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Binary Perception: The Tiger of Consciousness


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Document:  51, December 9, 1982
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1982

I will mention some specific areas that people always ask me about.  But first, let me remind you that from This viewpoint, the better the map, the worse it gets.  The best maps are the closest to perfection, to being able to “knock someone down”.  If such a “knock down” condition could be induced in someone that didn’t have the need to ignite their higher areas, it would just result in producing a follower.  There is an absolute difference between someone who had an extraordinary experience and someone who had ignited themselves through their own efforts.  To develop the higher circuitry you need someone to help you, to tell you what to do.  But, to gain anything you must do it yourself, you must make your own efforts; otherwise, it is a waste of time.

Someone with Understanding can’t just go out and attract the general public by himself.  For a system to have any real significance you must first attract a smaller group of people that can create their own understanding, and thus produce their own experience.

 Diagram # 014 illustration

Diagram # 014 illustration

My drawings of the nervous system and the circuitry are the best maps available to date.  You can feel the reality of the drawing.  For instance, a few of you described feeling an internal plane at the upper part of the nervous system.  You described reaching a certain point within the nervous system that you can’t go beyond.  You further likened it to striking an attic floor.  You were describing the horizontal line on the diagram where energy reaches Line-level consciousness and then stops.  Man’s nervous system is not ordinarily activated beyond this point.

But, can you consider the possibility that you can actually feel the circuits running?  Don’t try to imagine such a feeling.  There are ways to interfere with the circuitry cross-talking, and to reroute that energy.

Are you beginning to understand that the more you perceive, the less you can talk about it?  Some of my rather theoretical conversations with you, such as feeling the nervous system in operation, would strike ordinary people as being unusual, if not suspect.  Do you realize how it would sound to ordinary people if they were told that you can actually feel the electricity running through the mind, and further, that you can run it on a different plane?  I am leaving a lot unsaid, and rather than spell it, out I keep bringing up the drawing of the nervous system and telling you bits and pieces.

You should continually try to remember and Neuralize the map of the nervous system.  The purpose of any real symbol is to run it through the circuitry to visualize and remember.  Symbols aren’t for dumbfounding children by using artifacts that nobody understands.  Any Real symbol can be run through one of the circuits and visualized and remembered.

When I first introduced the nervous system map, I told you there was at least one variation that could have been drawn. Still, it is a fair drawing, because it depicts two dimensionally the six places where the circuits cross-talk.  The reality behind the drawing of the circuitry is that it explains “human behavior” and what is described as one’s “psychological past”.  People believe that their psychological past, how they’ve been mistreated, and all their minor traumas have produced their “personality”.  Current ordinary theories about human behavior and psychology are not wrong, just irrelevant.  Such theories don’t give you any information that can be used to ignite your higher circuits.  There is a great similarity between individual personalities and the dampener.  The division between the calming and exciting side of the brain does not physically and statically cut the brain in half.

Everything that you can observe internally and externally is based upon those six connections in the diagram.  One side of the dampener of the circuitry is primarily in charge of being excited while the other side is in charge of calming.  The extent of calming or excitement are all within certain limits.  The dampener controls the continuing, alternating, pulsating need for the circuits to be excited and then calmed.  What I refer to as exciting is not an inherent part of any particular activity, but rather, the person’s response to an activity.  For example, you and another person may be listening to a piece of music.  The other person may become excited about that music while it is putting you to sleep.  One part of the brain is in charge of being excited and another part is in charge of being calmed, but their roles can shift and reverse.

I will give you another temporary symbol.  You could picture Life as a series of dots.  Each dot would represent one person, and lines drawn connecting the dots would show their interrelationships.  Now I will alter that symbol by having upright, vertical lines representing each person.  The horizontal lines that join the vertical lines represent the connections, the relationships between those people.  Two vertical lines could represent a couple, or two people that know each other.

The circuitry operates on the basis of binary comparisons.  The Yellow Circuit can only think of one thing at a time.  Look beyond the mind to the Blue Circuit; it can only feel one way at a time.  You can’t simultaneously love and hate someone.  The emotions shift back and forth.  You can love someone at this moment and then hate them a second later, and then go back to loving them.

Let’s expand this binary operation beyond people.  If you had extraordinary vision you could look at situations, relationships, weather, politics, and machinery as falling within the same binary perception. Cars, ducks, and occurrences are seen as a solitary something because man ordinarily only sees one side of any event or object, whether it is another person or a dog.  People constantly name things and events, and believe that they understand them.  More specifically, the Yellow Circuit assumes that once anything is named, it’s understood.  Your system believes that you know what a car is even if you aren’t an expert on automobiles.  However, man can ordinarily perceive only one side of the object or the event, not the total.

I still like the story of the man who is walking along and finds a billfold full of money.  His house is about to be foreclosed and his children are starving.  He finds the billfold, thinking he has been delivered and praises the gods for sending him the money.  Five minutes later the guy that lost the money starts looking for it.  Similarly, he is going to lose his house and the curses the gods crying, “Who stole my money?”

Even an ordinary person would hear this story and acknowledge that everything is relative.  People constantly feel that they have been shortchanged.  Every time you feel cheated, whether it’s a lost billfold or loss of goodwill, love, or reputation, then somebody has profited, because we are within a closed system.  Things don’t just disappear into a black hole or another dimension.  If you lose your money or anything else, then someone else finds it and profits, and vice versa.  You can get almost anyone to acknowledge that every story has another side, that’s child’s play.  Here, in the beginning, under ordinary conditions, you can’t even remember that there is another side to any event.  At Line-level consciousness all is binary, you can’t remember two things at the same time.

If you get home and discover that someone has stolen your stereo, you can’t perceive that it has been a very profitable night for someone else.  Remember, I’m not standing up for thieves or making a sociological comment.  You can tell yourself that maybe some poor fellow got a little money to feed his starving child.  This might last all of one second and then you’re back to yelling, “Where’s that guy with my stereo!”  You can’t hold both ideas at the same time.  If man could hold two “conflicting” ideas simultaneously, then the world would be full of people with their higher circuits ignited; ignited at least two-thirds of the way.

I will attempt to give you a glimpse of the fact that there are always three forces at work.  The number of three is replayed constantly in Life, but don’t go home and tattoo it on your forehead or take it as a mystical symbol.  As an aside, if one looked back into the past the number wouldn’t be three, nor would it be three in the future either.  This number is reflected constantly for a very good reason.  Every time you think of a person or a situation, you see it as a one-plane occurrence.  You can theorize that there is another side to the story, that each coin has another side, or that for every good there is an evil.  But, what the system can’t see is that Life does not operate on a plane.

If Life and man’s perception could be viewed correctly it would be seen as one-third of a triangular situation, not a flat plane.  You think you know every person you see, even those you’ve known so long that you don’t even notice or think about them, such as your mother or your husband.  You know sometimes they have dark moods and sometimes they’re bad tempered, but you think that you know them. All you are seeing of them is a one-dimensional plane.  You are seeing one side of a triangular tube.

No matter what situation you perceive, you categorize it as, “I know what happened, my friend mistreated me.”  It’s inconsequential to tell yourself that maybe you asked for it, or that your friend was under pressure.  You are back operating on a binary level of it’s either this or that.  You can theoretically try to see it from the other person’s view, such as the thief who stole the stereo because he needed it.  But, you can’t hold that idea.  And even if you could hold both positions in a conflict, you would still be missing the reality of the situation.  To believe that you were mistreated by your friend because they were mistreated by someone else is to look at one side at a time, and there are no sides.

If a situation is alive, it is a triangular structure.  You can’t turn the situation over from one side to the other like a coin because it has three sides.  One side can’t be simply tied to one other single side, there is more.  Reality only exists in a triangular structure.  It’s incorrect to believe there is another side to the coin, there is more, even though all the circuitry can normally see is one side of a triangular situation.  If you listen to what I’m saying with ordinary ears it makes no sense.

Let me give you another description of attempting to consider something.  When you have an experience through your own efforts it’s like a speck of internal light flashes and you feel like, “I figured something out, I almost fell through the floor, and then it stopped and I went back to imagination, to being ‘me’.”  You wonder what can be done to keep you from returning to your ordinary self, or to bring it back.  Consider that at the ordinary level it appears that you are being held by what people refer to as “personality”.  In fact, you are literally being held by a physical entity which is in the skull.

Once you are grown the circuits have been fed all the information that they will absorb; the circuitry has reached its limit.  When you become an adult you have reached the level where you can’t become too excited.  The system is physically forced to avoid too much excitement because there is a limit to what it can stand.  Simultaneously, the system is regulated so that you don’t become terminally calm to the point of “laying down and not getting up”.

Throughout the history of Man, people have been crying out, “I want to be free to be me.”  People have always proclaimed that they want to be spontaneous.  Such a cry sounds proper, and even appears to be connected to This Thing.  Verbally, as far as words go, the desire to be spontaneous does have something to do with This.  For an ordinary person such spontaneous adventures are not possible; it remains merely an “itch”.  The itch is a piece of the unusable knowledge that things could be different.  The longing for “freedom” or spontaneity is a reflection of the need for humanity to continue to grow and aid in Life’s ignition of its own higher circuits.

If I were dealing with an ordinary person that was objective for a moment I could ask, “What would you be, if I suddenly had the power to make you free?”  Their response would be, “Uh, I’d be me,” and they would not be “me” because they already are “me”.  People are the total culmination of everything available in Life, they are all they can ordinarily be.  All the excitement has all happened, it occurred before they reached the age of majority.  After that age rather than excitement it’s a kind of “memory excitement”.  They can only think of things which they have a name for, and they only have names for the thoughts and ideas that they have already had.  So, even if they were freed to be “me”, although they already are “me”, they are not going to fly away and go to the extreme ends of the universe.  They’re not even going to get off of the planet.  The desire to be spontaneous is a reflection of the search for a little excitement.  They might ask about a new band you had previously mentioned.  They might further ask, “What do they sound like?”  And you could respond that they sound similar to the XYZ band that they used to like, only a little louder.  They ask, “Not too loud, I hope?”  And you say, “No, you would like them.”  And they think, “Good, I’d like some excitement.”

You could not tell our fictitious person that the band plays music like they’ve never heard before, because if it was taken literally they wouldn’t go to hear the band.  But, if they did go anyway and the music played wasn’t like anything they’d ever heard, then the response would be, “That’s not music.” Similarly if we asked our fictitious person if he wanted to go listen to someone talk about unusual things he would ask, “How unusual are they?”  He would go if you answered by comparing it to some books he heard of or read.  Otherwise, no one would attend, because if someone showed up and they actually talked about things that you had never heard of, then you wouldn’t hear what was said.

Through Neuralizing you continue to teach yourself; you continue to expand the upper areas of your nervous system.  The observations made when Neuralizing are of areas that have always been extant, you just couldn’t see them at Line level.  In fact, you’re not ordinarily supposed to see such an expanded view.  Through your own efforts you see what has always been there, but you weren’t supposed to see.

At Line-level consciousness you can’t learn from what you see, from your “mistakes”.  If there was a height of folly in ordinary life, which there isn’t, it would be the belief that one can learn from their mistakes. You do not learn from your mistakes.  But, then again, on the ordinary level, you don’t make any mistakes.

Man is a piece of unfinished business, he is incomplete.  Part of being human is to feel that you aren’t complete and you aren’t doing right; and therefore, you must do better by learning from your mistakes. From an elevated view, can you glimpse that neither you nor anyone else has ever made a mistake, so how can you learn from it?  Ordinary man doesn’t learn from his mistakes because by the time he is old enough to experience things, the circuits are developed and operating.  He is closed up and controlled by the dampener.  So, he can’t learn anything from experience.  He is now an experienced energy processor and the parameters of excitement are limited.

Let’s go back to my picture of the ordinary mind as a tiger locked behind a door.  Anything you feed the mind, whether it is new information or a new experience, which gets through the dampener and is processed by the circuitry, is ultimately going into the jaws of the tiger.  If you feed a tiger cauliflower, the cauliflower becomes tiger.  Feed it red meat and it becomes tiger.  If you could get the tiger to eat paper, then the paper becomes tiger.

Neuralizing is like standing up on a ledge, and everything down below is the tiger.  The tiger appears to be operating mainly in one higher circuit, but remember that the circuits inseparably cross-feed each other.  Below that ledge is the tiger which can never be satisfied.  To Neuralize is to starve the tiger. Instead of letting your thoughts or observations connected to This Thing drop down and feed the tiger, stop it, grab the thought and look away.  It is as though there is a tiger in the pit below Line level, and just before the thought reaches Line level and drops off to feed the tiger, you stop it.  This will keep the tiger continually moving.  He will be leaping up the side trying to get to you, and yet you won’t feed him.  He knows the food’s there, because he always been fed.  The food, information, is supposed to come into the senses and feed the tiger.  The messages continue to come up from the bowels of the ship, but you still don’t feed the tiger.  It’s as though you are trying to teach the tiger to growl a different song for his supper. But, you still can’t feed him, and you can’t stop him from wanting to be fed either because he knows the food is there.

If you’re alive the tiger is constantly prowling.  The circuits are running and the electricity is running and as long as the circuits are running, the tiger is prowling.  The tiger must prowl on certain levels to keep you alive and balanced, and not falling over and breaking your nose.  For you to stay warm and fed, the tiger must prowl.  You can almost work the tiger into a frenzy by not feeding him at the upper level.  The tiger knows that he is supposed to think that thought and feel that feeling for you, but you don’t let him have it because once he chews on anything it becomes tiger.  Any ordinary thought you have is a Mary or Fred tiger thought.  And additionally, any ordinary thought you have is a thought that you and the tiger had before.  Do I have to point out the futility of stuffing the tiger with the same information over and over, and then expecting him to go, “Hey, now I see it,” and thus igniting your higher areas?  The thought started out tiger and stayed tiger, so how can people learn from their experience?

And now can you see why I say it doesn’t really matter what you do except that you must do something? You cannot stay here and continue to be tiger.  You have to “go” somewhere.  When I say that a certain activity must be done, it’s not that we have to do that particular thing, it’s just that we must do something. Where we go, and what we do is not the goal; the goal is moving.  Otherwise, if we didn’t move, we would just sit here and you would continue to be “I-the-tiger”.

Let me point in another direction for a bit.  Ordinarily, when a group of people meets more than a couple of times, a sense of community develops.  For instance, in new age groups there is a sense of, “It’s us against the world and we are each other’s keepers.”  There is a sense of, “The gods love each one of us and we love each other dearly.”  If such a group was told those were sham feelings they would respond by saying, “Yeah, you’re right, none of us are perfect, but we’re trying.”  For those that need to ignite their higher circuits, trying won’t get it.  Trying your best won’t work, because it won’t ignite the higher areas of the nervous system.  If all you do is “try” you’ll die a failure.

Here is another way to look at and Neuralize the tension which holds Life together.  There are some people you don’t like as soon as you see them, there doesn’t seem to be a reason why you don’t.  I’m just using ordinary terminology, but you should still recognize what I am describing.  There are people that work with you or live next door that you have never spoken to.  And again, you can’t justify it and don’t know why, but there is something about them.

In any gathering or group, there will be people there that are processing the kind of energy which will conflict with someone else’s processing of energy.  There will simply be conflict, which always occurs.  It doesn’t help to say that the gods love us and that we’re our brothers keepers.  You must understand and see the situation for what it is:  conflict is a natural and ordinary occurrence.  You can’t have life without conflict.

I’ll give you another example.  If you get into an elevator with another person the odds are that you won’t like him or her.  If I were standing outside the elevator and asked you whether or not you felt the tension between you and the other person and you truthfully responded, “What other person?”  That would be an example of one of the few times when someone wasn’t transferring energy in conflict with your energy.  To wit, you weren’t even aware that the other person was in the elevator.  However, normally you could go into a closed room with the lights off and not know who was in there with you and still feel tension or discomfort even though you don’t know who it is.

You can’t explain this phenomenon or cynically dismiss it.  This tension is necessary, it’s a process of Life keeping itself running and together.  There is no such thing as one ordinary person, religion, or group getting together and pursuing one thing in total agreement.  If such a group could get together it would be mass suicide; but it can’t be done.  To have everyone get together and agree would in effect turn Life into a non-conflicting entity.  It would create “heaven on earth” and everything would explode.  You could have everyone filled with abject hate or love, and it would net the same result:  that which is alive has turned into one thing — a dead thing.

The conflict isn’t personal.  And even though conflict is natural, it has nothing to do with your further evolution.  But, resisting the conflict has everything to do with developing your higher circuitry.  To resist is to avoid jumping down into the mouth of tiger.  You don’t throw the tiger your thoughts and feelings about how you don’t like another person.  Such thoughts and feelings are just the noise made by the conflicts of the system staying alive.  It must be so, but you still can’t agree with such thoughts, because it has nothing to do with the activation of your system.

Resistance is a necessary ingredient to the ordinary functioning of your circuitry.  One ordinarily considers resistance to be a hindrance to pursuing This Thing.  At Line level, the natural internal resistance can’t be avoided.  There is no such thing as ever “getting your desk cleaned up” so that dust never settles there again.  Someone will come along and put a dull pencil on the desk, or sit on the desk. The company will be sold, and you might not even have a desk.  Resistance can’t be avoided; to abandon resistance you would have to abandon all possible mechanical reactions.  You can’t stop the tiger from jumping or make him shut up, and he can’t be housebroken.  But, you can stop yelling at him as though he is you.  This yelling takes the form of saying, “Shame on noisy me.  I don’t know what I’m doing.  I’m never satisfied, always prowling and hungry.  I’m always full of wants, my nose is too big.”  The tiger points out something to criticize, but never resist anything in the same way twice, never react in the same manner.

If you are wondering how to use this new information in the most profitable way, my response is that at the very least try and remember This Thing constantly.  I hesitate to use just words to describe This, but what else can I use.  Next, discover that This can be remembered in other places in the circuitry, in places that are beyond the words used to describe it.  Continue to Neuralize what I mean by Neuralizing.  When something unusual makes you laugh, or say, “Wow,” try to file it in a place where you can later Neuralize it. Don’t go away and think about it, but walk along later and try to hold what you saw, without touching it. Learn to juggle without catching the ball.  Or catch it so quickly that you can cough, or look away and it’s gone.  Don’t catch what you’re Neuralizing, don’t feed it to the tiger and let it turn into “me”.

Someone recently asked what is the most profitable approach to a situation where you can’t personally do anything, such as worldwide suffering, or ignorance.  If there is nothing that you can do, then truthfully just don’t think of it.  Note that worrying and suffering doesn’t qualify as doing something.  If you cannot change it, then simply don’t be conscious of it.  There is no other possibility.  All forms of suffering, calamity and conflict are a part of Line-level consciousness.  Line level suffering is part of being alive, and there is no way out, unless you can ignite the higher circuitry.  And when such an extraordinary development occurs, that person then exists outside of the ordinary circuitry.  The Line is still there, parents die, loved ones may abandon you, or you might lose your job, which happens to everyone.  But, you realize without discussion that your “problems which need to be worked out” are absolute childishness. But problems and suffering can’t be abandoned, because it is in your circuitry, and without it you would die and would not have gotten this far.  We are a part of the circuitry of Life.  But you can get above the noise and see it for what it is.

What I am saying may sound heartless.  When someone in your family dies, you die, it hurts.  But you can’t spend your days feeling guilty for things you imagine you did in the past.  Such feelings exist in everyone at Line level.  The feeling is that you are a terrible person that must straighten up.  At Line level you can’t straighten up, because you have never done anything wrong.  All you have been is an ordinary person.  Being ordinary is being in conflict.  This is about getting to another place within the nervous system.  That is why it sounds so mysterious when people attempt to discuss it. That is why it seems to have something to do with the gods.  When you reach an internal place that can see the nervous system, the noises cease to be a problem.  You are then separated from the conflict and suffering, but not through some sham “hardening of your heart”.  You don’t adopt a new philosophy or think that you’ll figure it all out.  There is nothing to figure out, it just rained and you got wet.

This Thing is about attempting to live in tomorrow.  Some suffering can’t be avoided, such as blood kin dying or being sick.  But, there are fewer things to suffer over than you ordinarily believe.  As long as you are ordinary, the problems are real.  But what you don’t know is that as long as you remain ordinary, something terrible has already happened:  you’re ordinary.