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Information Doesn’t Come From the Circuit That Talks About It


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Document:  49, November 25, 1982
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1982

 Diagram # 015 illustration

Diagram # 015 illustration

The diagram to the left represents the three circuits of Man, and I have specific names for each of them.  The upper circle I’m calling the Decisive circuit, the middle one is the Mid circuit, and the lower one is the Primal circuit.  You can see that there are six places where these circles overlap or intersect one another.  These are the places where the circuits communicate with each other.

For a person involved with This Thing, there comes a time when he may experience what can be labeled as an absolute fear.  It arises in one of the circuits, the one that seems to be “the mind”, and it can seem to be physically based:  The heart can be pounding, the skin tingling, and so on.  What is happening is that involvement with This Thing affects all the circuits; it throws a shock into them, and it can come out as a physical feeling that “my head is about to explode”, or “I could just start laughing and never stop”, or “my heart is pounding”.  It is a stage, and “fear” is just a word, but I wanted to use a word strong enough to cover all contingencies that those who experience such feelings would attempt to ascribe to themselves.  There comes a time when it is not fearful.  One simply trips, and finds that where he has fallen is not where he feared.  I understand this feeling.  It is short-lived, and I will say this — it is an indication of being on the right track, and it is not “going crazy”.

I do not try to cushion anyone from this fear; it’s not really a matter of cushioning.  It is simply that the more I might attempt to describe what This Thing is, the more comfortable I make it sound to the Line-level circuitry, the less you will benefit.  I have mentioned the cases of those in ordinary life who have accidentally had part of their nervous system ignited above the Line of consciousness.  When it was over, they had no real Understanding, because they had no one who understood what had happened around, and they did not do it of their own volition.  They must rely on the information already contained in their circuitry to explain what happened.  Thus, a Buddhist will explain it in terms of his Buddhist information, a Christian in terms of his Christian information, and so on.  So:  the more that is said about it, the greater is the possibility of some form of suggestion seeping into your own experience.  In a very real sense, until you begin to get very close to it, it makes very little sense.  Remember Justice:  maps and descriptions are necessary to point a man in the proper direction, but once he has arrived he has no further need for them.

In reference to the diagram of the three circuits:  I have called them the Primal, Mid, and Decisive for a very good reason.  Do not call them anything else, even to yourself.  You cannot take ideas or descriptions that you have heard somewhere else and attempt to interpret what I have said; once you can See what I describe, you can discard all my words and maps.  I am giving you dangerous descriptions, descriptions that take you beyond the physical appearance of human behavior into what is the actual physical, literal reality of being super-normal, of having the nervous system ignited beyond Line-level consciousness.  The map does exist — not absolutely in the way I have drawn it in two dimensions, but it represents and reflects in two dimensions the growth of the nervous system of Man, and the basis of its operation.  The map does exist, and I have refined it to the point that it is highly inflammable:  that is, it has great potential to shock some of you into that state that I have described.  If that happens, do not sit around by yourself thinking “a great mystical experience is about to happen”.  Do something — get out somewhere with ordinary people, get some exercise.

Back to the map:  the Primal circuit you have in common with everything from a pigeon to a dog.  The Mid circuit is activated later in life.  It is a part of the history of humanity; it is a history of you.  You hold it in common with some creatures, and some creatures hold it in common with you.  The last circuit, the one I have labeled the Decisive, is yours and yours alone.  All that appears to be human behavior — all manifestations of the human spirit, the human soul, all problems — are the result of cross-talk where these circuits intersect — the six places where they cross in the diagram.  I have told you, when I spoke of the physical, emotional, or intellectual functions of Man, that there were no such absolute lines cutting them up into separate entities, and I told you that that was both true and untrue.  Now here is a closer representation of the reality of that.  In one sense, the Primal circuit could operate by itself.  It does, in fact happen; sometimes you see it in an accident victim.  You could surgically cut those connections to where a person was operating almost entirely with the Primal circuit, to where it would almost operate by itself.  But I must point out that once a person has matured, once all the circuits have been activated, the Primal circuit no longer operates in isolation.  It does have its own isolated job to do, but if it were truly separate, the system could never expand.  You can’t just stick one circuit on top of another one; there has to be a kind of communication between the circuits.

It is those six (and there are two more, but I’m going to save that) internal connections between the circuits, those junctions where cross-talk between the circuits occurs in a particular way, that accounts for the appearance that everyone is in some way a little bit different, if not absolutely unique.  And this is true with people not just on a physical level, but people from the same background, the same neighborhood, even identical twins:  they may both have grown up in the same household, and purple is their favorite color, and they both married tall blonde women, but they are not the same.

I will give you an example to illustrate the explosiveness of this map, and something for your consideration.  I have spoken about love, and pointed out that humanity does not know what love is, although there is a reality to it.  None of the so-called human emotions exist like people believe, and that includes love.  I am not being cynical; I am not saying that the world is no good, or that people cannot sometimes treat each other nicely.  But the way that people talk about love, it simply does not exist.  Unless you begin to See it, all you are left with is, “I don’t know what you mean,” or, “You are being cynical.  It is some kind of attack.  I can think about love, I can hear about love, my heart goes out to other people, or to animals, when I hear they are hungry or hurt.”  There is a reality to it.  Let me give you this one example if you can Hear it:  the whole ordinary concept of “love” is one very important aspect of the attempt to reconcile what is going on between the three circuits.  Remember, the Primal circuit can become stronger.  It can learn new tricks, but it is not going to grow.  The Mid circuit has its function also, but it is almost caught in a vise.  And neither it nor the Primal circuit can ever reach the Decisive level.  To repeat, the whole concept of “love” is a very serious and needed attempt to reconcile the conflict, the cross-talk, between the circuits.

There are things going on in the Primal circuit that cannot come out in the Decisive one.  Not because I say so, but for a very specific reason:  they are cross-fed before they ever get there.  Let’s assume that there is some primary function of the lower circuit, such as protection of the whole organism.  You can’t take that in any primary form and run it up to where “I” seems to exist, where the level of consciousness seems to be.  You can’t do it; there is no way to do it.  And if you could do it, it would be too late.  But you can’t do it — it can’t be done.

I have spoken before about the fact that there were things that went on in the system that the tongue would speak about, and how it appeared that “I” had no interest in them.  I have just spoken about it again under the cover of “love”, but now let me try something else.  Neuralize what seems to be the feeling of nationalistic pride:  the tribal instinct, the feelings that “I am such-and-such race, from country X, from the so-and-so region.”  The urge to identify one’s self amounts almost to basic instinct.  It’s a manifestation of the cross-talk going on between those circuits.  I must remind you, there is nothing in Life that I or This Thing attacks here; on the contrary, anytime you find yourself attacking something else, it’s Life hollering, “Here is a lesson!”  For a long time, there is hardly anything you can get from that which you consider pleasurable, because there is no resistance.  You don’t see anything to learn from it.  But that too is Life saying, “Here is a lesson.”  In a sense, it is easier to learn from what you don’t like than from what you do like.  For example, if you say that you hate classical music, there is resistance.  But if you tell me that you like hillbilly music, and I say that you should learn from that, you would say, “I don’t see anything to learn from that, it’s just good music, and everyone should like it.”

Consider every form of human behavior, everything you can see in life:  as soon as you see it or hear about it, some part of your circuitry responds.  You may hear with half an ear something on the radio about the president and the economy, and immediately there is resistance, there is criticism.  You must begin to See it.  It is the hostile connection, the tensile strength, that holds everything together; it is resistance and it is absolutely necessary, for without it, nothing would move.  It is the reality of the three forces at work.  It goes on constantly, in all three circuits.

I’ve told you that all human behavior can be seen in a way that you have never realized, using this map.  You may hear someone make a joke about a certain race, or religion, and call them on it.  He may say, “Well, it was a joke, but you know something?”, and go on to try to show intellectually some basis for his attack.  And something in you may respond with, “Well, that’s insane.  Wherever you get those facts and figures is wrong, or as crazy as you are.”  But it may not come from the circuit that speaks.  Remember when I spoke about nationalism:  what I am saying is that the basis of the man’s attack may have been real, and you are missing everything to suddenly turn on what appears to be the “idiots of the world” and say “I disagree; these people are crazy, these ideas are crazy.”  There is nothing going on in Life that is crazy; there is nothing going on that is useless.  It is Life growing; it is Life talking.  It doesn’t matter if you say you can’t find anyone who disagrees with you about your perception of an idea or situation as being wrong, or evil.  You might say, “What about these big corporations dumping waste in the rivers, destroying the ecology?  There is something inherently evil about that.  And what about the people who condone it:  the politicians, heads of these corporations, and so on?”  Notice how easy it is to get caught up in my examples.  It sounds as though I am leading up to, “Hey, let them tear up the planet and poison the water, who cares?”  It is not that.  What I am talking about is the fact of your mechanical engagement.  There is something in your circuitry that reacts, and you perceive something as inherently evil.  Thus you believe that they are doing something unnatural, that they are going to upset the balance, that they are acting at odds with nature.

That is wrong.  As long as you are magnetized and hypnotized by that and you react to it that way, you will never see it for what it is.  Every complaint is something to learn from.  That is not a hip-pocket proverb, it is an absolute fact.  The other side of that is this:  if you could find someone who had no complaints, which is impossible, but if you could find someone whose circuitry did not react to tales of people starving and poisoning the water, and crazy politicians taking bribes, that person would have no chance to ignite the higher areas of the nervous system.  I repeat, it could not happen.  But I use it to point out to you again:  you cannot see and learn from that which you seem to approve of because, as far as your circuitry is concerned, there is nothing to be learned.  You think, “This is the proper thing to do, and I’ve got the right attitude here, and what’s there to learn from it?  That’s not one of the problems of the world.”

Anything that appears to be out of hand, untoward, man at odds with himself, with society, with nature:  is you.  People poisoning the water are serving their purpose.  Your are serving your purpose to hear about it and get very mad, to shake your fist out the window and tell your friends, “Hey, that’s the kind of abuse up with which we should not put.”  What you do not see is this:  not only is there nothing wrong, but everything always balances out; everything is just right.  When you get to where you can See it, you see it everywhere.  You’re out for a walk, and an old green pickup goes by with mud on it, and you just barely catch a glimpse, but somewhere back in the circuitry there is a reaction to pickup trucks, and the smell of mud; the circuits run back and talk to you about the past.  You don’t know where it came from, but there is some criticism of the truck and what it represents.  Of course, I’m having to slow this down about a billion times, but it hits you, “what kind of people drive around in an old beat-up truck?  They’re the trash of the world.  My uncle was a drunk and he used to drive one…”  Whatever it is, those kinds of flashing pictures are criticisms.  And there is a great lesson, because the appearance of the truck and your apparent reaction to it can be explained right there in the map of the circuits.

As long as your level of consciousness is tied to this interlocking circuitry, you are only up to the level of consciousness of humanity, and there is no explaining anything.  An ordinary man can go to church and a minister or rabbi can say “we are all children of the gods.  Someday everything will be righted.  In the meantime, try your best to love your fellow man.”  Under the right conditions there seems to be somewhere in most people’s circuitry a feeling of “that’s right”.  But you walk outside, and that feeling cannot prevail.  You see a newspaper, and the headline reads “man shoots four people on the street”.  You think “the world is going insane right before our eyes.  Why can’t everybody come to my church; why can’t everybody be decent like I am?  I don’t go around shooting people on the street.”  At that level, there is no explaining anything.  What you are always left with is “perhaps there is someone, somewhere, looking after us.”  But everyone is dreaming of what it would be to have the nervous system ignited when they think of God.  It’s tomorrow talking.

There is always this dilemma: a god who is good would create nothing but good.  But if this is the case, how can you explain a child born with only one arm?  Or people starving in one village when the next village over has too much food?  How can you explain evil in the world if there is a god?  There is no explaining it at that level.  All you have to do is get above the level of this interconnected circuitry, and that which seems to have no explanation is seen.  And everything that you ever found to be in the columns of “something’s wrong”, or “humanity has run amuck”, you see was circuitry running in a way that was necessary in people, in groups of people.  They were transferring certain kinds of energy, everywhere on this planet.

You should see it in the news:  it’s tall people fighting short people, or it’s fighting over a boundary or the rights to some lake.  If you are operating at the ordinary level of intelligence, you respond like everyone else: “Oh, that’s an old political situation; that’s a war over religious differences”.  You don’t see it.  That’s not what is taking place.  It is just one little area on the planet where certain kinds of energy are being transferred.  But, it always seems to be a fight between right and wrong.

There is a magnetic field tied into everyone’s circuitry such that everything, it seems, is a battle between good and evil.  That is, that which you agree with and which pleases you is good, and that which does not, is not.  Of course, you are normally in general agreement with a certain kind of energy being transferred, and the wider the area, the wider scale it will be to where many, many people’s circuitry is magnetized, so that you have some feeling about whatever the apparent issue is.  Even if it is on the other side of the world, you read and hear about it.  It is all connected:  the way it is presented, the way it comes out apparently through the news.  And, you have a feeling for it.  If someone brought up the current dispute in conversation, you could defend your position with your reading, or from what you remember from history about country X and country Y.  You say, “well, there is no doubt about it, country X is up to its old tricks again here.  Why, just 500 years ago they did this to country Z, and they still won’t admit that they were wrong.”

It sounds like you have facts and figures; it sounds like there is someone right and someone wrong. And there is no explaining it, is there?  It was like a rash on the planet.  It was like a sore on a certain part of the planet, and the blood cells had to rush over and attack the sore.  Maybe it swelled up and became a blister; maybe someone rubbed it (someone bigger than you can see now); maybe they put some salve on it.  Maybe they ignored it and it spread out, got scaly, went away.

I repeat (though some of you know better now from your own experience): you do not know what you are missing.  What can be seen is to be seen everywhere.  Everyone thinks that if he could solve his own problems, he would be more conscious; if he did not have such obstacles, he could make more effort.  But what seems to be your problems is all that consciousness is.  That is all that anyone’s consciousness is.  It is the way the circuits are continually activated, excited, and then calmed.

The circuits must be activated, and each has its own particular parameters of activation; although they are connected, all three of the circuits demand and need their own kind of excitement.  What will excite one of them is simply meaningless to one of the others, and vice versa.  But the circuitry of everyone, individually, has the continuing desire to be excited and then calmed, and then excited.  And it is the urge for excitement which produces expansion, that is, “I want to do something new, I need something new.”  Or the contrary stabilizing factor of, “I don’t want anything new.  Leave me alone.  Don’t bother me.”

One of you observed that it seems humanity really wants to be calmed rather than excited.  It’s one of those problems again, and it is really just a smaller version of my “Third force blindness”.  The desire for excitement and the desire to be calmed is all of a very subjective and individual nature, because they can be one and the same.  For two people sitting in a room, that which would excite the circuits of one may calm the other.  It is not that there are things floating around per se that are exciting or calming.  And notice, that which may excite you today, could calm you tomorrow.  It is not the thing itself that all of the time excites you, but it can just as likely have a dampening effect.  And since I brought up the idea of a dampener: it is a real thing, it serves a particular purpose.  It works between and stabilizes the constant need for all the circuits to be excited and then be calm.  All of you should try and Neuralize that.

It is the Decisive circuit, the one in yellow on the diagram, that seeks a particular kind of excitement. For those involved with This Thing, that excitement comes only with expansion.  Humanity still seeks to expand, but not at the accelerated rate of This Thing.  Humanity as a whole expands at Life speed.  But remember: the Decisive circuit is tied to the other circuits, and it constantly receives the kinds of cross-talk that is inherent in those other circuits.  It is continually fed information.  I have been trying to hint about nationalism and love to you–it is fed information that seems to arise in other circuits.  Then it goes “Oh”, and it opens its mouth and puts words on something it did not author; something it learned only yesterday. I have tried to tell you in other ways, but if you could hold down and strangle your “mind”; if you could separate it from the other circuits and ask it about such things as “we’ve got to protect the planet” and “we’ve got to be very concerned about the next generation, we’ve got to leave things better for them”; if you asked it where it got such ideas, it would finally, after trying to tell you all the facts and figures, have to say “I don’t know.  Where did I get all that?”  Of course I’m playing with justice, because it couldn’t be done. But if it could be done, what seems to be your mind would finally have to admit that it had no idea where it came up with such things.

It’s not that there is anything wrong or inherently invalid about trying to protect the planet, or trying to leave things better for your children.  It’s simply that the information doesn’t come from the circuit that talks about it.  The message is “we should all love our fellow man; we should be concerned about the trials and tribulations of others.”  But the message does not come from the circuit that says it.  But, it says it as it must.

Some of you have the feeling, and have tried to mention to me, that you are beginning to hear a certain hollowness to Life, to some of the beliefs you thought you had.  It is not that I have wrecked your beliefs, or attacked and kicked the gods of your fathers.  There is a process whereby Life struggles to become more conscious, and humanity is part of that process.  And people of This Thing are in the Decisive circuit of Life itself.  Many of you have begun to hear that the messages passed around in Life, those that seem to be of some great importance — love your neighbor, doing good — it’s not that they are wrong, but that something is…not right.  And it is not because humanity is peopled by fools, or because anybody is doing evil:  it is that the circuits are tied to one another.  They cannot go any higher than the Line of general consciousness, hence they are always dissatisfied.

Once you begin to get a glimpse that there may not be any intrinsic basis in the Decisive circuit for all that it talks about, you will be delighted, to say the least.  It may strike you that you aren’t going to die and go to hell like you’ve always been taught.  But it is better than that:  this here, right now, isn’t even hell.  It’s just confusing.

Someone asked about some physical pains they were experiencing, and how best not to become engaged with it.  The answer is real short and sweet:  do not let it get into the decisive circuit.  Now, there is not doubt people get hurt.  If you drop a piece of plywood on your foot, you will feel pain.  The Decisive circuit does not feel pain; there is no such thing –though many people, speaking from the Mid circuit, describe it as physical pain.  If the pain is coming from the right place, it is a pain, but you can limit it.

Someone else commented about my pointing out that there was only one kind of fear:  that everything else could only be called imagination; that is, nonobjective, nonprofitable fear.  Did anyone suspect that there is fear that has a basis in one circuit, and it can get into the other circuits?  The obvious one is, there could be a fear that would come in a lower circuit and then end up in the Decisive one.  Could you turn that backwards?  What if you picked one up in the Decisive circuit and it got fed into a circuit that was indeed in charge of fear, and it goes “What?”  Of course, that isn’t what happens.  It mingles.  It becomes part of it all.  But if you could isolate it, take part of the energy and blood out of that one circuit and say “What is this doing here?”,  it would say “Well, darned if I know”.