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Document:  59, February 24, 1983
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1983

 Diagram # 003 illustration

Diagram # 003 illustration

Some of you are beginning to get a glimpse of what I mean by the word IMPARTIAL.  Upon hearing the word impartial for the first time, within the realm of This Thing, it is well within the ordinary rights of a person, within the machinery of themselves, to think that impartial means in some way being cold or heartless.  There have been attempted so-called occult theories, and attempted work systems based on cutting themselves off from the passions of the world.  This desire is reflected in religions when they refer to the “raging, sinful condition of humanity”, and those religions preach that Man would be in a much better condition, if not godlike, if he were to have no feelings.  I can assure you that there are groups of people attempting to suppress their feelings or their passions; such groups have always existed.  Of course they would like to do away with certain passions only, but everyone has a small piece of this desire; to get rid of so-called “undesirable” passions.  This desire would come out as: “I wish I were not so jealous, I wish I were not so sinful”.  But if a great one-eyed avenging or serving angel could fly down and free you from your passions, you would be dead.  It would kill you; you cannot live without passion.  However, behind the word Impartial, as used within This Thing, was meant in fact a pool of passion.

What passes for human emotions, for human passions, taken as a whole are unprofitable.  The human passions are not fallacious or a curse, and not a blindness in humanity in general — ordinary human passions are necessary to keep everything together.  Perhaps some of you remember certain descriptions by people claiming to have had dreams where they saw what hell was like.  These people could describe in great detail (according to whatever religion they belonged to) the “infinite sea of souls” burning forever, and how their flesh would not be consumed by the eternal fire, with demons everywhere laughing and pouring more oil into the fires.  In a certain way it can be seen that such hell exists.  Take those descriptions of hell and you will see a similar whirlpool going on and on internally.  It is not something that can be stopped; it is a nonstop circular running of energy over and over.  That energy is not what makes people move — there is something else afoot.  The Yellow Circuit can sit and dream, it can plot everything from revenge to a new sexual conquest, but once you begin to get some notion of the process, then you begin to see that the Yellow Circuit has a rather limited repertoire — it is playing the same thing over and over.  But the voices alone will not move a person to action.  It has to be the Yellow Circuit and something else.

Everybody has had some experience of what can be the basis of a good daydream:  There you are sitting down, with a nice cup of hot chocolate, a big cigar, feet propped up, the lights turned down, and you can sit there and dream.  You can dream about all the wondrous things you will do.  The same thing happens with drugs that force a person to stay awake when suddenly “all becomes very clear” and the person says:  “I know what I have to do with my life….starting tomorrow”.  But ordinary people do not see that it happens over and over — they do not see that “Karma does exist”; they do not see that they DO live a “reincarnated” life — they are living the same life they lived yesterday.  They think the same things over and over — there is something else lacking.  What I mean by being IMPARTIAL is to be able to see those ordinary voices in the whirlpool, and not to fall into it.  But it is a passionate endeavor — can you Hear me? Being Impartial is not the dream of ordinary people, who seem to be driven by uncontrollable and dissatisfactory emotions, and would like to be cold and never be upset; that is not being Impartial.  To be Impartial requires a kind of passion; it is not putting on some sort of dead face; it is not attempting to be a sham non-feeling person.  If you could become non-feeling, you would die.  Being Impartial is being able to hold yourself right above the ordinary level — it is the Struggle.  But you must find out that you can do it through your own experience.

What appears to be some sort of suffering or tragedy in one’s life, is nothing for someone attempting This.  When you taste what I mean by being Impartial, then you will understand what lies behind such a word, which is something that ordinary people cannot touch.  It is like every fish in the water having water running through its gills, with certain fish living in certain kinds of waters, needing different balances of chemicals in the water, etc.  But the flow that is going through each fish is the flow that should go through them.  In the same manner, what flows through ordinary people is supposed to flow in a certain way, and the flow that is going through them is the kind of flow that should have gone through them  — it is the necessary flow that sustains life on this planet.  What you are now feeling is that which you are supposed to be feeling, including the suffering over it — including the denouncement of it.  The great unnatural act is to be aware that there is a certain something that you can begin to identify beyond your daydreams  — the great unnatural act is to begin to See it, and to cease to be it.  Then you will have some idea of what I mean by the word superman and superwoman;  there is a joy to such an unnatural act that cannot be expressed in words, that is why I don’t go into great details of promising this or that.

Somebody once asked: “What is the Primal Flow you mentioned in respect to Essence?”  You should be able to see that this idea of Essence has been used in the past synonymous with the idea of a soul, a childlike unsoiled soul that by being in this world has been corrupted.  At the same time these past ideas would indicate that this Essence, this soul had to be cleaned and people were supposed to get back to basics and the good life; like a simple child where there was no hate, no prejudice and people would not worry about “the bomb”.  That is misdirected.  When I have used the word Essence, I have used it in the sense of a potential, not something that has been lost.  Essence is in a sense, without putting a period on it, a potential that has not been realized with ordinary people; a potential that is forever lost to them.  The closest ordinary people come to realize that potential is, death itself, wherein there is a transformation, but such transformation is mechanical, and it does not have anything to do with anyone being better off (obviously) as far as being conscious in this life — forget the ideas of being conscious in another life if you are going to die ONE TIME.  But, concerning the question that was asked about there being some connection between the Primal Flow and Essence, it can be said that The Primal Flow would be the commencement of an extraordinary possibility, that is, the realization of a kind of Essence.  It would be the true reality of the virgin birth; the immaculate conception of that which is born on this level that has no obvious father.  It is as if all of a sudden you are pregnant, and there is nowhere to point the finger; and no one could take credit for such “pregnancy”, because if somebody did, that person would be lying.  There is no way to get “pregnant” in this manner in life; not through ordinary means.  The Primal Flow is not synonymous with a person’s Essence — it is the potential for such.

There was another question having to do with the area of “making money”.  It was a question having to do with jobs and what would be the best approach, from the point of view of This Thing.  There was reference in the question as to what would be best to pursue, jobs for which one had a natural inclination or to have an occupation that went opposite to such natural inclinations.

I Understand that kind of question, and people have wanted to ask me about such matters before.  But first, I want to remind some of you who perhaps have done some reading about Buddha having to do with what was expressed as a person pursuing the right kind of work.  I have seen in this last generation, such ideas turned into all sorts of rather apparently sane endeavors.  Ideas such as, that everybody should be back out chopping trees, away from any kind of industry that would use petrochemicals and pollute the environment, etc.  These new age ideas have nothing to do with what we are talking about.  In a sense, you could say that there are two kinds of proper work for someone attempting to ignite the higher nervous system.  One would be: if you could find an occupation beyond your acquired self-dreams of being famous or in some way extraordinary.  An occupation beyond such dreams that keep circulating and saying: “I should be a musician, I should be a writer, I should be doing something extraordinary wherein someone might eventually find out!”  And yet the person could say: “What the hell is going on with these dreams?” “Why don’t I ever make a move to pursue such dreams?”  A person involved in This Thing can find out that they have some Real interests, but many others are simply acquired dreams.  If a person can find some Real interest, which could be house painting, laying asphalt, plumbing etc., still pursuing such occupations will not enlighten him.  It is just that if you find an occupation that is fairly free from the need for an audience, and you get enjoyment out of it, you know when it is right, and you don’t need any praise.

Another proper way to look at work, for someone attempting to do This, is that if the person cannot readily seem to lay his hands on some vocation that they truly seem to enjoy, then the person is left with: “I must do that which is necessary, and who cares!”  Which is like everything else in life: “Here is what I must do, I must pay taxes, I must pay the rent, I must do this and that, and I must do it in the most efficient manner”.  Another subdivision of this idea is that if you are not pressed to hold a particular job due to other responsibilities, then try different jobs for which you don’t have any particular interest.  It is quite proper to go through different experiences of doing things.

I want to say a couple of things about another subject.  It has to do with all of you who are in a relationship, living together.  I want to tell you that you should be extremely pleased, in a way that you can’t imagine, to have each other right now.  I have not tried to impress on any of you in any manner, that marriage or living together is ordained by the gods.  You find yourselves together, something attracted you; it could have been in large part imagination, and part could have been based upon the Primal Flow, i.e., some Real attraction.  I am aware that the closer people are in an ordinary relationship, the more immediate is the possibility for overt hostility.  The majority of violent crimes throughout the world occur inside the family.  That is why life turns out as one continuing “soap opera”.  All of human literature is a reflection of such situations.  It is almost a continuing whining of: “Oh, how I love her, she is the sunshine of my eyes”, just to turn into: “Who is she with?  I’ll strangle her if she runs away!”, to be followed by the next day falling into each other’s arms and jumping in bed, etc.  That is ordinary.  But I am telling you, on a level that you do not understand, but that you ought to Consider, that you should be thankful, extremely thankful to be with that other person and be here.  You should be extremely pleased that you ever found them.  If it were not for them, you wouldn’t be here; you don’t know how much you can learn from them.  Not that they could teach you anything; but you don’t know how much you could learn from them.  It is not some cold appraisal of your mate, or to treat them like an insect that you’ve trapped in a bottle, because you are in the bottle too.  It has to do with an area related to the word Impartial — Consider the situation. You should be extremely pleased and thankful to be in such situation.

There were some questions about what I have mentioned previously regarding the Primal Flow.  It is not profitable to try to compare the Primal Flow with essence or anything else, but you should Consider that there is simply “a something else”.  Something that I could name more specifically; more drastically. This something else is close to the Secret itself; it is close to the question people ask of: “Why do I do what I do?”  It is close to Man’s belief in demons, the unconscious, the unconscious aspects of humanity, the mythological gods and astrology; the belief that there are unseen forces at work that make people do things.  It is the unseen, unrecognized admission that NOBODY KNOWS WHY THEY DO WHAT THEY DO. It is an admission by everybody that nobody is responsible.  And people admit: “I have no idea why I do what I do”.  But notice, that you might say at the beginning: “How come I’ve never seen that?  Why can’t I Remember it?”  The fact that some people could adopt some theory based on the fact that people seem to be run by unseen forces, does not have anything to do with Understanding.  The actual Understanding of such situation is beyond the ordinary Level of consciousness — there is nothing in the ordinary circuitry that can cope with such a fact.  The mind cannot see its own limits, because the limits are what define the mind.  Therefore, the electricity runs through this barbed wire fence (which is your mind; the limits of your personality) and the electricity comes back and says:  “There is no limit!  I have looked everywhere.  I have looked outside, in all possible directions, and THERE IS NO LIMIT!”  There is no way to deal with such an assertion; you cannot reason with the mind.  You cannot reason with a “thing” whose limits are the DEFINING FACTOR of telling itself.

The “weirdness” that you should try to Remember is that everybody admits, every human being walking on this planet KNOWS that they are being absolutely dominated and under control, but they do not know by whom  — everybody KNOWS that, but then again, THEY DON’T.  You should be able to get some glimpses, or a little taste when I point out in this fairly efficient and simplistic manner, that there is a Primal Flow and there is “a something”  — and it is right up there with you.  It is not some sort of strange theory, because it is impossible to see it under ordinary conditions.  But you can start to get a taste or a glimpse that there is literally a flow of energy going through you, always dreaming, always dealing with plans; and it is up in the Yellow Circuit.  And you will be able to see what a joy it is to begin to feel it, and then it becomes less and less important.  To See it (as I have warned you) can drastically affect what you think is your life.  It may not appear drastic at first, and yet some day you might get a Real glimpse that there are these voices that appear to be you, and there is a something else — a something else.


Make list of positive and negative emotions; begin writing your life story