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It’s Not the Circumstances: It’s the Circuits


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Document:  52,  December 16, 1982
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1982

 Diagram # 001 photo

Diagram # 001 photo

    This is my original drawing of Man:  the nervous system.  The large circle at the top, quite literally and physically, represents the brain itself — the culmination of Man’s nervous system at this time.  The Line that cuts through the circle is as far as the nervous system has been activated now.  All of this is reflected in another way, on another level, and that is what this drawing represents.

     This drawing is physically and literally true.  There are three circuits within the brain.  These three circuits operate with the electrical energy that is Life itself.  Their operation is also based upon part of their energy being a chemical process, which is carried through the blood itself.

     These three circuits literally exist in the brain and their presence there is like the ultimate, control mechanism.  Don’t get choked or struck on that description.  You must still see it for yourself if this is not to be a waste of time.

     Do not mistake the circuits for what your mind would ordinarily want to associate them with.  Hitherto, when I described the Red circuit’s functions.  I avoided the use of the words, “physical functions” so you would not close the door to further considerations.  I never actually said “the physical functions”, but you were supposed to recognize what I avoided stating outright.  But now, I will, while biting a part of my tongue, go ahead and say some of the words that I have avoided using.  These words have historically been used as a temporary map, by those who understood them:  it has been said, for example, that you could observe an almost physical entity, living within a person, that seemed to take care of the body.  And also, that there was something within Man which seemed to be an “emotional”  center.  Even I have used those ideas, while saying that they were imperfect and temporary.  I did not want to use them, but we had to start somewhere.  Remember, you have to use what I am telling you in a certain way:  I seem to be pointing in a particular direction, but that is not really where we are going — but, we have to start somewhere.  If you stay with these words alone, you will go nowhere.

     So, I am pulling out the old ideas about apparently separate things, within man, running the emotions, the mind and the body.  All of this is reflected in what I have drawn within the upper circle in the drawing: The three circuits.  For now, do not use any names for these circuits other than:  the Red; the Blue; and the Yellow.  Call them by those colors even to yourself, and do not use the names that you are mechanically inclined to use.  Also, do not attempt to superimpose these names I have given you over the old ones wired into you.  You would be cheating yourself of the benefit of this map by confusing the old and new terms, because I am now moving you closer to the reality behind the diagram.  You do not have a little heart down there pumping out emotions.  And there is not some room in your skull where the mind lives.  That is only the apparent observation of it, and a very crude map.

     Just Neuralize this in terms of the Red, Blue, and Yellow circuits.  Do not listen to what your voices have to say about “physical functions” or “emotions”.  I am not trying to play a verbal game with you because there is a tremendous difference between what your voices say and what I am telling you.  This is getting closer to the Secret.

     Ordinary consciousness sees the “forces of circumstance”, as the root cause and explanation for a person’s particular personality.  But the circumstances are not the source:  the circuits are.  An ordinary Man can only believe that his past, the circumstances of what has happened to him, the forces in his life, and the conditions under which he grew up, have molded and created his particular personality.  He believes that he has learned to react in a certain way, and has learned certain patterns of emotions, but this is not true.  Those circumstances were of no consequence.  It is the circuits that are responsible.

     It is very difficult for ordinary consciousness to see, but if the particular forces that seem to have shaped your personality were somehow removed from your past, then it would simply have been some other forces.  This is so simple and unmystical, that it is almost impossible to comprehend.  The ordinary mind can say, “Right, everybody had parents, and everybody has had some kind of education, and something bad has happened to everybody; but I would certainly be a better person right now, if the circumstances in my past had been different.”  That is not true.

     The most valuable aspect of my diagram to Neuralize, is not the circuits themselves, but rather, the six places where they cross.  There is a certain kind of contamination, a crosstalk of information, at these six connections, and it has nothing to do with, “What the forces in the past did.”  The circuits had to be contaminated:  they had to bleed information, one to the other, or you would be a blank.  You might be on this planet, physically, but you would not be out among those walking around free, in the civil sense.  You would simply not be human.  So, I mean nothing negative by the word “contamination”.

     If I tell an ordinary man, “It doesn’t matter what has happened to you, because if it hadn’t happened to you, something else would have.”, he, in turn, will always respond “Yes, but still I would have been a lot better off, had I been born an heir to a fortune.”  That is the same thing as imagining that this contamination is ill-suited to you, that you did not deserve it.  You had no choice — the circuits are you.

     Although the contamination is fueled electrically, it is carried through a chemical process; and it cannot be reversed.  Reversing it is not what This Thing is about.  Circuits have been established and there is no way to go back and redo them.  If what happened to you had not happened, then something else would have.  What I am describing as contamination is another aspect of ordinary Man being a continuing piece of unfinished business.  He is not supposed to be satisfied.  If he were completed, fulfilled, he would not be an outlet for Life’s further growth.

     If I were to play psychiatrist with someone, and tell them, “I can see that there was some circumstance in your past, perhaps something involved with your sexual awakening in your teen years.   Something happened that affected your physical self-image.  I can see it in the way you walk, in the way you move about the room.”  From the standpoint of This, that would mean nothing.  But, ordinary consciousness takes such statements quite seriously, “You’re right.  I do have problems.  If only things had been different. I’ve got to work this out.  But you’re right, I have sexual problems, and you’re very astute to see that.”

     Pfft! to that!  Can you see, that explains nothing?  Because I could say that about 90% of the population.  It means nothing, because if it wasn’t one set of “circumstances”, then it would be another.

     This Thing has nothing to do with the ideas of ordinary psychology, that forces have come into play in your past, and have made bad connections inside your ordinary personality — connections that can somehow be cleaned up.  Psychiatry talks about going back and unravelling the “mess”.  But the “mess” that they are referring to, is merely the surface.  They believe that if one could go back and see the circumstances that caused the “mess”, and then talk about it, he would become a better person.  Such an approach cannot work.  I am not attacking psychology and, if you understand it, I am not even talking about it.  I am trying to get you beyond the idea that there are forces in one’s past that can be dug out and profitably discussed.

     I am telling you that the source of your apparent “problems”, is physical, not some hazy, psychological impact or trauma imposed on you, or anyone else.  It is in the circuits.  No surgery, physical or psychological, will successfully go back into them and straighten you out.  But if there were a way to perform such surgery and you could actually do it, the source would be found in part in the blood itself, and no amount of total transfusions could take it away.  You would have to let the whole body bleed to death.  Do you call that success?  (That would solve all of your problems though, wouldn’t it?)

     I am aware of how subtle what I am saying is, in general; so I will repeat it.  Whatever circumstances in your life that apparently made you become you, did not make you become you.  What made you, was the cross talk of the circuits.  I am not playing with words.  The circumstances had nothing to do with it.  That is what I was trying to slip in, when I said that if it had not been for those particular circumstances, it would have been some others.

     You should begin to find your own examples of this contamination between the circuits.  As an example, not too long ago, it was common for a cross talk to be established, especially in men, between sex and alcohol.  There were many men who could hardly have sex, without first having a drink.  It became a part of the whole process of their sexual awakening.  By adulthood, even when they were home with their wife, or whomever they were living with, almost every time they were about to go to bed, they’d say, “Hey, wait. Let’s  have a drink.”  If you were to stop them and ask, “What’s the purpose of this?  Are you afraid of sex? Are you afraid of your wife?”  They might say, “No, it has nothing to do with that.  Now that you mention it, I guess it just relaxes me.”  They would have some story, but it is a place where there is a crosstalk.  And, it’s more than a habit.

     It is very similar to what is now described as the “disease of alcoholism”.  As you know, when alcoholics write books, or appear on a t.v. talk shows, they will say, “Yeah, I am still an alcoholic.  Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic.  You don’t get cured.  You’ve just got to stay away from it.”  You can’t be cured from this contamination, from this crosstalk in the circuitry.  As they say, “I am cured, I’ve just got to stay away from it.”  There is no way to go back and un-contaminate this cross talk, ordinarily.

     I want you to Neuralize again, this drawing, and the dotted circle in it, the Dampener.  It is a part of the brain structure, physically, within your skull.  The Dampener operates in such a way that there are very distinct, confined limits within which you can operate, within which you can breathe “psychologically”. (Remember, “psychologically” is a misnomer.)  This Dampener that encases the brain can give a little, as though it can breathe, it can contract and expand.  Primarily, that is what gives the continuing appearance that change is possible.

    In the past, I have tried to describe it to you in ways that were more vague and ephemeral, using more “psychological” descriptions.  I pointed out that part of the reason why things seem to be as they are, and why people believe that they can change, is that there is a certain amount of slack within all machines. (Remember, my description is flawed, purposefully. That is part of the Secret.)

     Gears, within a machine, cannot be made to perfectly mesh or they will not move.  There has to be a certain amount of tolerance for any piece of machinery to move against another piece.  At that time, I asked you to Neuralize that Life itself, is like a great piece of living machinery, with a very small tolerance between parts.

     At another time, I described it in a slightly different way; that inasmuch as no one seems to be exactly like anyone else, individuals believe that they can change.  “People can operate differently from me.  They think different from me.  They have different hobbies.  They seem to have a different degree of energy to do what they do in life.”  Because there are different people, there seems to be some room for change. You think, “I could be more like them, if I wanted to, and if I had the time and motivation.”  It is the basis, in part, of the tension and conflict within Life.  Why else do you talk to people?  Why else do you argue with people?  “Why, for their own good.  For the good of the relationship.”  What you are saying is, “You can change.  I know you can change.  I know I am not perfect, maybe, but under these conditions, you have to pay more attention to the business, treat me better, etc.”  What you’re saying is “There’s some slack here, and you can change.”

     Now, I am telling you — physically, what I am pointing to, is a Dampener, a controlling mechanism, that has a slight give to it.  There is a slight tolerance in there.

     For a long time, those who encounter This Thing have concerns and questions such as, “What am I doing here?  What brought me to all this strangeness?  Why does This Thing exist?”  You cannot stay bogged down with that for long, but I’ll say this in response:  we are in the midst of a nervous system on another level.  Whatever you can see of Life, whatever right now you imagine Life to be, you can apply this analogy.  If I were describing it on that level, I might use a different diagram, but to some degree, the nervous system of Life is reflected in this drawing.  And since everything that is alive must grow, Life itself is attempting to ignite its higher circuits.  And those of This Thing are sitting right at the highest point in Life’s nervous system.

     Anything that can be said, you have already thought.  That is partly why presenting This is so tricky. You can only think in words:  and the only words you can use, are words that represent something — an occurrence, a thought, an idea, a potential.  So, if it already has a name, you have already thought of it, because to think of something, you must have a name for it.  And all of that exists within the Dampener, below the Line.

     It is all a great trick.  I talk to you about that which has no name.  I have to tell you that which you do not know — not just you, but anybody.  If I were to really put words on it, then we will have thrown it to the beasts.  I am attempting to tell you that which you cannot name and that which cannot be put into words, and yet I go ahead and do so.

     That is part of the trickery of me having to walk a certain line, and with your cooperation, playing right at the point on the Horizontal Line where Real growth is possible.  Not down amongst the lower circuits: and not at the bottom of the upper circuits.  The circuits cannot grow in those places.  Those connections are already talking, and the kind of information available there has no nourishment for growth.  The various possible combinations at and below Line level are what create every walking, so-called individual on this planet.

     This Thing plays right to the top of this Dampener, and I keep pushing you when you are cooperating, right against that membrane.  At the top — not on the side.  I do not talk of gods, or what may happen to you, or what a poor life you’ve had, or the “troubles” you’ve been through.  Below the Line, you have dreams of what a great, secret organization This Thing is, and of who might have sent me.  Those lower circuit dreams have nothing to do with the expansion necessary.  We are dealing with the very top of that circle, the dotted line in the drawing, right where you were supposed to have stopped.

     You are dealing with a certain slack area when I tell you to Neuralize things.  You should begin to have a very strong suspicion, if not a downright conviction, beyond any cynicism, that the circuit in charge of what seems to be ordinary mentation, relives its life over and over and over.  You must, at least, suspect that you will not, somehow, think your way into greater understanding, under ordinary conditions.

     The circuits have been absolutely locked into position.  There is no way to cure an alcoholic.  There is no way that analysis can work, in the way that it is ordinarily attempted.  You cannot go back and unravel this system, nor somehow re-establish faulty connections.  That which passes on the ordinary level for change, such as a man giving up drinking, after having a wreck that kills his wife, does not occur outside of the limits of the Dampener.  What he thinks of, what he feels to be him, is still him.  He is now a “him” who experienced this tragedy, a “him” who no longer drinks, a him who suffers over it, and has something new to talk about; but the “him” has not changed.  Down there, below the Line, there is no way out of those circuits.

     You first believed, “Now that I found this activity, we’re finally going to get down to serious business.”  You begin to feel a kind of new excitement.  Then you realize that you didn’t know what “serious business” was.  Up until now, serious business has been your middle name.

     You begin to feel a certain kind of pushing, that I described at another time, at a weak spot in the Line, an activation of a loose wire in the nervous system itself, that had not been completely sealed at the ordinary level of consciousness.

     Forget ideas of being “totally changed”, or that some miracle changes you, or the old stories describing men who are “struck down by the hands of the gods.”  Forget that, for the time being,  (Of course, once “it” happens, you’ll really forget that.)  What I am now suggesting that you Neuralize, is this process which has been established within the Dampener, in you.  It is the crosstalk between all of the circuits and its resolved, speaking voice is “I”, a thing which you have always thought of as you.  Of course it will always think of itself in that way.  You’re not going to change it or cure it from being an “alcoholic”.  Until you came across This Thing, there was never a question of whether “you” existed, or not.  Your concern has always been a matter of “What a poor existence I lead.  If you only knew my troubles…”  You are wasting my time, if you can still operate for more than a few minutes, with an absolute conviction that you are a “something”. To do so, is to be absolutely ordinary.  You are back down passing along the kind of energy that you are supposed to.

     By now, you should have very strong glimpses that there is no “I” in this system.  On the ordinary level until you begin to see it yourself, you and everyone else operates on an unanalyzed basis of “I am somebody.”  But, if your aim is to ignite the higher areas of your circuitry, that will not stand scrutiny.  It is astounding when you first see it; but there is a process going on, a verb that has called itself a noun.

     There is no question of some absolute escape from those circuits.  They are necessary to your very survival.  But all of human “behavior”, can be understood in terms of those six connections.  (If you’d like to get good, split it into an exciting and a calming mode.)

     All of human behavior can be understood.  It can be explained, but not in a verbal way.  You have to see, on your own, that you don’t have to “work out your problems”.  This Thing has nothing to do with “working out problems”.

     Don’t look back and think, “Well, I’m discovering something of an important psychological nature:  because I remember that I was always shy around certain types of people.  Then I saw a movie where the hero would just walk in and shoot them, so now that’s the way I act.”  Balderdash!  That’s child’s play.

     Forces act upon everybody, and it doesn’t matter which ones acted on you; they’re all interchangeable. Those kinds of forces didn’t make you what you are.  I am going to stop here shortly; because it is so subtle, and I am about to drag it into the mud.  There is an importance to seeing this; but not because it is, of itself, important, or, that trying to figure it out is.  It is important to simply See it, on your own.

     You may be in your car at a stop light and another car pulls up beside you.  Suddenly your back hurts, or you try to shift to show your “good side”.  Remember that what you do under a certain condition is not of importance.  What is important is to See it.  Because it comes from the circuits and their crosstalk.  It is neither good or bad.  Nothing terrible in your background  made you feel uncomfortable around certain types of people — people richer than you or people more educated.  I am not saying that it is untrue that you react in certain ways:  but it is irrelevant.  Everyone is produced an “alcoholic” and they cannot be cured.  You must simply stay away from the booze.

     And your circuits will whine, “But you do not begin to understand the kind of environment that I grew up in.”  You simply have to See, it’s not your childhood, or some untoward circumstances.  It’s the circuits. There is nowhere else to look.  There is nothing to undo.  There is nothing to understand.  You must See it.  Once you See it, you can cease to be it.

     Recently, someone asked me about martyrdom, and whether it fed one of the circuits.  Martyrdom is simply another form of suffering.  It’s just ordinary suffering, but it’s got a better name; and that’s not just a cheap shot.  Neuralize that martyrdom also serves to stabilize one of the Three Forces.

     Someone also asked me about “feeding the tiger”, and whether expressing hostility, for example, along a certain pathway, within the circuitry, reinforced that pathway, making it more conducive to that flow of energy.  That is not an improper question, or description; but I will up the stakes for you.  It is not that the pathways simply reinforce themselves.  They no longer need “reinforcing.  I want you to See that there is a difference between that, and what I am now telling you, just as there is a difference between believing that circumstances made you what you seem to be, and Seeing that it is the operation of the circuits.  The paths do not need to be reinforced.  It is rather that there is no way out.  The places where they contaminate each other are already established, and under ordinary circumstances, nothing can be done about it.  And you must See it.

     You must see that under any ordinary circumstance you cannot do what you once thought was possible:  you cannot think your way out, or think something new.  If there were any purpose, I could talk to ordinary people, in a certain way, and get them to momentarily agree, “Yeah, you’re right.  We can’t really think anything new.”  But they could not hold onto that more than a moment.  If the conversation continued after that moment,  it would be on this basis:  “Well, that’s what human progress is all about:  building upon the past — shooting for the stars; ever onward!”  There’s nothing I can do with ordinary people, because they are playing out their proper roles.  Under those conditions, they would be right, and I would be wrong. I would have been wrong for even having brought it up.

     But for you, reading or hearing this now, to sit there and say, “I just know it’s true.  I just know it’s true”, is nothing.  But one day you might be laying in bed some morning, dozing back and forth, and thinking about This Thing, just lying there under the covers and feeling good, just you and your brain, with nothing else going on; and instead of thinking such and such, you’ll suddenly know beyond words:  “Hey, I can’t think anything new!”  You don’t know what kind of liberation that is.  Even though it sounds like you suddenly saw your captivity.  Once you can see it, you can cease to be it.

     Everything that goes into the tiger becomes tiger.  There is some tolerance within the Dampener, which resolves all of the internal conflicts of the circuitry, all their contamination, all the crosstalk, in all possible combinations.  Neuralize:  What is Neuralization?  Why do I continue to refer to it?  Why do I continue to give you different descriptions of it?  It is a “trick”.  What you are doing when you try to Neuralize is attempting to get beyond the area where the only thing that you can think, the only thing that can go through the circuitry is that which you have already thought.  Part of the trick is me describing it, taking that which should not be spoken of and speaking of it; taking that which is ruined if spoken of, and actually pulling it off.  I tell you beforehand that to speak of it is to turn it into a lie, and then I proceed to belie the situation I’ve just described, that can’t be done, can it?

     What I am telling you, must be kept out of the circuits.  That is why you should not tell yourself what you are doing.  That is why, when you get a glimpse of something, you should not tell yourself.  Keep it above the circuitry, and do not let it fall back down; because it will be wasted there.  From our viewpoint, it would be falling into an uncontrollable cesspool, even if your glimpse is quite objective and in line with This Thing.  It will become tiger meat.

     Someone observed to me recently, that the further up the nervous system one’s consciousness is, the less one externally exhibits any manifestations of excitement.  First, let me say that This is never going to turn you into a desert.  That will never be a problem.  But I could point this out:  That which is excitement to the system, at the ordinary level, is tied to what seems to be your past.  It is tied to the circuitry.  That is why memory has the affect it does.  That is why everybody wants to engage in memory, chitchat about memory, and daydream about it.  It goes back down into the circuitry and excites the system where it was excited before.  The further you are conscious up the nervous system, the less you are limited to that. The real excitement becomes the extraordinary discovery of doing This.

     Another person asked me this recently:  “Sexual orgasm seems to provide the peak of excitement and the greatest calming, ordinarily available to Man.  Could this be behind the power inherent in sex?”  And, another one from somebody else some time back, “Is sex a recent discovery?”  Of course, it’s obvious that to one of the circuits, sex is not a new, recent discovery.  If it was, we would all be pop-up dolls in a book somewhere.  But the question is on the basis that sex now involves more than one circuit, i.e., more than just keeping the race going.  I would refer this question to the first question, because, the first questioner concluded by saying, “This condition of seeing that things are more integrated than they appear at first glance, is not the first time that such examination has shown opposites containing one another.”  I have nothing to add to that for now.

     Here is something else that someone relayed to me recently, and I will pass along without further comment:  “Last week at the laundromat, as I was getting change from an older lady there, I saw her pretty clearly as a machine, and seeing her that way felt like a gift to both of us:  because  it didn’t put pressure on her to be responsible for things she couldn’t be accountable for, and didn’t allow my old, judgmental process to happen within me.”

     Picture a three-sided tube, with each of the three sides painted a different color.  Under any ordinary conditions, what a man sees, is a plane, just as though I was holding the tube, so that he could only see one of the three sides.  An ordinary man will say, “I see this.  I see so-and-so.  I see a situation that I can readily identify.”  And then, if I had his attention, I could get him to agree, theoretically, that there is another side to it.  If I were to establish a three-dimensional paradigm, a model of reality, it would not be strips of wood with two sides, and would not be round tubing like a piece of pipe:  it would be a triangular tube. That is what no one can see, and that is what this tube I am describing is referring to.  It would be a physical, real Symbol, of what cannot be seen.  It is every person.  It is every event.

     The ordinary mind cannot remember that there is “another side” to every story.  When one person finds money on the street, it’s good luck for him, and his starving children.  He cannot see that it is bad luck for the person who lost it, and for his starving family.  That is simple enough, and you can hear that for a moment; but on the ordinary level, there is no way to use it.  The mind cannot handle both simultaneously. But all of that is still child’s play.  Because there is even another side that is always missing.  Such is the shape of reality on this level.