Jan Cox Talk 0026

Everything Is Arranged to Keep Everything As It Is


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Document:  26,  June 10, 1982
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1982

I want you to Consider how personality is tied to time.  Everyone has experienced what might be described as a “time warp.”  For example — the sensation of time can be radically altered during great grief.  This is commonly accepted as a state of shock.  The funeral is over; all the family has gone home, and someone says to you, “Let’s go eat dinner.”  And you might say, “Well, what time is it?”  They could tell you it’s midnight or they could tell you it’s two p.m., and you would believe either one.  You’ve lost all conception of time.  And simultaneously, if you could have Seen yourself from a higher perspective, you would have Seen that “I” has temporarily weakened its grip.

The reality of Neuralizing is related to time.  You can, through attempts at Neuralization, stay one step ahead of your own mind, one step ahead of the tiger behind the door.  You dodge “thoughts”:  those repetitive, mechanical, electrical impulses in your “I” circuitry.  But it is not simply running faster than those apparent thoughts, nor simply being aware of thoughts as the background noise.

It is a matter of lifting consciousness literally, physically, to a different location within your brain.  The reality behind all ideas and dreams of enlightenment lives quite literally above the Line of ordinary consciousness.  And above the Line, a person is freed from his ordinary connection to time.  Throughout history, in descriptions of people walking with the gods or soaring through the heavens, you’ll always hear that time seemed to stop:  “I was no longer carried along by all the mundane pressures of ordinary society. I didn’t seem to care whether I was late to work.  It was almost as though the whole universe had stopped.” Consider that “I” is tied to the Horizontal Line of time.  Remember that the Line of time in the Xross constitutes part of the human nervous system.

 Diagram # 001 photo

Diagram # 001 photo

This Line can be described as the apparent continuity and vitality of time.  You’re dropped onto the Horizontal Line of time at birth, and before you know any better — or any worse — without any doubt, you accept the reality of the past.  It is you.  An ordinary person cannot conceive of himself without the past.  The Horizontal Line runs through every person like an electronically charged arrow, tugging your personality this way and that for sixty-five years.  I have also described personality as the uniform in which you live:  it’s stretched on you like tight clothes.

What appears to be “I” is tied to time, and without a past “I” ceases to exist.  All of a person’s descriptions of his difficulties, his failings, everything he sees as wrong in the world, come from the past side of the Xross. I am having to speak again of psychological archaeology, because none of what we’re talking about really exists.  But it’s impossible for your ordinary consciousness to conceive of the fact that people don’t exist, that people are processes, and that humanity is an energy transforming vehicle in a huge power plant.  You cannot ordinarily turn to another person and see him as anything other than a person.  It’s all arranged in a most delicate way.  You might attempt to theoretically remember that there is no tiny “Mary” sitting inside this woman’s brain controlling her behavior.  But until you can taste the reality of this above your own Line-Level, and See that you are a process, you cannot See the reality anywhere else.

You might find yourself in the midst of a difficult situation, and you’re trying to make a decision.  You think, “Am I going to leave her or am I going to stay here forever?  This is serious.  I must do it now and get it over with, so I can get on with my life.”  If you are thinking that, you can count on the fact that you are, by and large, operating at Line-Level.  Whatever the situation, if you operate at Line-Level, you are in the arms of ordinary consciousness — which is mortal time.  But when you get beyond that it’s as though everything will stop whenever you want.  You can look around and See, immediately, what time is.  You See why it must be there.  You see why ordinary people must believe in, and work within, apparent time.  And you See that if you took time away from humanity, everything would cease to function.  Nobody would do anything, because the necessary pressures would have been removed.

Yet time is tied into the workings of the whole nervous system of Life.  This is not just some philosophical flimflam I’m conjuring.  Down in the lower circuitry the clock runs continually, and you are always behind.  This produces part of the pressure, the sensation that “not enough is getting done.”  On the ordinary level, each person operates with an internal clock that is always running fast.  This is simply another description of the continual dissatisfaction of man.  And the more someone is living according to the rules of Life — the more a person is a good, ordinary person — the more likely it is that he would say, “By gosh, there aren’t enough hours in the day.  How are things going, Fred?  Couldn’t be better myself, but still driving myself crazy.  Having a ball; just opened up three new places.  I never get to bed any more. It’s just go, go, go.  The fight never stops.”

I remind you that when I speak of resisting time or of  struggling  against your mechanical nature I am not speaking of doing yourself any harm.  Nor do I mean that you should show up late for work and believe you have undertaken a holy deed.  This should be obvious to you if you belong here.

My method of agreeing with everybody and not offering resistance to Life might have appeared as a temporary trick for you to try, but you will find out ultimately that it simply becomes your modus operandi.  It is not a temporary trick, but, rather, your new behavior.  There is nothing in Life to resist.  You should agree with everybody; that is, you should never play Second Force, the resisting Force.  Never offer any resistance to Life.  Your nervous system can’t see that there is nothing to resist, because it is a part of the ordinary trilateral flow of the Forces.  It is pushed and pulled; it takes in energy and transmits it.  That is its job.  “I” is a conduit for the Three Forces using your nervous system.  Just as you can see the Forces as you breathe — making the lungs go in and out — so too does “I” rise and fall because of the action of those same Forces.  Everything requires resistance to function.  The act of not offering resistance to Life does not mean adopting an attitude of “stoicism,” whereby you attempt to strip yourself of all kinds of reactions to Life.  It does not mean attempting to become immune to whatever goes on.  In fact, you are, for the first time, able to See and learn from the Flows and Forces instead of merely automatically passing them along.

 Diagram # 6 illustration

Diagram # 6 illustration

It’s not even possible to reenter the past and in some way strip your system of its mechanical proclivities.  That can’t be done.  If it could be done, all of you would have done it by now, and you would not have ended up here.  No matter what appears to happen between you and other people (within the limits of not doing yourself any harm), do not resist it. Even if you don’t understand it now, do not resist it.  Agree with everything, whether overtly or with subtlety. And this requires that internally, within your own circuitry, you avoid your own automatic resistance.  Let’s say that at least fifty percent of the time the system is going to disagree with Life.  And what you automatically disagree with has the same basis as what you automatically agree with — that is, no basis at all.  It is all just whirring of the circuitry operating at Line-Level.

By offering no resistance to whatever goes on externally, you weaken the grip of personality.  And internally you move closer to a state of “objective indifference.”  You lose faith and interest in “I” as the center of your life.  It has been weakened; its muscles have been all pulled out of shape.  And whatever “I” wants to resist is no longer of any great importance.  It is then that you can agree with Life, and you will see that this is merely a kindergarten description.  But you have to See it.  You have to experience it and then any description pales.

This Thing can be seen as a human manifestation of the creative First Force, but it still must be held in balance by the other two Forces, resistance and indifference.  You never escape from that.  Once you See that, you can agree with everything.  To free yourself at all is to understand the absolute necessity for the Second Force.  You understand that what you considered injustice and evil is the Second Force, and is essential to the balance of everything.  At the same time, you understand that it is not necessary for you personally to continue being a vehicle for resistance, for you to trade in energies of resistance and decay. And you also understand that you no longer have any choice.  You can no longer allow yourself to convey the Second Force.

The nervous system in humanity is expanding. But when we talk about rising above a certain level, we are talking about only a very few people in their lifetime superseding humanity’s level.  The higher the system grows, the less it is concerned with the interests of the lower circuitry.  An example of this would be the civilized countries of the Western world, which have become more intellectualized as the system has grown higher.  And within this mechanical growth you can observe the advances in technology, improved health, wealth and longevity.  This all happens simultaneously.  As humanity’s growth extends Vertically, people have less concern for the lower circuitry.  For example, nobody here has to go out in the forest every day and try to kill animals or pick berries to survive.  In fact, you probably can’t even really conceive of waking up tomorrow morning, bright and early, and attacking the world for food.  The development of humanity is one form of Life’s own development, and as the totality has grown, so has its need for new kinds of food.

You know that you are beyond the necessity of physically struggling for food.  But with further non-mechanical  development through your own efforts here, you are also beyond the necessity of defending your personality.  You are not looking for any prize at Line-Level, because nothing there can really keep you engaged!  (If it really could, you would not be a candidate for This Activity.)

You need new food to nourish the development of the higher levels of the nervous system.  The only way to feed yourself any real food is through efforts made in This Thing, and it becomes your only hobby. While there are smaller hobbies, and I encourage you to pursue any real interests and real talents you may have, there is really only one hobby.

Many of you often ask about the idea of “effort.”  Let me point out that there are two great efforts.  The first one is to remember the area above the Line and to simultaneously remember you are a continuing process.  The second one is to refuse to argue with yourself; offer no resistance and agree with everything.  You must see for yourself that everything at Line-Level is absolutely useless for your Vertical growth.  It hasn’t enlightened you yet, and it will not stimulate the upper nervous system.  You can’t operate in time, and you can’t resist anything in Life.

Everything is arranged to keep everything as it is.  I don’t mean that as a joke, nor as poetic license.  Everything is all set up to operate exactly as it is — including man’s mechanical proclamations that it’s not operating correctly.  That’s part of it.  If you can’t appreciate the necessity of resistance, all you need do is try to stop arguing with Life and you will find out that you can’t stop.  It requires extraordinary and unnatural effort, and that’s your proof. (If it were easy to stop, it wouldn’t be so important to the status quo.)

Magnetic attraction is built into life on this planet.  All of you physics students can look at this ubiquitous magnetic pull as a lateral weight pulling on everything, rather than a vertical one, as is gravity.  This pull emanates from everywhere, and ordinary people feel as though they’re pulled in all directions.  In This Thing you are attempting to free yourself from the magnetic fields holding everybody in place.  People are transformers of energy.  They are walking nerve endings with hair and clothes, all operating, literally, within a magnetic field.  For example, it seems amazing that you can look out there on the great interstate highways and see four lanes in each direction teeming with traffic.  They’re all going eighty miles an hour, and you know that probably thirty percent of them have been drinking; at least eighty percent are angry; nobody’s watching the road; they’re arguing with other people in the car.  But look at that.  Way over ninety-nine percent are going to make it home!  You think there is a difference between what you see on the highway and a hive of bees swarming around and never bumping into each other.  But both are manifestations of the workings of the magnetic field which is the home of all creatures at Line-Level.

Everyone at the ordinary level is stationary, while appearing to move.  This Thing is about literally trying to move, thus intensifying the “struggle” within the magnetic field.