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This Thing Comes From Tomorrow


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Document:  53,  January 13, 1983
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1983

What humanity has always believed to be a state of greater consciousness is literally having the nervous system activated above where Life has produced you.  It is during such moments that the true meaning of being religious is Understood.  Whenever This Thing speaks about ordinary religion, the circuitry can only take such comments as an attack; but that is not so.  Whenever the voice of This Thing talks about what you have always believed to be proper religious or spiritual matters, it does so to point towards true religion; towards the reality of being truly religious.  A man or woman must become truly religious or else he or she will stop being involved in This.

The hardest thing for someone to Consider is the idea that the they are part of a closed system.  Nobody can steal from anyone else, and nothing is totally consumed; this is a whole universe.  Ordinary religion believes that help comes from another place, an external place, in the form of a being from outside the system who has superior powers and knowledge.  What the ordinary circuitry cannot conceive of is that such help might come not from another place but from another TIME.  This Thing comes from outside the realm of what your circuits can ordinarily conceive of — This Thing comes from Tomorrow.

Your circuitry defines and limits not only the depth of your consciousness, but also the different directions in which you can be conscious.  We can use a dog as an example; although not a perfect parallel, it will do to sketch some understanding of the limitations and the potential of the circuitry in Man.  A dog can be said to have only two circuits, hence he lives in a binary world.  Any data from the world of Man has to be translated, and is perceived by the dog through the limitation of his two-circuit-consciousness system.  A dog has to translate time into space.  You cannot tell your dog, for example, to wait 45 minutes for his food.  Our dimension of time is absolutely beyond the comprehension of our canine friend.  Man, with his three circuits, can conceive of time, but there is always another dimension lying right outside, which ordinary consciousness cannot see, just as your dog can’t comprehend time.  With three circuits operating, there is still always one more immediate direction that you cannot see or comprehend; in a sense, perceiving that dimension is what men have dreamed about and called enlightenment.

All of the would-be swamis and gurus, all of the activities that seem to be akin to This Thing, are the product of a bleeding down process; a kind of spilling over.  I have referred to such pseudo-systems as horizontal manifestations of This Thing.  It has been like a “sloshing,” with droplets hitting many people. And those would-be teachers were sloshed in a slightly different way because they were in a different position genetically, but such “sloshing” hits many people simultaneously.

It is a different matter altogether regarding This Thing.  In This Thing there is an absolute difference between somebody that seems to be teaching, and those that seem to be listening.  That is one of the reasons why there cannot be a “successor” to someone teaching This Thing.  This is not a pessimistic statement; it is simply true.  Those would-be swamis or teachers at one time had the possibility of actually doing something Real, but such is the delicate and ephemeral nature of This Thing.

There comes a time when someone involved in This Thing has to become truly religious.  It is something that must be Understood.  Your forefather’s dreams of gods, or the concern over the plight of humanity were all reflections of what I mean by being religious.  But you have to understand in a simple and direct way, that the desires of ordinary religion do not come into fruition.  The wishes of the loftiest religious thinkers are not fulfilled — you must simply See that.  But once you can get free, or get a taste of what This is, then you understand that everything is correct as it is.  You must release all forms of hostility and imagined debts.  To do This you cannot be displeased with Life; you can’t be angry and simultaneously strugge to ignite the higher regions of your nervous system.  You cannot live an ordinary life of prejudice and hatred and attempt to do This Thing.  It is not on the basis of any known standard morality, and it has nothing to do with the ordinary concepts of religion.  It is impossible to be angry at, or hate tomorrow –tomorrow is not yet part of the tension that is consciousness now.

 Diagram # 011 illustration

Diagram # 011 illustration

What humanity calls consciousness is simply the addition of the Yellow Circuit.  It is one form of consciousness, and it is the highest we can conceive of with three circuits in operation.  But it is limited to a binary operation and is characterized by a certain kind of agitation or dissatisfaction.  Notice how no other creature with fewer circuits manifests such agitation:  hippos are not worried, armadillos are not wrought with self-doubt, dogs don’t despair.  If you could isolate the circuits, which you can’t, but if you could, you’d be able to calm them down, to stop their individual agitation.  But with the three circuits interacting as they do in Man, a total calming down is impossible.  For those involved in This Thing, however, it is possible to create a certain kind of focus where Life becomes more and more simple.  The general agitation common to ordinary humanity IS NO LONGER YOUR NAME.  When this kind of focus is created, you can begin to say goodbye to the old home of “I.” The circuitry will not disappear, but it is no longer your name.  Only when you know a place can you truly say goodbye.

Consider those rare cases in life when a person has almost no ordinary agitation.  You have a religious or political leader who says:  “Yes, I am satisfied.  I know what’s going on, that is, nobody knows what’s going on except me.”  You have a fanatic.  That is not what those involved in This Thing are attempting to do:  they are attempting to activate the system outside of ordinary connections; outside of the mechanical bleeding of information and the cross-reaction between circuits.  It is a matter of transcending the mechanical circuitry, not destroying it.  You are trying to create a kind of focus.  What was conditionally spewed out by the machinery of Life and came out saying “I,” is no longer your name.  If you are trying to ignite the higher regions of your nervous system, then you understand that what feels and says “I” within, is not you — you don’t live there anymore.  When you begin to create this certain focus, then you begin to see that which goes into a dimension beyond the limits of the three circuits.  Feed and encourage those moments of focusing by not engaging in ordinary activities that make you think the same things again and again, or apparently make you feel what you ordinarily feel — you must encourage those precious moments of being more focused.

All of you should be aware from even the most cursory reading of history that there has been an almost a magical condition to the idea of “three.”  Almost every major religion makes reference to it in some fashion.  This consistent mention of and fascination with “three” has nothing to do with ordinary ideas of magic or numerology — it has to do with the fact that the perceivable universe of Man is supported by a triangular structure, by Three Forces.  The Three Forces cannot be seen by ordinary man simply because his consciousness is limited to a system of three circuits.  In that sense it is like magic, because the trinary composition of reality cannot be seen from Man’s trilateral perspective.  Simple observation of the ordinary world of Man reveals a world operating on a binary principle:  yin/yang, good/bad, true/false.  It is also called liberals versus conservatives; pretty and ugly; the struggle between East and West, etc.  The whole world is operating on such a binary perception and division of reality.  If you could see from another level, from an additional dimension, you’d see that the world of Man is actually trinary — it is supported by triangular, triadal structures.

There are many ways to describe this triadal structure.  For example, it can be said that there is an absolute song going on in Life — and it is a trinary song.  There is a rhythm section, a melody and lyrics (or words) to the song of Life.  It is not as simple as saying that such and such apparent people or events are in charge of the rhythm section, because in a trilateral universe the dance of forces is exquisitely arranged in a multifaceted, simultaneous way.  Those in charge of the rhythm section in this song of Life might be dancing on scaffolds, on a football field or in a classroom.  There are other people whose primary connection to Life is by playing the melody.  Lastly, there is the actual song, i.e., the lyrics — the words of the song of Life.  With This Thing the time has come to where the words of the song of Life have become appropriate to be used in public.  You are now getting the words beyond the rhythm and the melody, words not previously comprehensible to ordinary consciousness.  But now the time has come and humanity is becoming capable of hearing this new data.

Consider another trilateral structure: the physical reality of you.  (Of course this is only true insofar as your mind now sees your body separate from the rest of things — nevertheless let’s press on.)  Consider three levels in your physical you:  cellular, skeletal and muscular.  Two of those levels have a very strong bearing on how humanity imagines and sees itself; how it views people as being different; and how it views the whole idea of individuality and the world of “I.”  That which Man is almost totally incapable of ever changing or affecting is what people refer to as personality.  Personality gets into the muscular structure of Man and never changes.  If you could see in a certain way you can look at a child and know what he will be and this is not subject to great change.  A person can lose weight, put on muscles, etc., and yet, his personality will not change — it is as if personality had been injected into his muscles from early childhood.

I will give you one example of what appears to be two forces in operation, but I urge you to Consider the third force involved, which I will not even attempt to describe.  This example has to do with what appears to occur whenever change of any kind takes place.  In a situation where change takes place, there is always something that appears to be forcing or pushing for said change, and we’ll call that force number one. Then you can perceive that which opposes and resists change, and we’ll call that number two.  Those clashing forces come out through people — people involved in some sort of struggle or confrontation — sometimes even at a physical level.  These apparent conflicts can be observed on a larger scale between political factions, or when nations become involved in antagonisms or wars.

Both the parties involved in an apparent clash between change versus the status quo can be seen as employees of the corporation of Life.  They are both unknowingly working for the same, secret corporation but for different sub-employers.  One group of people is working for Mister First Force; while the other group is working for Mister Second Force.  At that moment, each group of people feel a mechanical favor to their particular sub-employer — they feel they are right and the other party is wrong.  And it all seems to be a serious conflict of a permanent nature:  “This is the way it is, and this is the way it will always be.”  No one notices that those conflicts change over time, nor does ordinary consciousness ever recognize the fact that everybody goes to work, by and large, for Second force before they die.  If something extraordinary doesn’t happen to you, you’ll become old, conservative and scared to death.  Then you will look for continual calm and peace; you will look at new generations with distrust and puzzlement.  Ordinary consciousness does not realize that its sub-employer within that great Corporation of Life has been changed.  With every generation the Corporation changes its name, paints its buildings, or moves around the block — but ordinary consciousness does not realize it is the same corporation.  One’s sub-employer does change in different situations and, as I said, by and large everyone ends up working for Second force the older they get.  Try to Remember this whenever you think that you are in a struggle with somebody.

I will give you another trilateral structure to Consider.  It has to do with the way that humanity is plugged into, and energized back and forth by Life.  These three ways are:  electrically, chemically and atmospherically.  Humanity is energized electrically in the nerves; chemically in the blood; and atmospherically in the breath.  Such is the three-pronged connection by which energy passes back and forth between what appears to be you and Life — that’s the way things circulate in the closed system of Life.  But remember:  there is one more dimension; one more direction that the three circuits cannot see, just as a two-circuited dog is unable to sense the dimension of time.  For our mythical dog to perceive something extraordinary in the world of Dogdom, he’d have to change space into time to nibble at the dimly perceived reality of man.  The parallel with Man is not perfect, but it is the same as a person who is accidentally sloshed upon by Life, and then writes a book about his mystical trip.

When something Real is spoken by This Thing — it comes from Tomorrow, not from another place.  It comes from another time, and it has a lasting effect upon the world of Man.  Such Real events are remembered historically, but instead of perceiving them as coming from another time, they are remembered by Man as coming from another place, for example, from outer space, or from the throne of the gods.  But the truth is that they came from Tomorrow.