proclamations of what you are.  You are having, for instance, a conversation with someone concerning certain types of people and how they behave, and suddenly you open your mouth and out comes, “Well, yes, I have always been rather shy.” And it isn’t true.  Or, “Yes, I do have a bad temper; I know that.”  No you don’t.  It is a forced claim.  You open your mouth and out it comes.  It is a forced flow, and it runs continually through every ordinary nervous system.

You have to be very careful to try and Hear between these words.  In my first example I referred to the abilities that everyone is forced to claim as their own:  “I understand this” or “Yes, I can give you a fair picturization of the area under discussion.”  A leading expert says, “I can explain this situation.”  He cannot explain the situation.  That is not saying that he is not the world’s leading expert; if they say he is, he is. But you have to remember also, that he is also not.  He may be an expert but he can’t explain any situation.  It gets somewhat tricky now, that’s why I am backing up.  So try to listen fast.  When someone says, “Yes, I do have a bad temper,” it is not true.  That is not to say that this person does not have all the manifestations of a bad temper.  He may well slap his wife around, talk back to the television set and scream out insults to people on the street.  But when he says, “I know I have a bad temper,” he is lying.  He does not.  Not only does he not have a bad temper, he does not know he has a bad temper.  He is forced to make such a claim, and it may or may not have an observable relationship to his behavior.

And here we have someone who is touted as the world’s leading expert on Albanian archaeology.  He may be.  And he says, “Yes, I’ll be glad to explain what seems to be the almost nonexistent connection between the cultural development of Mediterranean Europe and the Albanian people.”  It is not that there is no observable connection between what seems to be his behavior or his position in Life and what he is saying.  But when he says, “All right, I’ll explain this; I understand this; I am the world’s leading expert,” he is not.  He does not understand anything in the sense of This Thing.  Everything he knows, even in his field of expertise, is an incomplete partial perception.  It is a part of the professional game itself that there are experts in every field.  This Thing has nothing to do, as you should know by now, with a criticism of Life or anything in Life, including people.  But you must see what I am trying to get you to Neuralize now. Everyone lives under a certain duress.  Everyone is forced to make false claims for such abilities and (this is the tricky part), for their attributes also.  “Yes, I am too timid.  I know I am too pushy.  I am short tempered and impatient.”  It isn’t true.  It is not to say that from some external observation there is no relationship between their claim and their actions, but it is a claim, not an admission.  And it is forced.  There they stand, all the pressures of the process are bearing down, and suddenly it seems to be their turn.  It is as if they were handed an invisible script.  Their mouths open, their tongues operate, the larynxes move, they gesture and say, “I do have a terrible temper.”  It is forced labor.  It is someone claiming an ability or an attribute that he does not possess:  it is not a product of that person’s own understanding.

Consider the old truism, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”  Well, it is not.  The only thing that is dangerous is incomplete knowledge.  And the only people who have any knowledge are those attempting to do This Thing, those who are not completely limited to the ordinary level of consciousness.  There is no right or wrong way to do This.  There is no way to numerically gauge a man’s efforts.  You have to remember what it is that keeps you here.  And as you struggle with these questions, as you begin to understand more, you have a sensation that something strange is going on.  It is stranger than you could imagine, yet it is almost commonplace now.

You personally see, or feel, or sense that the kind of life that you have always led, and the kind of life that everyone leads at Line level, including those you consider to be your heroes, your best friends, your family, is only a shadow play.  Sometimes you can almost step out of it and look around:  it is almost as though everyone has an invisible script in his hands.  When it comes his time to speak, he speaks.  When it comes his time to cry, he cries.  When it comes her time to laugh she laughs, and everyone believes it is his or her choice.  They all believe it is they who are doing it all; they believe they are free-willed.  They attack each other:  “Why did you laugh at such an inopportune moment?”  “Why are you so sad?  You shouldn’t be sad over a situation like that. I understand it; let me explain it to you.”  Only someone with at least the slightest sense of what I am speaking about can lay claim to any knowledge.  If there were some way to numerically measure this knowledge, most of you now would feel like, “Well, what I understand is probably the size of a B.B. dropped in the Pacific Ocean.”  But what you don’t fully realize is that you already know more than anyone else at Line level.  You know more just by realizing, not within the ordinary system below the Line, but by truly understanding without any cynicism, that nobody in the world knows what is going on.

You get these little glimpses: and then you have to go eat a doughnut, you have to go outside, you have to go back to vacuuming or working on the car.  You glance about the neighborhood; you look out the door at the traffic, at  people walking, dogs trotting, airplanes flying this way and that, and, in  a flash, you see that everything is just right.  The right number of people bump into each other; most of them don’t bump into each other.  Just the right people work at the service station on the corner; the Waffle House is full of proper Waffle House people…  You See it all going on; you See that it’s all going on beautifully, and you See that no one else Sees it.  But then you have to say, “Do you have any doughnuts?”

The idea that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing is not true at the ordinary level.  It is dangerous on another level.  It is dangerous in the sense that you are stepping outside the role that you have been outfitted for.  It is dangerous in the sense that once you begin to See, once you really begin to do This, you become addicted, if you want to call that dangerous.  As long as you’re a living part of This, the only true danger, to you, is incomplete knowledge:  believing the forced claims, or taking what is built into your system below the Line as being you.  It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant the words and claims may seem.  Whenever you agree or disagree, whenever you take up your habitual position, you are acquiescing to that forced flow.  You’re simply talking about something you don’t understand.  It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree; it doesn’t matter what you say, because it’s not you talking.  It’s that forced flow, and anything it says is not true.

It doesn’t matter whether an ordinary person says, “God is love,” or, “God is a pineapple.”  At that level, everything one says is fallacious.  It is tainted; it is in error; it is a partial perception.  It is imagination.  And your participation only compounds the felony.  Try to Consider it; Neuralize it.  Tattoo it on the highest point of your nervous system:  “A little knowledge is not a dangerous thing.  A little knowledge is not a dangerous thing, but incomplete knowledge is.”  For those of an extreme alertness, may I point out that I have not changed the subject from my opening comments tonight.

Try to Neuralize something else relating to the three Forces.  I’ve pointed out to you that you can always observe and identify two opposing factors at work.  There must be both positive and negative electrical energies to make anything work; there must be resistance to gravity if anything, if your body, is to stand.  There must be resistance to anything that moves.  Anything that you can produce, create, or think anew requires resistance.  Everything that is alive must have something else to work against.  People must believe, “I have a better way of doing this.”  When they hear an idea expressed like, “God is love,” they must question, “Well, how do you explain the fact that the world is full of non-love?”  Anything that is new, if it is to live, must have resistance.  I want you to Neuralize it  specifically in light of the attempt to See something new; to produce brand-new understanding.  Let’s say that you believe, “I am going to write music that no one has ever heard before.”  But to begin with, you must have some idea of what people have already heard.  You have to understand what it is that people currently call music.  You say, “I am going to write something new; I’ll make a name for myself; I’ll take everything that has gone before and overturn it.”  It’s the same as saying that you are going to invent a rolling cart that no one has ever seen. Everyone has already seen a cart on wheels.  So what will you do?  Let’s say you turn it upside down, and invent a “non-cart.”  Somebody will point out that all it is, is a cart turned upside down.  What if you do that to music?  You write it, and someone who knows the difference between music and the sound of garbage cans falling out of a window listens to it.  They would point out, “Well, what you have done is take everything that we consider to be music and turn it upside down.  You can call it whatever you want to, but it’s still music.  The only difference is that it is turned upside down.”

You always have to start somewhere.  You have to start with what you already know, what you can presently see.  Every attempt to create, to produce something new, begins as a manipulation of a known structure.  And of course this process itself produces conflict.  Some people call it progress; some call it regression.  “There are people who have right ideas, and then there are people who have wrong ideas. There are people who have genuine love in their heart, and then there are the infidels, the wrong thinkers.”  What I am trying to get you to Neuralize is that in order to See anything you must see the Third Force at work.  But Line-level consciousness can’t see into that other dimension.  That which seems to be one’s “I”, your Line level perception apparatus, is a binary structure.  It can only see two; that’s all it’s made to see; that’s all it’s supposed to see.  Ordinary consciousness can see only a particular action or its corresponding alternative:  something either works or it doesn’t.  It’s either efficient or non-efficient.  There is no direct way to make ordinary consciousness see another force at play, that there is another dimension right in front of it.  The beginning step is to be aware of the two visible, opposing forces that are in constant operation, both externally and internally.  Then try to Neuralize that a Third Force exists. Neuralize it on the basis that, as you see these two opposing Forces at work, everything else, both within and without, is the Third Force.  It doesn’t matter if you are right or wrong.  In fact, you can’t go wrong. Identify the first two Forces — you can see them everywhere.  And everything else is the Third Force.

Here is a slight refinement, a stronger hint, concerning the Third Force.  The Third Force never offers resistance to, or stands as critic of, the first two Forces.  But how can you See that which offers neither resistance nor criticism?

The Third Force never offers resistance to the other two Forces.  And it is in no shape or form a critic of the other two.  Rather, it is the Third Force that makes movement possible.  If it weren’t for the Third Force, the first two would be locked into eternal conflict.  Third Force is the agent of change.  It aids in resolution of the first two Forces.  It keeps the dance going.

This Third Force is the missing element that no one can find, because no one knows how to identify it. But now I am telling you:  look for that which offers no resistance.  Once you isolate the two Forces at work within any situation, look for that which offers no resistance.  Of course you can’t be part of the ordinary flow, you can’t be absolutely engaged at Line level, and expect to See anything.  “I have got to get this done; I have got to overcome this evil; I have got to overcome this untoward resistance to what I want to do; I have got to overcome my own lethargy.”  At that level you are one of the two Forces in action. And if that’s all you are, you’ll not see them.  All you have to do is hold yourself above the Line and look. Try to identify this unknown creature, this unknown element.  You can spot it by its lack of resistance and critical faculties.  That is all you have to look for, and you will be getting close to truly Seeing.

Let me jump around a bit and speak on a few matters that some people have mentioned to me in passing.  Someone asked me if it is useful or beneficial to allow the thought process to describe certain ideas in words.  I have encouraged all of you, if you have the least inclination, to express your thoughts and experiences concerning This activity in writing — whether you give it to me or not.  Start keeping a special diary.  There is a hidden benefit in such pursuits.

Perhaps you’re out running one day and all of the sudden, in a blinding flash, like a freight train running through your brain, you See something.  It could be about almost anything.  Perhaps you’re thinking about mountain climbing or sky diving, and some unique understanding flashes before you. When you get home, try to write it down.  You might end up with a paragraph; you might end up with twenty pages; you might never read it or touch it again.  But it serves a proper purpose in your efforts. Don’t become engaged with what you write or take it as “The Answer” to anything.  Don’t place a period on what you write.  And don’t do it to show me or anyone else.

You don’t have to tell me about these glimpses, these tastes of the extraordinary.  I know what there is to be seen, and I know what you’ve seen.  I can see it on your face.  The attempt to write should not be looked upon as an absolute task or requirement.  There are people here who have never written anything of any consequence.  It just doesn’t matter with some people.  But it is proper to try to find what I mean by the word Neuralize, and writing — in the way I have described — can aid this process.  In a sense, as you go along you are forming your own nonverbal vocabulary, even when you write down the things you have seen.  But remember you can’t put a period on anything.  You cannot become engaged with “Aha!  I’ve found it.”  The desire to find “The Answer” is built into the Line level system.  Any time you think you’ve found “The Answer,” you’re living at Line-Level.  In a sense, the reality of Neuralizing is the formation of your own nonverbal, extraordinary, temporary maps.  It is not a matter of “Aha! Boy, what I just saw.  I’m going to write this down and become famous.”  That is not Neuralizing.  That is being ordinary.

There is no such thing as activating the nervous system above the Line in a piecemeal fashion.  It does happen to some people accidentally but it produces no real understanding.  People who have had such an accidental momentary activation are those who lead what I call pseudo-systems.  And they offer a kind of tainted food.  Some of their forced claims would be along the lines of:  “I spent 20 years in India.  I spent twenty years in dusty libraries.  I tortured myself.  I have pursued everything there is to pursue.  I’ve done it all.  And finally, one day, July 12th at 7:00 a.m., I got out of bed and found myself enlightened.  And I will tell you how to do it.  You are going to have to torture yourselves and do exactly what I did.”  From a Horizontal viewpoint, they may not be making all that up.  They may well have spent twenty years roaming through India, reading books and eating rocks and bark.  It is not that they are making it up, but it is irrelevant.  Whatever it is they saw, their one extraordinary experience was not produced by their own effort. But they’ve laid out a map and eaten it themselves.  And they are poisoned:  they have stopped all internal movement.

A real system is not a one-sided affair:  it must take into account the totality of the nervous system, including the upper levels.  Even the ordinary part of man’s upper system must be expanded to its full potential before he can sustain his life above the Line.  I have mentioned to you that for a man to ignite the nervous system above the Line, he must first have a basic nervous system-wide sanity.  You cannot be drastically lopsided in any particular circuit.  Every one of you was near one-sidedness when you first came here, simply because of the demands and situations of Life.  Everyone at Line level is one-sided. Some of you may have been one-and-a-half sided, but none of you were completely balanced.  If we divided the human organism into the classic categories of the body, the emotions and the mind, all of you, when you first came here, would have had no trouble in picking your weakest facet.  But you also had the potential to expand and strengthen these weak areas, or else you wouldn’t have remained here.

There is no such thing as partial enlightenment.  You must be balanced in all the circuits.  You cannot say, “Well, I know that I am pretty dumb.  I try to read the popular books on science, but I just can’t make any sense out of crap like that.”  That’s a forced claim.  You are claiming an attribute that is not true.  To ignite the upper areas of the nervous system does not mean that you have to become a physicist or chemist, but you must learn that you can do anything any ordinary person can do.  There are people who can get out and run; some people can stand on their hands, and so can you (barring any true physical limitation on your part).  You can do anything within reason.  That is the basis of becoming a “superman.” Anything that anybody else can do, “I can almost, by god, fake it.”  And when I say “fake it,” I don’t mean it in a negative sense.  But any ordinary person can come home from work and jog two miles.  Your body may  not take to jogging naturally, but you find out you can just go out and do it.  And this holds true for all the circuits:  you just have to learn that if another ordinary human can do it, you can do it.

In a sense, the nervous system is like a pin ball machine.  In each pinball machine only a certain percentage of its total number of lights, bells, and flippers operate.  But if you have the potential to ignite the higher areas of your nervous system, your particular pinball machine must have all the lights, bells, and flippers; and they must all be lit and activated.  It must be activated enough that all facets of the circuitry can operate on at least a certain minimal level.  That is to say, so that you are not still a victim of, or believe, the forced claims that you are continually required to make.  “I am not smart enough to do that.” That cannot be true.  “I am too weak to do that.  I am too lazy to do that.  I am too shy to do that.  I couldn’t get up and talk in front of people.  I couldn’t go out to a bowling alley, put on white socks, roll up my sleeves, stand at the jukebox, and sing along with Merle Haggard.”  By now you should See that these claims are all irrelevant.  You can do it.  You find out that you can do it and not even be noticed.  You find that you can pass for anyone.

You have also got to find out that you can operate up in the Yellow Circuit and have a modicum of control over it as it exists now.  The lower you get in the human circuitry, the less you can directly affect its operation.  You can make yourself go jog.  You can make yourself lose weight under certain conditions. But there is no profit, even if it could be done, in directly trying to monitor the workings of the liver.  There is no profit in trying to change the way the kidneys  work.  And as for the Blue Circuit, or emotions, even most ordinary people will tell you, “I don’t know, passion is one thing that simply cannot be controlled.”  And they are correct.  They don’t know what to do about it, because there is nothing to be done.

You can start using the Yellow Circuit by trying to find what I mean by Neuralizing; by trying to See, in a sense, that you must begin to plot your own individual map.  The maps become almost useless as soon as you plot them; that’s why you never put a period on anything.  “I have stepped here; I just never knew such a place ever existed, but Aha!”  By the time you say “Aha,” it’s time to move on.  It is almost as though the map has no further value.  It is a running map.  It’s a map that reflects your own growth.

People periodically ask me questions concerning their sexual relationships.  One such recent question asked how to deal with suspicion and distrust.  I am going to tell you something very quickly and simply.  I’m not offering it negatively; I’m not being discouraging; I’m not hinting that you’re with the wrong person.

Thus far I have not required the impossible of any of you. Everyone has an ultimate dragon, a tar baby that they continually fight.  But I’m telling you the day will come, if you want to continue This, when you must end the battle.  Everyone has something that they can’t deal with profitably.  And the only thing to do is cut it loose and leave it behind.  So before you ask me about that wart, be forewarned:  I might just tell you to cut it off.

It may sound harsh, but remember that, for you, nothing is closed to investigation or observation, nothing is sacred from scrutiny.  And you should already know that I’ll not ask the impossible; I’ll never tell you to do something that you are not able to do.

Where the subject of investigation is your sexual relationship, begin by Neuralizing.  If you are able, Neuralize the sexual attraction in which you’re presently involved, whether it be within or outside the group, by asking yourself non-verbally  “Is this attraction part of the Primal Flow, or is it the self Flow?”  It isn’t necessary — but it won’t cause you  or the relationship any harm.  There is a built-in safeguard: Neuralizing does not harm anything that is real.  But many relationships are based on an imaginary, a mechanical, attraction.  When you look back on these relationships after they have ended, you should see that they never did taste quite right.

There are, in the beginning, at least two ways that you can Neuralize your sexual attraction.  First, ask yourself, “Is the attraction holding us together one of habit?  Is the spark gone after the first night, the first month, the first year?”  And, second, ask yourself the question, “What would be the basis for a real attraction?”

Many of you have asked me to speak about the “emotions.”  I seldom mention emotions because what most people call emotion is, in fact, from a certain viewpoint, a form of imagination.  But there is such a thing as Real Emotion. It is the development of a sense of responsibility for not engaging in the transfer of low-level negative energies. That will get you close to experiencing real emotion,  closer than all the world’s priests and rabbis put together.  In the beginning you must get a sense, on your own, of the way things operate.  Don’t imagine more than you understand, but there is a responsibility that goes along with attempting to do This Thing.  It is the responsibility for not, as I put it once, kicking other people’s machines.  It is a kind of strong softness.  It is the responsibility for seeing the energies that are ordinarily transmitted by a person, a group of people; to see how a person is engaged with Life.  It is to See the forced claims that person lives by.  To see that he’s very shy; his claim would be “I am afraid to do that, I have never done it and I’m afraid I’ll do it wrong.  Everyone would laugh at me.”  It’s to be able to See the kind of energy that someone primarily transfers, and still be able to communicate with them without getting involved in the transfer of hostility, of negative energy.  You have got to be able to See to do it; you must be able to be more aware.  It is not something you can fake, because you must See where that person stands and then bypass it.  It is a certain sense of responsibility that, “I should not be engaged in this ordinary flow.”  And by holding yourself apart, you help the other person.  You offer him a moment of freedom from his forced employment.

There is a kind of responsibility inherent in attempting This; and once you See and understand that responsibility, to go against it comes close to committing an unforgivable sin.

Someone asked me if the Primal Flow could be defined as Real Emotion, as the reality behind the word “Love.”  The Primal Flow can be seen as a kind of unrefined love in the lower circuitry —  an unrefined, lower circuit passion.  Just as This Thing is the continuation, the extension, of Life itself into the higher portions of your nervous system, so true emotion — love — would be a continuation and refinement of the passion of lower levels.  It is, of course, what religions have always been talking about.  It is tomorrow.  And that is where real Love is possible.


Take emotion list (see #0059) and consider each if from primal or ‘I’ flow; observe and cease to be funnel for false claims of abilities or attributes.