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Document:  6,  January 15, 1982
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1982

    People are able to hear the ideas of This Thing with increasing speed, and it is not simply that new people are in any way sharper or faster.  It is rather that everything changes.  People are now able to Hear more, but as always, a certain justice is involved.  If this information were to be presented to the random public, I could address interested people and lead them to believe they’d heard the astounding.  Some of them would even believe they’d heard the absolute unquestionable truth.  But the justice is that despite their delight, they’d be unable to do anything with it.

     The Horizontal Line of the Xross is not simply a line, and any description of it is partial, at best.  The Line is where a person lands at birth.  In the map of the nervous system, the base of the spine is where growth begins and the source of all energy.  The top line represents the larger reality of humanity, its level of consciousness, as well as the ceiling of each individual’s development.  Everything known to humanity resides therein.  The lower part of the diagram represents one person’s body.  The only ordinary source of energy is at the base of the spine.  Each person begins as an embryo, and grows from the base of the spine.  After birth he continues this nervous system extension, and growth then proceeds in another direction as well.

     What people call “emotions” reside in the upper spinal end, the brain.  The ordinary intellect functions in the upper circle below the ceiling of the Horizontal Line.  And now, to refine the map further for you, within the area devoted to the ordinary intellect the entire diagram of the nervous system is repeated in this fashion:

 Diagram # 002 illustration
Diagram # 002 illustration

This reproduced system is what’s commonly called the brain. Inside the brain the entire history of each organism is reflected; in this reflection you can also learn to read the development of humanity.

     If you were simply operating from the lower part of the spine, you would be like any other animal.  A dog, for example, cannot think about his body.  His foot is not something separate he thinks of as “my foot.”  A dog is equally conscious all over, as conscious in his foot as he is in his head.  His consciousness of existing is within the totality of his body.  In the area where the entire diagram is reflected in miniature lies man’s uniqueness.  Thus he can, for example, “think about his body.”  Let me impress upon you that this is truly astounding.  Without this reflected area, you would not be able to discern separate physical, emotional, and intellectual functions.

     Without this reflected area you are left with only the body and the passions of the body.  You can’t subtract one from three and get two.  In this case, the remainder would be only one, because the emotions, as people experience them, are an integral part of the intellect.  They are a reflection of the entire being, including the intellect, and cannot be separated from it.  And they form a necessary bridge between the intellectual and physical functions, enabling the two to communicate.  But, conversely, without the intellect there would be no human emotions.  You would not expect devotion from a worm, or charity from a bird.  Without the intellect you are left only with the body and its passions, which amount to no more than defense and physical orientation.

     Now I’ll give you an explanation for everything in the world, almost.  Even the historical religious figures of the world never knew this, nor did they have reason to know.  Humanity develops only to a certain Line which gradually rises with each generation, but at any given time the Line is fixed. The energy runs up to that Line and that’s the limit of understanding and experience.  Science has tried to map out the electrical activity of the brain, and it has become accepted medical opinion that large segments of the brain are not used; they are devoid of electrical activity. What actually happens is unknown to science.  The electrical energy coincides with the flow of blood.  And the flow of energy keeps a person alive.  As the energy is conducted into the higher nervous system, the blood vessels get smaller and smaller.  Ultimately the flow reaches a “ceiling” where the energy can go no higher.  That point is the Horizontal Line.  The energy, once it reaches that Line, falls back.  It falls back and feeds upon itself.  And this recycling process is the support of personality and its endless daydreams.  The vital energy that keeps a person alive reaches a certain point and is diffused — but it doesn’t go away — it falls right back within what we have been referring to as the intellectual function and is recycled like water in a fountain.

     This process goes only in one direction, and under these conditions nobody can truly change or attain wisdom.  The energy of humanity is ultimately spent and takes form as each individual personality.  You can expand the intellect by adding new knowledge, but this does not change the function of the fountain.  You can learn a new theory, but it’s still always connected to what you already know.  The fountain still spills energy.

     All people are trapped in this endless recycling of energy. The upper limit of this flow is the Horizontal Line, which is the upper limit of ordinary consciousness of all of humanity at any given time.  An individual here or there could have a personal limit either slightly above or below the general Line, but there is a Line above which no one can ordinarily go.  From the point of view of This Thing, the sheer existence of the Line is of consequence, and anyone’s accidental level is irrelevant.  The physical reality of all of humanity’s metaphysical imaginings and religious dreams has always lain in the area above the Line.  As humanity grows, the Line slowly moves upward.  But all cries of “I would like to undergo real radical change!” are but yearnings to activate the area above the Line immediately.  The existence of the Line and the fountain is no mere theory.  And although the Line is not absolutely solid, it might as well be — it is a limit as real as anything that you know.

     It is almost impossible to think anything new. You can change your circumstances a little, or begin a new sexual relationship.  But when you think romantic thoughts, you’re still thinking the same old thoughts over and over.  All you did was change the names.  Now it’s Hubert instead of Fred.  So what has changed?  The energy of Life courses through your nervous system, and it is still expended as “you.”

     Any attempt to think new thoughts takes effort.  Even when you are attempting to Consider This Thing, it’s almost impossible to avoid repeating ideas.  If you persist in trying to Consider anything, the mind seems to “get tired” (this tiredness is built into the mechanical level of humanity to keep things moving).  With only minimal willful observation, you will shortly see the cyclical nature of mechanical thought.  The energy can be focused on one area or another, but it is still within the same limited fountain, and any new information must necessarily connect with existing circles within the fountain.  After you have observed yourself sufficiently you will find that you have completely circumnavigated the fountain.  You can go this way or that — you can go forward or backward, read books, get a Ph.D. — but it is still the same fountain.  You will learn you cannot move consciousness beyond its hard-wired patterns.

     Consider that historically all systems used such methods as continuously chanting the names of the gods, or remembering one’s self at all times.  Now Neuralize:  What might be the purpose of these methods?  If your aim was to awaken the higher areas of this system, even if you didn’t know what that might be, it was always a matter of attempting the extraordinary.  Whatever the method was called, it was always an attempt to do the extraordinary.

     If This Thing was ever alive in a given time and place, then the leader presented a System with a capital “S”.  He spoke the non-damaging lie.  He said, “This is what we’re after.”  But he knew the description — in words — was a half-truth at best.  He also knew it was still the best description available:  it was a non-damaging lie.  All the methods were a form of trickery.  Until now nobody understood all the tricks and methods, including the person who came up with the methods.  They only understood what was necessary for their time and place.

     Whenever and however This Thing surfaced, it always required the qualified practitioners to focus the energy which is normally diffused.  Ordinarily this diffused flow is unalterable, feeding upon itself and fueling personality.  Personality is a habit:  the habit of recycling electrical energy.  My methods require you to focus energy at the very top of the operational nervous system — where the energy hits the Line.  You hold your attention as best you can at the upper limit, and you try to not let it diffuse and support personality.  Your attention will wander, but for the few seconds you hold that energy at the Line, you are in an instantly different condition:  you are not “you.”  At these moments you are a totally different person.  This is the reality at the heart of all the methods.  You take the energy that normally pulsates like an AC current and you hold it.  You can actually feel it.  You hold it at the point before diffusion.  If you can hold it, it really has only one place to go.  It goes straight up toward the ceiling, but you don’t let it quite touch.  That is when you learn how to become unnatural, because it takes unnatural effort to hold energy at that point.  Then there is only one direction the held energy can go — into the Vertical activation of the system.  Only this Vertical direction holds any real possibility for growth and change.  You then begin to activate parts of the nervous system that are beyond the limits of “you.”  It’s beyond anything necessary: it’s beyond what you’ve always taken to be you.

     Throughout history, people have accidentally experienced the energy splashing above the Line.  Libraries are well-stocked with “mystical literature” written by those who accidentally, temporarily transcended their ordinary condition.  These stories (written after the pleasurable accident is over) speak most highly of the incomparable experience, but they can only attribute it to what they already know:  “The gods took me away and talked to me.”  If you were to ask what the gods said, they could only reply, “I don’t know.  It must have been in another language because I can’t remember.”  They can’t understand it or repeat it because they did not willfully initiate it.

     Do you realize what a delicate process it is for me to direct you to attempt This without some emotional seduction?  It’s like walking a line so fine that it almost doesn’t exist, a line that I almost have to create as I go along.  I keep saying to you, “Try this, but it’s a trick.”  Or I offer an inviolable map, while reminding you that it’s only an edible description.  But now I am telling you that you are literally a continual pulsation of energy.

     Obviously it’s necessary to keep the body in some fair condition, otherwise the right kind of energy will not reach the upper circuitry.  Thus, you cannot operate intellectually when you are sick, and you cannot make any real effort when you feel bad physically.  At such times the energy continues to run, but by and large it is spent in the lower circuits.  This is why I have continued to tell you that you have no business being sick, and you cannot torture the body with poisons or drugs.  Feed it; give it exercise; and then leave it alone.  You cannot do This Thing and spend your energy trying to patch a misused body, nor can you spend your energy embroiled in “emotional problems” (which, as I have told you, are tied to the body).  You have to bypass ordinary circuits so the energy flows freely to the far end of the system.  Use only the minimum of energy required to keep the body healthy, and don’t waste energy in the spectrum of so-called human emotions.

     Let the energy rise to the point where it is about to be diffused, and willfully hold it.  Let it flow right through the area where the circuits are reflected, right through the part of the system identifiable as being “you,” and then focus it.  Hold it right there somewhere close to the center of the brain.  Even the smallest attempt to do this is fascinating to ordinary people.  They sing praises of what seems to be meditation.

     Sometimes a temporary mechanical focusing of the attention occurs to random people through unusual circumstances, such as drugs or shock, as in the death of a family member.  Shocks, such as finding out you will be executed next Saturday, can launch you into an unnatural condition.  The fear of death has a surprising ability to focus the attention.  But it serves an ordinary man no purpose.  It is just another form of temporary engagement.  Ordinary people who have had such externally induced states speak highly of them.  They say, “I felt calm.  I felt relieved of my imaginary burdens.  I stopped daydreaming.”  To varying degrees, they are correct, but it has no lasting effect because they didn’t seek it and can’t control it.

     All of you must go beyond that.  You should be able to feel the energy going straight up your spine as if it were a rod straight to your brain.  Focus this energy and do not let it diffuse.  If you can do this for just a few seconds, it stops the continual clamor of personality.  It stops daydreams.  If you do this long enough it even interferes with the ordinary conception of time.  The ordinary sense of time is tied to that continual pulsating diffusion of recycled energy.  It is the ordinary sensation that “things are going on.”  You almost always feel some version of this: “I’m in a hurry.”  “It’s late.”  “It’s early.”  Focus the attention, and all ordinary sensation of frantic movement simply stops.

     Do you Understand that even those who are ostensibly teaching various age-old methods seemingly aimed at igniting the higher areas of the nervous system do not understand what they’re doing?  Collar someone who proclaims, “The whole point is you must forever remember yourself,” and if you could somehow stop his diffusion and ask him point blank, “What is the purpose of this?  What’s involved?”  he would not be able to answer you.  Once you let him go, then he would begin to give you stories:  “Well it works.  It makes you feel good.  So-and-so said we should do it.”

     They simply don’t know, but now you do.  Not that you can necessarily do it, but I have told you what it is.  All you have to do is focus that ordinary flow of attention; don’t let it get diffused, and you can’t be you.  It starves “you.”  And that is the point at which you begin to grow.  The energy begins to force itself into new territory, new experience.  New blood vessels develop.  A network sprouts new growth beyond old limits.  That is what igniting the higher levels of the nervous system is all about.  Everyone assumes this “struggle” to be imaginary or spiritual.  And it is secret — but do you understand the nature of the secret?  Until you’re more vertically developed, until you’ve grown new conscious blood vessels into the brain, nobody can tell you what it is.  That’s why it’s a secret.

     Do you realize that what I have just given you could be called the absolute method of methods?

     Minute after minute your attention is diffused for a few seconds and then comes back.  And it’s all arranged so you can’t remember your daydream five minutes ago.  You dream it again, and it seems brand new.  It is only the pendulum moving back and forth.  You simply daydream and worry about this, or daydream and worry about that.  Aside from the growth-effects of This Thing, you would never think anything new.  Even when you think you’re on the verge of some great thought, and you mull it over in your head with a cup of coffee, nothing new ever materializes.  You think the same thoughts, fight the same internal battles and continue to be the same person over and over.

     The only real possibility is to do what I have described.  You can actually feel the process in a certain location in the middle of the brain.  When you stop the diffusion and focus the attention, you can feel it physically.  If you can sustain it, you will feel, possibly for the first time, as though you are somebody.  But the justice of it is that right then, you’re almost nobody, because you’re not the same old person you always were.  To the degree that you can stop the diffusion you cannot suffer, you cannot be engaged with yourself.  You can function — you can talk; you can work — but you’re not in the hands of personality.  (Plus you’re not dying, except on the Horizontal Line.)

     The description of the blood vessels and the wires getting smaller and smaller at the upper end of the nervous system is literally true.  The more you attempt to focus the energy, to keep it from diffusing and feeding on itself, the more you begin to starve the existing system.  This is the weakening of personality.  It is what many of you have experienced as, “I am not as angry, or as greedy, or as jealous as I was in the past.  I do not suffer as much over the same old problems.”  You have begun to starve the system at the point where the energy is spent.  You hold it right in the center of your brain and you begin to elevate the system.  You begin to grow up the center.

     You may want to adopt as your own personal motto “in focus, in transit,” because the only true journey lies in a Vertical direction, and that is possible only when you are in focus.

     If you think you heard something from this, and you find yourself driving home on a road of solid ice, and you look in the rear view mirror and see a large truck sliding down a hill on a perfect collision course with you, you can put what you heard to a test.  Instead of screaming, “I’m dying!” just sit there and be aware of the fact that, “I’m probably dying, but I will not go engaged.  I will go in as unnatural a condition as possible.”