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The Wiring Potential To Be Everyone


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Document:  21, May 6, 1982
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1982

From one viewpoint the feeling of having tremendous personal problems and fearful emotions is intensified in someone who believes that he is actively involved with something extraordinary such as This Activity.  All of you have the potential to have been plagued by that feeling or to still be engaged in that form of suffering.

There you are with all your great problems, and you imagine that there are people out in Life who seem to have Life by the tail.  They do not appear to feel negatively self-conscious.  They never seem shy. They wouldn’t hesitate to volunteer for anything, and it just seems as though everything they touch works in their favor.  I have only mentioned this slightly, and it is of no great importance; but, on a relative level, there are people who seem to be at peace with Life, and this has to do with the kinds of energies and stabilities required for Life’s health and growth.

It may have struck you back in high school that certain other students always seemed to have a perfect smile.  They never had bumps on their faces.  They always made at least a high B+, and they were selected as “most likely to succeed.”  If you can Hear at all what I’m saying, you can Hear that these people would never have any interest in This Thing.  They would never become involved with the attempt to activate the higher areas of their nervous systems.  Again, this is not an attack on them, but they could hear absolutely nothing in what I say.  If they were the real epitome of the archetype I am describing, this attempt would sound like absolute insanity to them.  Again, this is not an attack on them, because such people are needed by Life.  In a sense, the kind of energy they are transforming is a very small closed loop on the body of Life, and what you see as their facility in Life is merely an accidentally strong engagement with a usable, obtainable hobby.

If you could See it, they are also the most dangerous people, from the viewpoint of This Thing.  They are the Roman Senate.  They are people who “know what they are doing.”

For you to have any possibility of activating the higher areas of your nervous system, you must have within your wiring system the potential to have been everybody.  There must be a biological, proper genetic background for you to have this potential wiring, and I mean this literally.  It is just a rare genetic accident for any one person to fall within the narrow range of genetic framework enabling him to Hear any of This.  Then, to compound the long odds on you being here, there had to be a psychological, environmental background wherein this potential was not destroyed.

Everyone is supposed to feel dissatisfied.  The majority of humanity is supposed to have partially activated nervous systems, so that they properly assume their particular roles as transformers.  They grow up and suddenly the “psychological” uniform Life gives them fits, or else they just stop struggling with it.  I am back to telling lies and talking childishly.  I’m talking about personalities as if they exist, in an attempt to get you to look somewhere else.  It is almost as though everyone reaches a certain point, and they get some glimmering that nobody’s uniform fits and this is the nature of the game.  At that point everyone becomes “I”.  Any possibility of activating the system further in Life is then over.

For a person to have the potential to activate his own physical tomorrow and to activate his nervous system above Line-Level consciousness he must, from an ordinary viewpoint, be almost deranged.  Yet he must still be able to function at the ordinary level and to avoid attracting attention to this “near-derangement.”

You cannot be overtly psychotic and pursue This Thing, but within your wiring must be the potential for every nightmare, every fear, every sadness and every illusionary joy that all of humanity can have.  No matter what an ordinary individual might claim to think or experience, you must be able to see it as child’s play on this basis:  “That?  Oh that.  I understand that even though I’ve never exactly done it.”  You should be able to recognize any situation or thought as human and it doesn’t matter how heinous or glorious it may sound to you.

Someone who has the potential to activate the higher areas of his nervous system would not go out and commit mass murder, but he will be able to See that he cannot condemn anything.  He will See that he has the wiring potential to commit murder, but it is simply that his nervous system was not activated to play out the role of mass murderer.

What I am saying is beyond verbalization.  It is beyond anything that you could have ever analyzed, and you are mistaken to let this fall into the hands of your apparent personality and to begin to use it as some form of excuse for inappropriate energy exchanges.  You should, however, begin to understand that everybody is potentially “me” and that “me” is potentially everybody.

If you have the potential to get above yourself, the worst fear you harbor now is nothing, because what you are going to find is that you have them all.  You have to have that potential, or you have no further potential to develop.

Everyone here has the potential to be a real Jew, Buddhist, Moslem, and Christian; but you also have the potential in your wiring to have been Attila, Nero, or Hitler.  You should begin to See and understand that all potential behavior, thoughts, and feelings must be within you, so that nothing will remain foreign to you.  If any of you had only the potential to be a good Jew, Christian, or Buddhist you wouldn’t be here.

You cannot turn to somebody who hates people with green hair and tell him he needs to find his own propensity for green hair.  No one can do anything with hatred at Line-Level consciousness.  I could draw that scenario out, to where the person appears to change and now professes a love for people with green hair; but you’re back to my story of the drunkard running off the road, killing his wife and injuring his daughter, and then becoming a professional teetotaler.  Nothing has changed.  All that has happened is that the person becomes a relay station for an opposite directional flow of energy.  At Line-Level all further activation of the wiring system is impossible and the possibility is not open to discussion.  Ordinarily, people cannot really change.

Is anyone beginning to understand why I use the term “double barrelled justice” when I say that everybody is suffering; everybody is dissatisfied; everybody’s a little crazy?  And for anyone with the potential to rise above Line-Level consciousness, the corresponding potential to feel crazy is even worse, because within you is the potential for every demon, every form of insanity, and every nightmare.  It’s only ordinary people who have just one or two horrible fears.  They can’t have any more.  That’s it for them. That is the limits of personality.  But you must understand all possible fears.

If you are my fictitious reasonably insane man, if you have the potential to pursue This Thing, then you would ask yourself, “How is it that I think I can isolate one great fear?  How come I don’t have a thousand? Why don’t I have none?”  To say that you have only one great fear is simply another way of describing yourself as one living at Line-Level consciousness.  To say that you can feel only one fear is to say that your potential has stopped.  If you properly belong here you should be struck with the realization that you do not have one great fear, you have an infinite number of great fears.  You must be able to feel and understand anything any other living person might feel and describe.

If I could talk to an ordinary man and make him Hear any of this for even a few minutes and point out to him that now he only has one or two fears, but they could be expanded to a limitless horizon wherein he has everybody’s fears, do you know what he would say?  He would say, “No thanks.”  But then what if I told him that then he might be able to do something with all his fears?  It should take him all of a split second to say, “Well, okay, but still no thanks.”  Any possibility is always within the limits of what a person’s Aim is.

Had the genetic or environmental background of each and every one of you been just slightly altered you might have had only one or two great fears.  But as terrible as everyone thinks his apparent problems are, if your background had been just a little better you wouldn’t be here, and I’m not using the term better in the sense that your apparent personality would judge things.

None of you have any untoward nightmares.  You don’t have any despicable daydreams.  You don’t have any hidden fears that are unique to you.  If the potential is in you to further activate your nervous system, you have them all.  You just don’t know it yet.

Until you begin to See this for yourself you have to rely on my words.  And I ask you, “Who are you going to listen to?  Are you going to listen to you or are you going to listen to me?”  I have never asked you to listen to me on the basis of any kind of faith or secret book.  It’s a question you can ask yourself: What have “you” ever done for you?  While living at Line-Level consciousness have “you” ever told “you” the truth, and, conversely, as far as you can tell, have I ever lied to you?  Have “you” ever done anything for “you” that seemed to be for your own benefit, or that in some way seemed to help you extend your nervous system above “you”?  So you are within your rights to ask yourself, “Who are you going to listen to?”  Your internal voices talk to you all the time, but I have told you things in words, which is almost nothing compared to the experience, that no human is supposed to hear.

The double barreled justice that I suggest you might experience is like this:  “Boy am I in for a hard time.  You mean I have got to begin to See that everybody’s bad dreams, everybody’s worst nightmares are mine?”  That’s one barrel.  The other barrel is:  “What a relief!”

Here is a piece of something that is intentionally misdrawn.  For a good reason it is not absolutely accurate.  It is incomplete.  In the fields of biology and medicine it is known that, through certain chemical processes, the blood is cleansed as it continues on its circular course through the body.  But this drawing reflects something that no scientist knows and I am going to tell you why.

 Diagram # 007 illustration
Diagram # 007 illustration

Neuralize my drawing of the whole nervous system.  I presented it as having an upper, a middle, and a lower level, and these divisions are close to the reality of what passes for the intellectual, emotional, and physical activity of man.  I have also told you that in the round area representing the head, the entire diagram is repeated in miniature.

A non- chemical process extracts something from the blood of man.  What I am telling you is literally true, but remember that the drawing and my descriptions are not complete yet.  What I am describing would normally be called a physical function of a person’s system.  As long as you are alive your blood is traveling in a circular movement, and blood must flow through a filter.  As the blood passes through each of the filters I have drawn on this diagram, a part of a certain substance is filtered out.

You will note that as the blood travels upward and reaches the upper level of the nervous system, there are two possibilities. One is the blood can flow straight, and the other is the blood flows through another little filter.  Even though I drew them in such a way that it appears that the blood has a fifty-fifty chance of going either way, that is not a true reflection of what occurs.

In the past I have told you that an electrical energy runs an absolute course within you, and, when it hits the Horizontal Line reflected in the diagram, instead of saying, “Oww,” it says, “I”.  I’m going to tell you something “worse.”  When your blood flow reaches this Horizontal Line, the substance I mentioned is gone, and when the substance is used up, its absence is what says, “I”.  At that moment there is a sensation of an “I”.

At Line-Level consciousness there are people who have some knowledge of this, but they take it, as they must take everything else, as being a literal description of some literal phenomenon and they limit it to that.  Thus they miss the true value of what I’m telling you.  They miss the value because they assume they understand all the ramifications.  But the ultimate ramification of this knowledge would be an understanding of “I” — at Line-Level it’s impossible for any system to see itself at its own level.  Scientists can describe how a rat remembers things, or they can in some small way tell how a human remembers things.  When you get higher and higher in the system and get right to what would be eye (“I”) level, a system cannot perceive itself.  It is literally impossible.  There is no scientist, there is no psychologist, there is no priest walking on this planet, who has any conception or perception of what he is, and I am telling you why:  the substance I mentioned has been completely filtered out.

To activate the higher areas of the nervous system requires a certain ingredient which is ordinarily physically missing.  The very place where a person is attempting to grow is starving.  You produce the substance needed — everybody produces it — but the substance is all used up before it can flow above Line-Level consciousness (the Horizontal Line).

Consider the old story of The Last Supper and all the other stories throughout the ages concerning blood sacrifices.  I don’t mean to tell you that if we had someone like Buddha here and you drank his blood you’d be activated in your upper nervous system, although I’m not saying you wouldn’t be.  But, even if you were, think about this:  how many seconds would it be good for?  If you did ingest enriched blood, after cycling once it would run right back through your filtering system, and you couldn’t get the substance above the Line again.  Everyone in the world is arranged so that this substance is used up by the time the flow reaches Line-Level consciousness.

I never attempt to give you any particular description of what it is like when you get your own taste of being conscious on a higher level, but here is a short one.  Suddenly you feel as though you have just come out of a groggy dream, and you realize that you have been running a high performance car on low octane fuel.  You now have the sensation, “For the first time I’m being fueled correctly.”  Suddenly you feel like you may be normal.  (But remember, to have reached above Line-Level consciousness and See what is going on in the first place, you had to throw out so many “things” that “you” are no longer “you”.)

What if your involvement with This Thing is the attempt to change the structure of your blood?  What if you are trying to feed that which ordinarily can’t be fed?

To get any of this substance above Line-Level, you must become aware that there are physical activities you must do — they should seem to be a part of your natural habit — that have a direct effect on your energy’s ability to reach the upper level of your nervous system.  This includes everything from exercise to new intellectual activity to not sleeping too much.  Even at Line-Level consciousness, you must keep your attention moving in a constant, lateral, scanning motion.  You cannot let your attention stagnate as water in a swamp.  And you cannot do such things as staying in bed so long that when you get up your mind won’t come into focus, and you walk around in a groggy fog.

There is also something that you should observe, having to do with mechanical, physical activities.  You can go out and run until you’ve run as long as you care to, and when you come back in the house there is a kind of mechanical babbling that can take over.  You just open your mouth, and out comes “blah blah blah…”  You must control this seepage of energy.  You should learn to hold and manipulate a center of focus.  You have to want to, and you have to do it purposefully.  You can’t let your attention sit in a groggy fog where nothing’s going on and you cannot engage in frantic, mechanical babbling.

You must find the point between the kind of random consciousness associated with babbling and the kind wherein your attention is suddenly held firm.  You must discover that you can willfully hold your focus and manipulate it.  You can keep your focus moving when “nothing is going on.”  You can keep it moving when something is going on.  You catch your attention about to become engaged with something; your system wants to transfer the kind of energy coming in as you overhear something someone says.  But just before your attention locks in, you turn your focus somewhere else.

For the time being, forget any ideas of “great enlightenment.”  When you find that you can keep your attention, your energy, from becoming affixed to anything, it will have an effect on your system.  I’m not necessarily talking about moving your energy, because that occurs a little piece at a time; but you can keep your attention moving laterally.  Your system does not want to.  To do this is not natural.  It’s uncomfortable, but — at the very least — when you can do this, you don’t know exactly where to suffer.  In a sense, you begin to forget how to suffer.

Some of you may wonder why we do not all go off and isolate ourselves from the rest of the world and establish a commune.  Everyone has a voice that wants this, whether you verbalize it or not.  You believe that your spiritual growth will be enhanced, and it will not.  You cannot go into isolation and teach yourself how to extend your system and get this substance above Line-Level.   You cannot limit yourself to being around similar types of people and still learn to See that you are all types of people.

Some of you might also wonder why the great belief has always pestered mankind that it is possible to read minds.  I have already pointed out that a system can’t really See itself, but can anybody catch a fleeting glimpse that there is nothing to read?  But if there is no more to it than I just pointed out, why does the idea that minds can be read continue to exist?

If a person can ignite his nervous system above Line-Level  consciousness, if he can experience Life anywhere above where he is supposed to have stopped, he no longer has a personal mind.  He no longer has a personal imagination.  He has everybody’s.  He can look around and see the person sitting next to him at a bus stop, and he can simply See what they are right at that moment.  He can See the general process taking place right then, and when someone glances at him in a certain way, he understands, “Yeah.  I know what that is.”  To call it mind reading is the worst description I could have come up with.  What you now have access to is humanity’s imagination.

I want to caution you about not mentioning any of this to anybody.  You will get into physical trouble if you try to talk about it;  you will harm your own potential to understand the reality behind my descriptions. There is a substance in you, and I know what it is.  From the viewpoint of trying to activate yourself higher in your nervous system, the substance never gets to the right place.  Your system regulates itself; it does what is necessary so that the substance is used up by the time the flow reaches Line-Level consciousness.

Sometimes the substance can accidentally get above the Line.  It is as though some people have had accidental moments of rising above the Line and they had no idea of what happened.  Remember, each of you is just a subsystem within a much greater system, and one or two subsystems can apparently accidentally get above the Line for what amounts to a second.  That’s nothing.  That can be tolerated.  But what cannot be tolerated is black rubber heels on good wooden floors.