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Paratopical Reality


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Document:  32, July 22, 1982
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1982

You must learn to See that right is not the opposite of wrong and up is not the opposite of down.  You must discover the paratopical universe:  the reflection of all rights and all wrongs, all corrects and all incorrects, all “yes’s” and all “no’s” — all put together.  And this paratopical universe I speak of does not exist on some far away planet outside our solar system.  You discover it within the upper ends of your own nervous system.

Only those involved in This Thing come to know of this paratopical universe, because it exists tomorrow; its domain exists above Line-level consciousness.  Ordinary people can look into space and with the aid of telescopes see yesterday, but attempt to Neuralize how the extraordinary Few involved with This Thing can develop their own special, internal equipment and See not only yesterday but the future as well.

To See the future, you must separate yourself from the past.  You must quite simply and finally say goodbye to the past.  It is only when you are able to do this that you can develop the special equipment necessary to See and experience the future.  In order to discover the paratopical universe for yourself, you must do more than simply renounce the past.  You first accept the sum of the established reality of the natural world, turn it upside down, and then find its reflection.  That’s the paratopical universe.  Of course, to do that, you must experience the future in your own nervous system:  you’re unplugged from “the human drama.”  You have shed your ignorance.

Ignorance can be defined as all opposition.  The only way you can not know something is for there to be opposition to that something.  Therefore, to discover the paratopical universe — to understand — you must shatter all opposition.

This is as much as I have ever said specifically about the reality of a trilateral dance wherein things are not simply in opposition to each other; and this is still no attempted intellectual description, because if it were that simple, it would be that simple.

Everyone has seen the old, Chinese symbol of the Yin Yang. This is now accepted by many ordinary people as being a symbolic statement of the philosophical belief that a constant flow of forces makes everything happen.  And note how “everything” is always described in opposition:  hot and cold; up and down; left wing governments and right wing governments; you’re happy today and you’re sad tomorrow. But remember that’s not the way things are.  A Third Force is always present.

As you look at the Yin Yang symbol, the Third Force is right in front of you.  Yin and Yang aren’t floating in space by themselves.  The symbol is constructed of three parts:  the two are held together by a third, the circle.  You must come to See this third part in order to do anything extraordinary.

 Diagram # 022 illustration

Diagram # 022 illustration

If you ask someone living at Line-level consciousness what constitutes a coin, they’ll tell you, “The ‘heads’ side and the ‘tails’ side,” but I’m telling you that’s not correct. The coin also has an edge.  Now someone could say, “Well, that’s somewhat unfair, because you could wear the coin down to a point where there is no edge.”  But, at what point does it cease to even have two sides? It ceases to have even two sides at the point where a person falls up above Line level.

An electromagnetic field surrounds everyone and once you have any understanding of this, you understand all of the so-called good luck and bad luck which befalls you; you understand “Karma”; you understand why the same things keep happening to you over and over.  You understand why the woman who married an alcoholic spent years bemoaning her fate and yet headed to the altar with another alcoholic when her first husband died.

The presence of this electromagnetic field is why a person cannot seem to change.  The directed electrical energy is “you.”  Without it there is no “you.”  Without it you’d be food for mother earth.

The center of this magnetic field within you is right at the Horizontal Line on the nervous system drawing; it is right where you feel there is an “I.”  This magnetic field is responsible for what you think, the repetitive nature of your thoughts, and it determines how you will react internally.

Some would-be mystical systems are based on the idea that a person must attempt to break his or her habits and do things in a different way.  Within such a system, if someone seemed to have an automatic, negative reaction to anyone from Montana, he would be told to move to Montana.  Such tricks will go nowhere by themselves.  The people directing these systems do not understand the purpose of such tricks and they do not take the third side into account.  The paratopical reality is missing from all ordinary activities.

To learn, “I always react negatively to people from Montana and I am sure this is unprofitable to me,” and to then attempt to adopt the opposite viewpoint and love everyone from Montana will not lead to Understanding.  You must put those two apparently opposite viewpoints together and then turn their sum upside down.  Those of you with clever ears may hear some vague connection between this and what I have described as the attempt to Neuralize something.

What you are involved with, if you are involved in This Thing, is the continual process of building an internal anti-reality, an anti-universe: a paratopical reality.  And this paratopical reality must be appropriate to this time and place.  I have to continually create an anti-universe which takes into account the current, mechanical development of humanity’s consciousness.  That is the benefit of a living system.  My maps and descriptions are aimed at the development of Line-level consciousness as it exists in this part of the world at this point in time.

 Diagram # 005 illustration

Diagram # 005 illustration

The exact degree of Line-level consciousness does vary from place to place on this planet and this is why I have told you that even if I did have a counterpart living in Tibet right now, you would be wasting your time to seek him out.  For one thing, if he did know what he was doing and what I was doing, he wouldn’t have anything to do with you.  He wouldn’t even send you back here once he heard you’d left, because he would know that you can’t go back.  This Thing cannot be transferred from one culture to another.

To create this anti-reality and ignite yourself above Line level, you must alter your internal position.  You cannot continue to stare internally.  If I wanted to make this sound somewhat psychological I could say: you cannot continue to think what you’ve always thought.  You must find the one place within you where you can look at yourself and not be yourself; I have even told you literally where you can do this within yourself.  You can do this with the one piece of your wiring system which is loose.  And if you truly belong here, you do have this loose wire.

You cannot continue to think what “you” thinks.  There are two great responses possible to such a statement.  One is, “That’s ridiculous.”  And the other is, “Well, that’s obvious.”  Neither of those two is right.  But the fact remains that you cannot do This and continue to think what you are thinking.

The activity in your nervous system — what you think, what you react to, what, in fact, you are — was set in motion when you were born.  As long as you continue being you, this ordinary nervous system activity will sufficiently, beautifully, extract from your blood the substance that is needed for you to activate the higher ends of your nervous system before your blood even reaches Line level.  Down to the exact, minute drop, what is required to activate your system above Line level is extracted from your blood through the expenditure of being “you,” and it doesn’t matter what seemingly great thoughts you may think in the process.

You may think, “Everyone should attempt to do good works and help their fellow man,” but you must come to See that no matter how holy the thought may sound, it is irrelevant.  Someone else may think, “We should not come to the aid of our fellow man,” and his thought is equally irrelevant.

This Thing is not about the attempt to adopt opposite thoughts or beliefs.  This is about taking both sides of any belief and inverting them paratopically.  You must join the anti-universes of all opposites.

Ordinary people cannot discover this paratopical reality.  At Line level people cannot change.  The desire to change is built into everyone as is the belief that change is possible.  But it is not.  Change isn’t possible, because everyone is being starved where change might possibly occur.  Everyone is wired to deplete their energy and drain their blood of a certain substance by the time their blood reaches Line level.  Unless you alter this depletion process, you cannot change.  You cannot see tomorrow.  All you can do is stay “you.”

Out in Life everyone tries to overcome what they perceive as their problems by taking an opposite position.  “There’s one cure for being fat — that’s to be non-fat.  It’s obvious.”  “If I am dumb, there’s one remedy for that — get educated.”  “I find I have this great hostility toward Life.  Obviously the cure is to love Life.”  In the eye of This Thing, adopting the seeming opposite is not change.

You cannot stare internally.  You cannot stand internally in the same place.  You must See the basis of all your so-called thoughts.  An electrical charge runs through your nervous system setting off certain little neurons and you seem to “think.”  Someone says to you, “Did you know Fred’s back in town?” and suddenly you’re thinking, “I hate Fred.  He borrowed five dollars from me ten years ago and still hasn’t paid me back.”  Every time you hear the name Fred, negative thoughts are triggered.  The act of not staring internally is not the attempt to instead think, “What a lovely person Fred is.”  The opposite of apparently hating Fred is not loving Fred.  The problem, “I hate Fred,” is .paan illusion.  The thought, “I hate Fred,” doesn’t exist by itself, so the attempt to turn it backwards accomplishes nothing.

If we call “I hate Fred,” “A,” you cannot overcome “A” by attempting to “B,” love Fred.  It won’t work.  “A” wasn’t true by itself and “B” isn’t true by itself.  But such binary thinking is the normal condition of man.  It is the normal flow of electrical energy, and it is what creates the magnetic field, which, in turn, creates each ordinary person.  Line-level consciousness cannot be otherwise.

At Line level no one escapes this duality of thought.  Any idea of there being a Third Force involved is not only beyond the comprehension of Line-level consciousness, no one can even conceive of the possibility of a third side.  If they could, it would unplug them.  It would turn off the current.

Not staring is to find out how to create a certain paratopical universe wherein all sides mesh together.  It’s only good for a split second because then it’s gone.

Only the extraordinary realize that both “I hate Fred,” and “I love Fred,” are illusions by themselves. Under ordinary conditions there is no escape from such binary thought and the reason isn’t spiritual.  It’s physical.  Electrical energy cannot exist without polarity, and since what you call “you” is formed from electrical energy, without this duality of opinion “you” would cease to exist (as you know “you”).  Without this polarity, “individual people” would not be recognizable.

The voices within everyone, that constant noise running through your upper story, operate on the basis of a polarity: “I’m either glad to be here or I am not.”  The nervous system — which is you — establishes itself and energy is kept flowing through the appearance that only two forces are available.  The polarity of “I believe this or I don’t believe that,” is what keeps what is normally referred to as personality stable.  It is what keeps “you,” “you” — because without it, you would be unstable; without this polarity you would probably be under the state’s care.

Another aspect of polarity can be seen when you attempt to refrain from expressing the kinds of hostility and negative emotions you find in yourselves.  At times you feel as if you’re about to explode.  I understand the feeling.  At Line level this feeling is quite necessary; it is a part of keeping everyone right where they are.

I have told you that you cannot express hostility and become conscious on a higher level; and if you are properly on the path of becoming extraordinary, you won’t die from holding hostility in.  You won’t explode.

Right now in our part of the world and within our culture, it is a generally accepted theory that people should express hostility.  Books abound with such titles as, How To Have A Better Marriage By Telling Your Mate You Hate Their Guts.  Again: that’s true and it’s not true.  At Line level that’s as true as anything else. The idea that you must express hostility is the current, accepted reality.  Of course, it could change to its apparent opposite at any time, but for anyone involved with This, either ordinary, accidental recommendation is irrelevant.

For someone attempting to activate the higher areas of the nervous system, expressing hostility is not an acceptable reality.  If you saw that expressing hostility was an accepted reality out in Life, on your own, without my telling you, you should See that you couldn’t go along with it.  But even if this wasn’t a generally accepted reality, it would still be true that you cannot transfer hostility and activate yourself above Line level.  The energy you’d spend on hostility is the same energy you need to conserve for your own Vertical extension.

The feeling, “I am going to explode if I don’t release this hostility,” is quite real.  What you are doing physically is attempting to partially unplug yourself.  You are attempting to stop the kinds of energies which normally flow through you, and it’s unnatural.  But if you are properly here, you won’t be driven crazy, and you won’t explode if you cease expressing hostility.

You must stop transferring negative energy.  In the beginning people want to refer to this energy as a kind of emotion because emotion is the only name they have for it.  “I feel this anger, and it just seems to me I must verbalize it.  If I don’t act on this in some way, I’ll get sick or go psychotic or something.”

I’ll tell you again, the feeling is natural, just as expressing negative energy is natural and necessary for people to live only at Line level.  But, if your Aim is to accomplish the unnatural feat of activating your nervous system above Line level, expressing hostility is absolutely counterproductive.  In fact, you can’t do both.  As long as you do that which is natural for you — as long as you continue to think what you always think, and express the feelings which are native to you — you continue to waste the very energy you need to activate the higher ends of your nervous system.

“I” perceives itself as doing what is proper and godly:  “I worry all the time about slum housing.  They’re fire traps, and all those poor families, less fortunate than I am, could go up in flames at any moment.  This is a serious problem.  I’ve got all these newspaper clippings about tenement fires and little babies being burned up.”

You are not thinking godly thoughts.  You are transferring a certain kind of energy; you are doing what is natural for your nervous system — and if your Aim is to activate higher parts of your nervous system, you cannot continue giving credence to lower, natural automatic nervous system functions.

From a certain viewpoint, the notion of doing something for the betterment of humanity is particularly captious because this notion closely approaches the general purpose of humanity:  the growth of Life.  As humanity is the only open-ended nervous system on this planet, the expansion of Life takes place through it.

I am not telling you not to love your neighbor.  You would be conscious on a higher level if you could love your neighbor.  All of the descriptions throughout the ages of what a real Christian or a real Buddhist would be like are accurate.  Buddha pointed out that an enlightened man would have the right occupation, and I could tell you that if you had the right occupation you’d be activated above Line level.  But at Line level you can’t go anywhere with those descriptions because you can hear them only at Line level.  And Line-level consciousness cannot hear beyond its limits.

What I am saying makes no sense to Line-level consciousness and it would make even less sense to religious zealots.  If a religious zealot stumbled in here and heard me speak, he would undoubtedly run into the streets yelling, “The antichrist has shown up!”  All he would be able to hear in my words is that everything decent and holy is irrelevant.

To people who are religious fanatics, I am worse than an atheist.  They can deal with an atheist.  They debate them or they argue with them and say, “I’ll prove to you intellectually that there is a god.”  But they don’t know how to intellectually deal with what I am saying.  The zealot would say, “I can deal with atheism, but this is something else.”  Of course, he doesn’t know what that something else is.

This is something else.  This gets outside the limits of only two forces and that is why no one is naturally capable of hearing it.  One way to expand those limits in your own nervous system is by not staring.  To refrain from staring internally is to refuse to react as you naturally react — however that might be.  The practice of not staring isn’t limited by either/or choices.  It’s beyond hating Fred/loving Fred.  It’s beyond two, and it denies “you.”

At Line level if someone were to go from hating Fred to loving Fred, it would be astounding.  This apparent change is unnatural and ordinarily no one can even produce it.  You cannot usually take an ordinary person who says, “I hate all green people,” and induce him to love all green people.  The belief, “I hate green people,” is in his spine, and that is the kind of energy he is supposed to transfer.  It’s not some fault of his; everyone is wired up to transfer certain kinds of energies.

It would be extraordinary for an ordinary person to take a part of their absolute past — what seems to be their “I” with all it’s knots and bruises down on the spine — and adopt what’s absolutely foreign.  To do this, they would have to move outside “I”, and this doesn’t ordinarily happen.

Occasionally when someone is under a great deal of pressure, such as losing a spouse, they do come close to moving outside “I.”  You’ll hear people comment, “For the last two or three days since her husband died, she just hasn’t been herself.”  The ordinary terminology for this is, “She’s in a state of shock.”  But you should be able to see it in another way.  It’s almost as though what is normally called personality is nearly shut off, or reduced to such a degree that “she” is almost not activated.

Such a shock might lead people to observe, “All her life, she’s been extremely hostile; no one liked her, and now she’s suddenly grateful for her family.  Since the funeral she’s been acting like Saint Francis of Assisi.  She’s hugging relatives she hasn’t spoken to in twenty years.”

The flow of electrical energy that created the magnetic field of the woman’s personality was temporarily, accidentally, greatly weakened.  She had nothing whatsoever to do with the change, and all it’s good for is a couple of days.  After that, she’ll be back to exchanging the same kinds of energy she always has.

If you have the Aim to activate the higher ends of your nervous system, you must learn how to properly use the method of not staring.  You do not merely adopt an apparently opposite stance:  taking the opposing position continues to enforce your magnetic field.  The field is both positive and negative.  The field is the flow of electricity, and you can switch back and forth from positive to negative, just as you can take a plug out of the socket and turn it around so that the wires go in reversed and the lamp still lights up.  It’s still a lamp.

The fact that people can alter the flow of energy from the positive side to the negative is why the reformed alcoholic hasn’t undergone any real change.  Oh, it is the appearance of change, but the flow of energy which made Fred an alcoholic is still flowing through Fred.  And Fred is still Fred.

When you learn how to not stare, your object of interest is not positive and negative; you don’t look at yes and no; you don’t measure “I hate Fred” or “I love Fred.”  You see what binds the positives and the negatives.  You must assume both positions simultaneously, and observe what holds the two together.  You create an anti-map, because the anti of “I hate Fred,” isn’t “I love Fred.”  The anti is the opposite of those two “opposites” put together, and that is something else entirely.

Within the realm of two dimensions or two possibilities, such as “heads” and “tails,” opposites don’t really exist.  They can’t.  The heads side of the coin is stuck to the tails side.  You can’t have heads without tails.  You can’t have “I hate Fred,” without “I love Fred.”  Therefore, “I love Fred,” cannot be the opposite of “I hate Fred,” because they are the same thing.  They’re stuck together.

When people dream of a true mystical state wherein they could simply See and understand, what they are unknowingly describing is an internal condition wherein all three forces combine.  For now I’ll continue to call this combination the Creative Force.  This Creative Force is the origin of us all.  It is the origin of electricity, and when it flows above Line level it bypasses the magnetic field which forms “you.”  It bypasses yes and no; it bypasses the division into two forces.

I have pointed out to you that when people accidentally rise above Line level they all return with a similar story.  “I went into some kind of state and I simply looked around and realized everything was just right.  I found no fault with anybody and I realized there are no opposites.  All this talk about love and hate, east and west — I can’t tell you why, but I realized it’s a joke.”

Such people unknowingly experienced Life physically in a new way.  The gods and spirits did not whisper to them, “There is no such thing as opposites.”  At Line level, the  statement “Opposites do not exist” makes no sense.  At Line level it can’t be true.  But that’s the only way anyone who returns from an accidental state can describe what they’ve seen.  Any time you’re dealing with words, you’re dealing with opposites.  You’re stuck with comparing whatever you saw to established reality in order .pato tell anyone about it.  If you don’t compare it to what’s known in words, it can’t be known.

Those who accidentally See above Line level had no control over this; they can’t duplicate their experience and they have no understanding whatsoever of what happened.  But you involved here aren’t seeking anything accidental.  You are conducting your own struggle to elevate your consciousness above the Line.  You must desire to not only See, but also to Understand.

Just beyond the Horizontal Line you can produce a paratopical viewpoint; a viewpoint close to real understanding.  A split second of this paratopical viewpoint transcends my words — because then you’ll See.

Now I’ll briefly address a few random ideas for your Neuralization.  Some people in Life now proclaim, “We’re not only destroying the planet, we’re destroying ourselves by eating potato chips, hamburgers and drinking colas.”  These people never ask themselves, “Is all of humanity now living longer?”  Every new generation is indeed taller, healthier, and stronger.  All kinds of sports records are being broken; people are running faster and faster.

Of course, don’t conclude that people should eat nothing but hamburgers and soft drinks.  I’ve told you, you no longer need to feed meat to your body.  But how do you explain the fact that people are eating at Burger Doodle and they’re statistically living longer?  Another aspect of this I want you to look at concerns the unspoken message behind all cries that people should alter their diet.  When someone says, “I’ve got to cut out all .pastarches and refined sugar,” the unspoken conclusion to this is: “And I’ll become immortal.”

Everyone is born into a particular neighborhood, in a particular apartment, in one big city.  Someone may describe himself as a white, anglo-saxon protestant, and in so doing he has identified what he perceives as his neighborhood.  He has identified those he feels comfortable around.

Partly, the feeling “I want to be like my neighbors,” serves as a form of self-protection.  Life is binding little parts of itself into certain neighborhoods where everyone is alike.  We are all a part of Life, and just as all your liver cells can’t be associating with the cells of your kidneys, the different cells in Life’s body must establish their own neighborhoods.

People must be able to feel a stable neighborhood: “I belong here”; because if they couldn’t then they would never feel the apparent opposite, “I don’t belong here.”  And without the feeling of, “Hey, it’s us against that other neighborhood,” nothing would happen.

There is a certain kind of real shock and disorientation which physically occurs when you move to a new locale, and it is a form of self-protection.  It may come out in a feeling of, “Boy, I don’t like this town.  I can’t find any store which carries the kind of food I like to eat.”  A part of the disorientation is that you cannot operate in your same habitual, mechanical fashion.

When people stay somewhere long enough — and it doesn’t have to be in Horizontal time — they adopt the neighborhood; they fit in.  And your neighborhood is not only comprised of the street you live on, but the thoughts you think and the beliefs you believe.

When you grow further away from yourself, when you can begin to See the history of yourself and of humanity, you might See that your neighborhood is indeed larger than you’ve ever subjectively considered.  You might remember the quote:  “No wind is the right wind when a ship knows not for what port it makes.”  You can now put this another way:  “When a ship makes for no particular port, no wind is an ill wind.”  Or:  “Where is your neighborhood?”  Or:  “Have I become unplugged?”

My drawing of the nervous system is the best, the most startling symbol ever available on this planet, and notice, up above the Horizontal Line, all it is is a blank.

Above the Line is your one place of potential.  Nothing is possible below the Line.  Above Line level is where the reality of being a “better” person exists.  It’s the place where you don’t hate people; you don’t feel envy and you’re not dumb anymore.

I’ll make one more small attempt at simplicity:  above the Line, you can’t think what you now think, and it’s not a matter of thinking any apparent opposite.  If you ever think, “Well I’m beginning to get this figured out.  This is beginning to make some sense,” you’re not pursuing This.  When you think, “Now I’m beginning to understand this aspect of myself and how I used to think I hated Fred, but after being here I realize I couldn’t have been more wrong and now I love Fred.”  Yes, you could have been more wrong. You are now, because now you’re staring at “I love Fred.”  You don’t understand any more than you did originally.  You still haven’t found the third aspect of the ever-present trilateral dance, and the third aspect is always there.

The anti-world of This thing is not that one thing is right and another wrong.  The proper, objective anti-world of “I love Fred” and “I hate Fred”, is both of those put together and turned upside down.  Neither one of those is the other’s opposite, and the attempt to adopt an opposite attitude or an opposite belief will change nothing.  It will not make you conscious on a higher level.

Anything you’ve thought is no longer any good and the longer you continue to think it, the harder it is to ever escape from it.