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The Substance in the Blood


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Document:  22,  May 13, 1982
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1982

I have mentioned before that a very particular substance exists in the blood, that it is the continuing spark of creation, that every person on this planet has this substance coursing through his nervous system.  As the level of the Line has risen in humanity, so, too, has the blood factor traveled higher in the nervous system of each new generation.  But in the individual, the substance is always used up by the time the energy in the nervous system hits the Line.  That is the physical nature of ordinary consciousness — the gradual extraction of that special substance, and its final dissipation at the Line of ordinary consciousness.  Were it not so, if the blood substance could travel higher than the Line of consciousness (which it can’t, ordinarily), a man or woman would experience the extraordinary.  If it could routinely travel above the Line, everyone would be extraordinary, albeit routinely extraordinary.

On the larger scale of humanity as a whole, the substance is integrally related to the upward movement of the merry-go-round of human evolution.  Although the substance is burned out at Line-Level, it nonetheless reaches higher in man’s nervous system today than it did in your grandfather’s day.  This is the basis of human progress.  It is the continuing evolution of man up his own nervous system.

 Diagram # 007 illustration
Diagram # 007 illustration

This substance in the blood, this spark of creation, is the closest physical description of humanity’s intrinsic, undeniable belief in the gods.  It is when this substance finds its way to the neural domain above Line-Level that a man or woman experiences the enriched state of consciousness spoken of by all religions.  But the substance does not travel above the Line except by the willful effort of the individual; indeed its primary purpose in humanity as a whole is to be continually used up just at the moment the energy of consciousness reaches the level of the Line.  Everything is arranged for the punctual depletion of the substance.  This is physical, literal fact.  It is the nature of consciousness.  Everything mankind labels as sin  — jealousy, fear, anger — all increase the rate of extraction and dissipation of the substance.  That is the basis for the humanity-wide proscription of alcohol and drugs, as well.  And these things are indeed sins to the Few attempting to move consciousness to higher ground.

If you’re ordinary, that substance will drip out at the prescribed rate and in the manner appropriate to your system.  Thus, individual people cannot correct their sins.  At the ordinary level, people will be jealous and hostile.  But humanity is certainly correct, without understanding it, in claiming that “If we were better people we wouldn’t be angry at our neighbors, we wouldn’t envy their riches.”  Sin is anything that eats up the  special substance in the blood.  And sin is anything that keeps you locked into the ordinary level of humanity.

It is now common knowledge that a complex, interdependent ecological food chain exists:  birds eat worms; cats eat birds;  etc.  Man is certainly part of this physical, observable process.  But he is also part of an invisible food chain; he is a transfer station for certain energies within the body of Life.  Man is here, as this planet’s only open-ended system, to grow.  That is his purpose:  to serve as the outlet for Life’s growth.  And everything he does, all human interaction — whether it’s called lying and cheating or an act of mercy, whether it’s waging war on his neighbor or crying that all conflict should cease — is part of in the invisible food chain.  It’s all the transference and transformation of necessary energies.  But as long as you’re locked into the system at Line-Level, as long as you’re part of the process, you can’t see the process.  You can’t see that everything exists as a natural and necessary part of the food chain at the ordinary level.  But what is natural and necessary at that level is, for you, unprofitable and most unnecessary.

Libraries are replete with mystical literature written by people who accidentally got themselves above the Line.  That’s almost impossible, but it does happen:  just a one-time occurrence, here and there, in which the substance in the blood accidentally traveled above the Line.  But it’s an experience that the person cannot repeat or understand, because he didn’t produce it.  It was, rather than a product of his own effort, something done to, or through, him.  He was lacking a specific nervous system preparation necessary for the experience to produce any understanding.

A certain preparation is necessary for you to truly Hear and experience the unordinary.  Everyone believes that if the gods would but whisper the secret, then, “I’d be infused with its profundity.”  But you have to have an unusual nervous system to Hear it in the first place.  And to sustain yourself above the Line you must undergo certain willful preparation.  This Thing is your preparation.  The reality behind the idea of mystical states is in allowing that substance free access to the nervous system above the Line.  With the right preparation you can, once you get yourself up there, understand in seconds what you have been sincerely attempting to hear all these years.  If the substance accidentally traveled above the Line not only would you not understand what happened but it would, in fact, ruin any possibility you might have had for real involvement in This Thing.

Someone asked recently whether the substance in the blood could be called energy.  If there was profit in my naming it now, I would.  You can feel the reality of it in your own nervous system, but it’s not something you can figure out.  Don’t try to give it a name; don’t try to fit it into ordinary mentation.  I haven’t yet named it.  If I did, it would decrease your possibility of actually Seeing it.  But I will tell you this — everything is energy.  And consciousness is the energy that culminates in “I”.

Some of you have expressed, in one way or another, a concern with finding a way to stabilize, to balance, the extreme shifts of mood you seem prey to.  Until you can purify the system enough to ignite the higher circuitry, it’s a matter of maintaining an absolute Aim toward This Thing.  You must have a “certain hunger”; an absolutely insatiable, unconditional certainty that This is it.  And that must become your sustaining Second Force.  That is the only way to stabilize yourself.  It’s a matter of holding onto that Aim, that certainty which goes beyond faith or lip service.  If you do not have that irreducible commitment toward This Thing, you cannot produce the kind of sustaining force you need to continue.  You will continue to be pulled every-which-way by the forces of Life.  The Aim itself must become your constant, your internal fortress against the shifts of Life.

Anyone who has the real potential to grow, has also the potential to be anyone.  That is, you are physically wired up to have been anyone.  On that basis, then, you can consider all your daydreams and nightmares, all your internal dissatisfaction and torment, as welcome indications of your true potential.  Don’t mistake what I’m saying.  It has nothing to do with playing Job, or, worse yet, taking a saintly satisfaction in your suffering.  I’m just telling you what can be Seen.  Those who are too sane are not attracted to This.  It would be just as improper for one with an Aim to feel great for no apparent reason.  In either case it’s a mechanical mood swing; it’s Life acting through you.

This Thing has to do with effort, with the specific, willful attempt to conserve the energy tied into the blood flow.  The system at Line-Level is designed to deplete the substance, and when you fall into those mood swings, when you become engaged with them, you are wasting your own blood.  You’re wasting moment-by-moment opportunities for growth.  It requires unnatural effort to conserve the substance, to keep it from being depleted at lower levels of the system, to allow it free access to higher yet-to-be-developed areas.  The immediate effort should be to maintain a focus and remembrance of your Aim. And you must remember that everything you’ve ever thought is a waste of time.

Once you begin to See it — that everything you’ve ever thought is of no use in the attempt to produce your own nervous system growth — then you begin to See how extraordinary This really is.  You begin to See the near impossibility of anyone ever Hearing it in the first place, much less pursuing it for any length of time.

If ordinary consciousness could suddenly See that everything it already knew, everything it had already thought, was now useless, it would be frightened to death.  And of course, it would be just as useless to make someone at the ordinary level try to See it.  Look inside yourself:  if a man could catch a glimpse of the truth of this, what would it do to his suffering?  What would happen to all his questions?  What would he be left with?  But it is true.  You’ve already thought everything that Line-Level consciousness will ever think, and it’s of no value whatsoever in igniting the higher unused areas of the nervous system.  Look at it this way:  what good has it done you so far? If anything you’d ever thought were truly beneficial, you certainly wouldn’t be sitting here.

We could probably get any civilized human to agree:  “You’re right.  I shouldn’t worry about what I can’t change.”  And then they go off and worry.  They can’t help it.  You’d have less success in getting them to see that ideas such as “We should all treat our fellow humans better,” are equally useless.  But they’re all useless, for your purposes here.  If you’ve already thought it, if the energy has run its particular route through your system, it has already extracted a part of that substance.  The nourishment is gone, and to continually replay the thought is to eat yesterday’s lunch.  Nothing that happens naturally in the system below the Line is of any consequence, much less any value, to one with the Aim.

A man properly placed in This must See the energy flow throughout his own system.  He must See it enough, he must be familiar enough with how it habitually happens in him, to be able to willfully interfere with it.  In other words, he must See that he is not a thing, but a process.  In other words, he must keep from processing the same old energies in the same old way, in order to conserve that particular substance.  All you have to do is get one drop above the Line.  Of course, you must have the Aim to do it — it doesn’t happen naturally — and you must have the Aim to remember to feel where the Line exists in you:  where “I” seems to reside.  The sensation of Life’s energy hitting the Line is the sensation of “I”.  Of course, if you listen to this sensation of “I” when it says, “I have a body; I have this feeling; I know that I am me and everyone else isn’t me,” you’re back to believing that it is indeed a solid, stable some-thing.

But if it were a some-thing, then everyone who ever attempted the old method of observing one’s self would by now be enlightened.  It was, at one time, a valid method.  But no one understands now that it was a double-decker trick.  No one who attempts it in this day and time will discover the point of it, namely that there is no self to observe.  There is no hard little “I” inside.  There is a process that seems to be a mind, but there is nothing there to be mindful.  There is only the sound, the sensation of energy hitting the Line; there is only the last drop of that particular substance in the blood being spent; there is only your nervous system, activated to its ordinary limit.

“I” is the culmination of a limited process, in a very physical sense.  But note that nothing seems to be final to Line-Level consciousness.  You make a particular resolution, and a half hour later it is forgotten; you consider taking a particular action, then you think better of it, then you change your mind, as they say, again, and on and on it goes.

If my fictitious reasonably insane man were here, he could See everything I’ve just described in a split second.  And then he would move on.  He wouldn’t spend twenty years trying to find something that doesn’t exist.  And he would then consider how it is that this process, called “I”, has always passed for being a some-thing.  It is the never-ending finality of the process — it is the energy continually shot up the system and then stopped — that produces the sensation that there is a solid me inside.  Through the attempt to push against the Line, you can begin to See that there is no “I”.  There is, instead, a non-ending, self-limiting process.

It is, in part, the structure of your particular system — the way it has been activated by Life, which also determines the types of energies you process and how you process them — that produces the appearance and sensation of there being an individual “you.”  If we’re talking about ordinary nervous systems, about consciousness held at the level of the Line, that is the beginning and end of people’s individuality. Everyone is a transformer of certain energies.  No one is a thing, and everyone’s “I” is nothing but a surge of energy given form.  It runs up, hits the Line and calls itself something.  It calls other people something and holds them accountable and responsible for their actions and words.  And that is, of course, the way it must be at Line-Level.  But anyone who understands not who he is, but what he is, also understands that he has nothing to fear from other people.  Because he understands that people are not people.  They are a process of energy transformation and transference.

Someone recently asked me about the possibility-cum-profitability of rearranging the system below the Line in order to affect his attitudes.  The short answer to that is:  there is nothing to rearrange.  Just as you must See that everything you’ve ever thought is useless, you must See that everything built into your Line-Level system, including your attitudes and opinions, is of no value to your efforts here.  This Thing is not about rearranging your Line-Level system; it’s not a matter of somehow cleaning up what you are now. It’s rather a matter of moving to a new location.

As you pursue This Thing, you’ll develop a kind of sense about what questions are profitable.  Some pop up, go away, and you never see them again.  Some questions turn a full circle and answer themselves, or an answer questions itself and then answers itself.  You cannot let that which you begin to See become part of Line-Level consciousness.  Whatever there is to be seen must be Seen.  It can’t be intellectually “figured out”; you simply can’t give it over to ordinary consciousness.

You’ve got to be prepared to let everything float.  This is the basis of Neuralization.  It’s a trick to help weaken your lateral connections, to break up the reasonable, rational, repeatable structure of everything you’ve always thought before.  Whatever you’re attempting to Neuralize — let it float.  Even if it floats away, at least you didn’t kill it.

When the particular substance in the blood is conserved and given free access to feed new areas of the system above the Line, then you will know the reality behind my descriptions of Seeing, of knowing that which no one else knows.  So far as Life here is concerned, that substance is literally a piece of the original force of creation.  And it lives in everyone.  It serves the growth of Life, and the growth of Life through man in its constant push up the nervous system.  But it is a controlled growth, and it is a mechanical growth.  So it doesn’t directly benefit an individual in his own lifetime.  The blood factor may travel higher up your nervous system than it did your grandfather’s, but it still depletes itself at the Line. From the viewpoint of This Thing, you are no better off, no more enlightened, than he was.

Nothing can be done to the system at or below the Line that will produce true growth.  For one thing, it’s impossible for Line-Level consciousness to make extraordinary effort; it’s impossible for Line-Level consciousness to See anything new, including what it, itself, is.  The effort of This Thing has nothing to do with cleaning up what you are, what the system is, at Line-Level.  What must be done is to extend your own nervous system into new areas; you must activate the potential that lies above the Line.  You must activate your own tomorrow.  That is the direction of humanity’s natural, mechanical growth.  But anything that happens mechanically and naturally, whether in your own system or in Life, is of no benefit to you. Your efforts in This are the attempt to accelerate your growth, to get that substance above the Line in your own lifetime.

So far as the lower system goes — your attitudes, everything you’ve ever thought, everything you are at Line-Level — it is all the past.  And there’s nothing to be done with it but to find out you can leave it.  The process of “I” is not what keeps you from making progress.  It’s your thinking that “I” is what’s impeding you that impedes you — because thinking those habitual thoughts keeps you you.

You’ve got to find out that everything there is to be Seen lives in your own nervous system.  Every daydream, every fear, every nightmare and every wicked pleasure to be found in humanity is to be found in you if you have any real potential.  You don’t merely have one or two bad fears or nightmares; you’ve got them all.  And unless you’re to ultimately run into a dead end, they’re all to be used.  You should, in an impartial, controlled manner, be able to See that all your internal dissatisfaction and complaints are your welcome guests.  Because if you did not have them, you would have no potential to understand anything. A man or woman with an Aim must have had an unlimited wiring potential, i.e., the wiring capability to transfer every known kind of energy.  You could have potentially been almost anyone in the world.

There is simply nothing personal in the workings of the lower system, no matter how horrendous or extreme it seems.  It is all irrelevant to your Aim.  It doesn’t matter what it is, it doesn’t matter what type of sticky transfer you’re involved in, although it may seem extremely important to Line-Level consciousness: it is, nonetheless, truly irrelevant — you’re either transforming one type of energy or you’re transforming another.  But the Few have the potential to be everybody.  If it weren’t so, you’d be more passively asleep. You certainly wouldn’t be involved with This; you’d be out working on a second job, becoming a good citizen.

You’ve got to See for yourself that nothing that apparently goes on at Line-Level, including the fear that you’re making no progress in This, is of any consequence.  It’s all to be used.  It’s all to be Seen, and the Seeing of it is what produces energy for growth, for sustained blood-substance nourishment above the Line.  That is the reality of the immaculate conception:  to produce your own unnatural growth into new areas of your nervous system.  That is the cure, the only cure.  Everything else is only a Line-Level prescription.

Until a man has tripped and fallen up his spine, until he has experienced the reality of being conscious above Line-Level, all my talking is, in a sense, a waste of energy.  That which you have always thought of as being “you” is the upper limits of an electrical system; it is energy routed in the same habitual patterns. If you’ve thought something once, it has no more value.  If consciousness has thought it once, it’s thought it a thousand times and it will continue to think it a thousand more.  Neuralizing is the struggle against those kinds of lateral connections.  It’s to remember something without thinking about it.  So do not let everything laterally connect; let it float.  Don’t let consciousness think it even once.  Conversely, and not conversely, you must also attempt to hold and focus your attention, rather than let it be randomly diffused. You must learn to keep the energy moving; don’t let consciousness grab it;  don’t let Life grab it.  Use your Aim as your sustaining, stabilizing force.  But even that attempted stability, that unnatural focus, still has to do with an interference — an interruption of the habitual lateral connections of Line-Level consciousness. What you’re doing is, in a sense, attempting to drive yourself crazy, but within the supra-sane limits of This Thing.

I continue to receive comments from people asking how to escape from what they describe as a kind of prison.  That is a fair description, because the nervous system is a system of literally physical limits.  But first you’ve got to See what the prison is.  You have to See that the prison is so natural it seems not to have walls.  And you must See that your imprisonment has nothing to do with you:  you’re not serving a sentence for some psychological flaw, much less for the commission of a terrible sin.  You’re right where you’re supposed to be in Life, playing a part in the growth and expansion of a greater system.  But it is a growth not meant to occur individually and within your lifetime.  You were meant to develop to a certain point and then stop.  You were meant to be sane, normal and dissatisfied, an active transformer of certain predictable energy for the rest of your life.  It is, in part, your efforts at an untimely expansion, it is your pushing against the Line, that produces the sensation of being imprisoned.  And again, “prison” is certainly an apt description — but you can’t leave it at that.  The prison is not your enemy, any more than “I” is a solid thing.  And to constantly do battle with the prison is to attempt to deal with, to clean up, your natural Line-Level system.

There is no possibility of real change at Line-Level, in you or in anyone else.  You can’t get out of prison at the ordinary level.  You can’t get out of prison and remain you.  But you can get out of prison. And when you do, the game of attempting to observe “I” for twenty years, to “work on yourself” to rid yourself of all your imagined flaws and warts, is over.