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Everything Becomes Tiger


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Document: 3,  December 31, 1981
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1981

There is a difference between those who lead a true form of This and those who follow.  There is a line which followers never cross, a certain domain which followers never enter.  Simply put, there is a real difference between you and me.

Those who lead are faced with perpetrating a kind of trickery on their followers.  This is not an attack, and I’m certainly not pointing out some gullibility on your part, because “trick” is just a word.  I can say it in other ways; I can say I have to soothe people.  I’ve, at least so far, had to keep this on an emotional, spiritual, dreamy level.  But now I’m getting closer and closer to pointing you toward the real secret.  And it’s a gamble; it’s a gamble, because in so doing, I’m stripping my descriptions of this particular dreamlike spiritual quality.

The reality behind all men’s dreams, all your past ideas about spiritual enlightenment and extraordinary states, is in fact more astounding than you could ever imagine.  But at the same time, it’s not as mystical as you’d imagine.  It’s not as invisible, because the reality of it is based on the actual, physical development and extension of the nervous system itself.  And this is what I’ve been moving you toward with my diagram of the nervous system, and the descriptions of extending yourself above and beyond the cut-off Line of ordinary consciousness.

 Diagram # 001 illustration
Diagram # 001 illustration

     It’s now accepted as fact in the scientific community that all physical creatures operate on a very simple on/off basis.  Every creature that is capable of altering its behavior on the basis of incoming impressions does so by a kind of switch.  In other words, the mechanism that keeps every animal alive — including your own animal body — is a simple, binary switch, and it’s always either on, or off.  For a dog, there is no in-between; there’s no “thinking about it”; there’s no process of interpreting the impression before it’s acted upon.  And it’s the same with your own lower nervous system.  Your body — your lower system — has no ability to interpret.  It can’t think, and it’s not supposed to think.  The body’s ability to interpret is confined to the level of determining whether to flee or fight, whether to sleep or eat.  It is functioning at the binary level of being switched either on or off.  The interpretive ability that you know, the ability to think, lies entirely in the domain of the higher nervous system.  The lower system has no need for such capabilities; indeed, such an “ability,” if it could be introduced into your physical body, would severely interfere with its normal, maximal operation.  The body operates mechanically, and most properly so.  And there is no need to interfere with it.

     You might find it interesting that this — interference with the physical body — is the focal point of the efforts of those involved with pseudo systems.  Of course, they don’t look on it as interference; they don’t intend to harm themselves.  They are, in a sense, trying to enlighten the body.  They’re trying to enlighten themselves by working on the lower system.  But you must eventually understand that the lower system already operates exactly as it should.  It operates, on the binary on/off basis, as efficiently as it should, as properly as it ever will.  You can’t do anything else to it — you can’t develop it any further.  It is now all it will ever be.

     You may further note that some of my methods and directives to you are indeed aimed at producing a more balanced, more complete development of your lower system.  But this is not a matter of trying to enlighten the body.  It’s simply that the lower system must be developed in as sane and balanced a manner as possible, if you are to ever extend your upper system beyond its present confines.  By and large, anyone seriously involved with This is already fairly sane in the lower system.  That seems to be part of the genetic make-up of anyone attracted here.  You can’t be physically inept — you can’t feel disjointed from your lower system or be continually hampered by your own body — and make profitable efforts in This.  But at the same time, all the lower-system efforts in the world will never, by themselves, ignite your level of consciousness beyond the common ordinary Line.  You have to get the body to the point where it can look after itself — and you have to get yourself to the point of realizing that the body can look after itself.  Then leave it alone so that you can focus your attentions elsewhere.

     What is incomprehensible to Line-Level consciousness is that the mind — what people conceive as the seat of thought and interpretation — operates on exactly the same on/off basis as the body.  What I am pointing toward is another aspect of the Three Forces.  There must be a background, a Third Force, upon which everything operates.  The whole world engages in psychological conflict: “My opinion is right, and yours is wrong,” or “This information is either true or it’s not true.”  The nature of the intellect itself is to be either on or off, and those two Forces require a backdrop, a third sustaining Force upon which to play out their dance.  Men are hit with impressions and their response is either on or off:  either “yes” or “no,” accept it or deny it, claim it’s true or false. Just as a physical battle is waged within the body, there is an ongoing psychological fracas within the intellect.  And if there were only two Forces — only constructive and destructive or positive and negative — nothing would ever happen.  It would all just go round and round.  But a Third force is always present, though no one can see it.  No one can see it because the Third Force is the background itself.  Under ordinary conditions the Third Force can never be seen because the ordinary conditions are the backdrop.  That is, a man’s sense of “I” is the stabilizing backdrop.  And it is what passes for a man’s personality.

     Picture the mind as a prowling tiger.  You can feed him new food; you can travel the globe to offer him new impressions, you can spend ten years in graduate school so he’ll have new information to eat.  But note:  everything the tiger eats, from the most extravagant of impressions to the most mundane, simply becomes more tiger.  I could verbally describe THE secret, but if the tiger got hold of it, it would do you no good.  The secret would become part of the tiger.

     To put it more bluntly, and less metaphorically, this stable, predictable, hard-wired creature called “I” can learn nothing new.  This can sound, at first, as though it’s an attack on everyone’s personality.  It is, and it isn’t.  It sounds as though, “The immediate identifiable enemy is me.”  But remember “I” is the backdrop.  It must be stable and fixed to operate as the sustaining force between on and off; it has to be stable for any further growth to occur, just as you have to be fairly sane in the ordinary sense and balanced in all levels of your system to extend yourself further.  The nervous system of man continually grows into higher areas.  This can’t be seen in an individual lifetime, but just a passing knowledge of history shows you that the level of humanity’s consciousness has evolved.  In a sense, man as a whole is becoming more enlightened.  We can say that you are more developed, more conscious, than your grandfather.  But for an individual man or woman attempting to awaken the higher reaches of his or her nervous system — for you — such growth is irrelevant, because it is mechanical.  It was not done by you through your own willful effort.  It is Life’s mechanical expansion, and it will continue in generations to come.  Your grandchildren will live at a level which supersedes that of your generation.  But they’ll be no more conscious than you are at the ordinary level.

     Everything you know — everything you can learn — is contained in and determined by this common mechanical level.   Outside your efforts in This, no change is possible.  There is no ordinarily available information that will take you above the level of the Line.  It all becomes tiger.  And the tiger is the Line.  It is your personality; it is your, and Life’s, stabilizing force.

     Your “personality” is not a specific Life induced curse.  Nor is it accidental.  It is the backdrop; it is your stability.  It is everyone’s ordinary sanity, and is absolutely necessary to keep everything functioning.  At a more primitive level of nervous system development, the body itself was the sustaining Force, the background upon which the battle between the constructive and destructive Forces transpired. At the present level, personality is the necessary backdrop, and it must be as virtually unchangeable as the body itself.

     Picture what might occur if the body were unpredictable.  One day the liver would break down sugar as it should and then the next day it might go,  “Hey, gimme a break.  I’m taking the day off.”  The biological level has to be absolutely predictable.  The only way you know you’re sick is by experiencing a change in the ordinarily predictable physical functions.  You feel an odd sensation here or an unusual ache there.  Obviously the body must operate automatically and repetitively.  It must operate predictably.  And the same holds true for the intellectual functions.  Individual development and human progress require the stability, the automatism, of “I”.

     Although this sounds like an attack — which it is, for one attempting real change — I’m trying to point you to a more clarified view of what “the enemy” is.  Certainly it seems as if man’s prejudice, his ignorance, is the absolute enemy.  And it is.  But you must see that it is also his absolute guardian.  It’s the only thing that brought you and everyone else this far.  So when somebody says, “I hate all green people,” — as far removed as that is from any understanding — it is an absolute necessity for that particular person; it is as automatic and reflexive as jumping back from a hot stove.  On one level, both types of responses are the same.  Physical reflexes are obviously proper and only an idiot would interfere with them.  But dealing with the mechanical nature of the upper end of the nervous system is a different story for one with an Aim.  No matter who you seem to be personally, all of your education, your opinions, your apparent knowledge — the whole make-up of your personality — is the backdrop.  It is the tiger.  And it will never be more.

     That “certain hunger” indigenous to the Few can be attributed to the Horizontal ceiling of their consciousness being incompletely solidified.  The plasterers of automatic life never quite finished the ceiling all the way; they left a slight crack somewhere.  In your case, they went out for lunch and never came back.  It is a fact that the nervous system is continually developing, but at its normal rate growth is not visible to the ordinary eye over a period of only 20 or 40 years.  Ordinarily when a person reaches adulthood he has grown to the level appropriate and fixed for his generation.  His ceiling is plastered; his uniform now fits; he’s been issued a number.  The Few with the “certain hunger” attempt to ignite the higher nervous system at an accelerated rate, to reach the domain above the Line that will ultimately be the level of consciousness of future generations.  This Thing speaks to those Few. But it is not here to enlighten all of humanity — on the contrary.

     If I could, through some trickery, make an average, ordinary person more conscious, he’d either go crazy or it would kill him.  I would have erased his background; he couldn’t defend himself, he would simply cease to exist.  If this could be done world-wide, it would mean certain destruction.  Make mankind more conscious — wipe away people’s prejudice and stupidity, all the apparent evils that stand in the way of the ultimately civilized, idealized man — and you may as well destroy the body’s immune system.  It would stunt Life’s growth and movement.  It would stop man’s continuing evolution.

     Can you begin to See, in light of all this, why people can’t “study themselves”?  It’s a current idea, a popular one, and people believe it can be done.  But it’s impossible.  It’s always been impossible because the background cannot comprehend itself, regardless of the level of one’s intellectual acumen.  Whether we’re speaking of a contemporary nervous system or the nervous system of 5,000 years ago, what people call the intellect, the personality, has always been the high end of the system.  And it cannot conceive of itself because it is the backdrop, just as the air does not know what it carries, and the ocean cannot conceive of the movement of waves.  Man’s sense of “I”, the background, cannot conceive of itself.

     The intellect is a biological on/off mechanism; it guards the defense and preservation of the total being from bottom to top.  And personality is the stabilizing influence for the organism’s defense and growth.  Yet for so long we’ve described this dull, unchangeable, ineducable “I” as the absolute definable enemy.  But it is also the description of a properly developed, ordinary man.  “I” must be fixed, and men must believe that, “Everyone should be like I am; everyone should at least believe what I believe.”  And that is the very proper background.  Indeed, note that those who are unstable and unpredictable are regarded by the collective whole as dangerous.  It’s a description of insanity.  Yet from another viewpoint you can correctly observe that these people have aspects in common with someone more evolved.  They have no great opinions, no particular preferences.  Someone sits them up in the morning and asks if they are too hot or too cold, and they have no great complaints.  Of course, there is a difference.  Their Aim was not to awaken the higher areas of the nervous system, plus they very likely have a physical break in the development of their nervous system.  But the point I am making is that the very things that can be properly described in the beginning as “the enemy” are what make a man a living, defensible, ordinary creature.

     So, Consider:  What is a man, in this attempt to awaken higher neural areas, doing to the stabilizing background?  What is happening, and what will happen, when you attempt to interfere with the fixed, necessary backdrop called “I”?

     As a verbal springboard, I’ll use the accepted scientific reality of the term “entropy” which refers to either a measurement of available energy in a system or the manner in which energy in a system continually runs down toward greater and greater disorganization.  I’ll use the term in a more specific,  individualized level in relationship to the Horizontal Xross of time in which a man is dropped onto the Horizontal Line at birth and develops to maturity, to Line-Level ordinariness.  For ordinary man, that moment, the moment of birth, is the beginning and end of any apparent “new energy.”  A man is dropped onto the Line of Horizontal life with sufficient energy to develop him to maturity.  It runs him until age 21, and after that entropy takes over and he begins to disintegrate.  You should regard it as physical fact, but also Consider the situation as more than simply physical death.  It is a gradual disordering of the total being.  After maturity what people call new energy is not in fact new.  What normally passes for energy is one billiard ball hitting another.  It is friction energy.  One billiard ball travels at 2 miles per hour and hits another traveling at one mile per hour.  After colliding they both travel in different directions at 1.5 miles per hour.  This gets almost impossible to describe, but if you could see all the invisible lines connecting everyone you could see how you, how groups of people, get “hit” and then “decide” to take action.  There is no new energy.  There are simple external, automatic pressures.  It’s friction energy that moves people through their lives; psychological billiard balls make people do things, from seeking revenge to joining a new crusade.  That’s why no one can change; no one can move out of this level. Because there’s no new energy.

     Consider my classic example of the drunk who wakes up in the hospital and learns that last night he killed his child and injured his wife in a car crash.  He becomes an evangelical teetotaler walking the streets to reform winos, lecturing at alcohol rehabilitation hospitals.  Anyone knowing this man would claim, “Look at how he’s changed.”  It appears to be an infusion of new energy, but it is not.  It’s friction energy, and it was stolen from somewhere else.  It was stolen partly from the liquor stores he used to frequent.  That’s a very crude level of description.  It’s true, but your own Considerations should carry you further.

     The immediate point is that there is no new energy available at Line-Level.  Men move by friction, and so no true change (i.e., no growth beyond one’s present confines) is possible.  Now Consider:  if I’m telling you the truth (and I am) how can a man ever find new energy?  How do you find energy for Vertical extension, the energy to grow beyond Line-Level?

    Even This Thing is subject to the laws of entropy.  Things run along for a while and then become more and more mechanical.  Then I step in, inject a new shot of energy and off everything goes in a new, enthused direction — for a while.  And you should be able to see this tendency toward disorder in your own life, in the life of your efforts here.  It gets back to where I started tonight:  the reality of the difference between leaders and followers.

     If you begin to understand this you can appreciate why there are so few remembered traces of past systems.  There is always a leader involved, no matter the time and place, who must keep infusing new energy on a continual basis.  It happens here as it has happened with every true system; the shock works for a while, then things gradually run down.  The leader hits it again, gives it another shock; everyone comes to their senses and makes new, revitalized efforts; things run along for a time and again begin to disintegrate.  In the past, the answer was for the group — the people involved — to secret themselves behind closed walls.  With us, it is not so simple.

     Your Considerations should carry you beyond any negative aspects of this.  As I said, there is a real difference between leaders and followers.  And this hits right at the heart of it.  That’s why you’re there and I’m here.  That’s why it can’t be otherwise; our positions can never be reversed.

     You should Consider my shocks — my injections of energy.  They come sometimes in the form of new, extraordinary requirements, sometimes as new, drastic information.  But there is no information without energy.  That’s why there is no secret word, no mystical writing or chant that will invariably shoot your nervous system above the Line.  For the information to be new, the energy must be new.  And there is no one at Line-Level who has access to new energy.

     And as for new requirements, you can see it in yourself.  Of course, you should always be transposing all of this to an internal key.  Consider the apparent energy produced by a change in environment.  It’s recognized even at the ordinary level.  To wit, we have vacations.  But consider the possibility of changing internal locales.  Consider the possibility of changing the background, everything that seems to be “I”.  If a change in external environment produces such an increase in enthusiasm, Consider the energy you could produce by putting yourself in a new place internally.